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Good. Evening my. Name is all he thought tonight's. Show features an heroic firefighter. A villainous. Pyromaniac. A ten thousand, year old skull, and a fantastic musical, number in the finale but, before the show begins I'd like to say that at no point during tonight's performance, am I going to call Steve ban a racist, a sexist. A transfer. Ban anti-semite, or anything of the sort not, because I don't think those words have weight to them but because I'm trying to reach the same audience as him I want to try a different tactic, so, what I am gonna do is explain exactly where Steve Bannon is wrong and. Exactly. Where he's correct, which. Is in more places than I expected, him to be and. There is a small chance that, Steve himself is somewhere in the theater this evening because he takes a lot of long flights and somebody might send this video to him as a way of passing the time in which case hi. Steve you. Said before that you appreciate, it when people who don't agree with you put in the work so. Here. I am in, case. There's a fire during, tonight's performance the exits are to the far left and please, remember there, is no smoking allowed in, the theater. Enjoy. The show. Today. We're. Gonna learn all about fire. Boy. There sure is. A lot of that around these, days isn't that I'm a fireman. I fight, fires hate, fire you, might say I'm an type I'm a, fire. Always starts, with some combustible material, which we call fuel that could be wood paper, charcoal. The society, in which we live, anything, really everything. Potentially a fire, also needs oxygen an igniter. And an, accelerant. Something, to make the fire burn faster. And one of the world's leading manufacturers. And distributors of, fire accelerant is, Steven, K, Bannon. Bannon, has had a storied career at various, times a naval officer investment, banker film producer, writer director, co-founder. Of far-right misinformation, website, Breitbart, comm chief, executive, of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, and chief strategist, to the Trump White House until he was either fired or quit in August, 2017, basically, Bannon. Is still a movie producer he, produces, and arranges. Stories. He. Used to do it with actual movies now he does it in real life since, leaving the White House he's traveled around the world helping, far-right, causes, including, but not limited to the National Front in France the, ball Cynara presidential, campaign in Brazil and Tommy. Robinson, you, Kip Boris Johnson, and Jacob, Riis morg here in the UK a lot of ink has been spilled over, trying to figure out what it is that Bannon, personally.

Thinks But, I don't really care what he believes in his heart I'm here, to explain what he is philosophically. Doing, Steve, the, color of your soul is between you and God but, your ass belongs. To. Me. In. 2010. Bannon, wrote and directed a strange little film called, generation, zero, about the financial, crisis, favorite, topic of his that he brings up whenever he speaks at live events the, thesis is somewhat garbled but, in essence the film claims that the 2008. Financial crash was, the culmination of, a destined, cycle, of history that, repeats roughly every hundred years always, ending in a crisis, from which the next cycle begins, this, is called Strauss how generational. Theory or the fourth, turning, and it, isn't widely believed to be true, or a useful. Way of doing history but it does make for a nice dramatic framing, device so points, for style I guess that's, just the flavor though the, real claim is that the crash was caused by baby boomers, lack of moral, character as opposed, to anything else balance, says that his generation, grew up in the 60s they became selfish, narcissistic. And titled hippies and when they inherited, the levers of political, and economic control they made risky moves they forgot all about personal, responsibility and, they, screwed it up for everyone else this, analysis, of the financial crash is very similar to the one put forward by Prager, you if, you've ever heard of them a lot of ideas in common between them and Bannon if you haven't ever heard of them then lucky, odd you don't worry about it moreover the film claims that they, by, which it variously, denotes, politicians, in general finances. In general, baby boomers elites, the Democratic, Party and President Obama made, things worse after, the crash by bailing out the banks with taxpayer, money rather, than letting them fail even though it was actually george, w bush's, government, who did that not. Obama, this. Is a falsehood that Bannon repeats in his speech at Oxford University and, in, his debate with David Fromm in Toronto, now, he is critical, of old-school Republicans, like Bush and Democrats. So. Ideologically. It's not a huge deal in fact in the from debate he correctly says at the start that it was Bush and then contradict himself later on but it's in may be worth, noting that he is leading his audience to be critical of Democrats, in particular. But the, basic thesis of the film seems simple, enough you might say the, financial crisis, was a problem not of capitalism. But of character, as the film's tagline, puts it and whether, you believe that. Whether you're correct, it's. A nice hot take and it makes for some good hashtag, content, however within. That basic, thrust the film also contains, some stunning leaps of. Absolute. Moon logic, at, various, points it implies, without, outright stating, that the financial crash was the culmination of, a decades-long, deliberate. Plot by leftists, to crash the American economy in order to instigate revolution, that. It was the fault of black civil rights activists. Who made white bankers, afraid, to deny loans to black subprime, borrowers, for fear of being called racist and, that Bill. Clinton's, Democratic Party was, trying to make the United States part, of a new, global. World, order. Which is, vague. And undefined and, then just never mentioned again none, of these claims are backed up by any kind of evidence and you're, not really supposed to notice that because, they're more implied, than outright stated. And this, tactic is used throughout, for, instance at one point the film says that there was a plot in the 60s, by two academics. Named Cloward, and Piven to, deliberately, crash the American economy by signing loads of people up to welfare and.

