Making a RAILGUN and then TESTING it!

Making a RAILGUN and then TESTING it!

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Hey. Guys in case you didn't know the US Navy has been developing, an electromagnetic, railgun for, the past decade, and it's, absolutely incredible. It's. A highly futuristic, weapon that seems straight out of science fiction, using, only electricity, it can accelerate a projectile, to, speeds of Mach 6, that's, over 7,400. Km/h. Plus. It, has a range of over, a hundred and sixty kilometers, if you guys want more information, on that railgun check out the link in the description below anyway. World, of warships approached, us and offered, to sponsor a project, based on their game, naturally. We suggested, building a small-scale, version of, the, Navy's railgun world. Of warships is the perfect balance between action, and strategic, gameplay plus. If you use my link in the description below and are one of the first 300, viewers to use it you'll get an awesome bonus which will give you a huge head start in the game but, more, on that later in the meantime let's. Start building a real gun. Alright, so before we build a real gun let's talk about how a railgun actually, works you. See a railgun converts, electrical, power into, kinetic energy by creating a magnetic field that can accelerate a projectile. Here's. The diagram showing, how that works now the factor that determines how powerful, a railgun is is how much current you can push through those rails for. More detailed explanation, on how rail, guns work I'd recommend checking out electrical, booms video right, here so, the question is how do we build a power supply that, can provide enough current to make a powerful railgun. Most. Of the time we use lithium, polymer batteries, for our projects, and that's because they have some of the highest energy, densities available. In battery, form the, problem is they can't actually put out that much current for, that you need a capacitor, which can discharge huge, amounts of current in a really short amount of time in, fact we've. Already had a lot of fun with these capacitors, with Thor's hammer how to place a capacitor, inside. Of Thor's hammer. And if it's pretty good. That's. Loud, as, you. Can see it packs quite a punch. Now. One. Capacitor, isn't enough we're. Going to use 16. That's. Big, balls. That's. Hella heavy. This. Noah. Guy, is. After a half. See. You distract you, yes. That. Spacely. All, right, you one up me over the flamethrower. No. I. Had. To start you have to turn the pressure on low, there. Was probably downstairs. Now crack it. Okay. First this is charting Starkid. Just. Now. See my fuse blows. Rich. Shoes. She's, doing their bug, so. We are going to test. How long it's gonna take for this charger to charge up our battery, bank. Capacitor. Bank. Safety. Glasses. Cuz. We're not to discharge this thing after. So. They should be able to charge the power bank we're gonna see how long's gonna take everywhere. Double check that the step-down works as well to make sure we can actually measure the voltage on the bank without blowing up every single money meter we have. Including. This one. Okay. Do you want a welding mask, you. Sure. Okay. You ready. Great. Oh yeah, we shorted it. Now. That's a tenth of the voltage so, that's actually forty. Volts right now fifty volts. Sixty. Volts 7d. Right. Why are you wearing that drone fair shirt again, cuz. It's black it matches the Hackman it's not black that is great it's. A lot better than blue. 330. Volts. Big. Hair pulls me back I. Stopped. Being the host and just be the camera guy I. Stopped being the host and just become this camera guy so. Much fun. Okay. It. Does need to be charging a little. Boy. Ah. Geez. I missed. We, need a wood stick. That's. Fine oh. Sweet. It's probably, it's. Still a to 12 volts. Mmm. We're, getting our timers. Atomized. Aluminum, great, for the brain about. Two minutes charge. Big. Spark. Success. Thanks. Jerry. Now, I'm not a machinist, by any means and this is my first time using a CNC lathe so, let's just hit go and see what happens. All. Right so you might be wondering why we have a paintball, gun attached to the railgun and that's because you do actually need to initially accelerate, the projectile, because if you just put this in between the rails and turn the capacitor mekka on it would literally weld itself shut it needs to have a little speed at the beginning as it's entering the rails so we've taken this uh 0.5.

