Single Girl's Son Is Possessed in The Sims 4 Strangerville - Part 2

Single Girl's Son Is Possessed in The Sims 4 Strangerville - Part 2

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We're diving back in to stranger, Ville with our sweet well, arguably, sweet, demon. Child Jamie. So. I'm doing spin off with just Jamie he he's an adult he came out of the house and we moved him into a strange place as he was walking around strange things started occurring it was super, strange there were creepy people that were trying to give him a housewarming and then he went into of like facility and the inspected, it and then he met like a conspiracy theorist and then he joined the army so what has happened right, now we're just going where the game takes us, welcome back to stranger, ville this, place is so strange oh wait we need to prep his fitness level and practice marching so, let's March around Jamie, poop up a little loop buh buh buh buh buh buh buh, buh buh I'm trying, to level, up in the army so I can find out the truth and get a keycard, okay, so that's really what our goal is we need to get a keycard and we needed to get this secret dossier and our dossier, is not enough, we don't have enough things for our dossier, but we need 15 pieces of stranger ville evidence and we don't have that many yet we only have 9 yeah, good, job Jamie. Well. What's, this it's. Weird. Go get it Jamie it, cropped, up on your land this is my land. Get off look. At him he's like whoa oh whoa. This bizarre plant has an odd bloom as if, being controlled. By some other entity. It, looks as though there's, something growing in, it you're, hungry, so I guess like eat something really fast have a quick little. Meal away is he vegetarian. Yes. I, almost came over here haven't cheese sandwich, Jamie stop, I'm sorry look. At his running clothes, we, stand we, stand a pink jacket Oh. Oh God, oh god what if she eats us what if she's a zombie God, God God God God we're talking to her oh my god oh my god I'm so scared I'm so scared you got really close oh. Geez. Oh God Oh God, the mother knows. All do, not what is it oh, the. Mother and knows, all do not resist her, what so we have a bug that we can bug people with but I think honestly. You. Know ok, bye Harley at least shouldn't hurt us like keep jogging my boy is, he out by the thingamabob. Where it sells the thing about LOB's here, it is alright we can buy a curio. Item, we already went to him last time but we can go to him again cuz, this says do, it look at that that was spooky what was that what, was that car do you see it it has like a dish, on top everything. Is weird and conspiracy. II here, will buy another bizarre fruit, and another bug money is about an object, I just want to request this keycard I think I have a key guarded by secretive, door I'll only say list you if you can prove you're committed to the stranger real investigation may be of a secret dossier ah, there. Are ways to get a keycard into the basement of secret lab if you get enough evidence to, the strange stuff going on in town yeah, so we essentially, what we gotta do is get that key card but right now there's two different ways to be able to card we could do it from the army or we could do it from, getting, this dossier but, we don't really have the dossier done let's. Go here and see old Penelope. It's called. How. It is, it's a dudes bunker, this, is bananas. Hello, can. I come in come on in it says come, in into my secret bunker, you are more than a loud what. Is, this. Place. Okay. Hi. Dude let's. Talk about stranger, Ville to him Jamie, just be safe okay I don't trust any of the people around here and I worry you know your mother worries.

