Malcolm X: The Defender of Human Rights

Malcolm X: The Defender of Human Rights

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When we think about the civil rights movement, in the United States, most people immediately, think of Martin, Luther King jr. and almost everyone, can recite the beginning of his either dream speech but the story of another human rights activist, Malcolm X is often censored, in history class he is misunderstood, as someone he preached hate and violence against, white people and some believe that if young people watched, his speeches it could actually be rather dangerous because, of that his memory is often swept, under the rug while everyone knows him by name not enough people know the true story of Malcolm X he was one of the most influential, Americans, who ever lived and his legacy still echoes on to this very day without, him the US and maybe even the entire world, would be a really different place in, today's bio graphics we're gonna talk about the incredible, life of Malcolm. X a. Boy. Named Malcolm little was born on May the 19th 1925. In Omaha, Nebraska he, was one of seven children belonging, to Louise and a little, now his parents taught their children all about the history of slavery and the importance, of rising, above their circumstances now. Can his siblings they were all extremely, well behaved even from a young age because they knew that they were trying to represent their race in a positive light his, father, Earl believes, in the teachings of a man called Marcus, Garvey, a black, nationalist leader, who preached that African, Americans, should be self-sufficient, when it came to running their own farms and their own businesses, L was a Baptist minister who, pushed for desegregation, between, white and black people because of this their family received death threats from, the KKK on a daily basis, so they, were constantly moving, just to stay alive in 1929. Earl little bought his family a four acre farm in lansing michigan which, had a very good neighborhood with great schools the only issue was that they were the only black family in town now, hate isn't something that children are born with so Malcolm's, classmates, in kindergarten, treated him just like everyone else Malcolm's, favorite game was Robin Hood and he always invited, his friends over to run through the fields and the forests, of his family farm pretending, to steal from the rich and give, to the poor eventually, the racist, members of the community they caught winds of this black family living a comfortable, middle-class life, and I didn't, like it the neighbors complained saying that black evil should not be allowed to own so much land even, though there was no law saying that they couldn't live there the local council voted, on the issue and agreed, that the little family had, to move l-little. Refused, to leave saying that his family had every, right to stay there, lansing michigan was, home to an offshoot of the KKK, called the Black Legion instead, of wearing silly white robes with pointed hoods they dressed up and even sillier, pirate, costumes, you really couldn't make these things up, one. Night the little family awoke to an explosion, as these white supremacists. Held bombs of their house Merlin Louise had to wake up the children and get them to safety, despite the explosions, which could certainly, be heard from Mars local, firefighters, think never showed up to help and the house it burned to the ground in the morning l-little confronted, the local police he accused them of being members of the Black Legion the police responded, by arresting. Him fast and saying that he burned down the house to receive an insurance, settlement the, charges though they were later dropped even, after this they refused, to leave because they wanted to be an example, of the black family who stood their ground and didn't, give up without a fight unfortunately. Their strength and resolve it was not enough to convince the citizens of Lansing that they were worthy of living there when Malcolm was just six years old Earl's body was found crushed, on the tracks of a streetcar the coroner ruled it an accident the police said, that he committed suicide in, his autobiography, Malcolm X explains, that his father had sustained injuries, not consistent, with a street car accident, despite, the coroner's statements, the insurance, company that held earl littles policy refused, to pay Louise due to their contention, that Earl's death was a suicide, Malcolm's.