Caliber Paintball gun and we've. Turned the pressure down a little bit as you can see it's not very powerful. It. Is fast enough to make sure this projectile, doesn't well itself in place. Three. Four, hey. Nice. Da. For. Now. You sunk my battleship. You'll, pay. Safe. G5. Miss. What. I'd. Like to thank our sponsor at world of warships as, you can imagine this is a rather expensive build and we had to outsource quite, a few components which cost quite a bit of money so. I'd like to talk a little bit about the game, world. Of warships is a huge multiplayer, game with over seven million players you can command a massive, naval fleet featuring some of history's most iconic, war vessels including the, USS Indianapolis, Plus, unlock, new ships as you prepare to dominate the oceans in world of warships the. Game, is highly detailed including, changing, weather effects which make each battle unique and the, tactics you use with, constant updates every week this game is ever-evolving, and quite honestly really, amazing, apparently. It takes the developers around six months to introduce a new vessel into the game they, take tons of resources like the blueprints, and photographs actually, design, the model from scratch if, you guys want to check out the game and support our channel in doing so use my links in the description below plus, if you're one of the first 300 years to sign up you'll get an awesome bonus of two hundred fifty two balloons 1, million credits the HMS campbellton, and so. Much more, now, let's test out our very own railgun. Ooh this. 4748. All. Right what, are we going up to. 150. And then we put that switch. That's gardeners. O-152. Unbelievable. Come on dance get some actors. Behind, your ballistic, shields that don't exist. Well. That was cool it's, not loaded right yeah hit me cool. Point. Whoever. That was incinerated. But. It look cool and it broke the plate so. The, navy's, railgun actually, has a. A. Disposable. Casing, around the shell so, it's actually got on artillery shell and then, a casing, which would get all this damage to it that actually flies off of it and it propels the, projectile. Forwards. No. Fine, fine. Yeah all right yeah, before it blows up. Mmm. Toasty. It. Doesn't work. Fire. Power. This. Needs to be researched Davis, language. Next, victim. You, know I'd like, to use technically, I are serious right. That. Can't be good, 30, actually huh. Like. It works, pretty well last shot. That. There's a second shot, higher booster, shot, yes yeah. So it. Is better with. Higher. Voltage it's right. It's. Doing the railgun thing, it's. Actually the air out of it, yeah. Try for depressing, the pimp yeah. That's look, yeah. Well. It landed directly in the middle of the plate, Bon, Appetit. Sir. Do you wanna. Watch. This gonna it's gonna do this happy thing it, can. Oh wow. You're. Not gonna expect it turns. On. Sex day 180. What, are we going up to Your Honor it pretty. Mean what do we don't, know you know when to stop. What. You're. 40 kiss this time sensitive, date. Okay. Ready. Stopping. At two 261. Shit. Come on cameras ready that really looks. To. Be. Where. Is it oh there it is. Have. An awesome shot nice. Shot James. There. You go thank you. King. Henry the eighth's first, boy. All. Right so I just realized we haven't really explained, what. Everything does on the railgun so let's go through the system first we have the main power switch down here on and, off and then we have a three position power switch up here, plus, we have a little voltmeter which tells us the charge of the capacitor bank so, when, the switch is in the middle position is neutral, it's not doing anything and it's ready to be fired to, charge it simply push the switch forwards and as, you can see the, voltmeter starts, adding. Up. Alright, so just for example. We're. Going to stop it right there at about, a hundred and thirty volts now. The, reverse position, actually engages. The series of resistors, on top and this is to discharge, the capacitor bank in case you don't want to fire it because, it's actually very dangerous, considering. It can go up to 400 volts and we'll, put out thousands. And thousands of amps we just certainly enough to kill you so. If, you've decided not to fire the gun simply, pull the switch back and as you can see the voltage drops off almost immediately as all, the current is drained, through these resistors, so.

With. That being said let's. Charge it up to the full 400, volts and see what happens. To. 2230. Whoo. Here. What. Matt. And. That. Anyone. See where that arced I always. Wear PPE. Unlike. Us. Well. We hope you guys enjoyed the video this has been a project that lot of you guys have been asking for for a long time, so it's awesome to check it off that long bucket list of projects we wanted to complete now, you might be wondering it. Didn't seem that powerful, and to, be honest that's because we did actually have to constrain, the. Design to, limit. The firepower, of the railgun to make sure it fell into the classification, of an air gun and not an actual firearm and that's because in Canada we have strict gun control which. Means we didn't want to make an illegal firearm because, making a video isn't worth going to jail over. Or. Is, it. No. No it's not but, if you guys want to see us take on more big projects like this make sure you support our sponsors, like this video sponsor, world of warships check, out the link in the description below for some awesome bonuses, plus. If you guys want to own a part of this project we're actually gonna be auctioning off a few of the. Bullets. We're gonna be offering a few of these projectiles, on eBay, check out the link in the description below bids, start at just one dollar thanks. For watching.

