Option Alpha Options Trading SCAM: Evidence of FRAUD [SHOCKING]

Option Alpha Options Trading SCAM: Evidence of FRAUD [SHOCKING]

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Option. Alpha is a scam, and Kirke du Plessis is a fraud. And scam. Artist so in this video I'm gonna provide proof of why I know that, option alpha is a scam and a fraud and one, of the reasons why I'm putting out this video is because I received comments like this which, says that Kirk is big and legit because people like him and then he goes on to diss my, my, videos and, things like that and my personality well, let, me just be honest with you my, first. Of all I'm a self-made multi-millionaire because. I was successful, way before, I started, best stock strategy calm I worked at many, of Wall. Street's most successful, investment banks you can check us on my other videos when I recount some of my personal experiences, I've taught, probably. Around a hundred people how to get jobs at investment. Banks and how to interview and put their best foot forward but the fact is that the goal when the reason why you're watching this video is you, want to make money and improve your life you. Don't really care how, likable. And how. How. Much you personally, get along with your instructor, what you care about is that they are honest, to you they, tell you the truth and they, instruct, you in manners that you can utilize to. Make money in the real world so, I'm not arguing that Kirk's. Podcast. That, his website, that, his videos, are incredibly, well made but that's, just packaging. And the. Reality. Is that he is using that as a way to manipulate. You so, that he can take your money almost like the sociopath. And I'm gonna give you evidence of this now, remember that. People. Watch videos more. So for validation, of their existing beliefs they don't necessarily watch, videos, to consider new viewpoints, so a lot of people who have been listening to Kirk do pluses his podcasts. And who, have been watching his videos you're probably gonna think that this is relatively blasphemous, and that's completely fine if you want to purchase, his programs, and you want to lose money and you want to be defrauded, then, that's totally cool I really don't have a problem with that but for those people who are who, are on the fence this video is really for you because I'm not necessarily trying, to change anyone's, mind set or change anyone's opinion, because I don't believe that anyone, watches, you. Two videos, in order, to have their opinion change instead they're just looking for, confirmation. And validation, of their existing beliefs a few. People I'm sure that they're gonna be comments, that I'm a quote-unquote, hater as I said before I was a multi-millionaire. Way, before best luck strategy calm and, I.

Worked To some of the most prestigious Wall Street investment banks, you. Know some of these guys like, Kirk do pluses they have never worked on Wall Street they have never been successful before. They started, these type of programs they make money by selling by. Selling their courses, and by defrauding their innocent, students, they've never created businesses, before their entire intent, is, to gain your trust by, fraudulent, means, and by manipulating, you by fraudulent conveyance. And then, trying to separate, you from your, money so to say that I'm a quote-unquote hater when, I graduated, with, a 3.8, GPA from an Ivy League university and, I. Worked on Wall Street. And. I was rich way before I started best stock strategy calm where it really doesn't matter to me whether, you buy my program, or not because if you choose not to improve, your life and if you choose not to make, money by being a profitable, trader then, I'm completely okay with that so. Let. Me get into into. These situations, and and this proof. Also. Additionally, getting, back to like the quote-unquote hater thing I do, like tastytrade while, I don't agree with everything the tastytrade says, I, definitely. Like and I, respect, them tremendously, I definitely, think that my returns, are substantially, better than, tastytrade. But. If you want to follow tastytrade, then that's completely, fine with me but I definitely, think that following. Someone like Kirk Duplessis, you're. Gonna lose money I mean for me I'm not I'm. Very complimentary, of tastytrade, I'm just, anti. And. Option. Alpha and Kirk, do pluses is complete. 100%. It's all packaging, well, Kirk do pluses does is he. Manipulates, and acts like a nice guy in order to gain your trust he does that on his, podcast he, does that in his videos he acts like he's. Such, a great, person who, genuinely. About his students, and cares about everyone like, hi this is Kirk Duplessis you know like a really down to earth neighborhood. Type guy but, he's, defrauding you he's a wolf, in sheep's clothing. Again. This, is classic. Sociopath. Behavior. Where. He, baits customers. And then, he, takes, advantage of them so, he's, a wolf, in sheep's clothing let me go into the actual evidence all. Right. Let. Me just go, into the. Actual, evidence. All right so initially I received this email okay, from, Mandy I receive, a lot of emails so, this was sent on December, 7th he said she said option, alpha is a real scam they cheated me what, should I do to get the refund so I'm kind of like I initially got this email I'm a little bit shocked I'm like I. Don't even know if this is legitimate, you know sometimes people send me like bogus emails so I just write back like, a five word email how did they cheat you then. She goes into the story about, a month ago they said they were refund, me if I sign him for a lifetime membership. She. Said she never got the refund, then, she contacted, them never. Heard back from them, she. Watched my YouTube videos. So, I told her to contact the credit card company see, if they could help you, etc so this was like the introduction. You, know she was pretty responsive, and I just wanted to see if she had evidence and then potentially I could try to help her so. Then, what. Happened was she sent, me this as actual, evidence. So. She. Shows me proof of that she paid. So. This was sent by Mike, Adamson. From. Team at option alpha comm. He. Wrote hyman so this is on November 13th, hi Mandy this is great he, sends, her a link for not three non, published rates now, this is key he said let, us know when you get signed up and we'll refund your other payments, this is on November. 13th. All, right so. November. 13th, he. Sends her this let, me know when you get signed up we'll refund, you. Then. December. 5th I mean he still has apparently he hasn't he still hasn't refunded, her Mike. I'm writing to check with you so she signed up shortly, thereafter, right. She signed up. Actually. She sent me the email. Let, me see I'm writing his check so. She. Signed up shortly thereafter after, November, 13th, around like November 14th, or 15th so. Then three weeks later she's. Very patient, and she. Emails them and says I'm writing to check with you that the refund had been issued I don't see that on my credit card if there was refunded please let me know that date so I can call the bank, etc.

