The Haunting Shadows Of The St. Augustine Lighthouse

The Haunting Shadows Of The St. Augustine Lighthouse

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I'm standing at the bottom right now and working my way to the top. And. If, you don't want me to go to the top of your lighthouse, you better stop. Well. Well. The. Ever formidable. St., Augustine, lighthouse she's, a beaut Brian she's also probably, one, of the most prolific places, when it comes to paranormal activity, every. Big investigator, has come in here all of them left, with something to, be pleased about it and I intend to keep that streak going today huh, did you just wink at me no, I didn't, I think you shine your flashlight at my I'm sorry you could tell yourself whatever you want to I'm just excited to get my little feet inside that lighthouse will. Strangle a ghoul with our bare hands God willing you know I win if that happens right I don't care it's not a competition, no. It's not yes we're friends, it's. A friendship. This. Week on BuzzFeed unsolved we investigate, st. Augustine, lighthouse as part of our ongoing investigation. Into the question, are ghosts, real no. This. Lighthouse has played home to many an investigation, in the past and has returned some of my favorite, evidence ever captured on tape what does that mean what do you got full-bodied. Apparition. I don't. Like the way you. Say that full-bodied. Every. Is a full-bodied. Apparition not, the only hand that, I didn't know that's not when we're off set he goes we, got a full-bodied, apparition anyways, full-bodied, apparition, apparition, captured in this lighthouse it's a bit of a staple in the ghost community, I love a white house I've always wanted to do a lighthouse this is some classic Hardy Boys, okay. Keep it in your pants you could get excited about that if you want I'm excited, about the prospect, of catching maybe the best evidence we've ever caught I don't care about that if it is you're, gonna be like this ghost sounds like do you oh shit waves, this, place is just there's.

A Lot of activity in this place okay, well, this is I'm, here for it let's get into it, predating. Plymouth Rock Jamestown. And even Roanoke, in, 1885 there, was st. Augustine. Established. By the Spanish, explorer, Pedro, menéndez, de avilés in, 1565. St., Augustine, is the oldest, continually, inhabited settlement. In the United States located. Approximately 40. Miles southeast, of Jacksonville, Florida, the Spanish held the settlement, against the British pirate Sir Francis Drake, in 1586. A brutal, British attack during Queen Anne's war in, 1702, and another, fiery British siege in 1740. When Saint Augustine, was finally, handed over to Britain in 1763. The, HMS industry, one of the first boats sent to the new territory, sank, in the waters just below the looming White House if. Something's been around for hundreds, of years isn't. It possible it's. Like I say like you know there's not a lot of haunted Chipotle's, but, if Chipotle, had been around as a chain, since, the 1500s, they landed, in America and, started putting up Chipotle's, they'd all be haunted this is a very apt, and L don't know time does not always equal tragedy. I refute, that it, does and I'm saying that this place specifically. Has a lot of time he does and also if you could find me at Chipotle that, had more than three. People died in it at any point in any incarnation of that building I'll give you $100, chime off in the comments a lot of snow I bet that's why to you the st. Augustine, lighthouse has, existed, in some form or another since, 1586. Before, finally succumbing to eroding, coastlines, and falling, into the ocean in 88, I'd. Love to see it, I'd. Love to see it but nobody inside right yeah ideally, they'd get everyone out but if they can't do that and I can still get a front-row ticket do you receive videos of demolitions, where I have seen them where they fall the wrong way. Were. You uh. It's. So, funny, cuz, everyone's like yeah, this, building's, huh, oh no. Not that, haha the original st. Augustine, lighthouse would, be known as quote the earliest. Permanent aid to navigation in, the continental, United States of America, and quote the new lighthouse was completed, on October 15th. 1874. Approximately. 500 yards southwest of the original lighthouse the, light from the new lighthouse could be seen up to 24, nautical miles away and would have been a bright yellow color that. Same lens is still in operation at the lighthouse today with. Over 400, years of history the sight of the st. Augustine lighthouse is sure to have its fair share of ghosts, let's, get into it one. Area that's been a notorious, source of suspicious, activity, is the keepers House basement one. Keeper or assistant, supposedly, hanged himself, in the basement of the keepers house just years after the completion of the new lighthouse, and perhaps, related, volunteers. And workers with the museum have claimed to see a man in a blue suit lurking in the shadows, staff, had the lighthouse seemed to believe this man is Peter Rasmussen, who served as the lighthouse keeper, from 1901, to 1924. The, longest, stint of any keeper, at the Lighthouse Rasmussen. Was a smoker hated, tourists, and in general was a cranky, guy now a lighthouse keeper, named. Peter is often, caught. Down here there's, a very tall man in a blue suit. Who. Walks. Around down here also. People seem to be pretty uneasy about that corner, over here yeah, is. That feel creepy, it's. Actually kind of comforting, you're a psychopath, no, just come over here and do this. I'm. Not a fan of it no, no. All, right Peter we're told that you particularly, have. I directed. Towards. Tourists. And I'll, tell you if there. Are anybody that was more representative. Of tourism, it's the. Boys look, at this guy's shirt yeah, look at me well Peter, if you're, upstairs I'd love to hear you coming down those metal. Spiral, stairs. Whoa. Did. You whistle, I didn't. Whistle oh I. Heard. Peter. Is that you. Peter. Hey. There. Come. On Peter, what's, the Jim, other. Thing who's gonna shout out boater it's the gem starboard.