2018-03-06 16:15

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Looks nice. But pretty lame., when can I get one for my car? :D ;)

subscribed :)

That sux.

looks so lame beying so much work and resources in it, and still cant shoot even as powerfull as the paintball gun.

what was the use of resistors ??

You guys know the clarification for a firearm is something that discharges a projectile through a barrel of a gun using a powdered charge creating a fire. Hence the name Firearm

When you have Wargaming updater running in the background and watching this...

I'm pretty sure the paintball gun turned all the way up would be more impressive... that thing doesn't look like it even reached 600fps

take all my caps!

this is pretty shitty

waiting for electroboom to comment

"Metal Gear"

There has to be some permit or location that would remove or lessen such restrictions. This "railgun" is more like an overly complicated airsoft gun... With the possibility of death by electrocution.

This channel is basically the tech part of mythbusters, but instead of "is it possible" y'all just say, "yeah, today we're making a functional railgun/lightsaber/nuclear bomb from some used tech and batteries.

Kind of underwhelming result. I was hoping it'd at least penetrate the plastic..

Like the Gauss Rifle from Fallout


holy headshot

You have anything that you need.. awesome

did the 400 volt shot take you over the threshold, and that's why it was cut?

Should try a video with the SlowMoGuys

well....that was underwhelming... It couldn't even break the glass...


An air rifle.22 would have done better.

its called a sabot (pronounced "saybow") the casing around the shell in the navy version

That flamethrower you may or may not have built looks suspiciously similar to Elon Musks Boring flamethrower. Cool railgun though!

So like a maglev

The round tumbles as it flies, you should have added some fins to stabilize it, APDS rounds had the same problem it was solved with APDSFS which greatly increased penetrarion power and accuracy

Pretty awesome build! Too bad we can’t see it’s full power! Keep up the great work! ☺️

I can hit the projectile with a baseball bat...... totally weak.... go faster making steam with the stored power than with this design.... get some fps for hell sake.

Watch the end

Now do 50 capacitors.

Perfect for my rowboat

come to America make a more powerful railgun when finished donate it to me lol problem solved

...Metal Gear....

Ok so really cool idea and exoctution but it's not shooting it harder then you can throw it seems

Hmmm, screw the capacitors let's gets some Flux capacitors on that bad boy and get some time travel action on those projectiles. Also they seem to be coming out spinning end on end.

Nice beard!

After so many years, still no one can top the Full auto Gauss Gun

Not a proper rail gun The projectile should be moving at close to the speed of light moving so fast that airfriction converts the projectile into plasma The competition wave fom fireing should knock him on his arse


That thing is weak as hell

"We're gonna need a capacitor." Me: Thinks its one of those small capacitors found in handheld electronics **Is bigger than the battery itself** Me: wot **later...** "We will need 16 of these" Me: dies

GD DShifter This is getting top comment

too bad it didn't work

yeah, I know you can't break the law but I'm still disappointed.

Did you watch to the end? public use...not even for you even though you made it.

Using all those capacitors you could make a powerful EMP device. Might be fun as a side project.

Doesn’t a railgun shoot tracer shots?

the future is now. we now need mech suits.

Already have several mech suits. Fun fact is that the actual BAE railgun tested by US ONR has already been discontinued. Looks nice on paper. Not so much in the real world. Yes saying it 'can' shoot a 100 miles certainly sounds impressive. Real world tests didn't get past 7 miles.

haha I have an air gun more powerfull ... like the tech tho

Well that was disappointing.

it needs to be a longer projectile.


Could you make a thermite charge

That capacitor bank is something i would run from... wow. Imaging smacking you hand down on that thing with max charge. Poof. hand gone...

A slingshot is more powerful than that clown rig.

For legality reasons, like we explain in the video...

actually they have been working on it for a hell of a lot longer then a decade

Weak Sauce, the slingshot channel makes more power with just rubber. Could probably just throw the projectile harder.

Well aware of Joerg, good YouTube friend of mine. The laws here are very specific. Regardless of effectivity it was a cool project to work on.

yeah, but ya still could have got to at least the power of a sling shot. When it bounces off ceramic its not worth all that work. I don't know Canadian law, but don't see how it could be classified as a firearm. Germany has some strict gun laws too , but that slingshot guy found some ways around them. If you haven't checked out his stuff, I'd defiantly would recommend it. It might give you some ideas for work arounds.

