Single Girl Tries The 100-Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 4

Single Girl Tries The 100-Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 4

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Let's get back to some baby-making. Hey. Everybody, my name is Kelsey I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I played the 100 very challenge, last time I got, to see a bunch of your dad's that you guys created for Chelsea, and so this time we're, gonna go all in we're gonna seduce more men we're gonna have more babies and we're gonna hopefully age up our first toddler, I have ambitious, goals but I spent a lot of time looking at men last time so I really need to catch up oh my gosh to, just start out Lars, is already called and it's asking Chelsea. To go on a date I'm pretty sure we're allowed to go we should go on a date we're going to go on Chelsea's first date oh wait. This is such a cute place, Lars thank, you let's embrace to. Begin our date Oh what's, up Lars, mm-hmm. You, guys made it with such a deep voice the, largest, voice is so deep it's been a while since I've been on a date so this is exciting and Chelsea's never been on a date this is her fourth kid and she's never been on a date I'm sorry Chelsea I did you dirty let's kiss him oh. I. Think, they went on a date to a bar but is there food here she's got hurt scrambled, eggs and bacon she's just gonna eat it she's gonna pull it out of her purse I think he'll respect that she just doesn't care she's, gonna confess her attraction, then she's gonna be like Lars listen, I'm attracted, to you and, I want you to be my. Next baby daddy asked him about his day too she's, been a little flirt, heavy with Lars but I think they want to build their friendship, too, this, is helping okay her eating and having a date she's the queen of double tasks oh he just went inside that's, okay, I think he went to the bathroom, she's just gonna continue to eat her food out here maybe there's like a game inside, that she can play let's play with. Lars. Domenic, here, and Connor. Wait I think Connor is another one of your guys's, dad. Oh my gosh our ex Dominic, is here that is so awkward while, we're on a date and this girl is pregnant - how, many pregnant, women are here, around this town flirt oh we could wound a bush, well, that would get her fun up real fast why not all right enough with this game let's, seal the deal here on this date makes sense for Chelsea if you could come up to and be like hey I saw, a bush outside wanna. Have. A little fun in that Bush can you stop playing foosball, for, one moment like I know it was my idea bro but I really really want to ask you this question about a bush really, oh no, you are not doing that you are not talking to other people on this date except for maybe the bartender you, introduce, yourself - Connor what's up the dates almost over it was a good date though I think she's successful. I'll call you baby, ouch. Lars whatever. You know what Chelsea's too good for you and I'm sure you'll come over when she calls anyway bye this. Was a fun date guys she's. Going, that, is not good for the baby Dominic. Don't follow me home we, both knew, at the beginning of this what. This was is, she gonna walk home. Chelsea.

Are You gonna just walk home I don't think that's good for baby all right she got a pee first and foremost let's check on Jamie Jamie needs a bath, Brielle needs to use, the, potty and, then, use the sleepy. Time Olive, is perfect, so we're gonna have olive, build her skills, you're almost done with thinking, so let's do that all right break. Who. Just passed out she did not finish her potty, going, cuz she needed this leave I think we got the order wrong come, on Brielle you got this Chelsea. Why did you go to bed you have to give Jamie a bath. Give. Jamie a bath you goon welcome. Back to the MGP Schmid children family you wanna take a bath Jamie yes. Please I have, stink lines coming off of me mom you've been a little bit negligent, put away these plates cuz Chelsea's a single mom and she needs some help she needs all the help she can get Oh Brielle. We got a stinker, I can't wait til all of his like a kid what that'd be exciting. Now you get to go to bed Brielle take, yourself to bed my darling great this is perfect everything is going according to plan I like that they can learn thinking, from up iPad, that's, good Josie's, got into labor but she's writing a book Chelsea. You're in labor have, the baby at the hospital she's. Like I am, super. Contractee. That. Was a technical, term baby, number four Wow we're gonna have another baby that brief, pause without a baby was super nice right I'm excited though this just means that we cannot invite, over our good friend Lars, to. Have, baby. Number five. Only. 95, to go right I need. To figure out how to get twins I know there's like a lot thing we can do so maybe we'll look into that today congratulations, it's a girl Wow we're, gonna have an army of women house, really, it did ask a couple challenges ago for some baby name suggestions, so. I'm gonna jump on to there my favorite was that a lot of you suggested. Your own names which i think is, hilarious so, Alexis, said Alexis. I love it Alexis, is the name Thank, You Alexis, for the name of our baby we named our child after you thanks for watching this video baby, alexis, is here and. We're, ready to have another baby. Let's. Go have whoo hoo oh wow. I didn't, miss the sound of babies crying all right go home Chelsey you got business to do it's, business time Chelsea's. Home from, the hospital in, her finest. Outfit, and she's gonna oh she's gonna take care of her baby alexis, is crying find, out what's wrong here and COO at her and then we're gonna call up our boy our, new BAE Lars, what's, up Lars.

