Our Experimental eco-friendly antifouling project begins- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 205

Our Experimental eco-friendly antifouling project begins- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 205

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Every, few years it's time to halt dillos out of the water and give her a coat of fresh bottom eight. The. Last time we painted Ellis's bottom was in Malaysia, way, back in 2015. Since. Then we've. Sailed over, 25,000. Nautical miles and. Crossed two oceans in the process a little, bit of paint still clinging on has completely, lost its antifouling, capabilities. Which. Means we need to regularly scrape the hole now. This is what our bottom looks like after, only three, weeks and the tropical, waters of Grenada, we. Can easily lose a knot or two of boat speed a fresh. Coat of paint will mean less scraping, without, Dulles to slip to the water even easier, this. Will be my fourth time painting her bottom and each, of the previous, times I use standard, antifouling I've. Tried hard semi. Ablative, and fully, ablative, paints all with varying degrees of success and none, of them are perfect this. Time I wanted to try something different something. That would last more than a year or two and most importantly something. That wouldn't reach metals, plastics, or, toxic, chemicals into the ocean all, right let's, get started. So, basically try to figure out how, much surf beer surface, area the bottom eyes. Order how much paint how, many gallons doing. We play seven. Five. Our. Measurements, came out 266. Square meters measuring. Works but, you can also use this handy formula to estimate if. You work this out for Dulles, it comes out to 709. Square feet so, pretty close to our measured value. Today. Is day. One in the mission to get jealous, is bottom repainted, and it's. Been like four. Years since, we've done it last so, it's gone down so far from us cleaning it it's almost to the gel coat so. Today we're gonna have the guys. Sandblast. Everything, back. Down to the gel coat. Johnny. The. Man. So. Good are you doing good. Good. Morning since what yeah, couldn't. Be any better oh yeah. So. What's the plan. Gonna. Get your blaster today good. News before. They stand blast our mission. For the morning, is to raise. Our bootstrap, because we put so much, on that list the past years that if you can see. Water, line goes all the way up whereas. The, front. Does, not so. It looks like the stern is constantly, sinking, into the water yes. Six. Centimeters. Yeah. I think that's perfect. Man. The ladder was up against the whole like right at the concave. Taping. The water line and it just. Neither's. Or something. I'll, learn all, my weight went right down onto my fuel, there's. Like a weird clicking, sound I don't. Think it's broken because I can move. It I. Sit. Up. I'll, move it too much over here well. Can't, do much more today so you're. Gonna head back to. That, we're staying on. And probably, just do some editing and keep my foot up cuz, can't, even stand on it and it's useless me being here right now. Yeah. Making. Preparations, to. Whew a dustless blaster, wonderful daughter is he really just mr., Zac Posen. Is kind of just a little just a little. So here we have this big awesome machine over here is. That an air compressor. And. Then, you. Percent. And also, water too and. Then. You just go. To hell on the hole with the sand. And, can, you get you'll get all the way through the paints or even through the fit and what are you the diners down to the gelcoat I mean it just stops there. How. Long do you think it'll take. Yeah yeah that's, your guest. If, you finish it. Usually. We do a quick roughs and and slap, on a new layer of paint but, over the years the, old layers have built up and it's no longer adhering.