Then She sends proof of. Let. Me see. Of. The payments. Okay. Actually so no so she signed up on November, 13 so apparently. Right. After, he sent that email then she signed up with the lifetime pass see nine hundred and sixty dollars so. She probably used that link for, two payments of nine hundred and sixty dollars and forty cents so she looks like she did it right, after Mike. Sent her that. Email, sending saying that she would refund it alright so, then she's asking, for the refund of the four sixty four forty, which, she, very kindly. And actually, I like the attention to detail here she, circled, all. Of these payments, to make it easy for him to understand, that these are the ones that need to be refunded. The four sixty four forty I really like her attention to detail here, I respect. That then. Apparently. She didn't get a response from Mike so, then she emailed Kirk directly, hi, Kirk I wrote to Mike the other day about the refund he told me a few weeks ago I, contacted. You for an update on the refund just in case he is on vacation so she's giving, them the benefit of the doubt maybe these guys are busy it's been three weeks, it's, Thanksgiving. Holiday, holiday, season etc, I look forward to hearing from you she's like very kind, et, cetera so. Then. What. Happens apparently, in Kirk's autoresponder. He. Sends, out. You. Know just a general, email looking, for looking. For feedback. So. Hey you've been in a leap, member for over a month now so remember she signed up after she received that email from Mike on around. November. 14th, where he promised her that refund, of around four hundred and sixty four dollars so, this is sent out from the autoresponder, you've, been an elite member for over a month now so, I wanted to ask you what's the one thing so she responds, to this email. And. She says here's the feedback when, he said that you would refund, me when I have paid after I signed up for the elite member membership, but you never did even ignored me after, I asked for an update about the refund, I felt cheated that that's not the right way for you to treat customers because. Of the unpleasant experience, you should refund, all that I paid now remember she lives in China all, right now she speaks incredible. English but at the same time you, should treat everyone the same so. It doesn't matter whether she lives in the United States or she lives in China. You. Need to treat people with respect you, need to treat them with, you.

Know You need to treat them kindly. But, most importantly, you can't bait-and-switch them, when, you promised, this person, that, you're going to do a refund, that you're gonna provide them with the refund then, you should keep your word this is almost a month afterwards. Where. He specifically, indicated. And baited, her into, purchasing, the lifetime, membership, and he, told her that as long, as she signs up for the lifetime membership that he would refund. The 464. So not only is he just ignoring, her but they're baiting her to, secure. More money from her and then they're just completely ignoring, her December, 15 this. Is over a month afterwards, look, look oh whoa Kirk writes hi. Mandy, I said, that we would refund, those other charges once, the second, payment of $1,000. Is complete, so, Kirk is just completely making, this up right. I mean, this is almost a month after, he ignored her now I mean thankfully, he did respond to this email which, i think is great I mean it only took a month for him to respond to the email so. Then she's like I mean, imagine, how frustrated. She must be to reach out to me like she doesn't even know me I've never met this person and it's, just completely random, so if she was receiving any, I help, whatsoever, from these guys then, she wouldn't feel so desperate, to reach out to me and, I'm like I'm a complete stranger you. Know so, she told me then. I've been emailing Kirk back and forth about the refund, he does not want to refund me even though he can't find evidence, of him. Saying anything about the refund after I emailed them twice for an update he, just said that that, I had used their system so it's not fair to refund me he offers the following though, I pay, the second installment he, will refund what he said he would refund I pay, for what is left on paid his, offers, don't work for me whether he will refund me or not I won't use their service so apparently Kirk, is changing up her story as it, clearly, showed, from, what Mike said that they would refund after they signed up for the pro plan then Kirk is changing, it up and after, he ignored her he said he's, changed historian said hey Mandy I said that we would refund, those other charges once the second, payment of 1,000 is completed, he never said that and he, ignored her then, he's. Making up new things and putting new contingencies. On her getting, the refund he, does not want her as she said he does not want to refund me even though he can't find any evidence of, him saying anything about the. Refund that the stipulations. That he provided. He. Just is making stuff up saying that I used her system etc, all. Right so then at. This time I'm kind, of like okay this is like very shady I mean this is classic, bait-and-switch, this. Is fraud, I mean it's clear as day that this is fraud so, then I say all right look I'm gonna I'm gonna email them okay. So Mandy hasn't gotten anywhere, with these people in, over. A month so. He was told by Mike she was told by Mike that, she would receive a refund after she signed up she, then emailed, Mike and Kirk, didn't.

Receive A response for a month then, she emailed, Kirk Kirk, then lied to her and told her that it. Required, her to complete, an incremental. $1,000. Payment, and then. He couldn't provide her with any evidence, where, she asked for proof of this and he started making things, up and putting. Stipulations. And contingencies. On it because he just simply didn't want to email her he just didn't want a refund her so now this is funny so then I send them this this. Email I said. Kirk and Mike so I sent this on December, 15th, at. Nine. Twelve in the morning all, right so. I say Kirk and Mike Mandy was clearly promissory, phone once she signed up for a lifetime membership the, email from my clearly, indicates, let. Us know when. You get signed up and we'll refund your other payments, she. Has emailed both of you numerous times about her refund, yet and so recently has. Been ignored she's, provided, me with proof of this as well, she's also she, has felt so frustrated that she emailed, me for, help claiming, that you two defrauded, her she, is requesting, a full refund of 1456. 40 you, have 24, hours to provide this refund, if not I'll make a video followed, by a blog post with evidence that she's provided, that shows how you defrauded, and lied to many and then ignored her, thanks. For eating thanks for understanding please, email her proof of the for refunded, transactions, so, this is funny so. Literally, within. Less than an hour and a half, less. Than an hour and a half Kirk, emails, us back and says refund, Sam so, what I don't understand is. Mandy's. Promised, a refund when she signs up for the lifetime membership, she, then waits multiple. Weeks and is extremely patient, she emails, them multiple, times she's. Ignored, for over a month she. Emails Kirk Kirk. Makes something, up saying. That. He didn't promise her that and, then. He puts additional contingencies. On it saying that just, to pay $1,000, extra, that. You, know that there were all these other things that he said which he's not understanding she, then asks, for proof of that he's, unable to, send. Her that so. Then I get involved and I email, them on December. 15th, and nine twelve and then less than an hour and a half later, she. Gets what she wants she, gets a full refund, so.

