Mao Zedong: The Chairman of Communist China

Mao Zedong: The Chairman of Communist China

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This video is made possible by shaker and spoon, shaker and spoon send out a cocktail, box each month with the ingredients. Needed to make bar quality, cocktails in your own home yet $20, off your first box by going to shaker in spoon comm /by, a graphics, there's, a link below, Bassam Mao Zedong was a much-loved, revolutionary. Hero who saved China from, the rule of foreign aggressors he modernize China by bringing the wonders of Western industrialization. To their Shores to others though he is remembered, for being a sociopathic. Tyrant. Who sacrificed. The lives of, millions, of people in, order to bring his political experiment. To, life in the, video today the, life of, the Chairman. A. Farmer. And landowner, named, Mao you Chang, was a self-made, man he was born into poverty but he worked hard and saved enough to buy two acres, of rice paddies over, the years he employed workers do tens the land for him and most of his profits, went back into expanding, his farm he builds a comfortable, life for his wife when, she may and their future children sadly. His wife had difficulty, getting pregnant and, she lost her first two children during infancy she, gave birth to her, only child, Mao Zedong in, 1883. Growing. Up Mao Zedong lived, very comfortable, life compared to his peers it was not uncommon for Chinese, children to walk around without shoes and wear clothes that were in tatters, they barely had enough food, to eat ins they could not afford proper health care the fact that Mouser Dongs parents, could afford to provide all of the basic necessities for, their child is why some people considered, them to be wealthy, the one thing that Mao Zedong had in common with all other children in China though was that he was taught the religion, and philosophy, of, Confucianism. One of his most well known teachings, is that everyone, should try to go with the flow and balance the energy of yin, and yang, when. It came to the government confucius, said that people should try to be satisfied. With their lot in life and they should know their place in, order for society, to run smoothly confucius, said there, is government when, the prince is Prince and the minister, is minister. When the father is father and the, son is son, however, Mao Zedong did not agree with everything Confucius, taught after, all he knew from firsthand, experience, that his father was able to work his way out of poverty he, wanted to believe that he could grow up to be more, than just a farmer's, son in, school Mao Zedong was one of the top students in his class and he loved reading as many books as he could get his hands on but at 13 years old his parents they, removed him from his elementary school in order to help his father work on the farm his father tried to arrange a marriage with a young girl named Luo Yi GU who was the daughter of a nearby farmer, and landowner, this would have ended his education, and completely sealed, his fate so, he refused to marry her at, 16, years of age he convinced, his parents that, he wanted to be an intellectual. And his parents agreed, to send him to a boarding school in the city of Changsha, when he was in this city he met other like-minded people, who believed, that there was a need to change the Chinese Way of life in, the eighteen hundred's China was seeing more and more trade, from, Western, countries from 1840, to 1840, to China, and Great Britain they had a big conflict, known, as the opium. Wars and trying, to lost after signing, the Treaty of Nanking Hong Kong became a British territory, and European, traders now had access to Chinese ports, even though this was a peace treaty the Chinese people nicknames this, the unequal treaties, because it appeared as though the Ching dynasty was, bowing to the demands of Great Britain China was far from being an industrialized. Nation their technology, was so far behind the rest of the world it was far too easy for Western, countries to take advantage, in 1895. Japan attempted, to overpower China and their influence, over Korea and this was known as the first sino-japanese, war, the, cherry on top of an already bad, situation came. In the year 1908, when the Emperor passed away and the only male heir to the Ching dynasty was. A two-year-old named, Phu you it's, not a surprise that people, began to lose their faith in the strength of the dynasty, in 1911, Mao Zedong was eighteen-years-old the Xinhai revolution happens. And the People's Republic of China brought an end to the Ching dynasty. After. Switching to the People's Republic the, overarching, government, was called the Kuomintang. Also, known as the Nationalist, Party or the KMT, the Kuomintang, allowed warlords, to rule, over their perspective, territories, across China each warlord, had the power to create their own laws charge, taxes. And raise, their own armies as a university. Student Mao Zedong's favorite, subject, was philosophy he, read The Wealth of Nations by, Adam Smith and the spirit of laws by Montesquieu, he also read all of the works of the Chinese revolutionaries.

Who Were behind the, People's Republic during. This time he created the Association, for student self-government. And said Hunan first Normal University so, that students could have a voice to protest, against the school rules he also formed, a student volunteer army the group had around 80 members and they all shared, their ideas on, government, and philosophy, it was during this time that Mao Zedong was introduced, to the work of Karl Marx, out of all the political philosophies. They studied, he and his friends, agreed with the ideas of communism, and this was because it promised that every person in society would have their basic needs met Mao, Zedong continued, to excel in school and he was number three in his graduating class he, got a job at Beijing University as, a librarian, where he was able to read as many, books as his heart desired the, Communist Party of China or CCP, was established, in 1921. One of the founders, leaders, how was a librarian. At Peking University the other was Chen duk-soo who, was an intellectual, who had been a part of establishing the People's Republic of China after, seeing how China adjusted, to the new Republic duk-soo, believed, that the Warlord's were taking advantage of the peasant class and that the political system needed. Adjusting, he thought communism would actually be better for their society Mao, Zedong was just 28 years old at the time and he was one of the many young people who began attending, communist, meetings after work once. People began to learn about the teachings of Karl Marx, the Communist Party of China gains, a huge following many, peasant, people were unhappy with their respective warlords and they wanted a new system of government of course communism, was posing a huge threat to the nationalist party unlike the rest of the parties in the Republic communism, actually, had the potential, to spread across the entire country. And replace. Them as the leading party they believed it was time to get rid of the Communists, in China before, they gains too much power in 1927. A gang working for the KMT attacked and killed members of the Communist, Party they, announced the plan to eradicate every, single member of the CCP this, event is remembered, as the Shanghai massacre, roar the April, the 12th purge over. 300,000. Communists, were killed and 50,000. People denounced. Their party affiliation out, of fear the, shanghai massacre is credited, for starting the chinese civil war since the KMT was the original. Party of the Republic of China they felt that it was time for them to eliminate, the feudal system of, warlords, and the Communists, as well in order to unite, all of China under one government. In. 1931. When Mao Zedong was 48, years old he was elected as the chairman, of the Communist, Party in 1934. The Chinese civil war was still raging on Mao Zedong led the members of the Communist Party and what is remembered, as the long march they trekked over, 4,000. Miles through mainland, China in their attempts to fend off KMT, forces, the leader of the Nationalist, Party chyann, kai-shek, was sending, troops after the Communists and he ran several campaigns, in his attempt to defeat, them Mao Zedong did not have an army as large as the KMT, but he had his charisma wherever. They went he used his power of persuasion to tell the villagers that communism, would, improve their lives he promised them that they would never go hungry again people. Were so unhappy living under, the rule of their warlords that it wasn't very hard to convince people to fight, for the cause after, losing thousands, of men in battles, that dawn would just restock. His army with new peasants, in the next village and just, keep on marching forward, in, 1937. All of China would have to hit pause on their Civil War because Japan was taking, advantage of the chaos by invading Manchuria, this was known as the second sino-japanese war, for, years Japan had attempted to take over Chinese territories, the Japanese they tortured, they killed they raped Chinese, civilians everywhere, and they went and decimated. The Chinese major cities the, armies of the Warlord's and the KMT they were already weakened, from the, as they sustained, while fighting each other there was no way they could fend off the Japanese Empire on their, own the, leader of the KMT Chiang kai-shek had, to swallow his pride and ask the, Communist Party for help their, red army was growing in numbers they defended, China against, the Japanese in what is known as the hundred, regiments, offensive, the Red Army was largely made up of peasants, who didn't, have time for proper, military training, so Mao Zedong used, guerrilla warfare tactics, they also called, in some help of the USSR, who closed in on Japanese occupied Manchuria, from the side while China, was on the other they, succeeded, in saving the country however once the Japanese were gone the civil war it, was back in 1946.