Well, This. Time we decided to go all the way back to the gel coat and start with a fresh layer of primer. I've, scented, a bottom before by hand and it sucks, it. Takes days and days, of sweaty, hard labor and in the end they'll, swear to never do it again so. Here we are and it was money well spent. So. Today. We, got a shipment in from. Texas to, FedEx, it picked up a, new. Anchor. Anchor. Our. Old anchor is a stainless, modified, cqr. Type and, has served as well but. Is trouble, setting and hard pack bottom conditions, the, new manthis anchor is a beast, and should set like crazy. Off. The old anchor down get, all the chain out, of the chain Locker and end friended we have a hundred meters of chain on Delos so, just over 300 feet and, most of the time we, only use the first 150, feet which, means that half of it is dragging off the bottoms while the other half just sits in the chain Locker every. So often we like to end for end the chain so that the galvanization wears, evenly. So. We'll put the bad, end first, into. The chain Locker we. Also spliced, an additional 20 metres of road onto the chain which, gives us a bit more scope, but, even more importantly allows, us to cut the anchor away should we need to get away quickly, in an emergency. I forgot. Away two men obviously Waker beast, and, the moment, of truth to see how it sits on the bow All, Right girls. Working, hard yeah good, you're. Pulling up or 82. Okay, and. Stop. Oh. I think it fits pretty good. Cool. So. We're. Getting in there I think we're gonna be priming, today, and. The, first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna wash the. Hole with. Water and soap and I talked to the guys in the yard to do this all the time they said to use laundry. Detergent, for clothes. Stop fooling. Anyways. Yeah. And. Then we got to get it dry and, we have to put denatured, alcohol and. Clean it with towels all over the whole okay. So. We put the primer on we. Have to wipe, everything with denatured alcohol this. Just gets rid of any, leftover, grease or dust or. Anything. That won't make the paint stick. And. Then it's. Ringing so. We may have to go right into it. We, can definitely clean in the right. Strong. It's. Nice that we can just walk over from the boat it's like literally a 20 second commute yeah which is a little bit dangerous actually. A. Lot. Of good stuff here. Yeah. They. Had to at the store here one, was the Internet, in a protects 2002, the, other one was the Seahawk tough stuff and we. Talked to the paint manufacturer, for the bottom paint that we're using and he. Said that this one worked just fine it'll. Give us good protection, from osmosis. And blisters on the bottom and. It'll seal up the. Gel coat real good oh. That's. My sister. It's like a good shirt. Mask. On. Here, comes the rain. We're. Getting there we got the first, coat of epoxy primer, the barrier coat on yesterday. We're gonna do three coats in total we're, gonna go with. A white coat on top of this one and then, another gray coat on top of this and that should seal it the primer we're using serves two purposes, first, off it seals the bottom and prevents, moisture from penetrating the, gel coat which could cause us Moses and blisters.

Secondly. It gives whatever bottom, paint you choose a good, surface to adhere to you, get the art of finishing. The. Last lots, of code, three. Yeah. Three. Coats. So. So, good though. Almost, there. Three, coats huh damn. Some, of you guys might know we've changed to, induction, stove. Because, our lithium batteries, are, pumping, out so much good power now we, can actually use an induction stove. The oven, has been a little bit of a question mark and we have now bought a. Toaster oven it's. Basically. A small, electric. Air, convection, oven, which i think is gonna be really cool takes what, 1300, watts per 1300. Watts so it's less than the stove agent we're gonna try and find a way to mount it on to the gimbal so that it sits under the stove and. Karen. Can make her sweet as chocolate cheeks, without them we're flowing while we're sailing to attach arms. At. The kind of four corners of this top bit I go, down and then, go underneath this so. It just hangs underneath all of that and, then, Gibble's together is one solid. Swing. Chair. So. We've taken all the proper measurements, and now we're, just kind, of bending, these, long pieces and. To, the right size. Our, metal pieces are all bent up the only thing is they only had like mild steel. Which. Is not corrosion, resistant so, we're just gonna put a layer of chrome. Aluminum is. The color of choice because I. Already. Mounted. We, tighten up the screws, put some more screws in. Put, some padding so it doesn't rattle. Look, at that thing. My. Lord. That's good enough. Yes. What. Are you up to now brother, today is step 22. Or, something on the bottom and we're. Gonna do the boot stripe today it, looks good semi, squiggly. Fire. Red. Sweet. Time. Now. It's time for the. Satisfying, part of removing, the tape. As, a clean line did, you learn anything about painting, a boot straight yeah. I think we learnt fought a lot. I think, we done the measuring, job really, well like it doesn't look too uneven. But. I think the hard part is, actually the taping, we should have done a better job really.

Taping It down. And. Probably put two tapes. Over each other because the paint, became so thick on top that it's like hard to get it off and. Then also, to. Not leave the tape for too long up there so. - like tape, it paint. It straight away and, then as. Soon as it's dry take it down because now that the glue of the tape is, like kind. Of melted. Because of the heat and everything so. It's like super hard to get off and when you then need, to use like a little tool, the, the, surface becomes an uneven. We, have decided to not just do one stripe, on the boot stripe but to do two stripes, one, red and one white. So. Me, and Brian just kind. Of taped it all last, night and my, first thing this morning, is. Task, number. One paint. The white so, it's actually quite fun today. We are also doing some, gel, coating. Brian is Rieger. Coating the front and. I used to the back step. Okay. Looking, good Jessa. Today, is a. Upgrade. Maggie kind of day and. We're, gonna be adding a. Tow. Bar it's so much wakeboarding. And now, that we have our foil board it's. So nice to be able to tow behind Maggie's, but always tow from down. Here low, and. With a full board, that's, especially a problem because you're up out of the air so, we. Had this thing, welded. Up and we're going to drill, some holes in here. And. We also decided, to get. Some some. Mounts rage mounts. Made to get the, stand. Up paddleboards on the side of the boats that are not clogging this deck area right here so being. Brady got these going the other days now we have all. This. Clear. Deck. Space. You. Just put. -, these. Hello. On here, captain, woof. Patting, on there so. Pretty good I. Know. That's, party, so is your in for activities. For. The the racks. That go on the outside, it. Was like almost, two hundred US dollars no, way yeah, we found those little things in the scrap metal behind, the. 25. ECT solar degrees so for like 10 bucks 10 bucks plus, padding, was like 40. Season. Zip ties. We. Were in for about $30, see, said and done. I've, decided to start the next project, which is finding. Out why the rudder is leaking, there's apparently a, nylon, nut on the top that can be tightened I got, this special tool sent.

