Single Girl Says Goodbye In The Sims 4 | Part 26

Single Girl Says Goodbye In The Sims 4 | Part 26

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I'm not emotionally, prepared for today. Hi. I'm Kelsey I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100 baby challenge, it's a challenge in The Sims 4 where, we have one matriarch. And she has they. Have 100, children all with different parents, there's a lot of rules to this challenge of rules the link is below, Chelsea's finally, putting down her, crown of matriarch. And she, is passing the torch on to, KC it's gonna be an emotional day but it's also gonna be a really fun day we're, gonna have a really big celebration, for our Chelsea let's, let's, get into it KC right here is gonna be our new matriarch, but obviously KC's, just a toddler, so Chelsea will still be taking, care of all the kids until KC becomes of age and then can take up the mantle Chelsea, it's time, for. You to, get a, final. Makeover everyone. Should get a new outfit for the, party Chelsey's. Birthday party. Oh my gosh I, can't believe it Wow. This is our last episode with Chelsea as an adult's she's. Gonna be a old-looking, now oh, I'm. Fine. Aren't you fine we're all fine hey Chelsea. Chelsea I, want you to be wowing. The crowd I, want you to feel like your best, self. This is pretty good, Oh, Chelsea. Oh, I. Kind of like this, this. Is pretty cool but, it seems like not Vavoom, this is so cute. Why didn't we ever wear that I have, so many regrets I'm, gonna go with this okay, moving. In to makeup ooh you. Know I normally don't match the makeup to the dress but I think that's kind of fun that's so pretty. Maybe, not with the eye it's. A lot of color. Oh. Am. I gonna cry she, looks beautiful, this is definitely, her look for the party. Apparently the party's gonna be a fancy party I was thinking it could be a pool party but it's definitely, gonna, be one now let's, like clean everybody's. Outfit, all right misty, okay you're gonna have your party outfit too. Oh that's. Pretty cool I like her style. She's. Like the boho queen I, think maybe like ooh that's cute on her, okay. I'm. Literally, kind of happy with this honestly maybe like more, of a heel to, dress it up a bit that's cute, all right that's her outfit for the party done. Everybody. Gets a makeover all right she's, still in her jammies but, she's it's party time it, looks like our Freya, is like a little bit more casual, than. Her. Sister Nova so we should go with something a bit more casual. For, the party, maybe, she'll do some like pants. With uh with, like a nice top those are some good good. Nice jeans, that's, pretty cute, should you do like a cool jacket that. Would be cool oh that looks kind of nice and then like a like, a brown shoe, that's. Pretty cute yeah. Chelsea's. Gonna be a little overdressed but it's her party and she can be overdressed, if she wants, to okay, next is Stacy, Oh. Stacy's. Looks pretty cute but I really like all the dresses and we haven't really gone into here yet this one's quite fun though Oh. Cute. This, one's cute. I like the blue it matches her bow okay. That's kind of cute okay next kid it's, serious. And, serious, it's gonna get a party look oh my god, he's. Done that party looks fantastic, of course Kasey gets. A great party look Cassie, look, at your okay so let's not kind of inspect what Casey's already got to work with we, got a little over walls with the sunglasses the, matching, socks to top. Is quite cute why don't we go, into full body and, see there's something, here this is quite cute that makes sense this is cute I think maybe top and bottom might be a better way to go this is quite quite, nice Casey, could match Chelsea with, some greens.

