Is it Possible to Beat Super Mario 64 While Carrying a Box the Entire Time?

Is it Possible to Beat Super Mario 64 While Carrying a Box the Entire Time?

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Years. Ago when a game would draw to a close I spend, my time trying to revive the excitement, and once had obviously. Those of you familiar with my content know I seek out mysteries or invent stories in my head about the game itself that's, precisely how mario became a pizza, man in super mario 64 or. A holiday resort employee who took Chuck yards around the island oh yeah, that, was the thing, I even, streamed, the concept several years ago but, we're winding back to the whole piece of an angle for those who don't know what I'm talking about as a kid I go to levels at Cork boxes that Mario could carry those, small throwable boxes that contained three coins these, levels are few and far between mainly. Being the bomb battlefield, and Wong's fortress, it was my goal to take this court box at the top of level in order to deliver a pizza to D levels boss I was. A dumb kid but at the same time it was really fun to do this in, my eyes Mario was a pizza delivery man and within this cork box was multiple pizzas stacked on top of each other if I didn't make it to the bosses in time the pizzas got cold and I got fired same, goes for the box shattered, but, the thing is there, are only two levels you could do this at for, some reason every other level in the game lack these boxes, but it isn't 1996, anymore, with, today's technology and fan creations this, Pizza Man challenge has evolved far and wide even, developing, into a game of keep-away where, a team of plumbers must stop a team of toads from snatching up a box and maras trying to transport its. Brutal, chaotic, fun and really, makes delivering the box to the boss extremely difficult but. There's a part of me who always wanted to know what I would have done if I could have brought a box with me throughout the entire game back when I was young through, every level and at every boss fight well, that's, what, we'll be tackling today it's, time to put on our delivery men uniforms, one more time, it's heckle a challenge, I've always wanted to do since I was a kid is. It possible, to be Super Mario 64 if Mario, must hold a box to the entire time I promise. You it's, not as simple as it sounds. So. This challenge video took well over a hundred, hours to produce the, only reason why I can produce a long-form, content like this is because, of the generous support of sponsors like raid Shadow Legends in case you've been living under a rock for the last couple of months or, case say box raid, is a brand new free-to-play collection, RPG, harness, the power of your champions to take out formidable, foes alike giant, dragons Oh God. Okay don't, charge, the, dragon, raid. Has, an immersive storyline, great, 3d graphics, giant, boss fights in more than 400 champions, for you to collect and customize it'll slowly remind you of the classical, rpgs and strategy, games you played years ago except. Now you can do it on your phone even, though it's a mobile the graphics, still look really great just take a look at these different characters, the game also boasts nearly a perfect rating with over hundreds of thousands, of reviews so, what, are you waiting for there's going to be a huge update this month for new players so, click on the special link in the description, below to get 50,000, silver and a free epic champion to start your journey and I want to thank great for sponsoring this video so I can, continue to make more absurd challenges.

Now. First things first we. Of course need to lay down some ground rules and go over Cork box properties, because, when mario is holding a box things, about the game change a lot so, will actually start with the properties, because it will help define why the rules exist when. Mario has a box in his hands his momentum and moving options change quite a bit his, running speed is slowed down to a simple trot so, in order to increase speed a series, of hops will get him moving much faster but. There's also a risk that comes with this new way of moving slopes. In the game become dangerous, for several different reasons for. One Maira speed increases a ton when he's moving down one and his legs will turn to a blur losing. Control this point is fairly easy and simple, to lose the box or shatter it when trying to recover but, downward slopes aren't the only slope issue because. Moving upwards on the slope has its own unique set of problems if. At any point Mario jumps from a slope that's angle it's too sharp even, if Marcus stand on the slope with no problems, the box will drop to the ground while, mario enters a normal jumping animation, usually. The box will begin sliding at this point and of course if it touches a vertical face or a staggered, edge it will explode now, this is problematic because it's uncertain, when this will happen and it significantly, decreases, our speed since, we have to be cautious which. Brings us to more issues which I'll address in a montage, Mars. Jumping height is significantly, reduced while carrying a box, grabbing, an edge will destroy the box cladding, with the wall will destroy the box, the box would disappear if left alone for too long, additional, height can be gained if Mara throws a box thus making it out to a ledge but only if he can recover the box afterwards because, if he doesn't it'll hit a wall and destroy the box doors. Hey boxes, boxes, hey doors there's. A range in which the box can interact with objects is thrown but, if Mara doesn't follow the box they'll fall out of this range and not interact with any other objects, certain.