Forget Like 30. To 35, days where. She completely. 100%. Would not have received this refund, because she was ignored, for, over a month, so I email. Him and then. Within an hour and a half she gets a full refund. This, is so shady, what, it tells you is that extremely, clearly, as long. As Kirk believes, it's in his financial best. Interest. Then, that, is the modus that, that's the mode of operon, day that Kirk Duplessis has he, follows, only profits. Forget, trying to do the right thing because. In this situation he, clearly defrauded. Her he clearly baited, and switched her and tried to steal her money then ignored, her for over a month but once he was under, the perception. That it would actually cost him substantially. More money than. Within an hour and a half he had no problem, of refunding. Her the entire money, that she was requesting, look, I mean it's clear is that nine, twelve. Ten. Twenty seven less than in an hour and twenty minutes, she, received, a full refund for. Thirty five days she emailed. Them before, I got involved and was completely, ignored, and completely. Lied to all. Right the other thing is I just want to be clear I don't even think that this guy trades, look. At his trade alerts that he sends, these. Are self reporting, trades this. Is BS. Seriously. This, guy does not trade. This. Is these are his alerts sent. Me an email, there's. No screenshots, there's no transaction. History, there's. No, there's. No proof that these were actually filled what he's probably doing, is just using thinkorswim. And using, a, using. Their paper money platform, and just, simply. Exercising. These trades automatically. And then sending them out to his other students but I don't think he trades life I really don't and. Actually. I'm pretty sure he doesn't because I've heard on one of his podcasts, that he doesn't factor in commissions, which doesn't make sense to me because if, you're trading then. And you actually made the same trade that you're purporting. To make then, if you're using thinkorswim, that's not that doesn't have free. Commission's you're paying Commission so therefore if you're going to provide a case study you should provide something. That is that, it's actually real and if you use thinkorswim then you would pay Commission so then you should factor in commissions right, so I this. Is like classic self, reporting, fake. Fraud. Where, I'm almost positive that this guy's using a paper money account and he's, just sending out these alerts but he doesn't trade his own money at all all. Right example. All. Right look. At my trade alerts. So. I send out this video. To. Detail. And explain this. But. I just decided to watch, him monitor it and then I. Think. That's it so let's move these, shows, this is Frank inside, the Apple open I, betrayed calls in 4000. So. The. Violent market volatility is held up excitingly, well had be a, face now.

Here Are the alerts. This. Is the trade alerts that I send via whatsapp this. Shows that. It was filled it shows the timestamp it shows the date it shows, the. The. Number, of contracts, and if, factors in commissions. Right. I. Mean. These are legitimate, trade, alerts, what. Kirk is providing, are self. Reporting. Trades. So. Look you. Have. This, JP. Morgan. These. Are trade alerts and their. Videos those, are real and legitimate these. These, are self reporting. Trades which, are fake the. Other thing I want to talk about is. The. Auto trading, that he's purporting, and that he's claiming are gonna be extremely successful that's, completely, a scam remember, that. Trading. Bots this. Is not trading is not chess so, which s you only have even if it's like a, hundred, million or a billion potential. Moves. Trading. Trading, live you're, dealing with complete, uncertainty and, if you think that you're actually going to make money from auto trading you're, in for a very rude, awakening and, as, I said it doesn't fit when, he talks he doesn't factor in commissions, which is a huge, red flag and, that's a classic example and, a classic, red flag of people who don't actually trade who are using paper, trading accounts, and who are just, utilizing, you. Know fake trades and self reporting their trades but they actually don't trade their own money. Also. From, a personal, experience level. And an, anecdotal, perspective. Every, single student I've had from option alpha has lost money and, Kirk. Is really a wolf in sheep's clothing I, definitely think that he's a fraud and whereas. Previously, you. Know, look he does have some valuable information his videos are good his podcast, is decent, but it's all packaging. He's putting, himself out there just. So that he can gain your trust and manipulate. You this, is classic. Sociopath. Behavior, where. He's, gaining your trust he's, making himself look extremely. Likable friendly, like he's a good person and, he's gonna take your money and then you're gonna have situations, like this where he, promises her a refund he, makes things up because he doesn't want to refund it he ignores her for 35, days and then, when he's called out on it within an hour and 20 minutes he refunds them so. All, I got to say is that you have to beware of the, nice packaging. The podcasts. The videos they're, all used, to manipulate, you if you don't like my style if you're if you don't like, my. Aggressive. Mentality or. For, whatever reason if you don't like me you can definitely subscribe. And, watch tastytrade. I mean they put out really good content I think that my, experience, and I. Also, believe that that, my, trading, record, and my, returns, are substantially, higher than. Tasty, trade and tasty, works mostly. Because I, don't agree with the trade often I don't trade indiscriminately. Based upon, high. IV and also. I. Also, you know I just. Don't think that that, trading. Strangles, or straddles, based upon high IV, with, high, liquidity stocks, is you. Know that's part of the transit that's part the way that you can make money but the. Strategy, that I employ is, substantially. Better and it yields much higher returns, but, if you want to subscribe and you want to watch tasty, trading and you Stacy works I completely.

And, Condone, that I think that that's completely cool that's a great product but, option, alpha I would highly recommend that you skip it because Kirk Duplessis in my opinion has defrauded multiple, customers, I do believe he's a fraud and I've, showed evidence and proof of that and if you have any questions you can leave a comment below you, are welcome to go - best stock strategy, calm and enter in your email address and receive, over four hundred dollars worth of free trading. Materials. And if, you have any questions I've always respond to every single comment I respond to emails, and I'm here to help you and I appreciate, your. Time and attention and watching this video and I'm here to help you and be of service to you thank you.

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I think it's awesome that you used your platform to go to bat for a total stranger with nothing to gain. That's an A++ in my book. Keep up the good work.

I am interested in enrolling in your real time trader alerts. However I was wondering if you can answer a question for me. On your website you state you made 755,000 dollars in 2017. My question is how much money were you investing ?

Do you have an opinion on Power Options/Radio Active Trading? I think they primarily use married puts to limit downside and then trade off of those positions.

When will you expose Ricky guitierez the king of scams?

Thank you for exposing these trash scammers

Great Reveal David!

I don't like Wolves in Sheep Clothing

Thank you

I’ve been selling premium on AMD with no losses and it’s low buying power reduction for me to practice on. I’m also using Tastyworks it’s a good layout for me to use while I’m work.

Thanks for sharing your experience

Hey David, good looking out for the community. The facts speak for themselves and your record and trades speak for themselves. Keep doing what you're doing and we will enjoy great results.

Thank you

I’m a member of Option Alpha I like the education, he does have some benefits to his platform. I’ve never made any money following him. I have also taken your training and found that your bread and butter trade is simple selling puts. It’s a proven method of money making and since finishing your teaching two weeks ago I started paper trading and have made $410.00 selling puts with 4 contracts even in this wild trading atmosphere with huge up swings and down swings. The only problem is even with 50k in my account they will not let me sell puts naked. So I’m now going to the verticals. Thanks for your training.

Easy to learn.

