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My. Lords, ladies and there's. That life betwixt, tis, evident, no sensation, nor the passions, possessed Dominion never the mind of man which, is ruled instead, by a reason, sovereign. Of all faculties. It. Must needs be remarked, that the power of the Commonwealth derive. It not from the despotic, 'el acquisitions. Of conquerors, but from that covenant, amongst, men whereby, they most resembling. The, lobster. Farmington, are, we doing this again lady. Tottington. I'm. So happy to finally meet the real year. Malti, I'm not gonna kiss your hand you freak, I'm more of a woman than you are it's, not what they was saying at the Parisian, Selim clock Me Amadeus, don't, break the fourth wall I'm trying, to make a video about post-modernism. Get out of my drawing-room, 18th, century sexual, deviance so much for the tolerant jacobins. Reason. Power. Truth. These, are the kinds of topics that I simply, don't care about unfortunately. We have to talk about them because of a guy named Jordan, Peterson, - who's Jordan Peterson. Wow. He's a psychology, professor at the University, of Toronto who, got famous for sounding the alarm about how protecting, transgender, people under Canadian human, rights law shall, surely lead to Stalinism. Since then he's been touring North America, as a celebrity lecturer, David Brooks called him the most influential, public, intellectual, in the Western world at, his self-help, book 12 rules for life as a national, and international bestseller, I'm starting to think we, may need to take this guy seriously he's, got a lot of fans on YouTube and I hope you guys are here because I want, to talk a lot of leftists, who have responded to Peterson haven't, really engaged with his ideas very much he's, often caricatured. Avoided, or talked past as in the infamous BBC, interview where, Kathy Newman keeps repeating back very uncharitable, interpretations. Of everything, he says so, you were saying that by and large women, are too agreeable to get the pay I see so I'm saying that that's one component you're saying that women aren't intelligent. Enough to run these taka no you, just say murderers so to provoke, on you I mean you are provocate, I never say lightly they aren't right that you hate to be compared to you're saying that we should organize our, societies. Along. The lines of the lobsters I think that people watching this it comes off as if leftists, are like afraid, of his actual ideas, but I'm not afraid of his ideas I'm not afraid of anything I just smoked a bunch of, PCP. Daddy. So I spent the last couple weeks listening, to hours of Peterson's, lectures, and podcasts. And reading his books and honestly. I think I, get why people like, him, clearly he has real talent as a public speaker and has a kind of life coach his, book 12 rules for life echoes past bestsellers, like Stephen Covey's the seven Habits of Highly Effective People, or Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life the, difference is that Peterson, takes basic, self-help, insights, like take, responsibility.

For Yourself don't envy other people, and he renews them with the intellectual trappings, of psychology, philosophy, yogi, and psychoanalysis and, Bible, readings he's telling us a pretty classic story, life is suffering happiness, is not enough to sustain you through suffering, so you need a higher purpose in your life but I knew that already I learned it at the AAA meetings, I refused to go - these are like basic, insights, of world philosophy, and religion, but their insights, that today's youth apparently. Haven't heard before I guess because, not enough of them are alcoholics or at any rate they haven't heard them in a vocabulary, they connected, with so, do a lot of people Peterson's, ideas seem new and urgent and I don't really, object to any of the self-help stuff loose of Peterson's fans are young men and I mean someone, has to live the neckbeards, into shape and if, Pearson can do that more. Power to them I mean sometimes boys just, need a daddy and sometimes, girls do too. But. There's. A big problem here and the problem is, that all this life coaching, is basically, just a Trojan horse for a reactionary, political, agenda, Peterson advocates, and ethics of self-help, not merely as a guide to private, life but as a replacement, for progressive, politics, which he characterizes, as totalitarian. And evil there's no comparison. There now and a trans activist, is there why. Not the, philosophy. That's guiding, their utterances is the, same philosophy, now Peterson doesn't use the word progressive. Politics because that doesn't sound scary enough, his, new scarier. Word is post. Now. We have to be careful, not to confuse postmodern. Neo Marxism, with cultural, Marxism, the Nazi, conspiracy, theory about Marxist, intellectuals, plotting to destroy the West surely, this is not the same thing as that right right. So look I genuinely, do, not think Jordan Peterson is a fascist, and you may quote me on that but I am wondering if it's not a fascist, conspiracy, theory about Marxist, intellectuals, plotting to destroy the West then. What is postmodern. Neo Marxism, well JP that's. What I'd like to talk about so, Jordan sorry, dr. Peterson professor. Daddy. Let's. Talk and for once I'd like to actually treat this discussion, with the seriousness and respect I think it deserves. Okay. Good. Temperature, tell me the oil would you daddy. Thanks. Daddy. It's. Really an honor to bathe with a public intellectual, of your stature. You. Know, I never like to argue in the bath so I want to start by telling you the things I like about you the first thing is that I think some of your criticisms, of the left the, stifling, of even slightly different opinions, the gratuitous. Loathing, of Western cultural, monuments, the politics. And resentment, are within. A certain media, or corner of academia, valid. Complaints, I even made a video about that a long time ago when I was a different person oh, god the dysphoria please don't watch it but my worry is that you're leaving an international, political backlash against what is a very localized, problem and, I worry that some of our society's, most vulnerable people. Could be hurt by that backlash, like, fine you hate postmodern, intellectuals, an overly sensitive student, activists, but if your backlash, also, targets, gender equality, LGBT. Acceptance and, civil rights that, would be bad right I. Also. Like that you tell people how to live their lives I mean I personally hate, taking orders outside, of the bedroom, but. Clearly. The. Sheep need a shepherd and you've really stepped up with these 12 rules you know on the Left we don't really tell people what to do we, tell them what not to do don't exploit the workers do not do blackface I, guess we tell people what pronouns to use for trans people but that's. A pretty small rule compared to some of your rules like how. To raise your children or, what. Okay to criticize, things. The. Last thing I like is you talk about deep, I was watching a video where, you and a couple of zany goons we're, talking about Plato and Aristotle the, meaning of life and I thought huh, on the, Left we don't, really talk about that kind of thing all we talk about is how society oppresses.

People And that might not be enough because, people need to have a positive purpose in life I mean personally, I don't give a I'm, pretty, happy to say here are watching the same three seasons of strangers, with candy until, I die but other people like Dostoevsky. Come you other white guys who talk about lobsters. They. Have this need to have purpose, in the face of suffering and, like not. Just complain about patriarchy. I guess is easier to not complain about patriarchy. When patriarchy, isn't, the thing that's making you suffer but I do think that an education, that only teaches people about oppression is inadequate we spend four years teaching undergraduates, why capitalism, is bad and then we say well, you're educated, now good, luck getting a job under capitalism. By and. That really, kind of sucks but, you know I think, that's a point that could probably be made without, comparing, transgender, activism, to Stalin. If. You like this came across a little more sarcastic than, I intended, see this is what you've got to use a firmer hand with me Peterson, if you don't establish dominance I'm just, gonna melt off they. Use all this to passion, language, and I'm on the side of the oppressed all of that posturing. It does, nothing but mask the underlying, drive to power and I've, just been starting, to review their, curriculum, for children from kindergarten, to grade eight it's pure, social. Justice, post-modernism. The people who hold this doctrine. Just radical. Postmodern, communitarian. Option the, mixed racial identity, or sexual identity or gender identity, or some kind of group identity terminal. Control. Where, the most long. To mid-level bureaucratic. Structures. And. Many governments, as well but, even in the United States. So, you gotta give it to JP when he says stand up straight with your shoulders back he, means that so Jordan Peterson, has succeeded, largely by drawing in audiences, with fairly, popular opinions, political. Correctness often, feels stifling, student. Activists, are sometimes in articulate, and over-reactive, angry, transsexuals, are telling me what words to use and I don't like it but once he draws you in with these inviting, preludes, he leads you to a pretty weird place his, central political message, is that leftist, professors, student, activists, campus. Diversity initiatives. And corporate. HR, departments, are collectively, following, the philosophy of, postmodern. Neo Marxism. To destroy Western civilization. And sink us all into a totalitarian. Nightmare, now there's just no avoiding, that this idea is actually pretty, similar to the cultural Marxism, or cultural Bolshevism, theory but, I'm just gonna ignore that because if I do well on it will sound like I'm saying Peterson, is a fascist, and then, everyone, will think I'm crazy, look I'm not afraid, of psychologists. I don't. Like to hide so let's just try not to think about that and instead. Straightforwardly. Ask is, it true that postmodern. Neo Marxism, is out to destroy us all well why don't we analyze, the concept of postmodern, and Marxism we all know what Marxism, is the idea that society should be understood as a class struggle between workers and capitalists, and that the workers will eventually, revolt some college professors definitely, do believe that but zero, percent of corporate HR departments, do so, that.

Okay. So, what is post-modernism. Well, it's, the vaguest word in the English language some, people try to explain it by listing all the things that are called postmodern, and then trying, to guess what they have in common that's basically, what the YouTuber armored skeptic did in his video about it so many daddies, in this video we did invite the model of barbecue complain about post-modernism. Listen. To some Zeppelin, I've had worse evenings, I don't think there really is a common, thread linking all the things called postmodern, basically, post-modernism, is everything that happened after 1945. That seemed you knew at the time but, when Jordan Peterson says post-modernism, he's not talking, about Andy Warhol or Quentin, Tarantino, he's talking about postmodern, philosophy so, what's that well, basically. It's, a, scepticism, not YouTube, skepticism. But actual, skepticism. You know like having, doubts about whether humans, can really know things about the world how skepticism. Is obviously, not a new idea that. Goes way back to ancient times but. More specifically, post-modernism. Is skepticism about, modernism. So what's modernism, what's what what are words what's, anything, I'm gonna divide modernism, into two periods because I feel like it first there's early modernism, early modernism, is the philosophy developed by a bunch of boring eighteenth-century Queens, which says that we can form Universal theories about the world through observation, and reasoning aka the scientific, method now that turns out to work pretty well for whatever questions, you have about plants. And crystals, and how, to medically, reconfigure. Human genitals, but, it has some limits which was pointed out by David Hume one, of the least boring, 18th century Queens and one of the only philosophers, I can actually put up with in small doses even, though he was a, racist and also, Scottish this, is a call out Hume, argued that from Asher to the empirical, perspective you. Can't really know much about important. Things like morality, causation. And the self because, those, aren't the kinds of things you can observe anyway, then the late modernists, came along and they said, him we're, gonna do science about those things anyway so the late modernists, were a bunch of boring nineteenth-century neckbeards. Who one way or another try. To discover universal, scientific, truths about humans, so for example you have psychoanalysis, which. Said human nature can be understood, in terms of unconscious, tribes which, is of course ridiculous, I'm conscious, of all my drives and you, got Marxism, with its analysis, of boot huazi and proletariat, you got early sociology. And anthropology which, started out with recent social evolutionism. And progresses, to a kind of we're all the same universalism. Jordan, Peterson is right at home with the lay modernists. His first book maps of meaning is, an attempt to describe how humans make sense of the world and create order out of chaos through, universal, myths and archetypes which he claims are a product of our species evolutionary, past. Boy this is a lot of explaining, it's so much explaining, it's triggering gender dysphoria I better put on some longer nails. Nails. It's an old woman who'd means to you. Haha. Post-modernism. Is skepticism about modernism. So whereas modernists, try to create eternal and universal theories. About a reality history, and humanity, post, modernists, say actually. No that's, not possible, for, example the French post modernist, Michele fuku Sargon. Little. Guth's Michele. Fuku, wrote intellectual, histories, of subjects, like psychiatry, medicine, and criminal justice in which he argued that we should not understand, these histories and straightforward, progressions, toward liberty and scientific, truth but, rather as, mere shifts, in the way that power orders. Our institutions. And populations. The, other post modernist, I've actually read a lot of his Richard Rorty yeah, you Derrida, if you wanted me to read you you should have been easier to read Rorty, advocates, an attitude toward knowledge he calls ayran ism irony, being the sceptical, caution, with which we should regard our own beliefs in our awareness that, our vocabulary. For describing and, understanding, the world is not the final or best vocabulary. All right that's enough explaining, and my nails are done check it out do you enjoy having long glamorous.

Nails With, the lesbians, and queer girls keep flaring up them with barely concealed, visceral, rage well, I have, a solution for you the bisexual. Manicure, one end for the V one, end for the D both. For, degeneracy, it's absolutely, filthy so. We've got all the pieces on the table now, you've just got up with a puzzle together on, the one hand we have Marxism. A fundamentally. Modernist, worldview, that theorizes, the human condition, in economic, terms on the other hand we have post-modernism. The sceptical worldview that denies our capacity, to know any universal, truths about anything on the face of it it was seeing these two ideas are not compatible, and there is an extensive history of dispute between them with for instance the Marxist Sartre calling, Foucault the last barricade, the Fugazi, can erect against Marx and of course as we all know when Foucault died, capitalism. Did and forever. So, where does Peterson get off talking about postmodern, neo Marxism. Well it's true that a lot of post modernists, were in some way influenced, by Marxism. So the phrase could just refer to that continuity, but that's not what Peterson means it's, clear for the way he uses the term the concept, is even more jumbled, and nonsensical, than it initially, appears Peterson, uses the term postmodern. Neo Marxism, to include not only postmodern. Intellectuals, and Marxist intellectuals, but also liberal, politicians. Academic. Administrators. In corporate HR departments, that care about diversity and so-called, identity politics, activists, including feminists. LGBTQ, and civil rights activists. Basically, is the entirety of the modern left now I've already mentioned how Marxism, and post-modernism, more fundamentally. At odds since, Marxism. Is a big story about a struggle, between two clear and distinct groups and post-modernism. Is skepticism. About big, stories, like this and about the stability, of binaries, like booj Rossi and proletarian, but that's not the only tension, and Peterson's, clusterfuck. Idea of postmodern, neo Marxism, anyone with any experience, and leftist circles, knows that, Marxists, and identity, politics activists, are constantly, at each other's throats because the Marxists, accused the activists, of being blue jaw dogs who want more female, CEOs, of color and more disabled, transgendered. Drunk pilots, while the activists, accuse the Marxists, of being a boys club of brochure lists no more work on gender and race issues, than the average Jordan Peterson, found most often these accusations are, correct because everyone, is problematic. And I disown, them all and then there's also the conflict between the identity, politics activists, and the post modernists. Why does everyone think that identity, politics, is postmodern, there's nothing postmodern, about it identity, politics, advocates, for rights equality, and justice for, particular, groups such, as women people, of color and gay, and trans people this. Kind of activism, presupposes. That these group categories, exists, and are a useful basis, for political organizing, post, modernists, do kind of the opposite, they, want to show that these categories, race gender, sexual, orientation or, contingent. Social constructs, and/or themselves, potentially, oppressive, this, is why conventional, feminist activists, often, hate postmodern. Feminism, because the postmodern, feminist Swan. The whole concept, of womanhood for instance is contingent. And potentially, oppressive, and they think we should be working to destabilize. And under - and then the conventional feminist, activists, say the. We, need the concept of womanhood to organize around women's political interests, how are we supposed to do that if we undermine, and destabilize the, concept, of womanhood and in turn the postmodern, feminists, say well here's, a quotation, from Judith Butler the most famous postmodern. Feminist ever, is it not a sign of despair, over public politics, when identity, becomes its own policy, bringing, with it those who would police it from various sides and this, is not a call to return to silence or invisibility, but, rather to, make use of a category, that can be called into question made, to account for what it excludes, if, you take the first part of that quote out of context.

