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I'd like to start this video a little differently normally, I would just make the video and assume this went without saying maybe. I'd slip it in after 10 minutes as a quick disclaimer and then move on but this seemed important, enough that I thought I should say it from the start if you're expecting this to be some epic atheist, takedown of Christian, beliefs you're. In the wrong place I have no interest, in tearing, this book apart if you believe in this book that's fine I don't want to take your faith or anything else from you but. If you think Moses, threw down his staff and it turned into a snake I do want, to take that from you because, you're wrong. This. Video is brought to you by skill share the. Bible and specifically. The Old Testament, isn't a very good book narrative Lee speaking this happens, then this happens then this happens then there's a whole lot of knowing, and begetting then this happens it's just kind of a list of events there aren't a lot of rising, actions or climaxes, or even, character, development and that's fine since that's not necessarily, its purpose, but when you're trying to tell these stories to children you. Kind of have to punch it up a bit otherwise, they're just not gonna pay attention that usually, means adding, on to the story or changing, certain aspects, if I were to ask you who went to Pharaoh and said let my people go and threw, down his staff which then turn into a snake, most. Of you are going to say Moses, I knew some of you we're going to get this wrong but Jesus. Moses. Either had a speech impediment or was incredibly, shy interpretations. Vary but the point is he, wasn't very good at public speaking so, his brother a. Iran, spoke, for him then the Lord said to Moses, see I have made you like God to Pharaoh and your brother Aaron will be your prophet, you are to say everything, I command you and your brother Aaron is to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites, go out of this country whenever, this story is told Moses. Often, becomes a composite, character of both Moses, and Aaron, I'm not sure why I'm pretty sure kids can understand, that there's two people but fine, so in every movie made about the book of Exodus Moses. Does all the talking while, Aaron just stands off to the side, if. He exists, at all he's completely written out of this scene in the Prince of Egypt, so it's Moses, his staff that turns into a snake but in the original source material, it isn't, Moses staff so, Moses, and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the LORD commanded Aaron. Threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials and it became a snake Pharaoh then summoned wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians also, did the same things by their secret arts each one threw down his staff and it became a snake but Aaron's staff swallowed, up their staffs but, that's the new international. Version maybe, they changed it, let's take a look at the official original. King James Version, and Moses, and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh and they did so as the Lord had commanded and, Aaron. Cast on his rod before Pharaoh and before his servants and it became a serpent then, Pharaoh blah, blah blah but Aaron's rod swallowed, up their rods, no. Matter what version you look up it's always, been Aaron's, rod. The, thing is when I asked that question several. Of you specifically. Mentioned Charlton, Heston who played Moses, in the Ten Commandments. Hears Charlton, Heston and here's not, Charlton, Heston even in this movie it's Aaron I don't know why any of you thought it was Moses, maybe. You came from the Berenstein, universe, another, Bible story which has fallen victim to modern, embellishment. Is Noah's, Ark in the source material there really isn't much to go off of the entire story, from beginning to end depending on your version it's just shy of 800. Words to put that into perspective so far, in this video I've, said, 800, words and a good chunk of that story is just IKEA, like instructions, on, how to build the ark this, is how you are to build it the Ark is to be 300, cubits long 50, cubits, wide and, 30 cubits high make, a roof for it leaving below the roof and opening one cubit high it goes on but I think you get the point for those of you who don't use cubits, in your everyday life it's 18, inches so the ark was one and a half times the size of a football field and four, stories, high, let me summarize the story of Noah's Ark for you God tells Noah to build an ark to, be filled with two of each animal to escape the flood which, will wipe out every, living thing in the gallon on earth on earth that's, it that's the entire story how, do they take that and turn it into a two-hour, Russell, Crowe movie by adding on a whole bunch of extra stuff the thing is no matter what modern interpretation.

