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Hey guys I, am here, with, Julia, Michaels, I can't believe it hi I just can't but, thank, you for being on my channel oh thanks for having me it's really crazy how are you doing I'm doing really good yeah we're in Munich today. Where. Are we going no, I'm, actually really good at remembering where it's just quite nice. Munich, today which is so cool this is our fourth show in Germany yeah fourth. And last but. It's it's been amazing I'm, really excited for tonight did you see anything, Oktoberfest. No. Going on cuz there was like a lot of people walking around earlier no. They're out we. Haven't yet but we, are hoping, that after the show tonight we'll, be able to go. Experience, it because how, often are we in Germany for Oktoberfest, yeah so. Yeah we're hoping that we get to like see it a little bit tonight yeah, all right let's. Get, into the actual questions, because this was just like talking random let's go so okay first of all we are in Germany do, you know any German words or sentences it's, like a standard question but just my. Thing. I. Know like guten, tag Oh. Danke. Schoen. I know. Someone tried to teach me how to say like I love you like plural mm-hmm which was like ich liebe. Oi that's right, and. That's about all, I know that's all yeah I can, teach you one word okay that's a really great word I taught that five, sauce in my interview it's attention. Is, going. You're really good at it because most people can't pronounce it it's a squirrel squirrel. Yeah, that means squirrel, Wow. So I'm just like teaching, people I like, a squirrel, oh I learned, penis, to the other day nice, one. Go nuts, Oh doesn't. Heidi how do you say penis, no. Not. You wrong. Assholes, I learned. Cuke is is, penis. In, Swedish. Yeah. Feet dies oh my god that sounds way too cute to be that I know how to say dick and like almost goes. In like three languages I'm like videos. Demonic yeah I know but it's okay, sorry. You. Just cut that out we, just talked about tattoos, like a little bit right yeah before, I get into like the music and everything which is why you're here obviously but do you have like a favorite tattoo, of yours, um. No. It's hard to pick you have a lot yeah it is sort of quick I I, have a couple. Probably. Two things. So. A lot of my my, my. Gems. That's what we. Called it the. Family. We have here they, kind of like show, up to the meet and greets and and, a lot of them will, actually have, tattoos. Of like. Either my lyrics or like, tattoos that I have of my own myself, sometimes. That helped me write one, down. But. I think two. Of my favorites that I see them get the most are speak.

Up Which. I have on my throat, here and I. Love you on. Their palm that, hurt like, a bitch it looks sorry another, sorry you can bleep that without -. Yeah. No that was probably my most painful, but, a lot, of people started getting it and so I got more oh my. God and, then this huge girl the other day her name's Caitlin she was like I'm gonna get most tattoos. Damn. It you are I know I love I totally, did she, was it was brilliant I was like why didn't I think of that but, good, job like. Her end yeah if a week do you have a favorite I I, don't know I think this one the, dinosaur dinosaur it's, real cute yeah that's definitely my on, it it's a good one love. It let's transition a little bit from like general, questions, to music okay would. You rather never. Sing. Your own songs again or never write your own songs again that's like a good, question you can't really yes very good yeah, and you know as an artist yeah like fruit oh that's a hard question. Had. To pick if I had to pick. Sorry. This. Is like a bleep yeah, I have, like the worst potty can you can thank my mom for that saying, yeah, we dad yeah yeah. Yeah. They're. Both so significant. In my. Life like. Having. Sung, my own songs now I can't imagine. Not singing. Them and then. For, how people, know me is writing. My own thoughts and feelings so. Like not being able to write my own songs would, be so weird, I. Guess. If I had to choose, I had, to choose I. Don't. Know if I could, it's. I literally, like I was asleep there's like though this is like one of the hardest questions of every last I'm. Just contagious, I couldn't, honestly I, feel like if I really had to I would choose writing, because. I kind of need that yeah, I think two years ago I would have said writing mmm, but. Knowing. How. How. Impactful. Music is and, like. How people, feel. At these, shows. It's. It's, like now, it, would be impossible for me to choose one yeah but, like you kind, of started. Writing. For. Like other artists and everything but you only like really, released like your own stuff, like to like the look broad audience, a little, later right yeah unreason for that two years ago really two and a half years ago how, did that happen um I, I. Truly. Honestly that, was being. An artist was like never in my, cards, it was not something that I ever thought, about, I. Always, wanted to just be a songwriter and be anonymous, and and. And. Just, like help people with their thoughts and feelings and um, and then, I think there, comes a time and, every sort of like songwriters, life when they have sort of like an epiphany and they, write a song that's like a little bit too personal, and. That. Song just happened to be issues. For me and when. We put it out I I, wasn't. Like expecting, much, you, know I was like oh maybe like one. Or two people may hear it and like it and and now, we're doing a solo showing universe, is like it, was so crazy and. No. It's it's. It's, been amazing you know like the. First year. I was having panic attacks I had the worst stage fright like it was just like you, yeah dude like it was awful, like. Running away like literally. Looking at plane tickets so I could leave and nobody, knows that, I'm gone like just. Like all kinds, of all kinds of crazy stuff but, um, you. Know when you're an open or it's like it's more scary but when it's your own shows it's saying. Like. The energy is just so different and it's so beautiful, and it's so amazing actually, got a question for. That. Yeah the app like people on Twitter what they want to know yeah he's like you usually get like a lot of similar. Questions whatever but I wanted something like what the people, want to know well of course and one.