Why. Is our baby sad again well the dad is coming in the. Future dad leave, stop, talking to your daughter. There's. A man over here she's like hold on one second I got I got motherhood, to do but like there's, a purpose for having you here okay no no don't, where are you going, what, is he doing, all right Laura's embrace, it we're, gonna do a little flirt she's like hey thanks for coming over I don't know if you noticed but I clearly, recently, just had a baby so, it's that time of, video. Again, where, we try, for a baby you. Down why, is the baby well Lisa Alexis. I know we need the baby after you but my gosh we, can't we can't get it on while the baby's sleeping or can, we or. Can we. I'm. A little, bit sister I wanted. Her to stop what. They just did it so here, we are what I I'm. So sorry Alexis to the person that named this baby after themselves. At. Least you know at least Chelsea's, having a good time fix your baby then take, a pregnancy, test and then go back to bed this little girl is still crushing. It at, her skill building but she doesn't even sleep so let's have her sleep we don't want a bunch of cranky kids she's looking a lot better so, maybe we'll have her pick up we're. Eating. For two Chelsey. Is pregnant. Thanks. Lars and. Thank, you to the person who created Lars for us I'm, pregnant she. Says and. Lars is like are you serious that's amazing. I fulfilled my life purpose what, is he doing what, are you up to man he's, cleaning our floors, I. Mean. Thanks. Man, this. Is freewill baby, I'm not gonna say no to this wait, she's level three I'm thinking great all right so your level through I'm thinking now we just need, movement. And then, once her movements, done we just need potty and then we can age her up maybe we will get her aged up in this episode that'll be great where, is this guy going he. Cleaned up two of them but he left the third that's fine Lloris you're, more than we could have asked for thank, you so much it's all done. Alright, no we all we need to fix, her potty so let's have her go potty I should really get going now thanks for hanging out with me see you later thanks Lars thank, you for being, a friend I. Don't. Know the rest of us huh I just know that part she's, pumped. She's, like I just pooped, and I'm proud look, at all those little bugs in a rug, everybody. Sleeping that's great. Huh. Proud parent right here she's feeling confident, I'm feeling confident. Chelsea all right it's, time Jamie, we're. Gonna potty train you he. Said I don't wanna and you're like too, bad you don't have a choice why is he angry. Don't. Want to do it he's a defiant, baby, yeah. It. Looks like he's doing it I'm. So proud of you, rails working on her finger skills olives. Working on her potty skills, Jamie. Is working on getting, his way to the food good, job Jamie you've made it and, she has three yet she's, really close go.