Mother Had a very difficult time raising, her eight children alone, she, sold many of their belongings and would so for people in town in order to make an income she, rented their lands other local farmers but there was never enough money to go around she, was a proud woman though she lived, by a principle, since she never asked for a handout from anyone the family they soon had to go on welfare but, as the years went on the weight of the responsibility continued. Terra Huerta Louise, knew that the white people in town they hated her and that, the men responsible for, her husband's death they were living, close by she, was constantly afraid that someone would come after her and her children even though, her fears were completely justified, she was diagnosed, as paranoid. And that local police committed, her to a mental institution, Malcolm, was 13 when his mother was taken away and he under six siblings were split, up and sent to orphanages, and foster homes they, kept in touch by writing, letters to one another and swore, that they were all reunite, again someday, despite. All of these setbacks Malcolm still had a lot of ambition for himself and he never forgot the lessons that his parents taught him in the eighth grade he was a straight-a, student and at the top of his class he was intelligent charismatic, and, he had a passion for public speaking when he went to high school he joined the debate team and continued. Earning a 4.0, GPA, one of his teachers asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up and Malcolm said that he wanted to become a lawyer the teacher said that this was impossible saying that black people were simply, not allowed to be lawyers his teacher further responded, one of life's first, needs is for us to be realistic, you need to think of something you can be why don't you plan on carpentry. In, reality a man named Malcolm V Allen had already become America's, first black lawyer in the 1800s, but of course, Malcolm, could not have known that he, believed his teacher was right he was still living in foster care and he no longer had his mother and father to encourage him despite being a straight-a students, he thought that as a black person there, truly was no point in continuing at school he dropped out in order to begin working and start, a new life.

When. He was 17, Malcolm moved to New York City to live in Harlem he got a job doing dishes at restaurants, and his charismatic personality. Helped him make a lot of friends of all races why, men began to approach him asking, if he had any drugs or if he could hook them up with black girls since, people were already making that assumption based on stereotypes he decided that he might as well take advantage of it this started his successful side hustle of being a pimp a robber, a racketeer. And a, drug dealer he befriended John Elroy, Sanford, a fellow dishwasher, at Jimmy's Chicken Shack in Harlem who aspired, to be a professional comedian, both, men had reddish hair so Sanford, was called Chicago red after his hometown and little. Was known as Detroit. Red yes later, Sanford became famous as red fox one littles best friends was a teenage boy who shared his first name Malcom Jarvis the two of them they hustled together and they would go out to jazz clubs at night they, were suit and impress the ladies with their dance moves for a while they were raking, in a loss of money and having, the time of their lives, in 1949, the two Malcolm's were both dating white girls who they met at a nightclub, these girls had very rich parents and they were bored cut to maniacs, looking for a bit of excitement they encouraged the Malcolm's to form, a Bonnie and Clyde star gang together they would let the boys know whenever, their parents neighbors were on vacation and then they would all go and steal from their homes together Malcolm. Must have felt that he was playing a grown-up, version of Robin Hood but when the group was caught it caused a huge outrage, in the courts because of their mixed races no, one could believe that two rich white girls could have possibly, been the masterminds, behind the robberies, and of course their parents could afford to get them lawyers so the girlfriends lied under oath claiming, that they didn't even know the boys and that they had been kidnapped and forced to participate in the robbery both Malcolm's, were only twenty years at the time and they both received the maximum sentence, of 8 to 10 years in prison the women were able to walk free without, any punishment when, he was in prison Malcolm realized that many black men were totally innocent and had been falsely accused of crimes these, innocent men they turned to God in order to cope with their fate this made Malcolm very angry he had become a staunch atheist because, he believed that if there were truly a god he wouldn't let black people suffer, like they were suffering he, yelled at other inmates being stupid enough to believe in God and claims, that even if he did exist he had abandoned black, people completely an elder inmate John Bembry, could see that he was very angry and in a lot of pain so he told Malcolm that if he could not escape through religion, he should turn to books instead because it could help transport, his mind to other places, Malcolm, took this advice and began to read every book in the prison library for the first time in his life he was reading Shakespeare, and all of the other great works and he truly, did escape, into his own mind. After. Being in prison for some time one of Malcolm's brothers wrote to him explaining that his siblings had finally, reunited, and they were attending, meetings of a group called the Nation of Islam, Malcolm ripp bag that he did not believe in any God but his brother promised him that if he started praying to Allah he would get out of prison early his brother sent him a book written by Elijah, Muhammad, who was the leader of the Nation of Islam in his book Elijah Muhammad wrote that black people were already going through their own version, of hell on earth and that white men were their demonic oppressors, the Nation of Islam as some of the traditional beliefs of Middle Eastern Islam but it mostly focuses on raising the confidence, of black people saying that they were actually the, superior, race he encouraged, them to educate themselves become self-sufficient, and have pride in their race this, was basically the way that Malcolm had been raised by his parents, and it was clear that Elijah, Muhammad's, teachings paralleled, those of Marcus Garvey Malcolm decided, to give the Nation of Islam the chance even though he had never set foot in a mosque before he started to grow his beard refused, to eat pork and prayed to Allah several, times a day the prison guards they tried to stop him so he wrote to the governor demanding, that as an American citizen he should have the right to choose his religion, so, part of Elijah Muhammad's, teachings, was to stop trying to please or integrate, into white society and, take pride in being an African American so, Malcolm dropped his last name little which was given, to his ancestors, when they were slaves as a sign of ownership he, had no idea what his family's real African tribal name had been so he decided to replace it with a simple X representing.