Then, It just leaves this hanging it. Never gets brought up again but the implication, is that the crash of our wait might. Have had something to do with it but what Cloward and Piven actually, wrote in a public magazine article was that a lot of people who were eligible for welfare weren't, getting it and so, if everybody who was eligible could be encouraged, to actually sign up that, would be a good way of getting the federal government to pay more attention to poverty. And. That's it. They. Just wrote an article about it there's. No evidence I can find that anybody ever used it as a blueprint for organized action certainly, no evidence that anybody held, on to it in a desk drawer for 42 years until they got into a position to crash the economy but. You're not really meant to notice that when you watch TV balance film it's just like who's. Spookie, leftists. It's all presented as this manichaean. Preordained. Struggle, with the destin'd cycle of history in this bombastic. Super serious, tone storm, clouds, scary. Music threatening. Graphics, it's like reading the Book of Revelations, there's this feeling of. Make Cataclysm, and drama but. It's. Overwhelming. Trying to keep up with it points, get made and then dropped and restated later but never developed very often huge claims get made out of nowhere really, quickly like a truck screaming past you in the dark if you're. Thinking of watching the film to have a laugh or just to see the weirdness for yourself I would honestly say skip, it it's. Not fun the. Effect is just exhausting, all the more so because from a technical standpoint film. Just isn't all that good the, stock footage and the animations, look pretty, cheap, the endless shots of statues, and monuments get old fast the sound editing is really choppy it's repetitive the chapter markers are more confusing than helpful it's repetitive the, imagery is often painfully, over the top it's repetitive and it's, repetitive, sometimes, Steve ballons film is just flat-out, wrong or bizarre. Over. The financial crisis it asks how could, so many authorities.

Have Failed to predict, this ignoring. The fact that some, people actually did and Pettifer, for one is a left-wing economists, who predicted the financial crash in detail, several, years before it actually happened, but nobody, listened presumably. Because a Wikipedia, picture is so spooky. When discussing the 60s, and counterculture. The film conspicuously. Omits, any of the reasons why people were actually rebelling, against, things like the Vietnam War and white supremacy, instead. It says, cultures. Change, because, elites come, up with ideas, that then filter, down into the culture, they, come through the newspapers, they, come through the mainstream pulpit. They, come through the universities, and then down into the grammar schools they, come through the TV they, come through the movies they. Come through popular, music even. When. I smell petrol. Have. You heard about these arson, attacks. Dreadful. Simply. Dreadful, here, it says family, of four burned alive. Two. Little girls and a mother and father charred to a crisp and. They've no idea who did it, mind. You I hardly ever read the newspapers, load of old nonsense most, of the time I've never met a journalist, I could trust but just occasionally I do like to indulge I like, to read the horoscopes, what's your sign. Let's. See what the future has in store. With. Mercury, in retrograde your, energies are depleted, beware. Of old, friends, or lovers who, may be mocking you behind your back you. Will strive for success but until you make a breakthrough in yourself, you, will not attain it, powerful. Energies, swarm, around you by. Paying the proper attention you can learn to harness them. You. Must be somebody very special, but, even. Though the film is intellectually. And technically. Pretty, shoddy, it's. Still, very, effective. And. Effective. So. Why there. Is one bit of generation, zero that is absolute, genius the. Bit where it says ordinary. Americans know what's going on they, aren't fooled they're, outraged, and, again. It provides no evidence for this no polls, no surveys. Of what Americans, think not, even an explanation, of what it is that ordinary Americans supposedly. Know and are outraged about it, just says it and this, is what philosophers, call, constructing. A public. We might think that the public just exists. Somewhere, just out there but, really when we talk about the public we create an idea, of it and then, actual members of the public get affected, by what they think the public wants we see this all the time in the UK especially newspapers. Will say things like concerns. Have been raised but, they won't say who raised those concerns or, what, they are you, just read it here oh damn, concerns. I I. Also. Have concerns I don't, know what I'm concerned about but I guess I'll find out later in the meantime better keep buying more newspapers, and non-trans, people constructing. Publics is very important, for understanding populism. Which, is politics. That's all about the, people versus, the elites, there's. A lot of technical debate in philosophy about whether populism. Counts. As an ideology, or. Not, personally. I lean, more towards, saying that it's a style since. Anybody, can do it if you're very clever you'll already have noticed that even though populist, is usually. Used to describe people, on the right wing like Steve Bannon you could have left wing populism you can even have centrist, populism the devil is in how you define these, two groups but, the other feature of populism, is that these are moral, groupings. Not, just descriptive ones the people, whoever. They are are good. And the. Elites. Well. Concerns. Have been raised, there's, also a lot of debate about where populism, came from and who, is, or isn't a populist, some people have argued that Tony Blair was pretty populist when he was prime minister but Tony Blair himself, has since founded the Tony Blair Institute, one of whose stated goals is to combat populism so. We. Might want to take that with a pinch of salt though I mean the Tony Blair Institute also says that one of its main aims is to support stability in, the Middle East which has. Kind. Of in poor taste isn't, it isn't. That like opening the PewDiePie Center, for Jewish cultural, studies or, the Jessie single, Graham Linehan clinic for transgender, health one, thing the Blair Institute, do point out though is that populism, is a sliding scale so it's probably not a good use of our time to argue about who is or isn't one, another, thing to watch out for is to what degree populace, to present these two groups as being, unified.

