Prophecies & Predictions for 2019 - Nostradamus, Mark Taylor, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga

Prophecies & Predictions for 2019 - Nostradamus, Mark Taylor, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga

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20-19. Has finally, arrived and what better way to kick off the new year than, with a stimulating. Discussion, on prophecies. And predictions by. Prophets, past and present like, Nostradamus baba, Vanga Ingersoll. Lockwood Edgar, Cayce and Mark, Taylor who have all shared, notable, degrees of accuracy thus far in their respective, areas of site and, while. We're at it let's, look just a bit further down the road for, instance, will there be a new form of energy that comes from Venus. Will, trump return our dollar to the gold standard will, communism, fall in China allowing, citizens to find a new spiritual. Awakening, could there be bankruptcy. In store for the mainstream, media will, we finally be able to hire an assistant to free up Ben and Rob to make edge of wonder even better, in 2019. And beyond let's. Find out now as we, boldly, raised our favorite, beverage hi and toast, the coming of another wondrous. New year out on, the, edge as we. Present to you prophecies. Of 2019. On edge, of wonder and now, without, further ado we, start in 10 9. 8. 7, 6. 5, 4. 3. 2. One. Buddy. We. Actually, made it to. 2019. If you can believe that yeah, and yet last year was the craziest. Year ever, I guess I can't. Believe we made it we are and, what, is 2019. Gonna have in store for us that's. Exactly. What this episode is about exactly so, Ben to celebrate the new year yeah I got a couple of things for you I'm. Scared, give me uh yes. Okay. I see, you put on that little guy uh-huh, and then. I got you something else too, your. Glasses. Just. A little makeover here uh-huh, yeah. Now you're in style that you, look like a cowboy version, of Johnny Depp from. Lo then what is it here in Las. Vegas well Rob to, celebrate, this occasion I actually, got you something too cuz I know how, much you love my hat, so, well. First actually, let, me give you this I can't, celebrate the New Year without one of these I got, you your, very own hats as well oh my goodness, so now we can be hat brothers together yes. Mustache. Isn't really staying very long oh my. Gosh I look like a pathetic version. Of Macho, Man Randy Savage right, now and. I, kind, of look like a young version of. You. Do you. Mean Sir Elton John dear, Elton John yes okay. Well I don't think doing the entire episode like this is really gonna work so, I think so why don't we get into our other costumes. Well. Guys 2019. Has finally, arrived and what better way to kick off the new year than seeing what predictions, and prophecies were, made by folks from the past and present, we'll talk about some predictions, that some people have gotten right so far and predictions. That may happen in the near future mainly. This year and I'm sure some of them will blow your mind so let's get to it. Let's. See where we should start. Wouldn't be right if we didn't hit you up with some Nostradamus. Many. Of you ever heard of Nostradamus. The 14th, century French, physician and, seer he's, most, famous for his book lay properties. Prophecies. In the form of quatrains. That. Have accurately, predicted, future, events, for, instance have. You ever heard of the Great Fire of London the, French Revolution, the rises of napoleon adolf hitler both, world wars the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to, name a few however, some, still debate over whether he got 9/11, right the particularly, startling, quatrain. 1072. Boldly. Puts a year and a month to the prediction, in the. A in 1999. Seventh, month from. The sky will come a great king of terror in, order to bring back to life the great king of anga moi before. And after mars reigns in the name of bringing, people happiness, now, there are many interpretations, of, this quatrain, and many people have even thought that maybe, he, was talking about a comet, that was supposed to hit earth during this time, however. From, our research, it most, likely refers. To a major event that, took place in China in the, year 1999. In the seventh month ie, July, which. Was the crackdown, of the persecution. Of millions, of Falun Gong practitioners. In China, which, still continues, to this day it. Was started, by the leader, of China, at the time Jiang Zemin who by the way also approved. The order for the Tiananmen Square massacre in, 1989. And for, those who may not know the, great king of terror alludes, to the Antichrist, or some kind of gray evil the great king of anga moi referring. To the anagram. Of the word to be Mongol, a witch, would, point to a king, or leader of the Mongolian, people and the resurrection, of the second, coming. Finally. Comes the phrase before and, after, Mars rains which. We, believe. Nostradamus. Could actually be. Referring, to how Marxism.

Is Now practiced, worldwide with, the vile communist, idea, of liberating, mankind, by, falsely, promising. Happiness, to the people in which, this manifests. In the West as society. Social sustaining. Welfare, through, heavy taxation. So. In other words the Great King or the second coming will come, because, of the rise of communism in the world now if this is what he was referring, to then that must mean we are really in the end of times since, communism, is everywhere, and the. Puzzle pieces are starting to fit together and it is shocking how fitting and relevant. The quatrain is to this day, so, y'all, probably thinking well that's cool but tell us about 9/11, well geez this, is a 2019. Prophecies, episode but, these next predictions, actually include, both. Before. She died Baba Vanga a blind, bulgarian, mystic, clairvoyant. And herbalist, known as the Nostradamus, from, the Balkans foretold, events up until, the 51st. Century, when. She believed the world would end some, of the prophecies, that have been fulfilled are, one made in 1980. At. The turn of the century in August, of 1999. Or 2000, Kursk, will be covered with water and the whole world will be weeping over, it the. Cursed she. Referred to was the Russian nuclear submarine, k1. 41, it, sank, in the Barents Sea killing. All 118. Personnel, on board on August, 12 2000. The NATO named for it was Oscar, the second, another. One of her fulfilled, prophecies, she spoke of in 1989. Horror. Horror the American brethren, will fall after. Being attacked by, the steel Birds the. Wolves will be howling in a bush an innocent. Blood will be gushing of. Course we all know what happened on September 11th, 2001. When. The planes hit the World Trade Center, she also predicted, that from, 2018. To. 2023. The new form of energy will, be discovered, on Venus, what, meanest. The last we heard about Venus was that in 2014. NASA, had plans to explore, Venus, and a man's spaceship, or maybe. They already went, and found something that came, out of that trip but they're just hiding it from us I guess we'll have to wait and see well. Actually you. Know what Rob there's. This thing called The Venus Project that. Started, in, 1995. Not, sure if you've heard about it I have not but, the, center is based in Venus, Florida, their. Mission from their website says that it's an organization.