I agree

I'm not a fan of TastyWorks UI. It's slow to enter trades. I have used TW before and I've found it's slow to enter trades. That being said, I highly recommend TW for anyone with between 3,000 and 20,000

I would consider using TastyTrade. Also, my students and I have can selling a lot of calls recently. And yes, using spreads in this volatile market is smart!

I’m so use to the TD platform how hard is it to learn tastys?

Hey Josh, consider using Tastytrade. They will allow you to trade Naked Puts. I use them with a much small account than you and I am trading Naked Puts with them.

You caught Kirk with his pants down, good job

+BestStockStrategy These scammers need exposing, you are doing the world a service by bringing these people to light. If you have solid evidence like you showed today please get it out there!

I have so much more information to post. I receive so many emails from people who want me to post things about other frauds but.... I will eventually stop making these videos and focus mainly on education. Do you like these type of videos?

After Jason bond, now we see too many adds of warrior and alpha option. Wall st is behind these scumbags.

To be fair, Kirk from Option Alpha is not nearly as bad as Warrior Trading (which isn't nearly as bad as Jason Bond). I believe Jason Bond has 100% intent to just defraud. With Warrior Trading, he also has clear intent to defraud everyone, but at least he tries harder to cover it up. With Kirk, he's way better. In that his podcast is pretty good and he teaches people how to sell premium. My problem with him is that: 1) his students lose money 2) he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. No one is perfect but....I have a problem with fake people who act friendly to gain trust and then f*ck innocent people over.

What a shame! It has been really hard for me to find good educators. I tried some educational material from Sasha Evdakov (another guy you should expose) and then I subscribed as a Pro Member of Option Alpha a month ago just to try it out. I really thought Kirk was honest, but now I will unsubscribe from OA and save that money to buy your educational material. Thanks a lot and keep going with the great work.

Glad to help. Thanks for the comment.

He gave her a full refund after she explained the situation even though she had access to his system for over a month. I don't see any evidence of fraud. If you have evidence that he does this consistently then why didn't you show an example where he actually defrauded someone. Kirk sends out a video at the end of each trading day showing his live account. Maybe you should actually subscribe to the system for a few months so you can accurately review it.

Yes, I'm sure that plays a part. Except... when it's statistically significant, with over 100 former OA students repeating the same thing... the selection bias is less relevant and the data becomes much more reliable.

+BestStockStrategy Wiki entry on selection bias: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selection_bias

Did you watch the video? You should watch it again. He ignored her for a month, lied to her, tried to get her to send him an extra $1,000 and then ONLY refunded her after I intervened. But yes, we know you love Kirk. Hopefully you're not losing money like most of his other students :-)

From my perspective it appears your email to Kirk is an almost outright lie. The email said refund this or I will expose you. When he does you make a evidence of fraud video anyway. This does not invoke trustworthiness in you either.

Yes. I will eventually only post education videos. I have a few more scam videos to post but in the long run, I hope to not make those videos because I don't like negativity

+BestStockStrategy That is fair enough, also thank you for not deleting the post. I get why you still posted it and see it as a scam attempt. I posed the question to my wife about how things rolled out with Mandy, we agree that it could/should have been handled differently, like just pay the difference between amount owed and refund, but is not necessarily a scam. By the way keep up the good videos on your strategy and trade logic, maybe less on why everyone else but a select few are scammers.

Yes, good point. I actually struggled with this. But I decided to do it anyway. The ultimate decision was made because I received word that he does this consistently so I wanted to protect innocent people. But yes, you definitely pointed out something that I struggled with. At the end of the day, Kirk should have done the right thing and not defrauded her. He placed himself in this situation by attempting to cheat a customer, and he got caught.

This is fantastic. Well done for helping vulnerable people. Thank god for good guys like you!

Thank you. I appreciate the kind comment.

You should blur the email address of the victim to protect her privacy

Ok, I'll Google it and will try to do it today. Thank you!

I have no knowledge about video production but I think you can do it right in the youtube editor.

You're right. I should. Do you know of an app where I can do that? Thank you for the comment.

I can't believe how much those fees were!!! Wow!!!

LOL!!! Great point ;)

Yes, selling education is very profitable. Look at all the kids coming out of college with hundreds of thousands of debt, yet they have no monetizable skills

That is an outrageous amount of money IMHO for trading education which you can learn for free! If you had 100 people signing up that is 6 figures already! Wow!!!

Yes. And he tried to screw her out of another thousand dollars.

Also, i wish i received more positive comments like this. I get a lot of emails like this but on YouTube I get a lot of hateful comments unfortunately.

Thank you. I appreciate it

The account started with about 1 million.

Hi. I've never heard of them.

Soon actually

Glad to help

User interface. For me, TW is too visual and it takes too long to enter orders. 5 taps on TW yet 2 taps on E-Trade. But even so, that's a minor inconvenience.

BestStockStrategy what’s UI?

Eric from Urban Homesteader is a very good guy!

TastyWorks is pretty easy to use. I'm not a fan of the UI because it's slow, but it's definitely easy to use.

Urban Homesteader thanks, I really appreciate the help and advice. Not many times on the internet when people are helpful and not trolls.

+BestStockStrategy Hey Josh, look at the YouTube vids by ProjectOption. they have a six vid playlist on Tastyworks that you should find helpful.

There is a learning curve but, their videos and the YouTube vids out there are very helpful. Their platform is similar to TDA's but you will have more flexibility with your strategies enabling you to accomplish your goals with greater profitability potential.

David were you licensed while you were working in the finance industry? If so what is your CRD#?

David can I just say. I love when you expose these kids who can't trade their way out of a we paper bag and I also love the balance of education. Recently I have gotten recommended T3 videos with this guy Mark what do you think about them? They seem legit when I looked them up.. I opened a TW account just to practice and get more familiar and I am gaining confidence everyday. Thanks again

No problem. i'm sorry that i couldn't help regarding T3! I've never heard of them.

I have never heard of T3

Never wore comments on your phone my apologies for the misspellings and mistakes.

One of my Investment banking videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_1PBdzHWMI

Investment bankers do not have to be series 7 and 63 certified because we do not buy and sell securities. When I was a Director and working directly with the CEO of an investment bank, I was certified because I was directly receiving a percentage of the proceeds that we generated. But for the first 4 years as a banker, I was never asked to get certified because it's not required of Investment bankers. I have videos on investment banking that you can watch.


Yes, his actions and behavior toward his clients is pretty shady.