The. British National Party been smoking up populist Kush for decades talking about the native British people and who, is that. Okay. We. Know who they mean when they say that but, even just within, the group of white people who were born here you have a lot of different, and sometimes irreconcilable. Interests. In his debate with David Frum in Toronto Bannen says that liberalism is done for and the only choice is now between left wing populism and right wing populism he isn't the only one to say this some left wing people agree with him including political, scientist Chantal move. But. Regardless, one of the reasons banner can be so persuasive is because he's a great populist, he knows how to construct, his public he's also very good at Avakian emotional. Responses, and I don't mean that in the sense that he uses, feelings. Rather. Than logic, and, a hammer, of, reason. No I mean he uses techniques to get people to feel as well as to think there's nothing wrong with that I do it too and Balan's pretty good at it certainly, in his firm debate he's just way better on stage than from it when Froman tries to muster an emotion to get the audience all teary-eyed about classical, liberal values it's, just like watching a blancmange X playing white votes Liberal Democrat. But. Bannon is relaxed, he's confident, he plays off the crowd he tells jokes he gets passionate, he creates, a mood, generation. Zero is where this really shines, through because it's almost all mood as Ian, Danskin, from innuendo studios has pointed out certain, pieces of media cause the audience to reach a point called effective, override. Where. Emotion, overwhelms. Critical thinking Ian's, talking mainly about people getting riled up by inspiring, a patriotic, propaganda but, it could just as easily be despair, or, hopelessness or. Anxiety, like, the kind generation, zero invokes, in its audience it makes, you so anxious with its high stakes in its dramatic presentation. That you're too busy being anxious to realize that the content. Is. Almost, pure. Nonsense. Almost. And. I say almost because it does get some things, very. Right. More like very right-wing now, I do actually mean correct and I, think this is the main reason why Bannen is so persuasive to so many he often gets the first bit right, for, instance both in the film and elsewhere Balan, points out that, the people responsible, for the financial crash have. Not been brought to justice yet, he, also says that it's unfair for the banks to have been bailed out consequence-free, by the taxpayer, which is something that I actually agree, with and, although he doesn't use the word neoliberalism. He is critical of the way that for the past several decades successive. Governments of all parties, both in the US and in Europe have, just unleashed the market and hang, the consequences, forever else particularly, Millennials who got saddled with huge amounts of debt and people, of all generations who got sent off to fight and die in pointless, expensive, Wars to, secure profits for oil companies a leftist, would point out that these things have happened because in capitalism, stuff. Gets done because it's profitable not. Because anybody necessarily needs it to be done and so, any kind of moral consideration, or concerns about sustainability, are always going to come second to the profit motive capitalism. Don't have any brakes on the train the mantra is more. And. That gives companies a very strong incentive to mess with democracy through, lobbying but, Bannon. Won't. Go there so. Although he can sometimes diagnose. The problems, with society, quite effectively, he then veers. Off into the wild, blue yonder, of which this. Almost. Being, correct. But then sashaying, off into moon logic, is common to a lot of people on the far right and much as we might like to malign them as cranks or loonies that's not always true they, do sometimes have part, of the picture and that can be very appealing. It's. Produced such a climate of fear don't. You think that's, the worst part the fear the, suspicion, a chap, can't walk down the street smoking a cigarette these days without being accused, of being an arsonist, I say, if I want to smoke a cigarette that is jolly well my right as a free man but light up in some places these days and people will yell arsonist. Arsonist. Take. This chap Steve Bannon, my.

Dreadful Chap don't misunderstand simply. Awful the things he says most of the things he says although, you can't deny his popularity. Particularly. Amongst the white working-class I'm. A traveling salesman so I get about a fair bit listened to a lot of people real salt of the earth people I grew up very poor no. Advantages, in life whatsoever, so I spent a lot of time around hard workers, know, how they think do. You believe in God. No. Need to say anything I see the look on your face I think. That's a very brave stance if I may say so I think, that's the best stance one can take on questions, theological, not many people would, and. This chat Bannon. Dreadful. Chap but. He's analytical. It's. An article about Steve, Bannon, lighting, a cigarette at the Oxford, Student Union and somebody. Called the fire department. They. Had people in the streets yelling arsonist. Arsonist. Just, for lighting a cigarette let's. Take another non. Bannon example, just for a breath of fresh air and because, it's hilarious this. Video which you can watch right here on YouTube, gov, is a discussion, between two, far-right. Guys Thomas, Rosen who goes by the handles survived the jive and, another, youtuber, who I swear. I've seen before, somewhere. Yes. It's, neo-nazi. Marcus fallin aka, the, golden, one the, living meme, and the, second, most famous Swedish man ever to use YouTube to distribute anti-semitic, messages, Marcus, and Tom have what starts out as an, interesting discussion about cheddar man a 10,000. Year old human skeleton, found in Cheddar Gorge belonging. To one of the first modern, inhabitants. Of the UK in 2018. For the first time a team at the Natural History Museum got a look at cheddar man's DNA and Channel, four turned, this story into a fun little edutainment program. Called, first Brit the investigation, found that cheddar man had blue eyes dark. Hair and dark. Skin at. Least darker than mine for instance a lot, of media articles, emphasized, the dark skin as did. The documentary which also featured, a facial reconstruction of cheddar man by two artists. Who specialize, in this kind of work this is what they came up with and this, is the image of cheddar man that a lot of media coverage ran, with you can see the obvious differences, between it and previous. Reconstructions. Done without the benefit of DNA, sequencing, both of which have pale skin Marcus, and Tom point out in their video that, dark, doesn't. Necessarily. Mean black, we. Don't know a hundred percent that. Cheddar man was very dark-skinned. Just, almost, certainly, a good deal darker, than what we would call a white person, now and that's. Actually. Kind of interesting the. Fact that the artists, and the documentary chose, to portray cheddar man as being very dark-skinned, might. Prompt some interesting questions about how we today, imagined racial, other Ness about. How, scientific, findings, get presented to the public and whether we can really use modern, categories like race to reconstruct, the past when it might not have been so simple so much of what we pay attention to in a human face like expression, and hair, length and style and facial, hair can't. Be known from DNA there, is a lot of artistic license, here the artists, chose to give cheddar man a chi he little grin a little, bit of personality, and, you can't tell that from the genes he might have been a miserable git so, there is a lot here that goes beyond the science Marcus, and Tom are, almost.