Mao Zedong in his Red Army defeated the KMT, and became, the new rulers of China at this point people fought, Mao Zedong was a national, hero and the rightful leader of their country not only did he save them from the Japanese, but he also unified. The country under one rule for the first time since the Qin Dynasty people. Were hopeful, that things would finally, start, to change for the better but. Actually they. Were gonna get a whole lot worse. In, 1958, Mao Zedong officially. Began his plan this was called the, Great Leap Forward this. Was his attempt to use communist, ideals to bring modern. Industrialization. To, China he might have had the best intentions, at heart but no matter how, many books one may read about creating, a new society there. Is a huge, difference between theory. And actually, doing something in real life the, Great Leap Forward created. A major land reform, where citizens were no longer allowed to own private property farmers, had to give up their land to the greater good of the public they still had to work but they were not allowed to keep the food they were growing because the rules dictated, that people who were far more important, to society deserved. Nourishment, first and that the peasants, could be fed with whatever was left over, he sent medical services, to all Chinese, villagers ensuring, that all the citizens had health care and they were fit enough to do manual labor he, commanded many of the people of China to start constructing, factories. And new governmental, buildings, most, peasants were farmers, their entire lives and then no idea how to work in a factory still, though they were expected, to produce steel. And other industrialized. Materials, there were so many people now working in factories, it was impossible, to properly, train or manage, everyone despite, having a lot of issues getting adjusted to the new policy the plan it actually worked for a very short window, of time crop, production, went up and people we're healthy errands had more food to eat than ever before despite, the setbacks the Chinese people were also able to erect a few modern buildings this. Progress it, all came crashing, down in less, than a year though, this happened in the winter of 1959, Mao, Zedong had suggested, that farmers, grow more grain, and this, was stored in silos however, without growing other types, of food to store for the winter months it remember people were expected, to survive, only, on bread in the winter the weather that year it was awful as well they experienced, widespread droughts, followed, by massive, typhoons, that caused flooding that destroyed crops tigers. Leopards and wolves were attacking farmers, as they tried to cultivate more land their fourth now created, an anti, pest campaign, where he encouraged, people to shoot these animals on sight and eat their meat this, pushed tigers and leopards near extinction, and people killed 70. Five percent of their population the, Great Leap Forward was. Actually, a huge step backwards for China and it created a widespread. Famine, that killed millions, of people people, resorted, to eating household, pets like dogs and cats just, in order to survive some, even, resorted, to cannibalism in. 1959. He was so unpopular that he had to step down as the chairman of the Communist Party and he handed over his position as state chairman, to a more moderate party representative. The, Xiao cui however, now Zidane continued, to work in a leading position in the government and tried to run his Great Leap Forward from, behind, the scenes instead, of recognizing, that his policy was doomed to fail Mao Zedong was convinced, that this was just bad.

Luck And, pressed the people to keep going however, people, just, continued, to die year. After, year, finally, in 1961. The Great Leap Forward it, was canceled by the time he finally ended the policy 36. Million people had died. You'd, think that after being responsible. For the deaths of millions of people and somehow, not, being killed for it you know, it was time to quit but, in 1966. Mao Zedong trying to regain the trust of the people and become state chairman once again he has a place to blame for his mistakes somewhere. Else he claimed that the bourgeoisie the top 1% of society, were ruining. Everything. And that now himself, he was on the side of the peasants he, builds up a cult of personality and, people they strongly, supported, him again because, well, they remembered, him as a revolutionary. Hero who saved their country from the Japanese, and provided, them with food, rations, and free, health care his followers they were willing to do whatever, he asked he, knew from his days as a college student that young people were perfect, for molding, into revolutionaries. He convinced a group of students called the Red Guard to seek out anyone, who was speaking out against the Communist Party he, encouraged, them to even murder their professors, who spoke against, Mao's policies just. In order to make an example of them according, to some accounts Mao's Red Guards were so savage, they partook in flesh, banquets, or ritualistic. Cannibalism. Of, their enemies Mao Zedong called the USSR. And North Korea traitor, revisionist. Who were bastardizing, the original work of calm Marx, his interpretation, of communism was so different from the rest of the world that many people called, his philosophy, maoism. Instead, of isolating his people from the outside world, like other communist nations he encouraged, globalization. And open trade which is why China's, economy eventually. Rebounded, and indeed this actually set the stage for the economic, strength that China has today in 1968. The Minister of Pakistan brought, a gift of 14 mangoes to, Chairman Mao people, of China never eaten tropical fruit before so this was a delicacy, to them now couldn't possibly forty, mangoes on his own so he handed out the fruit to his political team and a couple got, in the hands of a group of factory, workers they, were so mesmerized, by this magical, sweet fruit that they literally, started, to worship it saying that it was a symbol of the wonderful, new things the Chairman Mao would bring to their land they placed it in a glass case and when the fruit went bad they replaced it with a wax replica one, man who had never tried mango before questioned, why everyone.

