Kelsey Has 2 Kens Fight For Barbies Love In The Sims 4

Kelsey Has 2 Kens Fight For Barbies Love In The Sims 4

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So I'll probably try to get our work done really fast before we go on our date number one. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey. I single. An adult, and childless. And we thought it would be funny if I played Barbies, in The Sims 4 I am making it a challenge where, I'm gonna try to make Barbie the ultimate, ship she's going to be the best at every career and she's gonna be the best at every, skill last episode, Barbie, game which this episode, barbie is making, two men fight over her love it's time for the ultimate battle, between brunette. Ken and blonde, Kay who, will win we'll all find out today I have, a bias, I like, brunette, Ken maybe you know Barbie will have two boyfriends just kidding I'm kidding yeah, my Barbie. Gets a makeover because she needs a Dale ugh wait. Oh my god it's break day that's funny maybe Barbie should throw down some pranks, if we see a Bratz doll it's going, down I feel like we could add a TV. And, have her like do the, little work outfits, let's do that she goes through a dance video get. Her fun up there she goes that's. A girl that's. A girl that's a girl she's, learned a skill and she's dancing her butt up why is everyone, in bed at 5:00 p.m., oh it's me isn't it I'm the reason why everyone's, in bed at 5:00 p.m. I don't take care of my sims according, to a schedule we can give her her makeover and take her on some date I mean this already is a pretty cute date outfit, but we're gonna pick a new outfit. I'm freaking, dead actually all her outfits are already, so cute I can't handle all right let's pick out a party off I kind of want to look to look like the most like a Barbie, doll you can make her laugh wait this one why wouldn't we do this one this is like a classic Barbie, silhouette, Barbie wore a dress like this what, was I thinking. All right we're gonna do it without these, but, maybe do like a big I don't know what event Barbie's going to with this look am I getting too deep in here yes are we even gonna be using this in a moment no anyway, I just added that outfit I don't even know if we're gonna wear it B just, gonna go straight to the Ken's home, knock on their door and go hi I'm Barbie. Would you like to go on a date with me we just met it'll be like you know a different, version of, call. Me baby it'll be like hi I just met you and this is crazy but let's, go on a date, right. Now, also we've never had a conversation oh my god ohmy brunette, ken is home, coincidence. I think not I think this game is on my, side timber. And I already with a win we didn't even have to do anything you know they're, all here Oh Barbies, talking to blonde ken first he's like hi Barbie, I'm good. And she's like Stu hi I'm. Barb, what's up Kim, he's, like well I just saw, you there and I thought maybe, we were made for each other literally cuz we're toys wow they're getting along they're. Having a casual discussion come. On brunette, kid I was rooting, for you. We were all rooting. For you okay. Brunette kid get your butt in there Ken's last name is Carson okay, the Carson boys and, I'm Ken neither what you're talking about Barbie stop being on your phone talk to the boys she's. Looking at him this is awkward and I love it look at this look at this Robbie get off your phone talk to the boys the friendly introduction I don't want to be too much to introduce herself they say hey oh she just square it off to Brett at Kent I'm just letting them go and just narrating. Like here we go I feel like an announcer. They. Bonded. Already. She's, higher with Ken than blonde Ken and I have done nothing. This. Is gold. Blood Ken's just so boring he's trying to talk about music. Barbie, just had a slapping, spree with brunette Ken they both found it absolutely rias, now she's talking about pens he's having a very funny conversation, I'm just gonna want to scroll through this and see what Oh.

