Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 37

Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 37

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Welcome, back to, Todd mageddon how do I let this go so wrong don't answer that. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100, Davey challenge, it's a challenge in, The Sims 4 where you have one matriarch, and they're supposed to have 100. Children all with, different parents, there's a lot of rules to this challenge so if you're interested in those the link will be below last. Time, I reviewed. Some, of the. Significant. Others that you all submitted for, Casey there, were so many good ones 90s. Leonardo. DiCaprio, and pregnant, Casey and Wow are we feeling, fantastic. Let's, jump back in and hope. That I unlike. The Titanic, don't, sink you've done this so many times Kelsey, you've got this you, and Casey are the dream team we got to plan our victory first Dustin. Dustin, looks a little sleepy he's gonna go straight to bet Harry he looks, like he's already kind of raring to go, Caesar Caesars. Looking great just a little bit hungry but mostly fine he's, working, on his thinking I believe Romeo, very. Upset, needs, to use the potty Jake is fine ever will. Sad ever just keeps morning, Chelsea and then Casey, embarrassed. Cuz she peed herself, it happens all right everybody's, learning skills it's fantastic. We're. Gonna have him go back to it once he's done eating go here we go here we go in the time that it took him to walk over to the blocks, he, became very tired wow if that's not relatable, oh my gosh wait he was so close, no. Romeo, back on that potty. Shirt, you know I want to wake him up and have him, finish that we were so close there you go you're done now go to bed all right he's good to go all right Caesar why don't you fit it up what did I just do finish that Caesar oh I. Got, a present, that I think is dumb I want. To treat it with a friend or give it back no, be, grateful, that was such, a little, snot-nosed. Thing to say all right you're almost there Caesar come on come on yo, okay you can go to bed now Caesar is so close to childhood. He just needs level 3 I'm thinking and level, 3 on potty so. We're, we're really believing, we're pulling for Caesar right now all right everybody, in bed everybody, in bed everybody in bed everybody's, in bed all right Casey why. Don't you, I, kind of want Casey to like work out a little bit but she's pregnant isn't she so she can't really do it actually. Got to go to bed all the impeaches maids are gonna be in bed in three. Two. One. Go oh my gosh this never happens. Who's gonna wake up first. Oh it's. Jake, he. Needs to pee oh it's Monday, he's, gonna be so good to. Go for Monday for school I'm so proud of him got students like kind of okay so we're gonna wake Dustin up what do you need Dustin, everything.