It Almost sounds like something Jordan Peterson, could have said the difference is that JP actually, does think we should return to silence and invisibility, or, does, he it's hard to tell what he thinks more on that in a moment I bring all this up to show that one the idea of postmodern. Neo-marxist, identity, politics, as a unifying, concept of, the left is nonsensical, and to. Identity. Politics, is not this dogma, that must go unquestioned. There were sophisticated debates. About this going on within leftist, academia, but, Jordan Peterson, either doesn't know that or doesn't care he uses the term postmodern. Neo Marxism, to characterize, the left of the unified, philosophical. Force bent on destroying, Western, civilization. When, in fact it's a bunch of bumbling buffoons, who can't stop squabbling, with each other over every goddamn, little issue the, only reason I can think of that the left would appear to be a unified, philosophical. Force is if you're so far to the right that literally, everyone, who supports, the economic, and social advancement. Of disadvantaged, groups looks, like one homogeneous, enemy but is that what Doron Peterson, is saying that, he opposes all social, progress, for women racial, and sexual minorities well, it's difficult to say because, while he spends much of his time comparing. Activists. For these movements to 20th century, mass murderers, he, resists, being pinned down to any more specific, position, I was maybe too harsh on Cathy knew earlier she came out of the interview, looking bad but she had a tough job to do Peterson's rhetorical, strategy, involves, saying something, that's more or less uncontroversially. True while, at the same time implying. Something. Controversial, for, instance Jordan Peterson will make a claim like there, are biological differences. Between men and women, which is obviously, true but he'll say it in the context, of a conversation, about the under-representation, of, women and garment which implies, what. Exactly. So how do you respond to this well either you fall into the trap of arguing, against, the obviously, true statement, or you have to guess at what he's implying in response, to which he can accuse you of misrepresenting. Him which is exactly what happened with the Kathy Newman interview, the most famous moment were Peters and dozens is the notorious lobster. Argument, so he starts by saying here's this idea that. Hierarchical. Structures, are a sociological. Construct. Of the, Western patriarchy. And then he goes on to say that lobsters, exist in hierarchies, and lobsters, predate, Western, patriarchy. By millions of years so checkmate. Postmodern. Neo-marxists, you're saying that we should organize our, societies. Along. The lines of the lobsters I'm saying that it's inevitable, that there will be continuity, in the way that animals and human beings organizing. Organize, their structures the problem with that is that no, one has ever said that every. Hierarchy, is the product of Western, patriarchy. This is such a massive straw man that it overshadows, any uncharitable, interpretation. Of Peterson suggested, by Kathy Newman in this interview no one on the Left denies, that there are some natural hierarchies. Even the anarchists. Whose whole thing is abolishing hierarchies. Limit, themselves to, the abolition, of unjust. Hierarchies. No one wants to abolish lobster, hierarchies, the hierarchies, were interested, in are those of gender race, and economics. Within our own society. To, which the lobster case as a complete, non sequitur, I mean you could use Peterson's, lobster, argument, the same way he uses it to justify literally, any hierarchy, or Authority no matter how unjust, it could be an 18th century Republican. Arguing, against the monarchy and the monarch, could turn around and say well hierarchies.

Are Inevitable, god save the lobster, Queen. Oh dear. God, my, Lords, ladies, those. Lines. Between, present. Rumors and Republican, rumbling, was amongst the rabble have compared, us to summoning. Together, let, us remind, you, that nature. Has sue made lobster, but, some individuals, be stronger. Than the others therefore. Let, not the power of our. Crustacean. Sovereignty. Be, any wise and, pure and, does for. Parliamentarians. Well. Let. Them vote for, kick. Very. Good thank, you. I, need. New roommates. So I've argued that Peterson, is voting the incoherent, concept, of postmodern. In Marxism that the supervillain, in a childishly, simple worldview. He's promoting, where these evil leftists, are out to destroy the West now, it's time to expect the other side of this coin what, exactly. Is the West well, there's an academic usage. Of the term the West that, describes the intellectual, tradition, that runs from ancient Athens, to modern-day Europe and its colonies, now a true post modernist would want to deconstruct the whole concept, of the West and show, how the very idea, is racist, and exclusionary, and supremacist. And justify his imperialism. And all that kind of thing but we don't have time for that right now so I'm just gonna grab that the West is a thing and look at how Jordan Peters and thinks about it for Peterson, the West seems to be equivalent to capitalism, individualism. The idea that each human has a spark, of divinity and, he therefore equates, it with judeo-christian. Values a, term more popular, with conservative, pundits, than intellectual historians. Speeders and contrasts. Judeo-christian. Values with, postmodern, neo Marxism, which he describes as anti Western collectivist. Relativist. And totalitarian. This framing of a conflict of ideas in terms of geographical. Chauvinism, and external, threat is inaccurate, and scaremongering. Marxism. Is Western, philosophy, post-modernism. Is Western, philosophy, if you're really concerned about preserving the geographical. Boundaries, of the intellectual, tradition, you should be ranting against the influence, of Buddhism, likewise, there is no feature of SJW.

Ideology, That is meaningfully, non-western, the very idea of people requesting, different pronouns to suit their individual, needs is exactly. The kind of thing a person who values individual. Liberty, over collective, dogma should be on board with could even argue that Marxism, is an extension of enlightenment, philosophy, with its concern for human progress science. And liberty I think a lot of people like listening to Jordan Pederson talk about the Western tradition but, they don't seem to like reading any of it themselves if you did read it you'd find a surprising, diversity, of thought that, doesn't reduce to, judeo-christian. Values much. Of Plato's. Are, concerned with arguing against, cultural relativism, suggesting. That far, from being an invention of the post modernity it, was actually, a pretty popular worldview. Among ancient Athenian, pederasts. Her favorite Enlightenment, philosopher David. Hume famously. Said that reason, is and not only to be the slave of the passions literally. Feels, over, reals and meanwhile, his contemporary. The Marquita solid, was advocating, the abolition, of morality filling. The churches with scat porn and ushering in a reign of untethered. Sexual, perversion. So decadent and depraved, I'm not even allowed to talk about it on YouTube this is the Enlightenment, not post-modernism. And it's just as much a part of the West as Petersons soggy Bible. Padding conservatism, but again and I really can't stress this enough I don't, care, either way I make youtube videos because. I enjoy mood lighting and set, design so, what, do you people want from me the lobster queen is dead long live the Queen. There is a day there's and I think you would agree that there's just a foundational, erosion, that I think. People of all sides and I think there's totally intellectually, smart people on the far left that can help, that. Where, are those people there's a there's a there's a, youtuber. That I'm actually quite interested. In that I watch her type and I don't mean the misgender, Hercules I think she has. Contra, points I don't know if you're part of this of this youtuber, who's on the phone I've seen the name come up every now and again I totally.

Disagree With everything this person says but I look at it I'm like this seems very reasonable educated. Academic, and I. Saw I'm seeing reasons. To hope that everyone. Hello. Dave.

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It's interesting to me how deeply misunderstood the use of "postmodern marxist" is among the left. Listen, you're actually well read in this boring philosophy shit, you actually know what both those things mean on their own! You can't expect most of the people using them together to be...well, that. What they mean 90% of the time: 1) postmodern - "someone who questions or poopoos objectivism and the scientific method, pushes "lived experience" and "subjective personal truths", and someone who constantly digs into shit and tries to "deconstruct" it in ways that make no sense, are not useful, or make us feel bad." 2) marxist - "a commie obsessed with control of others' speech and actions, someone trying to control culture and society in general by imposing doublespeak, guilt tripping, fake accusations, kafka trapping, public shaming, witch hunts and kangaroo courts. You know, like they did in Stalinist Russia." Seriously, this is what they mean when they accuse someone of being a postmodernist retard, or a cultural marxist. Analyzing it too deeply and going on about definitions won't get you anywhere.

fantastic video that breaks the issues down nicely.

21:48 Marx called for the abolition of ALL hierarchies in the Manifesto.


life coaching is inherently reactionary tho. i need about 4 more cups of coffee to expand on this.

mandatory celebration of filth politics at 26:07

Ok but there's so much more to Marxism than the bourgeois-proletarian binary. It's a comprehensive analysis of class struggle (including peasantry, aristocracy etc etc) and has been advanced primarily outside of 'the West' (see the USSR, China, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, Burkina Faso etc), even if it had its origin there. It's a call to action and that action will be the downfall, not of the actual workers living in 'the west', but of its domination of the rest of the world. There's no need to be shy about that.

That clip in the end!!

14:30 oooooh my god I almost threw up! Not because of the hideous face that suddenly appeared (well, maybe a little) but mostly because I'm a native French speaker and I have never heard someone pronouncing Michel Foucault's name so wrong!! OMG so he can't read and he can't even google-translate-check his pronunciation. lol

Natalie, I so so appreciate you tackling Peterson. I've seen video after video featuring Cathy Newman and commentary about how illogical feminism is. I immediately thought of you because your approach is always easy to follow, rational & compassionate as well..

Good video Contra. I did call bullshit a bit on a couple of things but the only real criticism is that you still managed to at least slightly misrepresent the issue with the trans pronoun situation/legislation in Canada. Otherwise I appreciate the thoughtful and challenging analysis/criticism.

Absolutely brilliant!!! I am going to watch this again and again.

WE WANT KNOWLEDGE! Oh please, teach us senpai!

Like about philosphers and how to become smart and analystic like you... idk, or how you get jordan peterson in your bed.

just because some ideas are "incompatible" on paper, doesnt mean they are in the minds of people( like the concept of postmodern neo-marxism). People live and think in paradoxes. So Peterson many times said that he knows, that pm and marxism are theories, which are not compatible with each other, but in the minds of many leftist they form an "unholly alliance", and you can see the products of it beeing acted out. The problem with pm and marxism is that they lack ethics. There is no marxist "ethics" or postmodern ethics. There are no pattern of behaviour, no "ethical-mythical-symbolical" stories for the everyday, for the day "after the revolution" in marxist thinking. People are mostly creatures who play and act out stories. Marxism doesnt have the power or even content to give people stories or deep symbolical-individual meaning.

A liberal that can communicate coherently? The fuck is this? subbed.

I was a business major not too long ago (graduated in 2011), and never once was I told that "capitalism is bad", nor did I come across any business, marketing, finance, or economics lecture or textbook that was even minimally critical of capitalism. Did things change that drastically in 7 years, or is not completely felating capitalism as an economic theory every chance we get the same as being "critical" of it?

Contra, you just made into my list of people who I would like to sleep with. And you are among the top 3. Way to go with your looks.

You're not oppressed unjustly that's the point. you even invented your own identity to be oppressed..

What you mean does Jordan Peterson want to give you Gibbs?

Girl your face is perfectly painted. I'm so into it

Don't say anything against him or the alpha male sheeple will come and rape you (no homo) once they are done chocking on Peterson's cock of course.

Stop using race as a weapon.. there are hardly any black people watching your faggety ass ..

Excellent video. But you made two strawmen in the game. Peterson does not necessarily mean marxism, when he talks about post-modern neomarxism, he really seems to mean the identity policital streak that comes mainly from Foucaults hierarchical power dynamic theory. The only real marxism there of course is the idea of systematic oppression of groups, which isn't really marxist at all. And yes, I know that I'm kind of vague here, so bare with me. The second one is how you describe "the West". Many people might think of "the West" as the intellectual traditions of Europe and European-descended peoples and countries such as the US, Canada, Australia. But in academia "the West" isn't that clear-cut, i have heard definitions that do not go as far back as ancient Greece, but to the age of enlightenment, because only then did the defining features of what the West now represents take shape. And I personally share the latter definition, because Christian Europe during the middle ages was pretty much the antithesis of what "the West" as a group of countries that share similar values, defines today.

I'm glad you can read Peterson's mind to find out what he *REALLY MEANS*. If he didn't mean Marxism why use that word at all? It's hard to say what Peterson means by the west because he calls back to Ancient Greece while also talking about Christian values and Biblical meanings. I don't think he's aware that he can't have both.

c l o c k m e a m a d e u s

You: hey everybody Me, an intellectual: mY lOrDs,, My LaDiEs;: AnD tHoSe WhO LiEtH bEtWeEnSt

I'm a JP fan but I think you gave a charitable, reasonable critique even if I still disagree with some of your conclusions. For example, I think you kind of built a straw man where you mentioned the Cathy Newman interview and talked about JP's claim about biological differences between the sexes. That is a huge oversimplification of what he was saying in that interview. You also didn't really address his direct criticisms of Derrida, which are specifically about interpretations of a text. However, I do think JP goes too far at times and becomes hyperbolic. I wish he would have discussions with people like you on the left. A conversation between you and him would be really interesting. I still have hope that dialogue can occur and that we can get away from viewing these sorts of critiques as one party DESTROYING another. Ps - just watched the final part, omg if you could get on The Rubin Report that would be epic (if you'd go on)

Glorious video, glorious content and glorious presentation. Liked and subscribed!

This is very informative, thank you!

Telling people what not to do is the same as telling them what to do.

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Every time you go into that bath I know this is going to be a good video.

I once kept hammering a peterson fan on how muh post modern neo-marxism is just a different word for "kulturbolschewismus" and the argument ended in the guy saying Hitler was right about the jews... That was "fun"

the interview was on channel 4

so Peterson is basically... AA for the alt right?

ContraPoints you're a genius tranny.

Exactly nails his rhetorical strategy, which is at best disingenuous.  It has always seemed to me that Peterson is fine (ish) when he's talking about his own field (although his work is shot through with the naturalistic fallacy), but he's just absolutely winging it when it comes to political philosophy and political science - as Natalie shows, he doesn't understand it, and is simply peddling a hotchpotch of conservative cheering points for mass appeal.

"fuck you derrida, if you wanted me to read you, you should have been easier to read"- a sentence I can confirm is uttered late at night by every social sciences student

this was great!

contra: "please don't watch it [Why I Quit Academia]" my youtube account's cheeky ass: "Up next- Why I Quit Academia"

He got known for his C-16 stuff as opposed to his self-help stuff. His view was so prominent, the Canadian Bar Association had to point out that, no, the law explicitly doesn't lead to people being thrown in jail just for accidentally using the wrong pronouns.

This is the first video I've watched and I already love you

"Other white guys who talk about lobsters" queue photo of David Foster Wallace and Deleuze and Guattari. lol I love you, Natalie.

I was honestly so annoyed with people on the left not discussing him recently, although I have also been guilty of writing his arguments off due to his sometimes clumsy conservative theological arguments and characterization of the left

I really try to watch your videos, but I don't like your... skits, I suppose? They're gross and make it hard to get through anything substantial. If someone could post a summary of her points, then please do because I'm sure she can be insightful.

