Off-Road Jaguar V12 Full Build

Off-Road Jaguar V12 Full Build

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Ignition. System works dual, injectors do not work, we're. Gonna carburetors. Jaguar, v12. Even. Prettier than in the pictures. I think, she's gonna make it to Mike's yeah, I think so, it's. Got a really bad easier. Acceleration. Definitely. Needs some something, in the front end worth a thousand bucks the huh oh yeah. Ideal. For the gambler. Yeah. We'll take, it that. Didn't work. Hopefully. It just ran out of gas because it was super low so we're. About to find out. Well. It's, starting to get dark and then we have two problems no, I won't even crank yeah. But I mean this is the positive battery terminal, wires. And. This. Is the terminal they were on so. We. Did have it cranking at one, point but Jaguar. Gambler a good idea huh. We. Figured out why they're so cheap. We've. Tracked, down our problem - no injector, pulse there's, fuel pressure there's. No pulse and we've tried all of the things that the internet says might do it, Mike. Came up with a crazy notion, of. Car. Berating this engine. Car. Burning in v12 that's the idea yeah yeah. We'll, just make a custom, intake manifold, little fit a common. Carburetor, and it. Would have to really work that would be brilliant and then we can make it slip out of the hood yeah absolutely giant, air cleaner the ignition system works, Sam. Actually give it a crank real quick will show this. I'll. Do it this is gonna be the greatest thing ever. The. Ignition system works fine it knows when to fire the spark, plugs that's all fine so all it needs is the right amount of fuel roughly, when it deal is we already have a throttle cable oh we. Already have fuel we just need a pressure regulator does it be too much pressure for a carburetor yeah and we. Need to cut a giant hole in the hood so we can have our individual. Pipes. And the carburetor sticking out the top it's perfect for gambler. Be. Like you're a genius, a 12v. Fighter. Alright, guys we're gonna take a quick break from this bill to talk about our sponsor for this video, war, robot now, the sponsor, has been so good to us on this build in this project it'd be so hard to do without them and we are so grateful so. Check, this out. Now. War robots, is a mobile game for iOS and, Android were you gonna build and customize robots. To fight against each other on massive, multiplayer online matches, there's, a huge variety of maps skins, and game. Modes so the game never gets boring, the, game is constantly being, updated and, there's 20, different pilots, with different abilities to help you control your robot, the, game features, over 50 different types of robots and weapons that can accommodate any play style and with millions of players around the world there's always someone, new to join a clan with or start a fight so download the game for free using our link in the description, and you will get the bow a robot, a custom, skin and a bunch of in-game currency, that's gonna help you out a lot getting started, so make sure you go download that game it's, in the description and let's, get back to that Jack. That's. Our, intake. Manifold, and. The. Entire fuel, injection system basically and. That's. What the engine looks like without it. Way. Simpler. Now we have to make an intake we're. Gonna get day so you can grass her out of the way we, got a cap off this exhaust port back here and. So. We bought the Jag as our gambler car on the, way to that TV show that we've been teasing you guys about and this. Is everything we've brought right, here all the essentials. Barbi. Twins. We. Got camping, gear been. Camera. Gear been and. Racing. Equipment, been, the Rope fab tubing bender we're gonna. Get. Bending, and. This is a new logo by the way guys we'll hopefully have stickers, out in the store by now t-shirts, too so. Important. For those guys. I'm. Just cleanin up the intake. Ports. So, this brazen bleeding them off and we'll scotch-brite, and. Trying to get them cleaned for their new gasket. Flanges. We. Are going to draw, this, gasket. So. That we can cut out 12, of them and well. Tubes. To them to create an intake do you draw it digitally just measure and then create it digitally I'll just take, measurements, of it okay. Cool so that, bolt. Pattern is centered across that hole which makes it easy I drew, an arc from, the center of this. Hole to, the center of that hole and that, gave me get, a circle a circle around there that so that meant that that little, hole had to be somewhere as like a moon around a planet and then, I just did it from this, one as well and so. Then went where that, circle. Intersected. This circle is where that hole had to be. This. Is interesting playing, with the real tools.