He, Says all, right let's just have you work on this first. I. Can't wait to see what they look like as teens they're gonna be such cute teens oh oh. Oh, oh it's happening they're all waking up they're all waking up this is not a drill get in there buddy. No don't you make a mess there. Is a serving, right here for you oh no they're all waking up at once oh this. Is upsetting Oh No. Luckily Harry's, still in bed what are you doing don't go to school don't be late for school, what are you doing go to school why, are you getting in the bath great, okay so Romeo, what, are you up to little buddy okay, you need a potty time and then while. You're doing that why, don't you actually play. With shapes cuz I think that goes faster. Oh no Harry's up it's. Okay it's okay it's okay it's okay don't be sad Harry don't be sad I know you're hungry that's why these are here wow they ate all of them all right so you need imagination, so why don't you play with a toy play. With mr. blue bear butter why don't you, teach, Dustin. To potty all right Harry what can you do you, can babble, to. This little bunny right here Casey did you just like put him on the potty and then bounce. I didn't, know that was an option these they're kind of needs to potty okay see go teach. Him how to potty teach him how to potty teach him teach him how to potty teach, him had a potty teach him teach him had a potty yes Casey why are you sad you're fine play, with the toy just play with the toy play with tentacle Tom he's a great guy all right you're all you're all gonna be great you're all doing amazing, Caesar can now use the potty chair on his own, like, a boss as usual, Caesars the grumpiest, in Peter Schmidt child great, good job Harry he's, level through communication, now why don't you go and play with, Chompy. Yeah. Just play with a toy for a sec here Harry you're gonna be a kid before you know it you know they always say don't grow up too fast I, want the opposite, might be time to feed them all again yeah eat a grilled cheese sandwich when, you're done you, also need some food, what's Caesar up to, he's. Going in there to eat his grilled. Cheese apparently, Romeo, reach level 3 oh my god he's double, 3 of imagination, all he needs left is hottie jake has returned home with a school project and, is, a B student and, Everson. A student boom ever can age up I'm not even gonna wait pull out those candles baby I need. Some help around the house who's this guy she have a romantic relationship oh he's like a former lover you just ignore him kids just ignore him Casey's gone into labor whoa. Okay. Okay. Okay everything's, fine everything's fine we are not ready for this baby I'm. Gonna watch this kid age up first though ever aged up okay, this is a lot at once pick a number one through 12 it's four. Okay, so deviance. Pick, a number one there two she. Wants ever wants to be a, Public. Enemy she, wants to be a famous criminal but she's good, okay and she's, a foodie maybe she's gonna be like Robin Hood oh I like that that's her story ever wants to be Robin Hood when she grows up she wants to steal from the rich and give to the needy oh. Happy. Birthday at, birthday candles nobody, touch this cake thank goodness all right let's, uh have her baby at, the, hospital all, right we at least have one teen in the house I like that these ghosts, are there. Living in their afterlife but they're still going to work if I were a ghost I'd be like cool I did my time I don't need to pay for room and board I'm a ghost, we're, walkin with this v pregnant, Casey popping, out more kids let's see if this kid is blonde like her like the baby daddy it's. A boy. Okay back, at it again we, gotta be looking in the comments, for your guys and suggestions, for baby names as always. If you're interested, in leaving those baby names make sure to leave them in the comments, of these very videos oh my god well this one's quite funny, this person suggested the name Leo for a boy I kind, of like that it would just be Leo jr. so we're gonna have Leo jr., thank you so much dragon flame little, baby leo. Okay. She's. Gonna go home now all, right why don't you go get some food whoever, acquired, the comedy skill that's a surprise she needs to go out and meet some new people tomorrow, I think even though we can't technically have a baby until we move this baby out Leo. Jr. is very hungry and needs to be a Feder Leo, jr. sleeping, through his hunger pains all right oh wait don't change the diaper you need to just do a super. Sufficient, baby care super. Efficient, whyever finished. Her homework and so did Jake Jake you're doing an amazing.

Good, Job, baby boy also, I want you to maybe do some extra credit work oh he's. Sad oh he's, so sad I'm sorry that you just keep partying, why don't you eat that girl cheese sandwich, after. This body you're so close, though you're so close to being, level. Three geezers, doing okay he's. Almost to level three for thinking Oh a Caesar reach thinking level three good job Caesar all right Casey what, why don't you I, guess sleep while you have the chance for now you're hungry aren't you. Cook. Little. Garden salad for yourself it's been a while since we've had a garden salad also clean up, not, that Jake's, doing his extra. Critic, cause he's an extra, good boy. How is Caesar oh he's mad all right Harry go to bed Oh No, Oh No. She's. Hurting herself ever, be, careful, with that knife House. Dustin doing Dustin's, fantastic. Let's wake Dustin up and have him work on some stuff I don't you babbled, some more just keep babbling Dustin. That's arguably, what he does the show a lot of he's uncomfortable but, you will have fun very soon once you finish your extra credit she feels accomplished. Because she made her first garden salad Dustin. Is level two on communication. He is gonna be a great student, why don't you like work on that how are you doing kid he's. Sad all right all right all right I'll fix it I'll fix it I'll fix it hold on why did you go all the way upstairs did you make a mess in here dude. No. Don't wake up your sister let. Her sleep she. Was trying to sleep no go back to sleep yes go to sleep dusty, and Robbie. Is very hungry aren't you going he's getting food right now he's my good. Dustin. Yes. Communication. Level 3 now he's done so on to the blocks, okay. We have a baby we, got a baby situation, got a care for that baby efficiently, my darling and then get some food for yourself you need more, potty okay well why don't you just. Go potty a couple times just keep going potty, you. Will be a kid so, soon. Dustin how you doing he's fine he's, moving level three all right we're just getting. Through these we got this I've got this we're, fine we're fine I'm fine everything's fine Oh, everything's. Not that good with Romeo, right now honestly, he's very, sad, all right why don't you give. A bubble bath to. Romeo, right now give him so fun he's, so focused she's doing such a good job he's.