Right, And to, prove this point I'm going, to bury my own head, in the woods. For. The first time in decades, breakthroughs. In cutting-edge, scientific, technology. Have, allowed scientists, to resurrect, the past. Researchers. At the University, of New London have. Sequenced, the DNA of, Geordie, man a ten. Thousand. Year old skeleton. Found. In the radioactive, wasteland, that, was once the north of England when. Geordie man was first discovered in the year twelve thousand and sixteen it was initially thought to have been the skull of a giant gorilla but. Then we figured out that it was actually, the skull of a humanoid, male with a freakishly. Large head based, on the genetic markers, we. Can say with reasonable certainty that, Geordie man was probably around six foot tall had. Pale, blue-green. Eyes dark. Hair and required. Some form, of primitive. Corrective. Glass worn. On the face in order to see and from the shape of the skull we can deduce that. He was probably an alpha buck that slayed mad purse on the rag, definitely. A charge I mean. With a skull circumference, like that he was probably so, Chad that he shared a border with Cameroon. To. Its credit the Channel 4 documentary alludes, to the fact that discovering, one of the first Britons was probably what we today would have called a person of color is a significant. Thing one, of the scientists who did the genetic analysis explicitly, says this is a challenge to the idea that British means, white, he. Enlists the help of an unnamed, expert in the u.s. who emails in part with you the program saying there's a very high probability that chedda man had dark - black skin but he quote can't say for sure you can actually see a snippet of that email in the documentary, so when Marcus and Tom say that this is a politically, relevant discovery, and that the way we present the past reflects, not just what it was like but also how, we think, about it through the lens of now they're. Not wrong in that bit per, se they've, hit upon an interesting philosophical point, which is that the study of history is like a kind of storytelling historians. Try to construct stories, out of bits and pieces that actually happened but somebody has to take those bits and pieces and put them into a digestible, order and the way they do that reflect them and the context in which they live but then. Thomas. Claims that this is all part of a deliberate, conspiracy. To trick white people, out of their history, and their claims on European, land he, calls this psychological. Terrorism. That should not be forgiven, by anybody, and of course he provides absolutely. No evidence of this conspiracy existing. But, he isn't the only one saying that it's out there see. Also this anonymous, article, on cheddar man from, freedom, post UK. Black, cheddar, man appears, to be a mainstream, media fabrication. To rewrite history and claim that the original, inhabitants of Europe were black in an attempt to justify, multiculturalism. And immigration. What can I say but Yanks. Curiously. They're sensational, story, also broke, during Black, History Month, oh no, it, must be a conspiracy what, are the odds of that happening, one. In 12 so, they got the first bit right it's just that's the spoonful, of sugar that helps the poison go down similarly. Bannen says some things which, are true and they give his overall story more credibility and whether he personally, believes the falsehoods, he says or not it's the overall story, that he selling, apparently. Most of the protesters. Outside bannon's. Speech at Oxford were typical. Students. Idealistic. Socialists. Oh yes. A, surprising. Number as if, they don't know that socialism communism killed, I don't know how many hundreds, of millions of people I used. To be a lecturer, so I know students, quite well I was a lecturer at London, Saints University, years, ago. Awful. Tragedy, with the library, at London Saints. All. Those books up in smoke let's. Stay in history for a moment and talk about Julius, Avila who is also absolutely. Fucking, hilarious, Julius, Avila was an early 20th century Italian, writer he. Was literally, a baron, and he, literally, wore a monocle, Steven. Bannon has mentioned ever a few times in passing the now disgraced, former, Golden, Boy of Breitbart, milo gianopolous, credited. Avella as one of the foundational.

Thinkers, Of the ultra-right movement, and it's, not hard to see why his, influence, is clear it's possible. To take a very surface, level reading, of avila according. To which he, is just a traditionalist. Traditionalism. Being, the philosophical. Idea that, all the different ancient traditions, of the world's different societies, have, a grain of truth in them but, the modern world has lost sight of and that we need to go back and recover it is only by going back to the meanings and the visions that existed, before the establishment, of the causes of the present civilization that, it is possible, to achieve an absolute, reference point, the key for the real understanding of all modern deviations. On the surface Avalos traditionalism, might seem pretty innocuous something's. Wrong with the modern world and we need to go back in time in order to discover what it is but, remember history, reflects, the storyteller. It, matters. What those traditions, are and it. Matters who, gets, to pick them. All. Pals Markus and Tom discuss availa in the same video they discussed cheddar man and they, read him simply, as a traditionalist. They, distinguished, between traditionalism. And conservativism. Conservativism. Being according, to them the tendency, to preserve the familiar, whereas traditionalism, being, the idea that we need to go back even further to, find deeper, truths in their video Marcus and Tom asked if the goal is to go back to traditions, how, can we discover authentic, traditions, that haven't been distorted. Over time in, other words how, can we do accurate. History, for this traditionalist, project and that. Would be an interesting question, but. Marcus gives the game away and. He says that the traditions, we live by need, to be in line with our values as, Europeans, and. That means that rather than choosing the values based on the traditions Marcus is doing it the other way around he's. Choosing which traditions, to follow based on the values he currently has and choosing, the traditions, based on the values is exactly, the same mistake that Evelyn makes as well he, was heavily involved with the Italian fascists and then the Nazis which makes sense once he read him the fact that he was a fascist is not an incidental detail, that we can separate, from his, philosophy, because. There is no neutral history, there can be no untainted, traditionalism. That doesn't contain, some, of the values of the present being, projected back, and if you carry on reading revolts, against the modern world beyond, the introduction, you'll, find that all the traditions, Evelyn thinks we need to go back to are terrible. For, instance he says that miscegenation and, racial, equality is, messing. With the naturally, ordered hierarchy. Of the races, which we need to bring back but in an interesting twist unlike, a lot of modern racists, Evelyn didn't believe that biology. Or IQ or genetics, made white people superior, he, was a spiritual, racist, he says it might seem unfair, to, say that some people are born racially. Inferior but. A person. Is endowed with a certain spirit by virtue of being born, in a given caste but, at the same time one, is born in a specific caste, because, one possesses. Transcendentally. A given. Spirit, in other words if you. Weren't such a. Your immortal, soul would. Have had the good sense to. Have been born white. Person, the same is also apparently, true of gender, to, be born male, you first have to be. Transcendentally. Male to. Be born female you first have to be transcendentally, just a piece of sheep just. Just, just the. Worst what, it is to be transcendentally. Trans he doesn't say we, can guess men, must, realize, their Souls potential, by becoming either warriors. Or, ascetics, and women. Must realize their souls potential, by becoming either mothers, or lovers, a nevela. Doesn't mean lover in the fun way of consensual. Sexual explorations. Between loving. And equal partners he, means women. Giving, themselves entirely. To men unquote being. For, another, being again. Not. In the fun way according, to Evelyn so-called feminism, direct, quote is really taking women away, from what will make them happy it's turning all the women into men and all that all the dudes are, becoming females.