The Missing, family history, that had been stolen from him he later wrote for, me my ex replaced, the white slave master name, of little which some blue-eyed devil, names little that imposed, upon my paternal, forebears, now that he went by Malcolm, X II started, a debate team and the prison and men would go to listen to him speak he was such an amazing speaker that several other men were convinced, to drawing the Nation of Islam and they, began to pray together instead, of being meek and subservient to the white guards, they stood tall and suddenly, seemed far more confident and powerful than ever before this made the prison guards nervous they thought that Malcolm X might have too much control and that if he was released he would incite riots and start a race war the warden notified, the FBI and he placed on a watch list and denied parole despite. His good behavior he was finally released from prison after six years and he immediately became, a minister for the Nation of Islam in Detroit Michigan he was so good at speaking that he was given the position of national, spokesman, when he first got started Elijah, Muhammad only had managed to gather 500, members into the Nation of Islam in, the United States in 1952. But, once Malcolm X toured and gave speeches it quickly grew to over 30,000. Members by, 1963, Malcolm. X was constantly, trying to build up the confidence of African American people he, encouraged black people to feel proud of their natural hair and their dark skin and never, tried to compare themselves to white people he encouraged, them to open their own businesses, in Harlem, barbershops, butchers, restaurants, and clothing, stores owned by black people sprang, up for the very first time in American history this, sparked a trend across the nation and black businesses, they became commonplace, in all major cities it, was at this point that Malcolm X met and fell in love with a woman named Betty Sanders, since the two they got married they would go on to have six, daughters together Malcolm, started a fraternity, group called the fruit of Islam these, were men who were like a private militia they were always clean-cut and war brand new suits with pride they, were disciplined and, he taught them to never use violence, and bless it was in self-defense after all peaceful civil rights protesters, were being, hosed down beaten by police and attacked, by guard dogs he believed that if they wanted to get things done successfully, they needed to prepare for the possibility that if they began to fight for their rights it might cause a war between black, and white people the fruit of Islam they were taught never, to attack first but they should not accept, a beating without fighting back, on April the 26th. 1957. One of the members of their congregation. Johnson X Henson, was taking, suits out of his car in front of the Muslim temple in New York City police, officers saw this and they accused, him sin of stealing the suits when he tried to explain that they belong to the congregation they beat him with heavy clubs and detained him in the police station without, giving him medical attention Malcolm. X he rushed to the police station and ask to see Johnson when, they told him to leave he told the officers to look out of the window a line of men wearing crisp suits sunglasses and fedoras, were all standing, out on the streets it was an entire, army, of the fruit of Islam ready, from alkanes orders and they finally agreed to let him see Johnson, Malcolm demanded, that they call an ambulance because he was bleeding heavily and dying his injuries, the militia followed them all the way to the hospital when it was confirmed that Johnson, would survive Malcolm, waved his hands and the militia dispersed, preventing, what would have been a massive, riot this, terrified, the NYPD, and it was clear that even though they had no idea who he was until that day he, was a very powerful man in New York City one, officer was quoted as saying no man should have that, much power he later tried to sue the city to pay for Hinton's medical expenses, but they denied everything, Malcolm, X decided, to travel across the country and convert new people to the Nation of Islam they eventually opened, a Muslim temple in Los Angeles in 1962.

