Single Girl Finds Her Soulmate In The Sims 4 | Part 27

Single Girl Finds Her Soulmate In The Sims 4 | Part 27

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Oh my gosh what if Chelsea dies, I'm. So, upset. Hi. Everyone I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100 baby challenge, it's a challenge in The Sims 4 where you have one matriarch, and they're supposed to have 100. Kids all with different parents, there's a lot of rules so if you're interested in those those will be linked below the transition is upon us we're still in the middle of the phase where we're trying to get all of the children aged up and out of the house and the. New matriarch. Casey is trying to age into her, role as matriarch. She's actually like pretty cool so far so I'm actually really excited for her reign as matriarch. Let's get to it so we're back in the peach maid household, it looks like some peaches maids are more happier than other in future's made sure. They've. Recently lost, their father so it's a little bit sad but. Chelsea's trying to do her best for her now adult, children Freya, and Nova. And our new, queen oh is this her like winter wear look, at her little girl her. Homework is also complete looks like the little kiddos are have both having, some foods that they're feeling great, why don't we have. Nova. Potty-trained. I think it's Taylor, with an e oh my gosh also Casey can have her own career, I wanted to be a youtuber. She. Can be a youtuber, streamer, like me. Taylor. With an E is on the potty rocking. It almost a level two on potty which is great I don't, think he's gonna quite reach it in this one though but maybe. No. I didn't that's, okay though she's gonna teach him how to talk now there. You go okay. Always. A little too now good job Taylor let's, have them kind of learn, potty one more time. With. Nova, Chelsie what are you up to. Why. Aren't you in bed go, to bed sweetie, there, we go oh she's playing with. Why. Aren't you corner, turning home though I want. Him to be potty trained, he said now I. Don't. Care what. You feel buddy. You need to finish your potty training so you can do it alone. There. It is that's what we mean now. He can use the potty chair alone but, now he's hungry and tired we wasted all of his good energy, we'll just have him go to bed with his brother now and wonder actually if I can get the YouTuber, stuff now more choices video, station, this video station lets you create videos for online viewing pleasure, yeah. Oh. My goodness we put it upstairs in the, in. Here, yeah. Oh. My gosh I'm so excited can, you play with it. She. Can oh. My gosh she could already do it oh my gosh why don't you do a funny vlog oh, my, god she could be a little vlogger already, as a kid oh my god this is so cute oh. She's, gonna be a famous. Youtuber. I want to put some fun stuff around here well hanging lights yeah there, always is like most youtubers have, something like this oh so. Cute you. Will put this over here there. You go she's learning so much what is the skill that she's doing oh it's her social skills what should we name our video my, first. Vlog. Hey. Guys welcome. To mention. Like, and subscribe. She just filmed her first video she hasn't, edited, it yet but oh my gosh we love it maybe. She'll be like a food blogger cuz she loves food. Oh my. God he's giving a hug cookie loves his big sister, who. Chelsea's, feeling flirty, and great. Maybe. When all the kids are at school she'll, get up to some vibes, well there's not much food left actually I shot, one of our kids make some food what are you up to nothing, great, we'll, have you cook. Some. Garden salads for the family, why. Don't you actually can. You, edit. The video, oh it's cuz she doesn't have a chair at the table she can't, edit it because there's no chair all right I can get a chair hold on there. You go now you can go, edit, your video she's a little tired but that's my kind of how I do it too I stayed, up late editing, videos my little fitness glutton nerdy queen, am. I making her even more like me than Chelsea, was personality-wise. No. Not. At all school. Starts for an hour oh no I didn't, like Casey sleep, okay, Casey you should go to bed for a quick. Power nap all right okay, bye kids, no, no no oh you don't have to go to school you're a dolt it's just all the kids bye Stacy bye, serious, oh I think Stacy tears are gonna age into teen soon oh he needs a bath and he needs some food so do. We have that garden salad made but don't play in it I want you to grab a serving out of that garden salad when you wake up I want to Fran Nova, should maybe get some jobs since, they're just.