Kirk has started to have his fake students post performance reviews. Lol. So funny. I have 2 recommendations: 1) Stop being a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 2) Do the right thing and don't lie / defraud your student's 3) Your strategy is bad and your students don't make money

OMG.Clearly scam!!! Thank you for making this video!

My pleasure. Glad to help others avoid bad people.

From one comment or video to the next you keep contradicting yourself, which is it, Kirk has a good heart, or he's a sociopath wolf in sheeps clothing? Not a member of TT or OA, I was a potential customer, but turned off by this guys million dollar ego & bashing. Regardless of any points made, the way it's presented is just as distasteful as the content presented.

And yes, I believe Kirk is a sociopath and wolf in sheep's clothing based on the evidence presented in this video.

I'm not here to please you. You're welcome to follow someone else. I work extremely hard to exceed expectation of all my students. It makes no difference to me what you do because I give substantially more value than I receive.

Thanks for sharing. I like to hear different opinions. I will now bing watch lol

Let me know what topics you like the best that I talk about

Kirk uses the EXACT let me reapeat EXACT!!!!! Strategy Tasty Trade uses this shows how much you know about Kirks program. Wow man you are really bad stop fooling ppl bro.

You're wrong. It's not the same strategy. TastyTrade is successful. Option Alpha is not. Did you even watch this video where he scams a student?

+BestStockStrategy how do you know did you take his courses do you even know what he does? Because I remember the other vid you made bashing option alpha you said he only does Iron buterflies which is bs. Look man I dont know if is a scam im not a paid member but all I have learned there is the same material as Tasty Trade and whoever says different is a liar and thats it man im not wasting my night doing this I got other things to do.

Lol. You're wrong. I believe Kirk runs a scam and takes advantage of his students. The strategies are not identical.

+BestStockStrategy yes only difference is tasty does futures too and option alpha does not. Same strategies Iron condors buterflies strangles straddles. Both manage the same and adjust the same no stop losses and the whole shabam I know because I have taken all couses from kirk and have fpllowed tasty for 4 yrs now, and have been trading for two using this strategies. So I dont know where you get your info from.

You're saying that TastyTrade and Option Alpha use the a exact same strategy?

+BestStockStrategy They both use the exactly the same method, adjustments and everything. And those ppl you say they have not made money trading I wonder how long have they been trading. This is a system that works on probability and if you dont give it time tbe probabilities will not stack up in your favour.

Thanks. Except, while every commenter thinks they're an expert, let's establish a few things. 1) I have many former OA students who have told me that they never made money with OA 2) I listen to Kirk's podcast and his strategy is not identical to Tastytrade 3) Please watch the video as he tried to steal money from an innocent member

Can you do a video about understanding Box Spreads please?

I actually don't know what a box spread is. I just looked it up. I don't buy options for speculative purposes. Buying options have horrible profitability probabilities.

What course does he sell? If you go to his website all of his courses are free. He only sells access to his daily trades and long term strategies for people that want to see what he does on a daily basis. There is not one thing he teaches that has caused me to become a worse trader. I've made money consistently following his principles and I don't understand how you could bash someone so confidently when you're so clearly trying to eliminate the competition. Also, if he's such a fraud then how come you're the only guy who notices? How have other top investors not spoken out about this? You don't make any sense.

Let me know your thoughts on the video please

Thanks for the comment. Did you even watch the video? Clearly you haven't as it seems pretty clear to me and many others what his intentions were with Mandy (his former student).

can you provide any proof that you really made all this money last year? Can you also provide which banks you worked for? Just for credibility.

I'm not here to impress you. You're welcome to go follow someone else and lose money

You really didnt answer either question. Call me skeptical but as you must be aware theres infor commercials for like 38 different products right now.

I provide full trading statements. There is a trading statement on my website. Also, I have posted a video that details the exact investment banks. That video is private now, but it will be made public again in the near future. Unlike Kirk, I have substantial Wall Street experience, an Ivy League degree and.. I actually show my real trades. Also, check out what a student emailed me yesterday about losing money with Option Alpha. This seems to be a common occurrence https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xKmqAmK4rT5IloJH8GBVpCR1X6iaXIvB/view?usp=drivesdk

Okay, so I came over from another video. You linked me over here. I didn't get the message until I noticed there was replies when looking at the "Someone liked your comment" notification. So for some reason YouTube isn't telling me when replies are sent. Okay so I typed for about 40 minutes a reply that even Odin and Thor would appreciate. Then I thought to myself, "Hell this is so long it wouldn't be proper to post on a youtube comment forum." So I deleted about 90% of it and retyped up to here. I am going to say one thing that I said in the original comment. I am in doubt that this is good enough as proof. And ironically I am an expert level chess player. And yes I watched 100% of the video. I don't know of a way to really talk to you. Unless you want to hook up somehow on discord or something. I am poor so I am very picky what I pay for. If I saw this as proof I would back you on this, but I don't see it yet. I think you helping her out was cool. However there is a lot of information missing from the video. And as a chess player I feel a lot of analysis is missing in terms of a 20 min bash session goes. Yeah there is enough information to put question to the practice in general and further investigate.. But pretty much every company in the world can have that kind of video made. I am sure someone somewhere has something like this on you, and if they don't you're probably a very lucky man. I am all for analysis of theory. / I honestly wish there was a way to make a deal where if your account grows so much you give a percentage of that gain. Cause I would sign up for that. And potentially just as fair as, "My system is better than "some competition's name goes here", choose me." Do you know how many chess coaches I have seen that have the same advertising methods? And when you look closer at them even paying for them they turn out to be duds themselves?? As much as I would love to be like you guys I can't afford the risk like I took with chess. So what to do right?

Thanks for the comment. I'm not here to convince you. I'm just here to share my thoughts, you're extremely intelligent and are welcome to make your own decisions. I know how hard I work to exceed my student's expectations. If that's not enough for you, I accept that. I'm not here to be accepted by everyone

So where can I learn to trade options profitability without any bullshit and without being sold snake oil the second I walk in the door. I don’t mind buying additional services to improve my skill after I see results. But I feel like I’m running in circles with all these “ I’m in my vacation home up $50,000 this morning” gurus. What do you have to offer and what’s your background with the market and how can an upcoming trader trust you with the information you give?

