Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon, Blue Origin, Family, And Wealth

Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon, Blue Origin, Family, And Wealth

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If. Welcome, to Berlin thanks it's great to be here I have, to tell you when we were sitting in the first row just a couple of minutes ago when the heartbeat. Was. There Jeff looked at me and I was breathing in and out and he looked at me and asked what years are you nervous he said yes I'm always nervous on occasions, like that then, he said so. Am I really. The, richest man the world is nervous because he received the Oxford Springer award. So. Be, a, bit forgiving. We. Are both nervous. Jeff, we are so glad to, really celebrate you tonight, most. Importantly, apart from all the reasons, that. We heard, because. You are role model for other young. Founders. For, entrepreneurs, who really have great. Ideas crazy, ideas, unconventional. Ideas and need. Encouragement to simply do it and go, for it and you have shown it to the world so that is, really for. Me the. Most important, thing and in. That context, the first question you. Used to work in New York as an investment banker so in an investment banker is actually the exact opposite, of an entrepreneur, he's delegating, risks to other people and basically. How. Did you find out how, did you think. That you should move from Investment. Banking to really launch a company I. Think. I'd always wanted, to do it even since I was a kid I had the idea of, the people who every time I look at something it, looks like, it could be improved, you know there's something wrong with it so I go through it like how, could, this restaurant. Be better how could you, know and so, I've always had that kind of idea by, the way before we really, get into this the, how about this amazing, production. The, you and your team have put together this is truly incredible it for, its originality, like, these boxes. That you were filming live that's just crazy, cool, so thank, you like it. It's. Incredible, but, I think, the. Great thing about humans. In general is, we're, always improving things and so entrepreneurs. And. Inventors. And. You know if they follow their curiosity. And they, follow. Their passions, and they figure something out and then they figure how to make it better and they're never satisfied. And. And, you need to harness that in my view you, need to harness that energy. Primarily. On your, customers. Instead. Of on your competitors. And so where I see I sometimes see, companies. And even young small. Startup companies entrepreneurs go, awry is they start to pay more attention to their competition than, they do to their customers, and I, think that that I, think.

That In big mature industries. That. Can be that might be a, winning. Approach, in some cases kind, of close following, let other people be the pioneers, and you. Know and, go, down the blind alleys there's many things that a, new inventive, company, tries won't work, and. So those mistakes, and errors and failures do cost real, money and. And and so maybe in a mature industry that we're growth rates are slow and changes, very slow but, as you see in the world more and more there. Aren't very many mature. Industries, change is happening everywhere, you know we see it in the automobile industry with. Self-driving, cars and but, you could go right down the line of every industry and you would see it but, wait do you have any idea where where your ambition, really comes. From what was, driving you I really. Don't know, you. Know my I've been passionate about certain, things, forever. And I fell, in love with computers, in fourth grade I got very lucky my. Elementary, school had. A teletype. That got connected to a mainframe computer that, some business, and, downtown. Houston, donated, a little bit of computer, time to this is you know you can picture these teletypes. They had the punch tape and they. Had 300. Baud modem you, would dial up the phone and put it in the cradle and so, we had some time sharing on that mainframe computer, none, of the teachers knew how to use it so me and two other kids date after school and sort of figured out how to do it and figure it out and kind of taught ourselves programming. From, books I think, one thing that is I. Got. Very, lucky early, in my childhood look we all get, gifts. And. We, get certain. Things our life that our that. We're very lucky about and one, of the most powerful one is who your early role models are you know you could think it was your grandfather. It was in a big sense maybe my mom and dad but my grandfather too, and. You. Know I had my mom had me when she was. 17. Years, old and she, was still in high school in, Albuquerque New Mexico and, this, is in 1964. I can assure you that being. A pregnant, teenager. In high school was not cool in Albuquerque, New Mexico at, that time and. So. It's. In, so. It was a very it, was difficult for her my, grandfather, went to bat for her they, tried to kick her out of school and you know he, they're. Incredible, I had so, the gift I had is I had this incredible, family could, you describe a little bit the role of your grandfather, because sure let's mentioned it I think it was it. Was super, important, for me and and I spent, an unusual, amount of time with. My. Grandparents. And especially with my grandfather, on the ranch so he had a ranch in South Texas and, I. Would spend my summers there from age 4 to 16, and, they when I was four they were taking, me for, the summer to kind of give my parents a break you. Know it's sort of because they were so young. And. It, was useful and I was a handful, I'm sure and. And. Anyway, hee, hee hee, hee created. The illusion for me when I was 4 years old that I was helping, him on the. Ranch which. Of course could, not have been true but. I believed, it and, and. Then it's by the time I was 16 of course I was actually helping on the ranch I you know I could I can fix prolapsed, cattle, I can you, know we did all of our veterinary. Work some. Of the cattle even survived. And we. Fixed windmills, and laid you, know water pipelines, and built fences, and barns, and fix, that fixed the bulldozer that you guys talked about and so, one, of the things that's so interesting about, that, lifestyle. And about my grandfather, is he. Did everything himself. You, know he didn't call of that if one of the animals was sick he figured out what to do himself and.

So. What does it mean no delegation being resourceful, I think is the you know that you can always you can't if there's a problem there's. A solution and of. Course as you as you mature, and, and get into the business world and anything you do on a team you very quickly realize that it's, not about just your own resourcefulness. It's about team, resourcefulness, and how does that work and, but. That attitude, of my grandfathers was. Very but he was full of wisdom you know John, mentioned the story about the, words, my grandfather gave to me at one point of it's. It's harder to be kind than clever that, story, the the slightly longer version of that story because this was really powerful wisdom. Is that, I made my grandmother, burst into tears and the. Way I did it was we were driving. On a long road trip and she. Was a chain-smoker. And this, was I was probably I, don't, know ten years old so this was around. 1974. And, it. Was in a period of time where there were heavy, radio, advertisements. Sort of anti-smoking. Radio. Advertisements. Trying to convince people to stop smoking and, one, of the advertisements, had. This figure. In it it said something like, every. Puff of a cigarette takes, so. Many minutes off of your life I think it was two minutes but I can't remember every, puff of a cigarette so I sat there in the backseat on this. Long, car. Ride and calculated. How many years, she. Had, taken off of her life and, in. My ten-year-old. Mind, I had been extremely clever to do this and so when, I was finished with my arithmetic, I. Proudly. Announced to her how, many years she had taken, off of her life, and I. Got a reaction, I did not expect. With, her bursting into tears and so, my grandfather stopped, the car, and he. Took. Me out of the car and I had no idea what's about to happen because he, had never said a cross word to me and I thought his he might actually be angry with me but he wasn't he took me out just cuz so she we had some privacy from her and he, said this these incredible. Words that you're gonna he said you're gonna figure out one day that. It's harder to be kind than clever. Actually. Your brother also plays an important role you have a very good religiously. Try that he's still a firefighter, he is he's a volunteer firefighter, in Scarsdale New York he's also the funniest person I know when. I'm with him I'm just laughing continuously. First of all I'm a good audience, I you know I I. Laugh, easily. But, but, he he, is really. Very very. Funny and my sister too we're all very close and I, have my mother to, thank for that because, she worked hard to make sure as we grew up that we stayed close together and she. Takes all the grandkids for one week every summer so that me and my sister and our spouses can go on a trip together so, we end up spending a lot of time together, for. Me the most moving image that we saw tonight is the one that John showed. Where, you and Mackenzie are preparing. The, table the famous table, which, is very. Moving because it shows how he really starts from the very scratch, I mean and, also. It illustrates, symbolically, that it was the the launch of Amazon was really something that you did together. Oh yeah but you tried a little bit what, Mackenzie's, role was. Mackenzie. You know she had married this stable, guy working, on Wall Street and a. Year after we got married I, went to her and said I want to quit my job, move. Across the country and, start this. Internet. Bookstore, and Mackenzie. Of course like everybody that I explained this to her. First question was what's the internet because, nobody knew this is, 1994. And, but. But, she even, before she could say what's the internet she said great let's go, because, she, wanted to support. It and she knew that I had always had this passion for invention. And and. And and starting a company and so. Again. I think you, know McKenzie. Is an example of this but. It's. Talking about with my my mom and my, dad who's a Cuban immigrant and you have he, came to the, US when he was 16. And refugee. Camp in the Everglades, they. Are, they're. So loving, and supportive, that when you have loving and supportive people in your life like McKenzie my parents my grandfather, my grandmother you.

