NYC Garment District | Fabric Shopping Adventure!

NYC Garment District | Fabric Shopping Adventure!

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Okay so I'm going to do something today that I never, thought, I would do around here and that is do a fabric, buying adventurous, slash fabric. Haul I never thought I would do this only because I just never ever go and buy masses amounts of fabric at once just because I prefer to save, money to buy little increments, of good. Quality, natural, fiber material, that will make my historical reconstructions, look, a little bit slightly more accurate whatever, that really is instead of just buying large quantities of, fabrics and compromising, on the quality but I don't really have that option today because if you saw my last video you will have heard the announcement that I'm doing a lady Sherlock, Holmes which. Is 1890s. It should be great fun but unfortunately. That does mean that you have to start with the base layers so that you get the silhouette, correct, as you build outward the outer layers however, are the design layers the fabrics that are seen and therefore need to be carefully. Thought out which means that you have to decide the fabric for the outer layers to coordinate, with the inner layers which means that you kind of have to buy all of the fabric at once or at least have picked, the fabrics all at once however if you have ever been to the New York City garment district then you will know that fabrics. Don't tend to stick around too long so if I pick a fabric for say the skirt and the waistcoat now. The coat, fabric that I choose is probably not going to be available three, months from now it will all be okay because because, these are projects that I have planned for that I was planning to do in the coming months it's just a matter of buying, the materials now versus, in, the future I have made myself a list of all of the things that I need to buy it's probably not all of the things but at least the pressing things the fabric the design bits, and pieces you know little things like trimmings and notions I can always just go get at some other point so I think so. I think we should head out now it's bloody, freezing outside, I think it's negative, 4 degrees outside so I'm going to bundle up tightly ugly she'll go head down to the garment district and see what we can find garment, district essentials, if you are following, along at home whenever, I go swatching your purchasing I always have roughly. This array of items with me snacks, of course some water my list of things that I need to buy or swatch for a little, diary to make notes and as well as a stapler, to staple any swatches, into and some. Fabric shears to cut swatches, if I need some of the shops you will have to ask them for swatches, they do not let you cut them yourself most of the shops know me only because I worked in theater for so long and obviously he gave them a lot, not my money which, works in my favor nowadays, but always yes please do ask first watch if you would like when most of them are very happy to give you a swatch ok but do I do the sensible thing and when flat shoes or do I do the, aesthetic, thing and where. Can. Dutchess shoes. Flat. Shoes flat shoes always watches come on haven't we learn this all right let's go. Lately. I mean obviously these. Where's the fabric we're looking for lots of little trimmings and ribbons and things and then of course the coat fabric. Because. So. What I had in mind for the coat fabric was some sort of green. Brownish. Parts and I think Noel is going for. Watson, right dream fabric, was the tartan that I used for the rich, fauna tactic, that's spot on my channel unfortunately. That fabric does not exist anymore I look it's from a little fabric shop on 39th Street that I bought. Several years ago so of course doesn't exist anymore so. I've. Been looking everywhere to try and find a reasonably. Priced, green. Brown wool, tartan, or check to no avail orphan ministry I also looked in, central London and angle talk Road I was in London thinking oh of course you know in England the Haggadah starts in two weeks but sadly. Nothing, quite what I was looking for fair either and then of course it occurred to me oh of course. News. Has, a fabulous, section. And if you are a regular in the New York State garment district will be aware of the Living hellscape, that is mood fabrics, packed of tourists because I guess it's famous because of this TV show or whatever.

When, I was working at the theater was always the person who drew the short straw and had to go into food I haven't been in there in years, but. But. I think it might be worth a little look into, the, shop to see what they have just because, I feel like I don't really want to go into B&J yet because they are quite. Expensive not quite as expensive seconds, ticking but good will be cheaper than in check so I'm going to look there first. Okay. I lied so that first store was day-to-day, which used, to be on 39th Street and I thought it closed years ago but I just want my and if there was just like they, didn't really have evening machi no bevels so. So now I've actually headed to. But. They've redone this whole lobby since I last was here like four years ago my, goodness this is quite glamorous, this, building was the only building I know that had, manual, elevator, operators, for the longest time and now they don't completely. Automatic. This. One so cool this, little stitching detail in it but it's never gonna last look you can do this little scratch test you can see it's just gonna want to pull it right out it's. Pretty good. Duller. Than I would like but this actually, isn't quite, terrible not, entirely, sure that there will be enough, here. But. It's, a good option that's a good option, I'm here with George George, is a follower of this blog and George is just cut me a swatch of this lovely fabric here, fabrics. Mood fabric, oh. Come. Off it you could make this so easily okay. I've just come out of food, I stand, entirely corrected, they were very very friendly there and they have a massive, glorious. Selection of wools. So I shall definitely be keeping that in mind for next time but if you ever do decide to make, the decision to come to me we do come early today because it was much more tolerable. At this very hour of 10:00 a.m. then it is three I didn't buy that nice little wool tweed thing only, because it. Was maybe a little bit dull it's not quite as green as I would like it to be and for some reason I have it my headband I'm going to find something better somewhere. Else in any, of the places that I've already lost I have, a member that there is another shop called lace bar that, is just here on 39th Street it's up on the third floor of a building which i think is right here but I actually don't run with each one I'm gonna go and have a look in there if they haven't closed because, I've been in there in a couple of years but I remembered, I'm having a couple of good a. Goodwill. Section so I'm gonna go have them there if I don't find anything that I'm just gonna have to settle and, buy the board so. There's. A really disappointing, lack of brownish, greens available, in the world things very very, Bluegreen. Look, how cool this is it's like felt it into a tartan pattern to. Last all of three-and-a-half, seconds probably but it's really really cool. Okay. This one's actually not terrible, again it looks much greener in person but it's, very similar to this this, swatch that I've gotten from mood only. It's as you can see it's much greener if I was mistaking, this for. Greenish tinted and mood then this is the most definitely, going to read as much much greener so if I can close it up yeah. This actually isn't terrible. Yeah. You know I think this will do I think, this will do it's, even better is I think it will work really really nicely with miss fabric. That I already have so, if I can find some more of this I think this will make quite a nice little ensemble, this is got this is a bit brighter and it's got a bit more pop of green, colour trouble, with these sources the lighting is so garbage. You often can't really get a sense of what color these things actually are and certainly not on this camera but, yeah. See I'm. Not sure if it's going to be too dull is, it going to be too dull, you. Know what I think, we're just gonna have to do it it's, been months of searching to no avail and I think we just have to do it yeah yeah we're gonna do it. Okay so I did it I bought the world it's, a much much better color in the daylight so and if I'm really really happy that I did it this is the best option that I found anywhere, so far so that was good and the gentleman was so nice he gave me 20% off of it which was a huge. Massive. Massive lifesaver, because I know I'm actually under. Budget for. What I plan on doing there switches which is always reassuring, I know a lot of people will say oh come to 39th Street you can haggle with with. The merchants please, please don't do that the government district is it, dropping. Like flies the, 39th. Street used to just be lined with little, independent. In. Like seven years like left here only. Probably about a third of them are still here and, so these people are not trying to get rich they're just trying to stay in business so yeah, if you come to the garment district just pay that like couple dollars more yard who really really helps them and often times they'll just offer you a discount anyway if you're a nice person and.