Thank You some some. Patterned pants ooh. Looking. Fun. Casey in. Case you might do some nice little shoes, oh my god these are cute they're like these oh that one matches better but these ones are bees, these ones are fancy, shoes but, those ones are bees you. Know what Casey's, just a little kid I like the bee shoes I know they don't match but I kind of don't care we got Chelsey's, birthday. Outfit. Right here look, in glam, we. Got her daughter's, birthday, outfit, looking, pretty chill we, got Nova's. Outfit, over here, a little bit more glam, and, then we got Stacey and her nice blue ensemble. Serious, looking, real, slick he already put that together himself, we're not gonna touch that and, then we got a little Kasey matching. Mama. Amazing. So we've got the whole family ready, to roll and now, we just need to. Throw a freaking party I'll have her daughter uh. Uh her, daughter Freya is gonna cook the cake for her mom chocolate. Cake yeah, free, is gonna do it go ahead for you let's. Get you down there oh there's. A baby Taylor, Taylor's. Upset no, no. No honey don't do that go here let. Mom handle it what no let mom handle, it good, job okay now I'm gonna watch her bake. Making, Chelsea's, cake. Yeah. Freya's left reached, cooking, level - good job for ya house Casey it looks like all the kids are actually pretty, good moods which is very good Chelsea's, pretty sad because. She's lonely Oh No, okay. Well let's, have her put some candles, on there so that no one needs it Boop and then, we'll put it in -. Put. It in - Chelsea's, inventory, Chelsea, you don't need to be lonely. Oh Vieira, says do you want come over to my birthday I'm sorry, it's a Chelsey's, birthday Oh. Oh she. Just took KZ to, give her no kids, let's go looking, for where we're gonna have this so magnolia, blossom, it's a park it's really pretty, maybe, windings, burg does, windin burg have a really pretty park we could go to oh it could be at the Vaughan haunt estate, that can be cool very fancy, for Chelsea, I love that okay so we're going to have a birthday party, and. The. Birthday service, Chelsea, and. The guests are Freya, serious, Nova Stacie Casey, we. Got, le, branch. Our Lee Adi river. Hazel, John Aria, Jamie Dorian. Tristan. Natalie okay well it, was bound to happen that we would run out of people, to invite caterer. Oh my. God Flynn can cater let's, do it Flynn's catering. Let's do Vaughn Hunt estate there, are ghosts there but it's fine Chelsey ain't afraid of no ghosts here we go it's, Josie's. Birthday, party. Chassis. And. Family. They're, all like Chelsea happy, birthday. Let's. Make sure that there she's in her correct, outfit, though there it is so, we got to get Charlie obviously, Tristen, Eric. Cooper Theo, John, Aria. Hazel. Olive has to be here okay we'll just do a second call Olive. Papa. Papa Jaime, nyah Natalie, Brielle, we. Need a rose a addy Alexis, miles okay. We need to keep just calling, Oh No. Why is my baby crying, I, know you're stressed but play with play, with your little sibling, because oh my gosh. Apparently. Chelsea's gonna do it oh and. Casey are having a freaking, moment our sweet baby charlie, is here oh my god. Oh. My. God they really do look exactly, twins, they're not at all oh my goodness, look, at that, story. Oh. My gosh Casey brought an iPad, proud. Of you Casey. Oh Aria. Is. Hazel here, is. River here they're not here where are all the rest of my children, I don't, love that we can't invite all of them but I know this is wasn't necessarily, built for exactly what I'm doing right now. Ellie. Mama. Oh. Wait. Why is there a case apparently Flynn made Chelsea a cake but that's, gonna be the extra cake oh my gosh there's a ghost here hey oh, she. She's. Surrounded by her. I, want, them to all to like get to do an activity together, I think Chelsea will take photos with everybody take photo with oh. My. Gosh yes Charlie, and, then take a photo with Lynn, and. Oh my goodness she's, hugging basil, and, she's thinking her for being here. Oh my gosh house Casey oh no Casey's throwing a fit why is Casey so upset Oh Casey's hungry. Charlie, never mind this is a great distraction from, actually, having her do stuff we definitely, need the flash on oh. That's. So cute. Okay. Great we almost got his whole face in okay Chelsea go in the bathroom. Yeah. Out Ginny I guess. She loves Ginny so much that it doesn't matter, wait, that's not Jeannie that's.