It's The degeneracy. Of the, male, and female types. And, it's, happening because men aren't virile enough when it's a threat to the West tense the types of the women Gauss saw in the shallow and vain woman, incapable. Of any Elan beyond, herself utterly. Inadequate as far as sensuality, and sinfulness, are concerned because, to the modern woman the possibilities. Of physical, love are often, not as interesting, as the narcissistic. Cult of her body or as being seen with as many or as few clothes. As possible, also, harem, anime is the ideal model of Western femininity, Tenchi Muyo was read peles far Evolet predicts that if this goes on relationships. And gender norms as he knows them in 1934. Adieu. That. Was the, West really did decline after 1934. But it wasn't degeneracy, or a lack of racial, purity that killed so many people and destroyed Europe it, was people like 'evil. Are worrying, about that stuff so much they. Invented fascism and committed genocide over it although when. He was tried in. 1951. He said I'm not, a fascist. I'm, a super, fascist, you're not dealing with an ordinary fascist. Anymore Kakarot, I have. Realized, the legend. But. The world actually got a tiny bit better again in 1974. When. Julius Avila King. Died, like. A cock, if. He was really all that great his soul wouldn't have been born into a body susceptible, to liver disease he was then reincarnated. As Davis irini but if you strip, everlaw, of all of that context, and pretend, neutral. History, is possible, you, can present this watered-down, version, where he's just a traditionalist, and he's. The real kicker if anybody, then comes to you and tries to bring up that relevant context, you can accuse them of just poisoning, the well of being a biased virtue signaling SJW who's afraid of new ideas and they won't debate you on Evelyn's. Terms kind, of like if a cigarette company put out an ad saying that smoking makes you cool and he pointed out the smoking gives people cancer and they said why won't you debate us on the cool question, and here, we come back to Steven Bannon because, he is really good, at this when Bannon gave his speech Oxford, University they were anti-fascist, protesters, outside and, he said he wished that they understood fascism, because fascism, is about trying to worship the state and, he's trying to shrink the state so, he can't, be a fascist and again. Not entirely. Wrong, but, incomplete because. Fascism, is also often characterized. By racial ideology. It's really more about the worship of the in-group versus the out-group where that in group is often though not always defined. Racially. And yes, if and when that in-group, gets into power there is a certain amount of state worship but that's because the state then becomes the proxy for the master race from which all others are excluded, on the topic of immigration Bannon. Says that immigrants, drive down wages but, that's not actually true it's, not true when Steve balan says it and isn't true when jeremy corbyn says it either immigrants. Don't lower wages, bosses. Do and. They do it because we live in a system where things are done because they're profitable not because people need them to be done he also says that welfare states, can't take the burden of mass migration, which, would only be true as long as the people who got rich under, this current system are allowed, to keep that money which. We don't have to let them another, very slick, surface, level claim that Bannon makes is the president Donald Trump's policies don't care about whether you're black or white or, Asian or Hispanic, they care about whether you're, a citizen, he, calls this economic. Nationalism. And says it's about maximizing, the, value of citizenship. And yeah. Okay but in countries like the USA in the UK where, for a long time only white people were allowed to be full citizens who. Get seen as a citizen, now is, still very much affected. By that history this is not about blame, or, guilt or, victimhood those. Are all ways that people like Bannon will try and get you to say ah look, they won't debate us on the question of whether smoking, is cool or not when he talks about not being guilty for being white or as, he said to the French National Front let them call you a racist wear it as a badge of honor that's, a way of trying to encourage white, people, in the audience to, take conversations about, philosophy and history and instead, make. Them about our white, feelings, which, can cause that affective override, so. Please note that I still have not once called, Steve Bannon a racist, I'm, just putting the warning labels on the cigarette packets facts, don't care about your feelings Steve, it is important, to realize though that these slights of hand will work best on white, people because.