That Quote, proposes. A feasible, plan of action, for social, change a holistic. Global. Socio-economic. System, called. A resource-based, economy. That. Works towards a peaceful, and sustainable global. Civilization. And guess. What one. Of their goals is also, creating, clean, renewable, sources. Of energy, like how baba Vanga predicted. Ha ha ha Wow. Even their architecture, looks like something that could be found on Venus, could, it be a coincidence, maybe valiant Thor's helping them mouth, maybe. Never. Y'all. Are gonna love this next prophecy if you haven't heard of it already, author Ingersoll. Lockwood, wrote, a few books that many have been drawing parallels, to in recent events Lockwood. Wrote Baron. Trump and his marvelous underground, journey which published, in 1893. It. Outlines, Adventures, of a rich young boy named, Wilhelm Heinrich, sebastian, von trump who, lives in castle, Trump in New York and has, a mentor, named Don, known, in one of the books as quote. Masters, of all masters attack. Well. Guess what most, of you probably already know, that President. Donald Trump's son is named Baron, William, Trump, Lockwood. Also, wrote in 1900. Or the last president. In. 1896. And it's plot will definitely, seem awfully, similar to the modern-day events, or events to come, mobs. Of vast size are organizing, under the lead of anarchists, and socialists. And threatened, to plunder despoil, the, houses, of the rich who, have wronged and oppressed them for so many years, the, mob screams, down, with our oppressors death, to the rich man it, also says, the Fifth Avenue Hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob, well. That kind of sounds like an Tifa yeah very, somewhere ok what's even more on candy is that the date of the described event was Tuesday, November, 3rd. If, you can believe it the next 11:3, that falls on a Tuesday will. Occur on 20/20. When, the next presidential, election will take place it. Says that. Was a terrible night for the great city of New York the night of Tuesday November, the 3rd. 1896. After. Being elected, the President, appoints a man to his cabinet, with the surname of pence. Patents. I mean. This is so bizarre it's so specific, and in 1890. Yeah I feel more, of a stretch the president's, best friend Tillman, is omitted. From the list of names in the appointed, cabinet members, a man, with a similar surname. - Rex W tell erson who, Trump fired on march 13th. 2018. The president, also drafts, an executive, order a year after his election on March 4th detailing, quote the immediate, abandonment. Of the so-called, gold. Reserve, and that, on and, after, the promulgation of, this order the gold and silver standard, of the Constitution, will be resumed and strictly maintained, in all the business transactions, of the government, which all seems to be in process right now Lockwood. May be foretelling, that will also abandon. The current Federal Reserve and adopt a gold and silver standard, once again but, the really, interesting thing. Is when. This was written the Federal Reserve Bank wasn't, even in existence yet it, was almost as if he seemed to know a central, banking system would soon rise and. I think you're the we're, the gold and silver standard. So. Actually you. Really can't get any weirder than this one I mean do, you read through that I mean it is so accurate, to what's going on well and that's where people hint. At the point where it's Trump a time traveler will, go there maybe in some episode. Not. Yet not, for this one yeah we'll have to combine the Simpsons into that episode I'm, sure you guys would like that all right let's get in the next one. For. Those who might be unfamiliar. With his work, edgar, cayce known to many as the sleeping, prophet or the father, of holistic. Medicine became. The most documented, psychic of, the 20th, century. Many, of the prophecies that he predicted, had been fulfilled he, conducted, psychic, readings, to thousands, of people over the 40 years of his adult life diagnosing. Illness and looking into people's pasts, and their futures one. Of Casey's prophecies, that came true, is the stock market crash in 1929. Four. Years prior in 1925. Casey. Told, a young physician, that, he would acquire a great, deal of money and told him, to exercise, caution, and discretion. Because, of adverse, forces. That will come then in 1929. He. Also predicted, World War two and even names the countries, and how the Nazis will be at the center of it all the discovery, of the Dead Sea Scrolls partial.