Was Worshipping, this piece of fruit he tried to compare, it to a sweet potato he, simply couldn't believe that mangos, could taste so, great well, then it got a little bit ridiculous because even the mere suggestion. That a mango, wasn't, a magical, fruit was, enough to kill a man for treason this, is just one of many examples of, how irrationally. Devoted, to Mao Zedong people. Were in, the in 1970. When the country was running low on building, supplies Mao Zedong ordered his workers to tear down the Great Wall of China in order, to use the bricks to build new, houses and of dam he also destroyed ancient, artwork or anything else that was considered, to be a symbol of the bourgeoisie he, was willing to dismantle thousands. Of years of Chinese history and culture, in order to execute his communist, vision. When, he was getting older Mao Zedong was shameless, when it came to reaping the benefits of being a communist, dictator he almost never bathed or brushed his teeth and claims that he cleansed, himself inside. The bodies of his mistresses, not surprisingly, he contracted, sexually transmitted, infections, and spread them to several, women who actually. Wore their illness as something of a badge of honor since it was given to them by Chairman, Mao yep when. He was in his sixties he appointed a sixteen-year-old girl named Jiang Yu Feng to be his personal secretary she, spent so much time with him that even Mao Zedong's wife had to go through Jiang you thing first before she could make an appointment and, speak, with her husband, in 1973. He was sitting in a trade meeting with Henry Kissinger and, he reportedly, offered to trade 10 million, Chinese, women to the United, States he, said that women caused, too many problems and that it would be better to just get rid of them in 1974. His third wife the beautiful actress jiying, Jing decided. That she would not sit around waiting, for husband's respect, and affection she, began gathering her own collection of young male lovers she got so bold she would even allow her boyfriends, to show up at the house and now, never, protested, against her affairs when he died in 1976. People they, were devastated he was buried in a crystal casket, so that people could see his body when they came to visit lines, of people queued up to pay their respects, and many of them openly, cried, when they saw the body of their Dear Leader even, to this day the memory of Mao Zedong is revered by many as they remember, him as one of the great heroes, of the, nation but, love him or hate him China would be a very different place today if it was not for Mao Zedong maybe without him China, would have never become a leading economic, powerhouse, but, maybe without him millions, of people would, not have died so. Chairman now not exactly the chariot, of subjects that you know what can take the edge off his communist, ways well. A cocktail, and that's convenient because today's video is brought to you by shaker, and spoon now I'm not gonna mix up some cocktails, at work because I'm not Don Draper, so let's through the magic of television travel, Hyman hello, welcome to my home.

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love your other videos... few mistakes in this one. 1911 ROC not prc. 1949 is when prc started

So Mao knew capitalism was better but he still chose Communism Jeez!

Imagine if Zedong senior had refused to give in to his son's wishes to become an interlectual. Not at all a far fetched idea, considering what was at stake with the marriage. So why didn't he? Why'd he have to be so gosh darn progressive?

My country has an old saying "the only way out of povert is studying"

It is a long tradition in east asia china, vietnam, korea most of the population view interlectual with respect and a way out of poverty with the exam to give the chance for even a peasant to become government official

Its a shame that such brutal, downright evil people who care so little for human lives are revered as hereos, simply beacuse "MUH COMMUNISM"

Pls do more cocktail making/ cooking clips in your kitchen

his wife didnt have difficulty getting pregnant.. staying pregnant however

I am no commie sympathiser but he made many jobs in and pretty much ran the concrete industry

my grandmother was from the same town as Mao

You did Mao Tsetung, so do Deng Xiopeng next!

He’s pretty undeniably a dictator and psychopath - anyone who says otherwise is ill informed, or being misled

You do a good job of addressing the good and bad of many of these figures that are often demonized, that's not to say you don't show their evil side but rather you address all aspects of their life

i remember how the general impression of Mao was a filthy, smelly, crackpot hick. he had to have special food prepared for him as his teeth had rotted to stumps.

Looks like I'm getting shaker and spoon!

I wouldn't call this video biased, bu there are so many inaccuracies. The CHinese Civil War ended in 1949, it restarted in 1946 after WWII.

Chiang didn't ask the CCP for help, he was forced to make an alliance by warlords.

Dao Da Dong!

He had very few redeeming features ...and was the biggest killer in human history...and it was an outrage he was never brought to justice for thousands of crimes against humanity...

Confucius was right. Mao was wrong

It's apt that a video about Mao gets sponsorship from fruit company

Omg that shaker and spoon bit made my day. I don't even drink cocktails but I had to see that again. Lol the video about Mao was excellent as well.

Dude you are way off. He didn't bring China into the world, he was pushed into doing so by the threat of being nuked by Russia and possibly being forced out at home. And he didn't open up China to trade that was Deng XiaoPing, and it is he who is revered in the minds and hearts of the people. Pictures of Mao are for show, many actually hate his guts talk to people about having to cook and their own newborns to survive during his time.

Can you do a biography video of Juan Peron or Antonio de Oliveira Salazar?

You messed up so many years there... You said he was born 1883 and then that 1911 he was 18 years old. Then he was 28 y.o. 1921 and suddenly 1931 he was 48 y.o. I mean it's not that important, but then why mention stuff only to make mistakes (multiple times)? Quality control was lacking in the making of the video which unfortunately reduces its credibility...

where is god when you need him ?

I enjoy these videos and usually they're well researched but I just can't get over the "People's Republic of China in 1911" thing. I'm no historian but that's such a glaring mistake... What you mean is the Republic of China. I guess by international law (the UN) modern China *is* its successor state but the People's Republic didn't exist until 1949 when, you know, the Republic fled to (and still exists on) Taiwan. Middle school stuff that Wikipedia would've told you in 5 minutes. I know it won't happen, but it'd be really good if you redid this video with all the factual errors fixed?

Watching Simon make a cocktail was just as entertaining as watching a biographies about Chairman Mao

My sister in law grew up under Mao in his later years(60s, early 70s). She talks about soldiers coming to their house at 3-4am and making them run through the fields naked reciting their red book. Interesting as her father was a party worker and lived through the civil war. She renounced her chinese citizenship 2 decades ago and warns to never trust the Chinese.

1949, not 1946 was the total victory for the CCP over the KMT

Correction: For the public record, Japan invaded Manchuria via the Mukden Incident. The invasion of China proper indeed happened in 1937 via the Marco Polo Bridge incident. Invasion of China was followed by the Rape of Nanking (in which 200,000 to 300,000 people died).

Mao was born in 1893..

13:41 rofl just like bernie sanders haha_13:12 wow

this is starting to sound more and more relevant to current affairs.

You glossed over all of WW2 calling it a single offensive? You didn't mention that the only reason Japanese forces stopped in their tracks was because the US was cutting Japanese supply lines, they were still actively taking over the country until V-J day? They had just months before cut inland China from the coastline and encircled a huge portion of southern China

Hey dingleberry; the second sino-japanese war was AFTER japan invaded manchuria. It started with the Marco Polo Bridge Crisis, at the Manchurian border

We are losing the "Opium War" now.