We Are used to thinking, that race doesn't have anything to do with anything because, it is never made a problem, for us, constitutional. Law professor Barbara, flag calls this the transparency. Phenomenon, the tendency, for white people to think that categories. Like citizen. And criminal or citizen. And immigrants are race. Neutral, because. Nobody, has ever used them against, us in, a, racialized, way. Nobody. Has ever said, to me in Britain oh where, are you from. No. I I mean where. Are you from. And that, means that if and when fascism, does make a comeback and these categories. Start overlapping, more, and more with race and other, marginalized identities. We, might not be the first to smell the smoke so we should probably listen, to those who can parently. They arrested, one of the ringleaders of the Oxford protests some. Transgender. Boy, or. Girl. I don't. Really understand that whole thing myself I mean I'm not a bigot and quite willing to call people by whatever, name you, know but. I don't, really understand why they make such a fuss. These. Activists, they demand that you not merely tolerate. But, believe. As, well. It's. All well Ian. Orwellian. I was. Young and brave too once but never, made that sort of a fuss in my day as. I say I grew up very poor still, almost penniless, to this day I was a waiter, before. I was a lecturer before, I was a traveling salesman a waiter, at a luxury restaurant in Piccadilly did you ever visit the hotel Mill and Smith. Magnificent. Gorgeous. Establishment. This was all years ago of course. Terrible. What happened to that place apparently. It, started, in the kitchen. Somebody. Left a stove on. All. Those people, not. To mention the furniture. Although. That, was an experience let me tell you waiting, tables at the hotel Mill and Smith you, see how the other half lives, all, dressed up in their finest, nattering. Away. You're. Closer to the center of power in a restaurant and ping, then you are if you were in the front row of the Commons let me tell you the. Extravagance, with which the elites of the world operate, the, circles, in which they move the. Sheer amount of shekels changing, hands it. Is extraordinary, in. The from debate Bannon says that the choice is between Trump populism, or Bernie Sanders Jeremy Corbyn populism but even then he's not quite giving you the full picture because if you want to. You. Can keep going. Bernie. Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn and even though he's Andrea Koziol Cortese they. Could just be the beginning I'm, not trying to tell you what to do here but you don't have to settle for rent. Controls and more affordable housing you. Could, demand that we confiscate, landlord's property and abolish rent and give it to people for free you. Don't have to settle for ending, unjust, Wars you could dismantle the military and spend that money and other stuff you, don't have to settle for taxing. Fuels slightly, more you, could break up the biggest polluting, companies you, don't have to settle for making healthcare more efficient, you could make it free for, everyone not, just citizens, everybody. You don't have to settle for a 44%, marginal. Tax rate on earnings above 5 million a year which is something Steve banning allegedly pushed for or even a 70% one you, could take a hundred percent of that money and establish. A maximum, wage and a lot of rich people would lose a lot, of money but. That's the other kind of populism that Steve Barron won't. Ban. And says in my opinion correctly that, when people lose faith in liberal capitalism you got two choices it's, gonna be socialism, or it's gonna be fascism, the sugar, a kernel of truth in what he says is that the old way of doing political philosophy, we're politicians, and capital were in bed with each other has, knackered, us it is provably, a disaster, I would, go one step further and say that climate change is. A problem of liberal capitalism's, making that it is unable to solve in time and so we really do need some new ideas or we really are gonna face an apocalyptic, scenario, Marxists. Would go even further and say that it's not just in its consequences but in its very form that capitalism, is morally, unjustifiable. But regardless of that arguably. We really have reached a kind of turning point in human history and the, choices really are socialism, or barbarism. But. Bannon won't entertain the possibility of socialism. And he. Won't. Overtly. Tell, you that. Fascism is the answer ah. Thank. You ever so much would you mind putting that over. There with the others you can leave this if you like. Can. I offer you a drink. No. Very. Healthy, of you I.

Don't. Know what the world's coming to these days, nobody. Trusts, anybody anymore what, would these arson, attacks. To. Be perfectly frank I think. There's something fishy going on I mean. Who, appoints, these so-called firefighters. Who. Are they accountable, to running. Around breaking. Down doors. Covering. Their faces bullying. People for. Something as small as not. Changing the batteries in a smoke alarm I, don't. Know I, wouldn't. Be surprised if there were one or two firefighters. Working, with the arsonists, I. Like. You I feel. Like we've known each other a long time we're. A dying breed you, and I the, world is changing. Seems. Like everywhere you look, flames. Are beginning to rise, and. We have to be so careful. Not. To lose, everything. That we've built. I. Say. You wouldn't by any chance happen. To have. Why. Do we. Do. My. Children, why. Keep. Us free. My. Children. My children. We. Call. Enemy my. Children. My. Children. We. Call the, enemy. Because, we have they have not, my. Children. My, children. Because they, want. What. They should. My children. My. Children.

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Why the disingenuousness? Literally from Wikipedia: "The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty". "And that's it" Yeah, so clearly not.

Yeah; it was a political strategy outlined in a magazine article. No one did anything with it. Can you actually read or should I do it for you?

I love how people on the left somehow conveniently define bad words like "fascism" or any other types of negative words seemingly is absolutely impossible for them to be and only people they disagree with can be. fascism is neutral any political type of party can be fascist. a yarn knitting club can be fascist if they obtain the reigns of government and use absolute power and authority enforce yarn knitting ideals on the population and "excluding" other inferior knitting styles or even the worst scum of all people who don't knit at all. the most dangerous ideology of all is not being racist or anti-racist its not being capitalist or socialist its not being religious or atheistic. it is the ideology of absolute moral righteousness that you and those like you can do no wrong and those unlike you are your sworn enemies that must be cut down at all costs and all actions are permitted against your "enemy".

So logically, the alt-right is antithetical to your belief of righteousness being evil. I guess I have one question; at what point is self-defense OK?

You have a curious pronunciation of "Semite", being British notwithstanding.

"..... and the second most famous Swedish man ever to use YouTube to distribute antisemitic messages...." Whoa Whoa Whoa!!!!!!