Like Chilling in the house right now, well the part of their job was like taking care of the kids but I guess they could get jobs and Chelsea could take care of the kids what career should we get this is Freya, well she wants to be a master mixologist I guess culinary, makes the most sense there, you go she, needs to reach a level two of mixology, so why don't you, practice. Making some drinks, Oh. Josie's. Getting splashed. By. Her baby she's. Thinking about Charlie oh my goodness speaking. Of which let's look at the family, tree so this is Chelsea's final, family, tree let's see if I could name them all so that is, Wow. Am I really gonna fail in the first one that's. Tristin. Got. It Theo, yep, that's Damian uh-huh, our Dorian, Fork okay I already messed up le, yep. There's obviously olive, and that is those are the current kids in the house and I don't even know that's, Freya. Yeah. And that's Nova, yep, and then that's brand Charlie, we got Stacy serious. This, is. Oh addy of course, this, is Cooper, and. Flynn. That. Is, of. Course Taylor and Taylor there's hazel, that's, is, that I, think this is John yes. John Aria that is, of, course willow. And then also oh my gosh what how are you wearing, girl. Yes Ginny okay, and then that's river and Rosie Natalie. And Naya yep, and then we've got Eric. Pork, okay Eric why don't I remember her name, I know who, she is forever, forgotten sister, Renee, yeah. Then, there, is. Myles. And that's. Something. With an A, Alexis. Jamie. Brielle. And, and. Finally, this is our Kasey, wow I was, really bad at babyco my children so now you're gonna go downstairs and get yourself. A little piece of that garden salad action, Chelsea. Meanwhile it's kind of just doing fine she can do kind of whatever she wants she could write maybe a book in her old age let's, write a nonfiction, memoir, of. Her, time as the matriarch mother. Of. 30. To a life's, work yep, there you go mother of 30 to a life's work it's, like a gloomy, day it's, a gloomy winter day maybe Chelsea should like go out and do something today let's travel let's go into briddle button because we hardly ever do let's go to this museum I'm. Feeling, it Chelsea's, day out as. A retired. Woman, her first wine oh, it's cold but. Lea she look cute she's, hungry so, maybe she can grab something to eat there, you go we'll just the Papa fridge in there so she can have a quick meal. Oatmeal that sounds pretty nice gonna, eat her oatmeal maybe view some stuff see, who's around. Adelaide, there's. A cat over there she. Could get a pet. After. She leaves the house. With. Me apologize, got, out of a house. Buy. Things are gonna travel once, more, cuz there's someone I wanted, her to meet Wow. Look at this cute little house, that, she happened to go and knock on the door - I, wonder. If he was around knock, on that door a person, says come on in, who, could it be it, couldn't, its, cranks. Later back from the dead just kidding it's a new guy but. Go. Meet. Old Craig Chelsea. Go we need old Craig, give, him a cheerful introduction. Charm the pants off this man she's, like hi I'm, Chelsea and, he's like I'm Craig, it's nice to, meet you clatter, that Craig could be like well are you seeing. Anyone, Craig. Is single. What. Are the chance, to. Open a story you. Know I just recently finished out having you, know children I know and I think I was ready to settle down really.