They're, Wasting a key card to the basement of the secret lab Wow everyone's, just on top of this key card business. I'm just an old retired fighter pilot do you really think I would have access to some fancy key card I've been one of those sad - sir mercenary, military. Personnel, would have something for you I doubt they're just handing out those things though justjust, Jamie, need to seduce someone to get why. Are you singing all the time. Alright. Looks like this guy doesn't really have much he's just a little conspiracy theorist and a thing so let's kind of go to town and meet some peeps hey, wait we know this girl talk, about your interval we, can't request a key card or we, need a secret dossier, dang. It, people really want me to get a key card - we only need to talk about like three more people about stranger, Ville ok local, libraries, don't have scientists, researching the strange world archives oh that's pretty helpful actually thank. You maybe, we'll go to the library next, yeah just keep talking about it Jamie pick the people's brains because obviously going, to public places and talking loudly about conspiracy, theories is the best way to go unnoticed in a new neighborhood I've been told that anyone asked me for evidence actually report them but I'm starting to think the public hear, about what's going on who is this dude can we like become, friends with him let's plant a bug on him it seems like he knows something and, we got two bugs I gave him a hug he. Didn't notice the bug being planted. He's the listening device to see if he spills any important information ah this. Is fun I think we're gonna go the library, next and, see, if there's anyone, there, we're, gonna go alone, cuz we don't trust anyone don't. Trust, them - what no is that olive. Are olive. No no no don't know. That's. Our famous girl oh my god she was there and our famous darling, lovely, child and we didn't get to say. It's. Too late we're here okay, well I gotta, let it go we got a mission okay are these scientists, I would, like to talk to you about a thing hello. Hello, please introduce yourself. To me I am NOT asking, any, personal, questions please do not attack cuz these are scientists, they might actually work at the lab like what if they find out about us and then they like I don't, know ETA's I didn't, he's asking, he's like what's up hey, Fred I've, been told that if anyone asked me for evidence I should report them but I'm starting to think the public should hear about what's going on she, knows stuff too I'm. A bugger. I'm. Gonna plant that bug oh I was told to be on lookout for someone asking for evidence for the local scientist military do you know anything about that. I'm. Gonna hug hugging, bug, boom. Baby. Hugging, bag how. Can bug that girl. Baby. Yeah. We can't really do much now so let's go home and, see if we can listen to our bucks, I'm, still really upset about the pool of siding I can't. Believe that happened and we didn't see her it's, fine. All. Right so he needs 15 pieces of evidence all, right so we need six more pieces of evidence I need, to buy a listening, device what, Oh cute, that was very expensive I don't care all. Right let's listen in on her, oh look at him go Oh. Cueing. Her, nothing's. Happened, oh. Oh. Oh, the. Things they made us do in that lab I still, have nightmares. Jamie, you're safe stranger girl evidence top-secret audio recording good we could just keep doing this okay. Listen in on, slander. Oh oh this girl says I've seen some crazy stuff in my day but that lab still. Gives me the shivers thinking, about it oh. This. Is all so vague. Okay. We got 11 pieces we only need how, many more, 15. For more I know math, math is my thing. Well we also got, a level up our programming. Too apparently. And hack programming. Is fun look, at you go, broke. Why is thinking, about diapers, a thing that has to do with programming alright, so he's gonna keep programming, here welcome. To Jamie's house, home of Jamie, he's, very angry, and oh it's frustrated, now he's just fine, that's.