You Sit down to watch they, all have the same story, beats initially. His family doesn't believe that he spoke to God there's, some sort of confrontation with, the local towns folk with, or without fallen, rock Angelz maybe Noah tries to save other people, but they also don't believe him and afterwards, they send out birds to try and find dry land none. Of that is in here, confabulation. Is when someone has a false memory of an event or story ranging, from a slight alteration to a complete, fabrication, when. Everyone, has the same false, memory, we call that the social, contagion of memory conformity. But you probably know it by another name the, Mandela, effect. You. Probably already know what I'm gonna say about this don't you and the, thing is we all know it's wrong, the fruit of the tree of knowledge is, never named people, who actually study, the Bible for a living think it might have been a fig which grows, in the Middle East or maybe even a pomegranate some, scholars, believe it wasn't an apple but. A ruby, red, antioxidant-rich. Pomegranate. With, which Eve tempted. Adam what a weird way to market your product hey remember that thing that doomed humanity, for all eternity well, we, put it in a bottle drink, up saying, it's an apple is incredibly, Eurocentric. It's even stranger when you remember that up until 1893. Apples. Tasted, like dirt more specifically, like a raw potato. The only things, apples, were good for were improving, your lands so that you met the legal requirements, of the Homestead, Act and, turning. It into apple, cider people, didn't really drink plain water back then doing so ran the risk of you dying from diarrhea, so most, people either drank coffee and tea which you have to boil or, why an insider, which you have to ferment would any of you really have been tempted by a raw potato assuming. Adam and Eve weren't Irish I doubt. It the idea of it being an Apple came centuries. Later along, with many of the other things you remember about that story Adam, and Eve take up a single, side of a single, page of this book it's about a thousand, words so depending, on how fast you read you can blow through it in a minute so. Why is it when we tell this story we, all have the same extra, narrative flair the answer is Paradise, Lost by John Milton Kevin.

Lomax John. Mill that. Movie actually borrows, a lot of themes and lines from Paradise Lost Buttered. Reign in Hell than serve in heaven is that it what, Dante was - Italian, literature John, Milton was - English, and wouldn't, you know it they both chose to write Christian, fanfiction, and both used religion. As a disguise, for, political, commentary, Paradise, Lost was written over five to ten years and published in, 1667. So, the political and religious situation was, completely, different from Dante's time the Protestant, Reformation was, in full swing and the pilgrims, just landed in America keep, that in mind as we discuss the plot which spoiler. Warning but it is a three hundred and fifty year old poem, that tells the story of Adam and Eve but from, Satan's perspective, you probably heard all the spoilers already the story is presented nonlinearly. Meaning, we start in the middle and there are flashbacks, I'm not. Going to do that here so if you want the original experience. You're, gonna have to read it yourself I read and listened to a few different versions in preparation, for this video but I personally recommend the, BBC, radio dramatization, where. Satan is voiced by Ian McDermott, aka, the Emperor. Better. To reign in Hell than serve in heaven if that isn't perfect casting, I don't know what is when, you picture Lucifer, in your mind you either imagine, him as someone who hid every branch of the ugly tree during his fall from heaven or something. Like this dang Lucifer, you looking like a snack Dante's, version of Lucifer made him a half goat three faced six, winged monstrosity. But. When I gave that information to Poe the Wonder cat to draw this, twink, studmuffin, is what I got which is fine he included everything I told him to and he's certainly not the first to do that almost every modern depiction, of Lucifer, whether he's a man or a woman casts, him as a perfect, 10 this sexy, and even sympathetic. Depiction, of Lucifer, started. With Milton's, Paradise Lost Satan. Is the protagonist. Of this story we begin with Satan, and his followers waking. Up in a lake of fire in, Hell which, they call Tartarus, I swear I've heard that name before they've been banished as punishment for participating, in the rebellion of angels against God why did they rebel well that's an interesting story in the beginning it was just God, in the Angels living, in the Imperium, what we call heaven Lucifer was one of those angels and angels are apparently, beautiful, there's some debate over what rank of angel Lucifer was if, you recall in heaven God is surrounded, by nine rings of angels one for each rank the closer you are to God the higher your rank and the highest were the Seraphim, you'd think being the highest rank would be awesome, but a seraphs, only job was to continuously. Shout praises at God they're the ultimate yes, men they have six wings and they're engulfed, in a perpetual fire, Seraph. Means burning ones so, that's fitting, since Dante's, Lucifer, had six wings some, think he might have been a seraph though some biblical scholars including, Saint Thomas Aquinas believe, Lucifer, belonged to the second order of age.