♥Sydän♥ just skip 10 minutes in


So much foot tease in this video. I keep noticing you're barefoot on the couch. But never see your toes.

Wow. Another home run. I love when someone rationally organizes and presents the ideas I've been violently sputtering at my friends for months. You're a fucking treasure ☺♥

That interview was Channel 4, not BBC

Thank you so much for this Nat. Now when I get into an argument online and someone mentions post-modern neo-Marxism, I can point them in this video's direction instead of spending a whole bunch of time trying to explain why they're different and that Marxism is a modernist philosophy.

Weird, I actually know people who call themselves Marxists, work in academia, and espouse postmodern feminism and identity politics. Just because there are disagreements with in a school of thought does not mean that the school does not exist. If it did you could use the same argument to say the far right does not exist because they disagree on questions like Israel, the free market vs state welfare, etc.

I liked the video thought, entertaining and actually attempts to engage with arguments rather than merely hurling insults.

Peterson fan here. I enjoyed this video, it's refreshing to see a good characterization of his views, etc. I think I can clear up what I think is your best point (on Postmodern Neo Marxism). The 'Postmodern' here refers to what you might call the Postmodern condition, NOT necessarily just the tenets of the philosophy. Specifically, this is the state in which absolutely nothing can be held onto for any meaning or significance whatsoever. I have my suspicions that it has increased with the sheer abundance of conflicting information, but I digress. This might also be called depression (btw, I think it is telling that it is the case that student mental health is in decline), and this cannot be sustained for very long without going insane, killing yourself, or finding some higher purpose. Now it seems to me, that in this base, 'zero' state, the most obvious and clear path forward is going to be making use of and paying attention to, animal, basic, motivations. At least they have some meaning: 'it would be good to eat, and not die'. So after feeding, and sleeping etc. taken care of, the next motivational layer up is going to be something like the feeling of tribal motivations, and hierarchy position, that are facilitated by the primordial parts of the brain (e.g. the 'lobster' parts). And this is where the 'Neo Marxists' get stuck, I think. Marxism rather nicely legitimatizes tribalism, and this is basically as far as higher purpose seems to go with many Neo Marxists. This may be all the similarity there is between Neo Marxists and Marxists. Then why use this term at all? Well, I think it is because many of the underlying motivations are the same, as well as the expansion of the 'class struggle' into race and gender domains. As for the 'cultural Marxism' conspiracy, well my friend Yuri Bezmenov can tell you how that was true

Peterson wasn't complaining about 'a law protecting transgender people' there is no 'protection' in a law forcing people to use fallacious descriptions of reality. your pronouns are YOUR pronouns.. meaning you can call yourself whatever you like, but you don't have jurisdiction over other peoples use of words. That pretty much is Stalinism. but yea Peterson is a bit of a dick and totally doesn't understand socialism and has waaay too much of a boner for capitalism. but he was right about the pronouns thing.

I am going to see Jordan Peterson & Dave Rubin Live next month. I am giving you this opportunity to ask him a question simply because I don't have one of my own. If you have a question for him now is your chance. (Serious)

I feel like this video just gets cought up in semantics

WRONG FINGERS! .... :P ...oh, there was also something about philosophy. I was paying attention, I swear!

Idk where I am, I came here from Anthony Fantano but this guy makes some good, respectful and respectable points if a little weird at times. The production quality is very very high and even got a few laughs out of me, quality content!

whats with the creepy pedophelia stuff? someone explain this. is it a joke? are you trying to make him creepy??? what??

I need the lobster queen as my ring tone now.


Also, I don't really understand why people can't disassociate Peterson's Psychological ideas, from his Political views. I have found help in some of Peterson thought (a few years ago, through youtube videos. I haven't read the 12 steps book, cus WHO HAS THE TIME??). But that in no way influences my political or moral ideologies?

Just gotta say it. Your voice is beautiful.

this video lacks spooks, sad!

I had seen several responses to Jordan Peterson's shit, so, to be honest, when I saw the thumbnail of this video, I thought to myself "oh, another one? Really?" I wasn't sure about watching it, but boy, you did an outstanding job, this is not only another leftist response to Jordan Peterson. This is THE fucking leftist response to Jordan Peterson. I think I hadn't seen anyone calling Peterson for his very well disguised non-sequiturs, and you also managed to decrypt his real message. Not only did you explain how nonsensical his claims about "postmodern neomarxist" are, but you also used them to prove how Peterson must surely think (a quite far right mindset). This was amazing.

Not fuck. Smash!

the thing I hate the most about Jordan Peterson is how post modern he is. He's preaching gnosticism to christians and begging for money all the time. He doesn't really produce anything also.

haha that pcp comment cracked me the hell up !

I don't want this man to be my Prime Minister. Ultimately, I would rather just not have a political leader. And have Canada be sorta like Mad Max, but ice not sand. But If I have to pick between another right wing christian conservative, and a boring inoffensive centrist like Trudeau. Guess what? ... IT'G GONNA BE THE GUY FROM THE PARTY WITH LOBSTER COLOUR SCHEME.

I like your voice. It's relaxing.

Bisexual manicure, LMAO!

The only thing I'd point out is Peterson's problem is more with Gender Fluidity ideas, specifically in relation "invented" pronouns. To I think to say he has a problem with Trans people is unfair, unless you don't disassociate the two... not saying he's or wrong, but that's my take on it.

How is this scam actually a professor in Canada? I thought the Canadian education system is "good"? Or is he good at his field but prominent for a field in which he has no expertise?

Lol Marx and Engels are "Our boys" at 13:23.

Gee it's as if postmodern neo-marxism is a bullshit buzzword combining scary words that's used to scare young conservatives and liberals into avoiding ideas that might challenge or expand their worldview. Just like all the other buzzwords they rally around. "But how do you resolve the deadlock between JayPee being wrong about something and him being an authority figure that does the thinking for me?" The answer is that it doesn't matter. They come for the self help tips and stay for the ramblings about how mixing white boys with people of different genders and races is bad for western civilization somehow. Or the other way around depending on the individual.

You look amazing in this video. Obviously you made great nuanced points that really got to the root of Peterson's ideology. But also holy shit you're gorgeous.


I think "Post-Modern Neo-Marxism" sounds like a mishmash precisely because it is. I was a leftist for a long time, and in retrospect, very few of my fellow leftists were students of the relevant philosophers; most had simply latched on to a popular movement and were happy to parrot its talking points, without the grounding in philosophy. Eventually the left became deeply intolerant of dissent, and thereby further cemented its spiral into chimerical lunacy. So it's become in actual fact an amorphous blob of inconsistent rhetoric, and "Post-Modern Neo-Marxism" is about as good a label as any, under the circumstances. You seem well-read, Contra, but most of your comrades aren't.

what the fuck is this?

Have y'all seen Matt Dillahunty 'Atheist Debates' talk with Peterson? I've only seen Dillahunty talk about it post-fact, but it sounds real interesting. Seems like Peterson relies on the 'grand narrative' and is a Modernist kick-back to the PoMos (but also wants you to know that he's totally not a commie). His description of truth however, sounds somewhat post-modern and perspectival. Also, sounds like he doesn't understand art (but that's fine, it's real tricky). Finally, "no morals without god" *sigh*

You don't understand Peterson. He's actually the smartest intemallectual of modern times. The last defence against SJWs and Marxist, post-modernist pronoun-overload... feminism... uh... safe spaces and... other soy boy things. U just don't get it.

TBH my mum can't find a job so I don't know why all you smart people aren't talking about that.

Like the video, but you could have tried to do a part about Deleuze, even though he's quite obscure...

All the actual content aside (which is excellent as usual), it's good to have you, aesthetic-wise, in a time of David Lynch being just about to succumb to old age and lovecraftian madness.

This is the least bad criticism of him Ive see so far.

thanks for helping me to engage with the world again. Also, u pretty.

oh i love it so much when you deconstruct concepts, please never stop

There is a postmodern twist to a lot of leftist identity politics. The whole notion that, because you say something “as a lesbian trans chick of color”, no cis white male can argue against you, because they don’t share your experience. It’s the belief that there is no ultimate truth to be communicated, so we just have to take the claims of anyone who belongs to a group that is considered marginalized at face value.

See, if I did this, it would have been thirty minutes of me shouting "PSYCHOLOGY IS POSTMODERN, YOU CLOD"

But. Lobsters are not even vertibrates. There minds are so different from ours that that sort of comparison is ridiculous.

Jordan Peterson is nothing new, you're right to point out. This is Neoconservativism for the Angry Birds generation. (You're way too fucking attractive.)

omggg pls be my mommy professor

Another collage drop out youtuber thinks that he/she is smarter than actually professor and thinks he has a point

please. Please. PLEASE someone make him react to this!

there's this common knowledge story that male lobsters try to climb each other to escape a pan while female lobsters hold each other down. is that why

I thought of an ironic way to view how Jordan Peterson got famous. So he claims the government enforcing transgender pronouns impinges on free speech. This may be true, but here is a fun thought experiment I just thought of: I am sure there are situations where people are supposed to refer to Dr. Peterson as a doctor because he has a PhD. Some of these may even be legally binding situations. So imagine we lived in an alternative world that didn't value academic achievement at all. In this world, a social movement calling for the representation of 'educated' people rises up. The movement gains such momentum that the government forces people to refer to these educated people as 'doctors'. Does that destroy free speech?

“I make youtube videos because i enjoy mood lighting and set design” made me cackle

This was a humbling video. Thank you.

Subscribed. Absolutely love this video but there’s a few subtle but important errors in it. For instance, Peterson doesn’t argue in favour of hierarchy as you suggest. He even says explicitly that hierarchies are often cruel and unjust. He also warns that simplistic attempts to dismantle hierarchy can be disastrous - past attempts at communism as obvious examples. He’s arguing essentially for gradualism. Agree with you about his somewhat simplistic view of Judeo-Christian and Western values, but that’s a side issue IMO.

JP might teach you how to slay the dragon, but learn from Contra how to slay the makeup...

I think this whole lobster thing is a myth

ContraPoints on Rubin Report in the potential future? Intriguing

Jordan Memerson

Well, your mood lighting and set design sure as fuck is on point, can't argue with that. Mission accomplished?

Jordan Peterson is a piece of shit.

Yeah, I used to like Peterson until I started to notice how he would basically shill neoconservative views among his Jungian/Neumann ideas. I'm from the Terence McKenna crowd. We like Jung and Peterson is well versed in Jungian topics. However, Peterson is uninteresting apart from his Jungian beliefs. All of his other shit is plain neo-conservatism. So, as an early supporter of his (over 1 year ago) I formally disavow Dr. Peterson. This was a decision I've been mulling over for a few months now.

Really glad there's a sensible discussion. I like Petersons arguments (excluding the transgender Stalin comparisons), which are most of the time based on research and are presented in a really entertaining way, though I'd definitely call myself left. But I absolutely see your point, that these arguments will be used by the wrong people. Thanks for the video from Germany!

Brilliant. It’s great to see a leftist on YouTube not taking part in the bullshit thought policing, anti white/European culture and other egregious rubbish usually seen on YouTube, and concentrating on the gigantic shower of shit coming from the right/alt-right/‘sceptic’ community that is actually dangerous. We know this from experience. Although some professed leftists in the past killed millions, nobody ever ended up in a gulag or gas chamber for demanding to be called Xe as a personal pronoun. On the other hand, the nativist, tribal, anti-foreigner bent of twats like Benjamin has directly lead to millions being exterminated or killed in wars. You go girl. I may not agree with much of your politics (I assume) but I certainly agree with your use of intelligence, research, knowledge and humour to call windbag shits like Peterson out.

Pordan Jeterson

very good

Channel 4, not BBC. I for sure ain't for the right ot the left and I like Peterson but I don't agree with everything he says to be true. But just as stupid as it is to dismiss everything he says, it is equally stupid to dismiss all he says, which the far left tend to do.

I must have been REALLY stoned when I subbed because I don't remember subbing and I avoid commentary vids because reactionaries are irritating. But I am stunned by how concise, Interesting and entertaining this video was. I'm tapping that notification bell so hard I gotta ask for consent before I proceed

Contra you are my favorite left winger......ok well its you and Angry Aussie actually. But what you fail to get i think is that hes describing what he see's as happening. How society in general is applying these things. Your describing (rightly so) what these things are. Your talking past each other. Or tubing past each other, responding past each other...or......something like that. Great video keep doing your thing. :D. FYI politically im a Imperialist for the other commentators.

"The problem is that all this life-coaching is just a Trojan horse, for a reactionary political agenda. Peterson advocates ethics of self help, not only as a guide to private life, but as a replacement of progressive politics - which he characterisez as totalitarian and evil" This is why I can't help but feel that Jordan Peterson is dishonest. He mixes his good self-help intentions with political activism, that actually might have the consequence of making life worse for others.

Sorry can't stop staring at the 100k. It's so beautiful.

So I just watched a rape _in absentia_

Contra should write a book


Progressive politics is totalitarian and evil, maybe not on the paper but many people behind it certainly are Same as intersectional feminism is about gender equality only on paper, but when it comes to actions they are far left political movement that has almost nothing to do with genders (or reality) at all.

I am new to your channel. This was amazing. You are hilarious, smart and really well-spoken. Haven't laughed this much in a while.

you made this video just a day after jordan peterson had an exchange where he said that people cant be artistic without god, no, really, he said that, secular talk's channel has the clip

Great video as usual Contra. I'm a fan of Peterson in general, and while I'm not totally on board with all your criticisms, you made some excellent points, particularly concerning the lobster/biological heirarchy argument.

Do more on Peterson! :) !

I don't 'get' Peterson. It wasn't even hard. I read what he writes, but without assuming Western Imperial Europe is the apotheosis of humanity (including all societies they hadn't met yet). Or his over-arching assertion 'male' and 'female' are fundamental. Bacteria don't have boys-only treehouses. Fish don't even have sex, so you know they can't be trusted... I'll stick to sass and glitter. Plus, I can't take an elitist seriously with a Canadian accent. It feels biologically wrong.

" and lobsters predate 'western patriarchy' by millions of years, so, checkmate post modern neo marxists " #GodSaveTheLobsterQueen x_D

Congrats on 100k subscribers

Rise for our new anthem at 26:39.

i literally have been checking everyday for a new contra video and its on JP mah lord.

I agree women are generally not great at asserting themselves at work because of our upbringing, women need to shove ourselves forward an tell our bosses what we’re worth.

You done did outdone did yourself there daddy.

I think that to Peterson post-modernism means "something confusing" and Marxism means "scary bad things". So "post-modern neo-Marxists" are people we should fear because they are trying to confuse us so they can take over and do the scary bad things. I see it as just another iteration of "Fear the other. Maintain and defend the status quo", dressed up as a motivational speaker reading Joseph Campbell.

We'll congratulations Contra ya drug addled gender bending fukkin notjob....yr officially the only leftist on youtube who is worth listening to.

Inb4 all the triggered Peterson fanboys saying you are taking him out of context while they provide 0 arguments to support their claim.