Yeah. Nice tools imagine, that so we have to cut off this EGR, pipe because. It's got a hole in it we need to cover, that up so. So. The threads don't start till right here so we are going to build spacers. Like this space, it out get, on those threads but, this is a v12 sorry needs 23, more of these. Sam's. On cutting duty I'm on deeper, duty. I, like. The assembly, line over here this is awesome. There. Are all the spacers, ready. To go, when. You're working with 312 never got lower ends up being a lot of parts oh yeah, now. We have to figure out how to build. A, plenum. For the intake and run. All of these twelve. Runner. Tubes, up to that we're, basically gonna make a metal box that sits well up, here so it's above the hood, and. Then. It'll. Have an angle on the side and. I'll have a bunch, of tube so I'm going to bend all the same and, so they'll come up and then angle a little bit and meet at that sloped. Part of the plenum and then it'll have a flat part on top it's. Wider than the bottom which means it'll be wide enough to fit the carburetor, on there's. Our shiny new carb. Ready. To party. Warning. Only use a t5 fuel, or your void your warranty. We're. Not putting the upgrade the air compressor, back home because just. Being able to go straight through to a 90 is awesome. Okay. No. Problem, so we did a 90-degree Bend with. The bender and we, got these two. In. The cut in half I've got these two pipes here the plenum is going to stress. Them out there it's. Gonna be flat on the bottom about four and a half inches and then it's gonna be a 45 degree Bend up. Either side and. Then these are just gonna go in we're just gonna make it symmetrical, just straight, across a box, a. Lot, more than enough clearance yes also. Well. Above the hood that's gonna be great just, yeah. We're, down to the last piece pretty, much used all the tubing yeah, this was a 10-foot stick. Their color intake runner. About ten feet of stuff to make an intro. We. Have the base of an intake, plenum for, k-12. You. Can see here we're on the plasma cutter might cut these little slots so that when we bend it these. Cutouts, for the for the tubes. Won't. Get distorted. When they Bend up and then we'll just once. It's all tacked together we'll just fill those with weld and make, it airtight again we, need to cut. Right now. Sorry. Not sorry. Or. We just need to move into Mike's good opening yeah. We. Got something, also it's basically midnight. Somewhere. Though. Yeah. Bad. Back stuff this is what. Are you more Mad Max than anything else yeah, that is the. Coolest, thing, so. We got our first look at what this thing's gonna look like and. Looks. Awesome. It is, truly. Awesome trying, to get it as level, as possible, tack. Some things in place. So. Now I'm gonna weld as, much of it as possible. Before. We unbolt, it from the car because if we were, not bolted and welded now everything, with more of a twist and not - so. Mike. Is working on cutting. Out the plate for the top which. We're gonna have a slight taper up to the carburetor and flat on top and. This. Is our new, t-shirt by the way guys it'll. Be for. Sale on our website leaks, in the bio. It. Supports, us a lot and we love seeing all the crazy. Places, that, these things end up going. So. Now doing the same process but for the top yeah. We're gonna make the top plate and then we'll just make it, let's. Make a square. Cut out basically, that these, four. Barrels, can feed into and then have the default pattern, so. We can flip it down. There. She is. Tripping, that's great. What. Do we have here. We're. Dangerously. Close. We're. Getting very much closer than we were to start we, were. I'm. A carbureted. Man. That really looks like she's gonna do the trick. We're. Gonna have to get creative with some other Mad Max accents, on this this. Is just full-on more, boys machine. Here yeah. Plenty of time to think of things oh yeah. We'll come up with some stuff this is our lid, to. Our manifold. Paketa. As much to Italy. And it's too. So. Why. We're out here all, night because. We. Lost, the day by, buying. A Jag that broke after a mile and. Then tracked me down at Oh dolly and u-haul being a giant, pain we, have to be in LA tomorrow to.

Be Ready to film for the TV show the next day and. Then. The, day after that we're driving straight back up here and then that gives us Thursday and part of Friday to finish this car for, gambler so. They. Currently doesn't even run and we still have a lot of other stuff we need to do to it so. These. Blankets, might be my. Bed tonight if I ever go to sleep fall. Asleep at the intubation, oh. Yeah. That's. Definitely what, you want to see sticking out of the hood of your, 89. XJS. Know. Something it doesn't sound healthy but. Yeah. It's, got some one. Night this, is the most redneck, thing that's ever been done to a Jag I think. Oh. I've. Been asleep for two hours I. Went. To sleep after, it got light. Yeah. We were. Yeah. We were up till about 5:00. But. We. Did put a Chevy, 350 Carver, hit her on a v12, jag in one, night. And. It's sort of runs the fuel system currently, is gravity, feed from that XR. 400, gas tank. And. Now. We have more mystery problems but it. Does run. We. Have a few ideas Sam. Was just saying something about the. We. May have screwed something up with the EGR system. Or. It may have a giant blown head gasket who, knows so we are back from filming the TV show back, at night's garage, home. Of moto. Mule and, we. Had some head. Gaskets, shipped to us because, we. Blow them. We. Take it apart what's actually wrong but that's our guess, and. Paid. Extra for overnight shipping and it does not look like it. Was shipped well. Yeah. They. Shipped it faster by throwing, it everywhere oh. And. Also look at this in the background that's that's, Mike's build right there we're gonna show you that later. He's. Killing, it. Nice. Yeah. They just trashed the box also, their multi layer of steel gaskets, which is sweet I mean. One of them is a little wrinkled. But not enough to matter. We're. Gonna sawzall the cats out and. It's going to make it way easier than, trying to take the exhaust manifold, off or deal with the rusty boots go on come to the cat the. Exhaust manifold. Oh. Great. You've. Been decided to soak up some engine oil. These. Exhaust manifold. Bolts are no joke though. It's. Bad. Holy. Beans. How. Did that even happen not, that's, not us that was already there yeah.