In From Amell and I. Also got new, packing, material, to. Seal the rudder up and I gotta get all, this apart. We'll. Go from there. This. Quadrant, is really, stuck on here I've been sort of beating it with the hammer and, alternating, using. The gear puller and, wd-40. Kind. Of moving a little bit about what I've got to do is I think I'm it's just never. Been out ever, so. It's all created sources, the corrosion it was just seizing that on there it's been on there for what almost 19, years so, I've got to get this nylon, nut, out of there and then under that should be the, packing, material, I think so, we'll get this cleaned up. Turns. Out the. Packing, is, really packaged, in here it's quite. Tough to get out there, are three layers of packing material, and the idea is to offset them 120, degrees so that the gaps are evenly spaced in the center of an uncut piece when. The pocket is compressed, it makes a watertight seal on, the rudder shaft. All. Right I got the clutter, and all cleaned up and painted. The other day all the rust is gone and. Now it's time to see. If I can get it all together, again. The. Last thing I have to do is test, to make sure that there's good continuity, because. Our sacrificial. Sinks, are on the rudder so, there's not a good connection between the bonding system and, the, zinc. Electrolysis. Zero, ohms, which. Means that they have a good connection. To see that. Call. That one good and death. The, big question, is how do we paint the. Squares where, the, mounts. Are currently so these days right here we. Were able to get fire on and all the painting done except for this this, is the hurricane cradle, which. We had put, on while we were back, home visiting. Family and now we're back and so here's what we do is the hurricane cradle gets removed these, stands, get, put in, its place the. Weight of the boat is, still, resting, on the same place on the. Keel and so. These guys are here taking the entire thing apart, carrying. It away and then when this goes away this will, go I don't. Believe these in its place and we'll paint. People. Art. They said it was okay to put this speaker on - so we're gonna try it. This, is the final. Step. Before we spray, our. Seacoast. Dx10. Silicone. Make our cake. We've got three coats of primer on. Use an heirloom spray gun. And learn. How to use it first, and. Then spray, the, entire, hole, an. Idea is that a glass tube finish. We, wanted to try a different type of bottom paint this time around but, at this point you could pretty much apply any kind of paint you choose looking. Pretty serious that rope.

The. Paint we chose works by being slippery which makes it difficult for things to stick to the hole it. Doesn't release chemicals, or metals into the ocean and it relies on speed, through the water to stay clean enough, Paul goes well it should last for at least eight years we're. Hoping that this in combination, with the ultrasonic. Antifouling system, will provide a good eco-friendly. Antifouling, solution. One, of the most interesting bottom, paint jobs now it's the most interesting bottom band I've, ever done. Like, we normally just slop, on the regular. Black biocide, but this is enough. Some kind of a crazy. Ultra, smooth coating that doesn't what we're, turning Delos to do a Teflon frying pan I think. You're. A slippery. The big risk because if, it doesn't work a lot. Of work to go by that. Look. At those moves I. Learned. From the best, he's. Got moves. All, the way. Yeah. Is that it. Nice, - now into gallon, coats. Of gallons. Look, at how shiny, this thing is this like shimmering. Tiffany. We're. Gonna grease up the prop we've, got these research. Fittings on the side, got. My water, feature with um grease and watch right here. Like water as. You. Know which, is a good sign a new Greece is white. Is. Moving. We're, headed to jealous. Everything's done. In the water. Today. Yes. It's. Only been five months of hawks, and flights and vets and couches, and. Sleeping. Bags. No more no, more. Decided, always. A little. Interesting. Procedure. Everybody. Does a little bit different. Is used like this small. Little flatbed, truck because, they knock it in. And then it goes in the travel, they know what they're doing so. Shiny. And. Or it happens, you know. Like. A lot, of weight sitting, in, and the bottom adult is super smooth. Just crazy machinery, and. Sided asleep at home tonight. Making, sure that the transducer. We put back in let's not leaking and there's no water coming in. No. We're good no water what. Are you checking down there, well I need to open up the through-hole, get, water into the engine and then we. Need to start up the beast make sure she's written on all right it's, all clean and smelling, good down here.