Fine. Here's. He, can now mod games, well he's little three I knew he was already doing it, lap time, left. And it's night out so, it's perfect, timing to travel, alone, we, don't trust anyone -. I'm. Nervous what if we get caught. By. Anxiety, okay. Here we are we're at the lab what, we could keep searching for evidence can we hack hack for evidence yes boy, yes. Boy you're. Doing great I'm proud, of you way, to break in enter that's, my boy look. For that evidence we already did this last time we were here but maybe there will be new, evidence since we've been gone oh, we're. Getting close. We're at 12 he's. Hacking but bump up, what. What, is he discovering, share, the tea bro, share. The tea Jamie. Okay rolls there and. Jamie. Found the computer found strange, blueprints, and he ruins the computer way to just like leave, some, leave. Some trail man, you. Messed up there they're, gonna know you were here we could fix it oh we, can't, he has no hand in this level he's gonna just leave it like that I love, the way that he like. Searches, it's like a puppy Jay found some glitched hologram. Readout, and that means that we've hit 14, we only need one more okay, hack it up boy why do you do it again. He didn't find anything useful in this computer are you freaking kidding me are you breaking every computer, you come into contact music. If they're gonna come into work the next day they'll be like wow, this strange dude came in and, hacked, all the computers also do know they have cameras, around things, they just know this cool kid and a pink jacket came, in and broke all the computers, are, we in. You. Kidding, me he found nothing useful on that computer either and also broke it are we just slowly breaking every computer, cuz fine what. A mood he's. So sad he's like I'm so lonely here in my new town he's a little homesick you know at, home he was surrounded by like, a ton, of people all the time and, now he's kind of like this, lone, wolf in a new town and you, can't trust anyone, and, it's, sad man I understand, it's. Okay though maybe you'll find someone, ahh maybe. You'll find something pretty strange, take. Your mind off things leave. Before 6 a.m., what does that mean what. Do you mean leave before 6 a.m. that, is so spooky oh my god ok I was just told that I need to leave before 6 a.m. Jamie Jamie finished. Jamie finished. Jamie he didn't find anything we're getting out of here we're gonna go get out Jamie go go home oh my, god oh my. Gosh what, if we were caught it's 6 a.m. now oh you got to work yeah we're going to work we're gonna go to work bye bye. We're. Going to work Oh a, major deadline is approaching who, needs to find a way to knock it out what should he do hide in a closet no, not. Our boy he, does not Jamie's. Home and he made some money good. Job my boy wonder. If we can go to the library, and hack at those computers, - yeah, let's search the archives let's hurt the Streeterville archives, maybe, we'll find something good no, don't mind me my friend the friends, I'm just a normal stranger, vela person, I am certainly, not trying, to look into the mystery, and uncover unspeakable. Things no, no I am just one of you wearing, a very weird mismatched, outfit, see we all fit it history, of stranger both stories passed down by the indigenous, people who lived in the region long ago speak of a blinding, purple light in the sky followed. By a massive, explosion it, is believed, that this is the source of the stranger, of a career what, this. Place gets a weird, and weirder, so anyway we're gonna purchase a bug money it's, not an object its. Bug and object, that's. Business above it's, across the street I've been told that if anyone asked me for evidence I should report them but I'm starting to think oh yeah he's a perfect, person to bug let's bug him he's like I'm confused why you're hugging me alright, he didn't notice the bug this. Is great let's go back home. We. Just left him we could have just stayed in the same conversation but hopefully he went and had a different conversation. Alright let's listen in he said there's, only one guard at the lab what, what if anyone, sneaks, in and, now, we've got all our pieces of evidence. Compiled. A secret, dossier we, dude open. The sealed door, this. Can be used to obtain a keycard at the secret lab check, the curio shop owner yeah we're gonna go to him I feel like he's more trustworthy than the rest of them secret, inventory, by, keycard, with, are tossing it. With $200. For a keycard this guy is scamming. Us, let's.

Go Jamie you're so successful with your secret dossier, Jamie. Needs feed but I don't care he, needs to be but I don't. Because. I am a bad mom you just obtained the key card it, should grant access to any door in the secret lab and, now he laid on the ground to do sit-ups. Finish. Okay. Okay. Wow okay well that was like a really good time let's go to the secret lab, lab, slap slap slap. Let's use our key card to, get in, Jamie. Ball Jamie. My boy, okay here we go here we go here we go here we go here we. What. Where. Are we what. Is, this. Well. This looks, like a bad place. To go. Can. We all agree that this looks you, know, sketchy. Let's, go over here, 15th, floor clusters so we need spore clusters but, the spore clusters, look bad okay. We're gonna go in we're gonna look at these four clusters I guess, how. Do we catch them though. Oh this. Is bad, maybe I wasn't will see that he, needs to pee oh oh. Honestly. I'm. Not even mad that's great. What. Have. We done. He's. Possessed. How. Do I fix, you. Where, our new mission is to fix Jamie fish Jamie, toni90 this is horrifying. Remember. When I joked when he was a demon, demon child Jamie I feel like that was foreshadowing, for my bad life choices this, is upsetting, to look at I hate I just like okay, let's go home honey wait wait he's fine wait is he really fine he doesn't look possessed anymore he looks literally, fine look at him he's fine it just took time okay, so those people have probably been exposed to it one too many times it was temporary it's all tab, right well let's not go into there again let's go here, away, from the, spooky spore how, do we get these spores, these, are inside, I'm assuming maybe we'll have to go back upstairs, to get spores, requires. A military, personnel, at the local bar to get an infection. Scanner, it can be used to speed support okay, we need to question a military, personnel. Guy and obtain. 15. Spore clusters so I don't think we can get them I think we actually have to like make, friends yeah. What. Oh. But. They got bigger oh no, no, no, no no. Oh. No. Happening. Here. This. Looks bad. You think you could put proud of you we're. Not gonna nurture, it and we're not gonna taunt it both, look bad like bad choices oh my god they all got bigger and there's more now. Hold. On to your butts ladies, and gentlemen's. Leaving. The secret lab you can't help but notice the sky has shifted to an eerie, color, something. Has changed in. Stranger. Ville and not, for, the better opening. That lab door must have released some kind of toxin. Into me way we did wrong we did wrong we, we. Did this you. Will need to find a way to protect yourself from the toxic spores and the cereal lab try talking to people around town to see if they know anything that might help oh my. God Jamie, what. Have you look at the sky Jamie. Look. At these they're, everywhere, now oh. God, we done wrong we done wrong let's. Go to the local watering, hole and talk. To some people okay. We're gonna question about. Spores, in the lab we're gonna talk to her but like also that's kind of showing your cards man because, we like spores in the lab I mean but I haven't been there she seemed like she wasn't, gonna tattle on us no wait that girl's pretty oh wow, this, could be a beaut she is really pretty good, to know I. Just got this new scanner it's really cool it can I mean that, is classified integration, buddy if you can convince me I can give you one what okay well wait maybe, we should just focus on this girl even though the love of his life is probably, behind seduced, for infection, scanner and press, for the section skater bribe discuss, interest, let's befriend, her first this girl is gorgeous, can, I be your friend please. Brighten. Your day oh my god he's surrounded by beautiful, women that. Are in the army with him there's. An alien over, there which I don't know why that's not like confusing, anyone really.

