Pewdiepie and The Rebranding of White Nationalism

Pewdiepie and The Rebranding of White Nationalism

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A gunman, with an automatic, weapon has opened fire on a mosque in central Christchurch, this can now only be described. As a. Terrorist, attack in the most extraordinary fashion, he. Live-streamed. What. We believed was his attack, in the, Al Noor mosque in Christchurch. It seems it was filmed with some, sort of GoPro, head, mounted, or body mounted. Camera, the, footage showed him firing, indiscriminately, at, men women and children from close. Range, he changed. Magazines, seven. Pounds on March, 15th, after ending his Facebook livestream a gunman, opened fire on two different mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand the, total, number of, people, who have died in this horrendous, event. 49. Ultimately. Killing more than 50 people making, this attack the deadliest in New Zealand's recent history, he. Wrote a 74, page manifesto in which he describes why, he's doing what he's doing and in, that manifesto, a few things become clear he's. A white nationalist who believe that Australia and, New Zealand should, remain white who, saw the immigration, of Muslims as a threat he, believed in white genocide which argues that through race mixing and immigration. White, people will eventually become extinct. And he makes several references to youtubers. Right-wing, speakers and other voices that are popular in social media, before. He embarked on his killing spree he, said remember, hoods. Subscribe. To beautifully, well I don't personally believe that PewDiePie, is responsible. For this terrorist incident and many, of the things that in the manifesto, can be boiled down to shitposting. The, incident, got me thinking about how white supremacy, has been rebranded in an age of social media and it reminded me of a conversation, that I had at YouTube HQ. I'm. 28 years old and I've been a youtuber, since I was 15 years old I started, making videos in my bedroom where I come to speak about how frustrating, my day was tired. Of. Continuously. Trying. To.

Maintain. I called. It a new, log but, I was later told that most people refer to it as a blog YouTube. Was a home for me a place for me to freely express myself in ways that I didn't totally feel comfortable, in real life I documented. My pursuit of education and then later my transition, that started after I was accepted to the College of my dreams I cultivated. A small yet dedicated, following but I never, really wanted to be a youtuber. I don't feel like. Dealing. With the bullshit that goes on in the comments I get enough of it privately, I don't feel like dealing with it public publicly, I wouldn't. Say I really became one until after Trayvon, Martin was killed and the reaction to his death revealed to me that some of the people I considered, friends didn't. Truly have a positive, view of black people as a whole but, saw me as one of the good ones, so. This inspired me to shift my content, from discussions, of my personal, life to my newfound passion for social justice I wanted to express how I felt about what was happening in the world while, also educating, people where I could this content became popular because at the time I was one of very few people creating, content like it and of. Course in that process I was, introduced to another side of YouTube a side of the web where people instead, of challenging racism. Frequently. Made excuses for it and this, is where I discovered that there is actually, quite a prevalent, presence of content, that was at least sympathetic. To white supremacy, and at most actually, advocating, for white nationalism. I've seen YouTube change in the over decade that I've been, it, used to be where we post cat videos but today we've seen the rise of influencer, culture and, for, some posting videos online is their career while. Some of these people make a living telling jokes or unboxing, the newest gadgets others make money propagating, hate upon, discovering, this I dismissed, it white, supremacy, is obviously. A bad idea that wouldn't hold up but, what I looked into these channels I saw that some of them were quite popular and many, of them were able to make hundreds, of thousands, of dollars through crowdfunding, sites like patreon. I wondered. Why that was, why. Are people from different parts of the world using the same language when they discuss white genocide and supremacy, why. Are these channels, doing so well and why do so, many people listen to them but. In order to figure that out I had to dive into white supremacy, as an ideology, and try, to understand, why something that seems to me so terrible, can, seem so attractive, and entertaining, to others well. To figure that out I had to go across the pond and back to around the time when I started my youtube channel in the early 2000s. In the early 80s British, fascist, activist John Tyndall established, a far right-wing political party, called the British National, Party Tyndall, had a long history of organizing.

Neo-nazi, Groups in the 50s and 60s and had made several attempts, at gaining a seat in the House of Commons and the European Parliament to no success. Your. Policy is to send them home, to. Send them home where possible, or at least to resettle, them if there's not an immediate own available, to resettle, them somewhere in the world you, see so to so many. Immigrants. This. Is him. Well. It may be but. That, is, not what is regarded. By the majority, of the population you, talk of compensation, do you see but what happens when money fails to persuade, the. Family to go. We. Made, it perfectly, clear that. This, is going to be something implicit, testimony. Most, of the VM Keys actions were street rallies and marches that promoted the idea that only white people should, have access to British citizenship, and warning. Of the impending white genocide where, the white race would eventually be, out bred and effectively, replaced, by immigrants of color, Tyndale, and the BNP have launched a drive for new recruits to the cause a, prime. Target is a young white working-class man, they. Look for them around, Scotland's football grounds. The. Propaganda, of, movements. Like the BMP, is, very seductive. Indeed and. You. Go up to some kid on the football terrace. We've. Got no job, perhaps. The government have been kind, enough to put him on some scheme where he learns to cut grass or something like that for two years and. The. BMP offered. Instant. Solutions, you. Think. That's. A butyl approach is. I. Knew. Your family ever been in the armed inmate. Which. The youngster is likely to reply yes, my father my grandfather. Yes. And. He fought for this country, for. You. And. The government giving it away to. A. Lot of bloody. Asians. Once Chinese. God knows what. Your. Father forfeit, for you, is. Stolen, from you by traitors, have. You got the bottle have you got the guts to fight put it back it's your country. Now. You see an, approach like that has. Everything. The. Boy, in that position. Needs. The. Ku Klux Klan the, League of st. Andrews European. Neo-nazis. The British National, Party, these. Small and disparate, groups on the extreme right have, one common, connection, a hatred. Of the Jewish people we, hope to convince the. British people that the Holocaust, is alive and that. The sway of the Holocaust, has, generated, enormous, race. Hate for, the German people and for, any right-wing. Nationalist, like ourselves, the. Holocaust, has, definitely. Been overthrown, by. The works of the revisionist, historians, there, is absolutely, no doubt about it, remove. The Jew you removed the problem, pure. Unadulterated. Pure. Under little tractor there, are now under, private john. Tyndall. To. Me the BMP was a blatantly, neo-nazi. Group complete, with hitler references, so, it would be an understatement to say that they had a branding, issue that. All changed when Nick Griffin took Tyndall's place in 1999. Walking. Into a political party that had failed several times to secure seats in parliament Griffin. Was a breath of fresh air with, new ideas he. Wanted to modernize the, movement and make it more digestible to, the British public he, started to rebrand the BMPs, message to focus on immigration, the incompatibility, of certain racial groups with white people and the dangers of Islam, whether. It's called immigration. Asylum. Or managed migration, it's, now a third-world flood, which, is wrecking this country, after the BMPs neo-nazi, reputation, had so laid their image Griffin, would stress that they were not a racist, movement but were simply, a movement responding.