Find Someone I connect, with you know I'm, having a ball, you look so enchanted. By her. Well. These two really had a nice little meet here here while Chelsea was walking, around in the snow but, I do think it's time it's 5:00 p.m. I do think it's time for her to get going she needs to make sure the kids are all right for. School, tomorrow so, she'll just say goodbye to to, Craig but this is certainly not the last time we'll see him okay. We're, back at the baby-making factory two legs so what what does where's Stacey yet she's. An A student and, so is Sirius which means that we need to age up these two babies, all. Right happy, birthday, Stacey, Oh Stacey. Yep okay pick a number one through 12, okay. Or, tun pick a number one or two. Stacey. Wants to be a man. And Baron she wants to make a lot of dough and have a huge house pick a number one through forty two three. Six eight she's, creative, as well, you are, Stacy, what. Is that outfit oh no, it's, it's gone bad and, you can cook a cake for serious, who needs, to age up as well how's, Casey almost. Said Kelsey because it looked like Kelsey at first glance Casey is doing it's pretty good she's the C student, still once she's finished with eating she needs to do her homework and she just farted and. Stacey. What's. Your everyday look oh. Okay. Stacey is just cool where is the cake though I want to make sure the cake is not being eaten work. You, don't get that cake you got to make a noob cake you took your brother's, you. Know what you're gonna make him a hamburger cake just because of that yeah. That's the punishment cake, I know you're hungry but, just make this cake for me please I want, to age up my children. Kasey's, how it works complete good job Casey why don't you. She's. A silly girl I love. It okay okay. Now. Add. Birthday, candles, - that actually Casey, why don't you edit. Continue, to edit that, video that you, made and I really want to see how that goes but. No one better eat. No. Not. Again oh my god are you freaking kidding me Fork, oh, my. Gosh can no one do anything, right this is our third cake we're trying to make I really should've, babysat. That cake more I admit it but I'm, just so annoyed but, a little diva girl, freaking. Freya I made the cake and then ate it you know what go to bed Freya look it's all. Olive came over because she's a good girl. Call her over come. Over here come hang out with your mom okay. Play. On those birthday candles Chelsea, just put them on now and then, you can clean that up and then serious, at last can kid, age up this video has been successfully, edited and can't be edited anymore good, job, darling. Happy, birthday serious, pick a number one through 12 to, 2 so he's athletic pick, a number one through 42 it's too late he's a genius so he's an athletic healthy. Genius, boy that's, our serious, oh my goodness he's such a cutie, wait did you never get a job you didn't get a job get a job. Provide. For my family, yeah. She's, gonna be a social media girl okay so she needs to have a hundred followers that's, gonna be a lot of work isn't it to, be a social media person I don't think I really planned for this but. That's okay why don't you add to your Instagram, story, ha ha ha I. Don't. Know what you just took maybe your mom's baby wall she has gained 12. Followers. I'm just gonna do it like I do everything and just BAM till she gets it done now, she has 36, followers, good job now, she was 48, good, job keep taking photos now she is 60, wow, that's. Not how it works why don't you add a couple more times to your sister Graham's story. And. Then we'll, write some jokes I guess she needs to be funny to, be uh. Clickbait. Writer and she needs a level up her charisma skill, she was 120, followers, I'm proud of you sweetie ooh Sirius, is so focused you're, doing great what do you want to do skill, wise he wants to be fit, so. Maybe he should like go, workout after, we'll put the Christmas stuff away because it's not Christmas anymore oh no he is sleepy, and hungry at once not a good combo grab you some, beans. Grab. A serving of that buddy, are, you done being angry no, maybe, today.

Chelsea, Should invite Craig, over. Hi. Chelsea's, new friend. Oh my, gosh all of my kids are farting because someone, made Franken, beans. Ah but. Kasey chose. A garden, salad instead, so Kasey is Team garden salad, oh all the kids start school in an hour you, need to do your homework then. He's. Working on his fitness where, his witness, Louie, she needs a skill but, she just wants to be rich. What. Other things does she like oh my god they all keep, farting. She. Also like being neat and creative. Did. You finish oh my, gosh stop doing. That, uncomfortable. Fine, she. Didn't do her homework I'm so annoyed yeah now she's got to go to high school I'm. So annoyed he needs to go to school oh you, guys class in three days why, is she going to school and he's not going to school I guess serious, can just keep working on his skills oh this. Went bad honestly, I kind of don't care cuz he's making everybody fart. He's. Good to go he's ready to. Blow. Through, all, of these, yeah. I get that Fitness get, that Fitness up boy, the. Only he, hasn't used to have a level three this one's working on his skills, Chelsea since you're just chillin why don't you clean everyone's working together to, get stuff done I, love it in Peter Schmeichel. Why don't you potty-trained. Taylor. With an e cuz Taylor with an E needs a lot of help she's stressed about the thunderstorm oh, yeah. You shouldn't really go inside you're kind of unhappy, I didn't realize it was raining on you he's, also fatigued, from working out so much oh look, he ran inside, Stacy's. Back and she, has, B Casey's, back in his a B student so that's good Oh France off to work oh my goodness have a good job have a good time honey why don't you watch some TV watch it watch a movie you can there socialize, it's the same oh well she made a new friend so, she like completed, all of the social butterfly stuff. That's so cute Chelsea's, just chillin, why don't you invite your, new friend Craig old Craig see if old Craig wants to come over too, many dishes dishes, are piling up and Freya can't keep up Fred can either overload, the dishwasher or give up and leave some dishes unwashed I guess, overload, the dishwasher, and, she. At, work Casey he needs you her. Homework, and get, a skill to level for social, and motor seemed like the, ones she's, best, at right now so we could have her kind of Oh Craigs on the computer oh my, god classic. Chelsea, get. To know Craig, say. Like hey Craig, thanks. For coming over. And also she can really take the time to get to know Craig because she's not in a rush to have a baby, compliment. Is outfit. Look. Great. Heartfelt, complement, me Thomas oh, he's. Feeling, flirty, he was so into, it wait wait chose to come back come, back don't, need a garden salad you've got a very. Attractive older. Man here, also change your clothes Chelsea hey, go looking, looking, cute chels it's great going somewhere it looks like he's going outside. Why. Is. He gonna go play, basketball, cuz. He's so sporty, yeah, he's, oh my goodness he's gonna flip - any change did it literally this the same oh my gosh Oh. What. Craig. He, tried one dunk and then cat I was like okay give him a little compliment. What. Compliment of appearance, and then maybe a little flirt, in there. She. Was feeling pretty confident, about this oh. My. Goodness, Craig, was into, it but we still don't have any romantic. Stuff. Chelsea. Oh he. Tried again to, make. A Dunkin missed. It's so cute she's, like hey oh, my, god they're flirty now tell. Them an engaging story telling. Of your life bring. About night on the town and engels, Oh, Chelsea. Oh I didn't, I don't know if I realize that she was really gonna sing to it yes but. He was into it okay, you know what, find, the person you could be weird with Oh Oh. Keys going alright. See you later bye, Craig, thanks, for coming by I also really want KC to upload her video. The. Video has been uploaded expect, daily royalty. Payments, for, how many music gets whoa Casey already, making Bank like what up all your real sad Chelsea, why don't you comfort, him you'll be okay.