Real Tired though you, go to bed after this Casey, did you not give your baby a bath give a bubble bath to Romeo why did I just say she's, like I wanted to talk to my older children yes jake has rich creativity, level three that's not who I was hoping for but it's fine yes Justin has reached, imagination. Skill level two that's, amazing why don't you go to bed buddy he also puts his, toys, away like. A boss, okay. Romeo is getting the attention and. Bath. Time that he deserves he's, really, hungry wait, what do you mean that wasn't fun was that not fun enough for you bro don't meet your new sibling just eat a grilled cheese all right eat that grilled cheese in Mom's chair, that's over here that I forgot was over here everything. Is oh okay. I, am, a good mom. Sometimes, kind of not enough, arguably. So close to being a kid they're, so close Romeo you, did, it good job buddy, he's so proud of himself he's like I freaking. Made. This mom. Look. At me now what, are you doing girl don't you clean up some stuff Oh school, starts in an hour for both of these guys Cesar is up and angry okay, all, right I understand, buddy I understand. Buddy why don't you grab, a serving, of that salad wow, they're all grabbing salads, I'm really glad that I did this but also this was a lot what do you need nothing you want for nothing literally, like everyone, is hungry needs a bath her. Give. Dustin, about first because, he's like not. Doing something whereas. Cesar's eating, a salad right now they're all are late for school I am so frustrated yeah. Too. Much going on Evers off to school okay, good, Jake is off to school that's also good Leo's real sad but, honestly, I don't have the time. To. Worry about you, right now. But. I will immediately, after. This okay, o8 a friend ever spread has a study for the big exam today since she's singing earlier in the day she could easily I don't, think you should help because that is. Cheating. Kinda how are you doing over here Cesar he's, a little, sad cuz he's grubby, but honestly, he's still really proud of his progress towards, potty and towards, adulthood, aka childhood, Casey why, are you why are you being called Oh quiz, miss plan everyone's, caught using her phone to look up answers during the quiz today ever. I just told you not to cheat, failed quiz don't. Cheat Romeo still sleeping, Caesars getting there he's. Getting there Harry, is getting, that you, know one-on-one attention he, craves, all right Harry's acquired the potty skill which. Is fantastic oh, yeah I remember when, like. Casey was gonna go out to like meet people today and, instead I'm just like having, her. Work, on her children's, needs. How's, Ceaser, doing he's so close oh my gosh is, this it is this, our first of the Todd's to, get out of Todd dumb come on Caesar, you, can do it please. Please. Be, the hero that, does. All, right next one next one all right quick quick will cooks he do dude so. Now he is very mad as Caesar, is as usual, but. Casey, can, now help. Blow out candles, with. Caesar, making. Caesar officially. A child, come on he is like leaving a stink trail because, we did not wash him yet but, it's Caesars, birthday, Caesar. Aged up pick, a number one through four, so. Caesars gonna be a social, butterfly and, lazy. That's. Adorable. A little social lazy boy so. Cute Oh, miles. Sincere wait. Miles. And John why do they look like old. Jake, is an A student yeah, Jake can age up but excuse. Me I need to look at something really fast, why is Natalie. And peaches may an elder Andorian. Is it finally happening and miles and niya, and cooper. And Tristan, and John and Aria get old man Jamie oh my, god they're, all gonna die why. Did it take so long first, off I don't know what happened with my game that it took so long but secondly. I don't want any of the kids to die I don't think I'm supposed to turn that off but that doesn't change the challenge, but what if my kids start dying I have to warn my children, I wasn't. Expecting, this I'm just gonna let my kid age up so that I can have two teens I am in denial Jake, and Pete reesh may blow out these candles buddy.