Just Someone else how are you doing oh you're really upset, cuz you're tired all right you know what I'm gonna put a baby bed in here because I don't want you to be upset it's fine you can just sleep right there how about that okay okay, Casey this go sleep Chelsea, why, don't you take this into this room where everybody's, at I, don't want her to set the table I want her to blow out these candles, apparently she canceled the mountain there so we're gonna blow him out over here everyone's getting tired oh no but she's hugging Charlie. Wait, wait wait blow the candles Chelsea Chelsea, blow. Out the candles oh my god her birthday is over everyone's gonna leave no don't. If Chelsea, needs to blow out the candles ah fork. No, you. Know what I'm not gonna have her blow out the candles alone. That's dumb, you know what let's plan a social, event let's do a second, birthday party, but at her place Natalie. Wasn't there Theo miles, Brielle, Alexis, we saw Aria we're. Just gonna have to do two parties that's a that's the key caterer, I still want Charlie there so Charlie's gonna be caterer and it's gonna just be at the impeach ishm a, president's. Amazing, okay. Birthday round, two, oh my gosh look at all the other kids they're. All here. Look at our sweet baby always. Thank. You for coming, I know it's 11, o'clock Oh. Everyone's. Like going to bed I really want everybody to be here for her birthday so we're just gonna like have her I guess I. Guess. We'll just have her blow out those candles just, go in there Chelsea all right everybody, gather around oh. No. No one did okay that's fine you know what I'm here Chelsea and that's okay Chelsea aged up. Seniority. Wrinkled. Bellies frosty. Locks and. Interminable. Naps away. Party. Like the Reapers not right around the corner well luckily she's friends with the Reaper oh. Wow. Everyone. Sent her a gift. It's. Grandma, Chelsea, called, a meal have everybody, come over and. Have. Some cake with you oh the, kids are coming for cake oh, my. Goodness. Oh. It's. So, cute they're, even coming downstairs, it's, Anaya with, Rosie. Oh. My. Gosh we got miles, I got the whole family here in the new house oh, my, god it's Jenny freaking. Jenny clapping, through clapping. For. Grandma, Chelsea. Grandma, chills he's surrounded by all of her children. 33. Total, kids. For. This matriarch. Chelsea. Empty dish me his. Head woohoo it for the first time whoa. Fireworks. Around the door she's, gonna break that door, oh she's, cuddling, the babe Oh in the new room. Little. Blonde friends. Oh. She's. Freaking showing, off here we get it Chelsea you're really good at making salad, Oh. Mom. Passed out oh she's gonna have an accident in front of the hospital. Oh. Gross. Oh my god. Chelsea's, feeling very uncomfortable, but it's okay cuz Greg. Z-trek. Her baby in a bush oh. He. Said yes. Truly. The. Hero of the story there, won't be anyone like a Chelsea she's, super happy she's sitting right beside. Natalie. I thought for a second it was it. Was olive where's our sweet baby olive, I really want to have a nice moment with olive there's olive, olive, the the chaat of the firstborn. The child that started, it all all right well. I'm. Just gonna watch the baby. She's. Gonna go up to say hi to olive, there's olive. I want, to give her some resident keys she's, like here's a key I want you to feel welcome anytime, she's, gonna don't go nap in the hot tub Chelsea, if you want to go to bed nap in your bed we're, gonna take care of our Chelsea we.

Also Need a. Grandmotherly. Makeover. She's going to sleep on her birthday, that's. Okay what's you up to girl yeah. You should sleep like everyone. What oh my god the Taylors aged up without me oh my, god we got more time pick, a number one through eight, seven. So Taylor with Annie is wild. Taylor, with an O pick, a number one three the answer is, inquisitive, we got a wild kid in an inquisitive, kid and, they all got sent gifts oh my goodness, look look. At Taylor, and look, at Taylor. They. Are so, cute they. Probably won't be able to get down the stairs, why, are you crying to your sister for no reason, to wake her up Taylor's gonna try to wake up all of the siblings until, someone takes Taylor downstairs, so. Why. Don't you put, to bed Taylor, she's gonna put the Taylor to bed she's really tired but I think she know she understands. That she got to do it for her mom go. And then other Taylor, it really needs Oh