Just A little thunderstorm it's, nothing to worry about in future SHhhh mace there he goes. So you're, feeling better buddy, Oh oh. My. Gosh Freya has been promoted, to mixologist. Congrats. Freya, do. Exactly what you wanted to do oh she's going right inside she's, like I gotta, get out of this rain oh she made some food outside for, no reason, okay. Into. It grab. Some what. Is it grilled. Fruit YUM that's. Very good, I love having them in the house, no. I don't love having these kids in the house as toddlers. You, can use the potty and. Then, work on your thinking I don't know why it's the thinking that takes so long, for. All of my Todd's, but. Dang. Does it are you doing oh she's almost up there. She's, burning the midnight oil but, it's okay there. You go she. Did it she leveled up her Christmas seal so now she can go to bed but, she does need to fix, her comedy skill a little bit more but otherwise she's, actually doing quite good as a clickbait, writer. Ah seriously. No. Chelsea why are you passing out why did you stay up so late with your children oh. My. Gosh even. What I'm not forcing you to do anything you're still like, sometimes, just not capable of doing anything. He's. Like you mom's, making me repair, stuff I don't want to he's. Gotta be level three of gym oh he's so close once I get all the teens ready to go for that I can get all the Todd's ready, to go I can't wait to find out how her first vlog, does, that's. So, cute, oh, we. Did it he's such a responsible, boy girl. What. The frak what, are you doing, here, you go buddy you got it yeah. Good. Job now he's level three he's. Completed, his homework, maybe can do some extra credit work serious. And free I just became good friends, that's. Good. It. Looks like she's finally in a good mood which is good she, needs your homework Casey your social level 3 wait why is, our sink. Exploded. Repair, that all. Of our bathrooms, keep getting messed up. She's. Hungry, I need some fun well you, can watch a. Comedy. Movie that'll, help you with your comedy skill double, tail skiing is the best, he's. Still so slow at getting any, of his. Skills finished. Oh, wow. Oh my gosh her first vlog booted up. $91. Wow. All hail, Casey new, queen of the mpg Schmidt family Stacy. Do your homework don't. Just start your homework literally, do your homework please you're trying to get out of it Oh oh. My gosh Casey's perfect, she. Just did like the cutest little celebratory, thing for New Year's Eve, Oh Ginny, said. You became friends with Craig Slater he's pretty cool she's like mom you getting some brand needs to reach, a level three of mixology you're low hungry so actually why don't you, hook. A garden, salad for the fan and then you can do some mixin, over here okay no now he's complaining, to his sister, serious. Stop complaining - older sister about, stuff you're fine she's creative, though right are Casey is, she. Is maybe she'll pick up guitar that could be fun Taylor. Rich communication level three good job Taylor and thought-trend Taylor with a know Chelsea he needs to go perfect. Timing, oh they're. Like celebrating, together, Olive. Is a perfect, baby angel, making, sure to connect with all of the current kids. Stacy. Just got the guitar, school, Stacy. Did you also finish your homework you did your, potty level too now. Good. Job, why don't you work on your imagination. Oh you're, almost done yes. Leveled. Up at mixology skills she's. All ready to go for a promotion. We. Stand. Cute. Stacy's. Up here still strumming on that guitar he's in a good mood you're almost done no you're almost done you're. Almost done with that just. Really quick just finish up your social skill and then you can go get a salad I promise. There. It is. She's four out of five for her thing and she's also good, for school. Good. Girl, ooh it's, the romance, festival, a great place to meet people want. To see if he's telling the truth I might, bring a friend to, this romance. Festival. OTP. Oh Pete. She's. Like good to see you thanks for coming out with me and my my, daughter willow hang. Out with willow too though, okay she invited, you let me take a photo together willow. He's so. Cute. Actually, let's, have a photo just. Of Chelsea's, Oh what, she's, in front of a plant oh there she goes she can move and, get better lighting oh she could do it with Craig right behind her oh my god it's almost like she's like accidentally.