Boy, I'm. Gonna go use the head, oh and blue skies at night, sailors, get in fights blue. Skies in the morning oh what. A beautiful morning. We're. Gonna move to the other basement, now Peter another. Trio of ghosts who haunt this lighthouse treat, the entire grounds, as their own playground, the construction, of the new White House took place from 1871. To 1874. And was overseen, by a man named Hezekiah aged pity on, July 10th 1873. It's, reported, that pity's children, along with one unnamed girl believed to be a workers daughter decided. To play in the supply cart that ran from the construction site high on the coastline down to the water below when tragedy, struck the, supply cart hit a gate and flipped the children into the water pinning them under the cart a worker, came to their aid but it was too late two, of pitties children, Eliza and Mary as well as the unnamed little girl drown before. They could be saved can't. Be horsing around. You. Know I respect, that I respect. That you, know you can horse around in certain areas but a construction, site by, the ocean. Some. Believe the three little girls can be heard playing games like hide-and-seek throughout, the grounds one. Woman supposedly saw a young girl in a red dress in the upstairs window of the keepers house while she stood on the lawn the. Girl flipped her long hair over, her shoulder, and then vanished, a child's. Footprints, made of dirt were once found in the keepers house despite the fact that no children, had been present, on the tour that evening people, also claimed that the locks in the upstairs rooms wore lock and unlock themselves, as if, a child is, playing with them and in, 1965. A guest in the rented keepers House reportedly, saw a young girl in the doorway, to the upstairs, room he was sleeping in she, was wearing a long lace dress and stared at the man with a blank expression for, several minutes before. Wait. Okay. So this is the keepers house quite. Nice a whole, cast of characters are said to be inside here parts of the building are still original the, brickwork in particular, there's. A second first in a basement it's. A great home after. You sir yeah. Yeah. I think that's just ghosts, oh. Hi. Even. If there's no cools in here there is AC so, we have that coin for us yeah, now. Eliza and Mary we. Are going to turn on a device now that. I rather, enjoy, this, thing stinks, Dean loves. It oh you're gonna hate it. If. You would like to communicate with us can you please say our names Bakula. That's. Right. Ryan. And, Shane. We. Got a what. Sounded like one voiceover, five little band. War. Wall tonight. Ryan. And Shane those are our names, - look quieter leave now try, to say them or try to say your own name, Eliza. Alright. I've had enough oh. I. Love this another. Area of the keepers house that is quite active is the parlor it's here that people have heard coughing, which staff at the Lighthouse assigned, to the spirit of William horn horn, was, one of the first keepers, of the lighthouse and unfortunately. The, first keeper to die at the Lighthouse eventually. Succumbing to his battle with malaria, and tuberculosis in, this room the parlor room it's here that people here, coughs because, he died of, tuberculosis, contracted. In, the Civil War not, I'm not a pretty way to go coughing. Up blood no, which. Is I mean, that makes sense why would echo. Throughout time consumption. Right. Now I'm reaching out to, William, Horn, we're. Inside, your home right now we're in one of your favorite rooms, the. Parlor. Remember. All the happy times they had here listening, to your clock. It. Sure does tick. Yeah. We rarely get, spooky. Clocks like this but this ain't half bad all, right we're gonna give you some silence here William if there's anything you'd like to say to us maybe, a message you wish you could have communicated, before you left Earth. Okay. I'm gonna send one those little tiny chairs and make me look like you. I'm gonna give you some silence right now. So. There you have it I believe we just caught a disembodied, cough in. Which the cough belongs, to one, William horn. Sounds. Like someone getting kicked in the nuts yes. It's. Pretty definitive I feel like yeah it could be a ghost coffin I mean that's the sound that I imagine people hear in that room I'll, say this though you know Florida is a very loud place, a lot of noises out there a. Lot. Of noises but the other thing you have to consider is that it is possible that someone could make some sort of noise, or or movement, that if it's a quiet noise is, amplified. By a microphone, and sounds. From a distance, like a louder noise you'd see what I'm saying here maybe. I also, don't. You. Do anything I think we're doing that thing where when I talk you go. Maybe. I just think a cough is a far cry from ooh, look. At my squeaky little shoe moving I think I'm being quiet in the distance but maybe I'm not I'm surprised you didn't ask hats off to you thank you did you bring my hat just for that that's for that well it came in handy but, the most daring of the st. Augustine lighthouse his, spirits is the one who can be seen pacing, the observation.