Potty If we just keep making, your go potty will it help, will. She keep going, looks like our baby doesn't like us Alexis. Why are you so difficult oh my gosh are you there yet no you're not but. You should probably sleep and, then. We'll help you try again and we made more money Hey we've hit a thousand, dollars guys loyalties. Are amazing. Wow. Ever since we got a iPad. Our kids have been angels I feel. Like that's a lesson for us all maybe we need another iPad, we've got another iPad we spent a ton of money I don't care oh they're. So cute look, at his little outfit, he's got a little tail oh. Look. At human Brielle. Feel. Like I'm. Playing a game do you play the game they're probably not saying that they're toddlers it's probably not good at all she's in here doing our work they're having a great combo. This. Is heaven am I just too good at this challenge now ha ha a couple little fixes, and now I'm queen, of challenge. I'm challenge, Queen I'm feeling confident, real still, crushing, it she's, almost at level 2 of thinking, which is great and he's at level 2 communication, already my children, are brilliant, and, I'm brilliant, Goll is quiet in the PG schmate household, Brielle, is getting close to level threes on everything, wait. Kids will go to school to half the time I won't even have to deal with them that's incredible. She's just giggling to herself on the potty you know as one does she. Just, said Goomba oh thanks, Santa just called to say congratulations, on the new addition to the family thanks, Nana everyone's in bed everyone's, sleeping this is incredible, it's 5:00 p.m. a little bit of a weird time but like who cares potty around 3:00 all right here we go she's walking, up to the potty. She. Knows this might be the moment the, true moment, that she becomes a kid, why. Is partying, the thing that stands between her and childhood. Heck. If I know but, here we are, all. On the edge of our seats come, on Olaf you can do it just. Learn the. Potty. Yes. Crush. The potty make, this potty your. Final potty, on. The little kid toilet and graduate, graduate nope, ah, so. Close. Go. Again. All. Right this time is the time. Don't, let potty stand between you and victory is it, time is it time is it time, oh my. Gosh, this. Potty might be it one small step for kid what, Charlie, her, childhood, kind, let's age this baby up. Let's age her up oh they're, having like a nice mother-daughter, moment, right now Chelsea, pause in that book. Gotta. Bake that cake for for, your kid so, that she can age up what a special cake special. Cake with magical powers Chelsea's, like I am. Feeling, incredible, I am, an expectant, mother a mother. Of four. Beautiful, children and. I'm. In, a new flirtationship, with a guy named Craig he seems really great advert, they candles it's almost Alexis's. Birthday, that'll, be great, one. Must baby in the house alright here we go okay. Yes, pickup. That. Was weird, she missed she missed, but apparently it still worked okay here we go oh my, gosh our first kid, oh. My. Gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh she's gonna age up oh my goodness oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh. Wow. She's, aged up okay okay take a number between one, and four it's too great, so she's a mental, she's a little geek oh and then for this pick, a random number between one and thirty the answer is 18 18 1, 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 16 17 18 whoo so she's squeamish and she's.

A Whiz kid. She's, a squeamish whiz kid all. Right oh. You. Oh my god I love, her I'm in love with olive, and. Marcus, has set his daughter all of it get all, of his beautiful. Oh my. Goodness she can do our homework do, that homework olive, look. At her space clothes, Wow. Oh, my gosh. Okay. We got to get her a big-girl bed oh my gosh all. Of you're so beautiful. Now. Olive can do a bunch of stuff can all clean this all, up can clean it it's, a whole new world we don't have to have dirty things anymore we have helped olive, it's here to save the day she's, gonna be a great kid start her homework, she's a little smelly doesn't, matter she, can watch her Sal oh, my, gosh olive I'm so sorry for using you I'm gonna use you a lot I'm gonna be using my daughter they're, both sitting at the edges of the other kids is beds while they sleep and having breakfast, she stirred homework because they don't have a table maybe. I should get a kitchen table maybe this is a sign but I think this moment's are really cute so I don't care. Chelsea. In her army, of children this, is a precious moment they're bonding, this is so cute. They. Have like the best relationship. To that's amazing, I think all of us always gonna be secretly my favorite but not secretly, because I just said it out loud today. You're doing, great maybe let's have you finished writing your book for a second so you can make more money to get all of more stuff well I'll have to have a great life olive is my everything, all of you is a stunner, she's gonna be a little heartbreaker, maybe. Like her mom yes, oh she's, so responsible. Good. Job olive now go take your bath and then can we have her like mom. And. She can clean this which, is good I'm gonna put you to work my girl she's finishing up her novel. It's 1:00 a.m. so she can't really invite Cregg over right now but, maybe tomorrow when. Her kids at school writing achievement. She finished another book okay cool we're gonna we're gonna publish that why, are you stealing that outfit. Maybe. We have enough money for a shower bath now. Whoa. This is not a look olive maybe we need to change olives outfit I'm not feeling, this these. Sandals, with joggers, in this vest, oh I. Mean it's all the same color but olive, maybe, she dressed herself for the first time fried, oh. He's. Mad. Why is Jamie always so angry and he's very frightening with it too I kind of like don't trust this kid oh she's, so responsible. Olive wait. What's that why is she uncomfortable, Oh gross, she's squeamish from trash maybe, it's because she's my kid but, I think all is the prettiest, kid I've ever seen, in the sins I just said it okay, all of it peaches may is the. Best. Oh it's, rebate day. What's. That. Shopping repay all purchases. In build mode or an extra 10% rebate. For today only by, an object worth at least 500, simoleons to complete this tradition, oh I, want to buy something cool, sure oh, can. We buy our our shower our shower bath. Okay. If we sell that do we have enough money for our shower bath that I really want, wow. This is how they get you yeah, shower. Bath. Olive. Is crushing, life. She's gonna be a straight A student in, no time her homeworks complete she's. On vacay like what else is there for olive to do but be a spectacular kid, she's gonna clean up she's gonna be the most responsible kid not because I'm trying to teach her responsibility, but because I'm using her. As. A second, parent, for. Olive she's gonna have to grow up so fast, yes bath shower I, love yes. Our bath shower she's playing computer games which is great girl after my own heart she's. Her mother's daughter look at her zoning, out oh my god are you gonna be a streamer I think.