You can watch my videos. And I offer free training by signing up on my website. I work very hard to exceed the expectations of every one of my students. I receive great feedback virtually every day from students (see below) 1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P1nwRvgw2W3T_V3pXZ_x08Ha9GcH5c2w/view 2) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FLvavymF-woqY8n3jA5lOfXjWBmEO9Qd/view

+mikeskrib510 Oh wait okay.. So I thought about my comment a bit and said to myself, "Hey self! Why don't you google TastyTrade." So I did. I see why you say they show the same things. I didn't find videos, but yeah a lot of the content is very similar. I saw a few more definitions I have never seen before, but I also have not actually worked through 100% of the content at OA yet. I think maybe about 70%ish. I don't know. For some reason this poster is actually making me wonder if I should just look deeper into the membership and pay for the pro for a couple months. Because I agree that he is making wild assumptions with only small amounts of facts. What gets me is some of the posters here that are replying don't see the problem in his methods.

+mikeskrib510 I have not seen this tastytrade. What strategy are they using? At the very least we seem to be equals in the OA part of this. So if I am a little updated on the tasty trade. Isn't that a trading platform? Or is it also a learning platform? Is it free?

Awesome. Go sign up, lose your money and then learn from experience. I'll be here after you lose money and want to learn the best strategy

TastyTrade is a learning platform and TastyWorks is the broker

+Jesse Turner Jesse if there is one thing I have leaned in this market world is that there is no secret sause. Whoever tells you they can make you a money making machine is lieing. Is very hard to make money on the market and I know for experience. But if I were you I would be patient and learn your skill really good before you start for real. This market right now is a tough one if you dont know what you are doing.

Yes, very true. There is a no easy money without risk.

OptionAlpha education is free. I watched the videos. That's all Kirk got from me. hahahaha lol Great videos by the way! Always glad to see decency in this hideous business called Wall Street.

When I worked as an investment banker, it was even worse. Analysts and associates doing cocaine in the bathroom. MDs who were alcoholics and using prostitutes. There were some people with integrity, but it's difficult when in a shady industry.

Lol who the hell trade 70% of the account

Just my two cents for what it's worth... if you need an "instructor" to learn how to trade, you're already in trouble.

+BestStockStrategy I find falling asleep to lectures by Howard Marks and Robert Shiller to be a valuable source of great ideas, but the dreams are nothing to write home about.

Some instructors add value, most don't though. Kirk got caught acting shady. He acts like Mr Rogers publicly, privately, not so much.

F*ck Captain Kirk.

+BestStockStrategy Oh I bet, I try to avoid that type of noise whenever possible.

Unfortunately, there are worse people. Many of the day trading fake gurus are much worse. I've heard some horrible stories.

What do you mean?

I think were Kirk thought she lived in china he would take advantage of her.Great work..

Yeah, he probably assumed that since she lived in China that he was protected. But.... That's super shady behavior. Kirk asks like Mr Rogers in public, but in private, he seems completely different.

I can't see why you didn't go to the police, could you enlighten me?

Why I didn't file a report or why Mandy didn't?

Fair enough.

Its unarguable, you did something but that's not solving the problem, that's being permissive, that's not really caring, doens't matter if I'm an idiot or not. And I don't recall me calling you names or anything, I have a point and I'm just stating it, I'm not being disrespectful.

Ok, whatever. I'm not arguing with idiots. I have more important things to do with my time.

That's great, it is something indeed, but.. if he refunded her, he isn't really a scammer, is he? If you still think he's a scammer than don't filing a report is being permissive, doesn't matter if I'm a shitty person, a hater or the pope. Getting her the refund is something, and its more than me, in this case, but making a video of that and don't file a report is going the coward way. Saying 'I'm not a part in their transaction' to justify you being permissive just proves me that.

Again, I have done more than anyone else. You seem like the type of person who criticizes yet takes no action. You have done nothing. I have done everything. I got her a $2,000 refund.

Well, I don't think the brazilian police would care about an american citizen extorting people. Anyway, I just wanted to know if you really care about this happening to other people or you just mad with the guy and is trying to hit his reputation, I think I got my answer. You can fool yourself thinking you really did something because its more than everyone else, but that's just not true.

I've done more than anyone else, including you. It's easy to talk but not easy to take action. Why don't you take this video and evidence and file a report?

I'm sorry but I don't believe that doing only a video is the right thing to do, you just saw someone getting robed and won't report, that's being negligent and permissive, in my pov.

She's in China. I'm not an active part of their transcation so it would not be appropriate for me to do so.

Anyone could do it.

Yeah, it's unfortunate. Fake gurus running wild. I try to call them out but I can't do it alone.

I have never gotten an add for option alpha, but literally every other commercial I get is from Jason bond or one of the other people on his website

To be fair, Kirk from Option Alpha is not nearly as bad as others. Some day trading fake gurus have 100% intent to defraud.. With Kirk, he's a lot better. In that his podcast is pretty good and he teaches people how to sell premium. My problem with Kirk is that: 1) his students lose money 2) he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. No one is perfect but....I have a problem with fake people who act friendly to gain trust and then f*ck innocent people over.

Thanks for making this video. I was seriously considering to sign up with Kirk, but not anymore. Thank you once again,

Wow quite the little pissing match.

Sharing my opinion and the evidence that I have.

What do you think of Warrior Trading with Russ?

Will discuss later

When I made 755,000 in a year, that account started with around $1 million. My students should be able to make ~40% a year.

love the videos, i am thinking about signing up for your live trades as well, i think what he means is how much did you start off with, like your starting bankroll? and you answered you started with 1 million lol was that a joke? cause then you asked what he meant? lol so i am confused too. if you did make 755,000 on a starting bankroll of 1 million thats super awesome!!

Hey there David is paul scolardi a scammer too?

Who's that? If a teacher teaches day trading, swing trading, penny stocks, technical analysis or forex... Then there's a ~99% chance they're frauds.

She was looking for a refund on a Lifetime membership.......lol...She bought lifetime without knowing what she was getting into?????? that's her own dumbass fault

You're welcome to think it's her "own dumbass fault" but I think you either didn't watch the video, or you missed some clear evidence. She was told that she would be refunded if she "upgraded". So she "upgraded" and then they didn't refund her, so she paid 2x based upon what she was told. Then she was ignored for 30 days. I intervened and she was refunded within ~1 hour and 15 minutes. I'm not sure why your twisted mind is blaming her, the victim, but whatever. Nothing surprises me in the YouTube comments section!