The Cherubim, no cherubim. Were not naked babies, like Cupid instead, they had four wings covered, in eyeballs for faces, and the body of a lion decidedly. Less cute which, is fitting since they guard God's throne and the Garden of Eden we'll get to why that is later the next order are the Thrones which, appear, as wheels within, wheels. Again. Covered, in eyeballs they serve as symbols, of God's power and authority and that's. It they, don't seem to do anything, the dominions are next they look like your typical angel, and their only job is to delegate, work to the other angels the middle management of the angelic hierarchy, the virtues are in charge of controlling all the elements, in the universe and they're also responsible for all of the natural miracles. In the world they also don't. Have any physical form that we know of the powers make sure that all the laws of physics are maintained, and supervised, the movements, of all of the spheres of heaven someone's got to make sure things keep ticking over right there also the warrior angels who banish evil spirits, to hell and served as the primary soldiers, against Lucifer's, army the seventh order of angels are the principalities. These angels oversee countries, nations and groups of people much. Like how Saint Patrick, is the patron saint of Ireland Ireland, also, has a principality, angel, they're the ones that give their blessing, whenever their specified, group of people praised before, going to war or playing. Football I wonder if they have any control, over the YouTube algorithm, dearest principality. Of de monetization. Please. See fit to bestow your blessing upon me so, that I may make those dolla dolla bills y'all. Archangels. Are the first ones that directly interfere, with human affairs and, steer, things in the direction of God's plan there are only seven, halo arc angels, and Lucifer, was one of them I don't know if that means there were eight and now that Lucifer is gone there's only seven or if Lucifer. Still counts, and there's only actually six and it's unclear if you can be an archangel and something, else like a seraph we only know four of the seven names which, is why it's unclear if Lucifer still counts, Michael Uriel. Raphael, and Gabriel. That's true the ninth order are the, just, regular everyday angels, that serve as messengers, or personal, Guardians they're, pretty boring humans, don't, become, angels they're, their own thing. You don't die and go to heaven and then perform, some good deeds in order to earn your wings you just need to drink a Red Bull for that that's true Lucifer, was God's favorite, angel or. At least he was right, up until God created Jesus and declared him Lord of the Angels wait I thought Jesus didn't come along until way later, I've always existed. What. I've, always been a part of God and he's. Always been, part, of me what are you doing here Jesus well, you've, been nagging, me on Twitter for a while and it, was getting kind of pathetic dude, I mean I'm here. To answer your questions. Can. You explain the Trinity to me no. One can explain the Trinity if, you asked a dozen Christians, about the Trinity you're. Gonna get a dozen different answers. So. Are you, the Son of God or, are you God yes. What's. What's the Holy Spirit, I think that's enough questions for now, really. Okay, can you just am, I going to hell for all the blasphemy, stuff what are you kidding I do. That all the time ah good. So Jesus, exists, now both in the story and on YouTube, he's verified, so you know he's the real deal Lucifer, didn't want to bow down to this new creation, so he incited a rebellion, it turns out that a third of all angels agreed, with him and didn't want to bow down to God's new son so. They went to war the only problem is that angels, are immortal.

They Just kind of spent the whole day fighting and not really getting anywhere until they retreated, and tried again the next day only this time with, cannons oh my god my god is epic, again this didn't, really work because of the whole immortality, thing, so, they retreated when they lined up for battle on the third day God decided, enough was enough he vanished Lucifer, and all of his followers from heaven and they fell for nine days during. Those nine days he did the whole creation thing and made Adam and Eve it's at this point that Lucifer, ceased, to be Lucifer, and became Satan, much like how Anakin, Skywalker became, Darth Vader by falling to the dark side there was a name change involved, but Satan isn't, name its a title Satan, just means the adversary, and his first official appearance in the Bible is in the book of Job while we're at it Christ, is also a title so his name isn't Jesus Christ, it's Jesus of Nazareth, , the Christ nobody, is gonna call him Lucifer, , the Satan though it's usually one or the other he's known by other names as well but as will soon discover those, aren't always accurate I am the devil Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the, Prince of Darkness, the. Princess, of darkness anyway while we're at it Lucifer, Morningstar is, a comic, book and TV show character that's not his real last name biblical, characters, didn't really have last names that's a relatively new thing so Lucifer and all his friends are cast down to hell and become demons, there, is no demonic hierarchy. Since they're just fallen angels they do choose Lucifer, as their leader though which is also a new concept, before Milton came along and changed the story Lucifer. Was a prisoner, in Hell not the ruler of it in Dante's, Inferno he's, being punished just like everyone else Lucifer, does have several lieutenants, though if that counts as a hierarchy, including, several people you probably know like, Belial, and Beelzebub, Beelzebub, is a separate, entity not, just another name for Satan after they regroup they build the city of pandemonium, and gather around to democratically. Debate what to do next, imagine, that hell, is a democracy you see Milton lived during the time of Oliver, Cromwell and, was an avid supporter of his Commonwealth, government, Lucifer's, rebellion against, the monarchy of God is written as a good, thing some, of the options put on the table include fighting again or building, their own better, heaven but then someone mentions rumors of an entirely new creation, they could corrupt perhaps, they could enlist these new creatures in their fight against God it's heavily implied that Lucifer is controlling, the democratic, debate by, feeding lines to his lieutenants, I am.