End Up. Being. Able to take risk because. I think it's one of those things you know it, doesn't. You. Kind of know somebody's, got your back and, so it's just as you're. Thinking about it logically it's an emotional, thing so, for, me you, think that unconditional laughs if you feel and experience unconditional laughs it's I think. By. The way I think it's probably true of all kinds of risks in life not just starting, a business I mean life is full different risks and I think that when. You think about the things that you will regret when, you're 80 they, are almost always, the things that you did not do they are acts of omission they're. Not you're not very, rarely are you gonna regret. Something that you did and it failed and didn't work or whatever but the acts of omission the, thing you know it's, not and I got I'm not just about business things it's like you. Know I, loved. That person and I never told. Them and then you know 50. Years later like why didn't I tell her you know why didn't I go after it so, that's the kind of that's, the kind of life regret, that is very hard to. Be. Happy about when. You're telling, yourself in, a private moment that. Story, of your life, so. I think it's it's anyway, I have been I've. Been won that lottery I won that lottery of having so, many people in my life. Who. Gave, have given me that unconditional. Love and and I do think you know Mackenzie's definitely one of those and so we moved and then, Mackenzie, who. Has officially no. Skill. In this area at all really. I mean you're the least suited person for this she, did our accounting. For. Like the first year was, it the first year something, like that and, she. Did it well I mean that's really that's, what's amazing my, wife is a is a novelist, she's won the American Book Award. You, know Toni. Morrison, and the Nobel Prize winning author who, is Mackenzie's, teacher at Princeton, so, did she, said. On Charlie, on the Charlie Rose show that, Mackenzie, Toni Morrison, the no oppressor said about Mackenzie the Mackenzie, was. Her best student ever and. So anyway, she's Mackenzie, there's a very talented novelist, but she is not an accountant. But. She pulled it off and then you know again you know just we all get done what we need to get done did she then suggests that you focus on book business at the beginning the author no I there was you already I picked, books it is true you know she's a big reader I'm a big reader but the but, that's not why I picked books I picked books because. There. Were more items, in the book category, than any other category and, so you could build, Universal. Selection, there were three million in 1994. When I was, pulling. This idea, together the. The, the three million different books active, and in print at any given time in the largest physical bookstore has only had about a hundred and fifty thousand, different titles and so, I could see how you could make a bookstore, online with Universal, selection, every, book ever printed even, out of print ones was the original vision for the, company and so that's why books and when did you know that Amazon, is going to.

Be Something way bigger than just a bookstore well, I knew that the books strangely. Because I was very prepared for this to take a really long time I knew that the books. Business, was gonna be successful in the first thirty days I was shocked, at. How many books we sold we were ill-prepared. You. Know I had we, had all the we, had only ten people in the company at that time and most of them are software engineers and so everybody including, me and the suckers were all like packing boxes, we, didn't even have packing, tables, and down, we were on our hands and knees on a concrete floor packing, the boxes, and about. You know 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning I said to one of my software. Engineering colleagues, I said. You. Know Paul, we. This is killing my knees we, need to get knee pads and Paul. Looked at me and he's like Jeff we, need to get packing, tables. And. I was, like oh my, god that is such a good idea the, next day I bought packing, tables and it doubled our productivity, and probably, saved our backs and our knees to. Amazon. Had serious, crisis is in 2000, oh you went almost. Bankrupt. So what, went wrong and what did you learn we, had, so many there's been so many we. Haven't had any existential, crisis. Knock on wood if, I don't, want to jinx anything. But. We've had a lot of, kind. Of dramatic. Events I remember. There. Early, on we. Only had 125. Employees. When. Barnes and Noble who the big you at united states bookseller. Opened. Their online, website. To compete against us Barnes and we'd had about a two year window we opened in 95, they. Opened in 97, and at, that time all of the headlines and the funniest were about how we were about to be destroyed. By this much larger company we had 125. Employees and. 60. Million dollars, a year in, annual sales, 60 million with an M and, that. And. Barnes, and Noble at the time had, 30,000. Employees and. About. Three, billion dollars, in sales, so, they, were giant, we were tiny and we. Had limited resources and, the, the headlines, were very. Negative about Amazon, and the. One that's most minimal our memorable, was just, Amazon, toast. And. And. So. I called, it All Hands meeting which. Was not hard to do with just 125, people and, we got in a room and because it was so scary. For all of us this. Idea that now we finally had a big competitor, that, literally. Everybody's. Parents were calling and saying you know are you ok is the figure it's, usually the moms, calling. And asking their, children are you gonna be ok so and, I said look you know it, it's okay to be afraid but. Don't be afraid of our competitors, because they're, never going to send us any money, be afraid of our customers, and if we just stay focused on them and. Instead. Of obsessing. Over, this big competitor, that we just got that. Will be fine, and. I really do believe that I think that if you stay focused then the more. Drama. There is and, everything else no matter what the drama is whatever the external, distraction, is the. The what your response, to it should be to double, down on the, customer. Satisfying. Them not just satisfying their delighting, them yeah today. Amazon, is. Employing, five, hundred sixty, six thousand people you're probably the biggest. Job creator of recent. Times at. The same time you aggressively. Criticized, by unions, and by media. For, paying. Low. Wages for. Inappropriate. Working, conditions, how, do you deal with these, accusations, well. First. Of all when any criticism.

Aren't, My approach to criticism, and what I teach. And preach inside, Amazon is when. You're criticized, first. Look, in a mirror and decide. Are your critics right if. They're right, change. Don't. List no, but. Not in this case but we've had critics be right before and we've changed we have we have made mistakes and. You know I can go I can go through a long list though probably the one, of the early most painful, ones it's. It's so stupid, it's hard to believe how. We, ever did it but, I'm in, the early. On with the Kindle maybe the first year of the Kindle or the second year of the Kindle we. Had, accidentally. Illegally. Sold. For. Given, away I guess copies, of the. Famous. Novel 1984. Because. It had a complicated, copyright, history it was in. Copyright, in the US and not in the UK or something strange like this so it was in the public domain but only in certain geographies. And we, had screwed that up and. The. Somehow. And this, is this is a kind of mistake that only a corporation, can make an individual, can't make this mistake because. Somehow it's like it happens at the at. The intersections. Of the different teams so you've got the legal department saying. Oh crap we've made this mistake and, and, you've got the books team anyway. The. Answer that the, the, company. Came up with was. - without. Any notice or warning just. Electronically. Go, into, everybody's, kindle who had downloaded that book and just disappear. It. So. It would be as if we walked into your bedroom in. The middle of the night found. Your bookshelf, and just. Took. That book away and. And. So it was a hit so we were rightly criticized, for that it, was and, and and we we, responded, to that on the condition, and the issue of of, working, conditions I'm, very proud of our working conditions and I'm very proud of the wages that we pay you know in Germany we employ. 16,000. People we, pay at the high end of the range for any. Comparable, work so, is it a union right because, the union want to make sure that you are unionized, or what, is the real substance of the code it's a good question I you know and this is in my longer.

Version, Of how to deal with critics, because there are two kinds of critics. There. Are well-meaning, critics. Who. You. Know they, they're. Worried, it's not gonna work but, they do want it to work and so, it could be I can give you example customer reviews and be one of those when. We first did customer, reviews, 20. Years ago publishers. Were some book publishers, we're not happy about it because some of them are negative and, so it was very controversial, practice, at that time but we thought was right and so we stuck to our guns and, and and. And had a DP on that and didn't didn't didn't change. But. There's. A second kind of critic, which, is the self-interested. Critic and they come in all shapes and sizes you know they're so. They can be any kind of institution. Competitors. Of, course, and so, when you are doing some in a new way and if, customers, embrace, the new way, what's. Gonna happen is, incumbents. Who are practicing the older way are, not, going to like you and they're. Gonna be self-interested, critics, and so you do need if you're looking yourself in the mirror to try and tease those two things apart you. Know in our view you, know we have Verret, we have we, have workers councils, of course and we have very good communications. With our employees so we don't. Believe that we need a union to be, an intermediary, between us, or our employees but. Of course at the end of the day it's always the employees choice and, and. That's how it should be so we're but. But for sure we would be very naive to, believe, that, we're not going to be criticized, I mean that's just part of the terrain. You have to accept that when I tell people is if you're gonna be if you're gonna do anything new or innovative, you. Have to be willing to be misunderstood. If, you, cannot, if, you can't afford to be misunderstood. Then for goodness sake don't do anything new or innovative Maggie. Thatcher said leadership is not to be pleased by the moment, perfect. But. Your. Most prominent, critic at the moment is the President of the United States people. Are even saying that he may be willing, to prepare. Initiatives. To break up Amazon because it's too big it's too successful. It's too dominant in too many sectors, or for very other reasons, first, of all is this scenario. Of a brake of something that you take, seriously or. You. Think it's just a fantasy for. Me again, this is one of the things where you.