Mao strategy for not getting eat by cats

The writer of these has an infuriating linguistic habit of attempting to add panache by adding in stuff like this - A) The man crossed the road VS The man, he crossed the road B) The king ordered the execution VS The king, he ordered the execution C) The people were driven to violence VS The people, they were driven to violence D) Although known as a good man, he was given to tantrums VS The man, he was thought to be good, although, well, he was given to tantrums These videos are wonderful but this is unnecessary and annoying. Once you hear SW delivering this constantly you can’t unhear it. Please stop this. It is awful writing in the midst of very good scripts.

The KMT was defeated in 1949, not 1946 and I don't think that the Chinese Republic founded in 1911 called itself "The People Republic". This was a bit disappointing.


Didn't know Mao was a sexual deviant on top of a mass murderer. Good to know.

Would take him over what we have right now

No mention of Mao's attack on Tibet and Buddhism?

Simon your so silly haha I never miss an episode keep up the good work!!!!

4:20. should be RoC not PRC

I see what you did here... ;)

also i think you forgot to mention that the nationalists did most of the fighting against the japanese so once WW2 ended the communists were essentially intact while the nationalists were weakened because again they did the actual fighting

Thank you so much for making this video. I always wanted to know more about Mao Zedong.

Please do Reza Shah and his son Mohammad Reza Shah.

Moon Moon, there are no sensible arguments for socialist-communism. There are only utopian words. Those that peddle it must speak of utopia for the masses to fall inline. Truth be known communism in any of its flavours, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, Castro/Geuvera, even Hitler's national socialism and many others is all built on lies and eventual misery, persecution, starvation and genocide. Capitalism does not promise utopia but offers people choice, advancement, ability to better provide for oneself, personal responsibility and accountability. It through a more just society often offers some safety nets to help keep people most whom were irresponsible from falling through the cracks. But it does not nor will it ever will promise things it can't deliver such as the promised only socialist utopia of equality. To have equality one can't have freedom and liberty. To have freedom and liberty one can't have equality. No matter how hard I may have wanted back as an 18 to 25 year old I was never going to be equal to Wayne Gretzky in hockey. Capitalism with democratic elected government can create only one equality... Equal for all under the law. Once that is done free markets, free choice good or bad will have greater outcome of one's fate. Socialism and it's ultimate end Communism promise utopia tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. It gets any society that falls prey only universal misery, persecution, state sanctioned murder and eventual genocide. Any form of socialism or communism is vile, evil and crap.

I strongly recommend the book, “ MAO , the unknown story” by Chang/Halliday to dissuade people from the idea that Mao was anything but a power hungry tyrant who managed to rewrite his own history in the most glowing terms. His rule set China back at least 60 years.

The great leap the afterlife. Mao a philandering paedophile. Socialism leads to communism that leads to so many people equally hungry, equally miserable and usually equally dead.

Karl Marx next?

This idiot was both ADHD and BiPolar Nuts! He really should have been denounced and killed because of his own policies against they type of people he actually was. China would have been in a better position in 2018 if he had been killed in the purges he started against people exactly like him. I feel sorry for China as they have been duped and can't seem to change their Government's Ideology. A real purge of thousands will need to happen so China can become mainstream.

1:27 Mao was born in 1893, not 1883

Here come those communists who were only taught of communism by their professors!

In Communist China Soylent Green is Soylent Brown.

So Mao was a cuckold.......imagine my shock

This video is too sanitized and fails to paint Mao as the vicious thug he really was.

He was born in 1893,not 1883.

I keep thinking about Tyson’s tattoo

Confucius say, man walking sideways through airport turnstile, is going to Bangkok.

“People would never go hungry again” Well about that...

your profile picture fits the comment lol

Again another nutter who destroyed the lives of so many people . Kissinger is boring old fart and apparently has dandruff . The mango was sent as a present to Queen Victoria on her being proclaimed Empress of Indiaah . Unfortunately when it arrived it was completely rotten . She exclaimed in horror that she thought that "it was off" . Indeed it was .

It's not real Communism until people die. Oh wait...

Got his women to wear his std's as a badge.... some boy..... please do 1 on sir alex ferguson simon... or some more british sports personality... (sick of asking lol)

No! No! No! Look at a map! A substantial region of China is in the tropics at lower latitudes than Pakistan and has, as it always had lots of tropical fruit

Still the most evil bastard to rule over China, if not look at the country today in its quasi capitalism/Communist totalitarianism rule.

Mao did not get rid of foreign aggressors, he openly thanked the Japanese for helping him get in power.

you should totally do Donald Ewen Cameron.

You killed my pizza. Which is good and bad. Good being engaging me so much i actually forget food. The bad being a dead pizza.

1:57 sorry but do you mean Taoism because Confucianism is based on filial piety

are you really peddling booze? lmao

no without him, china would have become an economical power much sooner than now .

its odd that mao had some things in similar with Shi Huangdi, they were both willing to tear down parts of society to try to build up others. (this is a neutral comment.)

英国打败中国 中国签署南京条约 中国割让香港 这是和平条约? 简直是在放屁! Britain defeats China China signs Nanjing treaty China cedes Hong Kong Is this a peace treaty? It’s just farting!

I don’t want to say “this wasn’t real communism” but how is making your citizens make steal when they are farmers and killing birds who help crops grow communism?

SoyuzNkk It doesn't. It's pretty clear systems like these enable tyrants to rise to power pretty easily.

Do Kim il sung next

So basically, Scientology used to be a country.

stop getting the people's republic and the republic mixed up

Communism is great, you just have to give up property, free thought, health, food and often life in order for it to work. So who want's to start a communism party for me? Just give me... EVERYTHING you have.

eh? The Chinese were everywhere. ex , They travel back and forth to the Philippines for centuries, theres no fcking way that they didnt know about mangoes.

Oh Carl Marx..... just another nation you ruined with your dreadful ideas.

China's economic miracle is not because of Mao but his successor!

It was Deng XiaoPing that change the modern China, not Mao.

The communist defeated the KMT in 1949 not 1946

Hey man. I think you should do your research a bit more. The “Republic of China” was formed in 1911. The “People’s Republic of China” was formed in 1949 after the Chinese civil war. I don’t want to be disrespectful. But I think you should take this video off and fix up the content. I know chinese history well because I have chinese background and I study history as a hobby.

Who else would like to hear a heavily scripted but not mic filtered at-home style voiced Simon Whistler rather than his in-studio RP persona voice narrating the videos? Irish Whiskey Simon is much more interesting to listen to, less elitist, more realistic, more common person, more relatable, imho. What do you guys think? Interesting video, though!

Man I wish people would pay me to drink booze like they pay Simon


Valy Stanciu YouTube is full of documentaires on Hitler and his minions. Not that I want to kill this bio-series here or Simon Whistler for that fact, but just check out the web. Lots of interesting stuff.