Wait... If Marx was a modernist and postmodernism is just being critical of modernism then wouldn't that make Jordan Peterson a postmodernist?

This is a great video... Mommy

this makes me wanna :3333333333333

Stalin-bashing? Really? C'mon, who loves ya -baby- comrade?

I don't think "out to destroy us" is a fair characterization. It's more that the path of Marxism is inevitable & we have the millions of unmarked graves to prove it. I'm old enough to have been to East Germany.

_"So much for the tolerant Jacobins. Hmph."_

enchantee should have two e's

I disagree with a bunch of your interpretations of but overall this video had me cracking up. For the sake of charity perhaps take his term postmodern neo-Marxist and look up critical theory. If you already know about critical theory then I'd say you are being a little disingenuous with your interpretation. Otherwise, I still think your content is pretty great.

Stalinism isn't bad tho

Marry Me.

Congratulations on the 100,000 subscribers!

Being a fascist, you'd think I'd find everything about this video appalling. But the only thing that bugs me is that you know leftist dialectic is fallacious. But you don't care.

About using the lobster argument to justify Monarchy or any 'unjust' hierarchy... This is a misunderstanding of what Peterson has said. He didn't say anything positive or negative regarding the mere existence of hierarchy, and says under any system of government, Communism, Monarchy, etc, you see the same phenomena (a small group rising to the top). SO WHAT HE'S SAYING IS... 'merit based' hierarchy is preferable to an engineered hierarchy. An argument against Monarchy, and Peterson uses it as an argument against social engineering.

Well.. Cultural Bolshevism/Marxism is a real phenomenon, and is the most significant force devised by the human mind in recent centuries. I consider myself opposed to it, but appreciate it and must regard it with awe for its significance, and don't deny it for a moment

“Devine what are your positions?”

so much for the tolerant jacobins!


Wow This was hella gr8 subbed

Speaking of Buddhism CW Huntington Jnr wrote a book comparing the writings of Chandrakirti an 8th century scholar at Nalanda University with post modernists and philosophers called the "Emptiness of Emptiness" - the teaching was for the cerebral types who when they heard Emptiness got thinking about the void and everything being relative and got them to re-engage with what was actually being taught which is basically that the conceptual mind has some serious limitations so reifying concepts is a lil stoopid - feelz over realz people. ala Jordan though - One thing he is getting at, though not explaining well, is that post modernism is combining with ideological fervour to produce a new breed of narrative helmet wearing students that decide to wear them permanently - rather than a series of costumes to play roles and perspectives, the creative use of critical lenses that you take on and off, 'they' just keep them on. If you are going to do that you have to acknowledge at some level your life is an experiment - a George and Gilbert. Anyway Jordan is saying these relativist helmet wearers are destroying traditional archetypal structures which reflect lobster realities and its not healthy, its going against the grain of social and biological evolution. Zizek says he is mystified by how violent and psycho Stalinism was - I'd argue that its because there was no structure and violence both physical and psychological can act as a proxy for structure - so if you tear down archetypal structure that has evolved over the last .....thousands of years the vacuum left behind is not fun for the plebs. So rather than pass out helmets that say gender can be highly fluid (which if you think about it could be seen as reflecting latent patriarchal features in social structures) Universities could say instead - here is some wonderful hats, have a walk in these shoes - go slowly at first in those heels - Peterson's cause appears ultimately clinical which in a way exposes relativity - its about health rather than ultimate 'reality' which brings us full circle to the fact that Post modernism ultimately owes more to Freud than to Marx, the creative engagement by people like Foucault is about psychological journeys - cultural therapy - He didn't articulate it so directly as Derrida and Lacan but in "Foucault the Legacy" he talks about how his work was about unearthing truth rather than presenting it. Most post modern thinkers like Foucault have fudged this bit but it pops up occasionally.

So... The meaning of life issue is like... a white male thing? I am Venezuelan and my favorite author is precisely David Foster Wallace, I'm also very fond of Albert Camus. Not criticizing, but being curious, is that how these people are perceived? or at least as far as to joke about?

I think it's just thinkers she's familiar with off the top of her head. Pretty much every philosophical tradition gets around to these questions sooner or later

Congratulations on 100K subs. Don't forget to Gas yourself.


When it comes to the point that Marxism and postmoderism is conflicting theorys, JP have commented on this before:

is that a tranny?


omg, at first glance I wanted/believed the jp doll to be an actual human, perhaps the pizza guy from your drunk stream. I'm sorry.

Brilliant video. Well articulated and fucking hilarious.

what is it with lobsters? And do I want to know?

You skipped Hegel!!!!! The most important of the so-called 'modernists', who I contend is responsible for anything interesting that can be derived from Marx himself.

What do you mean leftists don't talk about deep shit?! HEGELIAN DIALECTICS!!!

holy SHIT I liked this video. I tend to disagree with some of your politics but you are probably a SUPER interesting and hilarious person to have a conversation/drinks with. This was a ridiculously well-put-together video.

20:45 actually I've never heard Peterson say 'there are biological differences between the sexes' in a context that implies women shouldn't do certain jobs. I've only ever heard him say that while talking about 'gender fluidity' and the subject of pronouns and such.

Hey ContraPoints! Recently discovered your channel, and just wanna say I think I'm in love. But, something feels.... wrong. I wonder, what counter argument do you have against Peter Singer's Animal Liberation? Pretty much everyone I know as rational and philosophical as you is boycotting the Animal Agriculture industry, yet I've spotted dead flesh in your videos as recent as this year. What gives? Why not live a more ethical life?


From Hume to Hegel. I love it.

Contrapoints on Dave Rubin's show when?

The patron named "we wuz numenor". I'm dead

I'll have what Points is smoking, please! ... Maybe like... 1/10th the amount though.

Sees title... oh boy

I’m squealing with delight over this video. Just thought you should know. Okay I’m gonna hit replay now. Update: As I replayed this, you attained 100K subs. Congrats, it’s well deserved.

First TheGoldenOne, now this guy. Natalie, I'm starting to think you have a fetish for people who disagree with you. Not kink shaming, just noting.


You're video is getting some positive feedback on r/jordanpeterson. Nice work.

This is the best counter to Jordan Peterson I have seen.

I didnt know i needed a bisexual manicure until now

Your illustration concerning the difference between SJWs and postmodernist is very helpful. I now understand that while I am an SJW, my family is mostly composed of postmodern Marxists.

In other words, you can’t find your ass with both hands...

Contrapoints is a true intelectual, like Vsauce.

Drawing from my memories of being a smug "classical liberal" who probably would have been drawn to Peterson had I not smartened up long before he became popular, I think I can reconcile post-modernism and Marxism, at least from his point of view. Both are skeptical of the modern capitalist system and the class hierarchies it creates. I think that's really all there is to it. Incidentally, I'm not a Marxist, and that's because I have an anthropology background which makes me kind of skeptical of a lot of these universalist theories about human society (whether they come from the left or the right). But I do agree that capitalism sucks, so at least when it comes to practical political matters, we're more or less on the same page.

Also I just feel like Peterson is behind. I don't think the new terms have quite solidified, but we are kinda moving out of postmodernism...Especially because irony is trying to be replaced with sincerity...and there has been criticism of postmodernism from people on the left since the freaking 90s. (probably before then too !) My background is more art, but we kind of stopped having art movements..and there is a famous paper written about it called "The End of ARt' by Arthur Danto ....It's all really confusing though , because even art made during the postmodern period didn't really follow the tenants of that always .... Anyway ,at least in art, it seems to me like postmodernism is marked by a lack of belief in originality and individuality. It is rooted in experiences within capitalism because the tying of us as people to products just made it blatantly apparent that a lot of our identity is manufactured, . This skepticism is mostly demonstrated in simulacrum and appropriation art,...but there are echoes of that throughout art, even today. Especially art of the 80s when postmodern really came into vogue. There was a lot of more people constructing art out of pre-constructed images to create a new meaning .. I guess like 'remixing' in a way. I guess I would say the change that has happened is that there has been a shift back and a reclaiming of the individual, but it's not really a return to modernism per say . I'm not really sure what the opinion on originality is...Probably that it doesn't matter. This is just random mumbo jumbo thoughts. I have not had a chance to talk art much with people I know in real life V-V.

Rule 6: you can't criticize me until you prove you are perfect or else I'll call you a hypocrite, and run away laughing, jubilant from my victory.

Rule 5 makes me want to slit his throat

Hey, you’re about to reach 100k! Congrats! And good vid!

For some reason this video reminds me of a scene in Babylon 5 where a jack-booted fascist comments " I don't watch TV. It's a cultural wasteland filled with inappropriate metaphors and an unrealistic portrayal of life created by the liberal media elite."

you are a genius


You don't have to agree with JBP but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both lobster energy.

I just cringed so hard my toes cracked

Loved the video. Unfortunate that argument didn't get past wordgames though. I think its wise to assume, going into a conversation that each person is likely to have vastly different definitions of words going in. Saying "this is what the words you're saying actually means" is never very convincing to someone thats using them since its actually communicating that we're trying to do with words inevitably failing for that. At the same time you cant exactly ask Jordan to define terms either so since you brand yourself as an academic thinker it would seem quite off brand to go on the, feels train of what Jordan tends to be travelling on. You seem to tend to dismiss this by caricaturing it as petty with the offhanded comment about him reacting to protests. Hes, like, trying to communicate a feel. The things he likes about society are being degraded. "The west" obviously just becomes a shorthand for "The things he likes about society". When he talks about these postmodern neo-marxists, thats just the label hes inventing for the people that are actively attempting to degrade "The west". Thing is, there are obviously many people that this resonates with, which either implies that its so vague it encompasses anyone who doesn't like those hes labelled or those seeing their own idea of "The west" being degraded. It would be a mistake to immediately jump to something like racism/sexism to explain this thing that they all see the west as, but those hes labelling also do seem to be trained to think that is actually the reason that people oppose them. Now, after all this all the actually specific things that he says go unnoticed. The substantive things that seem really should be talking about is the threat to free speech that the people he is labelling portray to him when they try to de-platform him, others and demand him to use certain words. He doesn't seem to care at all about which words they are, so framing it as a gender issue seems dishonest to his listeners and so emboldening. Seems the Marxist part is simply anti-capitalist elements do you really think he seems not to talk about Marx, rather the various communist disasters that have happens because of them. So him, as well as many other people see those who rally against capitalism within universities as his enemy. So, this label... Its a group that he lumps these people together: Anti Capitalists and Gender activists(due to the oddly conservative censorship). And due to the ubiquity of among universities, implies that it is planned, seeing it as a growing ideology to depose capitalism and turn "The west" Communist. So brands them guilty of blindly working to create Stalin's Russia again as he believes that communism will always become that due to its track record. Now... You are sorta a... Anti capitalist gender activist from academia so... Dodging his brush seems difficult. Seems to me the only thing left for you to actually argue would be what you would actually want post capitalism and why it wont become all the thing him and his followers fear.

Your videos are excellent, and I really hope Dave invites you to an interview (and that you accept).

Jordan Peterson is a preacher, not a teacher


I can really do without you trying to fuck Jordan Peterson, Armoured Skeptic or any other professional sillyman. There are so many hot lefty henchmen already that will smash your fasch any time you want.

I'm about a third through and I almost spit out my bourbon laughing.

He is pretty much the worst part of the "I know what's best for everyone if we just think about this reasonably u ah hurhurhurhur hue".

Ugh. I knew there was a reason I left academia. My head hurts...

Good video, I particularly enjoyed your explanation of Peterson's rhetorical strategy, which often feels like an overlooked aspect. His more vague statements (and the clear extreme ones) seem to be courting a lot of far-right and reactionary individuals. I think my most charitable reading of Peterson is that he is an opportunist trying to make the most out of his 15 minutes, purely for personal gain.

I hate Peterson lol glad u did this Contra

“Got famous for sounding the alarm on how protecting trans people under Canadian Human Rights law, shall surely lead to Stalinism.” That’s a bit biased of a nutshell, don’t you think? If you can go to jail or get fined thousands of dollars for not calling someone xe or xir that’s clearly a problem. Would most people be making demands to be called xe/xir and taking it to court? No. Is it still a problem despite that? Yes.

I like the topic, and it's a great video, but I find it really hard to follow along because of so much use of language I'm not familiar with.

Can we be friends, though? I hope so. The intellectual games are fun and all but it's all gotten way too serious, personal and tribal. I would hope that Contra fans and Peterson fans are both decent enough sets of people (some overlapping like me!) and not crazy ideologues that we could actually see eye to eye, still able to disagree but get along. I would like that. It would be a nice example against the hysteria that plagues everything these days.

Underrated comment. Am I a bad person for noticing that the Jews are only 2% of population and they control majority of influential positions in Banking and Media?

I like both as well. Its like having different fuckin people in the world suddenly became a problem. If I want to start a family and have a career I'll prolly ask JP. If I wanna eat mushrooms at Burning Man I'd rather hang with Contra. At the end of the day we can disagree that on all kinds of shot as long as we agree to basic human principals like eat yr vegetables and JEW$ DiD 9/11

[sic] I agree with this totally. I’m a fan of both Contra and Peterson. Contra helps me think more empathetically to others and Peterson helps me think more conscientiously of myself and my actions. I think everyone needs a balance between the responsibilities to the Individual self and the Collective as a whole. Generally just being more thoughtful I guess. It saddens me that a lot of the top comments here are very much pigeon holding people into certain camps. Peterson camp vs Contra camp, it being inconceivable that there may be common ground between the two. I’ve found common ground in myself so I’m sure there must be others?


Contra, I do watch Peterson and although I am not too keen on the Jungian archetypes and wotnot he is clearly a passionate and genuine person. I've been waiting for someone to actually critically analyse what he has to say - rather than do hit pieces - and you've gone some way to doing that - but you still have mischaracterised some of the things he has said. For instance I haven't heard hims ay anything that is against LGBT rights as such - and his comparison of transgender activists to Mao or Pol Pot is I think just a way of highlighting how far the activists are from representing transgendered people. I would really enjoy a live debate between you both if that was ever possible.

I am really like your video. My only gripe: although you raise very good points, you stay in the territory of how things shoud be and none on what people are making of things. Happens a lot when you talk about the left. Your left and what is seen and called "the left" are way different, and not making that distinction makes you look a bit ungrounded on current events. Example: "SJWs are western philosophy". If that is so, why so many SJWs say things "science must be decolonized"? But it could be me.

Abolish lobster hierarchies

I like that you mention HR Depts. are not Marxist. They are not. But a bunch of Millenials are, and Millenials are getting jobs. So eventually HR will be Marxist. My coworkers already are and it is a STEM job.

Mom and dad are fighting again

Your whole "I'm a sexual deviant" bit is overkill. One or two of such jokes can be funny, but ten minutes of it for the upteenth time, yeah it loses its edge.

The face of post-modernism

This video is weird and gross, I'm inclined to discount all your points out of hand because filming yourself molesting a doll is so obnoxious, and really makes me question your mental stability. dude get some help.

Youre not a woman.