Did you watch the explanation?

Target: Annoying neighbors dog.

I'm curious, if the round was made of a heavier more durable metal/alloy would there be greater impact/reusability of the rounds? I'm mostly referring to materials similar to tungsten.

Is it legal?


Nice! But why don't made that gun with coil acceleration so less friction more faster


If you really want to take this ti the next level, you should use a rifle barrel to get twist on the projectile and make a sabot to put around your projectile and engage the rifling. Your projectile was tumbling in the slo-mo.

We don't though, like we explain in the video there's kinda the issue of legality xD

yo i ain't criticizing, but why didn't it at least break the game?

Yo I ain't criticizing, but why didn't you watch the whole video where we explain that? XD

And I just subscribed and I am Canadian

And hit the bell

all those power banks and then that?

Dude I love you beard and you vids


We made sure it was. That's why it's not very powerful

ive know about this for sooo long and i hope he did too because it only came out know


check out war thunder its on pc and ps4

It's cool, but bounced off the plate and the lightbulb

what material is the projectile made of? is it even conductive? would it have worked better if it was iron/ ferrous?

actually, i need to investigate further since I feel that only material with iron would interact with the electromagnetic fields in the rail gun. the reason I am thinking this way is the same reason induction cooktops need pots and pans with iron cores? maybe you can expand and help? also whenever you think of junkyard and they have the cranes that pull metal with the electromagnets, their goal is to separate aluminum from steel isn't it? I feel aluminum would conduct electricity but would not be propelled by the magnetic fields? or at least not as effectively as compared ot Steel with high iron contant.

ahh, learning new things. So Aluminum responds differently to electromagnetic fields than normal magnetic fields like say from a neodymium magnet? is this what is happening?

Wouldn't do anything if it wasn't conductive! We used steel and aluminum projectiles

Soundtrack Unreal game?

The reference to king Henry the 8ths first wife was funny because she was be-headed but she looks more like King Louis wife during the French Revolution, which would make more sense because she was be-headed by the National razor and it looks more like her.

"... or is it" a direct quote from The King of Random

I don't think 3 words counts as a quote...

Henry didn't behead his first wife, only his second and fifth

drill out the back of the projectile -it flys more stabile when the center of mass is in the front -loke an airgun bullet also try make a alluminium or graphite sabot for the projectile get the speed cranked up, you should be able to shoot clean through a car motor or 3cm steel with Re of more than 450N/mm^2 and 80J at the Charpy impact test US navy makesnow changes to the projectile because it overpenetrates without doing enough damage their rail gun fires through more than 65cm of armour-steel

How does a change in mass affect the force and velocity of the bullet?

DAMN thats some huge capacitors :O

7,4kmh hmmm not very fast xD

this thing is weak

Well now i now why is it called a railgun lol

Wait isn a rail gun a proton cannon? Wall the video is still good

failgun more like it

you guy should make the phone from watch dogs next

ᴇʟᴇᴄᴛʀᴏʙᴏᴏᴍ *

ᴇʟᴇᴄᴛʀᴏɴɪᴄ ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ғᴜɴɴɪᴇsᴛ ɢᴜʏ ᴏɴ ʏᴏᴜᴛᴜʙᴇ

You crazy, I'm scared watching this...

Haha electro go boom nanana its electro boom get ur facts strait

Strict gun laws I know a country that needs some of that

Juan J Dume P Are you asking to get into an argument?

you cloud have that as an attachment when you play paint ball

a real railgun is using magnetic fields wich are pulling the projectile along through the barrel

Are you thinking of a coil gun? Technically this is utilizing magnetic fields as well but not the same as a coil gun

Zombie Pain And that's what this is doing...

the flame thrower was elon musk's flamethrower

Which we made.

Fucker looks like Chris Evans from Infinity War with that beard.

... is that Mechanism 8 I'm hearing? Sweet jesus that's a throwback.

Yeah thats very cool but for my german teammates its very hard to make those gun in germany besause we only got 230 Volts out and not like in America and a second tim is jusing a special type of cable its called UL Cabel and is up to 600 Volts save and not like normal cabels hier at germany to 500 Volts

At the end they say, that they couldnt make it more powerfull than a bb gun. Im a bit dissapointed.