Know I focus. On a NASCAR. Teams to focus on what we can control, and I. Expect. Whether, it's you know the current US administration or. Any, other government. Agency anywhere in the world Amazon. Is now a large. Corporation. And I, expect, us to be scrutinized we. Should be scrutinized I think all large institutions. Should be. Scrutinized. And, examine, it's it's, reasonable. And, what's. You know one thing to note about us is that we. Have. We. Have we, have gotten, big, in absolute, terms only very recently so we've always been growing fast and percentage, terms but. In, in. 2010. Just eight years ago we. Had 30,000. Employees so. In the last eight years we've, gone from 30,000. Employees to, 560. Thousand employees so. For us it's. Kind of you know in my mind I'm still delivering, the packages, to the post office myself, you see what I'm saying I still it. I still have all the memories of, you. Know hoping that one day we could afford a forklift, and, so. Obviously, that's my my, intellectual, brain knows that's just not the case anymore, we have 560,000. Plays all over the world and, and. I. Know we. Should be scrutinized, and I think it's true of big government institutions. Should be scrutinized big, nonprofit, institutions, should be scrutinized big, universities. Should be screwed it just makes sense is it's a and that's by the way why. The work that the Washington Post and the other great newspapers, around the world do is so important, because they're, often the ones doing. That initial, scrutiny, even before the government agencies, do but in a way the general sentiment, towards the, big innovative. Tech companies. Has. Changed I mean Facebook. Google, Apple. Amazon. They used to be seen, as the nice guys in t-shirts that, are saving the world and now they're sometimes portrayed, as, the kind of evil, of the world, and. The, debate about the. Big four or the big five The. Economist, is, suggesting. Split, up. Of. Other, powerful. People, like, George Soros are giving speeches in Davos. The. EU, Commission is taking. Pretty tough positions, here do, you think that there is a change. In mindset in the society, and what should the. Big tech companies, what should Amazon, learn. From that or do with that I I think, I do sense I mean I think again I think it's a natural instinct, I think we humans, especially in, the Western world and, especially inside. Democracies. Are, wired. To, be. Skeptical. And, mindful. Of large, institutions of, any kind, skeptical I'm sure we're, skeptical of our government, always in the United States state, governments, local governments. I assume, it's similar in Germany it's. Healthy, because. They're big powerful institutions. You know the the police the military whatever, it is it doesn't mean that you don't trust them or that they're bad or evil. Or anything like that they're, just they have they. Have a lot of power and control and so you want to inspect them maybe that's a better word you kind of want to always be inspecting, them and I think if you look at the big tech companies, they. Have gotten, large enough that. That they, need they're going to be inspected, and and by the way it's not personal I think where some of the you can go astray on, this if you're the founder, of a company, one. Of these big tech companies or any other big institution, if, you, if you go astray on this you might start to take it personally, like, why are, you inspecting, me you. Know and and and I think that you, know I. Wish. That that. People would just say yes it's. Fine the whole attitude towards. Data. Protection, and privacy yeah, has always been different between Europe, and the United States but it's also at the moment, in. The context, of Cambridge and alayka changing, in the United States. What. Are the consequences for a company like Amazon and. I. Don't. You know my, view on on this, for, Amazon, is it is hysterical. Or is it I. Think. This is one of the great questions of our age you know we have I. Think. Of the internet so the Internet is this big new. Powerful. Technology. It's horizontal it affects every industry, and then if you think of even more broadly tech, and machine, learning and Big Data and all these these, kinds of things these, are big horizontal. Powerful. Technologies. And, in my view so, we've been at scale, the Internet is quite old at this point it's been around a long time but. At scale it's really only been around you know 10. Or 15 years it's so it's because, you know go back in time 20 years it was tiny and, so. At scale, units are only 10 or 15 years and, we. Have learn as a civilization, as, a human, species we, haven't learned how to operate it yet, so.

We're Still we're, we as a civilization, are, still figuring that out and so, it. Has, fantastic, it, gives us fantastic. Capabilities. I mean you know the fact that I can look up almost anything on Wikipedia. In five, seconds, is an unbelievable. Capability. That just simply didn't exist 20 years ago and. And. So, on and so on and so on there's so many good things but we're also finding, out that. That these powerful, tools enable. Some very bad things - like you. Know letting, authoritarian. Governments, interfere, and free. Democratic, elections around the world this is fall that's an incredibly, scary, thing. Advocating. A balance of let's say entrepreneurs, who are really, moving. Their businesses forward politicians. And regulators who, are defining a certain framework, society. Journalists. Who are asking. Role. In this which is what you asked, me is I think first, of all we have a duty, on behalf, of. Society. To try and help educate. Any. Regulators, you know give them our point of view on this sincerely. Without any cynicism, or skepticism this is what we believe and then. But. It's not altima our decisions, so we, will will. Work with any set of regulations that we're given ultimately, that society, decides, that we, will follow those rules regardless. Of the impact they have on our business, and we, will find a new way if need be to, delight customers so we will always, be, again. Some of these things which have to worry about is the. Problem, what. I would not want to see happen is. That. Is. You don't want to block invention. And innovation so, that's always the, the one. Of the things one of the unintended consequences. Often of. Regulation. Is that. It. Really, favors, the incumbents, now. Amazon, at this point is an incumbent so maybe I should be happy about that but but I wouldn't be because, I think for a society, you. Really want to see continued, progress you really want to see so to, the degree that we have regulation, you, want to be sure, that, it is. Incenting. Innovation, and not blocking it while at the same time protecting but data security, privacy. Encryption. You, know how do you. How. Do you safeguard. People's. Physical. Safety, against. Terrorists. And bad actors, all over the world and how, do you balance that, against. Privacy. These. Are very challenging questions, and, we. Are running out of time but we're going to answer them in a no in even a few years I mean I think it's going to be an ongoing thing for but data, security. And. Privacy, is, going to be a competitive, advantage for companies or disadvantage, is very respectful, with it I hundred. Percent agree with this and I think you know with, customers. One. Of the reasons we have been able to extend into new business areas, and first, of new product category is that going way back we just saw books and then we sort of soy music and DVDs, and electronics. And toys and so on and that we've extended in into. Electronic. Reading with Kindle the, reason customers, have been receptive in large part to our new initiatives, is because.

We Have worked hard, to earn trust with them earning. Trust with customers is is. A valuable, business asset and if, you. Mistreat. Their data they. Will know, they will figure it out customers. Are very smart, you should never underestimate customers. People. Are getting hungry but I have some brief, questions left, you. Aren't, preparing, a second headquarter it's going to be in the US why didn't you consider to do it in Europe I wanted. It in a time. Zone either in. We looked at Canada u.s. and Mexico, and. We. Still Toronto. It's. Not. When. You buy when you bought the post there. Were people saying well that's just a personal, toy he wants to have some political influence other people thought, that is a new strategic element, of Jeff's strategy, yeah, I. Yeah. Of course you can explain things to people but you can't understand, things to people and so I can I can, you. Know. All. I can do is is say, what really my thought process, was and, I, was not looking to buy a newspaper. I had, it, had never even crossed my mind. And. So. When the opportunity, came up because. I only came up because I had known Don Graham at that point for more than 15 years any. Of you who are lucky enough to know Don knows that he is the most, honorable, gentleman. That, she will ever meet you, know Don very well. He's. A remarkable guy and he, so loved the post that. He. Believed. Even though this was a huge personal, sacrifice, for him because I've been in his family for so long that he needed to find a new home for it, I think, he was I think, he didn't there were certain, purchasers, he was hoping would not end up buying the post. Because. He wanted it to remain independent. He. Went, so when he approached me with. This I said. You know I'm the wrong guy because, I don't know anything about the newspaper business and he, said that's okay because we have a lot of people at the post who know a lot about the newspaper, business and, what, we really need is somebody. Who knows something more about the Internet, and. The. Post was in, very difficult, financial, position, at that time and. So for. Me I had to decide.