Discovery, Of the lost city of Atlantis which. Happened, in the 2000s, and even a pole shift. Yeah, and in relation, to the shifting of the poles the question, was quote, what, great change or the beginning of what change if any, is, to take place any earth in a year 2000. The 2001. Ad in, response, Cayce said when. There is a shifting. Of the poles or a new, cycle begins now. We know the Earth's poles are currently shifting, however no one seems to know when exactly it, will take place some. Scientists, are very concerned, and others are like NASA say it won't happen until about 200 years from now however, we are long, overdue, as they usually occur, every. 250,000. Years or so if you go back for the last 500 million, years and the last one we had was over, 800 thousand, years ago but, we cover a lot of this in our polish shifting episode now. Another one of his visions include China gradually, becoming more spiritual. And the height of civilization moving. From the West to, China, as, China develops. Further spiritually. As Cayce saw in 1943. These. Changes, would give way to, democracy, and greater religious, freedom. How we understand, it is as though as a whole the Chinese people will return to their roots in faith morality, and traditional, culture or quote, as applied, in the lives of men, and this. Does go along with Nostradamus, as well what, makes agar KC compelling. Is that when he was asked, how he was gifted with psychic abilities, his. Response, was surprisingly, simple become. More spiritual, Edgar. Cayce was also, a devoted churchgoer, who read the Bible every, day of his life, so now let's mention a modern-day, prophet, still living today who you might find very interesting because they've, predicted, what happened before and what will happen very soon. You. May have heard of Mark Taylor a retired firefighter, who, wrote the Trump prophecies, and predicted, Trump's presidency, on April 28 2011. Four years before he announced in New York City on June 16 2015. And over, five years before the presidential election, on November 8 2016. March. Said he had a very powerful dream, in which God appeared, to him and told him to write down things in which so far many of them have come true on April. 28th, 2011. Mark, made a prediction, quotes. America. Will be respected. Once, again as the, most powerful prosperous. Nation, on earth other, than Israel the. Dollar will, be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States and will, once again be. The currency, by which all others, are judged now, the, dollar is the highest has been in over a year he, also foresaw, that in this past election Trump's, opposition, would spend billions to keep him from winning the presidential, election, such, as Hillary Clinton's 2016. Campaign alone raised over a billion, dollars and, as we all know didn't. Pan out very, well for them did it that's, for sure Taylor, expected, the media and his political opponents, to show Trump, in a bad light well. It did happen Trump. Got an estimated, five billion dollars, and free or earned media, according, to data from tracking, firm media Quan and none, of the accusations. Stuck or, amounted, to much well, he's, got a bunch, of other prophecies some of which haven't been completely, fulfilled, yet on October, 7th 2015. That's. My birthday he, wrote that the Supreme. Court shall lose three and my president shall pick new ones directly, from my tree so. Get this guy's four, months later Antonin, Scalia, passed, away on February, 13. 2016. To. Be succeeded. By Associate. Justice Neil gorsh on, February. 24th, 2016. He. Updated the prediction, about the court and says that five, that's right, five Supreme, Court justices, will be appointed by my new president. I anointed, and here's. A big one he, also added that Roe versus, Wade will, be overturned, wow that's. Big so we all heard the news by now Anthony, Kennedy retired, on July 31st, last, year trump appointed, Brett Kavanaugh, and then Associate, Justice Cavanaugh, was sworn in on October, 6 so. Here's the exciting part Mark, Taylor has a few prophecies, that haven't come true yet but, if he keeps up his track records, some pretty mind-blowing things, might happen on, October 19th. 2016. He foresaw, that America, and Russia will, band together and fight against the new world order in the form of Isis the Illuminati, globalists. And the, elite. It's. Kind of what's happening. He. Also said that Isis, is trying to rise up like the Nazis, did in World War two, yeah no surprise there we got another one on December. 12, 2016. Taylor. Again, transcribed. What he heard from the voice of God from. America, and Israel will now be the top energy, producers, in the world, yet. Israel's been on a streak since it struck a fifteen billion dollar deal to export, its natural gas in Egypt, and a, massive volcanic, eruption. Will signal, that this is the time for my America, and Israel and the end of the energy, corruption.

Energy. Corruption, so, he must be referring to OPEC, again last, and certainly not least on July, 7th. 2017. Taylor envisioned, that quote news outlets, will go down bankrupt. And be replaced with, a new media. Organization. That, will report the truth just. Probably. Not that mean I don't, think so well, we've already seen lots of. Brave news outlets and even smaller media like us who, are willing to report the truth to the people because we believe that people, like you, guys deserve, to hear the truth right, no more fake news we, didn't know about mark when we first started, but we are trying to do our best to play our part and, helping you guys enlighten. To the truth yep, that, is for sure and the truth is we. Look pretty ridiculous, in these outfits. I would definitely say so although, maybe on some alien, homeworld. We look normal. Probably. Not though what's your home world then. Shasta. Lloyd planet, yeah I think it's a sir Elton John alloy yeah, maybe. That too well. Guys before my. Moustache falls off please, hit me we probably, do that Rob what, well. You got to tell us what your what's. Your new New Year's resolution. Oh I. Have. To tell my new year's resolution, in this outfit. My, new year's resolution. Actually to be honest is to really work hard on myself like, I want by. 2020. I would. Really love if I could clean, up a lot of my bad habits and just be, an overall better person, and at the same time get. Edge of wonder in a place where it, can take down, the Cabal, you. Know what's really interesting, I think because, we've been friends for so long and we're doing the show for so long I had the exact, same New, Year's rubber. You. Like literally, took the words right out of my mouth so yeah, you're still taking, us seriously right, now make. Sure you hit like and subscribe. And. If the notification, mail yes, and comment, below and let us know how ridiculous we look and, until. Next time we'll, see you out on the, edge of tomorrow of. Tomorrow yeah, 2019. Yeah good one even though it's the movie. It's. Gone but it works yeah.

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Mark Taylor does not know the future. God knows and Him alone. Mark can pray and wish, but if its not Gods will then justice won't be served until Jesus's return.

OK, President Trump's prediction. Yes, he will be the last president. When his 2 term ends, all the changes he made to the USA will be so drastic and empowering to the American people in a good way, that the 8 year term limit will be removed and he will be voted, by the people, to be the permanent president of the new USA. After that, America will no longer have presidents, but a new form of ruler, making Trump truly the very last president of the USA indefinitely.

Baba Vaga's quatrain "the wolves will be howling in a bush", I want to take a stab at this part relating to 9/11, don't crucify me please, I am just trying to make sense out it it, but...this happened during the presidency of George W. Bush, so didn't she mean "wolves howling in a Bush"? We all know how many people think 9/11 was an inside job and the Bush family often times seems like wolves in sheep's clothing. Why else will she have added that sentence if it has nothing to do with the prediction? Just a thought.

Happy New Year guys, love your work, keep going and THEY will go down.

i hope trump does something good for the world,not just himself or the iluminati,he needs serious body be robots that cant be bought,like kenady

The Nostradamus one isn't about China. Research into old French translations is key in this one. ;) Good luck.

im waiting for trump to be all the other presi.s that wanted to do something good for the country,world.this earth is ruled by 12 people,the media is bullshit.were brainwashed.cant wait till our forefathers come back.[ask an indian,or indian in india]]

don't assume these dudes know whats going on any more than anyone else. take all info with many salt grains. i hope i'm wrong, i really want to like these guys for whatever reason, but something seems off with them.... hmmm.