To Anti-white, racism he. Focused, on white working-class people, who, were unsatisfied, with the Labor Party and felt that immigrants, were taking their jobs, regularly. The BNP carried, out community service in mostly white working-class, areas, while, wearing the BNP logo, this, slowly but surely started, to change the public perception of the BNP the, BNP obviously, posed 16%, of the vote in Barnsley what do you think about that, actually. Do, you think it's a good thing that the BNP I've. Got a representative, in Europe yes. Could. You tell me why. Because, the BMP, scored, very highly and it's called 16%, in Barnsley, what you think's behind that. People. Just better, put the same old-same I think. Under. Griffin's leadership, the BMP gained two seats in parliament with one going to himself and by, the time he was ousted from the BMP in 2009. They, had won over 50, seats in local government, white nationalism, wasn't, restrained to Britain and white, nationalists, around the world started to see Griffin as a political, genius he. Had taken white supremacy, and made it so digestible. And positioned. It is so reasonable, that it started to gain traction in, the, April of the year 2000. He met with a group of white nationalists, from Texas, at, this meeting he stressed his methods of selling white nationalism, there's. A difference between, selling, out your ideas, and saying, your. Ideas and, British National Party isn't, about sending. Out these ideas between. Your ideas - but, we might determine now to, sell that. Means basically to, use. These saleable words as a same freedom, security. Identity. Democracy. Nobody, can. Criticize them nobody, can color you and attack you while those ideas they. Are saleable but, that's one thing once. By being rather more subtle we've got a certain position where, we control these broadcasting, media perhaps. One day the British people might change their mind it's like yes every last one was gold perhaps, they will one thing, but. If you're popping out as your something, to start with even, again absolutely nowhere so. Instead. Of talking about racial, purity, we talk about identity, the, ultimate goal in, all white ethno, state how. Do they get there by. Putting a more presentable face onto white nationalism, and softening, their message sitting. Right next to him during this talk was, former, Grand Wizard of the KKK. David, Duke it's, no shock that methods, that worked in the UK it would also be translated, to the United States on. October 27. 2016, mother. Jones published an article titled meet the dapper white nationalist, writing the trump wave. The, article profiled, Richard Spencer who created the term outright a movement, about white identity the. Article makes several references to Spencer's, usage of memes such as Pepe the Frog as useful, tools in spreading his white nationalist, message the, article also gives you a look into what white nationalist, movements look like today, Spencer. Believes in an idyllic future. Where the main criteria, for citizenship, would be whiteness, whiteness. Is loosely, defined by him but it would for sure exclude, most Hispanics, blacks, Asians, Muslims. And Jewish people white why did youse need a safe space do you want to say so G I want a white ethno state a state I can't live in nah, why would you be against that sorry, why would you be against it well let me see there, was slavery. That was a kind of fool. There. Was apartheid. And. That, didn't work out so well, didn't. Work out well for nots now it, didn't work out well for anybody it was a very very bad idea and. Africans. Have benefited. From their experience, with white supremacy he's, hopeful that non-white people will agree to return to the land of their ancestors as in his view that would be the best for everyone this, interview was conducted before, the election, but Richard Spencer was incredibly, excited, at the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president Donald Trump came along and I feel like my, movement, and my ideology we.

Can Be a kind of Vanguard for, a presidential, candidate that his, his, arrow is pointing, in our direction, in fact he argued that if Trump did win it would be in part because of the alt Rights effective, usage of memes the idea, that, Hitler. Has, a monopoly, on. Identity. For white people is just simply ridiculous, a month, later after Trump won the presidency, while at a conference in Washington a video, was taken of him screaming hail Trump, hail, our people hail victory to. An audience of men doing a Nazi salute after. That he did a series of interviews for various news outlets discussing. How a Trump win is a win for the alright and a win for white nationalism, at large and many. Of them complimented, the way that he trusts. When. Most of us think of a white supremacist, we think about an obnoxious, skinhead, or a hooded KKK, member burning, a cross on our front yards but, Richard, Spencer dresses, like a church boy he's. Well-spoken, he's, charismatic and, to, some people he's, good-looking, Spencer, was solidified, as a figure, worth speaking to with ideas, that were worthy of being spread to. Me this confused, me because the Spyders church boy looks his rhetoric is inherently. Dehumanizing. To myself and other people of color spencer. Dreams of a future where people, of color just, pick up and go back to lands that are completely foreign, to them so that he can secure a white ethno state in America, it. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is unlikely, to happen and if it does it's unlikely to happen without violence, to. Me his ideas, are bad and his goals are hurtful but. Whatever founding, principles, in this country is our right to freedom of speech Spencer's. Existence started a debate about whether or not we should give people like him a platform, especially. Because at the time the media was so fixated. On him in the, August of 2017. A statue, of Confederate General. Robert E Lee was going to be torn down in Charlottesville, Virginia upon. Receiving this news Jason.

Kessler A white supremacist, activist, and member of the alt-right organized. The unite the right rally after a year of protesting, the statues removal, Richard. Spencer was, a featured speaker, this. Rally would be the alt rights first big event the, movement, had mostly functioned, online so a lot of people could easily dismiss, it as a movement, for basement-dwelling, white, men who were angry at the world knowing. This the daily stormer an incredibly, popular blog, among white supremacists, published, a post all but, begging the attendees, to look presentable hip. Sexy. And dangerous, in the, blog post andrew, Anglin advises, the men attending, event to not wear anything that could possibly resemble. The uniform of previous, white nationalist, movements, while, the blog was flanked with examples, of how well-dressed Nazis were he, stressed that not to care if any Lea had as he said too, much baggage it, even tells them to go to the gym and to wear fitted pants and t-shirts not, skinny jeans or belly shirts because that would be too feminine and we don't want that they, were as they have in the past trying, to rebrand what white supremacy, looks like an even heavenly advised that the movement should have a new uniform, at, the rally most of them wore beige khakis, in polos that were fitted, for the most part we're, honoring, the founding, fathers, who were white were honoring, all of the. Great, white, men who, are being smeared. The. Interesting thing about this rally was that while they tried to hide their racism under the guise of free speech and their uniforms, they, didn't really do a great job they couldn't, really hide the violence, and vitriol behind what they believed in through, the crowd you heard. And. A, variation of that phrase. Obviously. Referring to the concept of white genocide where, white countries, are out bred and replaced by those who they deem as non-white. White. Supremacists round his car into a crowd of protesters killing. A woman named Heather hare and injuring, several other people, jason. Kessler's initial response to an audience during a news conference about the incident, was I would like to condemn, any, of the violence, that happened, yesterday I guess, about, anything. That led to folks. Getting hurt but, a few days later on Twitter he, stated that Heather Hare was a fat disgusting communist. Who deserved to die because, communists, have killed over 94 million people and her, death was just payback, he. Would delete the tweet the next morning and blame it on ambien, xanax, and alcohol ultimately. The unite the right rally did not make white nationalists, look good and Richard, Spencer and other white supremacists, distance themselves from Kessler. When Kessler was organizing, the 2018 unite, the right rally he, distanced himself from Spencer, because to him the, alt-right had become synonymous with neo Nazism, and that, isn't who he says he is when, I first met Spencer he, made my skin crawl he, was, just a creepy individual. Everything. That he said was stilted. Like he was not being. Completely. Forthcoming, about. What. He was saying right. He, had a poster. Of Adolf Hitler on his, wall. At. The time I was thinking all this neo-nazi. Stuff, in that was popping, up on 4chan, was, more, ironic, more, for shock humor. Later, on I would, come, to find out that that is not the case and that's part, of why we had so many problems that unite the right because. The. That. Neo-nazi, contingent. Was not a bug it was a feature and that's directly, due to the influence of people like Spencer, who, I think are taking legitimate. Populist. Anger by, white people about the discrimination, and replacement. Policies, against. Them right now and he's diverting, it into this neo-nazi, garbage. That every. White person in the country is gonna turn against, and is your message for today that white supremacy should, be the, main, message. Here of, course I'm not a white supremacist, no. It's that white people should have the same treatment. As any other groups we should be able to stand, up for ourselves we're, becoming a minority than in the United States and Europe by 2050. I think there's a lot of anti white discrimination.