Just went through your website and you haven't even put in 1% of the work into your platform as Kirk has into his. There is a ton of free knowledge provided by Option Alpha and Kirk on his website and daily trading review videos in his facebook group. I've learned a ton from him without even ever being a member on his platform. I don't know what happened in this email exchange because you only know what she has emailed you but why should they refund her first if she claims she will buy the lifetime membership? It make's sense for them to ensure she does that first and only then issue a refund because some customers flake. Plus you seem to be a competitor so whatever you say, I'd take with a grain of salt. A customer review would be much more believable.

Please remind me why I should care what you think. Thanks. Also, you seem very slow. It's clear that she was baited into purchasing, promised a refund, ignored then refunded after I contacted them. I have A LOT more evidence that I haven't posted. But because of your comments, I'll post some of that evidence in a new video. Have a great day!

+BestStockStrategy My whole point is, it's completely irresponsible of you to formulate an attack on a competitor of yours based solely on some email someone sends you. How do you know the sender is sharing all of the information with you? You seem to be the only one on youtube talking smack about this guy and you're his competitor. That's like setting yourself up for a lawsuit. He's been around for a while and you just came yesterday and started bashing this guy. Also, get rid of her email address in the video, you're sharing it with the world.

Also, she paid 2x and was promised a refund. Then she was lied to her then ignored. You may want to re-watch the video.

Awesome. Then join Option Alpha and, like many of his "students" you'll likely lose money. Everyone has free choice. I'm not here to convince you

Good stuff!

Wow, didn't expect this from Option Alpha

It's typical in this shady industry

your videos are very helpful for those who want to learn how to trade options

avoid option alpha

I agree with you

Like you said, he has good packaging


If I had to rate you, Tastytrade and Option Alpha, it would be you first, then tastytrade and then option alpha a distant third

Thanks. I love TastyTrade. They provide valuable content too!

I have lost respect for Option Alpha

As have many others

Kirk talks like Mr Rogers but acts like a scammer behind closed doors

Ha. Mr Rogers. Lol

Great video

I've always been drawn to substance over fraud.

You should be drawn to substance. Substance is what will help you make money.

you're helping the community avoid these bad guys


Options Alpha has decent free education, but i never made any money from it

I'm not a fan of option alpha. They have good packaging.

You helped her get her money back! wow!

Yes, I did. Within 1.5 hours he refunded her after ignoring her for over a month!

Option Alpha = garbage

I believe so too

Took your course, it's amazing.

Thank you. it has very high feedback from students.

Kirk Du Plessis seems like a fraud

That's my opinion as well

i shared your video

Ouch, he took advantage of his own student!

Yes, he did. I got her a refund though

Option Alpha has been around for a long time, but your free stuff and information is way better

option alpha was caught doing something shady!!

a millionaire wouldn't care about a single individual in china

You don't have to worry about it because I don't want losers with negative energy like you as students :-) You should work on yourself instead of thinking so selfishly. Bye Felicia :-)

How many others have you helped

No just realistic

Lol. How foolish and selfish for you to say. I'm a millionaire many times over and I care about people, which is why I helped her.

It's disturbing to see Option Alpha treat a customer like this. I do not subscribe to Option Alpha, but I do peruse his free educational material and have watched a large swath of his videos. Having traded options for over 10yrs and developed my own software to do so mechanically, I've found his educational material to be quite instructive and generally supported by rational explanation, even though I don't agree with all of it. Nevertheless, after rigorous testing, I've ever incorporated some of his concepts into my own trading and had sustainable success doing so. In other words, I think it's fair to criticize his business practices based on the evidence you presented, but I would humbly reject extending that criticism to his trading mechanics. I'm sure other traders could take issue with some of his technical strategies and methods since EVERYONE has different opinions on such matters, but I don't think his trading ideas are intentionally deceptive or designed to harm traders. Indeed, I think it's quite the opposite. And finally, this video suggests that Kirk isn't actually trading the instruments he advertises, but I don't think this is true based on the videos I've seen (most of them) on Option Alpha and the Thinkorswim screenshots shown in them, none of which show the "Paper trading" iconography that Thinkorswim employs when in that mode. I suppose it's possible to have bogus screenshots or to doctor them, but that seems like quite a stretch to me. I'm almost certain he's actually making these trades. Thanks for the informative video. It's disappointing that Kirk was not more ethical with this customer.

Thank you for your value-added comments. It's amazing to see that we do not have to agree on everything to have a constructive and helpful conversation. That's how YouTube should be

​+BestStockStrategy I suspect if you get ten successful traders in a room, they could each critique the strategies of the other nine, and therefore I'll defer following suit in my response. I agree with you that commissions are a huge factor that is often overlooked in the industry, particularly by people who write books or host newsletters. Kirk does talk quite extensively about commissions in his educational videos, but I do not see this accounting in his performance summary, which actually has its own tab on his website, broken down by strategy type. The summary results are very high level and it could be that it's accounted for and not mentioned (they should be!), but I have no way of knowing. As for his trade alerts themselves and reporting of performance on each specific trade, I have no way of knowing that because I do not subscribe to his service. Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the comment. From my experience, and I have had 50+ people contact me, almost all of them have lost money. Also, it doesn't make sense to me why he would not factor in commissions in his "studies"; this hints at him placing theoretical trades vs actual. Hypothetical trading is very common in this industry. I also don't believe that trading iron flies on ETFs is a profitable strategy. Is it as harmful as day trading? No. Yet, at best, it'll yield maybe 7-8% a year and not provide any "alpha". Kirk actually admits this himself. Maybe I'll create a video about it. In general, it makes no sense why anyone would trade with OA to make 0% to 5% a year.

She gave me permission.

her address is still there 2 months later +BestStockStrategy

I'm confused, the time stamps between Mandy and Kirk on Dec 15th (requesting refund) are later than your email with Kirk (request sent)?

I see what you're referring to. She's in China. Hence the time stamp difference.

I don't understand.

Glad I watched this video. I was pretty sure Kirk was a solid guy... Now I KNOW he is if this is the worst someone could dig up on him that envies his success.

What actual facts do you have? I presented evidence. I have other videos that I wasn't going to post regarding Option Alpha. Thanks for providing motivation. Now I will post them to provide additional evidence.

+BestStockStrategyI've read enough replies to not try and argue with you using the actual facts. Here's your follow-up on not being a bot though.

Lol. Fake profile? Stealing money from students is pretty serious.