God other Taylor's literally, just waking up everybody, no no don't take don't drink a coffee just go to bed everybody. Needs to go back to bed everybody go to bed, 2019, good. Night. Yeah. You should probably take a, shower. There. My. Girl you. Are not. Looking. The, best oh my, goodness there's what. Oh there's, a fire oh my god what, is happening why. Is this happening, higher emergency. Repair service, okay. We got a repairman, to fix it so that's good why, are you so mad. Just. Go the bed go, to bed why, are you all up oh my. Gosh why are you all up oh man I forgot about having, to, do all these toddler, things everybody's. Needs are terrible because I did two back-to-back parties, Jake, okay big yike let's fix it Freya's off to school, so. Serious. Oh my. God all the kids at least you know just all the kids should go to school, study. Hard by, Nova. Thanks. For being such a trooper this weekend, while, I was kind, of stressing you out okay. Yeah. Can you just take that and. Then we'll have you you're. Fine now you're, eating something you found something to eat, all. Right whatever well, Chelsea needs that Chelsea's. Hanging out with Taylor so. Taylor is going to start on some skill building. Let's. Do some thinking poor Chelsea, just really needs to use the restroom, and, needs, to. Shower. At. Least we're getting her needs backup. Oh my. Goodness, I'm just so shook by like I haven't even been able to process that Chelsea is an elder because, I'm, so stressed out they smell just delivered. We, got a lot of bills what's. Up, fight teacher had to break up a fight between Nova, and another student in the hall today what should we do have. Them work it out it's. Fine they're. Fine, Oh, Chelsea, no, you're sleepy why are you playing with dolls. Why. Didn't you grab the salad like I asked you to eat, your garden salad and. Then go to bed, she's. So tired, poor. Chelsea. Had. A very long day of birthday, celebrations. River. Is wondering if I want to come over no River, we're okay we. Don't want to go to your place really right now okay, and then you go to bed when you're done. No. Go, to bed, Chelsea. Stop trying to fix your problems, with coffee, everyone's solving their problems by going to bed I don't believe there's a problem you can't solve but not by, going to bed going, to bed is great okay she's got a hundred and fifty one days oh, that's. How many she's lived. Wow. Good on you chels, it. Won't tell me until how many until I don't even want to finish that sentence okay all, the kids are back so. Serious. Is the B student, I guess Frey is still a B student. Stacy's.

A B student and Nova's, an A student as expected, Nova, jump right up there they're all just kind of taking care of their needs right, now why, don't you do your homework now a serious, oh my god does he have a cape no he, just has a vest she is actually feeling real good now too so, she could do her homework how is Chelsea feeling Chelsea's feeling pretty solid, I'll have Chelsea wake up. Pay. The bills and, then. Maybe we'll give her our makeover, oh my gosh. Whatever, former, flames just congratulating, her on her birthday, all right Chelsea, let's get you a makeover, it's, time you maybe knock. Down your youthful. Look a little bit I've had Chelsea, in a fairly useful look for the for ages, because. That's. Kind of how I dress, but it's. I think it's time that she kind of brought something, else oh my gosh Wow, everything, looks so different is this well I'm gonna look when I'm oh. Kim. Anyway. Let's do some full-body outfits, what's good for Chelsea, what. Looks good on her, now, that one's pretty solid, well. That one's a 9 what, kind of grandma. Does Chelsea wanna be that's. The real question, oh my, gosh she's yawning, these look kind of cozy I don't even know how to dress Chelsea, now Wow that's I mean. That's, no, that's, a big no for, me dog oh my gosh I, hate it oh this. Was nice maybe. For her night out this is her new red dress a little bit more covered. Up but, still. Saucy. This, one's nice I think that she would wear something like this oh. It. Reminds me of Chelsea's, like kind of pink vibes maybe. With some shoes now that it was a more I'm like looking at the more I'm like that is so oh that. Was nice. Oh I like the blue this, is cute okay next, this. One's pretty as well I. Love. This, done. She's. Rocking, a lot of Blues. Yeah. I. Love, this it's. Like a more, adult, version.