7/16/1999 jrk jr falls from the the sky, the great king of terror (Hillary Clinton is often accused of being the mother of ISIS) is one and the same with the interests of the King of the Angolmois (Bill Clinton), (Angol being hugarian for English mois being french for month.) In the old prophets time the de clintons were immersed at the highest rungs of power in the English monarchy. See William De Clinton, Geoffry De Clinton, Rodger De Clinton, intimately connected to King Edward III, ect, ect. between 1000 a.d.- to past the 1400s. 15 March 1917 , King George's, of the house of Windson, first cousin, Nicholas II, the Emperor of Russia, was forced to abdicate, which raised the spectre of the eventual abolition of all the monarchies in quote. This led to the creation of the house of Windson, relinquishing all their titles in german. March is one of two months that are actual english words, albeit homophones, as well as March 15 being Hungarian's national day which ties in perfectly with the Angol usage. Bringing people happiness? Hope and change, building a bridge to the twentieth century.

awesome boys!!

You said you need an assistant? How can I fill out an application? I'm interested...would love to help you out!

Happy and Blessed 2019 everyone!

Communism is nowhere

Ben totally Rocks that hat and glasses. He should be wearing them FOREVER!... EVER! - ever... ever...... ever

Loved it! Happy new year guys and all the best for it!

Happy New Year Guys! Keep up the good work and keep preaching the truth! God Bless! :)

hey what's with the mnemonic circle countdown at the beginning? shame.

You need an assistant!?!?!?

I interpreted Nost’s quatrain to be saying that he was referring to the Falun Gong/Falun Dafa in China. I wasn’t aware anyone else interpreted it as I did. Also I was answered by God through prayer, the method to code his quatrains numbered 2011 and above. Without giving the year for all to see, he gave the exact year that dozens of his prophecies would be fulfilled ~ and was correct. However, God gave me the code to use. Inbox me on Facebook if you are genuine, or go to hell those who are here just to mock me.

Thanks ✨

Lockwood did not write books they were given to him. Dare I say the gen1 went back and gave him stories. But no one will believe until they read 1st book and find word Google but the idiot spelled it wrong. All language is today's language not language of that time...

Apparently we have Edgar Cayce in the flesh here in David Wilcock. Like check it out he's a carbon copy from the past lol.

You look more like the hood version of the monopoly man

You guys are awesome. Laughter great medicine for soul. So thanks for that! Awesome vid My new years resolution is to be the same adorable bitch I've always been...


A minute in guys hire me as your assistant and I will use my mighty powers to explore and bring light upon more paranormal activities and ghostbust some alt fright demons!


I'd love to help support the show! hope you don't mind if I share your donation link around!

id love to be your assistant, i live in nyc just like you and fit in perfectly with your collective personality, let me know if interested in some type of edge of wonder style interview, thanks. my real name is gabe

I loved this one. Thanks

Wolves out of the Bush is the patriot act from the 911 false flag attack by GWBush. Venus is the bright and morning star the very description of Christ Jesus Himself. It is now time for HIS return as the light of the world coming from Himself as the source of ALL power and glory, into the Sabbath rest of the millennium reign, 7th day.

The Victory of the Light!

You guys are awesome :-) keep up the good work

One more thing to consider/study if not done already. Here are some ideas. Chemtrails Morgellons disease and 5g. The Venom movie.

True, China is becoming more Christian, even though the government is trying to crack down on that.

19:13 ~ Or Taylor is referring to how the Oil oligarchy/government has censored all new and viable energy generators that would effectively edge the dependency on oil and coal. One of the first executive orders of our P.o.t.U.S. is the declassification and release of all patents that have been confiscated by the Military Industrial Complex "…as a matter of national security…" Solar and wind generators will never be the backbone of our energy supply because they are way too volatile. That is why M.I.kies have ignored patents from those energy sources. Yet they are a great way to confuse certainly mentally ill folks that advancing technology through free market capitalism is not the way to reduce our carbon footprint; Effectively ignoring all of recorded history… which is what has happened. Choose to be more mindful… every time you catch yourself will inspire more opportunities, increasing the mindfulness exponentially. Then simply choose to align father towards service'to'others. In times of confusion, ask thy heart for the answer and it will be provided when in a neutral meditative state. In addition, ask the Goddess/Jesus/Divine for assistance. Free'Will restricts the omnipotent, and omniprescient Light Side to only doing this when asked by us. However to them, being of assistance is overwhelmingly of want by default.

Qanon is fake news. Getting sucked into that stuff makes material less credible. If you want TRUE Prophecy, I suggest the Channels: "JD Farag Middle East Prophecy Update" and "Behold Israel" Ezekiel 38, Isaiah 17, and the Ten Horns of Revelation are all happening, and explained through the only Book that's prophecies have all come true, and will continue to come true. Jesus Christ is Lord, things are getting serious, EXACT to what the Bible says. God Bless Everyone!

Roe v Wade overturned??! Wow! Hard to see that ever happening!

Please research proper pronunciations along with your content. I've noticed that name and place mispronunciations is common on your channel.

Brilliant guys !!!!! Get the assistant ♥️

Why was Kim Clemented left out? His prophesies have been proven.

Happy new year!

My resoloution is im no longer participating in others delusions I will no longer LIVE & LET LIVE. I saw a young boy dressed in drag dancing like a stripper While PERVERTS gave him MONEY His parents allowed it The media encourages it But I NO LONGER be quiet about it SEXUALIZING KIDS MUST END


Keep up the good work hat-brothers

Hey Sir Elton and Macho Man

Guys, can you do an episode on the "Mud Flood". This is gaining momentum and seems to seriously question of the official time line of recent history.

