Single Girl Picks A Fan's Home For Her Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 33

Single Girl Picks A Fan's Home For Her Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 33

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This episode is brought to you by my love of house hunting television, channels. Hi. Everyone, I'm Kelsey. I'm still, single and we are back for another 100, baby challenge episode this time we are going to be reviewing, houses. That you guys have built for Casey or in a new matriarchs. Queendom. And, it's time for her to have her own castle big thank you to everybody that submitted, a house even if yours doesn't picked him so excited that you took the time to make something special for me and if you weren't able to do so you can still submit baby, parents. For, Casey, to, be, impregnated, with to, the hashtag he'll see 100 baby challenge, so, I'm seeing that so many of you have submitted houses. For me oh my, gosh, alright, I think I'm gonna start from the top and, work. My way down and, I. Am going to heart the ones that I initially liked and then audition. Them all and see. Which house is ends up winning so here we go Casey's, baby factory. A nice new home for Casey's, journey as matriarch, the big arrow on the wall second floors for the first certificates, and I also downloaded two beautiful paintings of Chelsea, to pay homage. This. House is fireplace, and barbecue free yeah. Thank. You so much. Ricki, dawn kill for making this beautiful home, oh this, one looks fun Reb Mar Jones thank, you it says this modern and bright house features, many amenities for Casey's baby-makin. And baby, raisin, needs so it's a nursery Tod room look love. That you wrote Todd the way I say it as well as ambassadors, suite in office for Casey yeah this, house also has place study room a wellness, area music. Room patio, hot tub and pool and is made to be placed on the current baby factory lot oh. Wow. I'm. Gonna heart that a little, modern, home for Casey, I can see Casey loving, a modern vibe oh my gosh it has five rooms for, five toddlers, seven. Kids teens for babies and a room for Casey. That's. A lot of rooms I am intrigued, that gets, a heart wait, this one looks so cute this looks like like a classic, Midwestern home. Which. Reminds. Me of my youth Casey's cloud nine dream home cute. Love, the name already oh. Okay. I see you tired. Of woo-hooing in the hot tub well this is the house for you, get. Down to your primal, nature in the backyard, tent you. Can make em see stars in the observatory. Oh we could steer, the home I'm. Gonna give it a heart I'm interested, got, seven bedrooms of four bathrooms. Baby. Town, USA. That's, cute, is that creative, for a Kelsie 100 maybe challenge this bright contemporary, build features your infant and toddler rooms, on the main living floor with. Your kiddos and teens on the levels above and includes a detached master, suite with, a bonus, room for your matrix, skill of choice specifically. Designed for Kelsie 100 baby home best suited Umbridge. Manor a lot in Willow Creek, this one looks lovely thank, you so much and it's quite budget-friendly -, that's, the teal space we, love, this. Title. That's the teal sis a colorful. One hunter baby how I'm perfect for raising of a family I do think Casey loves color hope, everyone enjoys is colorful home oh it's. So cute, and colorful we'll, give that a heart I definitely want to check that out it's got four beds three, baths which is good these are also beautiful I'm, really humbled by all of you thank you guys so much, crave a fresh suburban, look for raising your hundred babies check out Sunnyside, suburban, which has bedrooms, for all ages, a cheery, color scheme, blank, walls for birth certificate, skill areas a pool and a master suite and video heading off how lovely I, definitely, want to check out that house that sounds really nice, ooh the impeach Rashmi house this one's so pretty, this. Modern villa is a dream, helm, I've incorporated the, new purples, and blues with. The traditional yellow colors and created, something new that I hope the new and peach ish my family will enjoy I definitely want to check this one out thank you so much, Casey's blue and purple home, there's, a rumor that listening to lullabies will help your child not have nightmares so. There's a radio in their room upstairs. Features, a long hallway with enough room for a hundred plus birth certificates, I don't have the expansion's with the closet or hot tub but there's space marked for both oh how, nice I, kind of like that they'll definitely heart, it and we need to check that oh this. One's called the, modern, baby, factory, new, matriarch, means new style and a new house this modern house is perfect for a young growing family, the master, suite is the destination, for relaxing, after a long day of mom duties the furnishings, are color you guys are great salesman. Furnishing, are colorful and vibrant which accuse the house personality, and character, the toddler, room is located on the main floor but once they get older they move on up in the world to the children and teens room time, to raise more kids and make the next trending videos oh thank, you darling baby factory KC, style.