In This country that is not being faced and people, have to walk, on eggshells because other, groups have. Organizations. Like the n-double a-c-p or, the AVL that, will stand up for black people or Jewish people if they, are being harassed, because, of their race but white people don't have that and we. Don't and because of that I feel like there's unequal, treatment, similarly. Richard Spencer denies that he has a white supremacist, but instead calls himself and, identitarian. With, race being the foundation of his identity much, like March the, Nazis, are the only ones who ever did that I'm talking about you. Screaming. Nazi. Slogans, in charlottesville, but. First off I I don't I don't go around screaming, slogans. And. Anything. And the, slogan is actually, you, will not replace us right, and I also heard you. Might have heard that you were you there yeah. Sure. Some people shouted. That so, what and see these sorts of semantics, are part of the rebranding, of white supremacy, remember. Nick Griffin reframe, the bnps historically, neo-nazi. Platform, as not, racist, but simply critical, of immigration. And concern for the state of white people this. Pivot is important. In selling the message that their concerns, are valid in, the same way that wearing a Nazi uniform would be too obvious say. Outright, that they won all-white ethno state would seem too racist and most. People at least in theory accept, that racism is a bad thing and they wouldn't want to co-sign it but, they might be open to hearing story, after story of, how certain non-white, immigrant, groups are dangerous. And should, be prevented from coming into the country Kessler, and Spencer may disagree with each other and identify themselves differently but they both still dream of a society without people, of color they. Still believe that non-white, people immigrating, into America, will lead to white, genocide they. Still believe that immigrants, especially when they're Muslim are incompatible, with white people and shouldn't, share space, the. Unite the right rally did a great job at demonstrating, how white nationalists, want to be seen and how they truly feel they. Carefully tried, to curate a presentable, version, of their message and it didn't work, several. Different white supremacist, groups with different ideologies but largely the same goals came together with different approaches, this also shows that their ideologies, are intertwined. Whether they're a proud neo-nazi. Or Church, boys concerned, about the future of the white race remember. David Duke the, former, KKK leader, an American, politician who was sitting next to Nick Griffin while he, spoke about the long-term goals of the rebranding, of white nationalism, well. He, was also at the rally and he had this to say about it what does today represent Union the cameras right here what does today represent you. This. Represents. The. Promises. We. Believed in that's why we voted for Donald Trump because, he said he's going to take our country back. Remember. That one of Griffin's long-term, goals was getting white nationalism, to the point where it was legitimized, by the government, and slowly, but surely the, goals of white nationalism, can be reached and that's.

The Thing people, can debate about whether or not Trump is a racist but, either way the, racists, seem to think that he's on their side some, of the things that he's saying, issues. That we've been tackling for years now we talked about globalism, we talked about America, first these. Sort of things bringing back American, jobs these are things that he's, hitting wrong so it's. Put a lot of our. Nationalism. Sort of becoming mainstream and white nationalist, at large believed that even if they have slight disagreements. With Trump ultimately. He's, working towards their goals and this, has caused some people to become emboldened. Especially. As Trump minimizes, their impact and refuses. To alienate, them back, to PewDiePie when, he heard that his name was mentioned in a terrorist attack he, quickly moved to disavow the terrorist and his actions, but, people began to point out that PewDiePie, had previously, done things that many people would consider we're, dog whistles, to white supremacist, and they also pointed out that he was currently following several, people that many consider to be the gateways, to white nationalism, Kidd. O'Connell took a screenshot of those people and posted it with the caption, here are some of the Nazi scum PewDiePie was following until recently why, is he following them because PewDiePie, is a Nazi, I don't, want to dismiss O'Connell's, point here that many of the people on that list flirt with white nationalism, and some of them I'd say Nazism. However. I think that dismissing, them all is Nazis, and PewDiePie, by extension is one overlooks. The reason why people often follow this particular, group of people I know that it sounds like splitting hairs but I think part of understanding how, white nationalism, has been rebranded is, understanding. How white nationalists, target people who don't, yet hold white nationalists. As I pointed out earlier the, BMP focused most of their energy towards, recruiting men who were young working-class. And felt as though there was currently no position for them in society, and this, tactic, started long before the internet would become a haven for young men who felt exactly. That way young men in that position frequently desire, some sort of guidance and when you're that lonely it's, sometimes, easier to find that online, youtube. User Faraday, speaks recently, published a video discussing, how he went from being a fairly, progressive person, to falling, down the ultra-right rabbit hole through some, of the people that PewDiePie, used to follow I fell, down the. Alright, rat, hole one, thing that was always true for me throughout high school when I was younger was I was always much a very liberal person fast, forward, to my graduation, and I. Go, to college I come from a poor rural background, and I. Thought that I was, going. To get myself out of this situation you. Know get an engineering, degree, go. You know get, into environmentalism. Maybe solar panels, or something and I was gonna change the world and accomplish. All my dreams and get away from all these like it's. Funny looking back conservative. Type. Of a. Society. That I felt was too regimented, in wanting. To control me but when. I went to college that's. Not what happened I got depressed, and. There. Weren't a lot of people like me there like. I didn't work the wrong crowds and, I. Just. I got. Depressed I got lost I was looking for the wrong kinds of validation, and I ended up flunking out I became. Very. Depressed upon. Returning, home my, friends, had all left I was. Alone, I didn't have a good relationship with my family I would stay in my room and, I, would, just surf the web all day and I. Went back to YouTube you, know something that was comforting, for me when I was in high school going through you know these types of experiences, take this type of frustration. And, what. I was looking for was I was looking for a way to fix myself eventually, as, I, was. Looking through all. These videos this. Little, video his. Youtuber, popped, up in my sidebar, it was stefan molyneux it's that fun resonated, with me because Stefan. Had shared, the same experiences, that I had shared Stefan. He, had. A traumatic childhood he, had issues with his mother he, had. Issues with the rest of his family he had issues with the society, around him he was angry of society around him that never stepped in and did anything to, help him and these, were all things that I felt with its brain was so true to me and then he taught me you know he he, started talking about how, he was able to get out of it he blamed a lot of. His. Situation, on. Liberalism. He was charming, and intelligent and, he had a different, message with it with content, that had a different, format that I was used to and and.

I Just I wanted, so hard to, believe that this person who. Was like me, was. Able to fix themselves ice. In my mind I set him up as an authority figure as. I watched Morgan's content, I mean you know for the first couple months and, it just self-help, stuff but. Then I started to notice that he had all these other videos, about. Politics. And social. Commentary. And you, know he would talk about like the relationships, between men and women, and he would talk about you. Know the state behind it he, always had the veneer of like. He was a Renaissance man calls, himself a philosopher that is trying to bring the objective, truth to the world his philosophy. Was called objectivism, I, was. Young and naive when. He would feed me this, information, about history, and, about. You. Know what. He saw as scientific, facts. And. His theories and, his social commentaries. Because. Of the benefits, that I've gotten from him and the. Pain that he had relieved for me I, built. I assumed. I assumed. He was honest, slowly, over, time I, started to adapt. A lot. Of those ideas. That he had about society, about politics, but top of that he had more he had guests on his show and so. When. He would bring a guest on they. Would have their own little pet issue that, they would want to talk about. Islam. Feminism. All. Types, of things I thought, will staffs, vetted these people and he. Talks it positively with him in the video and he agrees with them and so, I would set them up as an authority figure and then. I would start go, to the year their YouTube channel and I would start consuming their content, mind you Steph's ideas this was 2014. When. I found him his ideas were a lot more mild and. So. I, got introduced to people like Crowder and Shapiro, and, I. You. Know once I started listening to them I started believing in to a lot of the conservative, principles and then. From there I, got. Introduced to people like Lawrence southern and Kevin McKenna's and then, finally, by the end of it I'm you know and I'm, listening to Jared Taylor talk. About racial, differences, and. It. It. All had this sense that it was all connected and they had clear out burbs on. Who the enemy was and and who was reliable you, know the left the, liberals, the communists, you know there was always this conspiracy. At the gates that the left is trying to take us down and it seems implausible because, the left does, seem to have a domination, on things like Hollywood, and, a. Lot of the culture, and, so. The. You know these conservatives, they would play it up like they were victims, like their, free speech was being taken and their values were being destroyed and I bought into that rhetoric I started, out as a libertarian. My. Knew when I would provide Stefan's content before that I was a liberal but. As. I listen to stuff on it picked. Up libertarian. Ideas well what happened, was I would get to a point where, you, know I wanted the libertarianism. Because I wanted a free society but then I realize that well, we can't have a free society if, there. Isn't social cohesion and there, isn't a strong structure to bind this together and. So. I would, start I, slowly. Found. Myself turning into a conservative. I started, out as a libertarian and then, because I thought that we needed a social cohesion I became a conservative, and then from there I thought that, the.