When She's a team she can even get a job which is amazing, mom's gonna get a piece of cake for breakfast, I'm actually gonna see if there's like a lot traits, we can do a lot trait on layline yeah I think we can do that all right let's try to have twins that'd be great maybe maybe, we'll have twins with Craig oh, my. Gosh wouldn't that be amazing cuz, he has twins into the game that he's from why, is she like oh she's just uncomfortable from cleaning but she did that on her own I didn't even ask her to do that good. Job kid, olive is the best I love you olive so much, today's, mails have been delivered Oh No we. Owe a lot more, money than we have and we have 48, hours to pay maybe. I shouldn't, have bought that shower. Wait. We just got paid, you. Well. That, worked out was she up to Tricia's playing oh so. Cute she's. So creative. Well. Just pay her bills, who's, a lot Oh can, all i've helped with the baby, she, can bond with the baby so that's kind of cute go go play with your little sister Alexis, olive olive, looks mad about it he's like I don't want to hang out Alexis. She's medium, sad. We'll have mom come over and help, meanwhile, olive what can you do you, can clean up whatever that is pour olive is squeamish, and I keep putting her through the wringer she's hungry all. Right let's get this cake out give your children cake this is a good call look at this family time. Mom. Looks like she's in good spirits. So. She's. Gonna pee. And then she was gonna invite over Craig. Craig, what's, up Craig. Mom's. Like hey, Craig. We, met at the bar that one time with you remember do. You want to come hang out this, is our moment guys this, has been probably. Over a year in the making Chelsea. And Peter sh me and Craig yeah. So. Problems sorry I got way too excited too confident wait. No no, Craig, don't, leave I'm, sorry I'm talking to my daughter okay here we go sharp we, can't mess this up. He. Was down oh. My gosh is she just no don't do that, clean. That up mom is eating, a cake and not talking to Craig no no no no no no no heartfelt, compliment come back Craig I can't eat cake and talk to you at the same time go get em Chelsea get, it with your cake and your baby bump. Okay. Okay, okay ask about this day compliment. Is out there tell. An engaging story they, like, okay. Great brick brain is de yo-yo, and, then. Slide. In a little mini, place like a little like hi. That's. Not how I flirt shoot the baby's crying. Olive. Interference. Run, it wait is she just finishing her cake really fast, no Craig, don't leave yet Craig. Don't leave yet is he leaving it's he going on a run he's going on a run. That's. Our Craig are you sad Brielle all right she needs. Thinking. As usual, not. A finger our Brielle I feel like I've only always, upping, her thinking, and no wait we're - Craig go pick, up back-to-back Craig.

Craig. Is. That him it's, not him it's a teen, celebrity. There's Craig brighten, his day and, then we get to flirt, alright go team go team while I'm gone, you're in charge olive. Go. Chelsea go. She's. Not going very fast go to your love I, ship, it when this is all over and, a hundred babies are done maybe she and Craig I'll settle down Brielle, is being. Sad with, a cup. Can't. Say I've never been there she's flirting from very far away this is long-distance, flirting, complement. Him this is looking good olives getting. Marcus. Her dad wants to come hang out with her is. That allowed. If. Not it's really cute, what a cute dad doesn't say anything right it, just says that you can't have like make them come over right and move it okay I'm, gonna have him come over and hang out with his daughter olive, that is so cute, meanwhile. Chelsea's. Flirtin. It up with Craig I hope he doesn't find out I mean, not that it matters I think, that he already knew but. Like at the same time, I don't think he'd be happy to see his, former flame, crushing. On someone new you know it's not fun. This. Is going well Craig, is super into Chelsea I was hanging over there down. Oh my. Gosh my heart. House. Chelsea's here with Craig what where, did he go how did you lose him I left you alone for two seconds. Go. Home Chelsea, go. Home Brielle's, leaps level four of communication. Skill she was playing the wrong game, no. We. Didn't need level 4 we need her to reach level 3 own imagination. Or thinking why don't you stay thinking, Brielle, I remember. That, I put you on that and you changed. It Chelsea's, having a good P. Marcus. Is in Chelsea's, bedroom getting on our computer, as all. The boys do alright, Marcus, isn't gonna go see you later as the baby starts cryin I would. Leave what a baby started crying to its Alexis's birthday alright you know what that means Alexis, you're aging, up. Happy. Birthday, Alexis. Give. Me a number between 1 and 8 9. Give. Me a number between 1, and 8 the answer is 4 all right so this baby is a charmer. Alexis. Little charmer, look at a little Alexis what about the cute haircut and now we need a new bed for Alexis which means that we probably need to extend. Our room we have enough money for that though, we'll. Find out. Insufficient. Funds. Insufficient. Fun welcome, back to Kelsey's, not that Extreme Home Makeover. I'm your host Kelsey beach kay still. With very little money but enough, to make it work, and that's all we need here on Kelsey's. Extreme not that Extreme Home Makeover, all right yeah that's.