Of The. Og overalls, yes. Yes. Our Chelsea. Honestly. Oh I, still have feeling, both of these, outfits. For her but maybe we should do a different full-body red dress Oh, Chelsea. Chelsea, so. Dignified. This, one's kind of nice though oh I like the blue but I think I like this this one a lot. For. Chelsea yeah that's cute, oh that's really cute I like that I want it like some like lighter shoes, yeah, that's cute, sleepytime maybe, maybe, just keep the og, sleepy. Time and, then maybe add in a new sleepy. Time I, know I do a lot of like t-shirts and, some. Pajama bottoms I do that a lot that's. Yeah. Bella. Cody party. Outfit honestly, I'm still, down for that not. That one though that one's still kind of fun. I'm. Keeping, all of them I don't care yes Chelsea, I. I Stan okay. This. Is our Chelsea, grandma's. Looking. Fantastic. You're. Doing amazing sweetie. Oh no you really need hygiene, all right it's okay it's grandma Chelsea oh grandma Chelsea could totally give a bubble. Bath to KC. Look. At this goddess, she's. Just like mmm. She, aged so gracefully, I hope that our ages gracefully miss Chelsea she's like my child is not awake also. She has so many young children it's, super weird seriousness, homeworks complete good job serious, I'm proud of you and. Her. Almost. Complete, and then she needs to get her skill up level up it's. Social, so all she needs to do is kind of sit on the computer for a little bit she should be good to go give, a bubble bath to KC here. Yeah. Because. We. Already got I think phrase in the know Nova's, in the bathtub. Oh. KCH. LZ or bonding. Don't. Splash don't, splash. Casey. Yeah. Casey. Why don't you go, potty. We're. Almost at, threes, on most things for casey jessie's gonna go watch some TV, she deserves it. Wait. Have you not done your no. Do your social. Ignore. That do your social socializing. Stuff so you can be. A team just, keep chatting chat is, that all oh my gosh all is here, why is all I'm doing oh. Yes. Give her that motivation. She needs to up her. Socials. Yeah. Social. Level for perfect, all right yeah yeah you can do whatever you want now why is Casey so mad Oh Casey needs food okay and Taylor, needs food too okay everybody needs food it's fine we have a garden salad in play, for this specific, purpose your three imagination. Okay so you just need to bump these the rest of them up and then we can age up Casey, into. Childhood. I'm so excited to see what Casey's gonna look like I want to put like a big photo of Chelsey somewhere, so. That I wish that I took one photo of just Chelsey but this, one's a good, looking photo of our Chelsey put it maybe right here I want to make sure it's nice and big. Yeah. Nice. Big photo. Of our Chelsey on the. Wall yes, Queen how are you doing you need hygiene, and attention, great, give. A bubble bath to, Taylor, Chelsey, I know you're busy watching TV but you got Todd's to take care of ooh big day was awful yeah we forgot to buy stuff oh she's, so stressed she just slammed the door of the fridge how you doin Taylor ooh Taylor's great, you know what you should be doing since you're great oh my god all of us here oh yeah, that's right cuz olive has a key, now to the house Olive, Kim just come over whenever Olive ones that's. Amazing, you're almost done with your garden salad making who else is hungry. Anyone. Else hungry you're, hungry, can't. Grab a serving of that, you're, a little hungry here, I was serving, you're. Fine, you're. A little hungry you're gonna grab grab serving, and you're fine great what are you doing oh you're partying with your Oh olive, bye, she. Said see you later she just went out the door oh the, twins are outside, hanging, out talking. About smelly diapers why, are you so sad you're.

Still Like stressed out okay. Why. Don't you watch. A little bit of TV and, then you need to do your homework you, on the other hand are doing yeah. You're doing some some, games. Get. Your fun up go play Sims you're gonna be fine there you go all right now you need to do your homework no. Don't go to bed in the hot tub Chelsea that's super, unsafe especially, for a woman, with. Your advanced. Age oh no no no no I'm, glad that you're enjoying yourself though school starts for in about an hour for everybody, all. Right you really need to finish up that homework girl and you're good you should probably get, a shower. Not. A bath please, take a shower it is quicker she's almost done with her homework she's. Getting ready for today he's, doing, great serious. Is having a really. Nice time look. At this boy he's like I have all my needs fine I'm like, literally, all the rest of the children in the house homeworks, complete yay okay, you are, doing amazing, so, you can. Work on your. Imagination, all, the kids are going to school I'm sorry, that you're upset but you're gonna be fine by. Making. Choices, actually. You can't do any of those things he's gonna go to school now I'm sorry if you're hungry we need to get you all aged up and, out of this house so we could start the, having. More babies speaking, of which how's Casey Casey's, in a room eating a salad having. A great time you need more thinking for Casey, communication. And potty oh I hear has something bad oh no. Chelsea. You guys, you. Gotta tell them no expressed. Disappointment of making a mess go. Chelsea I know you're sad Taylor, just cuz you're hungry doesn't mean you're allowed to act out oh my gosh you're, like clothed Casey. Keep. Going potty Chelsea, why are you so sad, Oh, someone. Died, what. What else is new, come on come on come on yeah. Potty level three baby all, right so now we just need thinking, and communication, let's knock these out okay Chelsea why don't you just like clean up some stuff while, you're moping. Around, you're so close KZ you. Did it okay, and now we need. Was. The last one communication, it's interesting that communications. Like not. Super. High, for. KC most kids get pretty high communication from, just talking to each other oh my god these are our final moments with KC as a, toddler. Novus, in a and phrasing, a student okay so we can each up, Nova. Freya and KC all, together and technically we don't need to move the. Kids out, until.