Apparently. That's not the strangest thing to be happening in strange ervil's to have a bunch of aliens in some cool outfit well if she's already feeling flirty, then we should probably just seducer for this scare pseudo. Surfer that scanner man you're hot she's. Flirty do. It wrong snooze oh she, did not okay, we're gonna talk to this girl we, gotta build, a nice relationship with this girl before we ask her for a scanner, we're having a combo, we're trying to seduce a woman. Because. We like and. Also because, we want her scanner, she, walked in and Jamie's, heart stopped in so did mine look, how beautiful. She is it's like one of those rom-coms. We're, like you start a relationship because, you're like I need something from you but then they're like but wait I really fell and. Then she'll be like you used, to be and help you like I, you. Know at first I, was but, then I really fell for you and the rest was real and she's like I don't know what to believe anymore and, he'll be like no, Kelly, you're the one for me I would give up all of the stranger, little conspiracy theories. If I could just be with you and. We can move away because dang this place is spooky though but she was like okay. Get, in there and get a hug boy what. Lady. It okay luna lovegood 'he's mother like, calm, down, get. Out the, other girl that we went to strongly on is like what is this guy up to, she's, he's, hitting on my, coworker, and he tried whoa. And. He tried to ask me for my scanner it seduced me first and I. Rejected, him he went in a little strong to the other girl because he didn't mean it but he music Kelly. We. Stand. Oh. My. Goodness we could ask her to be our girlfriend, if she said. Okay. Now we, will seduce. For the scanner she's. Feeling it okay here we go oh my, god oh my god what if she says no and, then we just asked her to be our girlfriend and it's awkward. Wow. That was amazing I really should not be doing this but here take the infection, scanner. I. Feel. Like dirty now I feel like their love was tainted, in this moment but honestly he. Loves her so give her a big kiss I ship. It you, know what maybe they fell in love but also he was like they, talked about it he was like hey listen okay, I. Have. A mission and she's like I'm ready to to. Help you I know we have other things to do but I'm just really excited about this she's, calling us asked us out on a date while we're next to her to, a retail, store next.