If You buy something long-term. So. I'm off to 39 Serena I'm actually on 1323 now I'm. Going to try and look for the skirt and lace coach fabric, hopefully. I can try and find the one there we have so I buy much, more of it it's, either it's one of two stores it's either in, cave metrics which I'm standing outside right now waiting to into or, it's the one couple. Of doors down. Material. World, H&M. The one that doesn't have a name basically because 100, facility in science hang that they're closing which, they have been for about three years so it's all fake so yes I'm gonna go have a look into this shop and see if I can find this lovely. Little world. Yeah, let's explore very nice Street. PSA. This is where I got the fabric for the circle, skirt that I was putting the pocket into in the pocket making video so if you want this. Fabric a and, K fabrics on 39th Street in the New York City garment district it's, still here there's plenty of it. They. Also have some really great wools and shootings here but, fortunately. Nothing in my color I know I've checked in here about five. Times so. My magical hopeful swatch was not from, an k which I sort of suspected, immediately as I walked into it because it's not really. The type of quality thing to think very there and, so I'm gonna go have a look at the other place now but, first afford to stop into a little shop which is right next door called second Steve. Hadn't heard of it's like oh the, most soon worthy goals, if they specialize, in men's tailoring and suiting fabrics which of course is. My, is nothing so of course I can never help but just have a quick look round every time I walk by unfortunately. Their cheapest, fabrics start at $80 a yard they go up to $600. In yellow so it's not currently and probably not for a while anything, I'll ever be able to. Help. Just. To dream a little bit. I. Want. Them all it, just. It's. My skirt fabric but probably five, times more expensive. This. Just. My whole wardrobe out of this please. Particularly. This. I. Know. 39th, Street has a reputation for being the small cheap independent, fabric shops but this is the single exception and it's devastating.

Okay. Enough back, to reality now and back to searching, for affordable, fabrics. Yeah. So unfortunately, I'm not finding it here either and. Now a little bit perplexed, because it doesn't seem like they have anything of vaguely similar quality, to this this, fabric is a surprisingly, decent quality, it's got I thought, it was part synthetic but it's actually got quite a high, content of wool in it my perplexed, as to where I bought this because I have, paid a lot of money for it if I, was. Just buying a two-yard piece that I was maybe going to make into a skirt one day but had no actual project, plans for it's possible that I bought it at hamed which is just another couple doors down so I will go and have a look there but yeah. Yeah. The, flexing no, on second thought I might have gotten in from the fabric garden I'm gonna go have a look in there first a bit late I always hide such great things from that I forget they have such a good rule section so I'm gonna go have, a look they're more. Home we'll see. This. Is so quintessentially. 39th, Street just, pondering. Through these narrow, lanes. Of fabric. So. No luck at fabric garden or at the Med which is but, you, know what that's life fabrics. Don't tend to exist two, years after you buy them so that was a long shot anyway I. May have a ponder into, a Yasmin. Which, is the last fabric, shop remaining, on. Seventh Avenue, side. Don't jaywalk I can't. Imagine why, I would have bought it there I don't usually go in there. A little, bit creepy in there so, I avoid it when I can but they, do have some good fabric so maybe, maybe, I bought it there I don't know let's have a look all, of that over there used, to be beautiful, fabric, and notion and supply stores. But they've closed them all I guess. They're going to build something that they perceive to be richly more important but I can't imagine what. Ok. So I wasn't expecting to find anything in there except I did find a suiting, wool that works fine, with the coating fabric that I found so my fruitless, search for this one specific, fabric that doesn't exist is because.

Like I've gone to something else they do have really nice fabric there but it's such a difficult. Experience, because, he, does this thing where he says name your price name your price and it's like well well what I'm gonna name is not what you're gonna charge, me and. So that that's of the trick I think I got a. Price for it if. It is indeed 100% roll which, may. Or may not be the case because they don't you know they don't they don't list their box I've. Always been a gap but we'll do a burn. And find, out if, indeed we page the correct amount because if, it is 100% world and I. I'm, there at the end of 39th Street I'm at 39th, and 7th, there is a pret right here and I think I'm just going to go in and have, a cup of tea and sit down for a minute then we shall continue East and down to 38th Street where we shall explore some turning surface. We. Are headed, to the trimming, the district's area of the garden district what biggest thing that I don't have yet is going. To get lining for the I think. Menswear. Were made reliant, with sort of a light citation. Just. Like a glaze and, I know there's a pretty good line. But they do that just because I think that might be cheapest. Option the other thing that I didn't get is I did not get a silk for the corset, which, is actually, convenient. My next project and I should have the battery for that I'm not sure if I'm going to go back to the fabric world and see if I can find it so before again, for. Something. Maybe. Or like a cotton sack or a consultation, I'm not sure in which yet and, I'm not sure with color yet so. I'm. Looking for some just grow green ribbon to go on the heap for, for. The deerstalker the Hat for Sherlock now that I've got the fabric I can look for a matching to throw green ribbon for, the little ear flaps as well as I'm not too big for these little silk ribbon about, tie, combinations. Together which I did not buy for whilst I, was originally purchased. Project. Part, of me Loki, a little, bit, for. Another insertion, lace for. The waistband and the drawers copses, because the ones that I have purchased I'm. Not super. Super. So. We'll see if anything better pops up. It. Will take for Julian's for the waist tape I. Think. I'm going to go. In to M&J because I know they will have me best grow great quality, ribbon and they are also I think the only trimming, shop in the garment district I found so far carries, silk ribbons for, not 45 dollars a yard burden, they're. Usually about three three or four dollars, which. Sort of makes me a little bit suspicious as to whether or not they are in fact you silly but, they behaved very very similarly to silver itself, M&J, is usually my go-to for some ribbons needs joy stripping, and B&Q which I literally right across the street are fantastic, first they, go yes I'm going to Nha which is on six and on, the way I may just pop into two two, more little dream, shops which are East Coaster by. Which both carry the most. East, coast carries antique, ribbons. And laces you need it it's, so so, beautiful but they're so expensive, mokuba. Is similar, they make very very high-quality ribbons, in beautiful. Places so. I made us some pop into there and just just. Dream of it but we. Both actually play anything. We're continued. One. Day one. Day I shall be able to afford. Today. Is not that day however the woman took very kindly give me some swatches on prices and now, I'm very very seriously, thinking of just like putting. Away some money to, save up for enough place to do like a, glorious. Like. 17th. Century Ruffer Roboto with those beautiful beautifully. Okay. So I've finished to M&J I got some nice ribbons to work with weirdly, I'm now getting much much, more comfortable much less weird about this whole vlogging is public saying however I have. Gotten more and more encumbered, with things, that I'm carrying. The physical, act of LARPing is becoming more difficult West, the emotional, psychological. Law. Game is not, which. I guess is the importance oh good, good things. Are happening, improvements, are making so that's all I have plans to obtain in the garment district today obviously, I do not show you like it's half of a really great story around. Here just because I think you go into them but a, series. Comment. Average shoppings made every. Time I find stuff it would be incredibly this interesting because I always go to like one store or, two stores I've, never like this money so. I guess this is a bit of a treat I suppose I shall see you back in my merry workroom aka, my home I shall. Show you all of the things like on improper, lighting.