All Right let's celebrate Jake's, birthday I need something to celebrate right now my fabulous boy, happy birthday Jay. Oh he's, now gonna pass out don't pass out it's your birthday what are you doing. I've. Never seen that before I've never had a sim try to blow out the candles and then pass out before they get older well there he goes he's back at it okay back to the birthday happy. Birthday Jay, I. Can't wait to see you as a teen. Age. Pick, a number one through 12 it's three three he's gonna be a creative pick a number one through four, it's. Four so he's they're gonna be a painter extraordinaire, he's, outgoing and he loves bugs. He's. Handsome. She. Was feeling pretty solid, so I'm gonna have her do some homework oh. My, goodness how what what grade are you your a B student, that's excellent so tomorrow at school she, can age out we can get pregnant again which means that Casey needs to go meet someone it's, 4:00 p.m. you, know what Casey's going out on the town she's feeling good we're. Gonna go travel our Casey is gonna go to. The nightclub I've, never met someone at the nightclub but here we are we're going to the nightclub. Hoping. To meet some, potential. Bays where, are the people that I just moved in, Naomi, I think Naomi, was one miss Naomi except. Naomi, Naomi can, only be our friend all right we'll make friends with Naomi, anyway, heartfelt, compliment, be, like you look great you're. Such a pretty girl you, kind of remind me of my mom wait, there's some people out here ah two, of them are related to us, I realize either related to us or can't impregnate us or wasn't made by you guys all right maybe I will visit the gym all right, maybe. We'll find someone here meanwhile, she can kind of do, a little little. Work. Out here is it ladies, night at the gym what's going on here, it's the ladies that can I'm pregnant last night who's this guy we've not met him before, don't think you guys made him though well, let's introduce ourselves I don't want something you guys made you guys made so many cuties, do we need to like go into their house she's, like hey get. To know it's, a little awkward shoot. It's. Awkward because other people are listening in to my conversation. With this dude while, we're trying to flirt we'll just be nice while, we wait for someone to arrive. Okay maybe we should just like. Travel. To their homes Kasey's baby makers are mostly home and more. I do like that more, girl maybe, we'll go visit this more girl get, to know her at, her empty lot okay. What's. Her name, Serena, let's have a little flirty introduction. Here too Serena the. Cutest. Purple, Queen oh, my. Oh. My god oh. She needs to go to the toilet, again alright, this is off, to. A disappointing. Start here, cuz we're only gonna last so long could ask about her day how's. Your, day going. You. Know my favorite color is purple oh my gosh does she have freckles too oh, she. Does, she's, so, oh my god she's violet eyes and little braces, she's so cute, she's cute. Sam she's super unique. Which. I think Casey would be really into. And. She's cheerful. Her. Ask. About her day. I. Don't. She's. Like talking about her hair and how much she likes it I've kind of forgotten that she's really tired and really needs to pee I hope that she doesn't pee in front of her complain, about the rain it's really coming down on us and you don't have a house these girls are just getting along like a house on fire she's.

A Cat lover that's so cute. Oh she's. Showing her photos of the kids she, loved them, she. Thought they were cute I. Think we're gonna have to go home after this I think I think she's about ready, to burst we're gonna walk away oh and she's working out, girl. After KC's heart okay Casey go, to the toilet take. Shower get, some food don't worry your kids will take care of everything shake. Jake. Why don't you okay, take care of yourself. Why are you don't, go swimming what, are you doing, Cesar what are you doing are you in the pool for your hygiene, boy. Listen, you are now a kid, you can take care of yourself and take, a shower, alright and then you need to do your homework cuz, you're going to school tomorrow he's really, hungry why is he so hungry. You're hairy I'm gonna I'm gonna get you a salad, Chelsey's playing video games but, Harry only, needs Wow. He only needs to get to level three on a lot of things how, is Romeo. Doing though Romeo, needs. A little bit of fun but. All he needs is level up, on potty so I think he should just keep going potty honestly, Chelsea, I I. Don't, care that you, are the type of gal that's going to clean up after you make a mess like. That's. Really shady of you Chelsea, leo Junior's up why are you asleep in the shower, Casey. He's, feeling pretty good after he gets, his stuff, together I know you're stressed about homework and writing on the table is really not gonna help buddy but clearly, that's a good Romeo, how you doing oh my gosh he's getting close he's. Getting, close. I. Know it's not fun, life isn't always fun that's the hard truth of it you need to learn the hard truth before you come again you knees are good and. Then we're gonna wake Casey up and have Casey help, blow out candles too. Romeo we got a new kid in the house, why. Did you change into that excuse. You Casey, excuse, you. Chelsea. Celebrating. With Casey, that. Is so cute. Oh my. Gosh Romeo, aged up pick a number one through four it's three three so, Romeo's a little motor kid and, he's, mean. Why. Don't you just eat, oh yeah I like it I like its little mohawk, he's going through a phase and then maybe, do your homework when you wake up okay everyone, set Romeo gift which is great Casey's. Just, crushing. It why don't you get something to eat Casey and, then, I want you to kind of work out again have you done your homework not, started. All right you should do your homework and, then. Get your skill up to level three which is gaming, right now I guess feeling, for Loren nobody likes me no one will ever like me why bother with anything anymore I'll always, love, you people. Like you look around people, like you, you're fine, Jake, is doing, amazing. He shoes to get skill to level three I don't know we'll have her have a swimming. Laps maybe skill, ever acquired, the fitness skill like her mom oh she's, feeling good, she got a workout in she's feeling nice okay, what, are you up to now buddy Oh a balanced, meal so once that eating dirt was okay, no it's unhealthy.