An Almost identical situation. Happened. All over again a man named Ronald Stokes, was taking, the dry-cleaning out of a car in front of the mosque the police accused him of stealing the suits and when he tried to explain he put his hands up and they began, shooting him, at close range, 11 men rushed to help their friends and tried to pull the police officers away but, they were all arrested and they were all accused of being part of a so-called mob, in the local newspaper it was printed that this was a Muslim riot in court the police officer, who shot and killed Ronald, Stokes had mitad that he knew that Stokes was unarmed but that he shot him first because he, raised his hands in a menacing way in just 25 minutes the white jury decided, that this was enough justification, to murder him and the officer he, was set free immediately, after this man got away with murder, 11, members of Nation, of Islam were found guilty of assaulting, a police officer and, they were all sent, to prison after this incident Malcolm, X realized that the fight was too much for even the Nation of Islam to handle he called for all black people to come together regardless, of their religion, in order to fight for civil rights following, Stokes his death Malcolm, X gave one of his most famous speeches we, are oppressed, we are exploited, we are downtrodden. We are denied not just civil rights but human, rights so, the only way we are going to get some of this oppression, and exploitation away. From us is to, come together against. A common enemy. For. Years Malcolm X was the face of the Nation of Islam and even, though he was spreading the teachings of his mentor, Elijah Muhammad, the man rarely, did any of the work himself once, a month Malcolm, would visit Chicago to give money to Muhammad for his living expenses, one day he ran into three young women who were knocking, on Muhammad's door they were demanding that he give the money for food and child support he, learned from them that Elijah Muhammad had cheated on his wife and had eight children with six different secretaries, the girls were all only 16 or 17 years old at the time so this was also statutory. Rape he was not taking responsibility, for his kids and he, had ruins the lives of these young women now, have asked, Elijah's son Wallace if this was actually true and he admitted that he, and his mother knew but they were in denial, the followers were so blindly, faithful to Elijah Muhammad's that even, when the word spread that the founder of the religion was a liar and a hypocrite they, accused, Wallace of lying, about his father, Muhammad confirmed the rumors in 1963. Attempting, to justify his behavior by, referring, to presidents, certify biblical, prophets, Malcolm. X did not leave Nation of Islam right away though but he did distance himself he focused more on preaching, about the civil rights movements, for a time he thought that he had been tricked into living a lie since he was struggling, with his Muslim faith Malcolm, X took a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia in, 1964. He, was shocked, to see people of all races making. The pilgrimage together, Elijah. Muhammad, was teaching, that white people were evil but once Malcolm saw what true Islam was like he knew this was proof that Brotherhood, amongst the human race could, exist it seen it with his own eyes he no longer believed that Martin Luther King jr. was preaching, a pipe dream he was inspired to give himself a new name Alhaji, Malik el-shabazz, he, spent an additional three, weeks traveling around to several countries in Africa when he returned to the United States he was a completely changed man, he no longer preached, that white men were Devils and he said that all people needed, to come together and live, in peace on March the 8th 1964. He announced that he was leaving the Nation of Islam and he exposed, all of the corruption, that he had kept secret until then he, compared the religion to a mafia crime, ring this he no longer wanted to be a part of he said that if anyone wanted to follow him he was going to start up his own Muslim group called, Muslim mosque Inc this, was a huge threat to Elijah Muhammad's livelihood, of course and I put a target on Malcolm's, back are.