Question Was if you could ever like consider. Going back as an opener, after like you're almost, sold out world, tour which is crazy yeah but could you like see yourself, being. Like a an. Opener. Again. If. I. Would have to be with like the right people in order to do so yeah, III, think if I was gonna tour again like, as an opener it would probably be with someone that I've already toured with mmm just. Like for a comfort, thing yeah and like. Cuz, then like getting, to know the entire, crew and you only got three months and yeah and then you're playing for a whole demographic, that may not know you or may, not like you or like, doesn't really know how they feel about you and like that kind of like so. Like judgment, or uncertainty, it just like makes you feel like uncertain, about yourself and and it can really like mess you up so I totally. Would but it would have to be with someone that I felt really comfortable with and where, I knew that it was gonna be like a perfect fit again that's kind of cute that you still would consider it yeah you, don't need it technically, you know no but it's nice for the company though too oh but. No, I'm hoping with friends I'm hoping, that I won't have to open again we, can just like continue, this journey and like making them as, you find I don't know stuff happens it's like a completely, different feeling it really is like, I kind of totally, get what yeah like would rather not obviously, but it's an incredible, feeling when it's like you're, they, say you attract, like-minded, people, so, you, know you've got, 1,400. 1,300 people. In a, venue and we're all like looking for something very similar, which, is like oh just a cathartic, experience, where we can all scream. And laugh and cry and like dance and you know all the, things so, it's it's, really wonderful I should have a really funny story tari short story go for it I was, at a, Niall, concert, yeah was, it last year I can't lose last year but, I did not know who was opening mmm, had no idea we, went there like okay we're gonna we're gonna go yeah and you. Started playing it and my friend and I were like huge fans Oh like, in the back we're like wait a minute oh that. Is so nice and we were like screaming I have I have a snapchat ya, know so, embarrassing, oh. It. Was really cool so we. Love that but I was, so excited when you said you're going on that show because I, really wanted to come oh that. Is so nice yeah, opening. Is is awesome, but like now we get to really make it like how we want to and like how we'd like envisioned, it for the last two years so, it's, really exciting do you have like one, artist, that you remember, being a fan of first, I like. The first person you really were a fan of well. I grew up I, was, born in 93 but I grew, up so like like. In 2000, or like I really understood what music was which. Was like pop, and he's, like you know like Britney Spears Christina, and. Sync. Backstreet, Boys so, like. Back Spice, Girls so that was like oh that was my that was like my hair, like that, was like the first thing I was like a real fan of and then when I when, I truly like understood. What lyrics, were. Was. Probably, when I was like around, 12. 13. Which, was like when I discovered, Fiona Apple and. Like a wind sports sunchoke, row where. I was like oh wow, there's they have something to say this. Is magic, that's like a different whole different level oh yeah appreciate. You that yeah like realize oh wait yeah like why do you know everything, that's going on in my life I feel, violated and understood. It's. A good call yes, but like we, all. Fangirl. Over you it's like oh it's. Not a secret. Is it like one person, you still fangirl, over hard, if you like see them anywhere if you like or you hope that you won't because you're like so my, Fuhrer. Apple like that person, I've never met her okay, intentionally. Interment. Yes I'm. Horrified, to, meet her because I'm scared that like I don't know something bad is gonna happen I did, so, I'm like, I'm a big Linda Perry fan as well and, I was like I didn't, want to meet her for the longest time and we, were at like an event, together and I. Was standing with my co-writer, Justin, Tranter and he. Was like I was, like. And. He was like oh you've never met Linda let's go meet her and I was like and. She was, so lovely yeah like I was like okay maybe meeting, your idols is not as bad as I thought it was gonna be but.