We, Have to so we can keep them around. Are. You okay, whoa. Not. Okay. Stop. That go P KC's, so close oh wait KC did it. KC's. Three on everything okay. How. Important Chelsea so sad but she's playing with our kid which is super cute, I know. Taylor's hungry were feeding him now stop. Being dramatic all right let's open up and put out our new cake Casey's, doing like okay, so. Chelsea why don't you just age KC yes it's Katie's, birthday time. And. My crash case is gonna be a kid what is KC gonna look like hi all laugh thanks for coming by. Oh my gosh we need to give all of our children keys, to the house this is amazing, okay here we go. Oh. My goodness. KC. Has aged up okay, KC. It's. Gonna be a randomized. Child, so we cannot control any of the traits that KC the new patriarch is gonna have I'm. A little stressed about it but. This is gonna inform, what kind of person, and matriarch, ace is gonna be so, no. Pressure pick, a number one through four it's four so, KC's a social, butterfly pick, a number one through 30 it's 2021, okay, a glutton. Okay. You know what that's fine what, she look like, she's. A cutie. She. Looks like little, little, angry bean she's. In a bad mood or KC but she is real, cute, I'm. So excited for Casey okay, Casey why don't you take yourself to bed honestly. Yeah. You're tired I understandably, so but this means that we have one less toddler to look after so that is good these kids are good to go actually, I should just age them up and then and. Then. They can just. Stay in the house with Chelsea, Chelsea no, stop drinking, coffee just, sleep sleep. In your bed Chelsea I'm deleting, that coffee machine it's. Not actually, all as helpful as I thought it was gonna be. Apparently. It sold for $0. Homework is complete for serious and for Stacy and free I just acquired, a Fitness skill good, on you Freya, let's have Priya cook everybody, something oh my gosh what if Casey doesn't, make, garden salads all the time because Casey's inheriting, the family money Casey, doesn't need to make garden salads, everybody's, hungry Freya please please, just make salads, for everyone look there we go yeah everyone's gonna get a little hungry pretty soon all right everybody, come get a serving, that's hungry. It's food time look, at look at them all coming downstairs oh. My. Gosh Casey might not even love yellow chairs what if Casey has a whole other other. Like aesthetic, that, we're gonna learn from right now it looks like Casey's real into purple also Casey's, real into walking through you know solid objects, gonna do it again. Heck. Yeah, oh my. Gosh look at all the kids look. At all the brunettes. Chelsey. Surrounded, by brunettes now Casey's. Feeling pretty good needs, to do her homework also, already has, a. Level. Two skill of motor Oh. That'd. Be good maybe, Casey will like like, being pretty fit I love food and I'm super fit too so, maybe, he'll, just be a different, part of me. I'm. So excited for Casey I love her so much I, can't wait to like learn more and more about her, as we go both of these girls are pretty, good. With. Their needs but, there I, feel like it's too late for them to call their parent, or waits. Their dad still their dad's still alive right or did he just die, oh. He. Just died, that's. Why everyone's sad it's, cuz their dad just died oh my, goodness, alright well we'll just have them aged up then because, that was what we were waiting on is to have their dad come oh. Poor. Chance Turner well, why don't you blow out some candles sweetie. Come. On Nova oh my gosh oh it's, over again giving, all of the keys to our home was the best decision I've ever made, oh, ok. Boy your candles darling you're. Gonna you're gonna be a young adult but you don't have to be kicked out quite, yet because we don't need to make any more kids, Nova. Aged up pick, a number one through 42, 1. 2 3 4 5 6 7 she's, hot-headed so. Nova. Is our girl who is a little bit more of an instagramer. Wants. To be an insider, is pretty creative hot-headed, but, she really likes the environment, so she's gonna be like a freedom fighter for the environment, and then our Freya here, why don't you blow it some candles, Freya. Oh there's olive always coming down go. Celebrate, they're a little sad but they're, in it together and they're not moving out quite yet so I'll, be okay good, she's, celebrating for, yeah, pick. A number one through 42. So. She's childish too, so, Fran is like a bit of a grab, bag here, she wants to make drinks for a living, she's, a glutton, Oh Casey's doing sit-ups. Casey. Is a fitness, queen already, Casey, loves to eat and loves to stay fed we, stand oh. My. Goodness, look at her go. Is. It, winter. Fast, oh. My goodness. Chelsea. Stop, you're moping I know. It's really sad that this the, father of two of your children have died but.