What. It wasn't, hopeless and I didn't believe it was hopeless I thought I was optimistic that the post could be turned around and. Then, second. I had to decide did. I want to put my own time and energy into this and. And. And that for me I just had to ask the simple question is it an important, institution and. The answer is that question is yeah it was very obvious to me as soon as I thought about that way it's, like okay I think I actually can, help I can help in two ways I can provide the. Financial resources while, this turnaround occurs, and I, can also help with my internet knowledge and then, is it worth is it an institution, worth saving, you bet it's the it's the most, important, newspaper in, the most important. Capital, city in the, Western world crazy. Not to not. To save, that newspapers you're gonna be very happy when I'm 80 that I made that decision. I. Assume, that you have seen Steven Spielberg's film the post yeah yeah. I've seen it a couple of times so what is the lesson that you learned from that and could you imagine also to buy and save other newspapers, no, I I get that I get that request. Monthly. Yeah I get I get I really, do and I yes. And I told, them I know, I'm the post, is it for me I'm not in I'm, not interested, in buying other newspapers. But. I do I, do I watch that movie and. You. Know it's it's, helpful I love. That. Movie and also reading Catherine Graham's memoir. Which won a Pulitzer, Prize is an amazing, book. Because. It, it. Gets, me ready you know I as. The owner of the post I know that at, times the post is going to write stories they're gonna. Make. Very, powerful, people very unhappy, and you upset if they have writing critical stories about Amazon we do know I know when. I first bought the book. And. I never I would be humiliated. To interfere I would be so embarrassed, I would I would. Turn bright red and there's. Nothing to do with, I. Don't, even get so far I just don't want to for, me it would feel icky, it would feel gross. It would feel it would be one of those things when I'm 80 years old I would, be so unhappy, with myself if. I interfere why, would I, I want, that paper to be independent. So it's, in well we, have a fantastic editor, and Marty Baron we, have a fantastic publisher. And Fred Ryan the head of our technology, team a guy named Charlie she's fantastic. They. Don't need my help in the newsroom for sure, first, of all that's also an expert's job it would be like me getting on the airplane and going up to the front of the plane and saying the pilot should move aside let me do this you know. Could. You share with us briefly the vision of Blue. Origin and the idea of kind of space tourism with, renewable rockets super, important. To me in if I. Believe. On the longest, time frame and I really here I'm thinking of a time frame of a, couple hundred years. So. Over many decades I believe. And I get increasing, conviction, with this with every passing year the Blue, Origin the. Space company, is the most important, work I'm doing, and, so there is a whole plan. For. Blue rages so you'd say. Retail. Online. E-commerce. Publishing. And that's. All less relevant, yes and I'll. Tell you why and so first, of all of course I'm interested in space because I'm passionate about it and I've been studying. It and thinking about it since I'm a 5 year old boy but. That is not why I'm pursuing, this work I'm pursuing, this work because. I, believe. If we don't we will eventually, end up with a civilization. Of stasis, which. I find very.

Demoralizing. I don't want my great. Grandchildren's. Great-grandchildren. To live in a civilization, of stasis we, all enjoy us a dynamic, civilization. Of growth, and change and, and, let's, think about what powers, that we. Are not, really. Energy, constrained, and so let. Me give you just a couple of numbers, if. You take. Your. Body your, metabolic, rate, as a human, as just an animal, you eat food that's, your metabolism. You. Burn about a hundred, watts your power your. Your your body is about a hundred bits the same as a 100 watt light bulb, we're incredibly efficient, your, brain is about 60 watts of that amazing. And so. We. But. You know but if you extrapolate. In, developed, countries, where we use a lot of energy on average. In developed countries our. Civilizational. Metabolic, rate is 11, thousand, watts so. Our. If. In a natural, state you know where we're animals, we're. Only using a hundred watts in our. Actual developed, world state we're using eleven thousand, watts and it's, growing for, a century or. More it's been compounding. At a few percent a year our, energy usage as a civilization now. If you take baseline. Energy. Usage, globally. Across, the whole world and. Compound. It at just, a few percent a year for just a few hundred years you. Have to cover the entire surface, of the earth, in solar cells. So. That's the real, energy crisis, and it's. Happening, soon. And by soon I mean within just a few hundred years and so, we don't actually have that much time so what can you do well. You can have a life of stasis where you cap how much energy we get, to use if to work only on efficiency, by, the way we've, always been working on energy efficiency and, still. We grow our energy. Usage it's, not like we have been squandering, energy, we have been getting, better at using it with every passing decade and still, we've got so. Stasis. Would be very, bad I think now, take, the alternative, scenario where. You move out into. The. Solar system the solar system can easily support a trillion, humans and if. We had a trillion, humans, we, would have a thousand, Einsteins, and a thousand, Mozart's and, unlimited. For all practical purposes. Resources. From, solar power and so on why. Not that's that's. The world I want my, great grandchildren's. Great grandchildren, to live in and by. The way I believe that we will move all heavy, in that timeframe we. Will move all heavy, industry. Off, of, Earth and, earth. Will be zoned, residential. And light industry and it, will basically be, a very, beautiful planet we have robotic. Probes to. Every, planet in this, solar system now and believe. Me this is the best one, it. Is not even close but Jeff when can it buy the first ticket to do a little space we're gonna beat so that the first tourism, vehicle, will, we. May fly we won't be selling tickets yet but we may put humans in it at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year, we're. Getting very close you can work out from our engineers we're building a very large orbital, vehicle we've been working on that for more than five years it'll. Fly for the first time in 2020. And the, key is reusability, so, you mentioned, it the the, we cannot, this, civilization. I'm talking, about of you know getting. Comfortable living and working in space and having millions of people and then billions of people and then finally a trillion people in space. You, can't do that with space vehicles that you use once and then throw away it's. A ridiculous. Costly. Way to, get into space the most recent thing. That Amazon is planning is home Roberts assume. It's more than Alexa, walking, so, what's the vision behind it which I saw that rumor, in the press and I can't comment on that okay I see so it seems to be very serious. One. Of the most long-term, thinking. Entrepreneurs. If. It is about companies, and products, and services if, it is about, philanthropy you, recently. Said that you are very short-term think are you really want to deal with them now and here can, you explain that approach I think that's yeah, and. I'm gonna end up doing a mixture of things. We. Started, doing in Seattle. There's. A homeless, shelter called.

Mary's. Place run, by a woman named Marty and. And. That has really impacted my. Thinking. On this issue. Because. What I'm seeing, is that, when you of. Course I'm in, favor of all the I mean long-term, oriented. Philanthropy. Also is a good idea so, I'm not against, that it's. Just I'm finding I'm very motivated, by, the, here-and-now there so seeing, you know a lot of the homelessness that Mary's place works on is Tran and homelessness so when, you go study homelessness. They're, a bunch of causes, of homelessness. Mental. Incapacity. Issues, are very hard, to cure problem. You. Know serious. Drug addiction a very hard to cure problem. But. There's a the, other kind another bucket of homelessness which is transient, homelessness, which. Is you know a woman, with kids. The. Father runs away and he was the only person providing, any income and, they. Have no support. System they have no family, that's transient, homelessness you can really help that person and, you by the way only need to help them for like six to nine months you get, him trained think, you get him a job they're. Perfectly, productive. Members of society. Last. Week we have Bill Gates for dinner here and he said that he has a ridiculous, amount of money and it's so hard to find, appropriate, ways, to do good with the money so, what does money mean for you being the first person in, history that, has a net, worth of three. Digit amount of billion the only way that I can see to. Deploy. This much, financial. Resource, is by. Converting, my Amazon, winnings, into. Space. Travel, so, that's basically, Blue. Origin is expensive, enough to. Be able to use that fortune. And. I'm, currently. Liquidating. About a billion dollars a year of, Amazon, stock, to fund Blue. Origin and I. Plan, to continue to do that, for. A long time so. And you, know so because, you're in you're right you're not gonna you're, not gonna spend it on like a second, you know dinner out you know there's no. It's. You're not you know that's not what we're talking about so so, for me I'm very lucky because I feel like I, have. A. Mission, driven purpose, with Blue Origin that. Is I, think incredibly important. For civilization. Long-term and. I am gonna, use my, financial. Lottery, winnings from Amazon, to fund that with, regard to your personal lifestyle there are no guilty pleasures that you are doing doing unreasonable things with that, guilty, I mean I I. Have lots of pleasures, and you know we. Just came back from an amazing, trip. With. The kids McKenzie, and I did she. Planned the whole thing it was her birthday trip but she planned it all we went to Norway. For three days and we stated an ice hotel, we. Went dog sledding, we. We. Went. To a wolf preserve, and actually. Got to interact with you, know these. Timberwolves. I mean it was really an incredible. Vacation. Of, an incredible, holiday and all we got it all done in three and a half days so, it, was really it was amazing, wonderful Jeff Jon mentioned that's the last question John, mentioned that, you are an ideal, family, man. Kids. Are extremely important for you just mention that when we spoke earlier if. We would talk to your kids. Would. They criticize, their dead they would make. Fun of my singing oh okay. No. God okay, no they. Would. Make. Fun of my inability to remember exact. Words. I'm always quoting, like Churchill, or something and getting it wrong you know he he's, in there like that's not even close, to what, Churchill, said. They. Would. They. Would probably. Depending. On the moment they, might. Criticize. My, laughs. Their. Kids you know. But. But I I'm, lucky I have a very good relationship with him this work life harmony thing, is what I try. To teach young. Employees, actually in senior executives, at Amazon too but especially the, people come in I get we're asked about work-life balance all, the time and.