Okay, So I am back from, my little fabric shopping adventures. I mean I suppose you already saw all of this as I was looking. It out and, purchasing, I mean I guess I'll just like sit down and show it to you formally, because poles are, a thing on YouTube, apparently, and, people enjoy seeing that I suppose, also the lighting is a bit better in here than it was in the fluorescence, of the fabric store so hopefully, you shall be able to see a bit better the, colors and the qualities. Of the fabrics and such so. From. Fabrics and fabrics it's not lay star it hasn't been laced star for about seven, years so pardon that it's this green. Greenish. Brownish, green, wool. Tartan, that will be the overcoat. For Lady Sherlock but it looks so much better in the daylight it actually has quite a nice little greenish. Tint. To it with some purple. And blue and little subtle, pink striping to it which gives it some nice depth and texture so of all of my hunting, both here, and in England I think this is the best option that I came across and, it is a 100% wool so it wasn't as cheap, as I would like it to have been however, he gave me a very very nice discount on it and you, know this is a coat that hopefully, I will actually wear in real life because, it's. My, aesthetic, and this, is my color palette so I think I will get some wear out of this as well I'm very very. Excited I only bought six yards, which I think was under, a little, bit wait. I've, got the pattern book right here and they tell you how much to buy for, a lady of medium size they need six and five eighths yards of goods 44, inches wide this, is much, more than 44 inches wide I think I believe it's 55. I should have plenty of material for the coat for, the cape and the bolster. Coat in that picture is actually much looser, fit I think what I'm going to make I am also not a lady of medium size and I really only need cabbage to make the deerstalker hat so I think I shall have plenty of this who, knows maybe I will have extra and I will get myself something nice, and Capucine but I found a nice replacement. For the, skirt. Waistcoat. Layer at I. Assume. I don't know how you pronounce it but it's this dark. Check. It's sort of dark brown dark, red and a little bit of sort of golden, which, I'm really happy about I really love this fabric - he says it's wool it really it feels really nice it probably has a little bit of synthetic in it but it feels really nice and it drapes really nice so really that's all that matters this looks, really nice against, this I think this will make a nice skirt, waistcoat, accent, and we'll also I hope compliment, to the Browns that Noel it's doing for Watson though I am very very content, with my Sherlock picks and now I really really, want to get started on it I then went to M&J to pick up some of my little ribbon fits for, my combinations.

Which Are just here still in pieces I don't know when this video is going up in what order against, the combinations, video maybe this is already up I don't know if not it's coming soon but it's still in pieces right now in this very moment though this is these are the drawers it's not the shimmies bit but I bought this just this little bit of satin ribbon that will attach. At the center front somehow I haven't decided how I haven't done the research to figure out how yet it's like these will just tie shut because I think what. I perceive, in the very horrible, quality grainy, reference photo I think there's a little ribbon that ties it shut in a little bow at the front I'm not sure though but it sounds like an appealing and sort, of historically. Authentic way. To close. A chamois so I bought two yards, of this I think there will be some tying, involved, and I may have a little bit extra to do some some little bit of extra bow ribbon, work so we shall see stay tuned for that if it's not over yet I bought some 1 inch twill tape which is just sort of a utilitarian, purchase, because I need, some tulle tea to act as the waist tape for the corset, that I'm making for this the project for which is pretending, to get started on and. Of course bought none of the materials for today, finally. From M&J I bought this little bit of burgundy, green ribbon to be little ties on the ends of the ear flaps for the deerstalker, and I think this is with your stalker the, deer stalker is going to be made out of this same coat fabric and I think this is just gonna make a nice little pop, of red I am such garbage, for this color as you can see by my every, article I think, it will also pick. Up the Reds in this quite nicely and it will also match the ribbon that is going to thread through the lacing on my combinations, secretly, matching my undergarments with my outerwear if that doesn't say I have my life together then I don't know what does all lies okay.

That Was all I set out to purchase I mean it's not everything that I set out to purchase but all of those things were on my list of things that I intended to purchase however I went into East Coast which you saw and they had a little basket, at the front of remnants, so they had this little tiny spool of left over lace. It's only two and a half yards it was three dollars for this and I thought this might be a really nice replacement, for the lace, that I was not so, fond, of pretty, combinations, this is what I had originally I'm not really a fan of this flower. Motif, it doesn't really scream 19th, century to me also after, spending about, five days hand stitching, scalloped. Insertion, leaf into the shamisen doors I am. NOT. Looking forward to it taking that long again so some even this straight edge is going to come watch quicker I think this place just feels better quality, more durable, and it also still, leaves little spaces in between I. Think these little flower motifs that I can split in, order to thread the, accent. We've been through I think I'm happy with this I think there's going to be enough here so that is all I purchased, today in the New York City garment district it's quite. Extensive, at, least for me this is like much more than I ever purchased and one one, go I know it's only like four things but it's still thankfully. At my rate of production, these, are fabrics that will last me for. A couple of months worth of projects, and this is a project that I'm very excited to get started on I hope, you are excited to see it happen, plot, twist it, a couple of days later I mean while some of the things that I place orders for online have come so I thought I would extend, this, magical. Sewing. Supply hole by showing you some of these things so the, first thing that I worked was a couple, of yards I think there's 10 yards of muslin, here this is a medium weight muslin I got it from fabric, wholesale. Direct I think they. Were having an extreme sale of muslin, and so I thought I'd just stock up and get a couple of yards, of this just, so that I have market, material so that I can get started on making the waistcoat and the walking skirt and become, for Sherlock as well as other things because you always need muslin the second, thing that I purchased, from the, online world is this brown Silesia, which is a fairly. Lightweight cotton historically. It was a glazed cotton, I'm not sure if modern-day, South Asia is the same thing as historical, site Asia this definitely does feel, a bit coated. And this was commonly, used to lying waste coats and coats. In the 19th century so I thought I think there are seven, yards here there are six or seven and I want to use this to line the waistcoat as well as the overcoat and then the thought occurred to me that I should also use it probably to flatline be walking skirt so I probably don't have enough here however this was purchased from bias bespoke, online. They've got an online website but they are based right out of New York City I think their Co run by one of the costume shops that I used to work a lot with whilst, I was in theatre that was a really nice discovery, there right down on 35th Street so I just pondered down there to go and pick up this I didn't have to pay shipping which was fantastic, and.