You Not perhaps, afraid. Of what might happen to you as a result of making these revelations oh yes I probably am a dead man already. Malcolm, received death threats but, he kept moving and began traveling with a newfound motivation. To bring peace, to all nations, he became an international, diplomats, and traveled, to 14 African countries, meeting with 11 heads of state he, wanted to discuss the treatment of African, Americans, and the human, rights issues that they were facing in America, he, encouraged, the United Nations to step in to help black people in the United States, since he believed that the American government were, not doing enough to support the rights of black people the FBI and CIA they were following, him wherever he went and he was receiving harassing phone, calls on a daily basis Elijah, Muhammad, told Boston, Minister Lewis acts later known as Louis Farrakhan, that hypocrites, like Malcolm, should have their heads cut off and the April 10th edition of Mohammed speaks featured a cartoon depicting Malcolm, X's bouncing, severed head his, house in New York it was later firebombs and his wife and daughters were very nearly killed Malcolm, X publicly announced that he knew Elijah Muhammad, had ordered a hit on his life and that he, was going to die soon, unfortunately. It, was right in 1965. Malcolm, X was giving a speech in New York City when a member of the Nation of Islam shot him in the chest at close range, with a sawed-off shotgun two, other men fired semi-automatic. Handguns he, had 21, gunshot. Wounds on his body he, was 39 years old actor, and activist Austin Davis delivered the eulogy describing. Malcolm X's our shining, black prince who didn't hesitate to die because, he loved us so Malcolm. X was only, just beginning his new goal of attempting to change the lives of African Americans everywhere there, is no way of knowing just how much he would have complet, was, given that chance before, his death he had admitted that he had made a mistake by preaching hate against white people when he first got started and he was ready and willing to go along with Martin, Luther King and the civil rights movement, if he was still alive today there is no telling just how much more he, would have accomplished even in his short time on earth he inspired African Americans to be the people proud of their skin color the of him black people everywhere, began to demands more for themselves and from, the expectations. Of everyone in their country no matter what religion someone, is subscribed, to they, can still find inspiration, from listening to his speeches about human rights and whether, they know it or not there is so much in American society that would have never existed without, the influence of Malcolm.

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"Defender of human rights" Bahahaha, nobody that extreme is a defender. This portrayal was too positive and comes off quite biased.

Yes he was more of a oppressive defender and attack if necessary where as mlk was the opposite, defend and protect

I also mistakenly associated him with louis farakhan.

Only issue with Malcom X is that he sought equality through violence, unlike MLK who sought it through peace. As they say, violence doesnt solve violence. MLK accomplished much more.

Sry' for placing my request in THIS bio :-/ But Hans-Ulrich Rudel?

I like that you wear the same glasses that Malcolm did in this video what a nice tribute

Jeez America is a messed up place

You say Muslim temple. Were they not mosques?

WHAT?!? This video ain't ratioed to Hell, yet?! The End Times are near.

Damn, he went through so much injustice, its mad.

Beautifully put together

Sad he was killed by his own people

The USA is still a notoriously racist country!

The best biography made by you on a wonderful and great man. Really loved it

I'll never understand an anfrican american who becomes a muslim. Muslims were even more active in the slave trade and in the genozide of black africans than christian europeans. Becoming a animist would be understandable, beoming an atheist preferable.

Hey, you should do the Puyi emporer. The past Qing emporer of china who came to the throne as a toddler. Very interesting and sad story about a man who became a spoiled brat and a political pawn for the Chinese and Japanese.

Plz do Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yet San

Literally a domestic terrorist

Thank you SImon for presenting an accurate account of the life of Malcolm X!!

can we get a video on Jean Parisot de Valette probably one of my favourite figures in history

Very good synopsis, it would have been good to mention FBI and CIA involvement in his assassination too.