They. All vote for the third option to corrupt man and then discuss who will do the actual corrupting, Lucifer, heroically. Volunteers, himself, he heads towards the gates of Hell which are guarded by his children sin, and death those, aren't just their names they are the actual embodiments. Of sin and death they were born through a weird incest, and I'm sure there's a rule 34, about it somewhere when sin and death opened, the gates to let Lucifer, out they. That they can't close them again this was the first time they'd ever been opened and now they're stuck that way Lucifer disguises, himself as a cherub, and asks the Archangel, Uriel for. Directions, to the new creation so he can see it for himself the concept, of lying hadn't, been invented yet so Uriel. Just tells him everything Lucifer, arrives in the garden and upon seeing how beautiful it is starts, to wonder if he can be redeemed and get back into God's good graces, but he has too much of the north in him now and he decides that he will not kneel he stalks Adam and Eve for a while to figure out how these creatures work, and how to corrupt, them he notices, that the woman is smaller and weaker and she's probably his best bet then he hears them talking about their one and only rule to, not eat from the tree of knowledge and, there you go now he has his plan he spends the night whispering, into her ear telling her how awesome, it would be to eat from the tree and be among the Angels Eve wakes up and tells Adam about her crazy dream about how an angel told her it would be okay to eat from the tree and it wouldn't result in death, whatever. That is remember. They don't know what anything is yet we cut to God who sees all of this happening, and knows man will give in to temptation and, he just lets it happen saying. Man is free to fall Jesus, asks, if there's any way man can be redeemed and God says yes but someone, will have to pay for it who, pays for it you, you. Don't know no, I haven't, read this one. Well. I, don't. Want to spoil anything for you Jesus so, I'm, just, gonna leave. It there suffice. To say, someone. Heroically, volunteers, ooh. That. Sounds exciting yeah. So. God sends the Archangel, Raphael to warn Adam about Satan, and remind him of his free will specifically. So Adam, can't plead ignorance every. Scene of Adam and Eve just has, them talking about how awesome God, is how, much they love each other and how, they're not supposed to eat from the tree of knowledge which, makes sense right what else are they going to talk about hey I saw. A deer, do a thing, today. And. I think I might have discovered a new color it's not like they can gossip or have, any common, interests, nothing. Exists, yet when, file comes down to warn Adam he recounts, the entire story, of the rebellion and creation. In much more detail than the book of Genesis then he just starts answering Adams, random, questions, Adam, says that according to his observations. Of the Stars it looks like the earth goes around the Sun Raphael. Says it only looks that way because the earth is spinning Galileo. Was only twenty or thirty years before this having, Raphael say I don't know about that whole heliocentrism. Thing, is milton's. Way of voicing his own doubts about the at the time current, scientific debate, Milton throws a lot of his other views into this conversation, as well Adam asks, if there's life on other planets, to which Raphael, says let God worry about that. Can't. You just be happy with the one paradise. Raphael, also talks about how Eve is pretty and nice to look at but is less. Intelligent, less pure and has an inferior, spirituality. There's that 17th, century, misogyny, for you the next day Adam and Eve have a ton of work to do in the garden I'm. Not entirely sure what, work they have to do but Eve suggests, that they'd get it done faster, if they work separately they were just warned that Satan is coming but Eve thinks she can handle it and looks forward to proving her faith so. Against, his better judgment, Adam lets the woman go off to work independently. Gee I wonder what message Milton was sending with that Lucifer, sees this as his opportunity and. Physically, climbs into a snake's mouth to, possess it they know he's coming now so he, needed a disguise in Genesis, the serpent, is just a serpent, just like any other animal God created, now the serpent, was more crafty than any of the wild animals, the Lord had made the, idea that the serpent is Satan, didn't, come along until centuries. Later milton didn't come up with the idea but he certainly helped solidify it anyway, he goes over to Eve and starts flattering, her with how beautiful she is saying, she belongs among the Angels in the clouds not, here on earth Satan. Is a smooth, operator.