Whilst I was back in the garment district, I snuck back into mood I was looking for a silk cotton or. A cotton sateen for, the corset, I did not find a silk cotton in the appropriate, weight in a nice color however. I did, find this, satin. In a lovely sort of liked. Coffee color, coffee ice cream I suppose colors, I. Bought. A yard of this which is entirely too much I probably could have gotten away with buying half yard I've never actually made, a historical. Reproduction. Corset, before so I'm not sure technically. How all of these work I have a very knowledgeable, community, of people behind me to help me which you shall hear more about shortly it's, like very very excited, for this project and I shall be starting this actually, today as soon as I turn the camera off the next, thing that I purchased. From online is a 13, inch spoon, busk from farthingales. This is the closure thing, for the front of the corset this is very specific to the 19th century because of the shape of it it's got this sort of spoon, shape and if you turn it to the side you can see I don't know can you see, it's. Got sort of a, curved. Shape to. It down by the belly in the 19th century it was not the fashion to have a perfectly flat stomach in fact it was very much the fashion to slightly emphasize, the belly which, I find so charming, so I had. To buy a, reproduction. 19th, century bus hopefully, is the right length it's 13 inches if there was there were options between 12, to 14, inches so I picked the average and in any case I think I can alter the length of the corset to fit the bus if I need the final thing that I purchased, online is I purchased, and downloaded the, pattern, for the Symington, corsets. That I shall be reproducing. For this project, it is reference, number, two, three nine four zero it. Is a I believe it's 1893. 294, is the approximate, date if you don't know I shall be explaining loads more about this in the actual corset, video that I make but the Symington collection, is a collection of corsets, and pattern, books that remain from the Symington, corset, company, that was in operation from the mid 19th century up through the late 20th. Century I believe I, think it's now owned by the Leicestershire, County Council, Museum and of course they've got this massive, collection of actual, 19th. Century, manufactured. Corsets, as well as all of the pattern books that still remain and a couple of years ago they've just digitized. Some, of these course of patterns put them online which. You can actually view for free and I shall link the website to the museum as well as this, specific, course of pattern down below if you are curious so I went through some of the images that they've posted online and picked one that I thought would suit this project, in this time period most and I purchased a digital, download of it so, I'm very, very excited to, get started cutting, this out and taping.

It Together and making paper twelves, and making fabric, twelves, and fitting. It and mocking it up and altering. It and stitching it together and padding it it's, gonna be so much fun that I'm really really excited to get started on this project now that I've got all of these materials in my possession I think I just don't want to leave my. Something through apartment. I need time in the near future and I just want to sit and work on this project for the next couple. Of months so yeah back to historical, Bernadette, who will give you a proper outro, thank, you for coming along on this little adventure with me if you're stumbling upon this video and you would like to continue on this journey and see these, fabrics get made into a little 1890s. A late 19th, century lady, version, of Sherlock Holmes then, do. Follow along I think there's a subscribe, button for that otherwise, if we're just merry old friends but good to see you again always good to see you hopefully, I shall continue to see you and you will run away screaming after, this video so until next time I shall be back soon with some more historical. Sewing things and meanwhile, I hope you have the chance to make something nice for yourself okay. Cool. Bye.

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Miss Bernadette, thank you for your instructive videos. You probably know this method already, but here is my tip for discriminating a higher-quality synthetic/natural blend from a natural fabric (low-quality synthetics are easier to avoid by how they feel in the hand). I buy a small swatch, go outside, pull out a Bic lighter and burn the fabric (in a safe place, obviously). Synthetics will melt and often smell like burning plastic. Wool, cotton, silk and linen all have slightly different smells & ways of burning, and you learn them by doing this test on known fabrics at home. (I often test-burnt a piece of fabric in a tin pan sitting in the kitchen sink back before I had a fire pit of my own.) There are plenty of times when a quality synthetic/natural blend fabric is appropriate for your project. I like to know what fiber I am working with, so I can judge how it will “behave.” Purely synthetic fabrics (which have not been treated with fire-retardant) are a fire-hazard because if ignited, the fabric can melt into the wearer’s skin. The burns are terrible. Burning natural fiber clothing is generally easier to get off your body than melting synthetic fiber clothing is. Therefore, I would not want to make a long, loose gown with flowing sleeves, or a baggy-sleeved “puffy pirate shirt,” for someone who will be cooking over an open fire; and I most certainly would NOT make such a garment out of a synthetic fabric.

You could collect footage accross several trips to make one video. We would have already seen much of the fabric used but it would still be interesting content

Wow, I love how the trims/ribbons were displayed like candy or pastry behind glass doors. This is neat, sharing the making of this project from concept, to selecting the fabrics and trims, and on.

I miss the garment district. I go every time I am in NY visiting family. I also appreciate how many of the great shops have disappeared over the last 20+ years. There use to be a charming little shop on 40th Street that sold nothing but buttons. I would go in there with my daughter when she was a toddler. It was an 8'x10' shop. The walls were filled with little drawers with a button taped to the outside. It was amazing & my daughter loved it. To this day, she still loves buttons of every kind.

You did a fabulous job OD filming your shopping day. The fabrics are so beautiful! I would love to have them all!

I think I may have found a near match for your swatch of tweed; Kinloch Anderson does a similar looking one (their 364 Tweed). The downside is that it's... £70 per metre, sorry! ;;;

Have you ever tried living history or gone to a living history event? If you don't know there is a YouTube channel called Jamestown & son that is about American 18th and 17th century history/living history.

Muslin is cheaper on Amazon 50yd for 107.99.

Thank you

I loved, loved, loved shopping with you! But am disappointed that you did show us what fabric looks like that costs $600 per yard! Must be mystical sheep to make wool that fine! ❤

Please do a video about your sewing machines. I can see a an old hand crank sewing machine in the background of this video. Is this hand crank your only sewing machine, or this hand crank for decorative purposes? Do you have an serger? It is very time consuming to secure edges on a home sewing machine, as they are much slower than industrial and domestic sergers.

So interesting to watch your trek in the garment district! And I cannot wait for the next installment!

What is the name of the pattern book?

The one seen behind Bernadette in the later insert (circa 30:00) is Dover Publication's 1892 Butterick's Metropolitan Fashions, but it doesn't have the actual patterns (just the illustrated garment, pattern number, and description). Is that the one you're referring to?


this video is so audibly and visually pleasing. I would watch and listen to you for hours going through fabric stores quietly talking about your favorite ones lol!

this was such a cool vlog! and i cant wait to see more of this project

This is so lovely! I always try to find fabric stores when I travel to other countries and see if there's anything spectacular, and this is just the most lovely fabric hunting trip. I live on the other side of the earth and I'm so jealous, because we have almost no fabric stores here. Also THANK YOU for the info on the Symington collection! My first corset pattern was a 1900s one copied and enlarged from a book, and I think 1890~1900s corset patterns are so versatile because they can be (relatively) easily adapted for silhouettes of a much wider time range. Perhaps they can also be adjusted for fitted bodices if I do it on much possibilities and so little time!