Objects Allow a box to be placed on that other, objects, our anti box and we'll just drop the box which, one we'll assume will, destroy, the box boxes. Can be swam with surprisingly, despite never being at any levels with accessible, water under, normal means oh and. Pole. Suck, okay. Now with all that said here's the rules stars, can only be collected if the box is in Meyers hand when he touches it red, coins must be collected while only holding the box if, one can be collected due to being out of your range then the star is unattainable, Mario. Must be carrying a box during all crucial parts of gameplay it's, okay to set the Box down just make sure you grab it again before it disappears, this, timing, is super important bosses central, general needs to drop the box to perform actions only, one box is provided in each level but there are exceptions levels. That have transitions, will allow a box to be spawned on the other side of the warmth a transition. Consists, of when one area unloads and another separate, map lows as the screen fades to black so. Think of swimming into the pirate ship in Jolly Roger Bay the, level transitions, and loads the ship's interior, anytime. The game switches areas in normally on loads Mario's hands so, this courtesy box is provided, to remedy that however. This only applies if Mario actually carries the box through the transition. He's also allowed to throw a box into a transition, area - since. Mara touching a transition, area and any speed was still warp him and reduced that speed to zero upon spawning, given. This it only makes sense that boxes, should behave under the same rules otherwise, this run would be impossible. However. Same map warps are banned from this Ron think, of Mara dissolving, in reappearing, elsewhere in the level this cannot be done while holding an object normally, so it's applied across a rule set in addition, to this holding a box during a transition that does not fade to black. Means Martina, exploit the cork box unloading to his advantage this, nomin could be used to four stars and other objects, to load into buyers hands, this, is banned in a courtesy box is provided, during loading times and levels where this occurs that's for gameplay in level exploits, are allowed within reason, but only if they can be accomplished, without task mechanics, and, no point can be LJ's be used to skip doors or areas within the castle the official star counts serve as permanent barriers, any exploits like cloning building, of speed it's here through walls bloated. By bomb movement, etc are banned and, with, that we, have all the rules so. Let's start the runoff back where it all started initially star. 1 I'm a bomb battlefield, big bomb on the summit much, like in my younger years which, inspired, this entire run star, one can be complete without issue climb, the mountain set the box down and toss the King around to secure your star footrace. With Koopa the quick isn't too difficult either well, you need to watch out for harsh, angled slopes as jumping, on them will make you drop your box if you quit copy way through the level you'll have enough speed to beat Koopa and secure, your second star this, is where things become problematic, though should, CV island in the sky is impossible.

As There is no way to get the court box to the top of the island jumping. And throwing the Box doesn't work and even, if the wing cap turns out to be obtainable, in this run the gliding ability stomachs this fall short before reaching the island even. If the box makes down the island it's slide to the other side and fall off this. Is where our problems begin because, without being able to reach the island that means find the a rate coins and Mara wings to the sky are unobtainable as we'd have to have a box with us given the roll set however. We can clear behind chain chomps gate and with, a running jump we can seize the star due. To not being able to collect the coins in the sky though the hundred coins star is impossible. Meaning, we have three stars that are obtainable and four that are not, moving. On over to once fortress, chip off wants block is definitely, doable as it was the second place that I tackled, the piece of box challenge as a kid we, just have to be careful as the whomp King is capable of smashing the box easily, if it is within his range upon. Defeat so we can cut the star and move on, to the top of the fortress it's clear Bowl just as long as you use your momentum correctly, when scaling the tower be, mindful that you can't accidentally, grab an edge as the box will shatter if you do when, you're grabbing the star make sure Mars angle doesn't put the box in danger either dazzle, shatter if it drops in the wrong place and, speaking, of shattering boxes. Shoot, into the wild blue has, a lot, of them in, order to make it over to the star you basically have to use sliding, momentum, from this hill to give Mario a boost over it, took me a ton, of tries to get this right as, originally, I was trying to use the momentum of the hill to jump in between the two pillars but, I'd either hit my head or grab, the ledge both, destroying. The box in the process, interesting. Enough sometimes I rarely clip through the map too because of the fence you, have it a few times and I fell to my death but, if we time our slide right and don't clip out-of-bounds we can slide right on to the upper platform and then descend to grab the star red. Coins and the flooding island isn't too much more difficult in general just, be mindful of your jumping distance so you don't shatter the Box fall. Into the Caged island is unfortunately, unbeatable, though as there, is no way to get the box safely, into the Caged island blast. Away the wall can be accomplished, by dropping the box and blowing up the wall this, method is preferred instead of clipping through the wall at speed understand, mainly. Because it allows a box that falls safely to the floor below without exploding, due, to the layout of whomps fortress, the hundred-point star can be obtained as well since nothing is really off access, with a box this. Brings us to six obtainable, stars and one, that is not. Onward. - cool cool mountain and, the big hitting of annoying stars during this box run slip, sliding away seems, pretty easy but, the start doesn't spawn until Mara passes, through the door at the bottom now. The issue is that Mario can actually go through doors with boxes, however, because it's door classifies, as a transition, and honestly is the only door within a level that acts this way it's, a grand immunity, and, the objects that load and unload new areas are immune and so, we're able to gather the star on the other side due to the rule set mind you this won't be the case later on which, will be problematic. Moving. On to the next star little, penguin lost is honestly a nightmare, to complete now, only do you have to move the penguin, but you also have to move the box. So you can choose to either set down one of these objects to pick up the other and, move slowly throughout the map or walk. The penguin, through the map very carefully, by having them run from you either, way it's not fun at all if, the penguin leaves a specific, range they'll, be unloaded and respawn at the top of the map in, theory you could try to find a spot to make the penguin walk off the top of the map and at, the same time fall, with a box within this range but, we took the long way on this one and of course the, long walk means your box is in danger too if you happen to get hit careful.