Contra, though I consider myself largely a supporter of JBP (and you for that matter), I appreciate your perspective on the matters he discusses. There's certainly a greater diversity of thought than what can be found within the framework of Jordan's beliefs, and the importance of such a realization cannot be overstated. Also I quite enjoy your set designing sensibilities as well as the neon glow of your mood lighting. Congrats on surpassing the 100,000 subscriber milestone!

23:57 you contradict your previous statement about neomarxism not being compatible with postmodernism. You say that a postmodernist would say that the "west" is racist, exclusionary, supremacist. But, these are the points that a neo-marxist would make because neo-marxists divide people in opressors vs opressed, and tell everyone that their moral duty is to help the opressed.

fucking americans shiggedy.

First of all: "he protested a law to protect transgender people" Wrong immidietly, his problem was the compelled speach aspect of it, the fact that they are legislating speech, you could possibly be punished for missgendering someone under that law, since the ontario human rights comission dictates the law. Look at the lindsay shepard affair if you want direct proof, plus when he was talking about bill c -16 he got a letter from the university that he should stop doing what he is doing since it could be illegal. So about 4 minutes in or so you say he basically talks about basic self-help stuff, well yes, but that's oversimplyfying it, the best self help is supposed to be clear and basic, and if it's taken for granted and wildly known the society has done a good job, so a lot of what he does is explain thouroughly why responsibilty will derive meaning and purpose in life. And you said his videos are for young men, i don't think that to be the case, the youtube audience is around 75% so naturally it can happen that most people that come to his videos are mostly men, but the thing is it was slightly over 50 % of the people that bought is book were female, and what do you mean it's mostly for men? Why can't women have som self help advice which you seem to think is the only thing he is about? Ok so this video is pretty funny. You don't seem to like him comparing transgender activists to maoists, well what he means by that is they have similar ideology, Opressed vs the opressers, they just hade different people they saw as the opressers and the opressed. In the last like 10 minutes it is really hard to respond to, you go on and say a lot of things that are connected, but these points you make seem flawed. If you would discuss this with peterson do you really think you would come out on top? Peterson knows what he is talking about, the thing that annoys me in these last 10 minutes is you make it seem like he doesn't, and i understand you have questions about what he is saying, i just feel like there already are answers to what you are bringing up. For an example you say post modernism and marxism is western philosophy, like what? yes they of course they are, but what philosphosy is better? which one is the one we use and has peformed better for society marxism or capitalism? what even is the point here...?

Theyre not just requesting additional pronouns to suit their individual needs though, they're using state force to compel everyone to suit their individual needs. The former aligns with the values of "the west", but the latter alligns with the values of a totalitarian state. The very kind of state you accuse Peterson of simply "fear mongering" about.

I like Jordan Peterson. I don't have to agree with him on everything, but he makes valid criticisms of post-modernism and speaks from his conscience as an independent thinker in a world where most people just divide themselves along ideological lines and follow what Bukowski called "The Genius of the Crowd."

All these people saying "I'm a JP and a Contra fan", just stop it. If you like JP, defend him. Don't pussy out like this by saying "look at me being so goddamn nuanced, I like both of them" and then don't follow up with anything meaningful or say something that clearly reveals you like JP more but just don't have any arguments to back it up.

Natalie! You're so pretty!

I'm sure if Dr. Peterson saw the milk pouring thing, it might just give him a chuckle... if he's not completely weirded out by it... I guess it's kinda like Marmite? Could you do a video on identity politics and how it's employed if you haven't already? The impression I get is that is 'fuck you if you're not a woman, POC or lgbt' and 'fuck you if you _are_ one of those but have even slightly differing beliefs'

lmao ur impression of peterson's voice was spot on!

Not relevant but her voice sounds like a female version of Petersons Kermit the frog-ness.


So I don't fully understand how postmodernism can claim that there are no great narratives, when the idea of *not having a great narrative* IS *a great narrative* about humanity. Doesn't that imply that postmodernist argument argues itself away? It's sort of like saying "Everything is subjective": If the statement is itself subjective than it cannot rule out any objective claims including the one that the statement is objectively false. And the statement can't be objective either, since it would be false if true. Isn't then postmodernism just another narrative out there? If so, why should I care about that and not some other narrative? After all, there's no way to discern which one is better (whatever that word means) since reason and rationality are the means by which people in power get what they want.

Could you please stop saying "daddy" like that? It's making me feel confused about who I am and what I want as a man.

I love you so fucking much for this

This whole video is essentially dress up with some stuff sprinkled in but even it isn’t very good. “I don’t like jps definitions” can sum most of this up and then a bit about how Marxism is technically a western invention (Marx’s got some interesting ancestry) so we should preserve it as well? I don’t think jp has ever said he wants to rid the world of these people he just wants to become bigger and stronger to defeat them, not eradicate or burn books or force people to talk in certain ways. And also another thing is that “he is smart with his words so he bad” ok..? He’s able to debate well and is well spoken and can trap Cathy... what does this prove. As well as the hierarchy thing we don’t know what Cathy’s thoughts were maybe she was insane and didn’t think hierarchy’s are inevitable.

trier2123241243 I didn’t make the second argument my man and like the second part I know exactly what he means if the exact definition doesn’t add up. He’s trying to say people who apply a marxist idea onto culture and race but in a fancy way.

Info S Info S it's more Jordan Peterson uses meaningless jargon. Marxism is western philosophy using it's literal definition. The philosophical definition has been argued over for centuries.

Jordan Peterson... Did more for young men and male suicide than feminism could ever accomplish.

If he's helped you or someone you know out of suicide, well, good on him most certainly. I would say that claim you make is well.. unsubstantiated. I'm not sure what sort of data could be used to empirically prove that point. But well, I'm all for things that reduce the amount of suicide in this world. I just find it a very odd thing to brag about.

I wish you could post more often but gees I can barely organise myself. I'm becoming a patreon, please keep us enlightened and entertained otherwise I will have to listen to MRAs say "all hail Queen Vagina" for my entertainment.

1:20 *beleaguered sigh* Same, tbh. Also, Lady Foppington is goals, and this is a really interesting analysis of Peterson. A good one.

not sure I understand the relevant point about "spending 4 years teaching people Capitalism sucks..." most people who emerge from leading institutions are ardent believers in the free market... neoliberal economic thought is extremely well represented in the university system... Yale, Harvard, etc the people that emerge from these institutions control everything...

I think she is speaking more of, the kind of leftist professors and activists and programs that Peterson would be inclined to rail against. It is worth bearing in mind that the richest of the rich, by math, are a pretty small number. Most college graduates won't go on to be the people that control everything, nor are most college grads graduating from Ivy League institutions.

Ooh, doing Dave next?! You do get around, you slut. ;) Anyway, stellar work as always. The envy is real. 1312

Love the bants. Subbed. ❤️

Gods save the lobster queen.

I saw a video of this guy this week. about 4-year-olds and adults looking down on them for misbehaving. After that I went on through a couple more... but on the channel I watched the tiles were about "alpha-males" and this kind of vocabulary... sounded dodgy... Anyway, I hadn't heard of JP until last Tuesday. To be honest I was like "Oh, yeah! Canadian scholars, right?" ... But then it reminded me of that "tunnel history" thing... I was quite intrigued by Peterson, I felt as if he wants to extend the realm of his studies into a right-wing political stance, like nutella on a crappy french bread (not "F"rench!), while appealing to an agreeable/disagreeable audience that believes their advantage over the outer West just came about because of hard work and a pragmatic stance in the rulling economic system ... and by that, whining is for losers and lazy people God keeps alive for some reason.

I try'd to give you a chance but this is the 3rd video of yours where i could not get past the 10 min mark, Jesus Christ youcome off as such a condescending ass.

This video could have been cut to about 1/3. But I guess style is even more important than substance.

The West = logos Postmodern Neo- Marxists seek to benefit from chaos for an ideological agenda. Benefitting from chaos is the anthesis of the logos. Therefore PMNM is “against the West” Took reading a lot of Plato to understand this. Still a great video!!

You picked up a new subscriber today :)

contra is my fave leftist

Should've used some KY Jelly on the Peterson mannequin since he's such a slippery MoFo.

I'm a New Subscriber and I really liked this entertaining video. Well done! It was insightful critiques of Peterson, though I think he's misunderstood a little bit. 3 Points I'd like to touch on: 1. Though Peterson may say anti-west, i don't think he says/means it's not west. he's saying it's the yang of the western ethos. Dare I bring Eastern terms into this...oh boi. And saying Judeo-Christian, as much as I'd like to give it up to Platonist compelling western thoughts since ever...I think it's Peterson's attempt to salvage what he thinks is a rotting civility by bringing faith and his archetypal process to remind us it's not all religious dogma garbage. The West is not soulless as he fears nihilism as I'm sure he's dealt with it too often with his patients. Plato unfortunately did not make the mark in being as influential as Jesus has been door to door. That can be debated though... 2. Marxism and post-modernism can be under the umbrella left thinking, high in openness, whatever. Fundamental differences does not matter to the ideological possessed because they themselves are in the "power" dynamic to care about the philosophies through and through. Jordan should just call these people puppets doing ignorant dirty work. These are swaths of people from various ideas, maybe even your friendly neighbor. He's pointed this out in some talks and warned of group mob mentality. 3. Peterson has lived a fulfilling career for himself with business side jobs, and everyone from the classroom to his clinic. He's got a great story as I've listened to probably 100s of hours of his audio. (finishes masturbating) He has supported Trans, and does genuinely believe there are generational ideologues seeping into the humanities. I don't think we should deny the idiocy of SJW dogma of "I'm making a difference" when you can by being educated and reasonably ethical. I think we underrate ideological possession from happening in HR departments too. It could happen considering the common person who would be forced to watch this video (because they'd rather watch buzzfeed) probably wouldn't understand 80% of the vocabulary or significance of these philosophical builds in time. (maybe I'm pessimistic). I think he doesn't give merit to Patriarchy and resorts to lobster gibberish because how he believes hierarchy is complex on competence and swapping identities for the sake of power dynamics, a naive aim that works to tear everything down where in fact naturally we're heading toward a more prosperous society anyhow. So when he's asked, is it appropriate for men and women to be flirting at the work place? and his response is Maybe, he's pretty much said "we're going to find out." He's talked extensively about women controlling their reproductive process and how unique our time in history is for women and peace. I think all he asks is we aim for a greater good (which doesn't bash Trans...) and not buy into our societal flaws as reason to break down into group mentalities that birth ideological viruses and burn down our library of Alexandria. He's a maybe guy, and people shit on him because he won't put chips toward fighting the patriarchy. I think he's aware it's a divisive game that he refuses to take part in. I don't blame him...makes sense from someone who knows a shit ton of epistemology. We live in the best times of our society so far. It will likely get better if we don't tear it down. This is his gist. Should he talk about other issues? I guess, but plenty of others talk their truths.

That sexual bathtub scene must be the only reason this video hasn't been downvoted into oblivion by JP worshippers yet...


Another Fuckin Slammer of a video from contra the goat

Progressives are neo-Marxists. Stop hiding behind some bullshit mask. It's ok. We understand your authoritarian nature.Your beliefs were born from the same ideology that produced Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. HINT: What's the one thing that all the above & you agree on? There are oppressed groups & nasty oppressors.

mikeinbc wtf is a neomarxist? You morons are worse than sjws. Just throw some buzzwords around, and think you have some sort of argument.

okay but where do i get the white lacy dress thing from? help me out here

Man, fuck lobster hierarchies.

It must feel great throwing darts at a portrait and wiggling around in a negligee while winkingly exclaiming "nonsensical", but patching theories together at their dichotomies dishonestly dismisses a booby-trap's net seams likely to seduce the less jaundiced -which is probably everyone else. No one on the radical left seeks to void hierarchy? No one on the radical left denies the inevitability and the competitive benefits of winners and losers? No one on the radical left is attempting to jury-rig (and hence infantilize, patronize and cripple through tokenism) representational outcomes of group identity demographics? These are certainly strategies against which Peterson particularly rails. Are you denying that the radical left is not in favor of these methods so that what they see as justice may be achieved? Many on the radical left see flipping hierarchies as not establishing a hierarchy at all and rather as a paradigmatic pendulum intentionally swung in the opposite direction of what they remain convinced is their right to determine as real history. Instead, this ostensible achievement perverts even a modest degree of balance through its use of vengeance. Worse still, their strategies oppose insuring that the means to acquire the merits of success can be diffuse and organic enough so that there are always at least some present and accessible in virtually all social scenarios. This is the West's strength and that Peterson sees the West as a monolithic amalgamation of competing ideas would be pretty palpable positing a close read or listen. Yes, the West! It is more reasonable, your insinuations of National Socialist propaganda not withstanding, to consider the objection Peterson lodges against pomo-marxism not so much in invasive terms but as the epitome of an internally destructive appetite that can easily grow beyond containment. EDIT: I look forward to your braving the youtube nazis and offering your take on the Marquis. Maybe you could throw in a little Pasolini. Wouldn't that be fun?

aaaaaand SUBSCRBED

I didn't even watch yet but I'm so glad you did this thank you

@ContraPoints Where did you get those earrrrrings?! (the ones you were wearing in the bath) I want! You're totally kicking ass at fashion lately, damn. Makeup on par too.

Cathy Newman reeheeheeally isn't a leftist.

I must say Lady Foppington's makeup is exquisite in this video.

There is no Pepe Silvia!


"Sargon you little goose" XD

This guy is pretty hilarious, I like his points although I dont agree with all of them


I uploaded a Jordan Peterson spoof interview earlier this week, which was falsely flagged immediately after upload, & Youtube still hasn't addressed my appeal. Anyone want to show me some sympathy?

It totally stifled the growth of my channel, which is only starting out. Jordan's fans are insufferable.

Too bad Peterson won't respond to Contra because Peterson is a BETA FEMALE SJW.

Peterson is a post modern Bolshevik plant.

Subjectively speaking... If you say so...

I wish to marry you, please You are so clever and funny and beautiful, its unfair

Your explanation of postmodernism was actually really elightening. Always learn something when I watch your vids!

Judeo-Christian values are near-Eastern. I tend to be skeptical of people who claim to champion Eurocentric culture, who yet eschew indigenous European religion.

This video was amazing omg Natalie you're really stepping up your game

FINALLY SOMEONE TALKING ABOUT RORTY thank you contrapoints youre great

I'd watch this but I have a room tidy. I'll check in tomorrow with a response to put chaos into order.

long live the lobster queen!

I never realised how much fucking philosophy I have to read for my drama degree until I watch one of your videos and recognise every single name and laugh at your comment about how unreadable Derrida is

Don’t you see that he is comparing the control of speech with Stalinism, and not transgender people. If I have a right to call a woman a men, then I have a right to mispronounce someone. Yes it might be hurtful to them, but we can’t control ppls speach

9:00 gave me a giggle fit. I really do think he needs to see that part.

Peterson is the newest wrapper for the same basic right-wing conservative bullshit ideas. You would be AMAZED how many times right-wingers can unwrap the same "gift" of conservatism 101 and be enthralled by it having a shiny new wrapper.

