Japanese Convenience Store Must Eat Foods

Japanese Convenience Store Must Eat Foods

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This video is brought to you by Squarespace in this video I'm gonna share with you guys my, top 10 go-to, foods at a Japanese, convening, so, I haven't done a video like this in quite some time so I thought maybe go, back to roots and kinda go or we like first started and share, with you guys some. Of my recent favorite, picks had a Japanese, can be in the store a lot of you guys already, know that Japan. Has, one of the most amazing convenience, stores because, there's such a wide, range of selection, there's, new stuff coming out all the time so, like what better time to do a video, on this kind of stuff than now since I haven't done it for such a long time alright, but before we start if you want to help support the channel then definitely check out the Osaka merchants I know that a bunch of you have already purchased, the Tokyo merch the Osaka merch or what I really like to see you guys like take a picture tag, me on instagram and let me know see how like, large this family, has grown over the last couple years you guys have been awesome I love all the support I love the comments, I do top 10 video they do these day in the life videos, I do hidden tours I, do city, guides let me know in the comments of what your favorite is let me know if you like this video you not like me being inside the room would you rather me being outside, let me know in the comments cuz I really want to kind, of like make this channel for you guys yeah let me know I always like to hear your feedback in, the comments, alright so without further ado let's, get our convenien, number. One Oh Nico, ha snacks yokatta, be from oh yeah suit company alright so this is the no potato chip potato, chip, the, reason why I say that is it's not really fried you usually expect on potato chips to be fried this one is actually not fried what's, even better is that it's made from our favorite, thing in the world, Oh. What's. Even better. And. What's even better it, tastes, like our favorite, thing in the world, meat, I, mean how can you go wrong you, got potato chips and you, got meat you, put them together and, you get this, so. Here's the chip itself you can see that it's kind of like nice light and airy it's almost looks like I'm up like chicharrón or pork rind in the States you can see kind of like the bubbles and when you take a bite. That. Gets so Airy that when you take the bite it just kind of all disintegrates. In like your mouth just, like completely just goes away it's just amazing. Meat and lemon, I mean who doesn't love meat and lemon it's almost like you're having Korean, barbecue, on potato chips. 270. Calories per. Bag, so. It's it's. Not like the junkie. Potato, chip because it's not gone fried I just disappeared, honestly. This. One is nice because it is also a new potato, chip that they have in the stores this one was probably released. In the last like month or, two at least when I noticed the first plan so I tried it and you know I liked it so there you go you're getting my tips, number. Two souffle. Pudding, from Family, Mart and the next bad boy coming, to you straight, out of the desert corner.

Yay. Too, much energy maybe, maybe. Not but we're about to have some more energy with this so this one comes from Family, Mart in fact it's a Family, Mart treat so you can only get it at valley mark think of this and it's a soup Flay pudding, it says happy, taste so, it can't go wrong with a happy taste this is actually, one of my cozy favorites, that's why it's on this list today it almost didn't, make the cut but Michael, I'm tagging, me and gank me and. She, said Paulo, please, please. Let's open this right now oh. Look. At that. Biscuit. Looking thing it has some whipped cream and, as I'm putting it, has, little, light, a souffle. Cake on, top let's. Take this bite. Pudding, is a little bit eggy not too much on the egg like strong Exide but it you can definitely taste some egg in there the top cake part it's kind of fluffy but at the same time take a bite and it just kind of all turns, into kind of like a thick. Mushy. Mushy mash you can see why you like this. Doesn't. Have the calories, on here I think that says oh. Damn. 356. Wow it has more calories than a bag of potato chips okay. So this is apparently, my favorite. Sweets, like afternoon. Snack. This, is just so good because it's mixture, of like gooey pudding. Whipped. Cream and I, just a really, moist souffle. It's. So light did you realize this pretty important like it's almost like a liquid. You. Get a little from me, okay. Number. Three moko Taemin Nakamoto, you Makara yakisoba from 7-eleven. You guys have might have seen this this Nakamoto ramen, before in one of my previous videos it's. Like my top spicy. Robin video but. In just the last few months they release, their, yaki, soba version. It's spicy, it has that fire it has that mayonnaise, it has that goodness to make you, feel, like you are alive, so this is the, finished product all I need to do first was open it up take out all like the three contents, pour the hot water in, and, then close the lid let it sit for five minutes while I let it sit for five minutes so there's like three different sauce packets, got to take the liquid, one you kind of like heat it up on top and then after five minutes you open the opposite, side of the lid and you pour all the water out there like drain it then you add the powder and packet, is which is the liquid and you kind of mix that all up together then, you, add if I see me so mayonnaise on top like it almost looks, like it's, like it's like a URI orang, it's like a Halloween orange. Ring, the alarm. Woohoo. Because. Pollo is going, to town. Ah. Ha. And. Spicy, the liquid, sauce, is spicy, itself, you can see when, I wasn't putting it on how much time like red oil that, was in there and I taste it it's quite spicy but, the spicy miso main is on top although it's a little bit spicy kinda gives it more of like a refreshing, so it's not like fire fire fire it gives it kind of like a nice tangy taste to it overall, it is like a salty, dish but you would expect from yakisoba. Now. The little pieces of vegetables, in here which is a nice he'll also have these kind of like beef, chunks, hopefully it's real beef under dehydrated, beef I guess rehydrated. With water now for a few hundred yen to have this spicy. Delight, tongue is starting to burn a little bit, sweat is starting to start so it's either really hot in here or the. Spiciness. Like. A big bite. Yeah. It's number. Four Kari Tory, who may snack from Lawson, so bit on the lighter side we've, got the pickle, plum. This is like one of those like perfect snacks just to take on the go because it has the, zip lock and you can just kind of like put it in your bag and then when you need kind of something a little bit refreshing this, is what I go to and it's like super healthy, so this whole entire bag there's only 18 calories, and what I really, like is how it just kind of like crunches, when you eat it. Mmm. It. Had that sourness of the umeå that's, a little bit of that moisture sill so it's not like completely dried, out so you get that crunch, it's such an interesting textures. How, do I describe this texture. Like. Biting into a plunger, kinda like this bouncy, play in your mouth but, then at the end it just crunches. Because of all like the pressure from your teeth not even make sense let me just show you how crunchy this is Rishi. Asian let. Me just show you how crunchy this is. There. You go it's up here at the store you want something that kind of like wake you up or you wanted something to snack on but, you want to be a little bit healthy.