This was a very enjoyable video. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip. I was just wondering if you wash (or dry clean) your fabrics before sewing your garments?

I do pre-wash cottons and linens, but silk and wool should not be washed. The general rule for pre-washing is if you plan to wash the garment, the fabric should be washed first: so yes, you would wash a linen or cotton garment, but something of wool or silk would be taken to dry cleaning and wouldn't need to be pre-washed before being made up.

Have you considered opening a ko-fi or a patreon! I would love to help support your channel even if there’s no rewards associated with it! I just love your videos and your projects!

Bernadette Banner oh fantastic! Thank you so much, I should have checked that first before asking! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Hello! Yes I have set up both for whichever one prefers; the links are in the description. Thanks ever so xx

Ah, Daytona. The one place in midtown where you can buy knitting supplies.

Bernadette Banner they have a few patterns too. I found a pattern for a Chanel inspired jacket and a skirt that I thought would go nicely. I wonder if the cat is still there.

Yes I didn't go into Daytona this trip but it is one of my favorite trimming shops!

Thank you so much for listing out the names and addresses of the stores in the garment district that you went to! I live in nyc but feel super confused whenever I try to go fabric shopping in the garment district. Mostly Bc I have no clue what store is good for what and there are wayy more options then the 3 stores I’m used to. Your list and commentary are going to be super helpful and I’m definitely here for more shop with my style vlogs.

Everything I ever wanted in a fabric shopping video. A far cry from the Joann fabrics that is the only option here. One day I'll be brave enough for online fabric shopping.

I would love to see your eyes more, you seem uncomfortable to look at the camera. i can understand when you're vlogging outside, you need to watch where you're going, but even ibside you can't keep yourself looking at the camera, you always look away. you have beautiful eyes, show them :)

Im convinced you were born in the wrong century. But it is awesome watching your videos ❤

I would love to see this as an ongoing series! It’s so neat and wonderful!!!

Ms. Banner, I don't know of any other way to share this interesting video with you. It is about needle making history in England. An admirer, Mrs. Coffey

Oooh thank you so much for sharing this! Needle history is something that has long infatuated me and I may have screamed a little when I saw this!

This is the most relaxed I've been since being in the womb x

I LOVED this video!!! Thank you so much for sharing your fabric shopping in the NY garment district. All your fabric choices were beautiful, can’t wait to see to the finished outfit. Have a great week and happy sewing!

That was a delicious video! I loved the little trip around the garment district and seeing this place through your eyes. Also your videos have encouraged me to do more handsewing: I've finished a 1860s ensemble by hand and am now working on a corded petticoat!

Yes! It would be wonderful to see a series of your fabric shopping. I sew with natural fibers myself and am always looking for good sourcing for natural fibers.

I thoroughly enjoy watching all you do. I know this may sound odd, but I love hearing you speak. Your diction is wonderful. It's a real treat listening to you as well as watching.

Thank you Bernadette, wonderful, as always!

Oh man those trimmings shops would send me broke!

So much meme material here, "this is not mood", but also, your little red ear muffs are so adorable! Maybe that's just me, living in Australia it's rarely cold enough to even warrant selling ear muffs let alone buying them, but it's so cute how they're fluffy and match your outfit! They look so comfy!

You definitely inspire me! I I adore hand sewing, I’m so impressed by you, you’re definitely a dedicated artist. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

Loved this vlog! Can't wait for more!

OMG this is awesome for me!! I live in NYC too so I'm always looking for good stores to buy fabric at!!!

That colour is either a reddish burgundy, a claret or a merlot wine.

WOW!!! Just WOW! I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey through the NYC Garment District. Our selection of fabric shops is getting smaller, here in Melbourne, Australia. I look forward to seeing your journey making this cool Lady Sherlock Holmes costume.

Not to be rude in any way but where are you originally from? Your accent is like an amalgamation of Northeastern and British pronunciations and I’m very intrigued. Loved the video!

Bernadette Banner I completely understand! I really don't speak with my county's native accent but any slight different intonation came from being raised by Harry Potter and BBC Alice in Wonderland specials lol

Indeed I am a New Yorker but was taught by Englishfolk, so my historical dress vocabulary is probably a bit English. :)

(I don’t understand the whole thumbs down thing. If you don’t like a video just move on. Whatever.) I love shopping saves me money. I am thinking about a historicalish corset with some embroidery. ...looking forward to watching Lady Sherlock unfold.

The thumbs down helps when you put your videos on autoplay whilst you're doing something else and YouTube starts getting into content you aren't really interested in; you can thumbs down a video to tell the algorithm you don't want more like that. Often times these people aren't trying to be malicious in any way, they just want to be shown things that interest them more. No hard feelings on this end. :)

Very impressive amount of legwork you put in for this project so far, Bernadette. What books do you think your Lady Sherlock would be reading in the period? Look forward to more great work in the future.

I enjoy your videos tremendously! Thank you for making them! I am so looking forward to seeing your completed Lady Sherlock ensemble. Happy Stitching!

I enjoy seeing which fabrics you picked from which store. They're are so many options. I only do small projects: shirts, cushions, some of the simpler cosplay stuff. I would love to be able to see a tailors choice in choosing and making a piece. Especially given your remaking in the best of historical styles.

Can I just come into the city one day and hang out with you. You’re fascinating and I’m so jealous you can sew and do historical costuming !

Ah! You make me want to go fabric shopping again, despite me having a million knitting projects to finish but now I want a sewing project. Best of luck!

I'd love to hear more about what shops you enjoy in the garment district!! Its my dream to go and shop around there one day but it's so daunting for someone not familiar with New York to figure out what shops are good/not creepy/decent quality

Can you please, please, please make a video on your theater experience?

this video is amazing - i love that its longer so theres more to watch! you're so knowledgeable about the fabrics and stores and historical details it's amazing :)

This video was just a nice pleasant way to end my day. You're adorable and your videos make me smile.

Ms. Banner I would love love love to hear more about your theatre work! As a theatre person interested in/working with costumes who is currently in college I'm super interested to learn more about it in a professional setting, and you're so good at what you do I'm intrigued to hear your perspective if you wished to share!

Thanks for the tour of NY

The scarf you're wearing is gorgeous! Did you make it?

I’m going to shop in the garment district in NYC for the first time in my life for my painting project. This is very helpful for me. Thank you so much!!!

That greenish brownish tartan wool is gorgeous! Can't wait to follow the making of lady Sherlock xx

"Oh come off it, you could make this so easily." ME

im so glad you posted this video, I had no idea there was such a thing- so many fabric shops. I know its NY city but wow.

MJ often does Groupons where you pay $30 for a $50 voucher, can come in handy when sewing on a budget :-) (tho I don't do historical so far). Tho you have to make sure to watch them ring up tiny items like a hawk, b/c I lost $10 from my last voucher when they rang me up for the wrong buttons. Oh well.