Getting It with the shot but like didn't ask what's that. Fantasize. About weddings. Why don't you do that Chelsea. I wasn't really ever interested in settling down but she. Now that I have kind, of gotten into my old age I. Might. Be interested, in you, know getting, hitched joke, about getting together, I feel like wouldn't that be funny, she. Threw some petals for him. They're. So. Flirty. And. It's so like, they weren't even hard at all to get together she's gonna fantasize, about weddings, she's, like wow weddings, are so cool this, would be a great place to get beer, looks. Like my daughter Willow ditched, I think she tried to just get us out of the house to set us up with Craig maybe give him a little hand, kiss feels a little much maybe. Offer. Him the rose though that would be pretty cute see like I thought this for you sick. Of this cuz like I don't remember ever kissing anyone's, hands that. I was. Newly flirting, with I. Got you a flower for. Me Thank, You Chelsea it's, a little bit of an awkward encounter because, you know her, daughter's right here but it's fine she's like maybe yeah this, is why I moved out mom exchanged. Numbers with, Craig. Is. He gonna get her number. What. Maybe, he's feeling uncomfortable. Because. She's. Flirting with him in front of her daughter so he should. Just kind of like just, move back a little bit. Things are getting along again I think he just needed to pee sit together I, wonder who will come will they both come, yeah. The whole squad is gonna sit together, who's. Gonna get there first Oh Craig sat right next to her like wow it's so cold outside. She's like you saw, her. Daughter fell, asleep, declare. Some heat of the moment passion. For him I'm, like nervous about this decision. But, like we, should. Oh. He's. Into it, he. Liked it oh he really does need to go, though we're gonna let him go potty I just, said potty because I say potty so much from the sims kids wow I thought I would just let him go but now they're just flirting together without. Me asking. Them to do anything look I'm getting she is okay, let's just take her home it looks like the festival's, kind of wrap it up and, she, had a really great time so. We're back in the house and I'm gonna have this, girl write some jokes still, work on her skill when, I get her you know going, with that social media can't, believe KC already mean $91. She's. Gonna be a star gingka, would she's in a really good mood she could actually like make another video right now why, don't you research some trends, Oh Freya, just earned two hundred and eighty dollars on her holiday, ooh. Beauty tips travel writing and playful, vlog while, she's feeling playful so why don't we do another playful, vlog okay she's doing it. She's. So cute, oh my gosh I'm dying everyone's. Good. Except. For the Todd's but it's Sunday so, we. Can probably age up the Todd's today there if they work hard life, with. 32. Siblings. Or 31 siblings it's just about her life the, life blog oh she feels, great because she's been cleaning you're. Angry because you're hungry please. Laughing with his brother which is Odie she's as in her blog oh my god this kind of looks like my editing software he's angrily, eating, some salad. Once. He's done with his salad he can jump back into his skills the video has been successfully, edited okay, why don't you upload, that video I'm so excited I can't believe a child can. Have a YouTube channel and, make, money okay, it's been uploaded, oh my goodness good job Casey oh my gosh her second, vlog made a hundred, in, $24. She's almost making as much money as Chelsea's, royalty, does whoo they're both learning up a storm, over here, you, just read level three of thinking good job okay now you just need potty. And, then imagination. What, who said you were allowed to move dude, I you have like everything. Almost at level three and yet you won't do it okay, fine. Okay now is level three of communication, so I guess that's fine okay Taylor come. On get, in there yes level, three imagination. Okay level three thinking, let's go come, on always, going all the way downstairs to be level three thinking. This. Is why he's, movement. It's. So high Oh, No. Fine. Just go to bed all right it's Sunday evening, I think that maybe Chelsea, you should put. On a new little outfit, and then invite Craig over. He'll. Be right over, ah. Oh my, goodness, I am excited Oh Freya starts, work in an hour okay Chelsea go get him she's like hi thank, you so much for coming my own. Great. In his day oh he's family-oriented.