She Is one that I have yet to meet and I'm like I'm like a bit scared to you did right was like a lot of people like, was there ever like a situation, where you. Wrote. A song with someone. For someone whoever it was and you, just kind, of had the feeling you wish it was yours, was, it ever an issue because I feel like if I, wrote a lot for other people that might happen to me personally, well, I feel like I feel like if if you, write a song for, somebody and you, want it like, if you're if you're the kind of person that like writes, a song and you're like oh I. Could totally then that I feel like that means like you're an artist yeah you know like you're not meant to give your shoes away like that just means that like yours just meant to be an artist for, the most part no that never really happened to me because I was song right at first here like my, whole, purpose, in, life was to give my, babies away and know that they're going to a good home you know so that was never like a big deal, for me yeah but. Yeah I I tend, to think that like if if. If it feels like you're like not supposed to give the cheque away you're not supposed to give the check away you know well we're at the topic of songwriting yes, do, you remember. Like. The first song you really wrote like, what what it was about even. If we were like 12 or 5 or whatever but do you remember what it was about I don't. I, wish, I did, oh really, cool to know yeah, I started, with poetry, so, nicely. Kind of transition, yeah I. Remember. Writing poetry from like a really really young age and then my. Mom got me a piano when I was like 12 and then just sort of like burns basic chords and put, on my pump song, and I had so many poems so I honestly, don't even remember what. My first interesting. Real song would have been but it's cool know, that you wrote got homes then you kind of like just yeah, this is really cool yeah okay one more song writing thing cuz that make certainly happened to me so I really wanna know what happened to you was.

There Ever an awkward moment because, you do write like personal, songs you know there's a lot of personal, information going. Into songs yes, was there ever like an awkward moment where someone like texted you about it or someone was there when you performed, it was, about or something something awkward no. I. Wish, you, wish it was terrible, I would love to sing a couple songs to, my ex's back to their face that would be really, fun. No, if. Anything I text. People and, I say like hey, I, just want you to know that like this song's coming, out and. Yeah. There's, really nothing you could do about it but like like, I wish you well I. Love. That though I'm like the exact opposite of like please don't understand. That this is about you yeah well, I put a lot of very specific details, into my song so it's kind of hard for them know. About. Them a lot of people wanted to know like you talked a lot about self image now and like a lot of personal. Things did that come naturally to you now as like an artist. Yeah. I think, it kind of did I, think. When you write a specific. Kind of music, for other people, you, you. It's sort of like a blending of perspectives. Where. Sometimes. It's like a little bit more vague than normal or you. Know it's like it's not always like your point of view and. When. I started. Becoming an artist I was, just like wow I have so much freedom to like literally, say whatever. I want. And, so you. Know I think as an artist for me authenticity. Is, just. Like such a big thing, and, that's, mostly because of the people that I admire you know that's that's. You know their, whole mmm. That's, the whole thing. So. Yeah I I, knew, that there were topics that I really wanted to talk about I really wanted to talk about anxiety because, it's something that I have and depression. Because it's something that I have and, part. Two I talk about my body and talk. About hating it and loving it at the same time because. These are all very real things that I deal with all the time and, you. Know it was one of those things were like if I deal with it then there's got to be other people in the world that also deal with it and and. There are and I get to meet them every day so. You've. Been touring for a while now all right what, is your favorite, thing to eat on tour, well. That depends where I am night. Um it, depends. What city are in what country, and then so you do like try regional, thing I try as, much as I can you know we we. Hardly, ever get like a lot of time in each city so, if we, have the time than we do days off are usually, the times when we get to. Like. We'll have a day off in Milan mm-hmm, in, a couple days so pasta. Lots, of pasta, or you have a day off in like, the South of France I think coming up so lots.