I, Thought. It sounded a little naki. Wow. Well let's take a look inside then few, pieces maybe look. Cool. For how we, could the other side's brother just is that it is just as gross so we might as well because we do actually want this thing at all the. Underside, of that thing. This. Piston sleeve here, is. Cracked. Way. Down there, well. You got a big chunk taken out of there yeah I just removed some material so there's extra for the jb weld to stick to and the idea there is just to keep the water from going, into. The cylinder there's no going you're gonna be any pressure in that cylinder so that's just to keep the water from leaking through that crack. We're. Trying to make remove, the lobe from. That. Spot. At the cam so, we're just gonna spin it hold, the drivers bill and shall we remove. That load make it round. All. Right so you just got some full turns on that thing and. Yeah. We don't have intake. Valves. Moving at all and the exhaust valve is out we. Took out the extra pocket so it doesn't rattle. So. Last night we couldn't start the jag at 2:00 in the morning the, 11 with open headers and, we, wanted to give some time for the liquid gas suit to harden, and be. All good to go, so. The plan for this morning. Started. Up and see what happens. Yeah. Everyone's. Great. So. We just, got 5, Koenig. Run lights, 17. And. Now. Our rubber is here as well. Yeah. That, is gonna be, perfect. Yeah. Now. She's, a gambler. That's all it needed. Have. Five gorgeous. Falcon. Wild, PMT's. Few. Forty five seventy five sixteen which works out to about. Thirty. And a half inches yeah, go, grab one of the Koenig, run lights. Whoo. Those, are pretty. Yeah. That's. Gonna do it huh, that'll do it yeah. Even. Finished cutting out the back here so it latches now, nice and smooth the edge trim added. The jag. Element. To a redneck modification. It definitely. Does. Just. Came back with the tires mounted looks. Awesome. They're, the coolest thing ever yeah. It's. A perfect combo right there there. We. Do that Mike working on the wheel spacers, he just got this lathe yesterday. We helped him unload it and, we're. Already putting some hours on it. Sorry. To chop out the fender and see if we get the tire to fit. So, I've already cut up like. Two and a half or three inches off it. Our. Issue now is that within another. Three, inches on the inside in here we're gonna cut like this, across. Here and. Then we're gonna cut a little triangle out of the bottom we're gonna up this rib off and, break out the old slam, or a hammer, to, try to get breeze out the back. So, Sam's the sculptor, now he's a straight-up artist, yeah, no. Straighter, line. That's. How you do it, I. Started. Filming there on fire this, doesn't look great. Yeah. It's out. Okay. This blue Edwin's mine right. Here. No. Way. Way, and, that's how it's done no, they still existed. It feels like a safe it, knows the relationship, of all the tools but, we still need to tell it where z0. Is for the farm. There's. This beautiful, CNC. Machine, spacer, that Mike just finished making for us first one. And. I. Just pressed these lugs in so, you. Can throw it on. So. While the front two spacers, are getting made you, put it back on the little tires and then, we're gonna run it make, sure everything works okay, and start, cleaning out the garage because we destroyed, the place wait on it for the first time. Sam's. Holding, the fuel pump wiring together right now. Oh, wash, tirean, it's. Been a session. It's. Been a bit of a struggle every step of the way, but. We're here, and ready to. Gamble it, she. Goes. Pretty. Tip it. Yes. Hey. Guys Mike. Here from the YouTube, channel moto, mule I'm just gonna take up tuna to talk, a little bit about my. Current project which is this easy. Go golf cart. It. Has a Honda. CBR. 1100, black, root engine so it's a big street bike engine. Makes. About, 160. Horsepower beds to, over. 10,000, RPM pretty easily. Independent. Suspension, all the way around 18, inches of travel at each wheel and basically. I'm. Building this you guys are building the Odyssey, and. It's. Just a good excuse to go the dunes and have some fun, really. The purpose. Of the golf cart body is, all my friends have polaris razors and so, i wanted to build something that could keep up with them in the dunes and when they saw. This thing right on their tail in the river here it's. A golf cart yeah I mean there's a golf cart keeping up with you. Yeah. I, think you're gonna be doing more than keep up, the. Gearbox is made by a company called rpm, so. It's it, was designed to go behind a high, powered street bike engine so, it you just got the, chain. Coming from the counter. Shaft of the street bike engine and you just have about the same size sprocket, on it, so. Inside. Here is a this, particular one has five to one gear, reduction, so. That way you don't have to have a giant, sprocket, it also has forward.

And Reverse so you could this is a way, you can get reverse, out, of a street bike engine the. Outputs of that gearbox are a Porsche 930, C D flat so, you just run Porsche. Seavey's, and. They're 28 spline axles. That the. Same kind of things that high-powered. Volkswagen. Or Subaru, or all those kind of long travel sand cars run so. Very. Stout for, the amount of power this thing's gonna put up right. Now it's got Fox ear shops on it they're, super easy to set up and. Kind. Of get things going if, if, the car handles, really well and it turns out to be a really. Fun thing I may upgrade to coilovers, in the future but for now these are fine to get it going okay how, many inches of travel does your lifted G pounds right, probably. Seven. Wow. So. I think it's we. Measured it the other day and I think it's 86, inches, wide so it's just stupid wide you're getting close the engine runs I got. The axles in the mail so put those together but, before, I put those in I'm, going to take it all apart and finish. Welding it because everything right now is just tack welded and, I know if I put those axles in I wouldn't be able to resist testing.

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