That's. Perfect. Because she has a huge, family, why. Don't you ask, about his love life a little bit oh she's feeling flirty too oh my gosh wait first. Kiss, Chelsea, actually. You know what I want a whole moment for this. Like. Little flowers oh my gosh maybe stay here together sit, and chat here yeah, she's like I have this beautiful, outdoor. Area. Oh my gosh wait all the deck all the decor still out I don't want the decor still out Stacie fix, it I wish I could see the tree. From up close but it's only far away that I can see it so it's fine it disappears, oh my, gosh she's feeling so flirty, make, a little mood Chelsea I don't like being so far away we're just gonna get up here Oh. Councilman. Disappeared oh my gosh he's feeling. Her. Whisper. Sweet nothings. Flirt. A bit. Oh. My. Gosh Oh taking. His first. Kiss first kiss. Oh. My. Goodness, they've had their first. Oh. Well. I'm just gonna leave them to it and check up on our kids a bit looks. Like Taylor and Taylor are both super, hungry so, oh my, god there's a fire where's, there a fire in the house oh no where's the fire. Catering. Conundrum, friend, no don't be fired oh, my. God where is the fire I don't see it who. Made oh no oh my, god my kids oh my god Cragen. Greg. And Stacey, already. Got it freaking Craig our hero go kiss Craig she, could ask him to be her boyfriend cuz. She could totally do that now. Wait. Chelsea stop pickin, up your child and go flatter. Craig for his heroics, also. Your daughter - she also did a really great job you did amazing sweetie, can we just yeah we'll just replace that we. Only got half, of what this was worth and. Stuff. But oh. This. Is show you. Speaking. Of which actually, there's some photos, yeah, I want to add this photo of Chelsea. And. Accidental. Chelsea Craig photo over here. So. Cute. Serious is still kind of panicking, with the rest of the kids about the fire I know you need attention but you're so close to. Aging. Up that I'm just gonna push, you you're.