Wow. Is. That like a movie, theater. Attic. Is a teen hideaway. Wow. That's so cool I, definitely, want to check that one out too I feel like we're, on The Bachelor, but instead of it being a. Bunch, of men vying for my attention it's. A bunch of houses KC's, baby factory. Oh. I love, it. Includes. Huge, rooms for the children, at toddlers, and teens, a recording, room complete, with green-screen. Outdoor. Activities. For everyone and even a sandbox, to build cm sculptures, in no no fireplace or grills have been added for the safety of Kelsey sanity, ha ha bucks, knock cradle, rocks, oh it's. Of like a modern, contemporary, home. That actually is really fun I, like. That incorporates. Casey's, new tastes with bright rooms and blues and purples I like, that a lot thank you guys so much okay so I've saved, quite. A few, so we're first gonna start with baby town USA, we're. Gonna put baby town USA down and check it out best suited on the Umbridge Manor lot in Willow Creek okay maybe it's time for Casey did it move, into her own. Neighborhood. Too, I'm gonna pretend like I'm on like a house hunter show okay so I'm, really looking today. For for, a house that really Wow's me that's good for my growing family, so here it looks like we have the nursery, it's got like books and some, little decor, got, a little diaper changing. Station over, there and, it's got of course three. Bassinets, because we've upgraded now. Someone. Save us and then I love the incorporation, of yellow, and blue here, we've got some yellow chairs, in a subtle, new way okay, it looks nice. I would like an area. Where the whole family can sit but I guess they can all sit outside which, is quite cool, here. It looks like the Todd room love. This Todd room, very. Cute it's got a kiddy, if. We go across we, see there's, a nice filming, studio, for Casey with, a lot of Blues, it's, got cool skateboards. Because Casey's, a little more hip than Chelsea ever was it's, got great lighting, some, little seating and meeting, areas, and, then it goes right in -, Casey's master, suite some really nice earth tones, which, is great we got a nice master bath with. A shower and. Sink okay, and, so then we, follow these stairs up, to, the. Second, floor that, is just, over, here, we've got a little office, here, a little, music area and, another. Bathroom, and a room for the. Kiddos. Now. Unfortunately, this. Bill it is literally. Stunning. It is so pretty, but I don't think it has enough room for all of my kids oh wait, there's. Another floor. Wow. Okay. This makes sense so we got four four kiddo. And then. Floor 14, oohs Wow. I. Almost skip past that this, is a cool, build, this is super, creative I. Really. Love it baby town USA, made, by hire design. Wow it's gonna be a hard one to compete with already out the gate you guys are crushing it okay let's, see the baby. Headquarters. Can we place this on the same lot okay, so this, one is the 100 baby headquarters. It's like a modern, classic. Kind, of vibe outside, which I really like this, nice little blue house it's got a really pretty backyard. With some swings, a little, baby pool, an outdoor, seating area, some cute stone, pathways.