Yeah he could try and balance a turd with his teeth too while he was at it.

He had to balance the Yin and Yang. He would've been too great person otherwise.

For those who think that this sort of barbarity is an essential component of communisim: "Real" communism does not involve murderous complete state control. It is a shame that we have not seen communism become the model for an already industrial and wealthy nation. It should involve an increase in democracy at all levels of government and in each workplace. However, I doubt it will ever work because the rich and powerful who stand to lose so much won't stand by and let it run. They will work with all their mite to undermine it, which will lead to a very unstable nation. Most likely some form of tyranny will be required to silence them. There can be no doubt that if we had a society that worked towards the betterment of all under the principles of "to each as they need" and "from each what they are able" we would have a much better world. It seems unlikely that it will ever be able to be instituted though. So we are doomed to this cycle of power struggles, boom and bust economics and eventually will be undone by environmental collapse.

Simon is a leftist.

Twisting history...

Needs redo. Civil war ended in 1949; 1911 china was called Republic, not People's Republic; KMT tried to destroy warlords and bring democracy to china in Northern Expedition, before allying themselves to the warlords to concentrate on defeating the communists under Chiang Kai-Shek; Chiang was also kidnapped by one of his warlords before he reluctantly agreed to fight the Japanese.

On the topic of communism, turn to Ho Chi Minh next.

Did he get rid of the 1% I would suffer through just about anything to see the 1% mercilessly tortured to death and have their wealth redistributed

You didn't bring up the four pests campaign about all the sparrows they killed mainly almost making them extinct and The Sparrows being the only natural predator to locusts caused the worst famine in human history you usually a lot better than this with your long videos will you just lazy today or what

Hands down the worst leader ever even worse than Pol Pot and let's put it this way for those of you who are pussified correct or pathetically correct PC in other words Hitler was a saint compared to Stalin Stalin was a saint compared to Chairman Mao put that in your pipe and stick it up your ass you flip Lee correct fuckers the rest of you let that sink in

Just want to point out that the 1911 government was the “Republic of China”. The one established on 1949 is the “People’s Republic of China.”

Biographics do you guys have a bias against japan

14:54 wait what?

8:47 not everywhere

I wish they had this type of documentaries in high school. It would have made learning history a lot easier! Sometimes it's only necessary to learn about the highlights of what happened in history than knowing the full monty of everything. With these kinds of documentaries, he gets right to the point and doesn't bore the audience of useless information. In my opinion, I think schools need to adopt this kind of teaching for this kind of history lessons.

The people’s republic wasn’t created in 1911, that was the republic, the people’s republic was formed after/during Mao’s revolution. This has been mentioned a million times already but you really need to fix this video

I love how all these communist leaders never had a real job.


The cocktail mixing was my favorite part of this video.

Is that Communist cocktail comrade?

Ahh, gotta love the assholes who think they understand politics, yet they use strawmans and personal insults.

What happened to your voice and accent at the end of the video? Sounds so fake.

Certain people are almost undoubtedly in the lowest ring of Hell, and at least 20% are communists.

pol pot please

Yin and Yang? You sure you are not confusing it with Taoism? Up to this statement, I know I don’t need to watch the rest of Clip anymore. You can’t get the things right when you try to analyse China.

Chang Kai Shek and Pinochet did nothing wrong.

Hail great Mao, the true big dreamer who was willing to sacrifice (kill) everything (everyone) for a dream. Famine is temporary, but the proletariat is forever.

Can you do Lil Zongren. The Chinese warlord that ruled over the New Gaungxi Clique.

Idiots worshipped a fuckin Mango No wonder 30 million people died Starving Chinese resorted to Cannibalism Syphilis turned Mao into an Evil Monster Kissinger (Z) made China into a Power

please redo the video, you have done way to much harm and factual errors so much so that you are hurting the Chinese communities watching this.

+Chiang Kai-Shek Let's try that.

+Poes Law You're a capitalist pig-dog. Real Communism has not yet been tried yet. It will only take 7 billion more deaths for us to get Communism right. When that happens, everyone will finally be equal-equally dead.

it is great if you are the bureocrat running the racket and getting your hands in the "redistribution of wealth", for the people...not so much

Really enjoyed the last part

remember kids all commies are just lazy unemployed people who wanted communism just for the power not for the people

Not accurate enough, man.

Getting plugs, nice ;)

This is too biased. And let me explain why. I was born and raised in mainland China, I came to the states as a teenager. And got my Bachelor in the West coast. Here is my understanding of Mao, Before 12 years old: Mao is the hero, but Idk why, only because that’s what the Chinese society taught me. Age 12-22: Mao had some accomplishments. But he was a dictator, a mass murder, what’s more - a delusional leader who’s responsible for millions of deaths. After 22 years old + university education in History and Poli Sci( ironically, I was taught in the liberal West coast) I began to realize that Mao is a controversial figure. My conclusion is that China is much better off because of him. His true achievements: He made China to become an industrialized nation. Which started since 1950, THAT THIS VIDEO DELIBERATELY IGNORED, and jumped right into his mistakes of Great Leap Forward). Without his vision, China will not be today’s No.2 world’s “super” power. He lifted people out of poverty and educated them (a lot of these educations are red, but is a fact the literacy rate increased drastically). His party also increased the life expectancy of the Chinese people. He brought China it’s sovereignty, and enlightened the Chinese people that they are just as great as other western countries. KMT today (in Taiwan) is a lapdog of the US, and this lapdog has to pay for its own dog food (unreasonable military trade dictated by the US) Yet Mao fought a war against the US in Korean Peninsula without losing, and this happened in the 50s. He truly had faith and vision for a strong China. My evidence is simply today’s China’s achievements. Even if China collapse next year and never come back, the era since 1949-2018 will forever be in Chinese history as a glorious time. — Why do people hate him so much? Especially the Chinese people on YouTube. 1) It is a brain washed fad to speak against the communism. Same thing on why people denounce Trump so much (I am not - DT supporter FYI). 2) you have a selection of people on YouTube who speak against China. You should survey the 1.4 billion people who didn’t embrace the freedom of the internet, see what they think about China WHILE LIVING THERE. As a spoiler, I can tell you most of them think positively and optimistically about China. FYI, my grandfather was brutally beaten during the Cultural Revolution and I have enough reasons to hate Mao, but I choose not to.

So many wrong dates

mao was a cuck!!!!

Estimate deaf toll for Mao, 100 million..... Oh but he was a good guy....... Just like Stalin...... Make Hilterlook like a child.

Remember kids, if capitalism kills 20 million every year through hunger, lack of clean drinking water and medicine its not capitalisms fault. When communism has several large famines in the process of its rapid industrialization and then virtually eliminates hunger within its borders its communisms fault.