Eve Is shocked that there's a talking snake telling her how beautiful she is and asks, how he came to talk where, did he learn this power not, from, a Jed by, eating from the tree of knowledge of, course if that fruit can raise a beast to level of man imagine what it could do for you you, would be of God but they were told if they ate from the tree they, died obviously that's not true because the snake is alive she, never actually sees him eat it but she takes his word for it besides God, wants, you to do it he wants you to show your independence, why would he create the tree if he didn't want you to partake this is a test, if it grants knowledge of good and evil imagine, how much easier it would be to shun evil if you actually know what it is this starts making a disturbing, amount of sense to Eve and it's awfully reminiscent, of your typical adolescent. Peer pressure, your parents were lying to you it's not dangerous it'll expand, your mind Eve gives in and her first thought is maybe she shouldn't tell Adam so she can remain intellectually. Superior. But. Then she realizes she can be replaced and according, to some she's, all radio replacement, in Genesis, chapter one he creates man and woman at the same time so, God created mankind in, his own image in the image of God he created them, male and female he, created them, but, then in Chapter two it's just Adam alone, and then God creates Eve the, Lord God said it is not good for the man to be alone I will make a helper suitable for him now, the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky but, for Adam no suitable helper was found so, the Lord God caused man to fall into a deep sleep and while he was sleeping he took one of the man's ribs then, the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man am, I missing a chapter why did he have to create a second, one if he already created, both of them according, to some the first woman was actually named Lilith, and since, she was created equal, to man she wasn't obedient, enough and she was banished, so Eve was created from. Adam, in order to be subservient, Eve knows she could just as easily be replaced so decides that Adam will eat too so they share the same fate whether that be in bliss or whoa, she, goes to Adams says she Aten didn't die God lied to them and now her eyes are open, eat up so, he does then. They look at each other with lust and have the most epic naughty, time that has ever happened sounds, like that Apple was laced with something if you ask me they wake up the next morning with a colossal. Hangover. And immediately start arguing with each other over who's at fault for their current misery Adam blames Eve of course but then Eva Minds him that she came from him she is his to command and, he let her go off to work alone he should have known this was going to happen, Satan confident, in his success, returns, to hell to find that sin and death have created, a bridge between hell and earth while he was away so sin and death are now free to wreak havoc in the world God senses, that man has fallen and he tells the angels that it's not their fault they couldn't have prevented this, he gave humanity free will and individual, choice and now they must take personal, responsibility for. Their actions if those buzz words sound familiar remember. That this is the 1600s. Capitalism. And free markets were a fairly new idea and it would seem Milton was somewhat of a fan God, through, Jesus finds. Adam and Eve in the garden and asks them why they disobeyed, his one and only rule Adam, immediately, throws Eve under the bus which makes God furious. He, created, women to be subservient, to men why, on earth would you listen to a woman Eve then, blames the serpent, God doesn't even question why a woman, would listen to a serpent, he, just punishes, the serpent, so, the Lord God said to the serpent because, you have done this cursed are you above all livestock and all wild, animals you will crawl on your belly mule, eat dust all the days of your life, so that's why snakes don't have legs he also mentions, that Adam and Eve's children, will crush the head of the serpent, a prophecy, later known as the Proteas Angelia, that Jesus will eventually, defeat Satan then God punishes, Eve by cursing her to have painful, childbirth and to always submit to male dominance, that part's in here pretty much word for word God then sews discord, between man and beast man, will have to hunt and tell the soil for food which, is also cursed to grow thorns and thistles Adam, got off light if you ask me and now that sin and death are in the world they will grow old and die and, be tempted to stray from God's divine grace the entire time and lastly God tilts, the earth on its axis, creating, seasons, to make life just that much more difficult Adam, and Eve discuss, what to do about this eternal, punishment since, it sure sounds, awful they briefly, contemplates, suicide but.