JBP actually uses the term Cultural Marxism in one of his first political videos

I think I'm watching you get hotter over time. Sorry. I had to get that out. More importantly, your video is very well made.


I'm acquainted with a socialist whose whole occupation appears to be attacking SJWs (he even coined the modern usage of the term, apparently) as detracting from an older class struggle politics which he thinks should be the real goal. The idea that these two sets are the same (let alone also postmodernist) is indeed absurd to anyone familiar with it. The sophists were accused of basically the same thing as postmodernists now, plus of course the original skeptics.

Try reading Derrida just for the joy of it. Don't try to understand. Then you'll get it.

Hello there

on the post-modernism and neo marxism, actualy came from russian thinkers, developed by french comunists to disguise comunism ideology. if you think for a second that russia or china are "the west", think again. On the other part of the argument, yes post modernism wants to take down the west. aswell has all value structures and ideas (once they can be multiple interpertations of them) , and stupidly , althoug knowingly, creating a total colapse of the logos. Just comenting the last part cause i think you really dont want a honest conversation about this.

i love the satire , very well done .

What a reprehensible video, it's so bad that one can't even try to respond to it, it's just a straight up F- , imo you should just delete the video, there is no fixing or saving this now.

I'll give you one example, the very first criticism of him is wrong, "he protested a law to protect transgender people" Wrong immidietly, his problem was the compelled speach aspect of it, the fact that they are legislating speech, you could possibly be punished for missgendering someone under that law, since the ontario human rights comission dictates the law.

That's not the reaction of somebody honest.

Btw you don't really seem like happy person that lives a good and meaningful life...

haha didn't think you'd notice the colin moriarty part, i was watching that stream when he mentioned you. About jbp's post-modern neomarxism, he has said several times that those two concepts are at odds with each other, he just says that they are using post-modernism to devalue the axioms, biological truths and other facts current society has been predicated on and then after devaluing them slide marxism underneath, because they were marxist to begin with. For example the concept of wealth inequality is directly portrayed as oppression in marxism and in modern day for example any wealth inequality between women as a group and men as a group was and is portrayed as oppressive or unfair even if evidence suggests that there isn't for the most part any unequal treatment and mostly it is about different averages between the sexes and life choices that lead them on having different amounts of earnings as groups, but they reject the argument with post modernism saying that there is no difference between the sexes anyway and then treat them as collectives and pit women against men (their oppressors). Even beginning from the faulty assumption that two random groups of people have to have the same amount of earnings otherwise the wealthier group is oppressing the other. Now capitalism of course has its problems if left unchecked will create massive inequality, but you can't throw the baby with the bathwater, capitalism drives innovation and economic progress and even with increasing inequality the trend is that poverty is decreasing around the world. The place of the political left is to advocate for the people at the bottom of the economical hierarchy and decrease the inequality that capitalism produces. Now it has abandoned it just to play identity politics and treating people in regards to their group identity and not who they are as individuals, using that as a segue to what you said about trans comparison to mao, he wasn't comparing mao to the trans community or individuals he was making a comparison of some trans activists are ideologically possesed and are driven solely by group identity politics which as a set of axioms are similar to maoist china, doesn't matter who you are as a person it just matters who you are in regards to your group identity. Probably you might disagree but he just has a hard stance on identity politics from the left and the right, as he has called out right wing extremists that also want to define themselves in regards to group identity. Well sorry about writing that much, I like your videos anyway and think you had no ill intent in mischaracterizing the central point you made about postmodern neomarxism, that indeed sounds weird anyway. Still enjoyed the vid, look forward to seeing you in the rubin report lol, good luck in all your endeavors

I've never watched a video of yours before but this was fucking hilarious.

thank god just when left twitter was going to destroy my last brain cell in comes contrapoint to save me with diversity of thought

Hey guys. JBP-tard here. I never knew exactly what a "Post-modern Neo-marxist" that JBP was talking about, I just sort of assumed it was what those SJW types were, thank you for your clarification between what postmodern beliefs and what marxist beliefs are. This was a great video to introduce me to the "Left-wing" side of American culture. Looking forward for more videos

That ending was fucking perfect



Oh hey it's a person who actually understands what postmodernism means. Maybe I should follow this person.

"I'm sorry Dave, I can't insert that right now."

Wtf what am I watching

Yes! I love Strangers with Candy!!!

Dis gon b gud

I disagree with calling "identity politics" what you said it is, I think we need a clearer term for our current discussions on identity, I think race, civility, social class, professionalism, ethnicities, family, friendships, and many other historical concepts had to do with "identity politics" race and racism of the 19th century as an example was a matter of identity politics, politics itself is almost always a matter of identity more than anything

There was a milk bath scene? Yaaassssss.

hey hey hey... what's wrong with being Scottish? :/

Thank you for the informative video but I still do respectfully disagree with you and could you please site links in the description because these topics interest me?

Wow, actually authentic representation of JBP's views from a left-leaning person. Impressed. So authentic that I think he would agree with the most of your video. For example on the fundamental contradiction between marxism and postmodernism ( ). As to his style of rhetoric I think your critique is somewhat legit since most people understand it too literally (e.g. lobsters etc.), but I think it is more temperamentally based and therefore is not crucial. And concerning his idea of the West rooted in judeo-christian religion I don't buy it either. He had a great discussion on this one recently with Matt Dillahunty. During the Q&A one guy asked him how would a real atheist look like? And get pretty "fascinating" response about Raskolnikov from "Crime and Punishment" ( ). P.S. If only mass and social media would operate on this level of analysis instead of A vs. B narrative...

watched some other of your videos, they are hilarious) subscribed

Good video Natalie as always, and hi friends if you look 26:56 My name 'Amos Yee' YES MY NAME IN THE CREDITS YES!!!!

Do you still think Child Porn is cool?

Mao and trans activists are the same; neither have done anything wrong

Congrats Contra girl on 100k subs :D

Blah blah you forgot to take your top off.

Thank you for pointing out that ID pol isn't postmodern. It's a classic modernist framing of the world and labeling it postmodern is nonsensical and proof that postmodernism the way the right often uses it has become a boogeyman word devoid of meaning.

You're so pretty!

Frankly, as someone who likes his new book and plenty of the points he raises from time to time, I find your response a delight. It helps me understand some of the problems and loopholes in his rhetoric, or at least how he communicates it, and getting a healthy and rational dose from an opposite point of view to what I'm used to hearing helps me get a grasp of the situation much better. In general, I think hearing a rational argument for two sides of a matter makes for a good habit, so I'm glad I got to see this. Thank you :)

Contra is the best thing to happen to the left on youtube

Dude, this video is good. I’m a JBP fan and this was fun, smart, beautiful, weird, insightful, naughty and just plain funny. Good job.

I continue to be impressed by your level of patience for the sort of crap that's coming out of today's right. I've never been great at talking about these sort of things, I get way too easily frustrated by what strikes me as obvious bullshit.

I'm getting a little tired of even people on the left ragging on that Cathy Newman interview. She's absolutely right about him, he's an old school reactionary and he constantly hides his actual ideas under several layers of mealy-mouthed plausibly deniable bullshit.

You’re weird, I like you.

I've been looking for this for a while. This is such a clear explanation. Thank you!

Seems to me that your main (and really only) critique is that he isn't explicit enough with some of his ideas. Tbh, some of the things you talk about being unclear don't seem so unclear to me... What I'm trying to say is: it seems like a lot of people have jumped on the Peterson hate-train recently, but most of the critiques can be resolved by simply watching his reply to said critiques or asking him for clarification. Your position is understandable, but some of the other Peterson critique videos seem like it's a bunch of people who want to hate Peterson and don't want to leave any room for clarification. They just assume the worst... Btw, whether Jordan is using the post-modern neo-Marxist term correctly or not, it seems clear to me what he means. A lot of people are taking the dictionary definition of those words (which is understandable) and then applying it to JBP's line of reasoning (this is bad). If they argued in good faith, they would argue what JBP is implying and not the meaning of the words he chooses. But obviously they just want to make him look bad.

Then why would he use postmodern neo-Marxism as the term and not something else? Being as smart as he is, you would think there would be a more fitting term that he would use to describe his line of reasoning; however, he still uses the term and people deconstruct the term instead of the argument. This is done very skillfully by Peterson and really falls in line with the point about him not being fully explicit. An invasion of postmodern neo-Marxism is an undeniably scary term to describe what is happening politically; but, if Jordan Peterson's line of reasoning is separate from the actual definition of the term then why not even leave the postmodern neo-Marxism reference out? The problem is, this leads to an ambiguous implication which can be manipulated by Peterson into saying that someone else is misrepresenting him and therefore they are wrong. If someone says something somewhat controversial and ambiguous that could have multiple implications and someone said "why are you bringing this up? do you mean (the worst implication )?" Why is the blame placed on the person who made the interpretation and not the person who baited out the response?

aaaaand in case you didn't see it, you're in current affairs :)

peterson is not against calling people their preferred pronouns, he's against forcing people to call others by their preferred pronouns

REEE you misrepresented him!

I agree both with your personal reluctance to bother with it and the judgment that it is ultimately necessary. :-\ Thanks for doing it anyway.

Royston? Bring me my lust gurney!

Soooo what i got from this is that you agree wiyh him on all ppoints. You just dont realize it.

After binge-watching the sublime Cobra Kai, I!?! Subscribed!!!

Daddy, show me the West!

Really hoping this was an attempt at pure comedy. Because on all other accounts, this was a shambles. You initially say that you've spent hours watching / listening to his video's and podcasts, yet what you take from the whole debacle that got him famous was that "he didn't want to call transgender people by their pronouns". Sigh. His MAIN point with that whole thing was that he was against COMPELLED SPEECH by the government of Canada, that goes directly against free speech. Also kinda funny how you're coming from this "he's on the right" angle, which also just isn't true.

Blaire white < Contra Points

Clicked randomly and immediately a misrepresentation. That's not his view of what West is, he of course realizes in addition to points attributed to West, marxism, postmodernism and SJWism are all part of Western thought. Just that he believes the former are what makes the West great. Also, wanting to be called by a specific pronoun can be seen as individualism, yes, but forcing another to call you that can not, quite the contrary, it's suppressing that person's individualism to call you what they personally choose to call you.

Can I just stop to say that irregardless of politics, Contra's transition is ON POINT?

Don't worry Contrapoints. I'm an Alcoholic too! :D My Avatar is me at a bar.

Progressive politics is evil and murderous. Classical Marxism was an economic theory that was totally wrong. Every prediction was wrong . The labor theory of value is ridiculous. And every single society based upon Marx's economics failed after murdering millions of citizens. As a result the Frankfurt school dumped Marx's economics entirely, retaining only his resentment, hatred for capitalism and lust for power. They also abandoned any attempt to improve or even envision a better society. Their job was just to criticize the society they preyed upon. Post-modernism maintains this adherence to being utterly useless and entirely critical. "On the left we don't really tell people what to do"???? I guess AAA wasn't enough to stop you drinking yourself into delusion. Telling people what to do is all there is to leftism. And leftists don't just tell you what to do, given any power, they enslave their societies and force people to do what they are told. Post-modernism is actually skeptical, so skeptical that it doesn't think Ohms law is real. Postmodernists think that gravity and electricity are social constructs. They also hold that no one can actually understand the Pythagorean theorem because it can be interpreted in an almost infinite number of ways if you try real hard. Marxism and post-modernism share a belief that the only real truth is power, by which they mean political power, the ability to kill people. Post-modernism unlike Marxism can't believe in the kind of power that can be measured by volts and amps because for them neither amps or volts exist, being social constructs and all. Postmodernists spend their lives writing interminable texts that explain why writing texts is useless since texts can mean almost anything. And they write these texts inside skyscrapers, using elevators and air-conditioners while denying that the knowledge that made all those things possible exists. Postmodernists are either insane, or hypocritical liars. Richard Rorty states that "at 33,000 feet I am a modernist". So he at least is just a hypocritical liar. But this video is a pretty amusing presentation, sad that it is being used to defend evil and idiocy. Maybe you just need another anti-freeze highball, the drink of the proletariat.

mark abrams His predictions are accurate e.g. The falling rate of profit. ‘The labour theory of value is ridiculous’ is not an argument. It tells you the use value of an object when supply and demand are in equilibrium. Those who died under state capitalism doesn’t say much about Marx. Postmodernists don’t have much to say about science, so your points about ohms and air conditioners are non-sequiturs and devoid of all context. Post-modernism is a reaction to modernism.

"Who got famous because of sounding the alarm about how protecting transgender people under the Canadian human rights law shall surely lead to stalinism" - you are being dishonest

I liked this video, but I am amazed at the rude and arrogant people in the comment section, who actually call Peterson a fascist. I think there is a pretty watchable youtube video where Peterson justifies his use of those terms in an almost satisfactory way(it's something like jbp postmodernism neomarxism) I don't agree with him about using those weird words, but you seem to be simply guessing why he uses those terms.

look yes i see all you points but are traps gay?

Somehow ContraPoints holding a mannequin with her debate partner's face taped to it, sexually, in a bath, is the most ContraPoints thing ever

Your videos are so painfully funny, I can’t handle it. Btw if u get to drown him, technically, he doesn’t get to be daddy XD


If I had a dollar for every 18th century sexual deviant I had to kick out of my drawing room...

I am a Jordan fan. I can't right now. I seriously can't.

Is it wrong, that I actually think you're hot?

LOL you're hilarious. Good video. I love Jordan Peterson, I hope we get a response. I'd be interested in his take. COLIN AT THE END! He's one of my favorite people.

I've been waiting for this!!!!!!!!

That's the thing, my only problem with Identity Politics is when class is ignored or there's this antagonism to anything to do with class identity seems very suspect to me. Class is very important but its not the only category humans fall in and ignoring other intersections is downright reactionary, but no one who engages in the ideas of equality and liberation should ever never ever overlook class.

You've missed a core principle, Peterson tell's people what they "should" do not what "to do".

Speaking as a Peterson fanboy, I really enjoyed this video. I genuinely hope we are beginning to see a dialogue open between Left, Right and Centre minus the tedious RACIEST! SEXIST! blah blah blah.

Aron puma LOL! Yeah, I meant racist

Did you mean Racist? Or perhaps were you going for a critique of decadent speech and aiming to type "sexiest." ;) That does feel like an important clarification on a contrapoints video.

These behavioral comparisons to animals are so fucking stupid. We're not lobsters, wolves, lions, or cattle. We're humans. Humans have our own behaviors and our own instincts. We also have the most complex and overstimulated brains in the world. We're just not going to ever be as easy to pin down as a fucking lobster. The only animals we should be compared to are other great apes, but even then only tentatively because, yeah, we're smarter than them too. Shitheads who try and box us in with X animal are just identifying which Human instincts they personally want to promote in society, then arbitrarily declairing those to be the only true human instincts. Sorry, no. Humans are broader and better than that. We run all the gamuts, baby. Get fucking used to it.

The lobster queen is dead. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.

Is "lobster" supposed to be a metaphor or euphemism for something? Because everyone seems to get some kind of meaning from it except me. What do oceanic crustaceans have to do with ANY of this?