Deck, 219. Stairs up and 165. Feet high into, the night's sky, in December, of 1859. 60. Year-old Joseph, and row the, keeper of the original, lighthouse fell, to his death while, whitewashing, the outside, of the lighthouse tower quote, the, lashing of the scaffold, suddenly, gave way and he was precipitated, to the ground killing him almost, instantaneously. And quote, Joseph's. Obituary, and st. Augustine Examiner, described, his death in graphic, detail quote, he, first struck the roof of the oil room about thirty feet below whence, he glanced off and struck the stone wall which encloses the lighthouse and thence, to the ground a stone, pavement, and. They've, really sort of changed the way they do obituaries. In the in the yeah, they really have because. That is you. Really wouldn't read something like that nowadays huh, describing, a man pinballing, down a lighthouse, in Old English and using words like dents is, kind of funny but, I mean it's obviously a tragedy, yeah nowadays they'd be like oh he, died doing what he loved, oh, you. Should have seen him bounce on dros wife Maria Mestre Dolores Andra took over as keeper, on January, 7th 1860. Becoming, the first official, female lighthouse keeper for the u.s. in Florida, and the first Hispanic, American, woman to control a federal Shore installation. That's, pretty badass not a you know not a bummer no not a bummer nice to hear something positive about lighthouse even, though the lighthouse was not incorporated, into the u.s. Coast Guard until the 20th century the honor Maria as the, first female employee, and, one of the first Hispanic, employees, according. To a spokesperson, for the lighthouse Maria, has been seen at the top of the lighthouse in a white dress with her long hair down in fact, according, to Paul and Glaus Key a former, director of maritime, education. At the Lighthouse there is a padlocked, door at the top of the lighthouse that triggers an alarm when opened, on, multiple, occasions, this door was found the morning after closing inexplicably, opened, without triggering set, alarm. Investigations. Into the anomaly by the alarm company found no explanation. For how this repeatedly, occurred, could, this be the work of the ill-fated Joseph, and his wife Maria still keeping watch over this, haunted Tower I don't. Care about doors it's, a long door I, know that's. Cool any. Time. There's like any chance, of sort, of any kind of mechanical, failure or. Just, doors in general people, always like. When. You combine the door opening with people seeing apparitions. Up there yeah I know it's. High up there too I mean it could be people still hard, yes if, it's a residual haunting it would be someone that would, be doing the same thing over and over again look hands opening the door I don't want to argue with you on this if you're, really if you find it compelling that's I'm happy for I do find it compelling yeah great I happy I'm happy for me too good one. Ghost you won't find haunting, st. Augustine lighthouse, is that of cracker Daniels's, sisters cat, good. Great, I don't need to hear anymore I love it this, is the best character we've ever had on this show in. The early 1900's cracker, Daniel's a keepers, son dropped, his sister's, cat off the top of the gallery deck of the lighthouse to test out a parachute, he had fashioned, amazingly. The. Parachute, worked and the cat was, not harmed I'll, tell you but that cat made it to the ground and then had a heart attack and died I put our cat in the car and he's like. He. Doesn't like it maybe, it speaks, to how you're taking care of your cat I don't think cats like to be in cars so, I can't imagine they enjoy being in a parachute. All, right Big Show well we, finally arrived at, the, big gun you know didn't occur to me until now that this is going to be quite physically, taxing this might be the most physically demanding thing we've ever done in this show which isn't saying much I mean yeah we're not physical, dudes no but uh this, is gonna suck the, best ghosts evidence, of all time in my opinion or at least some of it has.