To The upper, deck with. A pool, there, is a grill we got a delete we can't keep a grill I mean maybe we can we walk in here we got like a nice chest, area, living. Room nice, an open, floor plan which I like a yellow. Couch with, some pink. Oh wow. Yellow, chairs, but. With blue the, yellow and blue is really speaking to me very big nice open, kitchen which, I love this, looks like Casey's, bedroom, nice and purple, with. A little bit of romance on, the bedside, table oh, this is beautiful. Guys you, did so good now we got a nice little toddle, room, with. A baby, as well I don't know if I could do a total, baby room combo, because the baby's always wake up the Todd's and there's not enough room for the amount of Todd's we've had in the past but we could probably figure, something, else upstairs whoa, we, got a playroom. We. Got an outdoor, balcony. We got a teen room and a kiddo room oh my god the kiddo room is adorable. This one's also a fantastic, build, oh my gosh is it cute as heck thank you so much baby, factory Casey, style this. Is gonna be hard, already. Two amazing, builds out the gate oh this. One's like a yellow, home, this. Person, said I see, you yellow chairs I'm gonna up the ante. Oh my god beautiful, backdoor area with a little pool floatie place, to jump in hot, tub baby, pool, okay, so we walk in and we see the toddle room the toddler room is looking great I love the blue and purple wallpaper with, all the fun rugs, and seems like there's like a play area too, in this room across, the hall from the Todd room wait the Todd room. Isadora, to learn fairness, and oh it has its own Todd bathroom. With just, a, bathtub. In it and the potty czar in the playroom and then we've got like a nice green, blue, theme, for, the living, room with yellow, chairs. Very. Fun, a lot of creative things to do another bathroom, over here that's, convenient. This is the actual, formal living room with green walls couch, really. Nice rug, TV. Piano. Ooh this, is a really, fun cool, dining. Area, with, a bar, and, then, whoa a huge. Kitchen, that's, like green, I love this. Wallpaper and, over here we got like a little woodworking area that's, cool, and then we go upstairs, we've. Got a workout, gym, looks, like a teen, room which, is great we, got a big studio, for Casey over, here, Oh a very nice master bath, with a closet. In the bathroom. And it goes into her room she also has, access to the, babies, from. Her bedroom but it's its own room it's like they're in our closet, and we got Casey's. Room very dramatic. But also very, stylish. I, like these colors it's, very nice, love. This chandelier, I've always wanted to use it and never been able to and then this looks like a kid room, with. It's a jack-and-jill bathroom. For, the kids and teens to share it's. Just really cool Casey gets her own huge. Bathroom, and then the kids have their own - wow. You fiddle. On it and we their stairs up again whoa, and. Then you get a teen hang space upstairs. This, is a cool, build. All right let's place this one it's the 100, baby challenge, it's a modern, o the Lots too small this is like a huge, house concave, even, afford this welcome. To the modern home, it's got a garage over, here palm trees, water. Features. Just, a beautiful, front doorway. This is whoa, it's. Got it's a basketball. Court the kids would love it oh my goodness you got a really, pretty little, jungle. Gym swings. Outdoor. Seating area, another. Grill. That all probably own ability cool. Whoa. That, goes into like its own bar, and painting. Studio, and then what's that is that a bathroom it's a sauna. Brown. Will, walk in the front oh my gosh, is it beautiful. And it goes into the, living space very. Modern. And chic Casey. Could be a fancy, girl look at this beautiful, we, got some nice yellow chairs though a hint a hint of the old Wow, look. How big this kitchen, is with it a big island, and then over. Here if we go through these doors we, have Oh. Casey's. Home Office in shooting. Space we're, gonna have like her, shoe take three different videos, at once I guess this one is a green screen this. Has got like a purple, background and. This one has oh.