Conservatives, Weren't going far enough you. Know we call them Cox and. And. I. Started to believe. That, we. Needed strong borders, and we needed a national, identity and we. Needed to raise the birth rates, and. To, me it wasn't necessarily white birth rates I saw it more as like we. Needed more intelligent, people having children as, I started to learn more as I listened to people like you know Jared Taylor or, you, know Molyneux, who started putting out a lot more race content, talk about race I raised an IQ, talking. About the bell curve, and. You know they use this term called race realism, and, the idea is that there's, differences, in the races depending on where they evolved, in the world they're, immutable you. Know they're tied to biology, I bought, into that and because, of that I started, to see society as, a product. Of, this. Company, you know the the, combination between culture, and race and race. Being, so important, because it's tied to IQ, I brought, more and more into it I went further down the funnel and at. The point where I landed. I wouldn't. Call it fool all right and I didn't go that far but I did entertain ideas and especially during the era about, a strong. Leader a, unified. Party and you. Know we had to expel, the invaders, which I saw was like Muslims and, and Marxist. And we had to expel the traitors which you, know once again we're like the Communists. And and then, anybody, that was promoting, degeneracy. Within our culture, I just kept falling deeper. And deeper, into this and it appealed to me because it. Made me feel a sense of belonging it made me feel a sense of of progressing. Forward, both. Progressing, forward and preserving. What, we have there, are many dangers, in the way that white nationalism. Has been rebranded but one of the biggest ones is that it doesn't seem like white nationalism, it's. Very rarely presented, to you as someone trying to sell you a luxury, condo, on the ethno, state you. Have to be convinced, and it's hard to convince someone who is raised in a diverse society that. Diversity. Is the reason for all of their problems another. Danger, is that it's been rebranded in a way where it can be denied, remember. Nick Griffin said there's, a difference between, setting, out your ideas, and setting, your. Ideas annamaria, National Party isn't about sending. Out these ideas which. Were your ideas too but, we might determine now to, sell, happening. Is basically to use. These saleable words as I say freedom, security. Identity. Democracy. Nobody. Can. Criticize them nobody, can come you attack you all those ideas they. Are saleable, but, that's one name once. By being rather more subtle we've got ourselves in a position where, we control these broadcasting, media perhaps. One day the British people might change their mind it's like yes every last one was gold its, strategic. It's intentional, plausible. Deniability is part, of why these ideas, can grow and spread and they. Know this most. Of the people on that list don't produce content, that is blatantly white nationalist, but, they often create content, that feeds into its ideologies.

And While they're all different and some of them even disagree with each other they, often work in Congress frequently. People, are drawn in with things that are innocuous. Initially. Young men may be drawn to jordan peterson because seems like a father-figure that gives sagely advice, however. As you follow him you hear more and more about things like birth rates immigration. Levels and the proper role of women in society under. A man he'll. Collaborate, and interact with people who flirt closer and closer to white nationalism. And people, who may have been following, him for sagely advice, are now introduced, to people with, more severe ideologies, so. While Jordan Peterson, on his own may not believe in the alt-right as a movement as someone who is against identity politics, even for white people following. Him frequently, leads you to following people with, more blatantly, white nationalist, views who, also discussed birth rates immigration. And the proper role of a woman in society, so, these different speakers connect through similar criticisms, and while they may have slightly different ideas from each other frequently, their, audience, is the same and that audience is also, part of pewdiepies audience, so, what, now is PewDiePie. And Nazi, I don't. Think so I do, however believe that, he's incredibly, useful to those who want to spread white nationalism, and he's, being courted by those who know that his platform is probably the most effective at doing this think. About it white, nationalists, have been fighting for decades to, mainstream, their ideology, in a world where everyone seems tethered to the Internet having, the support of the most subscribed to person on YouTube means, a lot not only to those talking heads but to PewDiePie's followers, while. Someone like ben shapiro isn't, a white nationalist he, and Spencer have similar, ideas about immigration and how Muslims are incompatible, with American, culture, Sudeep. Is also mentioned ben shapiro several. Times and shapiro has even hosted a segment on his channel from. What I can tell PewDiePie, thinks ben shapiro is, a meme, and doesn't really take him seriously, or anything, he says seriously, however. Maybe that's not how it's being seen by his audience, people, who both support, shapiro and think that he's ridiculous, and meme worthy might see his existence, on PewDiePie's channel as, support, it, has the benefit of not alienating, people who support some of the more damaging, things that he says while also maintaining his, audience, who laughs at him PewDiePie, tries, to be apolitical so he doesn't criticize Shapiro. But, while Shapiro may post something worthy, he is at his core very, political. While Peter Pan has said that he doesn't support hate or hate groups he hasn't, done it in a way that would actively, alienate, the white nationalist who follow him. Situations. Like this have always confused, me because well sure you, can't really control your followers, you, can make it clear that you disagree, with their ideologies. You, can make it clear that you don't want the support of people who hold certain beliefs but. Doing, that will potentially mean, losing money and I. Get that like. I said I didn't, always want for this to be my job but now it is and whenever, you make a bold stance especially, one that goes against the status quo you, often experience, a huge loss, well. I've tried to be apolitical I've recognized. That living, functioning. And succeeding, as a black transgender woman is incredibly. Political, my, mere existence is, the fodder for political, discourse, of debate my, experience, is minimized, in the ongoing conversations. About whether or not I should have access to civil rights I've. Made the decision to stand up for what's right even, though it often comes at a great loss that's a decision I've made for. What I believe, is the greater good but. It's one many, won't make it's. My concept that got me invited to the YouTube headquarters in 2017. Where I met with various, teams and got the chance to sit down and ask the CEO of YouTube what she's doing about this intentional, rebranding, of white nationalism, and how it had the capacity to, radicalize, people towards terrorism and the. Answer I got was both. Expected. And. Incredibly. Depressing.

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You should also talk about how they use the average cis straight person’s misunderstanding of LGBTQ+ folks to seduce more of them to the alt-right. Their “attack helicopter” “jokes” and stuff became pretty widespread, from my point of view as a non-binary trans person. Because of those “jokes” and memes, trans people are immediately seen as mentally ill, over-the-top (when we tell people what our gender, pronouns, and name are), and “asking for too much” when we talk about the basic rights we STILL don’t have

I cannot believe this video got demonetized. That just seems so wrong to me.

thank you for this Kat!!!!

An interesting and well done video!

Good video. Going in, initially I thought you were going to actually called Pewdiepie a nazi. Having the his name and face so closely put side-by-side with alt-right and nazi ideology might be viewed as disrespectful, but I understand why you did it. For one, it gets people clicking and viewing a video which has an important message, valuable information and a new perspective that the general Internet audience needs to see, but also, for the obvious reason that it is relevant to the subject matter in question (due to his unfortunate association with the material having been forced on him by the general public and mainstream media). I agree with most of what you said and I'm glad that unlike some, you at least acknowledge flat out that you don't think Pewdiepie is a nazi, because guilt by association is so tiresome, however, where I will disagree is when you say he has not done anything to disassociate from them, when he has actually said on more than one occasion that he wants to get white nationalists off of YouTube which is pretty bold considering, as you said, his apolitical nature as an entertainer. (Non-political YouTubers don't really owe their audience a firm political stance, but also like you said, as a black, transgender online personality, you don't always get that luxury). While I'm tired of people on the left constantly throwing false accusations publicly of center-left, centrists or critics of feminism as having any level of association with nazis or the alt-right, I do think that even accidental or light association should be carefully examined and actively talked about. We should all always self-analyze to make sure we are the best versions of our character that we can be to serve humanity as a whole. While I don't always agree with your videos, I absolutely love hearing your perspective. Great work!

curse that cliffhanger

Absolutely fantastic video, I'm British-Pakistani and your analysis of the BNP was spot on. I've seen so many white people, including my own cousins, fall for this ideology because they have nothing else to represent them. The British right is utilizing the entrenched class system in our society to further their bile. It's insidious, dangerous and needs to be addressed.

When Spencer said “Black people benefited from White Supremacy“ I literally CHOKED ON MY COFFEE. Is this what you see?!? You are in favour of racism and literal genocides and then argue that they are GOOD or BENEFICIAL for the victims in any way?!?! Or at least try to argue that way?? And people believe that and support him?!?