Been Caught right, here in. This. Little rotunda, kind of crazy actually to be standing in the, annals of ghosts history, hell of a rotunda, I. Mean. They caught an apparition fallout, just. Peeking over the railing I mean to be fair this does seem like the kind of place where stuff would play tricks on me wow, that that is oh. It's. Quite cool so it all it makes you feel well it makes me feel like a small guy so. It said that the girls haunt, this lighthouse has also said that Josef. And Maria the, keepers, at the lighthouse the former lighthouse that is all those, people on. This lighthouse we've got a whole cast of characters we could reach out to a lot of room for ghosts. Too much room in fact actually, I was talking to a tor garden the tour guide said they saw something, or someone, on the third landing that's also where a lot of activity, happens so we'll go all the way up to there let's hop up to there oh this. Is not so bad this lighthouse never thought it would meet the boots of the ghoul boys that's right I'm, reaching, out to Maria and Joseph, right now do any of you want to talk to us I'd. Love to see you I know whoever's. In here likes to mess with people play, little tricks we run up and down the stairs you can put us down the stairs if you want you could try if that gives you a chuckle. Got. A automatic right up here. Oh no. This is quite homey up here yeah. Okay. All. Right Joseph - Maria. We're. Reaching out to you right now my name is Ryan I'm, Shane, and we're at the top of your lighthouse because, we busted, in here a couple. Of degenerates. You. Know the coolest thing in the world would be what, we. Heard steps at, the bottom, that. Would be one get louder and louder you. Hear me down there give. Us a little scary movie moment start walking up the stairs one at a time they'd be real scary. Dazzle. Us you. Know what it is I think they're intimidated, by us yeah. That's it, your. Shirt especially, I mean it's pretty scary. Y-you. Can see the whole world from up here it's, almost like it's an observation, deck I know this lighthouse is haunted but I would happily live here I would happily haunt this place exactly I don't want to haunt it I just want to live here what. Do you think Maria do. You like those stars, Hey. Answer. Our questions. Lady. It's. Not working the bathroom you. See that light on the dock over there yeah, that's, actually where Joseph fell, from the original, lighthouse before it moved. Well. This is crazy, the stars I know we're on a ghost hunt right now but a shooting, star just went behind me you're talking why didn't you tell me what you saw no no that's a bug. Now. That we've briefly introduced, ourselves to this infamously, haunted, lighthouse it's, time to finish off the investigation, with individual, lockdowns to see if we can coax whatever's, hiding in the shadows to come out to play all. The time has come before you go up there do you want to explain to all the people at home while you look like bargain bin Tony Stark, these are my new ghoul hunting, glasses, they're supposed to help you drive at night and I thought I'd get my own gear this season, so. This will help me see ghosts. Better well, whether or not they work you certainly look like, an idiot so thank you you have that to hangar basically, what I strive for on this show you caught you accomplishment, you, did a good job all right so I'm going in there going. To the top yeah I'm come back down yeah. That's the what you're doing a staircase yeah sounds good. This. Is high time for a ghoul to come out and spook me. So. Far no pools, I think. When Shane is around it's easy to forget that you're in one of the most horrifying places, on earth. And, now, that, he's not going to be in there. Not. To say that he's like my daddy or, something I don't know why I said. Have. Fun with that one Internet alright I am at the top. Of the lighthouse they, do say that ghosts, can affect temperatures make things, colder. Wouldn't. Mind that and. This is allegedly the site of a lot of fbas. Or. Full-bodied. Apparitions. I feel. Nothing I really don't I don't get any vibes I, haven't. Felt anything strange, all night really. I just want to see his eyes for. A brief just. Just, just like just. The smallest, moment, I want to see fear in his eyes I'd. Love to cut away to it right now. Well. That's allowed that's a wild one okay. All. Right see, you later dudes. Everyone. Who's gone in there has. Seen, something for, the most part if they've gone by themselves, you know what I'm, eager to add my name to that roster. No. You're not working yourself up, to it get in there get in. Walk, up the line the lighthouse I know, this is the beginning of the season so I don't know if that whole. Show. There, was just for I don't, know what that was all about I, don't know why he suddenly had to psych himself up to go in here arguably. I think this is one of the least scary, places we've ever been so I don't understand, his apprehension.

And. If you don't want me to go to the top of your lighthouse you better stop me. It's. Gonna be okay. Do. Not be afraid do. Not be afraid. Do. Not be afraid. I. Don't think it's haunted I don't, think anything here is haunted. It's. A really nice architecture. It's, a big tall round house. It's. A beautiful, light at the top I'm. Gonna use something right now that's gonna help you speak to me. Talking. To you Maria I'm talking to you Joseph. My. Name is Brian. What. Can. You save my name back to me oh. My. God and fertilize them oh my. God. Eliza. Why. Do you sound like that. What. Oh. My. God. How. Do you hear you hear. Me I got the chills how. Did you die. What, say. It again how did you die. He's. Been in there a while huh. Sayonara. You've had your chance. Turn. Off your right. Did. You you. Are, wet. I said, who's up here what's, your name and they're, just so clear just Eliza. It's, a lie isn't it so how did you die in developing. Jimmy. That's. Wild. Well. You got a ghost. Congrats. You. All right you were really yelling in there my brain is mush right now I can't really think. I. Think. I did. Yeah. The coupling to so many the st. Augustine lighthouse was, a noble beacon, that guided all those lost at sea safely, home whether, or not those souls in the souls of memory keepers, who worked tirelessly to, keep the beam constant, now haunt the eerie lighthouse, they so revered, will, remain. Relieving. Goodbye, forever. I'm leaving getting in the car putting the hotel taking a shower see you. Slow. Down slow, down okay, the, better easy easy. I'm. So glad that's over man I, really. Had a great time of the I'm sure you did.

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