Bro you need to make a taser net from Thor Ragnarok!!! XD


the guy with the flamethrower looks very irresponsible to be holding it

can it go into space

seems pretty weak

One of each please


hmmm first 300 people supports him I'M IN wait one million views come on and i also get no bonus dang it

This is great and all but could you throw up some specs? Projectile velocity would be nice :-)

Mech 8 from UT?

Hey lithium polymer batteries have high discharge I'm a drone racer so I use high discharge lipo's for my drone

oh boy we live in times where people start showing how to build weapons to everyone. god may help us all. ;)

love me some Mechanism Eight

Emma Gonzales and David Hogg will come for this.

Seemed like a lot of effort for a gun that doesn't even go through a plastic board game. It's actually less effective than just dropping something on the floor.

Me: Holy hell that's a big capacitor *We're going to use 16 of them* Me: Ooooh, this gon be gooood.

Cool rail gun, but I honestly think you could have done more damage with just the bullets and the paintball gun. It really didn't seem to do much more than the paintball by itself would do. I'm not sure that your rail gun actually works the way the military one does.

Your going to kill your selfs

The archer reference

that looks exactly like Musks flamethrower he is selling....

Since it is not rated G guess I can't watch with the kids. There is just no need for foul language.

Would have liked to see a comparison of the low pressure paintball pre-firing mechanism vs the rail part of the gun... I don't think your design actually functions..

Come to America! Then you can make a really awesome video of a rail gun that could split a car!

Dog crap, the full video

A lot weaker than I expected

Unfortunately, for your statement, Henry VIII's first wife was the only one he really "loved", and was not one of the two that were beheaded.

So you've created a weapon that can't be controlled by gun control, can easily be turned into a fully automatic video and is almost completely silent. Good luck world.

the Hacksmith I was talking about when people take that idea and build on it and don't use your weaker gun. Plus I'm in the US where every state has it's own laws. I mean no offense by it. I was just intrigued by your idea. Good job.

Did you miss the part where it takes 2.5 minutes to charge up? And we purposefully made it much weaker because it CAN be controlled by law.


It didn't even make a bullet go through the plastic battleships game XD

Liked and subbed for using Kilometres instead of miles

mechanism eight!

kinda cat breaks cups all the time.

Think its possible to make the needler from the Halo series?

Well this video was "Last Minute" kill me

why didn't you guys rifle the barrel

Hacksmith great work your videos are amazing and so are the builds keep it up

That some how look alike District 9 movie Alien weapon lol

What would be cool is to modify this with a super-strong induction coil to melt the round before firing it.

i thought you need coils to induce a usable electromagnetic field , this looks like you just added sparks to an airgun with no usable effect. am i totally wrong on this? its the same with the "starting" of the projectile , if you just have a coil at the end of the muzzle , electricly magnetized it would pull the projectile without you needing to put an airgun behind it. i smell a lot of BS in here , but that might just be me , so no offense

oh , yeah , sorry , could´ve done some research first , again , im sorry .... but still , if we dont take rails , but copper coils around a ferro stick , on both sides , and use the same technical design of a "standart" railgun , wouldn´t you get more performance out of it? aaand , at least in germany its not considered a firearm as long as it doesn´t have a barren , if you make a literal rail for the projectile , would that make it a non firearm (like a crossbow) in canada as well?

You're talking about a coil gun, this is a rail gun

Make a coil gun not a rail gun

charges it *sparks* "oh yeah... we shorted it" cracked me up

Henry VIII 2nd and 5th wives.

Come make a big one in the US!


And this is why I love this channel

Can it pierce the heart of my enemies?

These videos are why I stay in school (so awesome)

It loves to decapitate things but just why thou.

"electrogoBooms".. ah

Why don’t u use the paintball gun, it’s brobrably as powerfull


Idk if this would be legal but you should try to make somewhat of a pipe pistol/weapon from fallout 4

toaru kagaku no railgun?

Enough energy in those caps to kill someone. Be careful kids.

Since the railgun is too heavy to lift and move! Attach it to a swerving chair like you did nerf a while back!

Would this be the US Navy rail gun actually developed by British Aerospace Engineering Systems then......

Meeeeeeh... I was expecting more

I wonder if it would be posible to do a railgun with 4 poles, like 2 rails one above the other one but with inverted polarity.

It’s like a really weak gas rifle from fallout four

I build a railgun like this for my final year in school ! (College)

but we used some big (giant) charpenter nails, we reshaped them into a squared (more efficient) shape and add two plexiglas "sliders" around it (top and bottom) to increase isolation between two rails A railgun is all about optimization ! It took us a year to perfect it !