China is currently capitalist. It literally suppresses unions and has market relations across the whole country. Under mao literacy, per capita GDP, and economic growth rose massively. He pulled china into the 20th century. Meanwhile the ROC was a military junta that persecuted anyone to the left of the KMT.

Let's name some Communist countries that have decent per capita GDPs. I KNOW, CHINA.......has a smaller per capita GDP than the Dominican republic.ROC(democratic China) has a per capita GDP 4 times larger than that of PRC(Communist China).

Actually China's economic miracle began AFTER he died so... Yeah

The reason why the gang worked for the KMT is because Chiang Kai Shek was a puppet of the Shanghai mob.

Best ever Drugs rehab worker the World has ever known.

Was he talking about Sun Yat Sen 0:23

Sooo...... You said when he died and how his funeral went.... But hearing how he died (*heart attack*) would have been nice.

He was born in 1893 not 1883! Can't this channel even get basic facts right!?

I heard that socialism is a great way to lose weight.

Do Tito please

The effect of cultural revolution still left the scars till this day. Look how rude Chinese tourist when they were in someone's country. Even they live in western world. Their rudeness is something bonded with them already.

Aaahh.... Mao Zedong... The world's gold medal mass murderer. No one has both directly and indirectly caused the deaths of so many millions. He may be outdone in the pure batshit crazy stakes by the North Koreans, but he certainly killed far more people.


a great man.

All of these young kids look at socialism and communism as some wonderful thing that hasn't been properly tried yet. That's what happens when you send them to schools that glorify the ideologies. If this isn't real communism, if what the Soviets did wasn't real communism then I don't want to see what real communism is about.

The Cocktail Demo was an amusing standalone video.

Might just get a bunch of replies saying "generic music" but does anyone know the name of the song used in the transitions and ending? I like it quite a bit

Ghengis Khan says hello.

^^^israeli hasbara sock puppet account. They seem to flood the comment sections of these videos requesting people that need their story "cleaned up" by Simon. The sad part is, their requests keep getting fulfilled. Simon is definitely rolling in shekels these days!!!!

I can't even began with the things this video got wrong. And I am not sure if the mistakes were intentional or that the research was lazily done. First of all: Jiang Qing: Beautiful Lol, Yeah, no. On a more serious note. The Chinese Civil War did not end in 1946, it was 1949. Mao did not lay the foundations for China's prosperity, to make such a statement is to ignore how he himself would have regarded capital and utility. He simply did not associate the greatness of the nation through profits and capital. That is pure projection because it is the western metric. He'd be more interested in production yields and infrastructure etc: which could be translated as legitimacy for the state and later international communist aligned- legitimacy as an alternative to the "revisionist" Soviets. If I have to give him any credits as a chairman at all: it was his infrastructure. His dams and electric plans did slowly lift the country to a relatively modern, albeit still severely underdeveloped state. Other than that Mao was a complete ideologue who pursued a world wide revolution and utopian dreams that never came true. Deng Xiaoping on the other hand was more practical compared to Mao, after he disentangled Mao's old power bloc he actually sought to emulate Singapore and USA and was the one who turned China's course around, he was also the one who initiated the Special Economic Zones that truly kickstarted China's relevance in the modern financial world. Plus I am not even going to go into stuff like "cannibalizing teachers" n sheit. For a neoliberal platform you certainly did not source deeply into these claims and just busied yourself repeating salacious buzz worthy gossips and wacky anecdotes. Just as an aside Simon: it's also why a lot of Chinese in China really don't like lazy news from the west. It's not that they are not dealing with grotesque problems, it's that these gossips are so easily dismissed that it ruins the legitimacy of your criticisms. Stick to facts that are hard to be battered down man.

I never realized how much simon looks like the executive guy from tropic thunder...

A few factual errors here and there, but the ideas are fine. Mao is actually not known as the best military leader. He might have planned out grand strategies, but his generals did most of the fighting. Where Mao really deserves more credit is for adapting modern political organizations to China's reality and for being a thought-leader that attracted the country's top talent to join the Communists instead of someone else

Mao was never "much loved" although he was and still is respected. People on the other side may point to allegations of millions of deaths but often they revere their own tyrants who just had better PR.

1. From what I've read, even Nikita Khrushchev was shocked at how the Great Leap Forward failed. 2. The Cultural Revolution; brutal but not as brutal as Pol Pot's regime

I'd love an episode on Gojong of Korea with some Korean history tied into it like this episode. Keep up the good work, I can't stop watching your videos haha :)

Oh yeah Mao was the greatest... mass murderer in world history. Stalin wishes he could kill his own people as effectivly as Mao.

Lol. Ritualistic Cannibalism? Now that doesn't sound like whoever wrote that was having a lark now where they? And ffs do better research! How many people did Mao and/or Communism kill now? 50 Billion? Want a real genocide? Look at what the British empire did to well everywhere it went

Please do a biographics on Henry Kissinger...

Undoubtedly the single most divisive figure of the 20th century.

Manchuria was invaded in 1931. In 1937 Japan began to invade the rest of the country. The April 12 purge was because of Soviet spies in the KMT. Agreed Chiang, who with along with Mao I am no fan of either, went too far also taking out some who were merely leftist but it was primarily to get rid of Soviet Union influence getting ready to overthrow the government. A horrible video filled with too many factual errors to enumerate. By the way, "X" in Pinyin is pronounced like an "Sh", not a "Z". Ugh. This video needs a complete redo for the person who even beat Chiang, Hitler, Hirohito, and Stalin in the number of deaths he caused.

Why was Mao’s biographic before Pol Pot’s? Mao lost in the poll by 3 percent

30 million people died from starvation but free healthcare amirite???

The full man dose not understand the wants of the hungry

Mao did nothing wrong. Change my mind.

Stop adding pronouns after subjects randomly its incorrect and obnoxious. There's a specific reason to use this structure effectively, to show a subject's contradiction to others' expectations. It's not will nilly so give it a rest, I feel like slapping your bald head repeatedly with a flip-flop.

How come Mao Zedong gets all the highlights while Deng Xiaoping gets almost none? It was Deng who really saved china and made it into the superpower today. Do the chinese today despise Deng? or have they not even heard of him?

Do pol pot

wrong wrong wrong ! the Republic of China (ROC) was created in 1911 by the Nationalist after the overthrow of the Ching Dynasty while the People's Republic of China was created in 1949 by the Communist after the Chinese civil war.

Hahahaha when he tastes that cocktail, super convincing Simon

Ahhh yes the most murderous person probably in history.

The man who unite China a great leader

Mao was born in 1893, not 1883.