My View is that's a debilitating. Phrase. Because. It. It. Implies. There's a strict trade-off, and the reality is if I'm happy at home I come, into the office with tremendous energy and if I'm happy at work I come home with tremendous energy and so, it, actually is a circle, it's not a balance, and, and. I think that that is. It's. Worth everybody, paying. Attention to you want happier you never want to be that guy and we all know we, all have a co-worker, who. Is that person who, as soon as they come into the meeting they drain all of the energy out of the room you. Can just feel the energy level go that. You don't want to be that guy so, you want to come into the office and, give, everybody a kick in their step. Jeff. We thank, you very much we congratulate. You for you, have achieved thank you matt has a very. Nice.

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He looks like the male version of the robot Sophia in the thumbnail.

ARCHER studios cus it is nothing to him

And his whole head shines like a waxed bowling ball...

he is...

wrong name lol, but then would we not be ai too

Jason Moffat - To The Top Sites like Amazon and eBay helped millions of average people escape from the average 9 to 5 job. They've changed lots of people's lives.

We're all on the same road. We started in the same place (the Earth), and we all end up going back into it. Some of us have started our journey earlier, some of us drive faster or slower, and some of us have fancier cars, but we are all on the same road ;)

Seba Iancu Best comment on this video.

Trump is president while beezo the clown is owner of amazon.....Being president is far more important than anything beezo the clown has done

It's all in 1 stock. It can taken away real easily.

Sarcasm doesn't exist in the youtube comment section cmn yall know this.

IBOSS Ali It was a sarcastic comment.

Nishchay Srivastava I think you missed the point bud.

They are busy investing in India, no time for your countries

some of those wars were started with violent opposition to globalisation from the right, others had little to do with globalisation, too little detail in your picture, did you loose your job at the coal factory?

Exactly beezos the clown is an evil globalist..Also the washington post has CIA ties

Both are very humble for being CEOs. Bezos seem like an average, but driven guy.

"He tries to harness energy from smaller people" Right. Have you just worked at a job all your life? Or have you had enough of a pair to actually run a business? If so, you'd know that he's simply organizing people's efforts together towards a goal. That's called "Business". Damn tinfoil hat people. *smh*

Really inspiring person. I would love to have conversations with him.

Reptilian + Humanoid = Reptoid.

Bezos, can you clean oceans from plastic first...just before you fly some billionaires to space to have some fun. It's what is needed most now.

I saw Jeff performing at my Circe du Soleil show last night

The elephant in the room is overpopulation.

Predatory capitalism at its finest: Amazon. A monopoly that should be broken up. This guy is the lowest form of life.

More on Blue Origin next time, please. The future is much more important than packing boxes.

Liberals: "I don't care if Bezos is greedy, treats his workers like trash and doesn't pay taxes. What's important is his liberal rhetoric and empty platitudes."

he seems an ok Guy

Amazing visionary!

Someone please get this greedy piece of dirt off my screen. The more money he makes, the more he cuts costs(at the expense of everyone else). This man is one of the lowest contributors to charity out of all billionaires.

Hahaha Trump doesnt need to hate because Trump has something worth more then amazon and that is God you can have a billion trillions all the money and with out God you are nothing bezos is a wicked soul he needs to repent and know that theres only one powerful and that everyone on earth and under the earth depends on All Mighty God. We all have a JUDGE we all to meet one day

There are some 16 other space companies too... other than SpaceX and BlueOrigin

Doesn't that happen from time to time... and Bill Gates gets back again from time to time??

Carl Marcus you must be the rich guy ah

mijachin ikr

Awwww the shitty jealous person is mad

They chose that job vs a higher paying job. And my original comment had nothing to do with workers. I'm talking about the individuals selling on the platform. And if you're complaining about the workers making belowl the national average, you clearly don't understand how business works and have no right to speak on it. The majority of workers in the country make below the national average because they are mediocre low skill jobs. They don't deserve a higher pay. If they want more pay, they should learn better skills so they can demand higher pay. Stop talking about things you don't understand because you're making yourself look dumb. I'm done with this conversation because there's no use arguing with someone that doesn't understand the topic being discussed.

+GamingTV Let's stick with space

I hate to be so cheap with insults but ... cmon guy 150 billion and he tells us about vacationing with family

So... you want to live in OrbitalPlane kingdom! You could own your space farm through us! You can also buy any kind of space real estate with OrbitalLevel too... the options are limitless!

And Jew-owned Bloomberg doesn't keep promoting Jew CEO of Starbucks all the time? What's your point?

Zim O.E yep

Jeremiah John lol true. Infinite amount of wealth huh?

OpportunisticHunter absolutely. I love PayPal. The little guy just starting out would have a hard time without them. If you're broke and just starting out like I was a few years ago, I would've never been able to afford to pay a monthly fee for a payment processor. I hope they survive after the eBay stops using them. They should as a lot of other companies use them as well.

+ Author Craig Daub PayPay also is on the middle. The world would never be as connected without these guys.

hes a consumer like everyone else that likes amazon



What he said about companies focusing more on their competitors than themselves and their customers, can also be applied to individuals. Don't focus on other's and their wealth, focus on yourself.

Fion but he is all about money even if he didn't want to

He put 7,000 jobs on hold in Seattle because he didn’t like a tax on his company that would help the homeless

Scott Koningisor and his blue dik

Nischay Srivastava Um no he's not. Bezos worked hard to get where he's at. I believe Jacob Rothschild and the Rothschild banker family are incomparably the richest, greediest, and sickest people in the world.

Jeff bezos seems like a rich guy, he might become very smart some day

What wars?

OpportunisticHunter show me conclusive proof and I’ll believe you.......

Nishchay Srivastava His real name is probably Hass Halamabad... or something like this الحمار محمد

The plastic man. Disgusting

Jeff Bezos was very fortunate to make the most of a series of gifts, i.e., very nurturing family environment, growing up with a resourceful grandpa, etc. and the courage and subconscious wisdom to take risks!

what about paying taxes , just your fair share... to house Seattle homeless - with that fake laugh.

blue origins transcends anything... right on point. more important than words can describe

Real Rocket men Elon and Jeff make Trumpy and Kimmy Jong seem like a couple of lil’ rocket boys playing with their toys in the sandpit.

I like how the occasional tumbleweed rolls by in the background.

thank you for this interview! Jeff Bezos is a huge inspiration

nothing new

1%? bezos is in the 0.000000001%

That's the case with most wealthy people. And actually, yes he can. If he wanted to, he could sell his shares and receive cash. Why not?

George Ibrahim because you are Jewish and your god is greed?

Scott Koningisor braindead? Or just a neoliberal pseudodemocrat?

Angel Antayhua those 7000 jobs are nothing if they were not centralized they could have been around 70000 Jeff has successfully reduced labour

Bezos wishes he was president of the USA and banged a long line of playboy playmates and porn stars and models. But of course a dumb ancap thinks it's all about money.

I’m in awe of him. True success! He’s brilliant and so logical practical sensical. Got set of morals. He’s got good healthy self esteem without being stuck up. Comes across as very balanced. From what he said about his childhood he’s from a warm hearted close family. That’s so important and he’s so cheerful, always and generally optimistic like all good entrepreneurs. Also physically fit appearing. It seems he takes good care of himself. He’s contributing so much to the world. He’s the opposite of Trump. Thank you for being you Jeff Bezos, love you!

Try researching what his employees actually have do when working and also what he did just a while ago

He probably made more than my bank account just from sitting there

22:35 - 22:55 Great Advice

bill gates would still be the richest man alive if he did not donate soooooooo much moneyyy lol.. but great job jeff

This German Bar Tender can not even offer a Drink – he is used to be asked for that. And he is afraid of Google!