Fine. Just. Like a broom of beds it's not cute but it works that's like how everybody kind of go back to sleep actually, you know what you. Can learn. Literally. Anything cuz you don't know anything yet you're, like a little Jon Snow so now we have. Three. Toddlers and, a child, and, a pregnancy. I. Am. Much further along in this than I ever expected to be oh my god is there a park across the street and I literally never looked my, children could have been going to this park the whole time I'm terrible. Parent, but, I mean that's not a new discovery. Anyone. Else waking up all right we. Got some kids at toddler, time this. Toddler is hungry he can have sugar even though you're not probably supposed to have sugar and you, can have sugar, as well I have a great parent why don't you go get some more cake kids flat for the last 24, hours all they've eaten his cake, it's. Great but there's no cake left so now we need to make more, food oh. He. Moved to get closer to his sister, he's, a little stinky, and here's all of our special angel, Oh No. We, don't have enough money or replace that okay, I mom's gonna have to fix that when she wakes up mom's got a lot to do when she wakes up but we're gonna keep letting her sleep cuz everything's like fine-ish, now, it's, just like an Olaf insanity, behind her she's sleeping. Oh Brielle's, level potty three baby why, is she angry cuz of sugar well James, alright. She, reached potty level three which is perfect, so now she just needs, thinking. And imagination and then we'll have a second, kid on our hands. She, huh oh my gosh, Alexis, acquired, the potty skill. Such. A good girl and. Maybe we shouldn't, feed our kids sugar, it just keeps making them all mad oh she really needs to go I hope she doesn't pee yourself, hurry, up little kid mom needs to pee too there, you go oh no. Mom's dumb I, peed herself oh gosh. Oh, everything's. Bad well. Go. Take a shower oh no Alexis. No. Bad. Alexis. Absolutely. Not that's not how we do it in the picture Schmidt family, no. Alexis, oh. Oh. My, gosh oh I'm just taking out the trash and, I didn't even ask her to oh my. God what a treasure oh. My. Gosh did, you see my perfect angel, daughter pick up all that garbage and, throw it away like. The queen, that she is she's, got a school an hour she's, uncomfortable she's. Gonna clean up I didn't even ask her to that's, how perfect my daughter is oh. They're. Hugging. You're. The best child you. Can tell the other children I don't care look see another, proof that she's the best child she. Looks miserable but, she's doing it Oh nope okay well bye. Go to school okay, we got our first kid up who's very sad cuz. She's hungry. Alexis. Sucks at walking, it's adorable. Mom. Just walks straight by Alexis, and it's like bye okay. Who's. Calling what's up Chuck all, I've got sick, and threw up in the hallway in front of a bunch of other students she's at the nurse down do, a thorough check or, make. Sure she doesn't get teased. Too. Thorough check or I should threw up. But. I increased. Her responsibility. But her motion control, is decreased, so I'm making a bad mom great another, sink, has gone. Bust, that's. Amazing. Oh we, only need to finish thinking, for Brielle and that she can become a child.