"we live in a system where things are done because they are profitable not because people need them to be done" those 2 things are the same. if you need something to be done that means you are willing to pay for it. I also have never in my life seen an army of socialists working in the fields for free because people need food. this is what I hate about socialism it is not about kindness or generosity or self sacrifice for the good of others. its about obtaining absolute authoritarian power and forcing others to obey them and do as they desire. you could easily have as high wages as you want for workers. all it would take is 1 single person out of all 7 billion on the planet to start a business and abolish profit in your own company in order to pay workers more then expand the business into every single country on the face of the planet and not a single person would choose to work at walmart for minimum wage when they could work for the socialist empire for twice the money while getting twice the paid time off and twice the medical care. except socialists don't do this because they would never think of lifting a real finger in order to help people. they simply seek power to make others do their bidding in their place.

ok amazing production value put aside you look really good in that white tanktop i

Damn. What an incredible video. I've never subscribed to you before, but I have to now. That man in a suit character is just perfect. It's exactly how the slide into fascism happens. EXACTLY. What a rousing musical number at the end too. I really am for sure afraid that this all ends in civil war. These two forces of Trump's fascism and Bernie/AOC's socialism will fight.

I salute you for having the patience to slog through Evola's sentences. "Hence the types of the woman-garconne and the shallow and vain woman, incapable of any elan beyond herself..." If that's a competent translation, the baron's ideas were not merely hateful, but as muddled as pasta primavera. Thanks for the clip. Haters deserve hate speech.

Any chance we could get your version of "Why do we build the wall?" as an mp3 or separate video?

Philosophy tube is now male Contrapoints.

Can I get a TL;DW rundown of the arguments and counter-arguments presented here? I mean, from what I've seen so far it's entertaining, but I feel like some of the key points are being lost in the 'showman' bits.

Ohhh I was like "Im fucking subscribing to this guy" then I noticed I'm subscribed already. I guess clicking the notification bell is next then its on to patreon

this has been your most eterteining video to date too, those bits of the arsenists were great, very charismatic, very good acting

This is so good I'm going to immediately rewatch it

Haha i love the 10 second Contrapoints cameo

Damn, he's getting good.

Holy cow, that was good. "Why We Build the Wall" with your voice gave me physical chills.

* Inhales * BUILD THE WALL BUILD THE WALL wait a second that aint no good thing to be sayin

So what genre is that song? Dystopian synth new wave? Like I have this feeling of "The Order of Death" from it.

I was talking at a local bar after the results of our provincial elections and the person I was speaking with commented on how she was astounded how young a lot people involved the far right were. I posited that they were so far removed from the horrors of fascism that all they knew were the effects of the lessons that were the culture they grew up in tried to impart. Things that I thought could be taken for granted as true if we reduce the horrors of what occurred into bite sized lessons that are preached. These lesson if left unexamined were how I thought a victim mentality spread amongst the privileged groups. The whole: “I was not individually responsible for these heinous crimes so why are people blaming me(my identity) for this?” kind of faulty reasoning. I think Steven Bannon obviously is very astute in positioning a demographic he belongs to, a baby boomer as being a cause of modern day malaise. It’s another way to appeal to the millennials and other younger generations.

I'm never quite sure if I find Ollie totally bae çause I'm physically attracted to him or I find his far left rhetoric sexy....maybe both... :3

Stop the horny left

This video was soooo good, probably your best. I wasn't expecting a video on Steve Bannon to be so deep and well thought out since, honestly, dunking on assholes like him is too easy.

didn’t listen to the video but that tank top fits you very nicely

Honneslty my favorite video on your channel, and there are a lot good video here !

friggen noice

As someone who's been affected by the developing policies towards people who were maybe not born here I find the number of times, since yesterday, I've caught myself singing "We build the wall to keep us free" concerning.

Your performance as the Arsonist in this is *kisses fingers* you deserve huge kudos.

You have hit your stride. Keep it up. Mark another mind changed.

Right into my veins. RIGHT INTO THEM.

14:05. Damn, I like liberalism.


Olly (may I call you Olly?) - I think there may be enough buzz from this for you to get Anais Mitchell on the show.  She seems like a kindred spirit.  There are currently all these surprised country / musical theatre fans on her albums' pages being met by an influx of *concerned* philosophical anti-fascists.  It's rather beautiful.

9:40 "Have you heard about-" THE HIGH ELVES??

So you have to excuse yourself for not cursing at people nowadays?

Is it wrong to want a T-shirt with "Transcendentally Male" on it, despite being a girl?

And now I have the Why we build the wall in my head. Catchy as fascism dog whistling. You glorious mean man.

FUCK this was a good one

your socialist ideas sound nice but as long as we have a monetary system, you wouldn't be able to just jump straight into breaking up companies and giving away free labor and goods with a snap of the finger. dismantle the military? you realize that half the fucking world hates America and the only reason they haven't ass raped America yet is because America has the most overfunded military in the world, and the day that goes away, no one will fuck with the US Dollar, Russia, China, and North Korea will take turns conquering the army-less land. this is why no one takes you communists seriously, you're almost as bad as the AnCaps.

I know its a petty, nitpicky comment, but pewdiepie is not an antisemite so the "centre of jewish cultural studies" joke is off. He made some shitty jokes, but nothing worse than what a lot of immature people thoughtlessly make. There are so many other people you could've chosen, even on youtube. Probably not a good strat to alienate anyone who happens to be a fan of the largest youtuber. Feel free to point out any overt anti-semitism that i've missed.