Starter, Not even kicking overs and you know but, the fact that the fan turns on the battery is good, so, let's plan that we're, gonna open. Up the battery compartment so. That the. Starter. Engine side it's. Reading only six volts, we've, got thirteen. Point two which is good, on. This side of the switch we've. Got thirteen, point two on. This side of the switch we've, got six, and. If. You look at the other bottom, this is twenty. Seven. And the other side is, twenty. Seven so it's only the 12-volt, side, so. I wondered if this contact, inside, this switch has gone bad or maybe it wasn't fully engaged while they were like halfway alright, well let's try that. Oh. I was tripping on my wiring. Feels. So good. To be back on the water putting. The final anchor. Just gonna chill. First, time music. Yeah. If we tied it all good. Gun. Running, what. A. Calming. Calming. Way to. Wake up, makes. Me feel really happy to, be home, and, this. Is what I've been missing about living, on the water is. Waking. Up in the morning and just being able to poke my head out and watch the sunrise and. That doesn't get much better than that in my opinion it's. Something, small. But simple. And, add. So, much, quality to life. So. It feels really nice, to be back. Making. Coffee a million. Yeah. Everything's. Just as it should be we got bagels so. The. Other two working good. Just. Stoked to start the season I'm ready to start sailing and drenched, is coming in and a lot two days and, then we're gonna take off and we have no idea where we're gonna go but, we're. Just gonna see what the weather's like and sort. Of make a plan from, there. Rollin. All, right I am just putting, together the, second video in. Our haul out series, which covers, the bottom paint the experimental, bottom paint that we did and it remember the last video we did a whole lot of work that, was about $25,000. In labor for. A total project cost of thirty one thousand, one hundred and eighty two dollars but. What I've done is I, have put together the. Numbers. Just. For the bottom paint here and if. You look at the numbers the. Sandblasting. Which. Saved, us so, much time in labor that, came out to one thousand, five hundred and, eighty four dollars, we. Spent four hundred and forty dollars on miscellaneous. Supplies so that would be like sandpaper. Rollers. Coveralls. Like. The paint for the bootstrap, things like that for one hundred and forty dollars the. Primer is actually quite expensive so that was one thousand, four hundred and eighty three dollars for nine, gallons of primer whose remember we did three coats. Of primer to seal the bottom the. Rental, for the airless, sprayer was, actually quite cheap it was only $60, I think maybe the yard didn't charge us so much for that because it was the first time they used it and they didn't really know how, to do it either so we kind of figured it out together and then. The bottom paint that we used the C code vx ten which. Were trying out we, only had to use two gallons of that because. We. Sprayed it on with the airless sprayer that's three hundred and sixty, dollars a gallon for a total of seven hundred and twenty, so, all the the, sandblasting. And the miscellaneous, supplies in the primer and all that stuff that came to four. Thousand, two hundred and, eighty eight dollars I counted. Our labor for, mostly. Doing the bottom that, came out to a hundred and thirty-five hours, of Delos, crew labor we, did it over a period of about eight. Days and we worked pretty solidly, so. All, in all at an average rate of thirty dollars per hour here in Grenada by doing it ourselves we saved ourselves. 4050. Dollars which. Is super cool it was a heck of a lot of work but also, very, very very fulfilling, so, the total project cost I think if you were to do this on your own would be about, eight thousand.

Dollars But. We saved four grand by doing all the heavy lifting ourselves. It's, a. Really, interesting bottom, paint I'm, excited, to see how it works out, using. Something that's environmentally. Friendly meaning it has no toxins. No metals, leech in the ocean nothing like that so, the, next video that I'm going to work in now that we've done been, back in the water for a little while is going to be how that's working out for us we have installed, the ultrasonic. System from Sahni hull and, we. Have some results and I'll be showing those in an upcoming video so, be sure to stay tuned and thanks, for watching if you like these types of videos make sure to LIKE subscribe all. That good stuff and we'll. See you soon Cheers. That. Is your moustache. II give. This guy some, cheese at breakfast, or thank, you Bob. Baby. CPR. Yummy, tireless. PvP. On. A thousand, oyster tires. Business. In the front party in, the back.