Going Down empathy, that sounds scary grab some food buddy. Just. Grab the food you. Can't get to it all right I'm. Gonna put it down here for you make. It real nice, and easy grab serving, oh it's not down it's in the air. But. He still grabbed it so it's fine did you reach it, nah he's really close though, you're. Gonna go potty right after this come on Taylor with, it II yeah. Taylor with Annie I really, should be better at remembering things, like this oh my goodness everyone's running around really fast oh yeah, I was cuz I wanted him to be done with thinking he is great. So, you only need potty left. And you're, golden, tailors and he is working on his potty but he's almost to. Level. Three of everything good, job buddy. Yes. One. Less toddler. Brad just brought home some money and it's almost Taylor's birthday well, it, is day it's Taylor's birthday ha ha we, finally beat it we were a little behind but it's okay oh my. Gosh I can't, wait to see where their handsome young man looks like pick a number one through four, so. He's gonna be a creative boy ticket number 1 through 30 is 2020. Oh he's a slob okay he's a creative, slob that's. Probably, fine Taylor with the nose over here, just. Really need to sleep but, you're. So close that, I, wonder if I can really just bang this out now yeah I know he's not that close all right we'll just have them sleep I'm, like hearing my own mom's, voice, ringing, in my head poor, baby and, then I feel terrible, witness to a bully some kids at school are being mean to. Our KC, absolutely. Not Oh to with Casey's friend absolutely. Not our KC would stand in and stand up for her friend yeah. Buddy, all right we're gonna focus on you Taylor's no it's all you she's, gonna go to work Oh serious it's off to school okay everyone needs to get up to. Go to school study, hard oh my gosh no one's going to her first day of school I'm so excited for her Taylor what's up oh. Just. Estes Congrats on your recent birthday okay you're good let's go oh my god I love when kids can do stuff themselves. We. Are not gonna have Todd's for a minute, it's gonna be amazing this. Is Chelsea's, last. Toddler. Ever. Chelsea. I think you should be teaching him these things read, him the story. And. He. Just leveled up immediately Wow, and then Chelsea why don't you potty-trained, Taylor once you're done she's. What do you tell it what story, you telling him okay. Serious, came home isn't. A B, student, Stacy, came home is an A student Nova, came home and she did great at work KCK. Moment is the B student, Stacy go blow out your candles, happy birthday sweetie oh my. Gosh we're gonna have three adults. Young. Adults in the house pick, a number one through 42, it's 90 okay ambitious, that, make sense with her wanting to be a mansion, owner but we really need Taylor. Final. Baby we're, so close, oh my god Flynn is calling why, is everyone calling Oh No where. People have passed away their. Dad had just passed away that, is so sad but we're so close come on buddy you got this final. Potty. He. Just did it he reached potty level three Chelsey why don't you do, the honors of aging. Up Taylor yourself. Okay Chelsea's, bring in Taylor the final, toddler. Of the, first batch. Of babies. From the first matriarch. All. Right, he's aged up pick, a number one through four. One. Creativity, who's. Creative pick a number one through 30, and.

He's A goofball oh my god what a cutie, our final. Toddler, has been aged up now. We have, three. Adults, that, we can move out we, have a 114. And three, kids it's like hard to move this family out but I'm also excited for the next chapter so I hope you are too I'll see you guys next week.

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Willow might be following in Ned’s footsteps Sleeping on benches

I love all of this names

Could you call a girl Katey (would fit for Kasey's daughter) and a boy George?


what happens to the title when kelsey isnt single? my thoughts at 3 am

So what happens, if the matriarch dies young by fire or meteorite? Do you them continue with the youngest daughter?

I now realize why Chelsea didn't get that upset when OG Craig died. She knew he had really faked his own death and gone undercover. And that one day they'd be reunited!

Please name your next boy Cameron after Cameron Boyce rip ❤️

Please buy some frikken smoke alarms already!!! gosh. These fires give me such anxiety

Anyone else pissed off that she kept letting the cake get eaten? Lol backseat rage

ok so this is a comment i will keep posting: BOY: Dean, Jess, Christopher, Richard, Luke, Logan GIRL: Lorelais, Rory, Emily, Lane, Mrs Kim, Gigi, April you get the idea... i hope

Nikki Jamie Sam Zoe

And the boy names Aaron DJ Lake John

Hey Girl-delila Boy-adam

Girls: Belle, Ella, Aurora, Ariel, Anastasia (for your little princesses) Boys: Phillip, Adam, Charming, Eric, Kit (for your little princes)

What about the name jayde Taya Alex Emma hailey

Tom Holland plays Spiderman

Can you please have toddlers get their skills from toys not tablets as it’s so much cuter to watch

Can you if it’s a girl call she my name Elvira or if it’s a boy you can call he Eddie

Blaine for a boy or a girl

Can you call a girl Tina? Like the short version of my name! That would be cool!

I think everyone recognize olive, brielle and charlie

u look so much like Reese Witherspoon omg

Baby names: Sara, Shayna Peter,oscar I looove your videos I think it's verry creative and verry funny

Anyone else dreading the moments when the OG children start to die in this series?

Word of the episode "fork! ❤️

I literally thought OTP meant on the phone...

Pls name a baby kelsey or Kenny

Actually type in the name 100babykelsey

Hello Kelsey, I hope you respond to my comment, but I have got 2 things to say. 1 is that I am making a baby daddy for Kasey and he is red headed, handsome, romantic and likes to be active! So you can find him by typing in babydaddykelsey' and I might have a extra baby daddy maybe. And 2, when you have your next baby with my sim can you name the baby valerie if it's a girl and koby or Jacob if it's a boy thx

I'm glad to see Chelsea finally start to settle down while her last batch of kids grow up and develop interests that they'd use to start their own lives.