Don't Don't don't eat dirt are you okay Dustin, why. Don't you go to bed dude, he's pretty tired too honestly, okay, okay, okay okay. All my kids are rebelling. Against, me I understand, why don't you eat a garden salad buddy, I need you to. Cook up just, like the garden salads grilled cheeses are great but I think there's a special place in my heart for that garden salad mostly because I eat salads, like every day and I don't eat grilled cheese now she she, is not level 3 of anything soon we'll have her swim laps after she's done eating your homework is only 75%, done and you're not able to do it which is very weird and your needs are fine like perfectly. Fine oh he's gotta go to school go. To school buddy everybody, go to school all of you study hard Oh Leo's, upset, okay super efficient baby care of that baby and go back to bed okay now I need you to take a shower and then, you're, gonna invite over, to. Hang out at the current lot your, new, BAE Serena, this little boy is up and Adam, why, don't you eat those chicken nuggets my man oh she's, in such a good mood that she's singing in the shower, she's, like when I come over Oh, Serena, more does want to come over here, oh my god she's here no it's Blair all right Blair you can come on in give. Her a residence Keys whatever where's, the girl that we invited over oh there she is Oh Serena. Okay. Serena's. Here oh my, gosh tell her a funny story, compliment. Her outfit, I love your outfit, I'm also wearing purple everything, about how. Important. Color is in your life like I have a bright blue and purple house I don't know if you're into those things I feel, like you might be based on your hair and then we're, gonna get into a little bit of flirt oh here, each movie level-3 you let's. Go he just needs do you thinking how is it going over here Casey yes, oh it's being playful ooh flatter, her be, like oh you're, beautiful. Yes. We. Are getting in there, Oh. Gloria. Kiss maybe is that too forward, okay, Jake is a B, student. So a Caesar and Evers a beast you two everyone's, feeling pretty good but they're coming in on mom getting getting, a little hot and heavy with their new friend and they're like oh, she's, such a good B student but she needs to get a skill to level three okay we need to get this girl scaling, up I know you're, really mad but, I really just need you to work out like until, you die so you get that skill up oh look, it's Tegan Tegan tears oh, my god he doesn't know Tegan introduce, herself Casey oh my gosh Casey what is happening oh my gosh why don't you give a bubble.

Bath To, poor. Harry he really needs it house Caesar Caesars, having fun he needs to go potty, and, then I really think you should do your homework Caesar they're all fawning, over him this is so funny and he's like I just want a bath okay once I think you're done with that why don't you kiss her hands. A little sexy pose just get your flirt on Harry, is very hungry oh no oh, he's eating the chicken nuggets at last she just needed to go all the way around because the door I need to fix that I'm just gonna fix the door it. Was bothering me though that like people oh no our girl is leaving Oh Leo jr., oh no Leo, jr., super, efficient baby care that baby they're, both working on homework together. This. Is so cute they're all hanging out how. Are you doing Harry oh he's so hungry Harry, Harry Harry I thought you were getting chicken nuggets evers doing amazing, she's not having fun though she doesn't like working out nearly as much as her mom but you're almost at level two there. Oh no, she's not and. Then after that get your hunger on get your fun okay, how's Romeo doing he's doing fantastic. Meanwhile Casey's just like yeah I'm going in all my kids are mad at me what, else is new jakey is so close come, on Jake come, on come on come on come on come on come on you're almost there you're almost there yo let's, go okay you're done he is so, close, to being an A student and so is his sister all she needs is that skill in her homework Harry are you okay sweetie, you don't need to cry to her please don't, Herring's just looking for attention cuz, he never gets it which is very accurate, no no no no no, no no no no no no no go practice yet oh okay you need to go take care of your baby she needs, hygiene. So, she should take a shower and, then she needs fun I wonder, if like at the dance, do you like the little dance video I think the dance video might be work out and. Fun, hopefully. How are you doing Harry oh we. Used to sleep go to sleep bad you want a shower I understand, I want, a lot of things too oh he can't go potty on his own dusted, okay are you done pushing, the limits yet your kids need you she's, having so much fun though look how happy she is why don't you actually give, a bubble bath to Dustin, oh so. Cute, hopefully. That all helps her fun I don't know if it will though oh Romeo, its creativity level three wait that, helps with this creativity level I didn't even mean it she, just. Cooked herself, a garden salad but she's really tense which honestly I don't, blame her cuz I have been putting her through the wringer this evening she's still not as finished. With her homework or gotten. Her skills up her funds going up luckily, finally, Oh Dustin, reached level three of imagination. Use just dude all. Right he's got everything but thinking, and potty Cesar keep going Romeo. He can do whatever he wants, oh it's. Harvest Fest oh my, Oh ever, is a foodie I don't know why I ever made ever do fitness I should have made her do food stuff you know should you want to try something new like her mom and maybe she didn't love it but now it's a little late for that he's got like school so. Soon no way it's harvest Festa there's no school today ah man. Thought I was gonna age up a kid so we could get Kacy pregnant, but she's gonna keep aging isn't she days until age up three she's gonna have three days until she becomes an adult so should it be halfway through her part of the challenge that feels fast, but, what can we do he's all sad why, don't you teach him thinking, she, can like help him with blocks I think why is he uncomfortable.