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16:19 DEEPLY skeptical of the design on Maggie's tow bar. I think there is more force than you realize, OR way less than I realize! Granted, most of my experience is being yanked out of the water for a barefoot deep water start by a 250 horse Black Max on a ski boat. Maggie isn't packing a 250, but still would be more comforting to see wider flanges (2x) on the base of that bar or more support front to back on it. I don't know, It'll be a hell of a lot of fun for a while at least. :D

+Beardy Yes, a strap or rope from the top to something forward, even on the bow, would probably go a long way to stabilize it. Might make seating a little awkward, but keep things from bending.

Agreed. The leverage on that bar, being so high above the mountings, looks like it'd either bend the verticals or maybe even crack off the welds. It'd been stronger to have a tie off point on each side similar to their previous setup but just higher up about 12 inches. With the tall tow bar they may also have a hard time keep the bow of the diggy in the water.

+133slowmaro Maggie is aluminum right? Hard to say if all that leverage will bend the steel tube or the aluminum square tubing first. My money is on stressing the aluminum square tubing.

I was thinking the same thing.

stoked , great vid .. aloha from Big Island Hawaii

Great Job !!! I'm a Fan Form you god Luck for you und your Crew Sorry my English is not so god. But Best wishes from a little Town in old Germany (Brandenburg on the Havel ) Thanks vor your Videos Rene Spengler

Wonderful episode.. 07

hi their every try chopper sheets the old way i may try rock on oryer most dangers thing are yellow or red guts an   idea

I am enamored with your abilities to tackle all jobs. That’s why I love this channel.

Wonderful video! I'm totally into the wonky stuff. Case in point: Please, please, please be sure to have your stability tested! Repainting boot stripes, new weight added up high over the years, etc., adds up and can become an invisible safety hazard. Get an NA and have the test done.

Delos looks amazing! You guys did an amazing job. Looking forward to more great content, and feedback on all the retrofitting you did! Would love to sail with you guys some day.

Franscois Prinsloo I agree. What do think is their favourite beer to drink?

Love the videos.. Big

great video! super informative!

Yasss!!!!! SV Delos is starting again!!!!

Very impressive teamwork. Congrats. Looking forward to the new season.

It's always great to see the hard work that goes into the preparations so the journey can be enjoyed. Spectacular editing, really helps with the story telling, can't wait for all the new adventures to come.

Thank you for sharing your life I am so happy when you make a New video. I would love to have you at my house in Iowa.

That stainless steel toe bar on the aluminum square tube for the dinghy is going to need to forward stays

What's the recoat the procedure going to be for silicone paint?..

I’m getting stir crazy up here in Atlantic Canada. I need to get south for some time in the Caribbean !

I REALLY like how you mix up your WORK, SAILING, ADVENTURE, EXPLORATION, TECH, ROMANCE, PEOPLE, PARTYING and Other stuff you show in your videos. It's all Good stuff Bro and Broettes LOL I don't know if I could have the patience to live on a boat for as long as you guys do even with all the great things you experience. I think I could do it for awhile but I think maybe it could be something that once you do it, it gets in your blood and then you can't live without it. Following you gives us the feeling of being there, wanting to be there, while doing our day by day land lubber lives. Take care crew and THNX MUCH.

PS I have seen you and Delos evolve over a long time and wonder if you could do a compulation of ALL the additions and improvements including drones, lines, electronics, mechanical Passport tips and learned methods both ship and also living with crew members over time.

i like these types of episodes very very much!

"It's LIKE literally a 20 second commute". So, sort-of literally? "They only had LIKE mild steel". So not actually mild steel, but something similar?


Haha Business in the front, party in the back. Haha. Delos looks really good. Great work!!!

Great work team, Delos looking younger than ever. Also, for Posterior... oops i mean prosperity.. https://gyazo.com/4b81cbab0d404bc82e4e8e0e16ed58fd

the electrolis will go a long way ....... in my life time experience however, newer to market .... eco friendly products are not as proficient as standard ...proven petroleum base or acrylic based.

That was very interesting and entertaining!

You can get a nice crisp edges on the boot stripes by running a surgical scalpel (lightly) along the masking tape edge before the paint has fully hardened. This avoids any risk of the paint lifting when the tape is removed. Moreover you can let the paint harden a little longer than you would otherwise which reduces the risk of bleeding under the tape. I can’t wait to see how that new bottom finish works and how the next adventure unfolds.

Cayenne Pepper. Use this, instead of "metal" ablative additives, you will never have to scrape again.

love it..you guys did well....... paint is my profession... would have taken charge . could I have been there to help . fair winds

There is a trick to painting clean straight lines with tape. Put the tape on, then with a paint brush and not a lot of paint dab along the tape and surface to be painted and allow to dry. This action produces a seal between the tape and the surface and will not allow the following coats to seep between the tape and the surface it is taped to. One the next coat is applied remove the tape before the paint dries and you will have a beautifully straight clean paint line.