Its a Jordan Peterson Meme, since he attempted to use lobsters to explain why hierarchies are natural for humans, and the analogy was pretty wack. Thus, people mockig him make jokes with lobsters in it.

I mean, nails are pretty much women, in tiny finger sized bites.

I was thinking about Jerri Blank just yesterday.

We don't need extra laws to protect transgender, murder assault, and all matter of physical harm are already illegal.. As for allowing a child to assert their own gender, I mean, I can't condone the state taking a child away from their parents for raising their kids the way it's always been done, just cuz it's not progressive enough for some.

The bill introduced by the Canadian government wasn't really an extra law. It simply included transgenders in an existing law which would protect their identity and prevent them from being discriminated against simply for being transgender.

Postmodernism is the use of critique to deconstruct social structures and paradigms. It should not so much be viewed as a philosophy but as a tool, especially outside of earnest intellectal circles. It is not at odds with Marxism when used as a tool to deconstruct the current paradigm to make way for Marxism, nor is it at odds with identity politics when it is used as a tool to deconstruct the current paradigm to make way for degeneracy and foreign invasion. The creation of something new often requires the destruction of something old, and postmodernism accomplishes that. Notice that the postmodern feminist in your quote, (((Judith Butler))), is using postmodernism as a tool, since, like most Jews, she is incentivized to promote non-identitarian inclusivity given that Jews are a rootless clan that live as guests or "renters" in others' countries. Obviously they benefit from the inclusivity of their hosts, but if the push for inclusivity turns identitarian, it forces Jews to give up their relative invisibility to rally under their identity as Jews to lobby for Jewish "rights" in their host countries. The problem with that is that while native citizens have a natural right to exist in their respective societies and therefore a right to be heard, Jews do not have an inherent right to exist in others' societies (and they know this well because they have been banished from their host countries literally hundreds of times over thousands of years), so doing this would make them more publicly visible as what they are: a foreign tumor.

Look at this guy using the word "identitarian" and thinking he's under cover Holy shit it's so sad

"Postmodernism is the use of critique to deconstruct social structures and paradigms" That's also the definition of modernism. You clearly have no idea what post modernism is

I really hope that post-credits scene is a preview for your next video!


another mind to do yo ting all over on is the aforementioned Slavoj Zizec, as one you could do volumes as he sounds colorful like the greek greats n others, you would do him so good, ohh yes you would ;) lolol

I stand censured. I’m one of the fedora-y brocialists who now sees the deep seriousness of identity politics in a new light. Thank you ContraPoints, I owe you a moral debt! ❤️❤️

this was fascinating how they try to reduce it to an us vs unipolar dichotomy coupled with the again reduced struggles on each issue being the pro/cons of each, all mixed together n given a bs left/right label n more...oi!

you contra-inue to amaze me with your presentations and thoughts coupled with decadent naughtiness i personally enjoy and you artfully and adroitly employ them contextually! meeee liiikeeeyyy! sapiobonerific baybay! awww yeahhh

Heartfelt thanks to the dumbass libertarian Colin Moriarty for name-dropping Contra on the Rubin Report.

"Not sure if I (f23) can go through with boyfriend’s (m25) Jordan Peterson fantasy."

14:20 - silly Abigail. Not just nails. It's also lipstick, dresses, flicking your hair back, and speaking in a whispery voice. And liking being bossed around in the bedroom. Duh! Not offensive or harmful to women AT ALL.

Contra the ContraPoints position on JP:

7:10 - wow, you're comparing forcing people to use pronouns else they'll lose their jobs to him giving advice in his book, where the consequences to you not "doing as he says" will be... nothing? When governments or corporations start ordering people to live as Peterson says, say what Peterson wants them to say, then you'll have a point. Until then, no. Don't pretend that refusing to use preferred pronouns is always a case of someone being an asshole, wanting to hurt you, etc. It can be a simple matter of not wanting to be forced to lie, not wanting to contribute to the equating of womanhood to following stereotypes, etc.

I didn't. Reread my original comment. "Governments and corporations..."

Yes, I have. Workplace contracts are not the same as legal bills, do not equate them.

Have you? I can tell you that more and more workplaces here are requiring people to sign papers saying they won't "misgender" people; it's safe to assume that not complying will result in people being fired.

Don't pretend that you've read the C-16 bill. You have not.

You’ll never be a woman no matter how much you try.

Wait, there is infighting within the US Left and within the US feminism??

There is always infighting within the US Left, really the worldwide Left. And within the right too, it's just the human condition.

Peterson has to see this

He's not lying the Left has a soft spot for Stalinism and Maoism just like the Alt Right has a soft spot for Nazism. Along with denying their Holocausts.

This was a brilliant take down of Dr. Peterson’s vagueness and incoherency when it comes to expressing what, precisely, he objects to so vigorously. I would argue though, that Dr. Peterson fell prey to the same thing that many of us out here have in this age; namely that in trying to sort through the ridiculous degree of contradictions and mutually incompatible beliefs and positions that the contemporary left fosters, Dr. Peterson just lumps all of those contradictions in together and misrepresents them as a coherent worldview where they are rather, an incoherent worldview. He is right though, that there is in fact, a worldview. You point to conflicts between academic post modernists and left liberals in academia, but that’s not really what most concerned people are concerned about. Peterson does take aim at those academics, but I think the problem is despite the fairly philosophically coherent examples like Judith Butler, the majority of academics at most lower and mid tier universities that the average person attends are not expressing a coherent worldview, but an incoherent one. The left very much does mix fundamentally post-modern ideas with modern ones. That result, is the one complained of. For example, the left does embrace a modern idea, the coherency of identity as a means to understand and interact with humanity. But it embraces this concept within the framework of an ethics of the will, whereby what is moral is what is desired or contrived as such by the individual. That is a fundamentally post-modernist idea, a la Camus’ myth of Sisyphus. This is why the contemporary left is viewed as increasingly totalitarian and threatening. On one hand, they can tell you “this is the way the world is” and in the next tell you that there is no truth but what a given person desires. It’s why the left can argue for extreme individual liberty when it comes to some things, but absolutely believe that the state should police and penalize other things. It also demonstrates that wherever post-modernism is concerned, incoherency follows. It’s all well and good that you think there is no truth but what you make, but the minute someone else’s self-truth conflicts with your self-truth, what the heck do we do? The only way we can and have responded to this conflict is by creating systems that regulate power, so to maximize the capacity of individuals to live their “truth” without coming into undue influence from other self-truth livers. This project is probably what Peterson really cares about. While you are right that post-modernism, Marxism, liberalism, Christianity, are all technically “western”, I think you have to admit that some things won out more than others in the West, and some things are more foundational than others. This is exactly why Peterson points to Judeo-Christianity, because it truly does underpin or at least frame most of what came after it. Marxism and Liberalism both rely heavily on common reference to Fundamentally judeo-Christian ways of looking at the world. Heck, Marx essentially quoted Jesus in the communist manifesto. In summary, I think the conflict JP is waging and what the western world is waging, is a conflict between whether truth is objective and independent, or subjective and dependent. And while both sides often incorporate assumptions of both of those larger views, I think that the left fundamentally believes, even if it doesn’t always act, as though truth is entirely contingent and personal, where the right believes that it is constant and universally applicable. That’s really the fight here, and it’s hard to boil it down to that when people contradict themselves as much as they do. I think JP’s point, and the right or centrist or liberal view, comports more with observable reality. And this is precisely because where the left claims no truth but my truth, they are incapable of furthering that view without insisting through their political activity that *someone’s* truth should be imposed to the detriment or exclusion of contradicting truths.

12 Rules for Life is bogged down by his desire to bring Judeo-Christian literature into places it doesn't need to be. I gave the audiobook a try, it's OK, there is some good stuff in there. However, it reads very much like it's written by an apologist, someone who seems to want to write off any harsh interpretation of the religious texts as misunderstandings of what they mean, but don't worry, Jordan has figured out how even something as disturbing as God ordering Abraham to slay his only son Isaac as a test of faith and loyalty was actually a message about how you sometimes need to give up what is most precious to you in life. You need to make self-sacrifices. That's all it is... only it fucking isn't! You don't just remove the jealous, ruthless God from the story and turn the whole thing into a self-help metaphor FFS. He does this several times in the book and its very easy to see through. Also, the way in which he seems to see some things as just too complex, and other things as just plainly simple, whenever it suits him, is particularly annoying. For example, apparently you are not an atheist. Even if you think you are, you aren't, because you are too complex. You don't know what you are. Apparently, there are no atheists, they just don't know what God they worship. Right, OK then Jordan. Then, in the same book, he implies on multiple occasions that the horrors of the 20th century (mao, stalin, hitler) come about when these religious traditions and ideals leave society. Oh wow, it's really that simple huh? Something as complex as the formation of the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany, is simple but apparently you are too complex to ever be an atheist? And why is that even in a self-help book in the first place? It really feels like two Jordan Peterson's wrote the book for two different reasons. The first one is the experienced clinical psychologist who actually has a hell of a lot of good things to say, particularly to young people. The second one is a Christian apologist eager to shove the bible into anything he can, even where it is totally unnecessary and doesn't seem to fit at all. The result is a bit of a mess. I'm still happy I checked out the book as some of it is very entertaining and informative. However, most of it is boring old assertions and arguments I've heard over and over again.

"So who's Jordan Peterson?" *deep inhale* That was the perfect encapsulation of the Jordan Peterson Experience.

After the Toronto attack, hate speech laws are needed more than ever. Peterson's alt right bigotry isn't just idiotic and wrong, its dangerous.

wow so much butthurt in this video - just ... wow

26:00 I love the John Waters reference!

Watched hours of Peterson myself. Peterson isn't wrong about cultural marxism, denying it exists and what it does simply means you're oblivious to it, cognitive dissonance and denial are one with progressiveness. Cultural marxism is what turns a weak-minded white man into a liberal bugman, brainwashing them to self-destroy in order to help any cause but their own. The one thing Peterson is factually wrong about though is blaming straight men for whatever is wrong in society today. Straight liberal men are *also* at fault, but that's it. He basically spends hours telling men to self-improve to become worthy of something that's not worthy at all. Oh, and he's spot-on on gender politics.

Absolutely false. Like, I respect a difference of opinion and everything (which is why I won't bother correcting your on the gender thing) but the conspiracy theory of marxists sneaking around and manipulating society is..completely without merit. We're in the middle of the biggest right-wing swing we've seen in decades, the left have done almost nothing since the 70's, and somehow they're still a threat? Um, how?

I disagree with the characterization of Anarchism as opposing "unjust" hierarchies because it carries a lot of philosophical baggage about what exactly we actually think is or isn't "just," at least without further clarification. The reason for this is that, by such a definition on its own, anyone could call themselves an "Anarchist" insofar as they personally oppose whatever hierarchies they happen to think is "unjust," while potentially excluding other kinds hierarchies that the actual Anarchist movement has historically opposed, which is the problem with "Anarcho-" Capitalists. The truth is that Anarchism opposes *all* hierarchies within the context of politics- social hierarchies.

Good video. JBP does represent the left as more unitary than it is - especially in academic circles. Postmodernism and neo-marxism do go together though, as you yourself showed at minute 24 when you said that a true postmodernist would not just take apart the concept of the west, but also call it out as oppressive, exclusionary and supremacist etc. As you said earlier in your explanation of marxism, this theorizing of history and societies in terms of oppressors and oppressed is very much the core of marxist ideology. So while the two might not always go together, they certainly can and in public discourse often do. And that's what JBP is up against, constantly victimizing some and villifying others and trying to demolish not just unjust hierarchies, but any kind of hierarchical difference. That doesn't mean that he defends all hierarchies. His lobster argument is more sophisticated than that. He speaks of hierarchies of competence and a lot of western legal traditions in which individual liberty and freedom of speech are essential values. That is where you misrepresented things somewhat. But still, good video.

Anybody calling anybody daddy makes me wildly uncomfortable.

It's a bit off topic, but why does the LGBT community love to oversexualize themselves as much as they can even in the most innappropriate situations as well, but then cry out transphobia, homophobia when it gets met with disgust, even though the same thing happens when a heterosexual person does it ? And what does dick/pussy sucking "humor" have to do with making a 30 minute argument about not liking the word "Post Modernist"? Just because plenty of people have been labeled post-modernist in the realm of philosophy doesn't mean that post-modernism can't be used in a huge context. Even though post-modernist architecture and arts exists as well, they don't have much to do with philosophy. It's just a term used to define the timeframe in which something was created, and shouldn't be thought of as anything more. Whatever the naming is, it is undeniable that this newer form of social justice has a hell of a lot in common in with the principles of marxism (e.g the fighting of classes).

Alright, well I'm here to tell you that you are wrong. Straight people do the exact same thing. The only concession I'll make is that straight people don't have mardi gras. Doesn't it make sense though? These people are judged, ostracised and sometimes worse because of who they choose to have sex with. It's not LGBT people that chose this path, society decided to make their sexual behaviours into a huge deal first. Your definition still doesn't earn the "postmodern" title. And the rest could be applied to literally anything. Islam, Nazism, Monarchism all have these fundamental classes, are they also postmodernist? Of course not. Asians having a higher wage than average doesn't make the systematic jailing and execution of black people suddely "not racist". America is a county where actual, literal nazis run for office. Don't tell me there isn't a racism issue.

I definitely am, since one's own sexual life is normally thought of as a private thing, but when it's about the LBTQ community, saying "I love licking pussies/I love sucking cocks" is completely acceptable, and so is dressing flagrantly. Why can't people dress decently on pride parades? And the naming "Postmodernist Neo-Marxism" fits it in my opinion, since it is the worldview that there are 2 main groups, the oppressor (bourgeoisie/the white patriarchy) and the oppressed(proletariats,everyone else), and the way to equality is to overthrow the so-called white patriarchy.It goes beyond fighting inequality, and also has the hatred of capitalism associated with it. Going by this logic, asian countries have asian oppression, and black african countries have black oppression. Yes, America is a mixed nation, but the majority is white. (Universities can be majority jewish/asian though), and you had Barack Obama as president for 2 terms, and aside from the rednecks, people generally liked him. If America is systematically racist, then how come Asians earn about 20000 dollars more on average?

Are you suggesting that there isn't as much oversexualisation in heterosexual communities? Also the defense of postmodernism is laughable. Your conclusion is that any attempt to undo injustice is marxist.

Having now watched it I would say that still his objection was based on compelled speech even if misguidedly - he might have misunderstood the legislation - I still don't see why he is said to be against LGBT rights - and even if his position is wrong he is allowed to express it especially if sincerely held. I think the idea that this had just been a calculated way to get views on his youtube channel is completely wrong.

OK I hadn't seen that.

John Cox Except he wasn't. He just sold cute ideas, to sell his books.

I think he is objecting to compelled speech rather than transgender rights which is not the same thing.

The attack on bill c16 is an attack of transgender rights.

DeoMachina I dunno man. I saw all of that in my college. Now I see the same in US colleges. To the point where it makes the news. So, prove that I am lying. You are not even attacking the argument.

But that isn't happening. You are lying.