I Mean wow, I'm, gonna let this go for like another oh my god she just pranked, him again this is so interesting. It's like midnight it's probably too late to ask one of them on a date this is our first initial, meeting and then we'll ask our kids oh one, can just freakin went to bed blonde can was like I'm out of a complicate. Just took himself out of the running of the first guy to get Barbies, heart meanwhile we're. In the Frick is it tawny the toddler, took, himself on a watch to the beach no parental supervision for. Tommy nobody, care look at this poor lad alone. In the wilderness his, tube older, brothers, just, freakin ignoring, him he was outside, in a thunderstorm. Across, the street as a toddler, I wish I was as independent, as this toddler I literally. Had no interaction. Except, for having her talk to them Ken to introduce herself and I didn't do a charming one cuz I thought that might be unfair and already, brunette, Ken Carson versus, blonde Ken Carson is doing, better I think it's time for Barbie to go home I think this was very interesting best, of luck to. Tommy who, clearly, is his own caretaker hope you get home little buddy Barbie also has work today so I'll probably try to get her work done really fast before we go on our date number one. Oh my. God I was in fast forward but, Barbie just got electrocuted, Barbie, go inside, go, inside with, bliss aah oh my, god well. Barbie and Blissett just became friends but Barbie has also been electrocuted, he's still kind of sparking, honey are you okay, I don't think she's okay look at that face, Barbie, Barbie, are. You okay look there's like a horror movie playing, in the background she's, like do, you know a dog or dogs like what you do it she's like I'm gay. Come. On Megan coffee I don't think you need another jokes Barbie let's take care of your needs alone my Barbie. You, know what that means you get to repair. Skill-building. Time with, Barbie, she's building up another skills, yeah it's Barbie, our, handy, Queen she's, good at everything or. At least she is working on it Barbie. This is why they don't hire, me to make the Barbie songs the Barbie songs are a real pop so that's, true Barbie, let's. Work, from home yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah, oh she reached a level up of the handiness skill, good job Barbie. Excuse. You Barbie feet magic yeah, clean. It up with your magic, ready, oh. My. Gosh I can just have her clean with magic now it made it more did she mess up the magic, you just used magic to fix her problems.

Ten At ten I'm happy, about it let's get Barbie, up she's, like pretty much okay we'll feed her and then we'll take her out quick meal and then we'll have Barbie go, finish her work for today take photos, okay here we go it's a picture of fire boom. All right Barbie needs to take a lot of photos oh that, one's kind of a cool photo actually, I am not mad at that no. I like it wide oh that one's nice. Whoo look at that ooh it's, a shipwreck all right here's a palm tree a palm tree ooh ah we're cat palm tree Yas, Queen, mailbox. Just. Mailbox. Work, we, stand a mailbox, legend. Uh this is how I take photos of my friends, I just yell at them you're doing great cave looks. Great. Okay, and now we're, going to read. Some conservationists. Awareness, use a glass straw, okay, she's like trying to swim away she's like I don't want to hear all of your and she's like no wait listen. Save the Turtles okay bye-bye. Let's. Go to, bed she's gonna take a little nap Oh get their energy a big shower and then it's daytime. Wait what is in. Skipper. Shouldn't fight over classmates Scott is classmate Scott who I think it is oh my god it's skippers 80s, boyfriend, Skye, the, Scott doll in the 80s had a perm, and was skippers, boyfriend. Well. While Barbie does this I'm gonna have her try to calm down why is he mad why is he mad what's up Scott Scott's, in a mood but like she gets it cuz she's also in on there what's. Wrong sky I don't know if this relationship starting, out a good day good mom maybe he just needed to convince, and now he'll be like a good boy or maybe he's a jerk, ooh they're, already like not in a good he's, kind of mean maybe talk about video games Scott. Oh maybe change your outfit skipper do you like it. Stop. Looking at me oh she's having a mood swing and, it's awkward this, is not going well at all it's, suffer, ibly - okay all right you know what it's like they're both in a mood so she needs to go to bed and sleep this off and we'll try this interaction again well give him a second chance if it doesn't work out then he's dead to us sorry it's got I don't care if you were a Barbie first skipper in the 80s maybe you're not the right man for our skipper now and she needs to find a new guy we'll find out but she clearly needs to just get some sleep and get over her mood swing Barbie how are you doing this guy's asking her to duel but like Barbies not about that life take, a shower and then call up your, Ken, doll I've, literally, never seen, insufferably. Tedious, conversation. In The Sims before, that was a new experience for, me hey guys maybe travel, they'll just travel together.