One comment to the differences at the waterline. I had the same effect on my SM 2000. The reason was my unfavorable weight distribution. After redistributing the loads the boat was much more stable in the waves. You obviously have the same problem as me and too much weight stored in the rear.

One of your most informative videos. Great job: interesting, educational ... and the usual Delos crew good attitude! So I bet Delos picks up at least 1 knot of average speed trough the water! Hope you keep us all informed as to how well the bottom paint does. Nice touch with the UW Logo too. Fair winds and slippery sailing!

this video is assume, why, because some of us can't physically do it our selves, its the first video I have ever seen that publishes real world costs!

hmmm. from the paintings i've seen, your sure resemble a Spanish conquistador.....probably politically incorrect but if your belive in ....incarnation, your born to do this....

Brady is the best 1st mate ever, his job is soley to say, 'No' resist the group think! remember your i.t. route's....

dude, you ought to do a whole episode on bonding...its like voodoo to boaters, we dont understand it....great video!

Awesome video! Liked and Subscribed Captain!

Every two years it cost me $1,500 bucks to paint the bottom of a 28ft power boat...

Dude, I hate Washington...sorry...bitten by wasps, insane red ants,, and raining constantly or misting, its always wet....did the infantry school there, but how you maintain a personal and professional relationship with your bro is outstanding......A+ and wish i could say the same.

Hey crew - I worked for a company in Australia that used silicone paint on their fast ferries. Keep moving the boat or be prepared to scrub. At least once a week, and try to get it over 7 knots.

Hey what happend to you theme music????????????????????????? I'ts my coffee.

Havnt seen any videos from you in a long time, glad this showed up to remind me :D

Awesome video guys!! So excited for a new season! So much fun imagining I'm with u guys and living on the sea and seeing things from you guys point of view. So inspiring! Thanks for all you do. I know it's hard work just editing.

Can't wait to see what kind of speed delos will get with the new hull.

I remember the good old Lead Paint Days.

interesting watching all the maintenance. fun to see the cost breakdown analysis. incredibly expensive paints and primer! good to see you all back at sea where you belong. Happy Sailing

Totally awesome

Love that spreadsheet action.

Holy crap, you guys even manage to make work look fun... hahaha, always amazed! I also want to say that i'm looking forward to seeing the new SV Delos logo on the keel in future episodes! Best wishes to you all always!!!

Yall have gone full retard. Unsubscribed.

Whether or not you can move a joint is not a test of whether a bone is broken.

You guys motivating me to do a haulout on my vehicle. Delos looks brand new!

Thanks crew. Love to here how the bottom paint works out for you. Smooth sailing....

It's such a great boat. The way you do the work (and what you pay people to do instead) is exactly what I would do too. It makes it kind of relaxing to watch.

"I'm really excited to sleep at home tonight"

I love it when you guys get technical.

to make it easier to pull the packing out use a cork screw

use green frog tape and it won't be a bitch to get back off the hull..

add poly-math to Cpt'n Briaawwwwnnn's resume I luv u ppl

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irf3SSRKGUg :) Did I say that???

great job guys! nice paint job too..

...making me tired. Glad it's friday.

a step by step procedure of sorts to let your viewers know in how to do it by yourself is i think the most important part of this vlog.It is interesting and keep our eyes stayed on the youtube screen for the next steps u will perform.It is never boring at all....You guys and gals rock...

Brian, if you go on the Amel forum you’ll find a very nice guy, that we ‘ll call “Rusty”, who did the end for end thing you did in his Super Maramu. What happened to him was the rusty links from the old end glued themselves together after a year or two and he ended up having to spend days with a jack hammer in the tiny chain locker from the forward v-berth trying to separate the links so he could get it out up the hawse pipe. He now swears at anyone who recommends this practice. Don’t do it unless you wind out all the chain every month or so. He anchors on the Chesapeake so doesn’t need much scope so most of his chain was unused.

Great video, very informative haul out

Awesome job guys and gals!!! Delos looks sweet! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more!!


Those convection ovens work GREAT, no burnt-bottomed biscuits...Hmmmm, that new bottom coat should get you another Knot or two, also...

Teenager Delos is lucky to have the parents like this.

I love these videos that show the maintenance required to keep a boat like SV Delos sailing dependably.

The maintenance expense is no joke.

Thanks for this. Thumbed.