Good stuff another real human being.

Jeff Bezos is not the richest man in the world. With over 200 Billion Dollars, Putin is #1 even if it's questionable tactics. Wealth is wealth no matter how you attained it.

strip him of "his"money.

this is a truly exceptional human mind

It can be uplifting in a more long term sense to listen to the richest persons in the world, if they have earned their wealth, faced with free market competition, I think I though think that if he uses $1 billion each year to sponsor space travel in the physical realm then why not use just a little of that to sponsor travel into or information gathering from other realms or dimensions? Maybe Jeff Bezos could oversee the building of a machine, using neural networks to do signal processing on quantum events, like the human brain is maybe doing and maybe why our intelligence is not limited to close ended intelligence tasks, because we know unlike current AI, when the questions we asks in open ended scenarios, enter into a domain of diminishing returns. Maybe we could get information from other realms, maybe videos too? Though maybe there still will be a role for the physical realm for beings that have free will, but why be limited to the physical realm strictly? Also something do not add up with the model where a civilization always uses maybe only 1% more energy each year. If that model were true then starting from 1 watt, a civilization that would use 1% more power each year would in 12000 years use 1,01^12000 = 7,185969867E+051watts which is, according to some sources more than the energy output of all stars in the visible universe. Then is it not more likely that the rapture of the end times will come, by faster and faster evolution and that many beings will be taken to another "better" realm before there will be a new Earth? Furthermore maybe Douglas Axe has shown that blind chance can't be an explanation of, and argument for, the theory of evolution by means of natural selection. So maybe it would be a good idea to try to read information in random quantum events that may really be, very non blind indeed?

long live Jeff Bazzo

Slippery answers. He's good at sounding warm and fuzzy about criticism while not really responding to it.

This man is a genius

that's a robot tho

Jeff is an amazing guy. He is a real deep thinker and has a heart. I know this by having met him and enjoyed a meal and wine with him. It is very unfortunate that people are jealous of his success, especially in the U. S. Instead of being critical, work toward your own success.

Jeff who?

this guy is creepy.

Most of these billonaires are psychopaths

all of them. And we adore them!

Amazon has truly changed my life for the better. Thank you, good sir. You have my permission to own this planet.

I see a bright future for this guy and his crazy internet business

Very wonderful, thank you.

OpportunisticHunter mm y

Lee Chaemin

I can, for one.

They say the starting wage in an Amazon warehouse is $12.00 an hour and that the average wage is $13.50 an hour. That doesn't seem to be as high as Bozos implied. I'd also think that The Post could let people access their articles online for free or with advertising. The way it is, the newspaper cuts you off after so many articles. What good is a newspaper than people don't have easy access to? Populating space with trillions of people won't happen or be needed with zero population growth. Where are these raw materials for space coming from - Earth?

I dont know why i thought this guy would have a heavy accent of some kind... Seeing that he just has an american accent is a bit weird to me. It's really just me assuming for no reason though lol.

He said WaPo does a good job of scrutinizing but isn't Amazon an investor?


I went to school with Jeff, he is actually pretty stupid individual. He always copied off of me during test, he had me do his homework, and he had me write his papers. In college I always told him about the company I wanted to start called "Jungle" and my space company called "Green Beginning" Its a good thing I'm not a salty or jealous person.

They are ruining Whole Foods Market!

Jeff, stop with the wealth guilt ("Amazon lottery winnings"). You earned it. Every penny. Words have meaning. "Lottery" is not the appropriate choice. Stop buying into the latest Marxist group-think.

Alexander Luthor Jr

His dialect are like californian surfer dude from a highschool film! haha!

Was banker and still is.

now if only he can pay his warehouse workers a decent wage or even just let them go to the bathroom

Let's hope *he will build a decent space ship company,* so that humanity can move forward into the affordable space exploration. Also, the true wealth is in his spirit and self-motivated personality.

It's a shame Amazon wasn't awarded a drone license. JB is one of the few people that can hurry up the future.

Besides unconditional love what makes most businesses is money ._. I hate this talking about passion and love albeit the fact that being rich is almost only reachable for kids of rich parents which is more true nowadays than in the 90s. And examples like him don't change anything about this fact (except our perception of it, "You can make it if you try"-blabla)

Jeff who ?

His net worth is 118 billion. The average employees at amazon make 20 000 $ a year. If the employee wants to have 118 billion, he would have to work (118 Billion/20 000) 5 900 000 years. This is insanity, don't give me that shit of ''don't be jealous, work on your success'' , this is nearly slavery.

Right! Must be!

That is literally a falsehood

not for them - the sheep who follow...who get slaughtered as heroes

and that's a bad thing?

Jay Grey it's being done by one student with big idea. In order to clean oceans it requires million times more resources than what is being done and I'm not betting on Bezos enlightenment on that to happen.

Tadas a.k.a. indi That's already being done.

Horseshit. I'm as liberal (real liberal, not a Clinton liberal) as one can be, and I think his wealth hoarding and poor treatment of employees is disgusting.

Because Gates has spent his money.

Patsy Stone He pays taxes, no one is entitled to his personal money.

I like to bring Jeff and Amazon to help revive our postal system

my government IS evil.

24:30 - I don't know why, but as a business owner myself, that made me tear up. I understand it so well.

Love you!

"how can you be seating there tell us that you care, when i look around the people suffering in every way" BOB MARLEY.

11:46 this is one of the most important messages you can learn

Also 22:35

An inspiration. Thanks Jeff.

"You will figure out one day that it's harder to be kind than clever" - Powerful

Being resourceful. YES!

Man, this german guy doing the interview starts off like an intelligent agreeable dude, but halfway he comes across like a psychopath tightening his fists and grinding his teeth and interrupting Jeff, like he ran out energy trying to hide his arrogance and superiority and starting to feel pissed off at Jeff. He's not even very interested in the rocketry of Blue Origin, just in the mundane business aspects. What a jerk.

Bezos the money grubbing left wing loon who donated heavily to Hillary Clinton and even...yuck hugged her.

Great comment. Yep, that is true wealth! Motivation and determination to reach his goal makes him great!


Tadas a.k.a. indi Why should he fund the that project and not the millions of other (cancer, AIDS, teen homelessness, starving kids) projects. Many people could donate 5 or 10 dollars but they don't, they are no better or worse than John Bezos.

get lost why is it pathetic

you don't understand capitalism.

J FC little people are quick to point out the flaws in successful people. It makes themselves feel better about their own mediocrity

Jimmy Dore was first to call Bezos what he truly is..."psychopathic megalomaniac" This is the disgusting truth of end stage capitalism, all you pigmen glorifying the uber wealthy like they are your dear uncle instead of recognizing that he is your ENEMY! "Re-humanize yourself" pig people! Greed is evil and is destroying this planet!

@jeffbezos if u only know what this is the AXEL SPRINGER AWARD u would give it back to the german i promise it!!! shame on u ......!

Axel Springer Verlag makes also in WW2 the Jew PROPAGANDA, just think about it!!!!!

interviewer-- that giant body though

1 is enough anywhere and may destroy all of us. We had one in germany, an Austrian failed painter Architect

I find the "psychopath-to-normal" ratio is much higher in politics than in business.

It’s sociopaths

flexural stoopidity Amazon is not a monopoly.

Muntom He earned it thanks to the millions of customers that benefit from his business and all the employees who voluntarily work for him.

Even the richest person in the world cant get a full set of hair, hes bald. Not that its bad but that money can't buy everything. A transplant or a fake hair Yes but a cure to baldness No not yet. Jeff should find the cure for baldness and many other things and lead the world as the best example of A Legacy.

37:18 Talks about Blue Origin.

Fascinating interview

Richest man in the world you say. But can't buy a haircut

Can you imagine how much time we might save if Elon and Jeff partnered up?

Seattle's homelessness tax on major employers in Seattle goes to show how the Democrats became far to liberal to recognize. I'd like Seattle turn the homeless problem over to the major corporations & I bet they'd solve it under budget & on time. We need less government & more privatized solutions whether it's for vets or those who can't afford an apartment.

Lex Luthor.

The fact that he's bald, states that everything he says, is correct.

Believe everything everyone says. Especially if its from the internet!

Blue origins only 10+ years behind spacex lol Grow up 'space ship company' it's all fake this space travel, you've been watching too much Star Trek. Do some research and you'll find that you've been lied to about the whole concept of space. This Besos guy is a total bullshitter pure and simple.