Planning Will allow you to walk the penguin to the mom though securing, yourself a star due. To the door immunity, we talked about earlier big penguin race is another start you can complete due, to the transition immunity, outlined in the rules, frosty. Slide for a trek coins is another star that is a tad annoying to collect because we can't utilize the warp to go back to the top of the mountain since. You have to touch each red coin while holding the box to collect them this means you end up at the bottom of the mountain at some point and need to make your way back up half of it the, problem is you can't climb these slippery, slopes without losing the box while jumping in, order to get around this you have to be sliding forward on your rump while jumping backwards, with. Correct timing you'll be able to scale certain slopes as long as you don't interact with a different plane of geometry, doing. So will make you drop the box when attempting to jump with. Enough patience, you can make your way up the area where the red coin star spawns and, nab, yourself another shiny collectible. Snowman's. Losses head is pretty normal except. It's a bit harder to get in from the snowball, since you can't utilize long, jumps or other mechanics, increased mire of speed the. Rest is pretty much the same and it's a star you can certainly get wall. Kicks will work unfortunately, isn't a star you can get so, we had to cross the one off due to the being too much height difference, for the Box to overcome we. Can collect 100 coins here though we just have to be mindful of the paths we take since. Getting back up is annoying this. Brings us to six stars that are collectible and one, that isn't before. Moving on to Jolly Roger Bay let's tackle some castle secret stars the, secret aquarium, is pretty much the same since swimming with a box doesn't change a whole lot Colet the coins and grab yourself a star. The princess's, secret slide is pretty much the same - in both, stars are obtainable without too much trouble since, we have over 10 stars we can access Tower of the wink app but, since we can't gain any heights we can't get the Red Coins star here however we can a lot the wink app still and exit the stage, diving. At the Jolly Roger Bay plunder, in the sunken ship is pretty much the same collecting, the star inside the ship is a bit more interesting though once the water is drained, Kimio come out the play doesn't change either just be mindful that if you get hits you drop the box and have to recover it while it syncs to the sea floor treasure.

