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Oh. Challenge. So today we would buy books, it's gonna be way more extreme. I don't know if I want to do it again after what happened last time yeah okay, she's got a point. Definitely. Me and guys we're, not gonna be doing this challenge alone you're gonna be playing with oh stop. What you're doing now watch this video to the end your pause and you can't move. I'm. Talking, to you this ain't a joke. Why. Darling Olga Dara Singh Olga why are you helping me, I just have like a minute to myself. Kara. I see your lipstick. Please. Stop. Norman, stop stop. Stop okay, your, stall. Why. Don't you take a little poem pause. Lipstick. Just so you, call me a loser does that make me pretty. I'm. Trying to clean up Morgan can you just stop interrupting me please. Needs. To stop. Remember. In. The, last video I only got the end this time okay. Mother. Huh you. Like cutting ahead and humiliating. Uh just. For the time so. Movin now it's time to give you a taste of your own medicine. And. You just. Saved me I wouldn't, let hurt you you can impose me now. There's. No teaming, in this game, honey this morning less you forfeit, I'm gonna put your head. No, not, your girlfriend now. Oh. Boy. I. Just. Spent the last 72. Years clearing off the makeup of my forehead Walton, gave me a rash. Then I had to put more makeup on to clear it off so you know what I'm not gonna let him get away with that and I'm gonna get him back with, the help of raceworld, friend. So. As you've just saw pogo loves to lick people's faces a Mormon is a big mean boy and he hates it when the dogs love him so I've got my remote and I think you can guess Oh. No. Hey good. What. You doing just chilling. Now on a chair with your phone having a good time yeah, what, are you doing my carpal, go you should be outside right. Now because. Look. At this Morgan, and I story okay Oh. Morgan. I have a confession this show isn't for you it's for somewhere else.

I. Think. I need a shower after that. Okay. I'm gonna throw up hey move. Mountains are so sweet no I know Morgan I sent him out there as punishment for cutting my hair how, about we get some proper, revenge. Last. With. Max. Mosley, what the hell are you doing out here murdering. Not sent me out here for punishment well Martin, the punishment, is about to get a whole lot worse. Those. Eggs not gonna do well I think you gonna deal with him not again yeah Martin but it's not just gonna be me, Morgan's, gonna help as well no, okay. No, no Mason no no no. Oh. Oh. Do. Any more know. If you. Know. Two. More left. Martin. You are five seconds, to forfeit, all these, two eggs again smashed. Into your head. Logan. Can't do it Wow go for that. Gray. Now. I'm out the challenge and I got eggs all over me, head all over and also a bit support for, Martin, has been eliminated. Only three challengers, remain, are you on the moon steampunk. Or team, Kira comment, below. Well. Guys it looks like Morgan's, out there collecting all these balls out of the bushes what, Morgan doesn't know if he's about to get paws. Boggan. Oh oh, no, no, no. No. No, no no. Like. Leverage on cedar Morgan, that look brutal. Am. I gonna be pushed off a room off a clip. Morgan. Must revenge for doing this to me in the last pours Charlie, you may have survived the ladder but, there's plenty more of that to come because, Morgan I'm. His. Mom. He, noticed, where, you stood on the, net if you wanted to be a goalkeeper so, bad all you had to do was ask me. Oh. Did you just impose. No. Well. In that case. Oh. No. Oh. On. Paul smoking. You've just made a big mistake we're, going for food in 30 minutes, and you best believe I'm gonna get you pause. Unpause. Kara, what the hell are you doing oh my knee stupid, Hills my videos oh my, god ramen got all day Kara we're hungry. Are. You okay oh. Look. Look come on get, a move on bro if you really want to stay there so bad pause. So close, yet. So. Please. Don't do this, mum, stop. On there. Kill, you better hope you're a fast learner, hi girls. She's. Almost in from. What. I'm in heels are so dangled, why would you do that yes, Logan that was really stupid I don't know why you would do that shut up Joe I thought all people might be responsible, here I'm nothing you saying that about me. Stayed. In the house. Can. You please. See. Your face. Yo. Guys guys this is kind of embarrassing first you I say we run off. Okay. Fine. Did. Anybody notice Morgan no, I don't think so. Although. Morgan. Enjoy. Your hot spicy. Food, I, paint. Spicy. I. Think. I'm definitely going to need to go to the toilet, after eating this. I'm. Literally, sweating after, that I hope you're proud of yourself. Yeah. You've got a point. I. Was. Literally, choking, win a restaurant, open. No. I'm not hot, I'm just, very wet. Mum. Why, on earth you got so much toilet paper. Toilet. Paper okay. Boys get in the.