First youtuber I've decided to support on Patreon! You deserve it! Keep making great content

Insightful, intelligent and very, very funny. I love that I stumbled upon this video and its channel.

37:30. it's possible to go even further than bernie sanders if we wanted to.

The best part about being face blind is that the fireman and the arsonist aren't necessarily Olly to me.

Hey you got a new subscriber! As you can tell by my picture however I disagree with your aside characterizations of Pewdiepie. I especially like the spooky wall song. Cheers!

30:16 ooh la la olly!

30:22 Are you channeling Hbomberguy there Philosophy Tube? ;)

All the time

Anyone interest in debating more centrist or right leaning policies, contact me.

29:11 oh my favourite orchestra song nice

You giving me a boner

I’m a bit daft but so I was wondering what is the metaphor behind the posh arsonist? Knowingly Self destructive behaviour of “elites” secret infiltration for sabotage? What am I missing I don’t quite get it

Fire is an allegory for fascism, the firefighter is Anti-Fire (Antifa). The Salesman is a "Concerned citizen" who is actually an Arsonist I.E Starting the fire. Meaning if you take it for Fascism hes presented as a centrist/"Normal person" who in secret supports the Fascism and by the end feels close enough to the viewer to let them in on the truth.

I understood it as these kind of modern fascists that seem innocent at first sight. They seem, calm, elegant, intelligent even kind. That flatter you and say they’re only asking questions, but in the end their speech is as incenciary as a neonazi shouting in the streets.

Ollie plays a snooty rich fucker a little too well. Must be the royal blood.

I am actually having to watch this a second time because that fire fighter get up is just making it too hard to concentrate. Damnit.

Keep throwing the word far right so regularly ,u may not realise actual fascists who are about to club u from behind.

This video affected me too much to leave a proper comment so I'm just scrolling and Liking all the praise other people posted I loved it tho~

Why is this guy so hot?

Great video, loved the song at the end!

I wish instead of these, you and ContraPoints would make real movies. You two are so talented. Always impressed by your artistry.

Is it terrible that I find the arsonist really fucking HAWT?

If you not a Pict, get out of Britain. We're being swamped by Saxon immigrants! Roman cultural imperialism is destroying traditional Iron Age values!!

This is probably the most full and persuasive philosophy tube vid yet imo. If Olly can maintain this kind of quality the earth is going to spontaneously implode until everyone is woke af.

Where can I find the cover of "Why We Build the Wall" for stream, download, or purchase?

I'm smoking in Ur theater

Masha Gessen said something about how there were lies created on what we consider the traditional role of lies--to deceive or mislead someone--but there's a second kind of lies where the speaker of them wants to demonstrate the power he possesses, how he can say these words and have an army of people who believe and back him up, ready to stomp out anyone deemed deserving. It's safe to say that the Alt-Right and Donald Trump are pretty much in the second group, so fact-checking, being all, "You're wrong," really serves no purpose. Focus your efforts on reaching those on the fence or use your words as a way of reassurance, letting vulnerable groups who have good reasons to be afraid of the alt-Right and what they represent, that they aren't alone; you are in their corner and are ready to fight.

Anyone else getting A Series of Unfortunate Events / V.F.D. vibes from this?

I'm so excited left wing YouTubers are uniting and collaborating.

I've got that song at the end stuck in my head and I don't even like this channel, but my goodness that song is so on point and the beat is lit.

Well fuck you man I'll watch this outside and smoke!

holy shit Olly

It's pretty interesting how white dudes would make statements, ideating the caste system as being symbolic for racial purity when they themselves are not Indian in any given way. lol. I mean don't get me wrong the Caste System is fashy as all hell, I mean it is after all Feudalism, essentially speaking. (Also it's not SUPPOSED to be alive and well right about now, but fuck autonomy I guess???) so it makes sense that white supremacists would insert castes into their rhetoric, but at the same time, oddly multicultural of them.

you: the exits are to the far left--- me, turning to my boyfriend & whispering: *socialism*

I actually found the "posh former lecturer" character to be the most interesting part of this video. The idea of people claiming to be "reasonable, open-minded centrists" while slowly turning into "arsonists" without even realizing was super interesting. That's pretty much how Steve Bannon works. He's not the fuel, he's the accelerator.

Hah, it's interesting you read him as slowly turning into an arsonist - in my mind he was the arsonist all along and just a barefaced liar trying to trick you! That's why everywhere he claims to have worked has burned down, and why he tells lies about himself like growing up without advantages when he clearly had loads!

" because I want to reach the same audience" wears whatever the fuck that is no thanks id rather watch magic mike

Yay Natalie!

Hbomber feels in this, love it!

That ending is really good! It sends shivers down my spine!

bro u say anti-semite like "See-mite" rather than like "sem-mite"?

I've been binging on Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime." And your Smoker looks as if he could do a mean cover, especially as retail kerosene is dyed blue. As Blue as the water in the song.

1:47 nice

PLEASE release your version of Why Do We Build the Wall, that was fucking haunting.

Very well made and thoughtful video! I didn't notice any of the smugness that repelled me from your videos in the past that have caused me to stop watching. You've provided good justifications for the extreme disgust with Bannon. In the past, I've disagreed with him, but my impression of him was he was basically a descent person.

You're not dealing with an ordinary fascist anymore Kakarot!

Yes, I actually would like your audio to be louder. Thanks for asking, Ollie.

26:33 iS tHAT cONTrAPOiNtS!!!!?¿?!?!!!?!¿¿¡¡¿!?!¿!!¡

I love being Transcendentally Male.

Phenomenal. A masterpiece.

Jordan Peterson video next pls

I had a sex dream about you..

I'm not sure anyone can blame you for that

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