I am planning a trip up to NYC with a friend for the first week of April. I am trying to judge how much money I should consider for the garment district. I am looking at winter weight fabrics (i.e. wools either solids or patterns) to make circle skirts with as I do not have many heavier skirts for the winter season in VA. Any advice?

There's a lovely hotel in the midst of the garment district, if you are staying in the city. It is called the Refinery Hotel and used to house a hat factory and ladies' tea room. It's also a very short walk to Bryant Park. We stayed there last year and it was lovely just walking the district to look in the shops.

This was soooooo enjoyable. I absolutely love your videos :)

The majority of people do not sew, stores are closing

Wow that was so amazing! I have never understood the thing about watching "haul" videos. But this was just so amazing to see the stores and fabric. I have never seen such beautiful beaded satin ribbons as that one store. Just gorgeous. Thank you!

It was a good thing I was seated when you brought forth your scalloped lace. The things you don't like are every bit as lovely as the things you do like. I love you and your channel.

Please take us to the posh trimmings shops again, my eyes were like

I understand it can be very hard and takes practice, but it is very obvious how you are trying to avoid looking into the camera.

I wish there were such fabric stores near me. There is only one near me. Others are atleast an hour driving and i need my mom to bring me *sigh* And it says it's an XL fabric store. It's definitely not. I assure you. They don't have much. And just never what I need. They only have patterned, printed fabric. Like flowers and really bright and many colours in one fabric. Never really plain, natural and/or woven fabrics. (And for the quality its overpriced)

Honestly I was swooning over this video! While we do have some lovely fabric shops where I live, we dont have anything close to the joy that is the garment district-- I think I'd be overwhelmed! But I do live in Scotland and we have a gorgeous selection of wools at every turn! Can't wait to see this project come alive; Ive got my own 1890s walking skirt to make for a murder-mystery and Im so looking forward to swanning about in it!

Please make this a series!!

You’re always so enjoyable to watch and listen to. Thank you for taking us on a tour of the garment district.

Thank you for inviting me on your shopping trip Bernadette! I had a whirlwind weekend in NYC with my art club back in college and never got to the garment district. Your cardigan is adorable! Did you add the detail to the front? If so did you just top stitch it? Also, I have been wanting a simple, everyday, winter skirt (many actually) and would like your advice on what material(s) would be best like wool, fleece, flannel? Should I have a slip or a second layer and what should that be made from? I'm a novice in this field but I have help and not looking for historical accuracy (I'm sorry!) Just looking to make what I can't find. Thanks for reading this nonsense. Lots of luck on your project, J.

Very enjoyable video, loved seeing the garment district, lucky you to be able to shop there. And, you my dear are as charming as ever.

“Bernadette and the Hunt for the Mysterious Wool/Polyblend Fabric”

please make this a series!!!

New subie here Really enjoying your channel

Gosh i wish i could live near a fabric district, but then i would also be broke because i would keep throwing money at all the beautifull trims

You are giddy.

Kansas city here, thank you for taking me along. Joann's is a good store, but can't hold a candle to NYC. Annika Victoria (Aussie YouTuber) went to a Tokyo fabric super store, SIGH.

Love your videos! And I am sad that I don't live in New York when it comes to fabrics.

At 5:50 - that red and white tweed seems like it's calling your name. (It's calling mine!)

Your will power is incredible, I would be tempted to buy a lot more fabric than Is needed and that doesn't has anything to do with the project.The majority of the fabrics are gorgeous when you passed by that roll of burgundy velvet I thought "¡¡VELVET!!" (instead of the usual squirrel!!). I'm very exited about this project I looking foward for them...

Pleased you call in tartan rather than plaid. Your 4-item-haul is exactly why we love you: quality over quantity. I am averse to haul videos especially book hauls because they are low quality "literature". And finally, I agree that you should just be nice to people and not go through life trying to get one over others.

Tartan is the pattern, plaid is the garment. I did not do part of my thesis on pre-rebellion highland dress not to shout about that distinction at every possible moment, and I am ever so glad you noticed. ;)

I love listening to you. Even that is almost historically accurate.

In England they do not have beautiful tartan for in Scotland they have beautiful tartan

This isn't a fabric haul, this is a love letter to the New York garment district ❤ thank you for taking us with you.

I’ve wanted to browse the NYC garment district since I was a teenager (retired now). Thank you for this video!

You always make me feel so motivated becauwe of your own exitement!

I LOVED your video. Your slightly flighty, scatterbrained way of speaking is adorable and well suits your passion. I look forward to seeing more of your videos. And I just made a unique first time sewing lap blanket with my grandmother, that is my little project I worked on. Please continue making quality content for the lovers of crafting!❤

I kinda miss Mood's old elevator, when you mentioned B&J I started seeing your money fly away. I never walk into Mokuba and east coast trimmings because I know I can't afford it. Thank you for taking us with you! I can't wait to see the final product! Thank you for telling me about fabric wholesale direct, I needed muslin!

This was such a fun video! Thanks for showing us the garment district as a local. It was so neat to see you unfurl and blossom into the vlogging in public, kudos! Also, as someone who finds my local Joann kind of overwhelming, I'm really starting to question my dream of going to the NYC garment district one day...

This brings back wonderful memories. I made a trip into NYC for the fabric for my wedding dress, and bridesmaid dresses in 1985. Thought I had died and gone to heaven.


There isn't a whole lot of wool around Goldhawk Road, the best bet in London would have been Joel & Sons on Church Street or fabric shops around Berwick Street in Soho, they tend to be pricier...

I’m with you in this search for fabrics on budget. I’m from Russia and we, you can say, don’t have any fabrics and staff industry. All is imported (China, Turkey, Italy, Korea) or not really worth to mention. So It is always a QUEST to find nice materials which cost affordable price. Some saleswomen from fabric shops are very similar to dragons, by the way. Good luck with your project. It will be gorgeous.

I love your effervescent flavor of critical intellectual honesty. Top 5 youtuber!

I love how you hold things; so cute.

Very nice video!! I rather enjoy watching, and seeing how you came across your fabric choices.

im so sure iv seen that fabric (the swatch you had that you couldnt find in store) or a very similar one at crescent trading in london, but since youre no longer in the uk that might just be very frustrating to hear.. none the less if youre ever heading to the uk again you should definitely have a look there.

Her throwing the pencil is me

Agh, Bernadette you make me want to learn how to learn how to do historical sewing, too! Beautiful work, and beautiful ideas, I’m so happy I found your channel.

**slowly dies on the inside crying** why don't I have access to such glorious businesses... I would literally live inside the shop. In my country we're no way near having such massive amount of possibilities. Sight.

Will you do some passementerie with brown trim as embellishment too? It would fit so great and would make the Holmes garment very feminine ;)

That mysterious shop's name is A K Fabrics Corp Here's what I found... A K Fabrics Corp Usa 257 W 39th St New York, NY 10018-3106 Local: (212) 944-5693

I wish the Los Angeles garment district was this nice!! Ours smells terribly and the traffic is hell on earth!