There's. A rooftop lounge let's go to the rooftop lounge here, we go ask. About his day how. Was your day again he seems fine they're. Gonna be on quite. Well good to know wait, Laura, bjergsen. Get. Out, Laura. This, is our date. We do not need another blunt. Fighting, for his attention look at this chick ask her to leave, can we root it magic, her what, Barbie. Just walked away to, go order a drink, excuse. You no Barbie this is a date, if you're gonna order a drink you're gonna order a drink, for the group, and it's gonna be let's do something fun let's do a white, wine there you go okay, why is he talking to that woman you're losing, points again, he's, just too friendly that's what it is it's just a friendly guy you gain points back can your, Barbie son should be tingling, by now ask, about his career let's. Get a conversation going again, he's unemployed that's fine discuss world peace cuz they're both good okay they're having a pleasant conversation it. Seems like even though they're talking over this woman technically. It's not a date yet it's more just like a hang what's another blonde talking, to Ken excuse. He's, just a friendly guy look at this girl's game and honor man who is a Tracy Pina, Tracy. Pina, oh wait Barbie I don't like that outfit for you I didn't even pick that outfit for you let's change your outfit is it cold here is that why you're right let's, let's change oh it's winter oh that tracks, excuse. You hi, I, am Barbie. The girl on this date here, compliment, his outfit no it's cuz it's not a real date it's just a hanging so he's like hanging with her, I'm, like kind of getting mad at brunette alright try a little flirt you know maybe see, if. This could work she's gonna do a bit of a flirt her first flirt and see how it goes down so far though they like they have become friends really fast. Wait. They just keep adding I didn't even do anything, whoa there, are hearts going oh there's a heart boom there's our boom it's not engaging sorry don't talk to that woman we don't need that woman in our conversation, please leave, lady, oh whoa, the. First flirt bar is a lot. Maybe. I'm biased but, I think that they should sing a duet together what, why is ken not an option of, us do, it can we just have a moment here and point, out that this is Ken Carson, the bartender, is blood Ken excuse, me, is. It his hair this, is the other Ken, Carson, so, there's blonde Ken, there was the Ken Carson who, had Tommy, and, I removed. Tommy from his family, and at it it sounds, gross now, I took the, Tommy and put him into the new Ken and he was just saved, in my unplanned, Sims and he just appeared, so this is a third, camp. Where's. This Ken going. He. Left all right well that was the date I guess we're going home that's not pretty successful. And now we're gonna research some conservation, ilysm while we get Barbie fed, all the girls are going to, school, I'm gonna have them all make friends, because we always want them to make friends, and then we're gonna have a research some conservation. Wait let's let's give taffy some attention before, we do the rest of our work you know sometimes, your family comes first, wait it's happy sick and should go to the vet oh I, guess we had to take taffy, to a vet clinic, wake up taffy. Because chappy doesn't feel so good we're gonna be a responsible, dog mom Oh got, a sign, taffy in daddy hasn't been neutered have you can have puppies, I bet, we'll be with you soon to treat your pet come on taffy, come inside taffy, why is talking outside in the cold Barbie's just chatting with a new friend, there we go taffy is being brought inside by the bed and I get you right as rain Vail soon taffy, don't worry about a thing, meanwhile.

Barbie Why, don't you, work. On some of your skill your people skills let's, do an expensive, treatment because Barbie will never spare, an expense, for her baby Oh taffy is good we, already paid right well we reach mischief levels two skills so that's good okay let's travel with. One. I almost, said the lesser of the two kids and that was gonna be really sad let's do a beach day okay brighten, his day let's, see how she goes with blonde kid he seems real cool he's got like a nice little chill, style there, I'm gonna just kind of see how they go kind of like last time for a little bit and then we're gonna step, it I'll try to do something friendly let's see like ask him to push you want to swing that could be pretty cute I'm trying, not to be biased but I've a really hard oh wait this is so cute okay, Oh. Barbie. And blond can, no. Guys okay, this is clearly not like update their friendship so we're gonna it'll. Upper fun but not their friendship so they need to keep talking maybe make up flirtatious, - oh okay. Double heart oh they jump just really fast, we're not Ken it feels like we jumped, up really far with friendship. Really fast but blond Ken feels like it's way more romantic faster. Now I don't know about you, but I feel, like you, know I like to start with friendship first oh shoot she's not done with work well we'll finish this up really fast, maybe compliment, his outfit she's, really charming wait what he's leaving okay, no can't he was okay, he I guess he's a legend in the bathroom I'm gonna call this date just because she needs to get stuff done I think that it's still worth going on a second date but right now it does feel like she's getting along, easier. With, brunette, Ken however, the romance, is there for blonde Ken so still anyone's game Ken. Carson is, wondering. If I want to go over to his house and, hang out, brunette. Can make. It moves but, also blood. Can will be there because they live together. Let's. Do it forget about your job Barbie. This is more important, let's just say like a nice general, friendly, thing asked about his day that's like a very like standard. Oh she, wanted to chat with him before even I said that oh it looks like blonde Ken isn't actually home oh and he's playing with Tommy now, it, seemed like they have like a friendship bump there really wasn't too many friendship, bumps every time she talked to other cat and it was so weird like a little baby Tommy it does this look like a family, or does this look like a family, don't, answer that right away but also do I can't, help my ship look at this little football I'm trying I'm trying guys. But also should, we not fight it should we not fight how we truly feel if those about guitar solos, they, are really making moves so Tommy Tommy, our independent, boy it's taking himself out for a walk he's like I'm gonna give you some alone time bro, my head out into the darkness of 7:30, barbie and ham just bumped up again look how frickin high their relationship.