Time Oh she just walked by. Right. Now we got spork clustering. To do I guess we need a suit I've got some idea a couple of husband soon my secret inventory, go, figure. Secret, inventory. Hazmat. Suit for a thousand, dollars this guy be scamming, us okay. We has mattad what, what. Excuse. You do, you see uh, nope. This is a lot of nope this is a ton of nope. Nobody. Nope phanie nope nope nope, nope nope, nope nope nope he's gonna clean out those vines and he's gonna work out the machine this is how I clean binds this, is normal. Use. Your keycard my Jambo I don't. Trust. Any. Of this to, be fair we, can only blame ourselves we. Broke all the computers, we opened, the door without a hazmat suit, we went a little insane. Okay. Yeah maybe you should put your hands that suit on the boy what. We. Need a spore. Filter. To. Use this suit this, is the face of. Dislike. Ah. Okay. Well you know okay okay, okay, okay okay okay, okay we, go we're. Scanning, it up buddies, Oh. The, spores they're everywhere. Another. One another, one all right he's got nine so, we only need about one more scan I think, and then we'll be there okay, we, died. Okay, now we got assemble a hazmat suit, and it's sporophyll. To combine. Them with your inventory question about spores and scientists in the local library and the curio shop owner to get more information, let's. Go to the, library as the Sun sets go visit that library, let's. Talk about stranger, willow this guy okay he said strange, Condit's building over the crater, does not look normal I bet something is trying to get out oh he's. Like I have the materials to crop a spore filter but I'd not have been able to analyze, enough Oh have, I got news, for you my buddy okay. I have, been able to analyze enough oh good, you managed to get an infection scanner, that is probably a high concentration of spores around the lab come back after yes click ah we. Needed to analyze, them at the lab pick. To the lab. Okay. We back in the lab fan let's get, to use. Our key card, there. He goes. He. Doesn't like it no it's okay boy yeah. Don't you're. Fine you're fine you're fine you're fine you're fine you're fine we, go over here oh. Cool. Where. Did he learn all these skills. In. Demon school look. At that he's proper, science, boy wow, I feel like there's so much to Jamie we just don't know I feel like I'm a mother hardly, does her son his, diligent, analysis, of the collected spore cluster has paid off take this infection. Profile, data to a stranger with science test to see if they have any helpful information all, right so that's it we did it well it looks so cool look at it look. At that data all right now we get to go to the library. Your, name is Leticia Lakeisha. All right Lakeisha, with, your snotty, attitude we, don't need it anyway, okay so we need to become her friend the my friend well Jamie's learned that she is a stranger will scientists at the bird lab. Gasps, to craft spore filter there it is wow you did it let me analyze this infection, profiles over Nelson, poor filter in the mail suit keep digging you might find a vaccine and for this infection after all we. Might save the tab. We. Well. I feel like this might be a good place to stop because she said it might take a little bit thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today I'm. Excited, to learn, more next. Time when, we return, for, more strange, things with our demon son Jamie bye everyone.

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you should bug the conspiracy guy

18:46 - 19:06 that sums up chilling adventures of sabrina's part 2

Honestly you are doing the best job ever when it comes to the 100 baby challenge. Im not really into watching other people play games or do things like this but I love the Sims and so your video popped up and I watched it. I have been following ever since! And I love that you do branches off it like this and the famous olive and hopefully you continue with vampires. However I realize you are. Busy girl and can't be playing Sims all day lol. I love your personality also!!! Wish you the best! PS. my name is Drew if you are ever looking for a girl name. I like boy names for girls sometimes. Hahaha

Can’t you just stick to the 100 baby challenge?

I’m only subbed for this challenge

This is such a creepy but super cool mod!! I am living for it

The quiet "What is this game" is my favorite part XD like she is genuinely shocked and I love it XD

Why does the dude selling weird things look and sound soooooo much like Shane Dawson......... the YouTuber who LOVES conspiracy theories

I love every bit of this series except.... I wish you would stop using AAVE

I’m getting straight to the point, I love this and all the sims things that you do Kelsey!!

What happened to the footage from 17:25 to 17:30 ?

How interesting! :)

Can you name your next girl Madeleine

My name is Penelope oh my God God

its ok

Kelsey are you bi? You seem to get really excited about female characters

Brielle feels abandoned

Reminds me of Under The Dome, it's perfect!

OMG your face when you get scared bahahahahahahaha

the stranger things theme IM DYING

can someone please explain to me how/why jamie is a demon???? i've either forgotten this or missed something and im really confused!!!

Lmao what happened to brielle, u made olive famous and Jaime go to strangerville, now u should do a spinoff series with brielle becoming a criminal Edit: and alexis should be a singer or somethin

Hi. Who else thinks the thumbnail is creepy?

Diaper flashbacks from the baby factory

Kelsey if Jamie eats the bizarre fruit he will get possessed don't eat the bizarre fruit.

evryone makes mastakes dont wrry

I need this strangeville series more!

Love how sims got lazy and said tho... lol

Oh my goodness you just described every romantic comedy basically

That Creepy Thing at 10:23

There is evidence in the bunker and I was literally yelling at my screen for her to notice the evidence!!

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