He has lol

No the ad kinda broke my attention span. But re-watching it out of interest now, I cannot find where you explain it. I can see the projectile tumbling so its no good and its has those burn marks so I am guessing it either almost still welded its self to the barrel, had too much friction inside there or you really needed the discarding element.

Did you watch the explanation on why that is?

Watch the explanation

You could watch the video on it...

Improvements can be made in projectile size and rail conductor material. Otherwise, this has been the most entertaining vid I've seen all year. Well done hack Smith team.

Damn!!!love your vids

Styropyro uses compacitors for his lasers. Sry if it's written wrong

Lame yal sok

groves on the barrel of the gun will increase accuracy

Oh, look, video ruined by stupid laws.

that looks like fun

680K ohms Jesus Christ someone's going to die

You should really work together with the Slowmo Guys

Looks like the gauess rifle in fallout 4

Interesting vid, I noticed your rounds would go into a tumble so some rifling probably wouldn't have been a bad idea. that said with no changes you actually would have been better off to shoot steel bearings as it doesn't matter if they tumble.

I have this thing called a Glock 19 that does this, but it's way smaller and the projectile goes a lot faster too.

Well there's 20 minutes I won't be getting back just to see a paintball gun with a useless attachment.

So basically it’s like a gauss rifle off of fallout 4

FALLOUT4 Gauss Rifle D:.. good weapon right there btw

why doesnt the military just hire him

This video is incorrect with it's opening statements. The railgun was originally a french design concept back in the early 1900's. In modern day, USA gets them from the EU. If they really were "developing" them, they wouldn't just be shooting one off in a bloody warehouse, they'd actually be doing real r&d and making significant design progress. Plus everyone gives different specs for them everywhere you look; some say mach 7, some say mach 5, and now i'm hearing a mach 6? Sounds like a lot of nobody knows anything about them.

today we're making a rail gun (phone vibrates and checks phone) dad: why is the FBI here?

Its a gauss rifle

Lame... Canada must be awesome maybe the government will let you go to the potty like a big boy some day

That is it? Slingshot will make more damage

I was very surprised how weak the finished thing is. I was expecting it to punch through the wall or vaporise the pellet

I've been loving railguns since the 90s. I've made my own, a 10th of the size of the one you had. I used a 1/2" slug, but there wasn't enough force to do much damage. A 1/4" slug, I was able to punch through a soda can. I want to make another model that can pierce a steel can at least. I would like to use a 1/2" slug, but I would have to take it out to a range, or use someone's field to fire it, cause it would be way too loud and could go through a wall.

No battleships were harmed in the making of this video

so thats not the BORING company flamethrower?

i came here from Vsauce about if bad words were really bad...

Electroboom! That's awesome

Growing out that beard I see

Way ahead of China here

That thing didn't work. All you were doing was shooting it out with the Paintball gun and the projectile was arcing on the way out creating sparks. You should make the projectile smaller and wrap it in a plastic Sabot. Also, can you make something small to spin it up about 20,000 rpm instead of rifling the barrel?

its more like stalker railgun but fallout 4

Is it even legal to own and/or make a railgun not that I care I came to watch you shoot stuff

Why did you have to use that railgun on a game of Battleship?

Isn’t the flamethrower a modified Nerf Rapidstrike?

Watch the video and see =)

Electro city

Kind of thought it would be more powerful but yeah I get why it's not there is a limit before it's an actual gun. Edit: limut to limit and ya to yeah

I want one now


I love solidworks

This is from fallout lol

Un railgun c'est pas sensé envoyer un projectile a plusieurs km/s ? J'ai loupé un truc ou quoi ? la je vois un pauvre résultat meme pas à la hauteur d'une carabine à air comprimé. Montrez nous un résultat à la hauteur de l'emballage.. décevant ...

When geeks like me have funding and a workshop haha

could you make the barrel a vacuum chamber? If you remove atmospheric friction from the projectile you should get far more bang for your electromagnetic buck. Just a tube with a Mylar diaphragm seal at both ends can move a ping pong ball at tremendous speed when the diaphragm at the ball end is broken after the tube is emptied of atmospheric pressure.

That lathe is crap, my dad uses one easily 3 times the size as that thing

Size means nothing...