People who listen to what you see are a joke

when will pewdiepie talk about the mouthfeel

i just want to give my personal take from this as a pewdiepie fan: i came in instantly going to dislike this but after watching parts of the video (not all cause its a long video and i don't have all the free time in the world, i apologise if i have missed a point that contradicts what I am going to say) i just ended up neither giving a like or dislike. What you say about white supremacists and racists trying to use his platform to gain more traction is a lot more believable to a point where i could see even pewdiepie somewhat agreeing with it if presented in the right tone (I think most people would get into a defensive mode when being related to racists) as for people like Ben Shapiro (who, I'm gonna be completely honest, i don't know much about him, I know he is far-right, jewish, against trans people and against Muslims but i don't know any of his reasoning behind his beliefs) i think pewdiepie did a good job of not boarding to any political side and kept to the memes which made it so he wasn't making fun of him to much for some debate to start (jeez imagine ben shaprio vs pewdiepie) but not promoting him enough to let him gain a new audience. I don't believe pewdiepie had anything to with the mosque shooting, and while yes racists could possibly use his platform as a means of spreading their beliefs (in a non direct way so to speak), to me it seemed that the sick individual was brought into nazism way before anything to do with pewdiepie and I really don't think any one directly is responsible for the shooting (for e.g trump and Candice Owens and i really dislike them two) and also the fact that pewds did seem to be shattered by the event in the tweet he made. overall if i had to give criticism i think the thumbnail could instantly draw away people but over all decent video from what i saw.

I’ve always felt solidarity with Black people as a Jewish person because growing up I first experienced racism when my elementary school was broken into and tagged with swastikas. From a very young age I experienced racism and then as I grew older in the US and saw the anti blackness that fills this country I realized that we have very similar experiences.

Great job dissecting the ecosystem and tactics of these groups. I don't delve too deeply into this stuff beyond irl political fallout, I find the whole mess really confusing. Think I have a better handle on these amorphous distinctions and roles now. ❤

This...... is CONTENT!!!

This is an extrordanrily well made video that will probably never reach who it needs to unfortunately. I hate to say it, but most people are going to listen to someone who looks like them rather than someone actually intelligent.

Terminology point: “The Government” in the UK refers to the cabinet and the executive branch. So, MPs not in the executive, and judges are not considered to be part of “The Government”. This is a great video, and this is a minor point, but the BNP having seats in Government, would be a much more significant problem than just getting MPs into Parliament. It would be on the scale of Trump getting elected.

White people are going to support those monsters because it's how they receive unearned privileges. And they want poc to go along with it too.

i watched that video of the guy who came back from the alt-right rabbit hole, a good proportion of the comments were arguing vehemently that none of the people he mentioned were actually alt-right. it's scary how effective their rebranding is, that people are so willing to argue the funnel isn't there until it suddenly is. irony and satire is such an effective form of plausible deniability on youtube, essentially saying "haha, i'm not into that... unless you are," is all these people seem to need to get off the hook in these conversations.

Thanks for this video. I don't live in America and you educate me about how racism is intertwined in many american and european societies

Concidering Pewdiepie is in your title, you didn't talk very much about him demonstrating how he's usefull to the Alt Right.

Those BNP videos gave me awful flashbacks to Griffin on question time and Mark Collett, who was a more local nazi fuck

As a pewdiepie fan of over 6 years this video has been incredibly informative. I hope my fellow felix fans DON'T open fire on this video but I doubt it won't happen. I'm looking forward to part 2

This video is to long to show my Black student union at school but as one on D the officers I know I for sure will be shouting it out cause this is so interesting like I said in another comment this should be on Netflix

Pretty sure you're a superhero, Kat!

Wow this is really cool you did a lot of research this should be on Netflix

This is mostly irrelevant to your video, but I just realized that I've been quietly subscribed for so long that I completely forgot you were born with the opposite equipment. Maybe people will say that to me in a few years.

I just wanted to say the thumbnail for this video is absolutely next level, I love it!

Just wanted to drop a comment. Love your videos and you’re an amazing soul. ❤️

Happy to see the comment section so receptive to this video. In before pewdiepies fan base tries to troll this video with out actually considering the information and history given. You gave incredible points that are tangible to the average person that isn’t versed in this subject.

Great work as usual, Kat. Thank you for this.

It is fucking terrifying that white nationalist still exist today. I'm honestly scared


I love this video and I learned so much, but putting Pewdiepie in the title and thumbnail here is rather ingenuine, talking about all these awful men here, but branding it with his face is sending the wrong message, especially with you actually saying that you don’t believe he’s a nazi. He also has made his views clear that he does not want to be associated with those people and he does not agree with them. Anyone who actually watches his videos knows his stance. He is not a symbol of white supremacy next to those awful men in the video. But how many people actually make it to the end of the video, where you say he is not a nazi? Most just see his name and face next to clips of incredibly racist and disgusting men.

Excuse me? Really disrespectful you’re assuming Pewdiepie as a racist, he literally accepts everyone so stop

Watch the video

She didn't say that?

I can already imagine the stupidity that will take place in the comments... stay strong amazing video!

I’m high so idk if this is weird to say but I love that you literally inserted a montage of cute outfits and looks at 37:23 ofc you would do that

Shared. Thanks for the video, Kat. It must have taken strength and courage to make.

"While I don't personally believe Pewdiepie is responsible for this terrorist incident…" Then why is he in the thumbnail next to Hitler? Edit: LACI GREEN is on the list of bad people Pewdiepie follows. Jesus Christ, that's like _two different levels_ of guilt by association.

"Hail tRump! Hail our people! Hail victory!" --Richard Spencer Hail victory. Hmm. You know the what the German translation of "hail victory" is? "Sieg Heil". No. White supremacy has nothing to do with Hitler. Nonono not at all.

great video once again!!! I think it’s great that you examined the BNP. not enough people know how horrible they were and their place in the history of white nationalism, even in the UK.

Excellent expose‘ Kat!

Thank you, this video is excellent. Super concisely showing how the rebranding of White-Supremacy happens and just how intentional it has been. Makes me think, this definitely has overlap with some other kinds of violence, like mass shootings, I saw a really good video about how the ideas from that have spread out 'like an evil spider' (On the Columbine shooting by YTer 'Ask A Mortician' link: ) Really liked in particular how you showed adjacency to these ideas can be enough to indirectly promote them. I know that just using the same language and hanging out in the same circles does this, but you're absolutely right they could chose to call it out and they don't. What's really scary is how close these racist ideas are to the surface. I think of it like a chain of idea venn-diagrams, overlap with one person can lead you to adopting the ideas of the people they overlap with. And it's not a long chain because it doesn't need to be. Anyone on that list of of people Pewdiepie followed is more likely to be suggested to his viewers, because that's one of the ways YT works. Lauren Southern was on that list and she literally has said she is a white nationalist, so that's only 1 hop over on the venn-idea-chain.

Showing the manifesto like that will probably get the video blocked in nz... It's illegal to own or show.

I just never understand when the White Americans say they want to 'take their country back', because it never was 'their' country in the first place, so frustrating.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you for creating this. Thank you again for another fantastic video, Kat.

Ben Shapiro and Richard Spencer don't share similar views on Muslims and American Culture. Ben's argument is that immigrants from non western cultures need to assimilate if they want to live in America. Richard Spencer believes Whites are superior due to their race. How you conflate these two is baffling. How much research went into this?

I frankly don't understand why other white people are so threatened by immigrants and POC and the idea of being "outbred."

This video is brilliant , thank you for being brave to put it out there it sure isnt easy . I can already hear the crowd of 16 yo pewdiepie fans just losing their shit at this...urgh...

Ben Shapiro is islamophobic, and white nationalists are too. That doesn't mean they are very similar otherwise, and therefore it doesn't seem like the connection between him and Pewdiepie is super relevant to the topic in my opinion. Also many of these people do disavow white nationalism

This was fantastic, I got chills. It's bizarre how there have to be layers to the ways terrible beliefs are communicated. An ex's parents were very upper class (I'm British) and looked down on anyone not living up to their standards, and yet at dinner once I heard his mum say disgusting things about Asian people. Because it was couched in pretentious terms, however, it was somehow OK. People like them hate openly racist people because they just come out and reveal the darkness in their own hearts, when they're absolutely just as bad.