Status Is I'm doing some of it but I'm not doing all of it also she's gaining a good reputation good for you party they're like making each other laugh. I. Did not do this. Oh, man. Look. How cute, Barbie, so, flirty. Barbie. Oh. My. Gosh. Discuss. Interests, with him, Oh Tommy's, back, I'm. Home we, showed you another little flirt just for four gigs yeah, I'm gonna go it's not a big change oh my god I love when couples are first getting together and. It's like will be one day and. Like, they're flirting, with their dinner oh my god did Tommy just fart, Tommy's. Super just farted. Tommy's. Just going, ham whatever, I guess he's not her oh my gosh, blonde. Cat has come home he is reprimanding, Tommy but then also, Barbies. Flirting. With, brunette, Ken I did not tell her to do that in front of blonde camp they jumped up a bit oh my god I'm just speeding through seeing. What goes down she's. Like making jokes with him this, is Barbies, world we're all just living in it I'm just I'm trying to not touch it too much to just really see what's going down here is she even gonna talk, to Blanca, wait. Why is it awkward now I don't know maybe it's awkward because you freaking flirted, with him in front of the guy who just hung out with and flirted, with maybe. Barbie, okay she's sitting at the table now she's now finally, maybe addressing, blonde Ken no, he's. Still not in the conversation up, here she, still just has, eyes from Drew net Ken but is sitting, across for. A blonde Ken. Is true. Television. Drama there have suggestive, conversation. Right now brunette, CEM came over oh my gosh now she's just in the conversation, tommy's dropped out of the conversation, it's just her in brunette Ken he's, talking about the Sun is he saying she's hot maybe who's, to say she's talking about money little weird Barbie but like okay he's talking about cleaning love. That for us I love a man that talks about cleaning he's also talking about that he's pretty tired I mean it is almost midnight Barbie's, been here a while Barbie's, gonna get up and clean up Tommy's. Mess cuz, she's such a good girl, oh my god that's, so nice of your Barbie I was interesting. That was drama the tease that I think Barbies got the hots for brunette Ken right now oh. Ken. Carson, brunette. Ken would, like to come over and hang out is that, okay yes, okay I do. Any of this I just want to point out that if it was blond Ken I would have said it was okay too but it's not it's constantly, been brunette Ken I can't try to get blood kind of chance he's, not coming, in he's not going. After Barbie, with, the Kendu, attitude, that, I need to see it in this man head has to be a Barbie, Stan from, the get-go and this boy is like exaggerated. We're gonna put aside work for now because. We got Kenny. Boy. Came. Over. To. See, her, he's sitting in the pool. Oh my. Well. Why don't you uh swim. With him go. Swim again it's a beach day oh my god it's such a beautiful view, free wow I want this house alright, she and she and Ken are swimming together she's. Gaining a skill and swimming, with Bay like goals, this, is goals right, now what she levelled up she's level three of oh, my god Jackie came into the water -, jazzy. Swimming, - Kathy. Oh, she's. Talking with they're, feeling both very playful. Oh just, Ken's feeling very playful this is so, cute. Look at this if, this was the hundred baby challenge, they'd be having a baby by now I'm just, saying it may be exchanged. Numbers although. He clearly already has her number cuz he's been calling her up he's been blowing up or Foe he is also very. It's this, kit very defined, body. Here, maybe, they should have breathe give, a bit of a hug, oh my god first hug your first time first time first. Time. Oh. My. Gosh. Guys. We. Have a first hug which, in Barbie language. Is pretty much like they've got married so far. Brunette, Ken he's, turning. Up the heat one Ken is a little, bit staying back with me tomorrow a standoffish, kind of guy the early Ken catches, the Barbie as you, say it's an old old, proper, thank you guys so much for tuning in bye everyone.

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