Bowl. And I wanted to run on the treadmill but. I've learned in the last video I'm, not stepping up or near that thing. Has been eliminated, now only wards, and key remain, who's gonna win this, battle. Comment, well. Cara now. Is, just, me, versus. You yeah. Morgan just, like the last video but this time I'm not gonna let you win, you seriously. Think you're gonna make me fall for my new challenge, I, crave. Morgan. Didn't, you steal offer another, youtuber, like every, video you do. Anyway. We're gonna pop it under, the wind no I'm, gonna win you, wish. Jellyfish. You. Wish. Whoa. This, is the PG channel I have the remote camera and I'm just gonna be lurking in, the shadows, waiting, for, the right moment to, pause you, yeah. Well I'm gonna be hiding yeah. You're. Right there. Oh. Actually. Morgan, I review, of this I usually stay at the bar for like free hours anyway so this, is fine you really didn't think this through did you what could you possibly, do to harm me in a bar, I'm. A few ideas let's. Start by. Doing this. These. Are so freezing, what's wrong with you oh. Okay. Fine, I'll turn the cold mutual. I. Have. A better idea, Oh. Ice. Cube. Your. Bath is about. When. You finish you may be freezing. Guys. As, Joe would say I. I. Have. Just had to recover from hypothermia. Because. If Morgan stupid, game he wants to play if he's not gonna quit I was gonna have to make him quit check out guys I just cooked up a beautiful, bowl of slime. One. Thing's for sure though it. Stinks. And it's probably, not safe for human touch that's, good because I'm, gonna pour all over Morgan, but firstly need to sneak up on him. Hey. Morgan check this out a nice ball of slime, no. Yeah. I'm. Pretty, sure I'm gonna pick it up Walker for that and then pour on your head No. I. Have. The remote now once, again if don't clean Don me I'm coming for you. I. Just, had to take three, showers, camera three, showers. Just like was repulsive, it was toxic I'm, sorry it's, just what I wouldn't need to do to get you out the challenge I really thought that would be a breaking point, apparently no no. No no no no. Remember. This guy, I'm gonna give you five seconds, to forfeit, one, leaf. I don't. Think I'm gonna be able to translate that one subtitles. Do. You. Bear. Stupidly. Pause. Oh. My. God that's not very ladylike Morgan. This. Isn't over, I'm gonna wait for the perfect time. Go, where are you going I'm going to bed okay fine I guess we'll continue in the water no, I'm, going, to bed, what you're, not coming with me you say this was, night. Morgan sweet. Dreams. Okay. It's the next day right now and, I think I might have a plan of how I can finally eliminate Morgan.

It May be too far but, I think we've established by, now it's gonna take something big, to, get into quit with the help of Jill I'm going to somehow. Pause. It, sounds complicated. It is Jill's gonna try and convince Morgan, to help her clean the leaves off the roof however there is an entrance onto the roof through one of the windows upstairs, well, we're gonna say we've lost the key in reality though, we haven't we, just need to get Morgan's reaction, as he force his death and inevitably. On pauses, Morgan, I want to get the leaves off the top of that I'm just too scared to go now, I just thought you'd go up for me just have a look how bad they are well, this doesn't seem pretty stable. So. You're basically saying if I fall I'll be okay. The battle, starts a small spark on further to go you, know it's heavy that actually, you mind bitch have a hold there's a lot of scale I don't know what he's doing whoa. You're. Behind yesterday. Hi. Suni, I'm. Really serious about what he did to me last night. This, is my life is aesthetic, I think thing at two five the, fact that you, won't save, unlight, right, now because, you win some money. Fine. And that is what I could, epic, victory boy Alpha Team Kara oh and, one more thing on polls you can click off the video now you've been here for way too long.

2019-02-13 15:40

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Hey Guys, *PAUSE* Now you have to KEEP STILL & Watch the Video to the End...

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