Very. Cool, purple. For our Casey's, and then this is the Todd room so. Cute. Just, like a very simple, Todd room potties. In a row lots. Of toys oh, and then Casey's, room Casey's, in the lap of luxury. Oh my god look at these fancy. Bassinets. I didn't even know these bassinets. Could get that fancy she's, got her own outdoor. Area. With a, painting. And, a, fire, pit, and a yoga, mat her. Bathroom. It's small but it's honestly, all she needs then, we walk across this little walkway for the high ceiling, and then. Over here we, have a, two kid bedroom, it's, more like a teen room maybe and they've got their own closet. Mirror. Desk. Wow. Two. Bathrooms, over here with showers. Holy. Nuggets. That is a build right there ladies, and gentlemen all right now we're doing Casey's, cloud9, dream, home I'm. Gonna put it furnished. You. Did. So bright, and cute it's. Got a little carpark. A little, bench, under, a tree. And, we consume it it helps them have a romantic, time got. A water feature, in, the front look. At the side, oh, it's got a cute. Backyard. It's. Got a tent, and the observatory, for some special, fun times got some swings, and outdoor spaces oh my gosh it's very very, pretty, very creative. So, we walk in to. The first floor and we see where the baby oh you're just a fronting first thing you see when you walk in is how, many babies we've had and we did there's. All these baby birth certificates, they're perfect, there's some over here as well to kind of give me a sense. For where to put them it's all purple, and blue in here and it's fun, what. A fun, vibe. We've got oh we, got a little chess area a little keyboard, purple. Countertops. In a backsplash. That's, purple, and blue with, blue chairs, oh my goodness, and like this cute. Purple, blue dining, area then. We got this purple blue, living. Room oh my gosh it's so fun. Some. Simple, Todd area, I like the coloring, in here very, nice all the beds match but. They're a little different this little patchwork bunnies cute and this looks like it's Casey's, room on the first floor I love. It, it's beautiful. And we got a place for the babes so. That they'll wake her up when, she's sleeping, which is actually kind of nice over here we got a sauna, behind, the kitchen so, we can have some new woo-hoos, Wow. Okay. Okay I see you I see you let's go stairs whoa. You. Love color this is spectacular oh my gosh where does even start go up this stairs over here and we enter and there's a bathroom right here for, the kids and then there's a very, like kind, of Flowery, room, over here for the flowery, Cato's then. We've got like a purple, space room, for some space kiddos, oh this is Casey studio, for filming her vlogs oh that's, a cool one we got like oh we, got a cute little hunter. Green. One oh, and. Then we got a blue and orange, room. For, some sporty, beams and, then we got a little studio, for, like working, out in another bathroom. Oh my god and then this bedroom, too so. Many bedrooms Wow, you. Really made a great use of space here, this is getting so hard okay let's put the next one on so this one next is modern, baby home by, Reb Marge Owens oh wow. Woo this is another Big Daddy home, Wow. Lots, of green for. The kiddos nice. Little front area, so. Beautifully. Landscaped, perhaps. To you we, got some, little, places for the kids to play to, get those skills up the nice pool a very. Romantic hot, tub section, where it's still trust in Casey with a grill first floor, we, walk and you put your shoes away just, like a little living room study. Area, it looks like with a computer, walk, in here there's like the formal living room with yellow couches, it's, pretty cool and the, TV and music. Oh my gosh and here we have like more of a art, room with piano, guitar, everything. A growing, kid would desire for, skills and here we got the the dining, room with our yellow chairs. The. Og yellow chairs are back at it and then this kitchen, area which is really, pretty, love. This we got a total, room and it's sunshiny. Yellow with, blue and green oh this, wall this, area is so cute, we. Walk up the stairs and then we're greeted, by the. Baby room, nice. Little chair to take a sit, this is Casey's, a filming. Area, which, is real cool and. It looks like oh it's attached to her room. So, her where, she so she can film in her room master. Bedroom. Oh nice. Of course, the. Closet, and then. We've got a master, bath ensuite, with purple, whoa, this. One's really cool this is like a kid room this, is like a play place but. They're gonna sit down and have activities. Another. Fantastic, build, all right next we're gonna do Sunnyside, suburban, this one's a big one to you guys like big homes, honestly same wow, it's, so pretty and, it's also a yellow house whoa, look at this huge pool this. Pulls huge let's, dive in to. The, Sunnyside, suburban. Oh my, gosh look, it's so blue, and soft, we, got a nice living, room a little place.