He. Had a poorly, made food all right drama queen you're fine. Cesar's, almost, done, but he really, needs to go. Leo. Leo. Junior why, don't you change that dirty diaper be, a help to mom good, boy okay. Cesar's done she's teaching him those skills. He's, uncomfortable because it stinks in there you need to calm down ever. Why, don't you go to bed ever Dustin's learned so much oh my goodness, justin is hungry. Every five seconds, oh my gosh, he, was so close. Casey are you okay I think you're sitting, in the pool, alone. In the rain it's, a little weird in, the fall but, I, mean if you're into it she's, having so much fun by just swimming, in circles it's so cute, oh no Harry's super hungry oh no, put this in the kids. Room Harry. Yeah. Grab you a salad you're okay while you cook a holiday. Feast, a grand meal it's 1:00 p.m. so yeah we'll probably do a turkey dinner how you doing she's so she's still mourning Chelsea. That's. So cute. I'm hideous my face is a mess and I can't go anywhere looking like this what should I do it's fine don't overreact, try some light makeup I do want to raise this responsibility, so I'll just be like try some light makeup but that's just so funny, Caesar you're fine or no Jake sorry Jake you're fine give Harry a bubble bath when you get a minute Jake I was hearing he hasn't fully finished his salad but I think that it's probably as good as we're gonna get with him anyway can, we do it can we go from four Todd's to know Todd's in one episode I believe in us. Jake's. Grades, are up he's an A student how did that happen he didn't go to school this, glitched but I'm not gonna question it Jake is moving out of the house so we can get pregnant this is happening, right now I am so excited all right happy birthday buddy. Oh wait, no. I don't. Want to lose you I, love you so much you're you handsome charming lad, look. At his little like face. When he got me and. He's responsible I did a really good job raising him and he's ambitious, he's, gonna make like the best art in the land. Oh happy. Birthday. Okay. Now we got to move them out I'm so sad actually we're gonna go back into the impeach Rashmi household and we're gonna invite over a special friend, all right well KC I feel like maybe you should change your hair color just, for fun all right we're changing her hair color we're inviting someone over we're, making a baby boom. Should, she have purple hair like her BAE and. They'll just both have a purple actually I kind of dig it that was the easiest decision I've, ever made and create a sim invite over to hang out the current law Serena. Also. It matches our suits so, well it looks so good. Oh baby's, upset baby's, upset let's, play with the baby there she is she's running here, to, see our new. Hairstyle, it'll, be kind of weird though could you imagine having. Went on like a couple. Dates with uh someone and then coming to their house and their hair was dyed the same hair, color as you and they're, also wearing, purple you know I think actually, I hate this oh my, gosh this is so funny. She's, like flirting up a storm she's, like do you like my brand-new, hair Oh.