Dude..I amazed that you don't have more subscribers. Your videos are accurate, entertaining and very educational. 'Bums me out that people like Olivia Jade have millions of subscribers and people like you and the history guy have a third of that. A sign of our "modern" world I guess. Cheers, my man. Keep 'em comin'

John Elroy Sanford, also known as Red Foxx, of _Sandford and Son_ Fame

I think your Biographics videos are getting better and better. Quality, balance, delivery, production - all spot on.

He was such a great man. I'm white and growing up I heard so much about him that turned out not to be true. I hate religion, but that Malcolm saw he was being manipulated, was trying to help others and that he abandon a hateful and decisive ideology speaks volumes of this man's character.

I once had a dream the Malcom X walked up to me, put his hand on my shoulder smiled and said "You are beautiful my brother!" He was and still is our shining black prince

ANOTHER EXCELLENT BIO!! Thanks again to all of the Biographics staff for this.

Do a video on James Ponder Jr from Griffin Georgia

Biographics do one on the life and times of Miguel Felix Gillardo, aka the Rockafeller of weed in the 1980's

I recommend Charles-Henri Sanson the executioner of the First French Republic

Wow. The only thing they ever taught us in High School was, "He was the more violent version of Martin Luther King, Jr." Thanks for putting this together! I have a lot more respect for this man and his life. After all, one can never fairly judge one's life until one has walked in that person's shoes for a length of time.

thought it was Malcolm Xavier

Can u do a show on yourself?

Could you do a biography of Adolf Hitler? You are so good.

Malcom X was the truth. Great video as always.

Cancelled my subscription over your constant BS.

You should read more about islam buddy i am really disappointed there is no such thing as blavk suppremessy in islam

I have watched and listened to years of Simon's top tenz, bio graphics, today I found out, podcasts, etc. Malcom X is by far the best of them all. Informative. Doesn't pull punches about his past.

I was never a Malcom X fan, because of just that. He got sold out by the white girls, so he saw himself as innocent, and undeserving of prison time. I was much more of a King fan. I always felt like he was a stronger man. I'd have marched with him, any day of the week. Just my opinion.

You're going to have to explain who Marcus Garvey was now because fewer people know who he was in relation to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

So many emotions watching this one. Love this channel.

Malcom is a martyr and a hero.may he rest in peace, memory eternal +

A great man, truly inspiring, absolutely misunderstand

Black hitler.

"We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us." Great video, cuz.

This made me understand the lyrics of power by ye

I think you missed the opportunity to discuss Malcolm's global impact with the Pan African movement. Not to mention the Black Power movement in the late 1960s was inspired by Malcolm. Finally, Dr. King understood and moved closer to some of Malcom X's mindset as he grew older. Witness his stance on the Vietnam War, and attacking northern racism.

The CIA was following an American citizen regarding domestic practices? I thought the CIA was only allowed to investigate things outside of the USA?

Thank you for doing this bio. The BEST one yet !! I love how you really went into detail about his evolution and the impact he had on America

Can you please do a video on Robert McNamara


This is amazing! Thank you! Can you please pleease do James Baldwin?

Malcolm X is my first hero. The ballot or the bullet.

America was incredibly deluded back then

I was born in 59, in SE Arkansas. My dad still uses the N word, but he hated the KKK.I went into the Army and found out that a man, was a man.

Malcom X was anarchist and terrorist

Simon I'm sure you know this already but Elijah Muhammad nor Farrakhan nor the Nation had anything to do with Malcolm's murder the C.I.A & F.B.I took advantage of the dispute and orchestrated Malcolm's murder.

Mmm I love white guilt

best bio ever !

Is there a text version

Drug dealer, pimp, thief... Oh yeah, what a hero. *rolls eyes*

Can you please do show about Mihajlo Pupin or Milutin Milanković, both are great scientist and world know little about them...

The alt-right preaches basically the same concept as Malcolm X but they get called racist. Double standards much?