To Hang up your coat music. You'll. Go through the living room to a really, big Tod, room, got, a little Tod play place and then oh they got all the iPads, over here oh it's nice and yellow in blue, with, a knight its ensuite, bathroom. For the Todd's over, here we have what, looks like a little bar area and the, og, yellow, chairs and then we have the kitchen oh it's, so cute I love using all these little lights underneath, all right we go up the stairs we, got our baby room, right. Next to our, Casey's. Room which, is pretty, fun I like all the pops of color then over here it's, cut it's her studio, for, filming, I love. That lots of use of these half walls which is very cool it, looks like a teen, room, it's. So cool you guys have added a teen room and a kid room I really like that idea of having the kids and teens in separate areas a little coloring. Spot in its own bathroom, how, am I gonna choose am i I'm just gonna flip a coin at this point make sure to let me know in the comments below what your favorite, house is and these of course are all still on the gallery so you can choose them for, yourself, and maybe I'll upload Casey and her family and you can start, your own hunter baby challenges in my family's new modern, home all right let's. Do it oh how. Cute, is this I love the little, haand in the front little, pool it's very, cool. Oh wow, a little tiki, bar area, next to the who she, gonna have some fun entertainment, and then there's like another house right here okay so we walk in and. We, are into the kitchen, with, some chairs. Over, here is whoa a big Tod room with lots of Todd fun here's, a what, looks like a little, study. Skills, room for everybody to, hang out in another bathroom, living, room we got a living room yellow pencil, yellow to remind us of Chelsea, go, upstairs we got another, teen. In kid room situation. Or two rooms we're for, whoever we got more bathrooms. Casey's. Bedroom. Which, is very cool lights right here I like the babies being like attached to her room that's always a good addition Wow. It's. So nice and, then what's back here oh oh. It's her filming, studio out. In the back how, pretty with like a green backdrop, okay she wants like a green screen moment, welcome, to that's, the teal sis. Which. We, love the. Backyard. Is cool. We got a basketball. Court for our sporty, beans, we got art in the corner, we, got a nice little play place, for, our kiddos okay, I'm already really thrilled about this house this is such a cute house it's. So fun, you. Walk in into the entryway, and there's, a teal. Place. And like place to put the book bags and, things away it, looks like over here is Kaycee, studio. Slash. Workout, room which is really cool her two fav things over, here we got our Tod room with. Some race car beds and, lots of colors, and toys. We, got a really, sick, dining, area, with. A lot of fun colors but also our classic, yellow chairs, and then we got our beautiful. Teal, and yellow kitchen.

With, A huge. Center. Island. Here. The teal, and yellow, living, room I love all the dark wood floors lots, of bookcases. And little, chairs for the kiddos and, we go upstairs we got the baby room. With. A little changing. Area it looks like there's a couch here to hang maybe, do some homework. Bathroom. Go, over here it looks like there's like a kid room with a bit of a divider so they can kind of have their own spaces, which is cute we've got Oh a, dance floor cool. Skill, building room and then here we got a nice, lovely. Teal. Bedroom. For Casey oh wow, this one's really nice this isn't making it harder, on me or anything next, up if Casey's, baby factories. Everyone. I've seen is taking my breath away this is so pretty, we got the backyard, with a big pool. Another. Like little, mini house out here I don't know what it is basketball. Court, places. For everyone to play go. Inside it's a lot of like wood, and glue, which, is actually, really nice I've never considered it, we got the living room and, then on this side it looks like a toddler, play place and this looks like oh my god a toddler. Heaven. Of course some yellow chairs, in here. For. The dining, area and a really nice kitchen and, then in here it looks like we got like a kid, room slash. Teen room baby, lots. Of blue and clouds and. Places to do homework, we go upstairs, and, we've, got Oh a teen, room we got a filming, location for, Casey, oh, my. Gosh so. Cool. Casey's bedroom, is sick. Whoa. Nice and purple, with. Double. Closet, and a bathroom oh, here's the baby room, right. Next to Casey's, room which is good it, looks like we've got a whole, workout, studio, for Casey out at this house can I live here another strong, contender, boot knock cradle, rocks here we go let's put that down whoa, great. Curb appeal oh my. Goodness love the big windows pool, hot. Tub seating. Area, boxing. A romance, area, even. Upgraded. We, a little swing set for our Bebo to have fun walk in the front door here. Is the living room nice and white and bright, with. Like purple. Like lavender and. Then the dining, room with our og table. And chairs and. A like a nice little. Bar. Area here. It's got a nice kitchen, with. Some teal and orange that's, an interesting, combo you start to move through the house and, we go in to, the Todd dead it's, like actually a kid's playroom this. Is for Todd's that I think kids alike to play, and have fun in which is very cool moving upstairs, we. Have just. Like oh this is where all of our birth certificates go. Amazing. We. Got a little haul and. Over here we got a kid room and then a teen room her office, is inside, her bedroom, which is very cool that's a beautiful build to modern, baby factory okay, so this is the modern baby, factory. Very. Modern, outside. Which, I like, basketball. Court which is sick a pond. Places. To grow stuff first floor you walk in a little entryway, put, your stuff down stay well then, we got yellow and green, chairs with an orange rug, bathroom. Tatl, room, very. Nice. Over. Here we got a workout, area all, the skills essentially, in one place upstairs. We got a kid. Room here, we, got some like feeding, and, bookcases. Then another kid room over here maybe this is his teen room it's a little Messier and then, they've got a jack-and-jill bathroom, that they can split, between those two rooms baby, room, and, Casey's. Better I like this a lot this is a really nice bedroom thank, you so much for making that this is Casey's purple, and blue home wow it's, so pretty, nice. Backyard, full of things for Todd's and kids to do and a romantic, little spot, over here first. Floor you enter, through the walkway, and then on your right you see a nice, blue. Purple. Kitchen. And then, the living room right next to, over here we got a dining room with, the same chairs but in white it's almost like KC painted, over her mom's chairs, and then we got a play, place I love the idea of a play place for the todd's and kids and then the toddler, bedroom bathroom.