Yeah. All. Right we're really close so everyone. Else looks solid all right you can sleep Chelsea you've done your duty by your children, Brielle, super happy she's crushing, this potty situation. Like. A boss and, then she's gonna last, but not least she's got to learn thinking, I'm. Gonna be on top of you Brielle until you finish the thinking, come on Brielle I. Know. All right these. Are your last steps, little baby toddler, steps into, childhood is this the moment is this it. It's. Working, it's, working, all of his back home from school what, you need more sleep why are you up then you're gonna wake up your mom because she's no go. To your sister don't wake up mom mom. Never gets to sleep don't. Do it. Stop. Stop. Nap, on the couch all right if you're so tired and sad, nap on the couch be your own independent, girl Alexis there. You go oh that. Looks kind of sad but cute yeah, Brielle. Is level, three let's. Go doesn't. Matter mom sleepy, wake up. Cake you know what we should have done we should just kept that other cake and not evening used, it again but it doesn't matter Bob. Let's go advert. The candles, its aging up time we, don't need this many toddlers that, is one, too many, that's, honestly, three too many toddlers happy birthday. Brielle. Aged up pick a number between one, and four the answer is two all right so she's also a mental kid nice that's, a surprise pick a number between one and thirty it's 1999. One two three four she's. A kleptomaniac, cool. Never been prouder of that child's, accomplishment, oh my god Brielle is so pretty, I thought that, our other child, was pretty but ding is she pretty, welcome, back to you Kelsey's extreme. But not that Extreme Home Makeover, I'm your house Kelsey and I need to buy another kids bed there we go great. When's she gonna have her no baby, oh she's. Third trimester, so it should be soon oh my, gosh everyone's asleep in the household a family, of five, oh no Chelsea's in labor okay, I guess we're gonna have that baby at the hospital oh.

Wow. It's, time honestly she needed this because her needs are really bad right now she. Just had an accident, at the hospital, I feel like that's happened, before Wow, funny seeing you here Dominic. You're also a patient here, what, is this baby number five oh my goodness. So then won't be on to baby number six and hopefully oh my gosh what if this is twins also, though that would be a lot of children and the house at once okay. Chelsea's like back, to this old song and dance. It's. A boy. Okay so I'm gonna choose a next. Name I see, Myles I love the name Myles that's very cute Myles and Pete Rashmi is joining, the family it's, to. Our. First, twins of the baby challenge. And Rene, I see Renee is next let's do Renee by none of your business, oh my goodness we got twins, way we got twins six kids and one mom we can only have one more baby in this household we have to get someone out this, is a little overwhelming honestly. There's too many babies now. Was too much I regret, everything go, home because you know what time it is, time. To get to know Craig like you thought next time we might start it with a bang, but a bum we're at six out of a hundred this is still weird this is still weird.

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But she already has a Jamie so that might be confusing

Name a baby lily

Name the girl Sofia, it’s such a cute name.... ok fine it’s my name:)

Name a baby Alex

Make more of these challenges

Lol I pooped and I’m proud



Lars cleans the floor, and doesn't destroy the dollhouse? What a keeper

You need to put Alexis birth certificate in the wall.

Could you name one of them "Baby McBabeface"


name the next one kelsy

clean the goddamn potty

Can you put the other baby certificates up on the wall?

You can totally have my name for one of your kids aha

Theo, Valentine, Poppy or Zeke

baby names sofia shawn kelly samantha Melissa Vanessa

what about a parkour guy plays mirrors edge

Pla girl name selin boy name derek

Girls name: Lancey❤️

Please make another video!!!! Love it!!!!

Put all the beds in a a row


Girls name Ava, April, Bianca Boys name Aron, Cole, Emil

This series is lovely

I think Penelope would be a really cute name for a girl And Adrian for a boy

i would date you. but then i guess you can't do the series anymore

Post prime

Is It Weird That I'm Soooo Into This Hahaha Don't Think So

Zahra You pronounce it like the shop Zara but then with an H cause it's an Arabic name


you can paint and sell your painting to make money too.

Oliver or Kia

I'm just dropping my name here. "Marleonne" (it's a girls name btw)

can you make the next childs name Aiko?

Please if the next one is a girl name it audrey if a boy Chaz please

So I started this but have decided I will just go to 26 babies because I am naming after the letter I am up to in the alphabet. My sim just had twins named Jason and Kent. I try to age them up asap and then have moved them out together. Also as soon as the pregnancy test is positive I tell her to tell the dads to just be friends. That also helps me keep track of what guys she has had a baby with.


LMAO @ the guy ditching sex in a bush for foosball hahahahahahah!

baby donna because its a unique name and it means lady is its a girl

When do you make another video??

Name the other baby Kelsey

I love how this is 30 mins long

Finally!!! Can't wait for the next time! ☺

One of Chelsea's lovers is the person my sim is married to. Marcus Flex.