DeoMachina I have to add: colleges have been propaganda platforms for marxist for ages, to the point where it is a stereotype in my country and most of Latin America.

DeoMachina extremes look for each other. It is not weird for white nationalism to make a comeback when you have people telling whites they are inherently evil simply because they are white with no consequence. I do not like either. Both would get rid of me for I would not agree with them. Both would get rid of me for not falling in line, one of them for not falling in line and not being of the right skin tone. You sound like you do not live in reality, or perhaps you love what is happening.

Nobody took their free speech away, some students are just very unhappy about literal white nationalists using colleges as propaganda stations. The white nationalists still get to speak, just not there. But it's kind of fuckin' weird that nazis are making a comeback...yet you're worried about marxists?

DeoMachina college students wanting to suppress rights like free speech suggest otherwise.

People have been bleating this for decades. Um, hello? If that really was the case, the USA would have gone red years ago.

DeoMachina no. They go to college for that.

Conspiracy theory. Kids didn't just suddenly become communist.

shut up weeb

Harry lol how can one be a fan of some one as reactionary and ignorant as Peterson and at the same time say they are fan of contra, this doesn't make any sense.

ColeYote I wouldn't knowingly lie. And I'm not even wrong, I mean regardless if Jordan is right about Bill c-16, his problem was the compelled speech aspect.

All of those things you just said about C-16 are *LIES.*

ColeYote just because you're ignorant of it doesn't mean it's not true.

Nobody is doing that you stupid fuck.

Feminism is about advocacy for women so, no shit?

I really enjoyed this video. As someone who has been following Jordan Peterson for a while, I have been getting very frustrated with his arguments. On the one hand, he gives off an aura of authenticity and intellectuality, but he also seems to over simplify complex concepts (like lobster hierarchies or PoMo). Thank you for this excellent deconstruction of his viewpoint. I think I have understood the man a bit more because of your video and now have some more talking points when discussing J Pete with friends. I wonder if you have seen this video he did for Big Think ( He makes a very similar criticism of the left and PoMo and Marxism as he has done before, but here he makes this very legitimate point. He says the there are those on the right who have decided which markers of the extreme/radical right are intolerable - racial superiority he says is a well accepted marker on the moderate right of something which can never be tolerated. He goes on to suggest that the left should do the same - identify a marker which would make a doctrine/ideology intolerable. He suggests that it should be the 'doctrine of equity', saying that equality of outcome can never be achieved. I think here he makes a valid point, not about equity, but that leftists should identify a marker for what is an unacceptable doctrine. What do you think of this final point?

The back drop of this video looks just like a bar in DC


The idea that not wanting to devolve into identity politics puts you in the way of helping minorities is completely bonkers. Individualists want to uplift everybody. The fact that anyone is trying to malign that speaks volumes. Also, you say you'd rather he doesn't compare the activists to stalin to make a point, maybe if they stopped acting like brownshirts, than your complaint wouldn't fall on deaf ears, Contra. You trying to boil down what the activists are doing to "telling people what pronouns to use" is very dismissive, yet again, about the real complaints that people have. Do you not realize it?

Jordan Peterson is a hot dad who i want to shut up

JBP is not using lobsters to justify hierarchy, or to claim that they are inevitable, but to explain how we got here, and to point out that it needs to be considered as we move forward. Lyshenkoist tendencies do in fact exist still and following them might go to bad places. For example:

the bi-manicure resembles blinged-out classical guitarists' nails.

Best video I've seen in ages. Perfect mix of humour and reason. Thanks for making this. Oh and your set design and mood lighting are par excellence.

Oh my God, how did I miss the awesome Pink Flamingos reference at 26:12!?

That's a better explanation of the time line of modernism to post modernism than I had in 3 fucking years of university. Good work.

First time viewer, and damn, both your sense of comedic timing and your analyses are razor sharp! I'm one of those loser guys with whom JP's stuff about growing the fuck up resonated pretty powerfully with (as you say, because of the language used - turns out that's pretty important to people who think analytically) but I've also been a "practising" atheist my whole life (and appreciating his nuanced-but-subjective take on the archetypes in the bible and their social impact ain't gonna change that) and think of myself as left-oriented. So I'm generally in agreement with what you like and dislike about the guy and what you agree and disagree with. I'd also throw into the "dislike column" how he tends to brush over just how much of social hierarchy is NOT predicated on competence like he asserts - he throws a bone to those of us who can see how the wealthiest and most powerful actually keep (and inherit and pass down) their position by saying hierarchy is not ALWAYS a fair meritocracy (and oh-dear-yes-that's-a-problem) but the reality is that it hardly EVER is. Shit, is that too Marxist a comment for someone who counts himself as something of a JP fan? A bit where I disagreed with you: Identity politics isn't some innocuous organisational mechanism to rally advocacy around, it divides people and uses the idea of privilege to insist on who can and can't talk about an issue, as if we have no common humanity or can LEARN about what we might be unfamiliar with. Seems to me it's essentially as discriminatory as the oppression it's attempting to fight.

"What do you people want from me" You. "clearly he has real talent as a public speaker" Really? For me, he gives the impression of a dull, grey, block of if all the wild places of his heart have been carved out, or ground down, and replaced with chains and gears.

In before '... you just aren't on the same level of analysis as JP'.

Fug, I don't know where I stand anymore... I'm an egalitarian. Gender roles are stupid. Degeneracy is funny. Be nice to minorities. I'm turning every type of gun into an anime girl just to piss off the nazis.

15:25 I support degeneracy! Hail satan!

Peterson doesn't care about angry trans activists telling him what to call them, he cares about the government enforcing it.

I wouldn't call him a fascist, but I would say he is a diet fascist. He seems to have a hard on for social darwinism.

00:21:00 hits the nail on the head with how Peterson wiggles out of arguments. The same thing Sam Harris does..

This is amazing

"sometimes boys just need a daddy" fuck you're right

The transgender activists hes talking about are like stalin though. Mainly because they are Antifa and admit it, Antifa is definitely a communist group. If you dont want to be lumped in with the shitty violent side of the left then disavow them.

I was using the general you in response to most leftists. I know where contra falls on the violence issue and thats why i bother watching her. Im quite right wing but find her to be the most reasonable leftie ive seen on youtube. I was just talking about the perspective older folks might have because as far as a lot of people are concerned there seems to be no difference between antifa and all the other protesting lefties. They all seem to be the same thing. Honestly for the most part they are the same thing, i havent seen a ton of nuanced views outside of this channel.

Contrapoints literally has a video criticizing violence by Antifa. Personally I feel the need to point out that although the politics of Antifa are a nice variety of left wing thought, generally anarchists make up the bulk. They don't want the state to crackdown on Nazis, they believe there's a need for communities to crackdown on Nazis by any means including violent ones when necessary to deny them a platform. It's a really interesting history that's worth more than judging on surface level aesthetics.

Old white guy won't shut the hell up - the Jordan Peterson story

The video I was just watching was Jorden Peterson.

I wish universities were as cool and transgressive as they're in right wing fantasies.

I take issue with just one thing in this video: 25:50 The "reason" that Hume critiqued was abstract thought divorced from the input of concrete experience, which was the mode of knowing about the world that the Rationalist philosophers advocated. Hume and other Empiricists rejected the idea that one could derive truth about the world simply by connecting thoughts to other thoughts following rules of reason or logic; truths about the world have to be discovered in the world itself, not in the minds of people who only entertain ideas about the world. This is an important distinction to make, because it underlines a huge weakness in the worldview of online "skeptics", who seem to believe that abstract reason alone can produce anything of concrete practical value. It can't. It's a tool, and, just like any other tool, it's only useful within the limited range of pursuits for which it's specifically suited. One of the many pursuits for which it's unsuited is the discovery of moral or ethical values, which is essentially the point Hume was making when he wrote the quoted passage.

This video was an actual masterpiece

Yet another absurd hit-piece full of strawmen and ridiculous leaps of what we will generously call "logic." The surest way to spot a fanatic is their seeing fanaticism everywhere but in themselves. Opening with proclamations of how you're not going to act like Kathy Newman and then just rephrasing her drivel isn't fooling anyone. You have, as usual, made no arguments. You have simply stated your ideological presumptions as a given and proceeded from there pointing out how—obviously—anyone who contradicts you is clearly evil. Lame. As to the corporate link: no, they don’t believe your bullshit. They are simply co-opting it to control you. Fundamentalism is handy to those in power that way. Congratulations on selling your soul to the very people you claim to oppose in exchange for a pat on the head and the vacant assurance that yes, YOU are the GOOD people. Now, regarding postmodernism and “Marxism.” Yes, they are a contradiction and Peterson has always pointed this out. No one ever accused you guys of consistency or intellectual rigor.

I wasn't arguing; I was dismissing. You are totalitarians. You are deceitful. You are slanderous. Your best “minds” are obfuscating, pseudo intellectual hacks. That you preach your bigotry in the name of tolerance fools no one. In short, you are morally and intellectually equivalent to people like the Westburo Baptists. The only differences between you are matters of window-dressing, not substance.

not an argument

This is one of your best.

Unrelated to the video, but you are getting cuter by the day it would seems! (Cute enough that I would lock you up in my polyamourous BDSM dungeon. And I mean that in a totally not creepy, positive way.)

Waiting for a deconstruction of Dave Rubin as well ^_^

Obviously the identity politics game isn't an intelligent plot to overthrow western culture. That's an unforeseen side effect.

+ContraPoints Basically, Peterson doesn't understand shit about philosophy and you're giving him way too much credit.

Bro, are you related to Kinobody / Greg O'Gallagher?

Minor point - the Newman interview isn't BBC. it's Channel 4, whose newsroom is run by ITN

Why go after Peterson he is a petulant child...if you want to critique someone actually intelligent Ben Shapiro is the one.

I wanted to write something smart (mansplain) but really you said enough

Protections for transgender persons will lead to Stalinism? I think this means that Mr. Peterson is another guy who can, in my humble opinion, jump up his own ass. In fact, I'd be willing to help him in that endeavor.

contra is right in that peterson and other neo-liberals are hypocritical for their reactionary stance toward the fruits of liberalism/the enlightenment, and yet still clinging to the root which produced them.

Good and very informative video. It's sad that people actually take Peterson seriously.

Natalie I love your content. It is really refreshing to see someone deconstruct Peterson's views, and argue against the most charitable interpretation of his philosophy. One question: you frame Peterson's self-help content as a "Trojan Horse" for his political agenda, but are you sure it isn't the other way around? It seems to me that he gets a lot of attention for his political beliefs: that's the source of his initial notoriety, it's what interviewers ask him about, and it's certainly what gets him play time on right wing and "new center" media circuits. However his direct messaging to his supporters (i.e. his book and his lectures) seem to lean far more toward the personal responsibility side of things. I think you could argue that rather than being his true end-game, Peterson's politics have served as the hook with which he got the attention of a generation of lost young men who've been spoon-fed this reactionary anti-sjw rhetoric for so long, and largely he's used his spotlight to push his own positive message. He didn't have to do that. I'm sure Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin would have been happy to continue having him on every couple months to talk about nothing other than the excesses of the left and "cultural marxists" since the initial bill C16 debate in Canada.

Girl you are just a force of nature. People just have to respect your intellect and your talent. That is what makes you so effective. Just great.

Channel 4 not BBC (very different things in the uk) , aside from that the video is phenomenal.

I don't feel to comfortable about this. It's way to erotic for me to consider criticism against Peterson (also it make my peepee feel funny)

Marxism or any modern(and not postmodernist deconstructionist) "Progressive" ideas which purports to be for betterment of people in general fail in the fact that they either are ignorant about or underestimate their own(and their comrades') capacity for evil Postmodernist deconstructionist ideas, on the other hand, have deconstructed everything to the point that action becomes impossible for them. A truly postmodern intellectual would either be a nihilist or a buddhist monk, because if everything is a power game, and power games are in net, harmful, then why bother playing them..? With irony you can only do so much. Read the writings of David Foster Wallace on irony And how he predicted an age of authencity and authentic emotions and authentic talk(have seen those clips of Dr Peterson breaking down and getting emotional) almost a decade ago

This is freaking brilliant. You're like the political Plinkett

Economical hierarchies are products of competence.

Natalie is getting so pretty!!

little brain: determinism larger brain: manifest destiny even larger brain: divine right of kings largest brain: all hail the lobster queen

ooooh that post credits like some fuckin marvel shit

"Everyone is problematic and I disown them all." Twitterpated

I'm not going to lie, informative as these videos are, the lighting may be my favourite part. I fucking LOVE the lighting!

Hey, really big Jordan Peterson fan here but I honestly really enjoyed this video and subbed as a result. Recently I have been experiencing this discrepancy that although Jordan Peterson espouses that people shouldn't be ideologically possessed I feel like a lot of his fans or at least right-wingers seem to have these very symptoms. So I've been looking for more balanced viewpoints that doesn't seem inflammatory in nature or clickbaity and wow you really enlightened me on actual left perspectives and had fair critiques while being really entertaining. So thanks, looking forward to more.

Kudos for having the open-mindedness to look for critique and challenging perspectives! I wish I could encounter more of those values on the internet.

God save the Queen. A fascist regime...

I love Jordan Peterson and I think this video is great

All hail lobsters! And short fingernails.

so, as you know, this is where us SJWs hold our meetings and I would like to bring forward an agenda for us. it's: -kill people -burn shit -fuck school

*I'm fuckin' radical, nigga*

Oh! Darling! You should stop having sex with people from the far right! Intolerance could be contagious! [btw, I loved the counterargument of the lobster queen!]

The Cathy Newman interview is not BBC, it's Channel 4, that's a 5 second google. (With you on Hume). I think you miss represent his objection too bill C-16, it was not an issue of prefered pro-nouns, but compelled speech, which is an Orwellian line to cross. Set design is on point, strangely impressed by your wallpaper door.

Yugio psycho analysis

Great write-up in Current Affairs

I dont agree with a lot of your opinions but appreciate the reasoned arguements atleast (and creepy humor, haha..). Ive heard not great things and didnt expect it. Good job.

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Every time you call Jordan Peterson 'daddy' I die inside.

Huge win in the battle of ideas

Even the more critical comments actually address the points (or lack thereof) made in the video, instead of just going for the low hanging fruit of throwing cliched anti-left buzzwords at her.

Happy to see how many comments come from JP fans who genuinely welcomed a new perspective and listened to her points. I greatly admire that approach and I wish I'd see more of that on both sides.

Kanji Well actually it's a yes or no question. You can add caveats if you want to. Seriously, it's quite pretentious to beat around the bush.

Whenever she says “so you are saying is” is not putting words at someone mouth, is interpreting for an audience, this is at the most shitty hosting but it happens in every prime time interview, this one time the crutch became more noticeable

No she isn't, she put words in his mouth consistently. "So you're saying this" and "you're saying that". The way she conducted that interview was disgusting personally.

Well, he's basically a coward that can't really admit what he wants to say, because everyone would reject those ideas, so he has to pretend and use weasel words. Hiding is all he can do. Taking that away would be almost like bullying.

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