Coming from someone who isn't one or has no reason for saying it of course :)

Who is the guy mentioned as "Don"?

My god, Herr Döpfner, compose yourself! You can't get impatient with a man like Bezos!

Mathias comes off as incredibly impatient and fastidious. The bad tone took away from some of Jeff's answers. Impersonal, awkward

No regrets watching this inspiring video. I recommend it for others.

Jeffs the man. Amazon allowed me to quit my job. Thank you Jeff

Note to journalist: Amazon.gone would have had a better ring to it. lol.

Good thing too no

Muntom get your stats checked bud

This guy has a bright future ahead of him

When you actually look like 'Sir Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks' from the original Annie, I think it's safe to say you made it. haha Edit: Also.. this could have been anyone. Right place, right time. The dawn of the internet. He's a genius, though. Everything about Amazon is epic in service and design.

About 40 minutes in he talks about how solar power won't work because if our energy usage grows by just a few percent per year in a few hundred years we'll run out of energy. Therefore we must leave the planet. Given that thought we'll have to leave the solar system in a few hundred years because we will use all the solar power from our sun. I suppose it is all about kicking the can down the future and we'll eventually have answers.

One HELL of a inception

pretty boring interview. Jeff is the most invisible rich guy i knew on the internet.

@Sagnik Mukherjee Do I? What makes you say that?

highwayvagrant, you sound like a flat-earther... tell me, how far away is the Sun from the Earth?

Try working at Amazon, you’ll see the other side of your prime membership. There’s so much pressure to go fast because everyone wants their packages yesterday that workers pass out from exhaustion, pee their pants because their terrified of not making their numbers, injuries are through the roof because speed is the focus, not safety. During Christmas it’s 12-13 hour shifts, 6 days a week starting on Black Friday. So anyone with a family won’t see their families during the holidays. He might be obsessed with his customers but the employees are not even on his radar

That Trillionaire Laugh at 44:22 he knows hes a rich bastard but aye good for him im next.

Excellent interview.

this interviewer...............

I think the interviewer does not know what he is doing. He is just making Jeff very uncomfortable by the energy and vibes this guy is giving him. First off your learning from the man that built the fastest and largest growing company on the planet. You are sitting in front of a king i would say. Is ok if the interviewer is the CEO of Business Insiders parent company and i completely understand why he wants to interview him, i would do the same but if you know that your interview skills suck why would you risk that with Jeff Bezos? Shouldn't he have better self awareness?

Not trying to be mean, but he acts and moves like a robot that is trying to pass as human lol

The Deutschman was right. There’s some level of discomfort in the room. Looks like the interviewer is careful about his questions but Jeff isn’t at ease at all.

You look like cable

I was just thinking of that, if those two teamed up & tackled earth's major issues. Like create taskforces around the world for homelessness, poverty, deforestation, education. We could actually start getting some things accomplished!

Bald devil

Inspired to achieve more than what I think I'm capable of at this moment!

Richest man in the world. Thanks for the chardonnay. And get out my bedroom and stop buying out politician with the poorest girl in the world tears.

100 billion but looks like having a stroke, there are a lot of things all money in the world can´t buy !

wow God has give him

Notice when he speaks how he keeps moving his head to left in sequence like a typewriter. OCD? Physical disorder?

LegendofVII You must be one of those sad guys that blame other people for your failures!

Karen Califano That’s an extremely naive thing to say. You support billionaires everyday and don’t even know it. Most billionaires have diverse portfolios. Study up, you’re the sheep.

I certainly don't "adore" them. Why should we? Sheeple, that's why they're so rich, because idiots like you support them.

Stop listening to donnie.

Yes, but they sure are trying to be, and soon enough, they will be.

Jeff looks like a cyborg and sounds like a guru. weird dude

100B would be eaten by space ventures, lol. So true. God bless, Proverbs 31

Bezos the Bozo.

Make Amazon pay taxes.

At the rate he's going, I think he's gonna start mining asteroids before Elon and become the first trillionaire in history.

I didn't know Jerry Springer's family owned Business Insider. I have not read about a single fight between two girls, for cheating on their first cousin on that site.

I love Jeff! He isn't a trihard like other billionaires, he's legit!

I have got several of them and been suspended more than once but it still pays the wages.

one fake complain as inauthentic product from a customer and you would quit Amazon without any explanations from your side)

Competition breeds innovation so nah

@TradeAlong99 That's interesting. So Musk joined the freemasons before Bozo; I didn't know that, thanks.

Musk is years ahead of Bozo.

Yep Ive done lots of research on psychopaths & stuff & this guy diffidently has the mannerisms. He's got similar mannerisms as Ted Bundy & Dr James Fallon

I'm aware of that. We all have to shop and buy food, clothing, supplies, etc. from major retail corporations whose CEO's are billionaires, as well as purchase cell phones, electronics, etc. from Apple, Samsung, etc. However, some can choose NOT to use Amazon to shop, and I do NOT shop on Amazon. Plus, there's a difference between "supporting" billionaires out of necessity, and "adoration" or "worship" by the masses of billionaires like Bezos.

Amazon will go down

I'm sure he's just trying to make ends meet

Dude the host is fkn annoying. let the boss finish sentences

If not,,,, you are invited to the campfire ,,,, you and who you like,,, bill Gates has a plan give up your money, and come aboard ,,, ask warren,,, I don't think money is needed,,,congrats,,,, you should learn to get along with elon,,, he is like a little,,, south African, broseafuss

Mr. Bezos,, what is your favourite way to give back to ,,, the world

Sorry, but.... with all his gazillions of $$.... u tthink any bodies ‘ got the guts to tell him to get that evil eye of his fixed by an eye doctor..... it’s kareepn me out, mannnn..

Doesn't besos look like Kevin spacey playing lex luthor in superman returns..

No point regretting what you've done. Shouldn't have done it. You can only regret what you haven't done. Should have done it!

He should have walked out wearing a Dr. Evil suit and holding a cat! LMFAO!

I like Elon more Duh (of course) but bezos is likable as well. But imagine if Elon had his money omg how the world would change for the better or they actuslly teamed up and got along well .

Jim Moss he’s ganna get there just needs some more time Jeff’s also older and got most of his wealth the last 3-4 years

@Anonymous Person Well said.

Space doesn't exist!

prove it

Why the interviewer is not letting him conitinue and keeps asking questions in between

Jeff, you are not just richest person by money, you are likely so by attitude too!

He believes in focusing on customers instead of competitors. That's because Amazon has become a hard-ass competitor against other sellers and merchants who sell their products on Amazon. As a merchant selling on Amazon, I'm finding it's a race. A race to the Bottom. Amazon never loses because all Bezos makes sure, is that the customer is served. That the customer never is wrong and never is responsible for breaking the things they buy then returning it to the merchant who gets stuck with it. Thinking of becoming a seller on Bezos Universe online? Good luck Buck-0 because Bezos aint watching your back .. At all.

Damn this guy is so evil look at the way he dodges questions and straight up says the opposite of the truth. Professional hypocrisy

he looks like a turtle out of its shell. however, one's got to admire the absolute kind of ruthlessness which has gotten him where he is!

There is a big difference between how Jeff Bezos speaks and how Bill Gates speaks in an interview. In this interview, I notice that Jeff doesn't answer the questions directly at all. He just wants to tell what he knows/wants to share. He doesn't really get to the root of the questions. I feel sad that we as a World have given this man enough money for him to be the richest man in the World.

The only person on earth that could laugh at the amount of money Bill Gates has. 44:17

The Lab I

My only regret wasn’t joining the Amazon wagon 9 years ago when I had the chance. At least I could wait another 20 years for the next big thing. Could have been a multi millionaire. To think I actually laughed at bitcoin too. Lmao!!! If I say 21 42 64 98 And 103 aren’t the winning numbers trust me and bet on it. Smh.. high school teacher told me to invest in gold and lithium a while back.... He also said I sucked at Chemistry. Well I’m about to graduate with my bachelors in Forensic Science, after taking 3 years off and working a dead end job. I’m pretty sure He was talking about another Chemistry... Life’s Chemistry because I sure know how to go against the grain. Did I tell you he now just after 6 years gained $80,000 in investments? He said some other things to invest in but you know me, never freaking listen!!!! Smh... I better be rich when I get older or else, I’m gonna be the laughing stock of heaven when I die.

It is a shame that the work ethic at Amazon is so cut-throat...

Jeff nobody has ever liked you period. And you never did anything to help anyone but yourself. Do?