Louie Fartikan brags about taking care of brother Malcom when he stepped out of line. How is he still free?

Any westerner that converts to Islam is a traitor. X got what was coming to him

Great job on this Bio! Thank you

One of the most misunderstood men in history. Lansing Michigan? I thought racism only existed in the south.

Great video, but one question: Why do your videos always seem to have a distinct slant against atheists? I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I've watched lots of your videos, and it always seems to me like when you talk about atheism or "heathens", in any form, there's a negative undertone, and when you speak about the religious (specifically Christianity), you seem to have more positive undertones. This is something I've noticed for a while now and keep an eye out for specifically now. I suspect you are a Christian? It's probably a subconscious thing, so you probably don't realize it. Or like I said, maybe I'm overthinking it, but it's something I've noticed for a while now.

Do NSB leader Anton Mussert next!!!

This video was amazing. Thanks for the education.

Thank you

It makes me sad how Malcom X is often forgotten in the maze of civil rights leaders...

Black nationalism is just as wrong as white nationalism.

Very well done for a 20 minute piece, his life could easily be a mini-series in itself. Malcolm wasn't just a great black man or a great American but he was one of the greatest humans to ever live ! He lived it all in a short time, love to hate, pride to prejudice, secrets to the truth and everything in between. The one thing you never could say about him was that he lacked passion, he knew that to change the world first we change ourselves, then our family, then community, then nation and then the world....... one step at a time and we are still crawling forward, Malcolm would have had us all running by now

Caligula please!? =)

He Also the defender of black peoples and oppressed people around the world

Did you just call a literal leader of an antisemitic terrorist group a "defender of human rights"? This guy has done more to make people think of black people AND Muslims as savages than to bring them any real rights. I won't accuse you of bias since you cover a broad range of people without much bias, but I just think you're way off on this one.

Can you please do one on the Swamp Fox (Francis Marion)?

Thank you for this video. Like most Americans, I just knew the basics about Malcom X. I knew that at the end of his life, he changed for more togetherness with other races but I didn't know what sparked it. Keep up the great work, Simon. I love your videos from all of your channels.

This was a wonderful honor to a great man

I just keep thinking of all the people like Malcolm X who were taken too soon.

Malcolm X: The original Black Supremacist! Luckliy for him, the rules about racism don't apply to blacks.

thank you. I never knew any of this stuff about him.

This is what I was waiting for, Biographics have outdone themselves with this edition, truly a great representation of one of History’s forgotten heroes

Always awesome content Simon!

Extremely good outline of his life. I would only add his early Christian background, including his adoption into a Seventh-Day Adventist family after his mother was sent to a psychiatric hospital, giving him a broad outlook on Christian beliefs and actions.

In love with this channel.....huge praises for your efforts....keep unveiling great legends... Love from India

+Klown what do you mean by "minuscule and one sided"?

Claudia Plays Badly black history wouldn’t help in that regard as it’s just a minuscule and one sided part of the history of racism

Thank you for that presentation. It was wonderful and horrific at the same time. Given the way he and his family suffered at the hands of white men and his subsequent treatment at the hands of authorities who considered unyielding racism to be as normal as breathing he could be forgiven or carrying a burning resentment to the end of his life …..and yet he did not. Lansing, Michigan? Your guilt will be forever and should be etched in stone. He knew he was going to die. The scum Elijah Mohammad must've grinned and clapped his hands like a performing seal when he heard Malcolm had been killed. I wonder what happened to him and the other trash who killed Malcolm X?

Impressive man

IS THAT A BLACK FAMILY!? THEY OWN A FARM!? We gotta do something bout this, how am i supposed to sleep at night?

Dennis Miller joked once that he read the Autobiography of Malcolm the 10th!

Robert peel next

There were already black shops in America before Malcom x, try to google Tulsa Oklahoma.

Anyone who enjoyed this video should also read the autobiography of Malcolm X. Its a great read

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