This. Is a ticket number, five yakiniku. Bibimbap, with nine kinds of vegetables from 7-eleven. So, my, go-to lunch, money, saving, lunch is this, we, beamed back from seven. 7-eleven, we have to quote seven here so in the packets price and the toppings are separated, after you warm it up you have to pour the topping on, top, of the rice and what I do is. I. Put, the, egg yolk on top and, it, makes it like even milder, it's, important, to mix it really well it's. Not as a meat that's why I like it has none more it. Smells so good job. Thank, you master, I know how it tastes but. I. Don't. Anything I hear but, the vegetables, are really crunchy I love the mixture of like a crunchiness, and the. Goodness. Hmm. You. Get a little bit of the savoriness from, the meat I think what I love about the bimba in general, is that it has all these different textures it has a crunch from like the sprouts and, the carrots, some spinach, onions it's, just quite, a lot, that's going on and it's like all tied together for, this kind of sweet, barbecue Korean. Sauce overall, like this is kind of like one of those meals, that will satisfy you like like you don't need to get anything, else if you go at the competing you can just get this and you're gonna be pretty satisfied at, least I'm pretty satisfied well, actually no I. Probably would get this and probably get like one, more snack but it is pretty satisfying, in general. It's. So good. Guys. Have one more bite. Mmm. Before, we continue time, to get paid thank you Squarespace, for supporting this video without Squarespace, I wouldn't, be able to continue making these videos for you guys if any of you have ever seen the site Tokyo zebra where we host all of our maps and everything then you might have noticed that it's built with Squarespace, one of the things that has been really useful for me is using the blog platform on the Tokyo zebra blog I can share stories I can share updates I can post photos and, videos just like so much I can share and, if any of you are an analytics, nerd like me you can see how your visits unique visitors and pageviews, trend, over, time allowing you to customize, your website making, it a better experience for your audience so, go to squarespace.com, for. Your free trial today and when you're ready to launch go to squarespace.com, forward. Slash Paulo from Tokyo save 10% on, your first web site or domain go, check out Squarespace, now all, right bring on some more food. Number. Six edit cheeky Mexican. Taco flavor from Lawson, fried, chicken, time I'll, be honest like usually. My favorite, is the spicy, red, el chicken, is so much better when fried chicken is a little bit spicy but, today. I kind of wanted to share something a, little, bit new they just recently released, this in Lawson, these little, flakes right here are actually. Tortilla, pieces, and add the tortilla, shell. Flakes all embedded, in the fried chicken skin. You. Can still smell, the lovely fried, chicken, this I'm sorry guys like let, me know if you guys really, don't like me doing fried chicken anymore in any of these videos and I'll stop because. Maybe. You guys are getting sick of fried chicken because it's probably every other food video we have here fried chicken but I just love it so much something, about fried chicken all, right let's, take, the first. What's. Nice is you can like taste the tortilla. Shell, like the hard tortilla shell but it also has some spiciness. Something you guys see that red, oil right there so, it does have like this spicy, kick to it as well there's kind of like a spicy. Taco not just like a taco kind of like a spicy taco, mmm. So. It's kind of like taking one of my favorite, things spicy fried chicken and it's taking my other, favorite, thing tacos, and, they put it together and they made one, fried, chicken, number.