Of Croissants, nice all of the croissants. Yeah. It just depends where I am yeah. Pretzels. Here obviously oh yeah here obviously. Like, Oktoberfest. Obviously. You love it then yes I'm like. No too, many people. If. I'm surrounded, by people that I like then split yeah yeah, if I'm alone. Yeah. Is there like one, song you love. To, perform live more than others is there like one favorite, that, just has a different energy or something I don't. Know if I could name one can. Name, more than one, okay. I, just. Yeah I would, happily name a couple I just don't know if I can name one specifically. I. Think. My. Like three or four favorites, would be. Happy, mm-hmm. Just, because everybody. Like screams, the pre-course, and it's just like you just feel the entire, room with like everybody, screaming. This, like so. Nice and then, anxiety. It's. Another one where like there's just like so many like suppressed, emotions, that just like come out which is so wonderful, and um, into. You, it's. Just really fun yeah, and funny and then I the. Last one would be maybe I. Should, probably first would be pink because. We start the shows with pink normally. I can tell like how a show is going to be based, on like how loud they scream it yeah and if they scream it really loud that I know we're in for like a really good time. So, probably those ones alright yeah is there like one that makes you really emotional, do you ever like really cry over. Like any songs that you perform, I don't. Cry over songs when I perform, I I, get. Emotional, so a lot, of the times and like. We're. In cities where I know there's gonna be a lot of fans were like I talked to them a lot on Twitter and stuff they'll, put together these like projects. With, other gems. In the like. Family, and. They. Like. Amsterdam. I was, like kind of sick I wasn't feeling very good. But. Like and. I always kind of get down on myself when I can't give people like 110%, and like went, out there and it. Was like it was song too and I was just like I hate, that I feel like this right now and. They. Put up these hearts, and they. Said Amsterdam, missed you during I miss you and I. Just I like just start like I'm like I could yeah I know I live it's the only time on this tour that I've actually cried onstage and, I was just like I needed that yeah and then I was like you know what it I'm powering through like we're doing this together so they put together these like, incredible. Fan projects, and I don't so I don't cry but I. Get. Emotional when I see other people emotional. Like especially during anxiety, yeah that's. Usually what like a lot of people start like getting, really into their emotions and like I see people crying and stuff and if the, stage is short enough I'll jump down and I'll hug them all and, just, like you know let them know that I'm there for them and you yeah so no I give them or like I get more like emotional, than I do like right but every once in a while it gets me I didn't feel like you have like a really close connection to people like, everything I see on Twitter and everything they're like so, different. To a lot just, a lot of other fandoms they're so like very heart of they're so warm they're so loving, even, to like our opener Rhys Louis who, who. We brought on just, for this tour and the u.s. tour and like, even with him, they're just so wonderful and I just I love that so much like I love that my fans are not assholes, think. It's like the title, yeah I love that my fans are not I know they're wonderful, they really are I have like two more questions what, is just a really fun non. Question, really cool, but I don't, know how much you know about me but I do, a lot of makeup yes. Is there like one brand you really love makeup. Wise or do you just like use whatever I use all kinds, of stuff. My main ones that I use mostly, are. Charlotte. Tilbury mmm which I love I. Love, color pop nice. They're really cute they're like cute they make some really. Amazing, pigmented. Colors that's true and I wear a lot of fun colors, on stage, and. Then, I use a lot of Mac the. Classics classic yeah yeah alright okay there's like one little question I feel like someone. Out there is gonna love the answer, you. Tour so many cities so many you. Know countries. Whatever is there like one country that you would move to for. Like a year or something if you just had to pick one which. Is not American obviously if. I had to pick one yeah, um, I'll. Probably pick like. France. Hmm. Yeah interesting, yeah, I like some good clothes it early Yeah right I am, I can't. I, can't speak French at all I can't.

Speak Any other language, really other than English and like a little Spanish. But. I've. Been, to France I think I think it's just like a familiarity, thing like I've been to France more than I've been to a lot of places so, I just like I know it a little bit more there. So, probably. Friends and they have great response so. Many. Pastries, like, you'd see me like a year later like Julia, is, that you. Alright, well, I really, hope you have an amazing show tonight thank you, obviously. I'm really excited yes, for you time may be there we're. Definitely gonna be there really. Yeah we're really yes please, do, awesome, be so good I love that thank you so much thank you and I hope you have a wonderful night, thank you so much thanks for being on it yeah, bye.

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