Brian I love your boat maintenance videos. I'd love to see a little more about how you navigate and watch weather. You guys are truly inspirational. I have plans on getting something small.this summer to just get out on the water and learning

Can’t believe those guys sand blasted without protection! They need respirators with supplied air.

They are back

Daddies boat....these mfrs couldnt keep a job

I was dancing on Delos with you Kazaa!

both thumbs up

Hey blasting is great for all the air breather

The best thing to do is burn all your trash plastics and all.proven fact the emissions r safe.

Excellent work done, crew! I am really interested to see how the new anti-fouling works! Looking forward to your "report" ;-) Ta Ta!

Thanks for sharing

Love my Mantus anchors. Be sure to also get get their dinghy anchor. Holds crazy good.

I wonder if maybe you'd have any luck with bed-liner materials. Yunno you can get that stuff in different colors these days and its tougher then heck.

Looks great that extra strip really made the boat pop you guys are the best. Keep up the great work. Maybe one day I will get to meet you all.

With the Government shutdown, a lot of shitty news local and national, and other things that I rely on... it is a huge relief that your videos are rolling out again. Thanks guys for some great content. It means more than you know!

Nice ! Really looking forward to seeing how this modern hi performance/low toxicity paint performs in the long term. Does it have any interim maintenance like polishing vs scraping ? Keep up the good work !

RAN sailing showed a boat some time back that a friend in Sweden had used a silicon based paint similar to this paind for the hull. In three years of sailing all they had to do was use a brush to clean the bottom.

I'm super excited to see how well the ultrasonic hull cleaner works....

After masking for the stripe, use a thin coat of the underneath color (gray) first so it blocks bleeding under the masking tape.

Although it's great to hear Capt. Brian, I must respectfully say I really missed not hearing Ramukanji at the start...

Ahhhh...Delos fix!

Nice 7 on the last paint strokes

How’s that new Anchor?? Does it dig in like they say it does?

Congratulations on you renew the boat and wish you good trips

Bring back Ramukanji


I really enjoy your videos. You have helped to inspire a project I am planning out. I became interested in a older 1990's hateras 68ft motor yacht and have admired your use of solar and wind, I hope to be able to mix solar and wind to reduce the reliance on the generators (assuming the deal goes thru, im told I just started a very long long project - buying a boat), I would greatly appreciate any advice that you have since I am in the learning/planning stages, I am not looking to sail solo and have a few good friends lined up to go. I will be out of the western coast of the US once this whole thing can take "flight". Thank you again so much and love the videos!

Well the normal high jinks is fun these Fix-It videos are truly excellent. Delos will never be rotten to the gunnels the way you're on top of things. I would also say that you don't have a chance of having any bilge rats because you're hull seems to be tight and top-notch. An observation: Karin's eyes are expressive as well as kind. Fair Winds and following Seas my friends!

Haha.eco bottom paint is shit..never works My Navy seal friend put the old school lead paint on his boat...lol years ago The seals can always get it The red

Did you guys ever consider Coppercoat for your antifouling?

Don't use WD40 for penetrating oil. It kinda works, but a 50/50 mix of automatic transmission fluid and acetone is MANY times more effective.

Get a "gosun", fusion cooker

Great work prepping the boat. Anti-foul looks fantastic.

Delos feels real sexy in new underware I'm sure" LOL Great job delos" What a team !

is not anti foul by its very nature NOT eco-friendly ? SELECTIVELY eco-friendly perhaps ? :)

That is why they are trying something that is not anti foul this time.

Another great one guys! I like the “captains time” at the end. More personal touch. Blue skies all!

Great video!

ahh yes... so satisfying after months of weekend work in the boatyard... https://youtu.be/hOx8hGat2_A?t=242

Hey guys! Awesome vid, as always :) I'd really love to see your opinion on the Silicon-based anti Fouling. We're a small start-up company in the Baltic sea (Kiel, GER) and also in the development of hard-coating-silicon AF paints. As I know from all your episodes, you guys are very honest, so I'm curious about some real ocean Feedback. Keep up the good vibes!

You've almost made Delos into Delos 2.0 with all the work! (Love the DIY vids btw) Welcome home and looking forward to the next set of adventures!

Blue "So much room for activities" Is there a Stepbrothers fan on Delos.

Hi all, im an airless spray specialist in South Africa, next time come and recoat your boat in SA and i will spray the boat for free.

Hey where is ramukanji!? please bring back the Delos Anthem

TIL, the prop is on the KEEL, not the stern.

It is weird how many ours people spent under their boats and in to fix and repair things for thousands of dollars and then only remember the sailing after a few years. A good hard working job is memorable too! And yeah, the dirt that comes of under the shower at the end of the day....people are though.