Can u call ur next girl Shelby


My male vampire sim is just going around impregnating women. With his wife they had over 12. He has over 30, and a bunch of twins.

Girls names : Boys names : Hunter Jay Jacob Josh Jake Hudson Max Toby Sin Ruby Lucy Jenna Jemma Saffron Maddison Bailey Mae

I’ve got a unique baby girl name for you. Jacaranda

Jahrie is a great name

You need to add the birth certificate to the wall

For a girl name pick (Zara) ☺️

You could be on your trip go back cuz you could be watching this at bedtime like I am so yeah

Buy the nanocan touchless trashcan, it's a bit expensive but it gives you back 10 simoleans for each person in the house whenever you put trash in it

can you name one abby?

If you have twins please name it Lawrence Lorraine


Name a girl hanshika

Hi Kelsey! If U want olives grade to go wayyyy up make her do extra credit homework and make her study hard


Proud mama for olive

If you have another girl name her Remington if its a boy name him Hunter.

if you use motherlode you get 50,000 simdollars

For a boy you could name him Owen, Astrid or Jack. For a girl you could name her Willow, Opal or Quinn.

Do it for another more video Kelsey. #ILuvIt Let's try Kyla after this.

How about Roscoe? It's a cute boys name.

For the next name of baby I recomand my name. Daria☺☺☺☺

Lol my name is Brielle


You should name one of your baby's Kelsea

When are you going to do part 5 ?


Celeste for a girl

name one alissa

If it's a girl - Daria

Loved it. !! Can´t wait for the next episode ! Can sims 4 players join you on this challenge somehow? Greetings from germany :)


Maybe next girl name Rebekah...and 4 boy Jasper

Names: Maneli (girl) Mani (boy)

This is. Awesome plz keep playing

My god, you would be HORRIFIED at how negligent some of my sim parents are if you think woohoo while baby Alexis crying is bad. Ahahaha

Okay but Kelsey is the cutest gamer ever

Lara,Alissa Or Kate

For bb name

I love the baby certificate wall. You should put up the others

i really need more episodes of this amazing story called ''lucky us we have olive''

Girl you need a roommate ☺️ help with the money honey!!

A roommate loved kids don’t mind 100 babies!

Now I’m just waiting for part 5

Just keep on bring the videos I’m enjoying these videos way entertaining then Netflix sorry Netflix but ya don’t cut my rolls as fun and entertaining

Always fun to watch

Anyone else think Olive looks like Grace Vanderwaal?

I mean famaly

Move Chealsea to a bigger house with her familia


Name one of the kids Juliet!

you should really change your occupation and become a youtuber, they earn much more money

Call the next baby TAYLOR


Name one of the babies DANA!!!!


use the fertile trait!

please give baby girl name Alaia and baby boy Rio

U can have one of the children sleep in the bed with u instead of buying a new bed

If there another girl Gabriella if a boy tyler

Oh, move houses already ... pleeeeeeeeeeease !!! The Impicchishmays deserve a pretty, well-furnished house ... with a garden

Next baby name if it's a male...Manitoba.

Lars: I should really get going now, thanks for hanging out with me! Me: Hanging out? YOU CALL THAT HANGING OUT!!

she should hire a nanny


Kelsey... you forgot about the baby certificate thing that you plan to put on the wall

Jast use codes like motherload or something

HEY KELSEY GOT SOME TIPS FOR YOU!!!:) 1. If you want to eat without paying for food, have anyone child and up make a "Quick meal, and you wont have to pay. 2. You have a lot of empty space in your house so if you want, bulldoze the entire lot and make a minimalist house with the basic needs 3. Use objects such as: Tents, Camping beds, single cheap free standing sinks, cheap flooring and walls. 4. Invest on some seeds so that you can start a garden by dragging the different produce to the ground and click plant. You will make a lot of money this way and if you use it in meals, they will cost less. You can also eat them just as is. 5. Buy a toy-box and kids and toddlers will be able to play with the toys. 6. Get the kids to join a after school activity so that they build their skills and can help more. 7.In your spare time, (If you have any!) You can complete whims and part of your aspirations to earn lifetime satisfaction points so that you can save up to buy the reward trait that helps you have twins and triplets more often. 8. Fishing is another good way to earn money. Children can fish. 9. Get any child to search for collectibles in the world (frogs, crystals, fish, plants etc.) These can be sold for a lot of money. 10: If you have seasons installed, make sure to check the neighborhood after a thunderstorm because gems and crystals will be scattered on the ground. Sorry for the long comment! Hope this helped!