Finally getting to see

Real prophets are in communication with the Overlords of the matrix. The Overlords run the show to an Agenda (not in our best interest) and so it's not necessarily that difficult for prophets to get messages about the future that will probably come true since its planned and as long as they are in communication with a genuine Overlord. The Overlords generally do let us know the future via different channels including Hollywood, etc. The Overlords need to continue control over us and that is generally done by processes of dumbed down backwards education, taxes, poison in the air, medicine and food, etc. This is a process of deceit and deception, so don't expect all prophecies to happen the way you might expect.

You guys are amazing.. God bless you and happy New Year. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do.

isis is a Israeli and cia proxy army , America is baabalon is ra el is riding the beast.

I predict i would vote for BEN for PRESIDENT My cat has a little crush on Ben. Not in a creepy wants to wear a ben skin suit way she purrs when ben talks

A very happy new year to you both I spent many hours of 2018 with you guys You definitely bring us TRUTH THANK YOU I always learn something I like that Yes BEN needs an assistant or 2

Happy New Years!

Love to see the crazy things among all the seriousness. I now look to Ben and Rob for information each video. Keep us informed to keep us on the Edge of Wonder. Happy New Year!

I'm for hire. I will be your lovely assistant. Laughs

8:50 lol

I$RÆL is the NWO. They are behind the wars in the Middle East and the destruction of the West. They control the banks, media, and the E.U./U.S. Congress. They are also responsible, along with their planted agents in the U.S. government, for 911. My question to you guys is.... Why, if you guys are so against the cabal/illuminati/NWO, don't you EVER bring up I$RÆL and their involvements?? - subscriber since 16k - I really want to believe you guys aren't manipulating people by persuading them to look elsewhere. Or do you guys truly not know. If the latter is true, then start digging. The revelations are jaw dropping when you discover what is and who is......

U guys are the best youtubers

That's it, I'm done. After those glasses, and that... lmao... hat! I give up, I can't, I don't even; care how things turn out after 2018. Ben wearing those accessories, has already put the gears into motion, for synchronicity of epic proportions and has already saved the world, in advance. Happy New Year, Edge of Wonder!  Thanks for being you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! My favorite guys. I know 2019 is going to keep us SHOOK!! ( in a good way of course) lol

Edge of Wonder I told 2 people and you know how that goes

you are not correct about the last flip of the pole's of the earth, it is 41.000 years ago extinction for the Neanderthaler, 41.000 years ago, during last Earth Magnetic field switch/flip

Who is the Anti-Christ? Luke 10:18 Jesus said in Hebrew that he saw Satan falling as Lightning from the heavens. The Hebrew word for Lightning is baw-rak or bad rawk ISAIAH 14:12-19 Hebrew for “The heights” or “from the heavens” is BAM MAW Who is the Anti-Christ? Baw-rak Bam-Maw or Ba(w)raq (o)Bamma(w)

I want this inner freedom of mental and emotional balance without the need of medications. I want to become what I feel like I can be. I want to do what I desire. Freely pursue without restraint to become what I will become. *cue Disney song sequence * But seriously, I just want thing's simpler. Life's hard enough as it is.

Willcock and Goode are full of shit.. Ben and Rob you rock!!!

Living on my own I find comfort in seeing your videos. They are always interesting and it's like being with friends. I wish you both a happy and successful new year

Happiness and Insight for the new year! Much Love!

Quick question: What if Edgar Cayce's "shifting of the poles" was not a literal reference to the magnetic poles, but was rather a reference to the shifting of human society's moral compass? (Such as Orwell's prediction of: "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength" apparently becoming accepted reality today.) Now think back and ask yourselves what happened in 2000-2001 that might have served as a catalyst to triggering people's moral compass into being so adversely influenced or completely reversed?

How about compare current events with Albert Pike and his plan considering your both FREEMASONS

Prophecy 2019 of the world.

I Love you guys, I love the work that you are doing but I have onl bone issue and that is trump, you are relying heavily on him to do things he will not do, return to the gold standard that ain't happening, we have no gold. I rely on folks on the inside, whistleblowers not trump, he does not have the capacity to understand any of things we research, he doesn't watch this channel or any other channel similar to Edge of Wonder, Fox news is all he watches so please to referencing to trump like he is actually going to make things happen, you are all smarter then that.

Sebastian ! He’s talking about robots..... and it could definitely be true but there’s no way for anyone to know until it happens unfortunately

If antartica melts ice will form else where and it will cause a flip . Think of the weight of the continent with ice and with out ice. Water levels rise and the poles will change. That could mean a new ice age up north as before. Or end up on the equater . The sahara could freeze. A prediction the EU and the un's gobel pached will end for good. It just can't work.its finished. Look at the damage it has caused.

Yall talk bad about communism and then talk favorably of the Venus Project. I'm confused. You had to have gone to their website and know they are just hippie boomers trying to do communism "right this time". You even highlighted "social change", "resource based economy", etc.They just think innovation still happens for some reason under this brand. So are you pro commie or not?

we'll have to see the one about china, right now it's looking totalitarian and they are trying to take over the world. I don't see how this will happen seeing as how the communist government absolutely destroyed china's culture,history and religions.

Taxation is legilized theft!!!!

There won't be a pole shift now.

Lockwood lived through the bus systems of awful central banks and all their "panics". Good riddance to them!

Oh, and happy new year!


More rubbish and time-wasting from these idiots....

I really enjoy watching you two and I didn't know a boat that one guy who was talking about God who spoke to him but if this is true that's kind of cool you guys keep doing what you're doing you guys are doing a great job and as soon as I get a little bit of money I'll send it to you I only work in the summer but this has to be one of my favorite episode that you guys done good job

Call To Action: Call Pelosi & Schumer and respectfully demand Border Security & Immigration Reform. End Catch & Release. Merit based Immigration reform. Secure the Borders & Build The Wall. Pelosi : (202) 225-4965 Schumer : (202) 224-6542

Who is the Anti-Christ?  Luke 10:18 Jesus said in Hebrew that he saw Satan falling as Lightning from the heavens. The Hebrew word for Lightning is baw-rak or bad rawk ISAIAH 14:12-19 Hebrew for “The heights” or “from the heavens”  is BAM MAW Who is the Anti-Christ?  Baw-rak Bam-Maw or Ba(w)raq (o)Bamma(w)

Did anyone else catch what the 85 yr old, blind woman said about 911?!? One if the lines said something about the wolves the BUSH!!! Yicks! She's good!