I Really, do need to Hydra oh my god that kid just gave me such sass. Do. Not give me sass young man are you pretty good you're pretty solid too when. You wake up you should get a garden salad but we, don't need to worry about that the second Oh oh. My. God poor baby she's, so sad okay. So Taylor had their first potty training lesson, which is great, you, should try some communication. There next, oh it's Winterfest, it means they're not going to school today Oh Fork, I wanted. Them to age up oh my. Gosh so sad. Well. Yeah there's, a lot of sad beams going on here. Which. Just means we, need to celebrate Christmas. So. We need to put our Christmas tree somewhere so, I'm thinking over here would be a really good spot and then we'll put in our Christmas, tree oh we got like a really, fancy one, that's. Cool. Do. We do a fancy Christmas, tree or our Christmas, tree that we decorate, I'm. Kind of like interested, in this like pre-done, one oh. I. Love that I, love, oh wait I bought it oh I, was, trying to do this, stuff I already had and here we go and. Then we got our presence, here now we just need our. Boxes. Holiday. Boxes over here, to. Decorate with all right, so let's have Chelsey get decorating. And then we're gonna have you. Come down here, and you're, gonna, light. The tree with all the kids after, that maybe, you. Can. Cook a. Grand. Meal for everyone we're gonna do a Tofurky, dinner, oh she. Feels good she just did one well. Part of the house did you decorate Oh oh my god that's so pretty oh my goodness I love it oh my gosh I can't wait to watch the house like become. All Christmassy all right now she's gonna join them with the Christmas, tree they're. All gonna decorate and light it together. Over. Here, let's light tree with. Everyone, but Freya because Freya is making a grand, meal right now look. At her our little chef it looks great, Oh No, why, don't you. Get. That repaired, my girl there we go, the. Trees lit. There's. Some presents, under this tree. It's. Great everybody. Oh my goodness we didn't call to the grand meal call to the grand meal once you're done with fixing, this which, hopefully is soon please. Don't die with this puddle okay she fixed it good job darling. Everybody's. All everybody's, sitting at the table, for Christmas dinner, I should have them all open some presents come, on Chelsey wake up it's Christmas time. Also. I need to see the outside of the house it. Looks so, cute, look, at the little otter. Buntings. Oh, my. Goodness, it looks just like I wanted, it to oh, my, gosh Oh, everyone, so many presents. What'd. She get she's. Not oh she's, not super happy about it whatever she got. Lump. Of coal Oh Stacy got a lump of coal I wonder, what, freya guy I mean Nova Nova. Got a. Microphone. And. Nova. Got a florist gardening, tool would, Fraga oh. She's. Not like it bring, out a large pet poop as a gift she's cracking me up oh my god what did he get my feeling it he got a fire opal. Whoa. What why would why would a child need, that look at the poop oh my, god that's funny Oh Chelsea received another digital, camera. Amazing. Maybe she should pass it the new one down to KC yeah, that one's like a $2,000, camera, that. Should be passed down to KC in case he can take memories, of her own so. Thank you guys so much for watching Chelsea's. Birthday / Christmas, episode, it's been such, a joy to already have done 26, episodes with you guys and to get to 32 children I'm really excited to see where, the story goes with Casey and Casey's new family and all new members to welcome, if you're interested, you can always start making some potential partners, for Casey and leave those on the gallery with the hashtag, Kelsey. 100, baby challenge, thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next week bye.

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important! hey, kelsey, a cool hack for you: you can develop a toddlers communication skill faster by having a big unicorn (named "uni" in building mode) or a big teddy bear. just click on it (while playing as a toddler) and click babble. the communication skill will develop drastically and you'll reach level 3 in a few minutes.

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