These. Ladies, are a new, each other I'm, like whatever man, kiss those hands. Sweet. Talker. Kissing. The rain that's where I'm at Oh what are you doing out here Harry, Harry, no no go inside hear it go inside whoo whoo might observe Ettore get in there girl Archer no we're a little busy right now and what is he doing here, McCoy, yeah go, home to your wife and child this. Guy will not leave, her alone, okay, there go they went in oh they. Went back out no, wait, try, for baby Trevor baby Trevor baby everyone sent Leo jr. a gift what does that mean wait, Leo. Jr. aged up okay, well. Let's. So randomize it he's clinging, amazing. He's fine so, maybe we'll have him you know start on start, on some fun babbling, did, you whoo-hoo. Or not I missed the entirety, because. I keep missing things you did it whoo-hoo, observe, no don't observe this guy try, for a baby in the observatory, what are you doing go, make me a purple, haired baby dang, it okay they seem very pumped, about it please just do the deed. Naomi. Wants to I'll come over and hang out now you owe me we would love to be your best for good okay, you know what we're doing it in the bed I can't believe that these girls have, tried like so many times there we go all. Right let's make a pair of purple haired baby I'm very, excited about this what oh that's terrifying. They. Just arrived take, a pregnancy test. Okay. Let's see oh my, gosh is, it. A baby yes. Eating for two, Casey is officially, pregnant. Another. Baby for the family. Hopefully, it's gonna have light, purple hair just. Like these two ladies I'm super. Stoked, congratulations. To Casey you're at 46, babies so make, sure to keep letting me know in the comments of how we should celebrate I'm very. Excited to see if we're gonna have a purple haired child I really hope so.

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Girl: Celestia or Lula Belle( my grannies name) Boy: Helios or Leon Idk why but Ive always loved those names

Oh no! I hope Olive is still alive!!! Baby names: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross.

Ellie’s boy baby name list Apollo Walter Reed Otis Louis Dexter Winston Declan Caleb Simon Hunter Alistair Percy Leo Henry Ellie’s girl baby name list Clementine Rosemary Rose Mary Daisy Molly Ollie Juliet Names Otis Reed Declan Apollo Clementine Rosemary Daisy Juliet

If you have a purple haired boy, please name him Barney if its a boy (aka the dinosaur; or Ursula if its a girl (hopefully she wont be mean)!

Names: Skyler, Tyler, Isla and Lila

I'm sorry but how in the world did a GIRL impregnated another GIRL???

Boy names: Lucifee, Amenediel, Daniel Girl names: Chloe, Linda, Mazikeen, Ella

Girl: snow Girl: Autum Girl: Reese

Baby-Names Boy: Niall, Derek or Timotheus Girl: Marlene, Jane or Amanda

Girl:AMY Boy:Cody Or Peyton,Payton

Purple boy names teddy, jake Purple girl names violet, lilly

Girl:Mikyla(my name) Boy:Mike/Michael (It fits to my name)

let’s get a spin-off with jake???

Angelica Peggy or Eliza for a girl and Bailey for a boy

Episode 36???

Baby names: Boy:Dylan,Alastair,Tom Girl:Phoebe,Jessica,Daisy,Emily

whats up with this random dramatic music ? xD

So for girls: Victoria, Marilyn, Jasmine or Roberta Boys: North, Damian, Matthew, Sam and Dean (from Supernatural)

Twin boys Zach and Cody Boy Daniel

*_RIVERDALE NAME PICKS_* BOYS:Archie , Jughead ,Sweet pea Girls : Veronica , Jellybean , betty

You have a Romeo, so how about a Juliet?

casper for a boy micaela for a girl

Girl sophie boy ben twin girls summer and autumn and boy twins tony troy

Also I miss the OG vegetarian kids and their garden salads

Pleaseee call this purple haired baby Alice cause if she is a she , she is clearley from wonderland

Can you name a girl Laura? She‘s a friend of mine and LOVES your videos. It would be such a great suprise for her

If you like ples name Babies Grils : Lisha, Skye, Lia, Lexi Goys: Alex,Leon, Nick

Since your next baby is probably going to have purple hair can you name him/her lavander


Watching this while eating a garden salad

The baby won't be born with purple hair! But chances are they'll have purple hair when they grow up to teenager. Children don't have unnatural hair colors as options... unless you have mods. Which you don't seem to have.

Okay literally I know you don’t see this till like 3 episodes later but I need you to stop the OG kids from aging because I have anxiety

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