You right wing white supremacists bullshiters are going to be banned from youtube, just wait and keep eating ass while spreading your hateful Russian propaganda lies against Jews and George Soros. You are breitbart and Alex Jones in disguise. Its almost over traitors!

Thanks Legends.

You missed one of the most famous predictions that was missed or not covered by everyone. In Trumps book, "The America we Deserve" released in 2000 he predicted 911 and Osama Bin Laden and ongoing enemies and crisis.

we are in a simulation , try LSD or mushrooms and you will see how bizarre the world really is , once you come back to ( reality ) aswell

I predict that Trump will get dumber and dumber and finally get impeached for being so stupid.

The Brit adult narrator who can't pronounce his R's is irritating as all hell. Other than that you guys are so well produced and present great info AND you two seem genuine!

1. Nostradamus lived in 16th century not 14th 2. New Year resolutions need to be measurable and precisely defined to be successful.

I wonder if trump read the trump prophecies and was like ya I can do that no prob. lol

According to statistics its said that in a few years china will be considered a Christian nation..the underground church is exploding whiles thousands are being killed every year...its not being reported but this is really happening..

Take down the cabal! Love you guys!

Fantasic guys!!!

I don't believe the book " the last president" .... has anyone out here actually read it?

Nastradamus never predicted anything

Love you Guys! Thank you for all your hard work and research AND putting it in an entertaining, easy to understand format HAPPY NEW YEAR BEN & ROB!

Why don't you guys make video on the prophecies that were wrong in 2018!!

make videos on false prophecies!

A new Reality TV show called,"Dining with Ocasio Cortez"?She cooks vegan for California politicians and regale US with stories of their humble beginnings!And they end each episode with names of regular folk who stopped breathing out CO2 to prevent global warming!Awesome!

Willcock and Goode are both full of shit.. I love the edge of wonder and the truth but these guys appear to be in it for the money.. stay away from these guys please!!!

anything about "itsme" hitting the lotto in 2019 ???

Please cover Pizzagate and the Wikileaks emails in detail.

Ever hear of a "Tesla Tower"?? They Built one in Texas!

Ever see the movie freaks but those glasses hat and bowtie you look like the main character from that movie

You guys are already taking down the cabal congratulations! Proud of you guys

I have been given some predictions as well. During 9/11 the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the reason why it was happening was because, To return the hearts of the sons back to their fathers, the hearts of the fathers back to their sons and the hearts of all back to Him. Now if you remember right before the event it was politically incorrect to bring up God, but after 9/11 it was a daily occurance to hear of God Bless America, and billboards being b put up with the same message. Now the Russian submarine. If you remember Russia tried to tell everyone that no one survived. That they all died instantly. I could feel in my spirit the yearning and calling of these men. This is what the Holy Spirit revealed or w hat I remember. I have Iit written in notebooks put up around here, but here's as much as I can get off the top of my head. Here we are, in the dark without hope without plan no hope from man nor of our God Sitting in the dark without a plan Kind of really makes you feel the hopelessness of their situation. Really infuriates me when they tried to say they were already dead when I could hear their hearts cry night after night until they died! I closed myself up after 2002. I do get little messages here and there. Its just too painful. I can tell you that in the times that are coming most everyone on Earth will be crying out for water, even those with an abundance of water. It just won't be fresh. Now we have all this global warming and weird weather. One thing you must know, there's nothing new under the sun. History repeats Itself. Just as I was perplexed as to how I was getting the knowledge I did, the Holy Spirit knows all. We are all living in the mind of God at all time's. Just trust and believe no matter what happens, God has made a plan.

Happy New Year guys. Love ur channel, PS. Could you look deeper into the Black eyed Children situation. BEKs

Interesting stuff EoW!

Everytime I see these two guys, I go : wow, these have to be the biggest nerds I have ever seen. Lol. But hey, I like nerds, I am a nerd too.

MJ-12, part of light alliance now, (per twitter: TS_SCI_) said those books on Barron/DT were inserted in time by the alliance, thru time machine, as clues to current events. There is truth about the book, on Agartha city, which DT/family are from. Agarthans were the inner light alliance/guardians who stayed (Pleiadians origins) to monitor the spiritual progress in humanity. When 1945 atomic occurred, it was them that sent the SOS for all the other LIGHT Galactic Guardians (Galactic Fed of Light) to come back in full force to start the operation freedom earth, before the dark ETs destroy the planet like they did w/ Maldek, after losing the battle against the dark ~300k yrs ago, thus the 2nd coming for them in this liberation; but also 2nd coming in humanity to rtn to christ consciousness, true enlightenment for 5D transformation. So it's been decades of covert ops against the dark annus/reps/grays (ancient aliens). Pleiadians blue light beam globally the past week (ie. NY) is a part of the test on the cobra event to occur soon, which include the arrests publicly, shutdown the dark's financial system, which may lead to temporary electrical grid network..but this is the last straw. Nothing to fear, as many light ships, in millions/billions of light beings, are ready to come in for 1st contact and finalized the event, victory of the light. Dissiminated msg on blue lights by the Pleiadians to not cause fear:; DT interview on 2011 slipped pizza gate, when it was a scandal yet until 2016, proof of his adv tech/connections w/ light beings:

You guys are such a fresh of breath air! = jolly grin = Yes, even with the flopping of mousey-staches and the over-sliced Sir Elton Specs... = jolly grin = still cake the take! And I should know since I know I what I know I know! = perkity grin = And I can so "feel the real" in the ol' heart zone... (nothin' like the heart's own heart know these things! = grin = ) and know that, in spite of the edge of corn that you often tread (which endear you all the more to many of us!) , it's you just being "you"...and the genuineness of your heart and "spirit" that so "ring true" in everything you share (besides whether we actually agree with every lil' point you share...or not) that makes what you share all the more "right on" in the "from the heart" way it comes across...and all of us who listen to our own hearts...on at least a semi-eye-eye basis...can tell if where you're "broadcasting" from beats as true as our own (heartbeats)! [Sure, we should use our "noggins" too...and go look up facts and check things out to be sure, but still... our way-overlooked intuitive senses are surely the ones that are often most neglected and most indispensably required when it comes to many of these things... especially when the "facts" reported elsewhere are quite jumbled and not always easy to unearth!] New fan here... only my 2nd uncommon comment ever! Lookin' forward to keepin' an eye-eye-eye on you... = grin = and supportin' you every which way we can-can! Keep it up-up-up! Our world needs more heart-centered bright spirits like you!

16th century not 14th century

I'm beginning to struggle watching and sharing your videos now. Your genuine nerdiness was cute, innocent and fun. Now it's a manufactured trademark that's been taken too far. Stay true to yourselves!!!

The $$ will take a dive , Glad to make contact. I’m an old (70) married guy. Jesus will return Prince Mahidol & his sons Kings Bhumibol & Ananda to this world at my home (in Thailand) in order to direct attention to and confirm the message of: ). forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else. Globalist [“elites”] are top level minions of Satan, the “god of this world.” Globalist human kingpin is the pope Globalist had POTUS minions for decades Globalist have Trillions of $ with which to bribe Globalist have files on everybody that is anybody Globalist have death squads Globalist have access to all kinds of weapons Globalist have CIA - FBI minion. Globalist have MSMedia minion Globalist are creating the One World Government Globalist One World Government is ordained to come to be. Globalist have planned for decades Globalist will bring down Trump and the Nationalist and end “sovereign” USA and end the “sovereign” nations of Europe. Globalist will have nukes used to end the current world order. See Vatican’s FAZZINI sculpture named “Christ rising from crater of nuke blast” See St John the Divine Cathedral “sinister sites” Revelation 13->forward reveals soul saving blessing conveying information regarding OUR end of era scenario found nowhere else. I post on FB & Twitter. Condensed account of my personal life is on my John Prewett FB page (“About – Life Events”). btw: To Twitter ladies: It’s come to my attention that a significant faction of women are looking for special good man. I’m not husband nor bf material, however, I'm waiting to be empowered as per Isaiah 40:31. After I'm empowered I'll quickly be surrounded and in unity with many newly empowered servants of Jesus. Many will be young and male. Many females will want to serve Jesus with them. Females will specialize in bearing witness (including by electronic means) to the healing and rejuvenation work Jesus will be doing. “Love one another” “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty” ...... think this over ..........

❤️❤️❤️ it is you guys in the prediction, your reporting the truth!

You look adorkable.

Kim Clement called Trump's election in 2007.

stupid, vapid, inane bullshit

You look like murr that's what you look like

ugh boring

Nostradamus 1503-1566 would be the 16th century

Thanks, guys. Spot on, as always. Love your silver and gold bowties.

Hi guys I've got an hilarious screen shot featuring you pair as wanted criminals due to coincidental positioning notifications. Dunno how to send it.

You know how I know Taylor is either full of shit? He's pushing the whole "NAZIS BAD ISRAEL IZ GREATEST ALLY!!1!" Meme. When in reality, Germany was fighting "The Cabal" and America sided with the USSR. The USSR was a blood thirsty regime that was mostly comprised of Jewish supremacists. Hell, communism itself is primarily based on and influenced by Jewish/Talmudic prophecy. To anyone who rejects these facts, I highly recommend looking into the birth of communism and the ethnic/religious background of those spearheading communist movements throughout history. BONUS TIP: Try to find just one example of Hitler even so much as hinting at a mass genocide of Jews. All you will find are examples of the call for expulsion, not extermination. Israel intentionally bombed the SS Liberty and Israel was the main force behind 9/11 to trick the US into supporting endless wars in the Middle East. Wars meant to destabilize and destroy countries. Displacing the native population to flood/destroy EuroCentric countries and to free up land for the expansion of "Greater Israel" They are NOT our ally. Any "truther" who continues parroting that lie is either extremely naive OR intentionally dishonest.

Nice jackets guys holy shit, ballin are we lol

Thor is for sure blessing the Venus Project.

just proves we are totally in God's hands, don't understand how people don't believe in God

Increase your life insurance coverage. Just saying. You may irritate the wrong people in high places. Stay aware.

If the main stream media goes bank rupt that would be huge and wonderful. But it’s odd to peg somthing like that as completely plausible. Maybe a company or two would. But not the entire industry or sector itself

you guys are awesome. Keep it up.

Anything Pro Israel or painting Trump as a Messiah is just Zionist movement propaganda and that shit is no bueno, although that Von Trump book is pretty wild.

do you think the prophecies have changed over time though the mandela effect? maybe thats why they changed, time travelers? I know crazy lol but going back to certain event to change something which then making a ripple effect and changing present time?

I'm this channel but think you all are great. seeing more.if giuf interview with David Wilcock. When will that be about!?