I have one fabric store a half hour away. That's the closest. RIP

How much fun is that! I cannot wait to see the finished piece!

Inspiring and entertaining video!!!!

Yes. Yes the "hauls" are indeed a thing on YouTube. And yes, we love them!!!

Ron McCutchan the one she referred to for fabric measurement. Is it the same book?

I'm amazed that you mentioned Symingtons as I worked there in my home town of Market Harborough. The museum also has the steel body forms that the corsets were fitted on. love your adventures.

My eyes like popped open really wide when I saw the ribbon shop. Also I love the music.

Oh wait, go back I saw something cute.

We need a fabric app. Like a music you can find who has the fabric.

Oh my, the buildings are so tall .

Oh my Gawd, that store IS nice. I was salivating.

I was there (NYCs Fabric District) this afternoon.... thank heavens that, though their quantity be diminished, we still have access to these aisles and aisles of wonderful fabric and notions. Good comfortable shoes... mandatory!

I had no idea such places existed! We have one privately-owner fabric and notions store here, one! And that there are stores not on the ground floor? Is the average person supposed to know to go in a random building up to the third floor?

I laughed because while I have purchased some beautiful fabric from Ayazamoon before everything in your description of it was spot on! "Name your price!" And "Only because you are a beautiful lady!"

Oh yes, the air of cringe upon walking in is palpable.

Ugh I wanna go there sooo bad . I'm in north Carolina and as far a I know there isn't any place with so many fabric and trimming shops so close together.

I thought this was a help you channel but you post what you are able to do and that's fine. I'm guessing my question didn't get answered because I wasn't on your Patreon account. Thank you and best wishes. Happy sewing Unsubscribed.

The trimming, ribbon and button stores you went to, were like walking into heaven... must visit them if I ever come New York.

Please add the link for the historical corset patterns.

Oh, I loved every minute of this shopping trip! I live in Springfield, Missouri where we have 2 fabric stores and I've never seen anything like what you showed. Much appreciated!

I know Bernadette may not see this but maybe someone here can answer my question. I'm looking to create a few 1890's style ensembles and I was wondering roughly how much fabric I'm going to need.

+Bernadette Banner Thanks so much, I've just recently found your channel and have immediately decided to watch every video you've ever made. You are very skilled and I'm super envious of your hand stitching skills.

Yardages can be difficult to estimate for historical garments if you've never made that particular style before; my best advice is to start every project with a mockup, and keep careful track of how much muslin (or general mockup fabric) you use in the process; this will give you the most accurate estimate for how much yardage you should look to purchase for the final garment.

Loved this video! It has lit anew my determination to visit the garment district. I need to find some silk fabric to replace the lining in a cape I made back in the early 80's.

You are so lovely to watch! That sounded creepy but I love your personality and your videos are very entertaining and informative to a young, begginer seamstress such as myself.

Ahh I’m pretty sure I went with my Aunt to Bricken Arcade years and years ago when I followed her for a day at work in the city. I remember the floors distinctly as well as the elevator operator because that was the first time I had seen one in real life! She’s an interior designer and she’s constantly getting pillows made and getting new fabrics

I am drawn to the greens as well..... lovely choice in fabrics!!

I adored seeing all the shops!! i haven’t done my yearly garment district trip for about 7 years and now I am desperate to get back there after watching your lovely video!

You know, I loved fabric and it smell,the same as book,hoping to master cutting a pattern,and collecting nice fabric.

Oh my goodness, I love this video! You are a dream! I’ve never been by it’s my dream to go to NYC and nothing would make me happier than coming and hanging out with you, window shopping the garment district! A man can dream! Haha. Thank you for your lovely videos!

Check out fab scraps I have gotten some amazing stuff from them.

Wow! That is a lot of fabric! I know what you mean about industry changes and closures. I LOVE wallpaper stores and would spend hours in the stores looking thru their catalogs and then one by one they all closed. There is not one single store left and it's my understanding, the manufacturing plants closed, all but three. Now it's all imported.

I’ve only recently developed an interest in sewing and I had no idea we have a garment district in NYC! Although I’ve lived here my whole life lol Thank you for giving us the shop details in the description, any approximate prices because I truly don’t know how much any of it would cost

I didn’t want to run away screaming, I wanted to go along with you. We could have had such a jolly time!

I couldn’t wait to see more of your videos! Fine choices on fabrics especially on a tight budget. A sensual expose’ of fabrics. Love you!

That was fun and informational. Do you have any other costumes planned for Costume College?

That's not a tartan. It's a houndstooth plaid.

If we wish to be technical, 'tartan' is the term for the woven pattern whilst 'plaid' is the term for the garment itself; a houndstooth plaid would therefore refer to a garment made from houndstooth cloth, whereas this fabric featuring a houndstooth in the general pattern of a check would more closely be referred to as a houndstooth tartan (or houndstooth check). This is a bit pedantic, I know, especially as today in the US 'plaid' is used to refer to the tartan pattern itself, and the original definition of the word is not commonly known; nevertheless I am particularly amused at this idea, and I suppose I could belt it up and wear it, then indeed I certainly would have a houndstooth plaid!

Willie the bumblebee

'If that doesn't say I have my life together, I don't know what will!'....hahaha! Lovely video :)

i'm so extremely excited for your lady sherlock project because frilly undergarments and menswear inspired ladies clothes are exactly my niche! ❤❤❤

Maybe you could carry a mini ott light to get better light.

What fun. I had the opportunity to shop fabric in NYC on a once in a lifetime trip there. When we walked in, my son saw my eyes and stated, "mom, we have to be at the show in five hours" . I was surprised st how kind and friendly the workers were.

I love this video! I am from a very small town and this gives me fabric envy ❤

I have a swatch book where I write where I got it from and price per metre x

Thank you for taking us to the fabric district. I always have wanted to see it. Fascinating! I wish you would have said the yard prices on the fabrics. I can’t wait to see what you make. I’m new to your channel. Could you do a video of your sewing area and also a tutorial?

Dyyyyyying of envy at the sheer amount of options and selections you have! I have 2 chain stores to choose from where I live :( :( Please make more of these videos, I loved it!

I'm very excited to come along with you on this project.

This video is immensely frustrating because I've spent my childhood visiting my grandparents in Harlem, and going literally all over except for the garment district despite the fact that my great-grandmother worked there as a seamstress and my grandmother sews too. I've been so close but so far all this time!

Please film your artistic process while you are working on this project!

You kinda look/sound like Alex Dainis

You are just delightful to watch!

I enjoyed watching you chose Fabrics and trims.

Looking forward to the corset video... When will it be up?

There will be two! Probably not until mid- to late- March though, as I'm still in the prototyping stage, so a few more mockups are in order before I can begin the final project. I'm hoping to share a bit of my research process up before then though. ;)

Are any of these stores restricted to professionals only? (Interior decorators, costumers/clothing designers) Do any of the stores sell online as well? I think it would be wonderful for you to add "Follow me around" videos when you go shopping. You are quite blessed to live in an area that has so many options.