IMO Option Alpha is indeed highly scammy.  I bought the Signals report, don't waste your money. First off there are myriad flaws in the data, the numbers just don't add up when you go through them in any detail. Furthermore, whatever possibly accurate data there is (a few of the tested indicators at least passed the sniff test) is entirely useless for trading purposes. When I posted a comment about it on OA it mysteriously disappeared, as have follow up comments - I guess Kirk isn't a big "constructive criticism" guy. Just out of curiosity I also google mapped the address he lists, it's some rando house in suburban Indiana PA, wtf is that? I'm not saying to be legit you have to be based in NYC or Chi, it's just another thing with OA that's just a little off (Go check it out, 634 Maple Street, Indiana, PA 15701). And why does ZoomInfo (so take it w/a grain of salt) have Option Alpha LLC going from 12 to 1 employee as of Q3 2018 while they're supposedly growing rapidly? Also if you search Kirk on Twitter his account is attached to some other social networking co that last posted in like 2012 or so, guess that venture never took off. Lastly, when you hear Kirk speak he just doesn't sound all that well versed in finance. Despite the polished marketing facade he stumbles around pretty basic finance/derivative concepts, things any successful trader would know pat. This whole co just gives off a very scammy feeling, something is not right. I have no firm evidence of this but I just get a vibe like one day Kirk's gonna be the star of an episode of American Greed.


Hi. Please message me on the bottom of BestStockStrategy.com - also, I agree with you. What people like Kirk do is do everything possible to gain your trust. They study how to be likable and how to build rapport. They come off as friendly and kind, but... they're wolves in sheeps' clothing. In my opinion, it's a big con. But... his marketing, packaging and production-value on his videos are a lot better than mine!

Thanks for warning us about Option Alpha

Yes, Kirk is very likable but it seems fake

Ignore the haters, they will label the truth as hate because they can't handle the truth

Great job exposing him

Wolf in Sheep's clothing

BestStockStratey and Tastytrade is very good

Seems like he didn't want to refund her

I used to listen to Option Alpha but didn't make money

That happens a lot

Do you still offer a free week of alerts with Tastyworks?

To all the haters... The truth Sounds like hate to people who hate the truth.

I like the Option Alpha podcast though

Yes, it's solid

Kirk Du Plessis always replies to my emails quickly, i wonder why he ignored her for over a month

Not sure

I signed up for Option Alpha and never made any money

Sorry to hear that

Yes, he seems to make most of his money on subscriptions


I am not a fan of selling iron flies on ETFs

Me neither

I heard that Kirk tells people to only expect 7% a year, why trade if you're making so little

I've heard that too

I heard that Kirk Du Plessis invests his money in real estate yet doesn't make money trading

It's possible

You caught him!

I just signed up for your trade alerts

Option Alpha is not a great source of education if you want to learn how to trade options

I’ve had the same problems with huge companies like ATT, Comcast and Water and sewers in my town, but I don’t think they are scammers, at the end of the day the money was refunded, I have a very good experience with his system, I have incorporated a huge part of his trading knowledge in my trading and I’m doing good...

Pay attention folks!!!

You should watch my videos. She was ignored for over a month. In my opinion, he had every intention of keeping her money. But if you disagree, great.

+BestStockStrategy ok, what i mean is that those companies have tried to keep my money or request more money... do you understand? Insincere???? actually the last one is comcast, they owe me almost $100 since 2017 with no answer at all, is not the same case scenario but anyway..., I really think if OA were an actual scam she had never received her money back, I’ve seen that a lot... I don’t know the reasons why they were late returning her money but the case is that finally they did without any lawyer...or you are a lawyer? I don’t know if you are a scammer but since you are showing how to win 1 million in a year, it sounds like actual scam... or not? I haven’t seen OA promoting to win 1 million a year, oh no that’s because he is a wolf with sheep clothes!! I don’t really care, do you job as a trader and if you think it is a scam go and lawsuit him...

You're one of the first people I've met who has had a good experience. Many people have lost money. Also, your comment is insincere. I doubt that AT&T would lie to a customer and try to get them to pay an incremental $1,000, promise them a refund etc. They would get sued for fraud.

Ok, whatever. I'm not arguing with you. I have more important things to do with my time.

This is like an old record stuck on the following phrases "I am a multi-millionaire...", "I worked on Wall Street...". Dude, you are coming across as bitter, immature, and hate-filled. I'm surprised that in a country where anyone can sue anyone, that you are making such a slanderous, and libelous video.

I read a good comment from someone that said, "the truth sounds like hate to people who hate the truth". Also, you clearly don't understand how difficult it is to win a defamation case. Not only is it incredibly expensive to litigate, but the likelihood of success in Federal Court is extremely low. And... Considering that I'm essentially providing my opinion over emails that were sent to me..... The chances of winning are close to zero. But yeah, that's your free legal lesson for the day

I like their videos

Are you making money ?

I'd check.your videos out . Although I like OA videos for basics

The majority of my students have full time jobs. We make only about 5 - 10 total trades a week. The course is 12 lessons and each lesson is an hour. It's meant to provide the most efficient way for you to learn a valuable skill.

+BestStockStrategy just curios ..what's the time commitment.. have a full time job

I respect that

+BestStockStrategy It's hard to know because all he shows are certain trade types: no statements, monthly/annual returns, etc. Overall his results are positive, but I have no idea what returns he makes. Plus they aren't verified by a 3rd party (like an account statement or something like Collective2 that verifies real-time performance). I think he's quite wealthy from subscriptions and probably trades some real money, but who knows how much or if it's a significant part of his income. He does invest in real estate from interviews I've heard.

I'm completely ok with people making money if they add value. But, in my opinion, and from everything I've heard and from the emails I receive, his students lose money.

He did an interview with Pat Flynn (popular entrepreneur podcast) a few years ago. At the time, Kirk said he was making $100K+ per month from his subscriptions. I don't know if that's gross or net, but either way he doesn't depend on trading income, that's for sure.

Thanks for the comment and the research. What are your overall impressions of him? Are you surprised at his behavior in this video?

i like and respect OPTION ALPHA - HE IS THE BEST

Except he's not. Iron flies is a horrible strategy with a 30% win rate. You must enjoy losing money if you follow them.

great video on options trading and investing

How are your trading results so far in 2019?

They are very good

Thanks for helping others make money by trading

I'm scared of selling naked options

There is no need to be scared

Nice video David

I like Tastytrade and you

I'm planning on becoming a student of yours soon

Sounds good

Excellent trading information

You're the best stock options teacher on YouTube

I like your no BS style on trading and investing

Excellent information


i just signed up for your Trade Alerts

Your Education Course is very detailed

Yes, it is

Do you think 2019 will be a down year?

I'm not sure

thanks for sharing

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