Go, Up before, there's. Very low bow although, oh my god I bet if I counted them it'd be the exact, about to wow, you already put them in no need to move them KC's purple, bedroom, with a rose on the side of the table and. Then a purple, room. For the babies, a skill-building. Room also for KC to film her YouTube, videos and. Then looks like this is a. Teen. Kid room with like a lot of like personal space. For each of the kids to actually have their own space which is nice I think I should just stop looking at these things too many we, gotta look at this one though the impeach ish may have whoa, this. Is pretty this is also very different than the other ones ooh it's got a little lit landscaping. What the pools on the second, floor that, is wild. So let's go I guess to the oh the basement, there's like a workout, basement, and go to the first floor and, we. Walk in to through. The doors, oh there's doors on each side so we'll go in this way into, the living room and there's like a. Place. For people to, get. On the computer, it's also a place for KC, to stream, and to, do. Her YouTube channel we got all the skills in this room through. Here we have the, Tod room which is purple. And I think it's so cute, we'll go through the other side and. We've got a beautiful kitchen. With some yellow chairs, in the dining, room table, and, then. Out here is more skill building we'll go upstairs. We got chessboard. Over, here it looks like it's the master bedroom, that's blue, and, just beautifully. Done ten, into ten then. We got the kid's room there's a hot tub and a pool up, here that's a good house this one's called the manufacturer. Of babies, so I gotta put that down as well Oh backyard. Workout. Area, pool, will. Sand, air area very cute I like this like it's, all glass you can see out from, the dining, area and there's a little meditation corner, over here for KC to clear her head as, we walk in on. The right, we have the toddler, room and, then, a kitchen over here and. Then. On the left we have like, a little seating area a bathroom. The. Living room I'm, gonna go upstairs and. Then on the right here we have like the kids room and on the left here we have Casey's. Room just. Very nice it looks like it's yeah lots, of blue and gold which is really cool lots. Of things to do activity, spaces this is a good one too okay. Well how, am I gonna make a choice on this I honestly don't know because. They're all so different and so fun and unique and perfect in their own ways I think I've narrowed it down to Casey's, cloud9 dream, home and to the baby town USA they're, both really, unique, builds, and very modern which i think is really fun for Casey I think it's gonna come down to which one's the most functional for the family, okay I think I, have chosen. Casey's, cloud9 dream. Home it is. Crazy, fun, just, like Casey a little kooky, lots of new experiences, for Casey to have in the whoohoo department. Which I love and I, just I could tell that you took a lot of time, building. This and really, putting life into all of the different rooms for all the different characters thank, you to everybody that, made, a house I am shook by the level, of detail, and love and. Excitement. You guys have for this challenge, I like. Wouldn't be able to do this without any of you guys so I really appreciate, it but it is time, to. Say goodbye to the old house and the old neighborhood, and move, Casey away. So we're gonna go pack up the home and we're moving to Willow Creek which, is pretty, wild from, dill so Valley oh my goodness, my. Babies, are moving. Out of Chelsea's, home Casey. Is going to be. Putting. Things in her inventory we're, taking all the iPads with us we're. Gonna take the photos, oh my gosh I can't believe we're moving house this, is such a beautiful, home and did so well for us here's another picture of chelsea, and craig.