I don't know who owns what company, don't know who is rich because quite frankly, I just don't care. But Jeff Bezos just #SaveTheExpanse. I like him already and he gained my respect.

Jesus looked like Daniel day Lewis and talked like Creech narin

You just don't want to say how the world took out an agreement that you all don't want the united states citizens to know about

I want to see the living valet ignite after death

When my grandfather told me I did more for him then all his other grandkids combined he wasn't LYING. Its because I did.

Hey dudes

Can I ask how exactly?

Bezos kinda looks like an android, glitching and twitching with a California dude accent.

Amazing insightful interview

Jeff is an evil person who wants America destroyed. This is proven by his endless bashing of Trump through his various fake news outlets & donation$. The reason is he is both a nihilist & rich enough 2 live wherever ~ the 'rose bowl in a toilet bowl' philosophy like those $pani$h creeps who run Mexi-Hell & other turd world poop piles. He wants a world full of idiot mongrel slaves 2 drag things down 2 make it easier 4 him 2 corrupt the $y$tem & feed him $$$, same way (((Bank$ter$))) try 2 wreck civilizations so they can $teal the wreckage cheaper.

strange liberal ideas such as locating to Seattle is bad for shareholders

i thing being positively influenced by grandparents, spending more time with them and working productively together on ranches is a platform for wealth and health.... I bet there was little or no t.v. on that ranch too......this is way better than a child being at mercy of distracted or stressed parents

Actually, it is. Because luck is as important as work ethic. Anybody who is honest and smart recognizes that. Success equals luck plus preparation

He is 2 busy trying 2 flood America with raw sewage from Mexi-$hit by bashing Trump & others who try 2 help America. He's like a terrorist that way.

But can he afford robux?

GARY CHILDRESS from selling on it in the US UK AND Europe

InternetBizUni how

Amazon : Une horreur pour clôturer le compte, au moins trois fois par eux et par moi, ils essaient simplement de voler de l'argent encore et encore, ils doivent rembourser et ils le savent. Ils sont des escrocs, c'est pourquoi une plainte est posée contre eux, par le biais même de la banque et de l'assurance bancaire. De plus, ils ne font que téléphoner pour se faire payer des frais téléphoniques. C'est INACCEPTABLE de se comporter comme ça, tout le monde écrit des commentaires disant que vous êtes des voleurs et des menteurs qui font du cinéma en disant qu'il manque telle ou telle pièce.  Un seul mot les décrivant : VOLEUR  Il est hors de question de renoncer à la somme qu'ils vous doivent ainsi que les frais téléphoniques (rien n'est dit au début de l'appel, ni le montant de l'appel, ni que les frais nous sont imputés, ce qui est illégal) dont ils promettent le remboursement.  Eviter AMAZON


Jeff Bezos will kill literature!

He is not very eloquent. Jobs was more cool in my opinion

I don't agree with the grandfather. We need to inform people about their bad habits and what it does to them even if it makes grandmothers cry and friends reject you. Truth weighs more than popularity and Ego appeasement. The truth is garlic on wounds it sizzles a bit but heals it.

Those live screens are awesome.

Congratulations to the interviewer, he was able to get key messages from Jeff Bezos. Regards from Chile! :-) On a personal note, Bezos is extraordinary. On the early time of Amazon, about 1997, I got his personal note on my complaint solution. He really cares about the customer!

¡He is so wealthy indeed!

Mathias Döpfner should take over the Charlie Rose show.

I just can't get over all these Jeff Bezo and Elon Musk people who want to to go have little space colonies or terraform Mars or whatever when we have the most beautiful blue SAFE God-Given planet for us to all live on here. And instead of using those minds to maybe correct and save and keep this planet for us to use aa was intended, nope, people want to go get pelted by micrometeorites and be irradiated on a dear lifeless planet!? Makes total sense to me .. NOT!!!

Wish he'd talk about why the richest man in the world can't pay his employees a living wage.

Jeff needs to go to Turkey for hair transplant, its so cheap in Turkey

instant gratification is not always a good thing. We want what we want when we want it. Not all companies can fulfill this new demand, they can't compete with Amazon and so they fail. I appreciate the fact that Amazon raised the bar and upped the game et al But are they the only game in town? Where is the competition? How can only a handful of tech companies control everything?

Jeff Bezos I admire you high level of consciousness.

How about disrupting the educational industry so that you could drive the Space Industry?

I don't think the Interviewer understands what Smart Jeff saying. lol

You guys only hate on Bezos because he is not pure european or else you would worship him. He is Cuban American thats why people are jealous especially the so-called people of color. (Black)

spacex and blue origin, the more the merrier, just please start using metric units in your measurements

"this is just crazy cool." Beff Jezos.

Sadly Mr. Jeff Bezos has very shallow pool of stories. At first they are great but he literally has the same speech/discussion several times.... I find that weird.

I wish Blue Origin didn't consist of deeper plagiaristic claims _whether from ignorance, delusion, or sociopathic intent._

Can i have $1.2 million please? I could give it to my family and charity

Lex Luther

Also, the true wealth is in his greedy spirit (like Bill Gates who spoke of "Dschihad" when it came to destroy competitors) and self-centered personality (exploitation around the world). First he wanted to name Amazon "Revenge" - but friends told him that would show to much his true motiviation... The Rich and the Ugly. Who cares.

so boring

"I can explain things to people, but I can't understand things to people."

we need more pioneers like Jeff Bezos to lead the industries of tomorrow...

Terrible person

The guy just copied EBAY! Just like Mark copied MySpace! Nothing genius about this.


I was in the same city Berlin at the same area where Jeff Bezos was lol not that it really matters

Deception... always. Another takeover, a person 'installed', funded by ***them***.... when are people going to see through this.?

god bless this guy

He is pure evil

the face of evil.

Jeff Bezos .... a total sociopath scum bag who treats his employees with starvation wages. Pure evil with no soul.

Blue Origin is most important becuase asteroid mining will make him the first trillionaire (1000billion if I am right) the world has ever seen. Nothing wrong with that. Just saying it. :)

I wish he'd treat his workers better.

I'd say so !

Thank you.

I am glad I found out he owns my publisher, CreateSpace and in the future I have a product that can be sold in Whole Foods..

The love of money is the root of all evil....outrageous globalist. Not a role model to anyone.

Not impressed at all, hes not a visionary, amazon may be doing well but its not that innovative.And Bezos has no talent when it comes to innovative ideas to solve problems. He smart can this Bezos be when he builds a huge clock for 4 million instead of doing other stuff that we all can benefit from some day

Legend. I could listen to him tell stories and talk about his life experience all day long. He had absolute balls, perseverance and sheer intelligence to create Amazon for what it is today. He knew how big the internet could become before people even knew what the hell it was or how to spell it. In another 1,000 years when we are all dead and buried, he will go down in the history books as a business titan, joining the ranks of Vanderbilt, Rockerfeller, Carnegie, Ford, Gates and Jobs.

This guy is an immoral criminal, don't like him, wtf

looks like a james bond vilian

Matthew Matthews oh Matt! You must be a dumb young kid! Have you worked for him before? I'm guessing not! He copied Ebay trying to copy Elon. Please let people have free speech. Quit being so closed to others options and grow up!

Julie Thomas businesses isn’t about reinventing the wheel. Rather it’s about doing things better at times. So please, save your time by not responding back to me and continue to live your life by living on your cushion of yours in which case makes you feel better about yourself.

Juniper S we can only choose one path to expend ur energy and efforts. It’s inevitable Benefiting one would usually mean failing other in ur terms.


I’d rather be poor with hair

Trump would kick him out..because he is refugee from Cuba

looks like the villain from a bond movie

Those chairs look uncomfortable.

The internet is enslaving everyone and destroying livelihoods. Bezoar is a monopolist slave master.

Well I must say I am impressed with Jeff Bezos. I grew up in El Paso Texas not far from Albuquerque. He seems like a rather simple man and having a resourceful father as a role model and he seems to have a sense of balance. Very few billionaires appear and have that. I don't know anything about blue origin. It's very ambitious and whether or not humanity needs to be exploring out there we have barely discovered what's in our oceans and there's so much untapped here on planet Earth. I Would enjoy getting to spend some time and meet Jeff Bezos. I have been an entrepreneur my entire life. It's all I've known and I love it. Keep rockin on Jeff and don't lose your sense of balance. I love that you're a good family man and an inspiration to the people you work with. I hope I meet you someday.


"Jeff.. who?" - Musk

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