AAaaaahhahahahahaha! YOU GUYS ARE SO ADORABLE!!!! THOSE COSTUMES ARE SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! THA ABSOLUTE BEST!!! I just love you guys, not just because you are humorously clever but because you are intelligent, articulate, sensitive and compassionate, you always do your research thoroughly, at least as thorough as is possible in this era of disinformation and historical lies...still you seem to dig deep and find things so enlightening. Some of those that I have shared your show with, those that are mostly "Doubting Thomases" have actually changed their thinking, they awakened BECAUSE OF YOU!!! I was so happy!! Many have told me your show is better than mainstream tv BUT is worthy of being ON main stream TV that is seen by the masses...I 100% AGREE!!! I am THE most picky...hahaha...seriously, ever since I was a kid I saw the flaws and lies in TV. I was also able to discern truth from entertainment to outright in accuracy and their machinations to control what "THEY" want us to believe...I was wondering if you guys would be interested in delving into the whole Vietnam insanity. I knew many including my uncle who was a fighter pilot and my brother who was in the Green Berets...there were compelling information of guys guarding strange technology sights, UFO's and alien beings in the jungle, other insanely strange but from what we've learned since that war, these stories are now completely plausible. I was around guys from the military my entire life and the strange stories these guys told were phenomenal. I found it interesting that many homeless vets, suffering from "PTSD" , "shell-shocked" told the most bizarre stories...supposedly guys would hear voices in there head (VOG TECH), they had chunks of missing time and I mean whole platoons, they talked of soldiers that just seemed "other-worldly" with capabilities no other soldiers had and they said they acted odd, they wouldn't interact with the other soldiers...I heard many stories and any of these guys who said they tried to tell people were written off as drug addicts or suffering from SS or PTSD or that they were just insane. If that wasn't horrible enough some of these guys told me their buddies would just disappear and when they tried inquiring on their location, some were told they had no record of these guys, or that they had been killed or all sorts of things these guys deeply questioned the validity. I have not heard any current researchers do anything on this subject and thought maybe you guys would like to cover it somewhat. It will take a great deal of work. Lots of these guys are pretty paranoid and need to gain trust but some will tell you everything they know. There are plenty of Vietnam era vets that have written books and want to talk about these things but want to remain anonymous. Anyway, just a suggestion. if anyone could do it YOU GUYS COULD!! It would probably have to be one of those 5 part series things. Happiest New Years guys....sending you blessing of love, peace and the brightest of futures!!!

Enjoyed this very much. Good work!

The Psychic Twins brought the receipts!

“Rob and Ben, There so Hot right now!” Hahah you guys looked awesome (glad you can laugh at yourselves) and gave GREAT information!! As usual!!

Energy corruption might refer to Puna Geothermal Venture energy plant in Hawawii, is owned by Israeli person or at least has links to it. You guys have an interview in your channel with Michael Salla and the Dee_p Stat connection to the geothermal plant.

Love your channel guys. Ya can tell alot of good work and thorough investigation goes into each subject. You dont fall victim to every conspiracy. But can you please do a video of Bigfoot. There's just so much to unbox there. And second, i think the Alien/UFO phenomenon is alot stranger than we think. Be it interdimensional beings or an advanced culture or race that lives on Earth with us, but branched off a millennia ago. Just a thought. Keep up the good work and wish ya a prosperous 2019....


Those outfits are definitely out on the edge and I Love it! Keep on keepin on Ben and Rob. You have us out on the edge with you and we are going to be the change. You have help this leaps and bounds. Love, Light, Peace and Stay on the EDGE! DaveyJO In Pa.

finally! Button down dress shirts and proper sport coats! HUZZAH! Well done, gentlemen!

you guys are cute

Can you do one on the royal family of England

meh i prefer listening to time travelers ;)

Happy new year good video keep up the good work .

I just want to ask...does anyone know of any active militia? I doubt one exists. 2nd amendment - A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Yet we see the infringement. Sure, people have to go through security checks because you don't want to sell nut jobs firearms, but that is infringing on our rights right there. They don't want us organized, they don't want a militia forming to fight back against them, and if a militia did form you better be damn sure if you didn't think nukes existed before, they will pull them out and use them on us if a militia ever did form and started hunting down these people that are traitors to their country and all the corrupt politicians. There is NEVER going to be an uprising, people are just going to be subservient slaves and go about their daily lives slaving away at a job to make the rich richer, struggling to make ends meet, and everything is working according to plan. Nothing is going to change until we unite and stand together and fight back against all these forces trying to keep us enslaved. So whatever happens to this world and its people, it is deserving and we have it coming to us for allowing these injustices to carry on.

Can I preDICK which one of you is top or bottom?

What do we think? Ah sure you're gorgeous, the two of you.

Click bate title, there was no predictions for 2019

we hear that nostradamus was an illuminati plant, hired to create prophecies so the bad guys could make them true. it was a joint snow-job, it seems. whoa. thank you. great post.



you are the best guys!

Any knowledgable statistician can make accurate predictions of future events. Still , the predictions made are so vague and ambiguous one could ascribe the predictions to almost any current event.

Project VENUS was established by JACQUE FRESCO. He died just some years ago (over 100 y.o.). Now his partner ROXANNE MEADOWS leads the project. A plan is to build first self-sustainable city for a new society where central A.I. runs it and there is no money in use ... J. Fresco was very important american futurist. Find two extraordinary documentaries and learn something from it!

Hello! just found you two guys - good videos.  I'm looking for a specific video titled "Ancient Relics", where can I find it?  I'm trying to figure out if the Annunaki did genetically engineer us or not? Is this Anu God? Who is Jesus?  Thank you and Happy New Year!   Peace and Love to all :) and Great news from the Lord to Amanda Grace! Be encouraged folks!!!!

Hmm interesting duo

I LOVE this channel so much. Seriously.

Laura Bodin 1 second ago Greg Hunter and Dave Janda interview. Excellent!!!! Another video for your information.

Did u hear about that pilot who prophecized, that this year, you might eat some sort of food

all knowledge, wisdom, ETC is written in BOOKS , is there a big agenda behind ?

Did that Mark dude predict whether Trump would get a second term?

"nostradamus" is not what we think-ed to know ! just look and learn from history !

FEAR NOT!!! TRUMP T=TRUMP R=RUNS U=UNDER M=MARY'S P=PROTECTION Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism...Family Rosary The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great! The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time WWG1WGA…Q

Why the hell is the guy on the right wearing eye shadow . These guys are not funny at all

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