Thank you so much for this video. It has a connection on what’s happening here in Brazil too. Lov ya! ❤️

My wig flew. sooo sharing this!

This video was very engaging and well researched. You’re so underrated kat.

“They’re target was young white working class men.” It always is...

If my parents knew english i would show them this video right away , they don't believe that this is as bad as it is they just thing it's couple crazy people and since they are in their 50's they don't understand how big that problem is on youtube

A Neo Nazi does some neo nazi shit, Neo Nazi: it's just a meme dude can't you take a joke

I'm SO GLAD a friend sent me this video. Great content, so well researched! Hate isn't just a random thing that happens out of nowhere for no reason - we need to understand it to fight it properly.

Excellent work, Kat. I'm better equipped to deal with these topics after watching this video. I can see why this took the amount of time it did to come together.

Fabulous video! Super glad my boyfriend turned me on to your videos and I look forward to showing support through Patreon soon! All the best!

Honestly every second of this video after the intro made me sick to my stomach and my skin crawl. Great job on this video though.

It was pretty upsetting to make so I'm glad at least.the point got across

White working class and youth needs to realize they are just pawns in the Alt-right and white nationalist's agenda just like how disenfranchised Muslim youth is to ISIS. They could die tomorrow to further extremist causes and nobody would give a shit.

+Kat Blaque also thanks for doing this. It must have taken so many hours of editing and researching.

This is so true and that is what's really sad about it. They Target the lonely and they finally feel like someone cares about them, but they don't

this video is so important and amazing!!! the whole thing is so well put together and informative

Glad you made this video!

Can't wait for all the douchey shitposters to arrive This is a really great video regardless

You've helped me put words to a lot of feelings that I've had, but couldn't articulate. Wow. Thank you, Kat. I can't wait for pt. 2!

Man... I am shaking having watched this entire video. This is brilliant!

For me, I think the biggest issue with PewDiePie is that he COULD lead an anti-racism revolution if he wanted to. He has a large following, he could easily mount a massive defense of human dignity and support racial justice. The fact that he keeps getting linked to white nationalists and now mass shooters and still chooses not to use his platform to fight hate shows me that, at a bare minimum, he just doesn't care all that much about racial violence. He sleeps soundly. Maybe he's not a nationalist himself, but boy is he super comfortable in their embrace.

This comment is woefully misled. It really bugs me that people on both sides of the spectrum see Pewdiepie as some white nationalist Messiah when he doesn’t associate with or encourage such behaviour. He does not endorse white nationalists and when he does renounce it it gets no attention because guess what no one cares about political discussions if its not being used to enrage people. There’s an unfortunate link between some aspects of meme culture and neo-nazis. It’s no one’s fault and you can’t spend your entire career fighting sth you and your fans know you aren’t.

I guess that's my only real qualm with him as well. But that's also my qualm with most YouTubers. The sad reality is.they don't actually care and even if they did, expressing as much would put their careers at risk. Unless you're appealing to the politics of rich people, generally speaking, making political content isn't lucrative. He makes more money at least trying to see politically apathetic.

some amazing points were made here. so articulate as always.

I'm so happy you did this video even if I feel like, in a way, people will still find ways to gaslight and hide how much of an issue this is. I think the only thing I disagree with is that this rhetoric started with Trump's election in the US. In my opinion, it started with the creation of groups like the Tea Party during the McCain/Obama & Romney/Obama election era who, later, fizzled out and rebranded into other groups when they realized their failures came from their overt white supremacist beliefs and goals. In a way, the Tea Party and the Republican candidates of those years was our BNP. Beyond that, I feel like people give Pewdiepie way too much room to maneuver and do incredibly harmful actions. He has a platform of millions upon millions, even passive acceptance of white nationalist rhetoric on his platform can be incredibly damaging. He doesn't even have to identify as a white nationalist to be one of the best white nationalist out there. Just giving them a platform with no pushback is enough due to his popularity and, in all honesty, I find it irresponsible and damaging as fuck that him and his audience can't seem to understand that.

Fantastic work on this Kat, truly.

Whew! This was a great video Kat! And it's going to have multiple parts? Thank you for putting in the emotional labor in researching for this topic, and educating. This was very eye-opening, and seeing so many parallels between the Nationalist rhetoric of 1980s Britain and 2016 - 2019 America just made my stomach sink, realizing that history is repeating itself.

Good work Kat! Can't wait for part 2. :)

Your videos are always great, but this one especially so. Thank you so much for making this!

I'm glad you made this video, thank you for making it

Thank you for all your hard work, Kat! This was amazingly done!

this is way better than any of Shane Dawson's "documentaries"

Cool story bro, needs more recycled pizza.

lol!! Those are such jokes

COMPLETELY AGREE! I love this content a lot more


This video is so important! You’re consistently doing the work TV journalists/talking heads should be doing or paying you for.

This video was very good

What a great video! I really love your long, researched videos.

omg thank u for this. as hard as it is to admit in my rabbit hole over here i thought i was the only one thinking this correlation

This was very well put together.

This worries me. This scares me. My province just elected a government that has links with White Nationalism, homophobia and sexism. Large swaths of my province are working class, many towns have long histories with the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy. At the core, the wet dreams of William Pierce’s *The Turner’s Diary* gleefully promotes the complete destruction and genocide of people who don’t fit within their White Supremacist vision; this is at its very core the fantasy shared by many, many White Supremacists. This isn’t hyperbole. What concerns me is the need to rewrite history and to criticize the past without looking at the present. We want to ignore the experiences of people, whether it fit within what we wish history was - whether it be the removal of “slavery” or “slaves” in school textbooks, or removing Kate Smith’s statues because of a movie that featured her singing racially charged songs - without allowing for a nuanced discussion. Meanwhile, we actively have racist politicians, media personalities and online groups that promote bigotry. The past is easy to chastise or change - the present day, not so much. And all of this serves for us to repeat our mistakes... And this is it, I am constantly feeling overwhelmed with dread as I get older as White Supremacy because more mainstreamed and commonplace - the less power I have over stopping it. I can vocalized my opinions. I can vote... but, still, nothing I have done has changed the course. And the fact that many larger media outlets don’t focus nearly as much on this issue, the fact that huge online conglomerates and media sources rather focus on _hot topics_ rather than actually targeting the truly scary and alarming issues... man, who knows. I think we all need to be made more aware of the ongoings of those in power. Sorry, I just went on a weird tangent but I feel really overwhelmed like we are just rehearsing Cabaret. Also, it is or isn’t very shocking how many larger popular YouTuber holds these type of values. Or, are enticed into these values... because they use predatory methods on disenfranchised youths. Also, fuck Ben Shapiro.

Sending you good vibes Kat love the video

you did that, Kat

I'm subscribed to Pewds, not going to hate on anyone.

I legit just finished an essay on this for one of my grad courses, perfect timing! I just wanted to say this is wonderfully researched, argued, and edited! I think this is one of your best videos yet, and I've been watching you for a couple of years. I know this must have been an incredibly hard video to research and make, so I just wanted to say thank you for doing it because I think this is such an important topic and I haven't really seen anything else here that addresses it directly. What really shocked me when I was researching my own essay on this topic was how long this 'rebranding' has been going on for, especially because I feel like a lot of discussions of the alt-right don't really link the movement to earlier forms of white nationalism. I love that you included a section on the historical predecessors of the the alt-right in your video and how you linked the BNP with the white power movement in America. One thing that may interest you (or you may have already come across in your research), is that a lot of BNP's rhetoric can be linked to the French New Right movement in the 80s which is where a lot of this rights-based and identity focused language comes from. I also really liked how you talked about how YouTube radicalizes these young people, not only the algorithm but these 'alt-light' figures themselves who associate with more extreme white nationalists. I always find it difficult justifying to people why people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are so dangerous and I think you point really put that into words for me. Thanks again for the great video, super excited for part 2!