This video is error strewn .... surprised to be honest. Letting the side down guys..pull this and fact check it.

First Opium war began 1839.

Orange by mail? Comrade Chairman Mao be praised, he brings to us mystical fruit!

Colombus get's roasted, Kim and Mao get passes, the sengalese slave empire gets a pass, all the african slave empires some of which still exist today get passes... This really is a anti america anti white unless he's russian cuckold channel last video of yours i've ever watch you weird self hating racists lol

18:11 Without him, millions of people WOULD have died. You don’t cause the greatest explosion in population in recorded history by starving everyone. Without him, the famine attributed to the Great Leap Forward would still kill just as many, it was a natural disaster. However, without him there is no way free education and healthcare would get introduced when it did. Without him there is no way China’s industrial base would have been built, leading to its meteoric rise today. Without him, China would be a shithole like India, there is no question of this.

9:58 Actually, things did get better. Mao almost doubled life expectancy and tripled literacy. The Great Leap Forward was mainly due to natural disaster, as you truthfully admitted but after the initial famines in the late 50’s no one died of starvation.

Looks like Kissinger has animal cracker crumbs all over his suit

Mao Zedong Brought Social Justice an equality to tens of millions..!!

Simon Simon Simon. I love watching your channels and this video is simply subpar for you. I'm not even halfway through and there's multiple errors you made. You start by saying he was born in 1883, then say he was 18 in 1911 which is 28 years not 18. Then say he is 28 in 1921 again this is 38 years not 28. Then get back to correct match saying he's 48 in 1931.

The fact of the matter was there’s a state involved. Communism can be undertaken by common people or by the state or other illegitimate authority. He led a cult of personality, and no one mans authority should ever lead an entire group of his fellow men. We are all capable of helping each other survive without babysitters, so truly a state doesn’t do communist ideals any good. Notice those with a simplistic, hardline, black and white view on this political theory tend to manifest it in simple mottos and mocking humor. Most people don’t even know what communism is. Or anarchism for that matter. He was in favor of property rights of his regime. Mr. Whistler I love your videos but calling him merely a communist is a rather simplified view of things. Authoritarian communism will always fail. No tankies.

So he was a cuck AND had someone killed for not worshiping a mango?

I don't suppose anyone noticed the Gorenje fridge :)

I had no idea you were so bloody Simon.

The "Qi" is Liu Shaoqi is pronounced closer to "chi", as in "Chi Gong".

So cocktails without the alcohol, or the fruit, or the shaker.. I was actually pretty interested until I found all that out :-(

This video has so many inaccuracies it really needs to be taken down and fact checked.

Sounds like the Democratic part Lol Demoncratic

I don't think Simon was trying to further any agenda, but his poor research certainly didn't help. -The Xinhai Revolution was lead by the KMT under republican Sun Yat-Tsen, who proclaimed the Republic of China. Mongolia, Tibet, and Tuva broke away from China, but are still claimed by the KMT. As part of a deal made to secure victory during the revolution, Sun stepped down in favor of ex-Qing general Yuan Shi-Kai. Yuan banned the KMT, and proclaimed the extremely unpopular Chinese Empire with himself as emperor, which fell shortly after, leading to local warlords ruling a balkanized China, while giving lip service to the restored ROC government under the KMT. Under nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek, the KMT ventured to unite China under the republic. The communist party was beaten severely to the brink of total destruction under Chiang's annihilation campaigns. They fled through the rough terrain of central China, losing a majority of their men to deaths and desertions, to end up in a relatively safe part of northern China, where they consolidated. Mao blamed the losses on his rivals, and purged them, leaving him the head of the CCP. The Japanese, after annexing the Korean Empire, invaded Manchuria, then under the rule of a warlord faction, the Fengtian Clique, with the staged Mudken incident where Japanese soldiers destroyed a few meters of railway and blamed it on the Fengtian. They set up a Manchurian puppet state with ex-Qing Emperor Puyi at its head, and a Mongolian puppet state in Inner Mongolia.The KMT had no choice but to allow it to happen, as Chiang thought that he would need to unify China before he can take on Japan. This policy ended when warlords kidnapped Chiang, and threatened to execute him unless he formed a united front with the warlords and communists. Japan invaded in 1937 with another staged incident at the Marco Polo Bridge. The KMT, with its few German trained elite divisions and Nazi German generals, managed to hold on to Shanghai, now the most populous city on earth, for three months. However, Hitler forbade his generals in China from acting as field commanders, and later recalled them completely, as Nazi Germany was formally allied to Japan. Chiang blew his German-trained divisions on Shanghai, and by the time Japanese forces reached the capitol Nanking, he only had green soldiers. The Japanese massacred, raped and pillaged the city for three months. As the Republic defended China, the communists laid back to gather strength, foreseeing a Japanese defeat. After the war had ended in 1945, the strengthened communists turned on the Republic, and took over mainland China. The Republic fled to the island of Taiwan where it still remains today as a de facto independent state with a democratic system.

Capitalist advertisement after a communist bio. Savage my old chap savage indeed

"Everyone should go with the flow and try to balance the energies of Ying and Yang" said Confucius at NO time ever. You're drunk Simon, go back to the cocktails in a box

If Carlsberg made mass-murdering bastards they'd be like Mao.

The Capitalist and Imperialists kill 300,000 communists and it is fine. When the Communists take vengeance, they are monsters.Long Live Communism!!!! Long Live Chairman Mao!!!!

And that is why communism is doomed to failure....

Very interesting.

opium was produced in india in place of wheat and rice resulting millions of indians dead and subsequently it was sold in china to make them addict. what a great policy of england.

It's funny to find so many illiterate person,who didn't read any Marxist books, just criticize and demonize mao and marxism for no reason. Lmao

So this is where the dogs and cats stereotype comes from

Kissinger: Sooo...trades? Mao: We can give you 10,000 women. K: Uhh...what? M: Yeah...they're kind of a pain...

No mention of Mao's attack on Tibet and the Buddhist religion?

Get outa that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans.

A recent biography of Mao painted him as a demonic sociopath who intentionally allowed tens of millions of Chinese people to starve to death so he could give away food to the people of Eastern Europe, in an attempt to become the leader of the post-Stalin communist world. The book also stated that Mao was the driving force behind the Korean War, which he engineered in order to get Stalin to give him advanced military technology, a great navy, and nuclear weapons. The claim was that Mao wanted war with America in order to use it as leverage with Stalin. The book further claimed that Mao wanted very much to get into a nuclear war with the United States. This video paints Mao in a much better light than the recent book does. I came away from the book thinking that Mao was a demonic sociopath, but this video just paints Mao as a vicious asshole, which is much better. Where this video suggests that Mao's motivation might have been to implement a beneficial form of communism, the book takes the position that Mao cared only about himself, didn't give a damn about the Chinese people, and was happy to sacrifice all of them if it helped him become the leader of the world.