Stairs. Will grab all the all the birth certificates, that survived, all of the matriarch, says oh my God look at them pile it up get, all these photos, to, Ginny make this I'm, pretty sure Ginny made that painting oh my gosh we're really moving out of this beautiful house and of course we're keeping this is whose grave is this Gavin, I guess we're gonna move Gavin, and we'll move obviously, Chelsea. And so. Let's go over here and grab all of our knows anything, else we're missing, I feel like that's it oh wait child. Art I want. That shelter it's time for you to make the phone call and sell your home oh, wait I don't think we can leave the house there cuz I don't think she'll have enough money to move into the new place if she doesn't sell. Everything she. Just just, barely. She's. Gonna be starting from barely, nothing you, know I think that's good for Casey if nothing else we can go back and sell more of the objects, that from the old house keep furniture, Oh sell furniture oh there you go okay, that's better we're gonna sell the furniture from the old house okay, then Peter schmate household, is moving could this be the perfect home. Yeah. So technically, this. House, has, different, traits than my old house does and the challenge says you're not allowed to change house traits so. I'm gonna change the good schools trait back to this trait that I had before which was the romantic, aura one, but. That's the only thing we're changing about the house I think go buy del Valle and hello, Willow Creek to, the impeach ishm a families, are coming through all. Right oh my, gosh now we get to go see them oh. My. Gosh oh my, gosh it's a winter I forgot, that we have to deal with seasons, here oh, look. At them on their, winter wear, they're, so, cute. Casey, go, check out your new home let's. Move in and let's put in all the well look how, many of these are here because we are missing five so one two three four five, there's six so let's let's, sell that one so for all of those who are sad about the stolen. Birth certificates, be sad no longer we now have officially, be a right amount of birth certificates, for babies there we go. Holy, nugget and then these two obviously King King leave, as well and. We'll put a photo, of Chelsea, in oh that's. Nice, and. Then we'll add all of the other touches, very soon oh my, gosh you're already on the grill, don't make me let's see how the boys are settling in all, the, kids are already having grilled cheese and he's got a cocktail. In. My house looks, like oh he's, already. Found his bedroom, are the kids picking their own bedrooms, oh my god they're all sitting, at the new table. Wait. But there are teeny yellow chairs am I kind of sad about that no, more yellow chairs we will sneak in a couple yellow chairs later oh my gosh is one of my kids playing outside he's. Playing in. The day, well. Guys I guess I'm gonna just leave this here let me know in the comments, if you love the new home I think this is a pretty cool home for them so guys thank you so much for building. Again all of the homes that you've built and, thank you guys so much for watching the show and we'll be back at it making.

More Babies in the next video bye.

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The '100 baby challenge' home was definitely my favorite, so chic yet simple ♡ But it was too expensive and maybe not really Kasey style? :(

"sup boys" still makes me cackle

Hi kelsey if you have twin girls can you name them Tane and Jasmine pronunciation t:A:n and if you have twin boys can you name them Brin and Zayne Love your vids

Never stop this series until you reach 100! thank you! baby names: Lori (like me :D ) Tess (like my sister)

Baby names

am i the only one who likes her new house lmao jeez , if you guys hate then she won’t wanna play anymore. it’s not that deep

I liked the one you picked, Kelsey! Seems really fun and a good way to let all the kids/teens have their own space. Though I'm really gonna miss the old house.