Oh so that’s why the barrel didn’t have any rifling

thats weak

I love how the schematic uses the same component symbols I'm used to but when the device is being assembled the resistors look NOTHING like the 1/8 watt electronics kit versions. Like, at least the electrolytics look like huge scaled up versions of their counterparts. Are those wire-wound? .... wait am I impressed by overly-large resistors? Jeez.

Might of been a typo, they are at least 18W resistors xD

that's a hell of a capacitor bank.

that was cruel that was a nice figurine

*"Only my railgun" starts playing*

So take it over the border to your closest tim hortons and make it more powerful

can tell how much is the budget to build the " rail gun, just in case iwant to build mine. thanks


Hed hsod.

i skipped the ad's

Henry VIII's first wife was divorced not beheaded.

That was so weak as hell! Yeah, blame the law.. you guys just don't know how to calibrate a thing like that. Replace the 'rails' with an array of electrodes with a calibratable time delay between them, then tweak them to have a larger time delay at the beginning of barrel, then shorter towards the end, get the sweet spot an that thing would chew through walls. It's crazy old tech though, mag guns and plasma cannons are way more efficient an effective.

A simple trip to Wikipedia will help. A rail gun is what we made, it's very simple. Coil guns are different

The way I see it anything that relies upon pulling a projectile forward using an arc of electricity from one node to the projectile to another node.. is a rail gun, I was simply suggesting replacing the solid metal rails with giant metal/nylon sandwich.. as the most important part of making a working rail gun or mag-gun is the application of the pull force at the perfect ark for the projectile as it's acceleration increases. An array of nodes with twiddly time dilation or an array of light triggered sensors tracking the projectile and flipping the right node in time for it. Do coil guns fire magnet's then?

You're not describing a rail gun at that point... I think your thinking of a coil gun which while has some similarities, is quite different.

for world of warships?

In the description

wheres the Ꮭ Ꭵ N Κ?

Chemical firearms can be rated by their muzzle velocity, which is measured by an electronic device that times the passage of the projectile between 2 wire loops of known spacing. Since you're creating a powerful discharge with your gun, maybe nearby electronics won't work. I dunno; you guys might. Anyway, if more electronics will work, you could measure the muzzle velocity of your projectiles. 1/2 * mass(projectile) * velocity^2 = kinetic energy generated at the exit of the gun. Now, capacitors store energy, too. The energy stored by a capacitor = 1/2 * capacitance * volts(capacitor)^2 in units of Joules. Leading one to ask, 'How efficient is my railgun in converting the electric energy stored in my capacitor bank into the kinetic energy of the projectile?" Homework due tomorrow.

иᎥСᎧ, nice

Cucked by gun control laws.

Beer... RIP ;(((

Im concerned that you are firing the gun with co2.

Did you watch the whole video

the Hacksmith oh okay in drone racing we don't cross more than 120 amps

They do, but not nearly high enough. We're talking thousands of amps

Seems like a lot of effort to type out a comment without watching the whole video that explains your question xD

Yes I did.. and they still could have done a comparison to she it actually work..

There's no way to make it fast. You can't charge capacitors that fast.

That flamethrower looks a lot like Elon musks


Bae systems built the first successful prototype just saying...


In 150 years I’ll own a rail gun

Why only fragile objects like glass and porcelain as targets though

Anyone notice hacksmith looks like captain America infinite war.

Also I think the CO2 tank did most of the work, most expensive un useable paintball gun in the world... FAIL

knew right away those projectiles would fly like shit

They literally just took military technology and made it like 50 times smaller...

So how much did these capacitors cost? Lol

that was awesome that now means the railgun from halo is plausible thank you!

When I used to to live with brother and intercom would say plug your ears on the count of five and it fired and the ground shooke

I hoped to see them piercing trough steel plate with that

cross the US border do it right, then just sell it or give it away if you come back to i mean Canada.

Misaka mikoto?

That’s not a railgun it’s a modified paintball gun

Nice flamethrower from the boring company

A lot of electricity to make a spark while the paintball gun provides propulsion..weak.

I just found my favorite YouTube channel

This project was like getting laid for the first time. So much thought time and effort put in to it for very little pay off a huge anticlimax.

Ahh, Mach 6, AKA "The ISS is still going faster"

Flamethrower sure looks a hell of a lot like the Telsa flamethrower from Elon Musks mind... hmmmm

Where can i get those blue strippers

That was awesome!

You had me up until you said WoWS... C'ya

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