Thank you, Kat. This video was really eye opening and you did a great job at explaining how racism is becoming more and more mainstream. It’s sad but hopefully this video will wake people up.

Finally someone is talking about this!!!

This video is great, and I'm glad you made it. RIP to your comment section though. What always gets me is white supremacy is inherently hierarchical, so if they were to get their "White Ethnostate", I wonder how they would go about who is going to be "on top" and who is going to be "on the bottom." Will is be by money or will it be by "how white" said white person is, because people seem to have forgotten that there was once a time where there were levels to whiteness and those who were "the most white" were automatically considered better, and treated better, than those who were considered "less white."

Wow this was absolutely amazing! All of this is so true and puts into words of what I've been thinking for the past year or so. Please continue, Kat with your amazing work and I can't wait to see more!

Great video, Kat. It is important for social influencers to disavow Ethno-nationalism. “National boundaries are not evident when we view the Earth from space. Fanatical ethnic or religious or national chauvinisms are a little difficult to maintain when we see our planet as a fragile blue crescent fading to become an inconspicuous point of light against the bastion and citadel of the stars.” — Carl Sagan

This topic *can not* be talked about enough. Thank you for taking it on Kat, can't wait for the next part!

So it was you who spoke to YouTube and got them to censor our videos? And you wonder why white people don't want anything to do with you.

Stay tuned for part 2 because thats definitely not the conclusion of the conversation.

Thank you so much for making this video!

Your title and the opening of the video is slanderous just by the very nature of it suggesting that PewDiePie had anything to do with it or it's his fault at all. If I were him, I'd check in to legal action

+Kat Blaque it was after the intro, but let's not split hairs. I heard you say it just to cover your behind after the intro that makes heavy inference. That's some pretty big bias. And the whole video about those evil white supremacist male characters rant on about...? I will guarantee you that the amount of white supremacist out there is less than the LGBT population. Which I believe is about 10% of the total population. Something around there. I believe you and others on the left side of the aisle are seeing ghosts. This whole video could have just been summarized in 2 seconds if you popped on, said I hate Trump, and white males, and left. More creativity needed.

I literally say in my introduction that I don't think PewDiePie is responsible for the terrorist attack.

Nationalist have to realize their arguments make no sense. I think this “passive” white nationalism ideology is going to only grow and become more violent. This was excellent coverage Kat! ❤️

I slightly agree, but I also think that White Nationalists believe their ideals only make sense to themselves, and the sad/angry white boys of the world, since they are the White Nationalists main target. They don't care if their argument don't make sense to the layperson, so long as they are able to sway other whites that have those inclinations to their side, so they can grow their power, and have their hate crimes more openly accepted, as opposed to, "it's accepted but polite society can't admit it".

This type of content is SO important. Thank you for making this

Thanks for highlighting the far right in the UK the same ‘rebranding’ was used in a lot of propaganda around pushing for Brexit. Then there’s the old ‘Southern Strategy’ employed by the Nixon campaign.

Great video, Kat. Very well-written and well-researched. I think it does a lot to expose and scrutinize the psychological manipulation that goes into grooming radical and racist behaviors. Not only does it help the people who agree with you to recognize these quiet manipulations when they happen, but it might just open the eyes of someone who's falling prey to them. Thank you. I'll be waiting for part 2. :)

I came to the comments to say exactly the same thing as Future Cat. Some of us have been working hard to centre Muslims in the narrative about the massacre. That means we tell their stories, their heroism, and we do not watch the video made by the murderer or listen to his voice. I recommend everyone follow Khaled Beydoun on social media, who posted tirelessly to humanise the Muslim victims, survivors and heroes. A content warning would be great for what’s shown here. I persisted with the video because your perspective is powerful, thought out, and we have much to learn from you. I especially appreciated the historical framing that the rise of the National Front gives us. Really helps put the current plausible deniability in perspective. Thankyou for this video Kat.

Kat Blaque thank you for this video, Kat.

This is a brilliant documentary. Thanks so much for this resource. I'll be signing up for your patron ASAP. X

+Kat Blaque Thanks Kat.

Kat Blaque Link where Jordan Peterson talks about race and IQ Link of Indian Dr talking about how Aryans used religion and race to control people and how it’s BS The genetic disorders which affect Ashkenazi Jews because they are so closely related which J.P. never talks about. While he speaks of race purity

Kat Blaque Brilliant documentary. I have provided some links for you which maybe you might want to include in part 2. Sorry for how long it is I love to chat

Future Cat: That's fair. This was a pretty hard video for me to make and I couldn't sit with most of it, but i think seeing it and hearing it is part of us understanding the terror of it all. I respect your reaction and I apologize.

I think what you had to say in this video was incredibly important - thank you for making it. I wish though that you hadn't used the livestream footage from the mosque shooter. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, and although I didn't personally know any of the victims of the shootings, like almost everyone in our very small city, I was affected by the horror of what happened here. Our media in NZ have been very careful not to show any of the video, or the manifesto (and in fact both are now classified as offensive publications in NZ), so the clips you showed are the first time I've seen even those "harmless" parts, or heard the shooter's voice. I was surprised just how much seeing those tiny clips affected me - I felt physically sick, and had to turn away from the screen, and almost turned off your video entirely, except that I wanted to hear what you'd have to say, because I know it would be insightful. Of course, you weren't to know that someone from Christchurch would watch your video, and I don't want to censor you, but for the first time I truly understand what trigger warnings are for, because my first thought was "I wish I'd been warned I was about to see that".

Thanks, Kat. I really appreciate that you decided to make these. Over the past couple years since I gave up software engineering to be a comedian, my work has evolved to focus more on social justice issues and in particular since I started making YouTube videos, about four of my last 6 videos have included some anti-fascist content specifically. The video I'm working on right now talks in detail about why a lot of the problems both from fascism and within fascist groups stem specifically from an obsession with heredity / genetics. It's a review of Carol Dweck's research in her book Mindset, which outlines the way all that antisocial behavior is a logical conclusion that stems from their belief that DNA is an all-important predictor.

Your perspective is important and highly valued by so many of us and I appreciate all the effort you put into these videos ❤❤❤

Everyone needs a scapegoat

You wouldn't know a Nazi if it jackbooted your door in at 3 am.

I see you're shadowbanning and silencing any sort of criticism. What did i expect from a moronic far left extremist like you.

Excellent video Kat

Thank you so much for doing this!!!!

In my 11 years of watching videos on this site, honestly the best video I've ever seen come across. Liked, subscribed and cannot wait for more content Oh and also, does your channel deliberately not display your number of subscribers? I wasn't even aware you could do that aha

I can imagine how hard it was trying to figure out how much of Faraday Speaks’ video to include while editing lol.

Gosh Kat you really inspire me and your thought process is so great to listen to

Just came to say your a racist black women that's extremely ignorant and so lost in her own privilege as an American citizen that you feel the need to go around and say anything you want and just ignore people who tell you that your blatantly wrong you havent experienced true racism and true hate


All these people are always talking about how the white race is dying out and being replaced but no one explains why this is bad. They’re just fear mongering without giving real reasons to fear. What is so bad about mixing cultures? No one is going to force mixed couples, and it doesn’t mean either culture will go away or that one will dominate the other. Also, this is no “white” culture and whatever American culture there is, is shared by the PoC who have been here for almost as long or longer. The heritages that make up “white” culture have even been prosecuted by other white people. How can Irish be part of a white ethnostate when they used to be shunned? What happens when a white enthnostate realizes its made of different cultures? Will it decide Italians or Spaniards aren’t white enough and turn against them too?

Can’t wait for the second part!! thank you for all your content over the years and for helping me become a more educated individual! Love and support always! ❤️

Please do a video about Jordan Peterson !

I view conservatives like a dirty disgusting plague that infests people through there delusional honey words hellbent on inequality and destroying the planet.

Well hello paranoia. Vids like this just means i can't look at any person for weeks without wondering wether they're a horrible person. Including myself.

I watched this entire video and had no idea she's a trans-woman...she is beautiful! Keep these videos flowing, plz.

glad to see you back girl!

Thank you for this video, glad to see a youtuber tackling this issue !!