Kids Name: Boy:Zachary Girl:Abigail,Angela

Also you should turn aging off for Chelsea and Craig

Are you going to start a new “baby wall” for all of Kasey’s children? And put a bug portrait of Chelsea on her “baby wall”

I love her reactions to kacey farting

Omgoodness, I made a matriarch and I asked my mum for random numbers for the name and I litterally got the name Chelsea Kelsey

Can u name a girl Caitlin and a boy Todd, since u call the toddlers Todd

Girl: Blossom Boy: Lloyd

*name idea* I don't want this to seem like I'm begging for attention but my dog just passed. Her name was Julia (Juli for short) She sadly left us Wednesday June 3. She was old and her time had come. I think that name would be fun. Love ya Kelsey.

I cannot believe you picked my name(Taylore with an E) I'm CRYING. THANK YOU.

Oh I just love this series! Hopefully Craig and Chelsea come over to see their grandkids!!

If it is a boy you should name it Lukas and if girl you should name it Zeena or Mackenzie btw love you so much your vids are awesome!!

Make Chelsea and Craig married, they deserve it!!

Kelsey should dye Kasey’s hair blonde It just wouldn’t be the same having the matriarch be a brunette

Kasey looks nice as a brunette tho....

NAMES- Sophie, Malak , Colette

notice that farther she goes into the challenge the more she starts dressing like a mom

Name a girl LILO or Nani and a boy Harry or David

What sims4 do you have

I think when Casey starts having children, it should be season 2

Chelsea’s signature meal was a garden salad so Casey’s should be a different type of salad now that we have money

They are getting so old

Hei kelsey can you make kelsey in sim and download craig from the gallery and make a simself whit craig. You and craig can have kids a great carrer and a cute home.

I thought olive was going to be the matriarch

I'm ready to watch this to the end. Let's get to episode 100!

It’s hard to watch this now because I just lost my dog who’s name way Kc

Quincy or Quincey for next name!

Guys please try making this happen. Real army soldiers or retired soldiers play ArmA I understand i going to be hard for someone to play that game but at least try. I wanna see the mind of a soldier play that game. I'm going to enlist in the airforce so I wanna see what happens.

You should throw a wedding for Chelsea and Craig and invite all the kids! And Nancy landgrab of course


She's still going strong

Names for the kids! Boy: Lucas/Ambrose/Justin Girl: Hazel/Kayla/Airiel

The new baby girl for the next chapter I will love it if you name her Veronica, kayla, nayashia,or seirra

I have a YouTube channel except I don’t make money cause nobody likes my channel.

Can you name a girl Regan? Plz? (Pronounced Ree-gan)

Name your next boy Cameron in honor of Cameron Boyce

*Single girl finds her soulmate in The Sims 4|ep.27* And Kelsey is still single..

OGS right here ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

I watch it instead of working - shaaame on me!

Girl: Allena (my namesake), Aurora, Autumn, Amber Boy: August, Andre, Cameron, Allen, James, Dean, Ryan

You can try a challenge: play the Sims in a different language like Dutch or something❣️

so now that Chelsea and Craig, our OTP, have become closer...are you going to find a home for them to move into together? It would be awesome to do another player house challenge!

"find someone who you can be weird with" - kelsey 2019

If you get the puppet show in build mode you can build skills with multiple sims at a time by having them watch and perform

Does Chelsea have grandkids yet?

You should name a baby kylie

It's gonna be so hard to say goodbye but Chelsea finally gets her guy ❤ onto the next gen.!

YouTube at 3 am

You messed up on naming five kids

Girl or boy Keegan

WAIT DON’T LET Craig and Chelsea woohoo because they might die

Baby names for the next kids: Boy; Jaxx Girl; Jascenda❤️

Some baby name suggestions: Girl - Vera Boy - Luca

Omg I love Kasey but I kinda just want her to be a YouTuber and not the matriarch Sorry if you don’t agree

Maya for a girl and Elias for a boy! They’re my cousins

Names Girls Cali or Lily Boys cylous or Jackson

I LOVE that the entire family was raised on salad and cake.

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