This is awesome. I'm drooling over here. I have to drive an hour to find a chain fabric shop & chair shops definitely fail in comparison.

I like this music

I really enjoy your videos, and your voice is very reminiscent of this audiobook narrator that I'm listening to currently who narrates Seanan McGuire's Every Heart a Doorway.

This was great fun! A fabric shopping,day in the life, or frock investigating museum vlogs are always welcome.

This store reminds me of Alta Moda in Bali.

Anyone else listen while they are sewing?

you are so lucky! beautiful fabric shops....I just would go crazy to buy and buy and buy.... and never start my projects.... :)

Thanks for this video, I have never been to your city.  So neat!

I'm just curios why NY has so many fabric shops?

Thank you for this video. It brought so many pleasant memories of my cousin. I would take the train to NYC with two suitcases. One of course was empty. My cousin and I would go shopping for fabric, buttons, and trim that I couldn't find back home. This video is wonderful. Thanks.

Hearing you whisper and mutter about the fabrics you really would like but can't afford was...Idk, it reminds me of when I was a kid looking at the toy aisle...

*cries in poor*

Beautiful color of the sweater.

Thank you for this blog I live in Zürich and wish I had all of this opinions from Switzerland

I'm so tickled with this new project! I may have to follow along :)

I discovered that there is a second hand fabric shop in my neighborhood and I am SO excited to go in. I have no garment district to peruse so I’ll take it!

Store lighting is notoriously awful for getting the true color of fabric. Shops that have windows to the outside world mean you can schlepp the bolt to the window for a more accurate color matching. Ott Light has a small, portable, battery-operated light that you could usem but Ott Lights are pricey. As a much cheaper alternative, I found (in the 99 cent only store, of all places) a FLAT hand-held flashlight that fits nicely into a wallet. I use that when I'm in shops (like Hobby Lobby) where the fabric department is far from the windows and the clerks aren't too happy with taking bolts out of the fabric section--even if you're a regular customer.

I went to the same store years ago.

I think you vlogging is awesome. it was nice to see more about your thought process when buying materials and how much effort you put into the garments you make. I know I am very excited to see more updates and maybe one day I'll have the courage to finally work on a project of my own.

Have u ever considered keeping a swatch book with the names of where you purchase each fabric .

Discovered you today! Loved the shopping excursion and look forward to watching more videos.

I would love to see you make a wedding dress using that White Lace!

I love how much you love hunting and gathering and sewing! it is contagious and makes me happy. I imagine you making costume wear for historical shows and movies and fantasy as well. Since you are so good at creating videos you should be able to grab the attention of entertainment creators! If not that there are so many buyers of costumes in everyday life nowadays like steampunk style and comic con. Anyway good luck! Rooting for your success.

i want to go into Mood..

Aha, Mokuba means “wooden horse”, or “rocking horse” in Japanese. The logo is apt, then ^^

Girl, if I were you, I'd have a list of every store I'd bought something in and what I bought! I don't know if it's practical, but might there be a way to notate on each fabric/sample what retailer it came from and when? Possibly in a ledger, possibly on a scrap of paper pinned to the fabric? If searching for previous/matching fabrics is something you do often, it might be helpful.

I would love to see the different stores you go to, perhaps a guide series. Where to go for certain fabrics, etc.

I totally enjoyed shopping for fabrics with you...I'll never see them any other way...or have the energy So looking forward to seeing you put this outfit together.

Bias Bespoke has some great trimmings, but they're expensive! Their Podesta pocketing is fantastic. The linen canvas I bought was pretty thin, too light for a coat but alright for a light vest. Not totally sure how I'll utilize it :-/

Oh, please do make the shopping a series! I confess, it’s my favorite part of sewing.

Two words, Shopping cart! Wheelie cart. 60 bucks, worth every penny. and they fold up in cabs.

Yay we cant wait to go shopping with you again. This was like running errands with a good friend

Thanks for sharing your shopping adventure. I usually don't watch "haul" videos because they're frequently lame, but I've always wanted to run amok in the garment district in NYC. Enjoyed going to Mood and to the trim store (don't remember the name) and all the other stores. I love fabric of all kinds and you gave me the opportunity to "OOh" and "Ahh" over the many choices for sale as well as your final selections. I look forward to seeing your projects come to life. And as a suggestion, if you're going to be doing more vlogging in public, consider getting a backpack so your hands remain free.

Thank you for taking time to document your shopping trip down in the garment district. I absolutely love fabrics...natural materials are a must. But oh my the wools. Shopping for cloth is so exciting and relaxing. Looking forward to seeing your work.

i'm quite new to your channel and i'm not particularly one to pick up details about people unless they're directly presented to me so to hear about your time in theatre immediately piqued my interest - i would love to see maybe a chatty video about your experiences/inspirations/things you have learnt in your sewing career whether they're related or influenced by this time or not (generally speaking i'm always curious about people's journeys in learning crafts and skills tbh)

I’m terribly sorry if this seems a bit nosy, but is that an ace ring on your right hand? :)

tis indeed!

a real pro. thank you

Hi there! I love your videos. Just a hint: If you want to check, whether a fabric is natural fibers or not, take a matchlight and burn a couple of threads. If it just evaporates into ash, it's natural, if it shrivel to a clump of hard plastic, it's synthetic. The smell is different, too. Wool basically smells like burned hair, while synthetic smells.... evil!

I just found your channel, and I really enjoy your videos, but I was disappointed to discover that this video is but a few weeks old, so I don't get to see the finished project yet!! I hope there are update videos... are there updates yet?

Anyone else start dying internally when they saw the tweed fabric selection in mood??

Love Mokuba, I have a selection of treasures from there. Such a nice shop.

Watching this video while getting ready to go fabric shopping!

How do you stay warm in -4 degrees? Especially in skirts? Help...

I am so happy to have gone with you on the wonderful shopping trip. thanks for asking me to come along ;

This was overwhelming in the best way possible.. I get excited in my local Jo-Ann fabrics. LOL. Im just a home sewer who likes to make my own clothing.. I tend to buy fabric, then figure out what to make with it. NOT the most cost effective way of shopping. I would seriously go broke living near the NYC garment district. Great video, I could have watched you walking into the different stores for hours!!

Next time you go to the men's fabric store; ask if you can see the bolt and get the info off the tag at end of bolt and compare to another affordable shop

when you want to do a historicly accuret skirt but your alergic to wool

I thought about making my own bobbin lace for a ruff and some cuffs. Just another historical rabbit hole I might have to go down. (even if its egregiously time consuming)

it's so fitting that you're doing a sherlock holmes outfit and you spend most of your time during this video searching for something haha

Too bad I don't live on the East Coast. I am so happy with these videos! Luckily I tat, so I can tat my own lace! And I prefer to hand sew and the classic designs from history. I'm looking into bobbin lacing, hopefully soon.

I marathoned all your videos today as background to my genetics reading. It was lovely. With the small exception of all the sewing and patterning words through my notes. Oops

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