Wow you know you have power if you can give a girl herpes and she would become proud of it lol

I know how many of these rulers are terrible and done many horrible things to many people but I can't imagine what it must be like to be am absolute ruler of a country nvm a massive country like China. It makes me sad that it really does seem "absolute power corrupts absolutely" because why can't someone who assumes absolute power use that power for good? Is it a design flaw in the human psyche where such power will always be exploited or is it the end result of when one entity is responsible for so many that in order to please the majority some minority will have a negative experience. I also believe that the type of person who would even want or accept the responsibility of an absolute ruler would by default have the type of personality and ego similar to a sociopath that would exploit the power and lack any empathy for those they might injure. Although it is just a myth, I often wonder what the result would of been if someone like George Washington was really offered to become a king and how that would of changed the look of The United States today and would he too a man whose morals and beliefs were spoken highly of, succumb to the corruption of absolute power?

“I think I lost it... I’m sorry” such a cutie

Lol wait Mao was a cuck?

Lamango Zedong

Simon i don't even drink,yet i liked you sponsorship part,its good to see your wild side

50 million people of their own people killed and his picture is on currency, talk about suppressing government.

I'm all for a man making a living, but Simon, these product plugs seem so blatant and retro.

I wanna see a biography of Nevile Chamberlain. Anybody?

Nice glasses Simon. Moa was an elite construction. Arrest the Rothschild/Percy cabal, including Crooked, her pedo husband, Barry, the Bush mafia & 5000 sundry minions. Then...globally televised in at a packed Neyland stadium, herd them naked onto the field and stone them to death old style. how quickly things would change. ...I'd buy a ticket & toss to 1st stone (none of this let yea without sin toss the first stone crap) ...I’m sure it’d be a sellout We can but dream :)

Masterful segue at the end, there.

Anytime a communist claims that communism will "help" everyone they really mean you will starve while they get everything while their own people die in the street.

I encourage you all to read " Mao: The Unknown Story". Read how nothing good came from his life......

I can only tolerate this video until 2:05. So many mistakes. Learn China more please.

Not real communism

So THAT'S why so many Chinese restaurants cook the local cats and dogs, Chairman Mao taught them how!

Notice any similarities to Mao's Red Guards to today's leftist NPC college students?

You should do one on Deng Xiaoping

At least they sacrificed 45 mln (a drop for the huge population) humans for the current state of affairs that is pretty good. Versus Russian idiots who killed 35 mln (a third of population) for nothing. Hmm, mango vs cattle corn.

All communist and socialist ideas should be banned In America and Europe. Communism is the ideology that produces dictators, famines, and death.

Simon, I'm wondering if you can purchase Shaker and Spoon as a gift? I'd love nothing more than to try it, but I don't drink. It does look absolutely delicious! Anyway, I can't imagine all those Chinese people dying because of someone's ideology. It makes me appreciate my freedom a lot more. I've got a question though ( hopefully you'll read this and reply ); what happened to all those Chinese women? Did they have a choice whether or not they wanted to go to the US?? How were those women picked to go to the US? I hope that you can answer these questions, Simon. Thank you for another phenomenal historical video! I'm a history buff, and I can sit and listen to someone discuss history. I can't wait for more videos from you!

Oh Simon, there are some serious inaccuracies in what is generally an excellent series of short biographies. In approximate chronological order: a) The death of 1908 was of the Empress Dowager Cixi, whom some historians regard as responsible for the slow decline of the Qing; b) the People's Republic of China was established not in 1911 with the fall of the Qing dynasty, but in 1949 with Mao's victory in the civil war; c) Japan invaded Manchuria and set up a puppet state ("Manchuguo") under Puyi in 1931, not in 1937, which was marked by the rape of Nanjing, around 800 km further south; d) the leader of the Guomindang ("KMT") was Jiang, not Chiang; e) Mao's victory in the civil war was in 1949, not 1946: 1st October 1949 marked the proclamation by Chairman Mao of the People's Republic of China in Tian'anmen square; f) Chinese pronunciation could easily be corrected by asking a Chinese person, of whom there are thousands in London - for instance "x" is pronounced "hs", not 'x'; 'q' is pronounced 'ch', etc. g) the 'Great Leap Forward' encouraged farmers to produce steel in their backyards rather than in factories; h) you could mention that Mao encouraged people to slaughter sparrows as well as wolves, etc, so that the ecological balance was severely disturbed; i) re the 'Cultural Revolution', no mention is made of the Gang of Four or of Jiang Qing (Mao's fourth wife)'s major role in it; k) the 'Red Guards' divided into factions and there was a great deal of internecine fighting in the Cultural Revolution; j) China's opening up to the world began in 1978, two years after Mao's death, under Deng Xiao Ping's 'Reform and Opening' policy; k) without being an apologist for the CCP, it should be noted that the cultural revolution and the Great Leap Forward are widely condemned by the CCP, today who view Mao's rule as "70% good, 30% bad". But i do enjoy your mini-series.

Missed opportunity, should have called it Com-Mao-nism...

Mao Ze Dong = the murderous chairman in human history! For those who support Mao: you guys are as the same level as the Nazi!!

Lost ya at the PRC throwing a revolution in 1911

Chairman Mao following the end of WW2, made it a state rule for all citizens to procreate like crazy so that if another WW would of happened in the years following WW2 so any causality number would be much smaller in ratio to population. That has back-fired majorly in that the country became overpopulated and to solve this a rule for amount of children per family was created and the no girl rule(later become source material for stand-up comedians) was created to limit births of girls and girls were not allowed to work in factories. This lead to the "baby factories" that exist today to attract couples from Europe and North America that can't have children to adopt Chinese girls. This whole idea from the start is why the China has more mid-age and old people than children now and why recently the government is allowing pro-creation again.

So is North Korea a communist country or some sort of communist-nationalist hybrid?

Can you please do President Barack Obama?

"And then the country was given to Deng Xiaoping, who made the country capitalistier."

I can get over the sporadic inaccuracies of your videos but please don't push bar products like this irresponsibly. That looks like a terrible waste of money.

mango cults... how ive seen everything.

The Mutant oranges sounds like an awesome band name

Okay you are doing this weird thing with your narrative. You are saying, for instance, "Mao he went to school." "The Civil war it was over." "The plan it worked. " .....Simon he should know better.

Excellent vid, I don't drink alcohol, but the infomercial at the end was definitely the highlight of the video! :)

His split with the Soviets was so severe that the USSR actually drew up plans for a pre-emptive nuclear strike against China in 1969.

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