Could you please name a girl Autumn or Anna And a boy Caleb or Connor Love your vids

Hi Kelsey,I loved the 100 Baby Challenge house,the Babytown USA and the Modern Baby House.Here are some baby names Girl: Kara Jane Nikki Neve Harmony Ella Boy: Tavis Sonny Gary Cameron

The huge home was my favorite! A little luxury for Kasey who works incredibly hard. So amazing. Can’t get much better! Plus it has the chandelier you love.

Name baby GIRL/BOY: Devana (after me, pleasee!!)

i love most of the things about the house, but it needs yellow chairs

Baby names :) Girls: Agnes, Aretha, Alizia, Allison, Lara, Laurice Boys: Andre, Aeon, Adrian, Liam, Nino, Nelson Good luck !

Baby name suggestions: -Bloom , Stella, Flora, Aisha/Layla, Musa, Techna, Roxy.


Sunny-Side was my personal favorite. I liked that you could lock both the computers away from the suitors

I liked baby factory, kasey style the most (10:12)

It was the best house :)

The amount of times she said kiddos

I loved Babytown USA and the Modern 100 Baby Challenge with the basketball court and sauna. Such nice builds! Amazing work, everyone!

Im actually a lil sad she didnt pick the sunny side suburban i mean that house is totally cute but congrats for someone who made that house for kasey

I really dont like thuis house sorry! I saw in the gallery a great Home mabye you could concider thuis home. Its called little bean factory

I'm so glad you chose the one you did!

The legend of Zelda baby names Boys: Link, Ganon, Majora, Ravio,Revali, Daruk, Darunia Girls: Zelda, Hylia, Epona, Din, Farore, Nayru, Fi, Navi, Impa, Midna, Mipha, and Maple and Syrup for twin girls

modern baby house was my favourite!!!

I loved the house with a sauna next to the pool! I actually didn’t like a lot the house that she picked but oh well what can you do.

Baby names Girl:Faith, Aya, Angel, Sienna Boy:True, Dalton, Demon, Darren

I think I will love it but I have too get used to it❤️❤️❤️

I don’t know the house you chose doesn’t have a good vibe. It just doesn’t feel right maybe it’s because I’m used to a homey, aesthetic house like the past two but I don’t know I’m not really a fan

Boys: Damon, Graham, Alex, Dave Girls: Jamie, Suzi

Girls: Elina, Astrid, Emma, Victoria Boys: Oliver, Andy, Ollie, Avon

Ohhhh i no know i have to wait another week to watch

I'm so pleased it's not me having to pick. There were some fab places!!

I loved all the houses and love watching these videos! Also I suggest the baby name McKenzie

Girl names: Sonia (thas me!) Boy names; Scotty I absolutely loved Baby Factory Kasey Style. I love this entire series, and its also cos Kelsey is an absolute amazing character!!

I'm curious if by the end of this challenge you will still be saying I'm Kelsey I'm single if so I'm disappointed in the single males who haven't met you

Wow am I the only one who liked the house she picked

oh the colours!

Ok pick my least fave

You picked my favorite ☺️☺️☺️

aww I rooted for baby factory Kasey style

wow that was like the worst one haha


I haven't seen it yet, but I'll like it either way because you're THAT good!!

Yess sneak in some yellow chairs I think it’s the perfect home for Kasey

I think my absolute fav was baby factory kasey style. Tha was sooooo damn pretty!!!!

I love it.

if u have i girl can u name her Emily pls☺❤

I love the house that I chose.And I have been watching it vids from day 1 u are my fav YouTuber.thx Kelsey for making me intertained by it vids❤❤❤☺☺

I like this new home for kasey!

I love the new home

Cool...Kelsey choose what I like it

Girl names: Amber, Emma, Khloé, Penelope, Ashley, Amelia, Amy, Isabella, Zoey, Kelsey, Chelsea Boy names: Josh, Adam, Zac, Corey, Cole, Kyler, Mateo, Sebastian

GIRLS Morrigan and Juniper BOYS Ash and Friedrich

Kaseys baby factory was honestly the best one.

Hii love your videos I love the name Jack for a boy Or for a girl Eline (my name) /Elina/Elaine

Yesss i picked the same one, cloud 9, except it needs yellow chairs lol, but seriously love this house and now I want it too

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