+Josh Farrer I actually stayed longer than I was intending to haha, I had to fly out for a job in the US a week or so before Delos went back into the water!

Давай Кирюша молодец!

You sir, rock! They seriously need to take you around a while as payment a bit! Great to see you doing well!

Always enjoy seeing you on Delos. Hopefully you will be able to join the crew for some future sailing. We all know you are a hard worker and talented editor and photographer with a magnetic personality.

Kiril Dobrev ..... it was great to see you again Kiril. Hopefully you get more time on vids next visit.

Kiril Dobrev a good man to go hell with all the work. I hope you got to play on board for a little while!

I worked on many fouling release technologies back in the late 90’s. The silicone based chemistries showed a lot of promise over flourinated chemistries. I developed a hybrid coating for fresh water applications. I’m looking forward to seeing how this product stands up to sea environment especially in warm water environments. I would consider it on my Tartan if it performs well. I now work in the fuel sector and we have developed a chemistry to dissolve and remove biofilms to ensure your fuel tank is not contaminated with bacterial sludge. I can send you product for testing if you are so inclined. We make it in the US and work a lot in the commercial marine sector. Nigel Calder has endorsed us as he uses it on his boat. The couple on Nandji are also using it. Let me know and I can send you my email. Great job on explaining your hull refinish. I blasted my hull as well and saved a ton of labour. Great job.

How long is Delos? Are you going to add more solar panels?

Fresh Chocolate cakes and beer! Cheers

sponsored vid.fake as fuck! so sad that you had to sell out. oh well, money talks. I just wish you would be upfront about it

I look sooo forward to the videos! Kinda sucks that I caught up on them because I could just binge watch Delos for days!! As always you all are doing a great job and letting us live vicariously thru you. I am a little thirsty tho, can we do some drinking soon? Ha ha ha Tanya from Montana

I’ve followed Delos from day 1. Why do you always say “like”?

congrats guys the boat looks amazing! Cant wait to see you in the world one day when we finally cut ties and head out with the wifey.

Teflon is bad...

If the new bottom paint works by having the crustys slip off, how often do you have to move? And how fast do you have to go?

Required to be a sailor on delos Navigation Sailing Cooking Plumbing Electronics Electrical Carpentry Mechanics Painting Photography & Editing Did I miss anything?

Brian, nice work on the rudder quadrant. Interesting how the packing for it resembles what goes into a packing gland for a prop shaft, as far as offsetting the joints in the material. Hey, if it works for a prop shaft, should work for a rudder shaft! I read a previous comment on the packing material needing to be cut at a 45 degree angle. That is correct. Makes for a better seal but since this is your rudder post and it's not spinning like a prop shaft, you should be fine. Just check for leaks now and then. Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new Mantis anchor works out. I'm thinking of replacing my Danforth with one this year. All the videos I've seen show that the Mantis anchor works even better than the Rocna anchors and I've seen the Rocna's set i like no time at all. Finally, nice to see 3 coats of barrier coat. That stuff is amazing. I had a keel problem a few years ago that required new fiberglass on the keel box, so it also needed some new barrier coat and I think I also used the Interlux. Cool beans Delos crew. Keep us posted in future videos how the new paint holds up and how the Mantis works out!

Boat is looking great! Ready and excited to watch you guys sail again! You all are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

Sea Coat! Thanks for stepping up. Looking forward to the updates!

Aerokroil, or Silikroil, but please not WD-40

"It feels sooo good to be back on the water!" I think thats one of Brians favourite sentences ;-) I´m always happy to find a new episode of you nice people :)

Great job crew! I just did the bottom of my flounder boat. The maintenance videos are awesome!

If that slic paint works good try spraying the anchor chain to...think that would increase the life...

Hey guys great informative upload. Just to let you know there is another couple on YouTube sailing the same boat as you around the world as well on YouTube. There channel is Sailing Aquarius around the world.

As always, seriously impressive stuff; all of it. You are all obviously highly skilled all areas of sailing a blue water boat, maintaining it to high standards and you have tons of patient troubleshooting skills. Question, could any of you single-hand your Amel on a long range cruise with multiple stops such as you have so far experienced. Wanting to is another matter completely.

I do think in most circumstances you could single-hand Delos. The tricky part would be getting the downwind sails and poles up but in a pinch we have done it with only one on deck. You could also just fly the poled out genoa instead which would be a little more conservative just in case something unplanned were to happen.....

When Johnny said "Im gonna get you blasted today", I wasn't thinking sandblasting. Good Times!

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