Know Eve proposes. A life of celibacy so that their children will not be likewise cursed and maybe because, painful, childbirth doesn't, sound that fun but, Adam rejects the idea because if they don't have children, nobody, will eventually, defeat Satan they, have to have children in order to fulfill the prophecy so they decide to just live with their punishment, but then God remembers, that there's another tree in the Garden of Eden the Tree of Life which grants immortality, protecting, that is why they were banished, painful, childbirth and tilling the soil was, punishment, for disobeying God's command, preventing. Them from eating from the tree of life was, why they were kicked out at least according to Milton and the. Book of Genesis and the Lord God said the man has now become like one of us knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat and live, forever. Wait us who's. Us in this context, he's not talking about other angels, he's, talking about other gods here's where I'm gonna start losing some people as if, I hadn't, already there, are other gods in the Bible they're at least two, dozen named, gods, in this book, specifically. The Old Testament, God capital. G is only the God of the Hebrews everyone, else has their own gods and they're free to worship them as they please the Hebrews weren't, trying to convert anyone God is the most powerful but, he isn't the one and only in the book of Exodus, he says he's a jealous, God and, he should have no other gods before him it's even one of the commandments, when Moses when Aaron threw down his staff and it turned into a snake the Pharaohs sorcerers did, the same who do you think turned the other staffs, into snakes in some cases those other gods were absorbed. Into Judaism, and Christianity as, angels, or demons take, ball for example he, appears in the first book of Kings as a lesser, puny, God but, is then absorbed, over time as Beelzebub. One of Satan's lieutenants. Satan, is likewise, a borrowed, concept, is he a fallen, angel or, a demon or a lesser. God in the Old Testament he's, just the adversary. It wasn't until Christianity. Came along that God became the one and only and Satan, became his somewhat, equal and opposite, Zarrow Astraea nism was a religion, that existed, alongside, Judaism. For centuries but. Eventually faded, away as Christianity, took, it was a dualistic, religion, it's defining, characteristic. Was that there were two equal, and opposite forces in the universe one. Good and one evil, and they were constantly, battling, over humanity and creation, sound, familiar, Zoroastrianism. Is, no longer a major religion, because they were told yeah. You were right about the dualistic nature of the universe you just, got the names wrong it's God versus Satan in Christianity. Satan, isn't viewed, as a God but he is the opposing, evil force to God's good milne proposes.

That God allows, Satan, to exist, suggesting, that Satan has an ultimate purpose, in God's divine plan and, that his evil is necessary. To fulfill that goal, just as Skillshare can serve a purpose and fulfilling your goals by going to SK OS h / knowing better eat Skillshare, is an online learning community with, over 25,000, courses taught by principalities. In their field take this course in how to write character driven short, stories so you can create your own tragic, backstory for, formerly evil villains or this course in how to write humor for the internet I should, probably take that one honestly, you can learn this and much more for less than ten dollars a month but, if you head over to SK all that Sh slash knowing better eight you can get two months of unlimited, access to all of skilled sheriff's courses for free you'll also be supporting the channel when you do when Adam and Eve are leaving paradise the Archangel, Michael shows, him a vision of the future from the first murder to the arc to the present day Adam, worries that the followers, of Jesus, will be persecuted Michael. Says they will be Adam, worries that corrupt politicians. Will enter and control, the church Michael says they will Milton, live during a time of political and religious, turmoil, monarchies. Were falling to revolution, and churches were fracturing, left and right so he. Put that in his story Milton, has been described as both a Calvinist, and a Puritan, and his Protestant, reimagining. Of the creation, story has shaped how most of us remember it today along, with our views on democracy. Women, and Satan, many people today don't see him as the embodiment of, pure evil but as a misunderstood. Jealous, son who has a place in the grand plan it's up to you to decide what he represents, and I suppose that's the point of this book you're, supposed to take these stories and apply them to your own life in whatever way suits you, but at least the story's right try, to credit the right person, for performing, miracles and stop, saying it was an apple because now you. Know better. I'd. Like to give a shout out to my newest golden fork patron John if you'd like to add your name to this list of powers and virtues head on over to patreon comm slash knowing better don't forget to temp that subscribe, button check, out the Murshid knowing better TV follow, me on Twitter and Facebook and join us on the subreddit.

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If you ever need to look up paintings of the "temptation of Eve" - make sure to turn safe search on. Help me plan my 3-Year Livestream next week by taking this poll - https://forms.gle/uAhWYSFU4Eyprqyn9 Correction: The part of the Noah's Ark story where they send out birds to find dry land does happen in Genesis 8. It's written after the ark settles on dry land.

KB, Genesis never says two of every animal, a curious omission of history and your episode. The language in the KJV states that God commanded Noah to save 7 pairs of every clean (edible) animal and 2 pairs of every unclean animal (anything the Jews were forbidden to eat). Also, as other posters have already stated, Noah did send a raven (twice) and a dove to find dry land to "park the ark." I believe that this is the origin of the phrase "to extend an olive branch" as a gesture of peace.

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Just quickly, it's is actually a common misconception that people in Medieval times drank alcohol because of dirty water. You can read about it on 'The great Medieval water Myth'. Obviously this wasn't related to the topic of the video, just thought to mention it. No reason to continue spreading that belief. So, uh, now I guess you know better?


Very well written, and good production.

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