Excellent video. My next video tangentially relates to some of this

Pewdiepie do have superiority complex, when he gets called out for it....... he declares everything as joke. he was my favorite. i stopped watching his vids since last yr and i witnessed his transition .

thank you for keeping the shooters name and face out of this

This is so good, makes me feel guilty about not properly paying attention to you before even though I was subbed. Fixing that now

In my opinion, immigration is the new colonialism. We are stripping 3rd world nations of their smartest, most ambitious people and bringing them to our countries to help improve our own lives and line the pockets of the super rich. Imagine of the last 60 years of immigration didn't happen and those people stayed in their own countries, building them up instead of propping up the West... I think we'd have far less poverty in the world, and far more balance. Maybe the West wouldn't be as rich, and maybe all 3rd world countries would be much, much better off. How liberals and communists don't see immigration for what it really is and who it benefits is beyond me. I'm actually a left winger who is changing my tune on immigration because I see it as stripping them of their most valuable resources - smart, entrepreneurial, ambitious and motivated people... and we're using them to line the pockets of the super rich in the West. How can you be upset over centuries of colonialism stripping nations of their resources, and then turn around and be pro-immigration aka pro colonialism for the resource of people.

​+MrMarinaMalina What exactly am I wrong about? You can't simply declare me to be wrong, not provide any counterpoints and tell me to just go "read stuff". Am I wrong that we are stripping third world nations of their talent, and even their desire to improve their own countries by incentivizing emigration? Am I wrong that sustained growth of Western nations in housing (loans) and the stock market (consumer growth) benefits only the super rich? Do you have any other method of uplifting the entire country that doesn't involve stripping it of its most important resources? Or do you only have "if you were the person who FELT like you had to leave..." The people themselves could have improved their own nations if they had stayed in the same way they're improving ours. That's the whole point. Government is not holding them down in all cases. It can certainly be argued that some of them are, however without knowing how those countries might have turned out had the most intelligent people stayed to improve them, it's not really an argument. I think it's selfish and greedy of us to prioritize our own economies over theirs.

These governments that have a problem of highly skilled people leaving can take measures to incentivise these people to stay. Forcibly limiting their options you actually make it easier for these governments to not do anything to improve

+beayn reality is not that simple. Restraining all immigration is not the way to go to uplift these countries. If you actually were the person who felt like they have to leave their country to live happily you'd think differently. Please, if you care about this topic, read up on it. Consider why you could be wrong

+MrMarinaMalina Only because we keep taking all the talent and skill from their original nations. If let's say 10 million entrepreneurial people left India for other Western nations, had they stayed in India and created jobs there at least 10x that number would have benefited from their ambitions, so in essence, like colonialism of the past, we've stripped their ability to grow, and thus denied billions around the globe their ability to realize their own potential. Would you rather affect the people of an entire nation, or just pick and choose a few people to benefit? It's incredibly pro-Capitalism and pro-Colonialism when you really look at the bigger picture. A few people realize their potential while the majority suffers and rich white men line their pockets with gold from the sustained growth of the West.

I see what you mean but minimising people to resources and capital is wrong. For some of these people it's the only way to actually freely live their lives and realise their potential.

Pewdiepie and Kat fan here! I definitely felt the urge to comment early on but i managed to fully watch the video in its entirety prior to me commenting now. Great video! Im looking forward to part 2! A question for you. Do you feel like with large youtube personalities that ignorance plays a bigger factor than willful supremacy (Genuinely believing in supremacy)? I only ask this because Pewdiepie is a topic for discussion on your video. I disprove of his affiliation with figures like Ben Shapiro and following other right wing people such as Steven Crowder, but i also understand that Pewdiepie didint grow up in North america and (In my opinion) doesen't fully understand the implications of how a person's political views can be oppressive to marginalized groups. He is a white dude from Sweden who grew up in a country where white people are a massive majority. However, because he casts such a wide net with close to 100 million subscribers on youtube, the impact of even the slightest utterances can cast massive waves and indirectly, hurt people that werent meant to be targeted. Will you be visiting Canada? Love your vids!!!! Edit: I disapprove of his affiliation with figures like Ben Shapiro etc.

Keep up the amazing work.

But has Pewdiepie not made it clear that he doesn't support white nationalism? Does someone have to spell it out even though it's heavily implied? Also: H3H3 are jewish, they're not nazis or white nationalists lol. Plus they've spoken out against stuff like that. Just because they hosted Peterson (who's despicable) on their podcast, for example, doesn't mean anything on a deep level. They've had people from both sides, and the audience chooses whether or not follow him further. That is why people need to check themselves as they listen to "the other's" opinions, because certain aspects can seem to make sense but they don't hold ground.

I didn't make the list, Kit O'Connel did. Ethan and I have been at the same events, doesn't seem like a bad guy

But I actually don't blame h3h3 for anything and they shouldn't have been on that list, I don't think she made it, but PewDiePie is a different story

I think PewDiePie might be a white nationalist sympathiser or a racist. Definitely a sexist. H3H3 are Jewish but it doesn't really mean they can't be biased against Muslims and Arabs for example. It's the sense that I got from listening to them talk about issues in Israel. With both PewDiePie and h3h3 the biggest problem is simply that they are not smart nor well-read, so most of the time when they are speaking about social issues it's nonsense. They are easily susceptible to bullshit

This also goes into policing comedy and I truly don't know where to draw the line. Comedy and comedians have never made it a point to be martyrs for edgy teens. As stated in the video, the internet boosts people towards that, and teenagers haven't lived long enough to understand the complexity of various social issues intertwined into media.

Great example of a typical leftie video that just says the right is bad without saying why or disproving any of their points or concerns.

Believing that white people are the Master race and wanting to erradicate people of color from their homes is not an idea worth examining. I refuse to defend my humanity to those who've already determined I am inhuman.

You need a video explaining why racism and white nationalism is bad? Seriously?


mixed race tim poole is a white nationalist eh? I better let him know And orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro is a nazi. Are you high?

+Kat Blaque 3:30 tim poole on screen and you say sympathetic to white supremacy 24:11 many people on the list flirt with white nationalism, ben shapiro pictured

Give me the timestamp where I personally argued either of these things.

lol Tim Pool, the mixed race Bernie supporter is "sympahetic to...or advocating for white nationalism"? This is actually retarded...

Alright i’m gonna to try and be civil but you took the pewdiepie clips out of context also claimed he has never talk out about white nationalism. Pewdiepie and i quote “fuck anyone who is white nationalist” and you say you don’t think he is a nazi but you put him in a video with about nazis and don’t even get me started on the thumbnail. Also i’m open for debate but anyone who is saying “you’re tolling” you can fuck off

I actually point out that he has called said he doesn't support hate or hate groups and that's actually using the language he used in one of his tumblr posts. I didn't make the claim that he never called these people out. What I said was he hasn't done it in a way that would truly alienate them. Which is different.

the points made in this video have been repeated countless times since the new zealand shooting. the "pewdiepipeline" is pretty much the same exact arguments as this video but was created first and with better production value. not to mention the central point here that richard spencer is "rebranding" white nationalist has been beaten to death in every major media story on spencer. we get it already. i wish there was some new information or points to be made in this video but there isn't. Not an original thought to be found here.

Another great video

Hello Kat, great video. I haven't watched your videos for awhile. I hope this is not rude, but you look different.Has something happened? You look great regardless

I bet everyone wanted to be in your group when y'all had group projects in school.

I literally did all the work in most my school projects lol I'd do the whole thing and tell them to what to say lol

Martin luther king fucked us up. What is wrong with white people only wanting to be around other white people. If they want all white America let them have it. Who gives a fuck. We can go to Africa and kick all the white and Chinese out of there. We don't need to mix. What is wrong with that?

Why should black people leave America to go to Africa? They worked to build America day in and day out. In fact they have a bigger claim to America than white people.

Thanks so much for making this video. You're so brave.

Thank you for making this video, it was extremely well edited and cohesive

...did I miss something about Laci, last I heard she was just considering some “red pill” ideas, not flirting with White Nationalists, what’s good... whats up with her these days

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