Seven Marinated, quail eggs from Family Mart and Lawson, next. Is that quail, egg, hitter, so, this one is one of those like unsuspecting. Things that you would never, ever, ever, ever probably, go to the combini and say hey let, me try that but I did and I, loved, it these are packaged, quail, eggs this, one is from Family, Mart and this one is from Lawson, I usually, eat the Lawson, ones but, Family, Mart ones are, slow, so they're like two different flavors maybe, you guys can tell me which one you guys like better if you come here alright so this one is like the standard which I always go to you can see that it's kind of like a little bit moist inside that's kind of like the juice, is still there so it's nice and moist, ah. You. Know in two days it's like it's kind of like an acquired, taste some, people might not like it but I just is I can eat a whole bag of these so, easily. Ever. Had this before why do you see me eating out all the time I know how, is weird, stuff like you let me like Emily this is weird but like this is know something I don't know like a girl, just. Like a pick it up like this. Dream I I don't know like work break. The. Inside is more moist than I thought so the picture is so dry so I'm like I, never tried it but yeah but like this is like more, of 3, is snack I think if it's light does, she yeah cut, silicon cock out over who loves you like a Petoskey waver it's really good with like me, won't you this one is from Family Mart this is a smoked, quail egg and it has a soy. Base so it's been kind of like marinated, in like this original, soy sauce that they have but this one here is their original and this one is this smoked like soy base one have, this one again now. This, one is you. Ever had like those are smoked, sausages. It almost like tastes like that because I'd like the smoked flavor to it it's a little bit more firm than the, original, one man it's so good number.

Eight Owes acne, kuitse cheeseburger, flavor from house foods alright so this one is a little bit safe for you guys that, don't like to be a little bit risky no I'm just like hey Paulo can I get like a bag potato chips that you like that's not so sour or, that doesn't have eggs, or that's smoked, or just something that's just a little bit standard, this one is for you my Western, come Patriots, this, one is the O's ACK potato, chip bag but it's one of the like the lightest, in Arius potato, chips here in Japan and it. Is. Cheeseburger. Flavor, yeah. You. In the into. The burner on there I love how like fluffy, and airy these chips are look at that. Hmm. It has that cheeseburger, flavor you can see that chip itself has a lot of bubbles, see, the Salt Lake's, a seasoned, flakes has little holes good, I don't know how they make it though that it has burger, and the, cheese flavor, that's. Amazing, how. Do they do that, keep. Eating we. Want something standard, you want a good bag of chips airy. And if you're looking for that cheeseburger flavor like Annie Clark mr., Zach. Meet. A big birthday a nod or you see so, oh. So it's like. Breathe. Through your nose, like. A freshness. Number. Nine who made Chee demon onigiri from Lawson, again, I had my picks but decided, to let Michael, win this one as this is her super, pick. Today, so, this is an OE nutty son which means it comes in like this tofu, skin. Bag but it's like a tofu, pouch that, they've kind of like drafted in and inside of the tofu pouch you have the rice ball itself, let me just open this up for you you can see the little fish the little sesame, seeds you can see that bloom a on top, it's, like licking my fingers. It tastes. Like yakisoba. You. Can taste the sweetness of, the. Tofu pouch has been sweetened, take a bite. Hmm. There's. Just so much flavor, in there it's like it's sweeter than I would expect, really, really picks up a, lot of flavors in here you disobey, but may itself isn't so strong here it's kind of like a subdued, like a mild mild taste fish you can all can barely taste it gives it a little bit of that savoriness, I think cause it does have that a little bit of the, saltiness man the tofu is probably like the star here's the one that kind of stands out oh there we see no you're, not. I. Think. The rice is a, little bit vinegary, this sourness, is not coming from the myself.

But From the rice they, made it kind of like the sushi like rice. So it's, more like. You. Feel it lighter than the regular Nagini. It also has the crunchy, like chopped up don't you man so yeah as the texture this is like a whole goodie package. And. Number-10. Corrido. A canal kurta from Lawson, this, next one is my super, super Japanese. Snack, because this, wouldn't be complete without a, super, super Japanese, style it's another like Japanese, snack that no one ever ever chooses, to get I don't think anyone, would and it is a sweetened. Vinegar, squid. Cartilage. That doesn't even sound good, so. You, can see here, you have these like little, pieces, of squid in fact, that you would think that they were dried, but, they're soaked, in like, a sweet, vinegar, sauce, yeah. We got 20 in the, chamber, so let's try the first one. Mm-hmm. It's. Sweet it, has that sourness, to it oh it's such an interesting texture it's almost like a rubbery, texture, cuz, of the sweetened vinegar you. Just want to like keep on eating more and more it would be like another snack perfect, for drinking, beer to sit around with your friends, and like hanging out and you can have just, a packet of this or a tray of this just sitting on the table. Have your chopsticks, out and go, into town I usually finish this like hold an entire bag in one city I'll be in front of the computer and, I'll just eat this whole entire thing so you're not gonna try this like no one's gonna try this unless someone says it's good and I'm, telling you it's good it is, an. Acquired taste but, it's just, so nice, alright. So that concludes the video hope you liked it if you did help me out and hit that like button you'll want to see what I'm doing on the daily then definitely check out my Instagram account helps, supply the channel check out the Osaka merch finally if you want to see more of my top 10 videos or Japan guides hit that subscribe button labelled, button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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