Girl Emily or boy Alex .


Next baby's name could be Avi (for a girl/boy!)

please do more in dying to know what happens next


I am in love with these types of videos can u plz make it lest than a week though because I want to see part 5

You should have a party with all the fathers

Birth complications: Pretty much the only thing Sims can't die of.

Your next baby should be lilly

I'm getting attched to the Impiccishmay household ❤ Keep it up Chelsea.

You should clean the potty chair

Name it Neena Bella

I have done one...I have a mod to have 25 sims in my far I have 16 children...have had 4 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets without cheats or fertility treatment...just lucky

How do you leaves the kids at home when you go on a date?

you should name your next girl liana

You should get married with larze

Have a baby with santa

I have to ask why you build such a big house? It´s cheaper having a small house :)

Every parent have a favorite .... :< And its oliveeeee..

Your personality gives me life

Love this! You can plant roses for easy money.

I'm going to be on top of you brelle Lmao

BOY NAMES! Bohdi or Byron

GIRL NAMES! Aurora or Alura

How is Kelsey still single?!??

Name a girl baby Kairi!

Kelsey call your next baby Kelsey if it's a girl

Girl names Rosealina Piper Leah Rebecca Addiell Boy names Jack Sid Kyle Carmelo Hayden

I want Kelsey to react to herself on an actual date.

For gurls... Scarlett, Charlotte ,Cora, Sarah or Lisette!

I'm currently pregnant all these name suggestions are coming in handy

I had triplets by making a lot of whoo-hoo with the same man, on bed and on bushes you can fertilize. I hope it helps xD

Thank you for being a friend......with benefits...

Can you please name one of your girls Leia (from Star Wars) and one of your boys Daniel?

3 new babies in an episode, way to go!

You need to put up the three new birth certificate on the wall of brith certificates!!!!!

Just have bunk beds, they dont need so much space

Kelsey if you have twins name one Luna and the other May(together that is actually my real name Luna May)

i think she is not single haha

Can you name one Galaxy?

What town is this?

I'm in love with kelsey. Been watching her in every video she's in

watched em all lmaooo

Why is it so important that Kelsey is single?

Can you plz name a baby kailayia btw if you do this is how you pronounce it (ka-lay-ah)

Yfke (for a girl) please?

Don’t forget about the babies Certificates!!!!!! Thanks for the 31 minutes We needed that. You are awesome

The nest name could be Amelia

This challenge is gonna take so long Kelsey is gonna be married before Chelsey has 100 babies

can you name one of the kids Minette pronounced min et

This is way too addictive to watch, BUT let's get to know Craig...

Grils names :Gabby , Melis , Sam , Cat Boys names :Tom , Park , Jeon , Carly I am Turısh and Melis turkısh girl name

Omg yessssssss


I WILL WATCH EVERY EPISODE, you go girl. I love the Sims 4... And own it... But I'm so lazy so I'll keep watching even if there's 100 episodes.

real isis play csgo pls

To get more money you can do a cheat press control shift c and say motherlode and enter


Pleaseee noticeeee mehhhh: name your next girl: Juliana

How about the name Elizabeth or Melanie if it’s a girl

23:03 "Alexis is a charmer!" Me: Awwww that might help out later. Drunk me: I SMELL STRANGER DANGER!!

Imagine if you will, the ability to make a gay male sim to throw in the challenge. She'll be trying so hard to woohoo, but it'll never happen! #WastedTime

name the next one in the next episode Ashley

Everytime you say Alexis, my Alexa turns on. Hahaha! oh god.

100 babies seems like a faraway dream.... or nightmare

name your baby oliver or olivia

Next baby name ezekiel that mean sigh of god

girl name: heaven boy name: casper

*Wait if you have another baby name it Naibeth*

8:09 The rest of the song is "...with benefits"

Freya! Pleaaaaseeee!

if Until Dawn Voice actors plays Until Dawn,that's would be great

Hey, Kelsey! I have a suggestion for names! John for a boy and Bella for a girl. I hope you read this! :)

My name is Maria - Valentine and if you make them one it's Marilia

love this series!

My name is Justyn and it would be an honor if you named your boy justyn


Hi my name is Kelsey and can you please name a child after me please


Caspar is a good name so is greg

The name to the Next baby it's luna


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