In The ocean cave is obtainable, but, red coins and the ship of floats is not there's, actually a problem getting the cork box onto the ship as the rocky terrain leading up to the ship is too high for marthy on top of with the box with. A well-timed jump marking, throw the Box on top but, he can't get to the Box fast enough to stop it from falling or, exploding, against a wall trying. To toss the box at the purple switch or rock object, in hopes of redirecting, it don't work as, he either passes, through them or just explodes, because. Of this the coins on top of the ship are unattainable because, Mara needs to have a box in hand upon collecting them one, would think blast, to the stone pillar would be unattainable but, using the same stuttering, walking, technique that was used in my challenge run where every object was converted to a coin we, can actually walk up the slope by moving upwards and then stopping and resetting our analog stick the center doing. This over and over will let Mario scale the slope and then we can hop on over and grab the star when we're done if, you watch speedruns before you probably know that metal cap isn't really a necessity to grab this next star with, the correct swimming pattern we can swim through the jet stream to snag another star the, hundred coin star is impossible, because only 104, coins are present in the level and red. Coins are worth two coins each for. Bright coins are off-limits, thus this star cannot be obtained this, leaves us with five stars obtainable, in two that aren't if, I'm being honest so far we've had some pretty awesome luck but, things are going to change for the worse very very, soon as the, basement, set of levels bring upon a whole new set of challenges but. Before jumping into that we need a tackle, Bowser in the dark world navigating. This level is something I've done before in a challenge video over on so I keys out so it isn't too shabby we. Even cut all the ABEC coins here and grab, a star on her way up facing. Off against Bowser isn't, too bad either, as this Bowser fight is relatively, simple we don't have to worry about the box breaking, or on spawning since the fight is quick once, Bowser is defeated, we, pick up a trustworthy box and, grab our key and. Into, the basement we go and probably, be worse at the levels this Run has so. Let's dive into big boost haunt to see what we can do Mario. Grabs his trustworthy, box races. To the door and, realizes, no, matter what he does he isn't able to open it the, front door side, door and elevated, door all cannot, be entered with a box so, Mario, is stuck outside, forever. There. Isn't a way to get the box into the actual house and even. If there was we, come across more doors we cannot use boxes. Cannot be grabbed through a door either and trying to set down a box near a door causes, it to explode this, unfortunately. Slaps, us with a whopping 7, unobtainable, stars, for this level but, our grim tale is far, from over because. A similar, issue presents, itself at hazy maze cave both, paths at the beginning the level have doors and mark cannot get past and, thus this level is completely off-limits - there's, a few tricks we might have been able to utilize here, like, pushing through the floor with the elevator or, jumping over the boundaries of the ceiling to fall into low parts of the level but unfortunately the first room seals are faint seven, more unattainable, stars, for this level let's. Say I'm around some quick castle stars to boost our morale a bit first, toad, star by the hazy maze cave is easy enough, grabbing, nips while keeping the box from desponding, isn't the worst thing in the world either, that, gives us two more stars as we begin draining the modes hopping.

Over Into vanish camp though were presented, with a pretty, interesting situation. First, we obviously want, to unlock the vanish cap as we'll need it eventually for dire dire docks but, collecting the red coins here also yields, us another star, the problem is Mars, jumping, height is too short to make it up to the raised area right before the big horizontal, stretch of platforming, even if you throw the box that give it a slight boost it'll, break against the wall before you can grab it grabbing, the ledge of course shatters, the, so, in order to move past this point first, make, sure you've collected all the red coins in this part of the level because, now, you're going to need a slide on Mars behind, and jump, backwards, of the giant Hill over and over again the. Goals that make it to the first set of platforms on the hill and then transition, to the raised edge of the hill and then do the same thing however. For this one you actually need to go pretty much the entire hill which, is kind of tedious at. This height you can jump off take some pretty heavy damage and then pick up your box and tackle the second half the level navigating. The platforming part of this stage isn't terrible, but just remember that if the slope you're on becomes too great of an angle jumping. With the box will cause Mario to lose the box with, some careful footwork, Marc can make it to the top to grab all the red coins he, can also activate vanish, cap which will secure us a star later on we, leave this area with an additional star boosting, our overall score by three in terms of the castle seeker stars let's. Go into lethal lava land which. Is a pain in the butt, first, and foremost, boxes. Will be destroyed if they touch lava they, actually combust a sink similar to how bullies do it's, an interesting mechanic, especially since Cork boxes, are never at any lava levels anyways, let's tackle, some stars bully. The big bully isn't, too bad but, with the Box in hand you have to play it safe because getting burned at all usually means a box will be destroyed after, grabbing this star you'll make your way back there again to boil the bullies for your second star on the level a coin, puzzle with 15 pieces honestly it doesn't change it all in terms of difficulty, so you can clear it easily Red Hat log-rolling, is a different, story though getting, over to the log isn't too bad but, navigating the log is a pain, if you're not careful the, issue with a log is that's constantly, changing you're sloping or below you chances. Are when you go to jump the, box will drop to the floor and fall into lava or if, you're pinned against the wall at the end the box will shatter the thin bouncing virus no lava can't be walked across even the solution to getting across this is, to just maintain parallel, to the log at all times when jumping doing so will allow Mario to jump up freely without losing the box it's, a bit slower than the normal way of getting the star but, you'll eventually get there now the last, two stars take us within the volcano, as long, as we have enough momentum we can carry the box inside with us but, we run into a problem after.

Climbing Up all the way to the top we, come across one section, we cannot navigate the. Pole platforms. The first platform only has enough room for the pole so, Marga's forced away from it anytime he gets near it this makes it so we cannot get to the top to grab the hotfoot, it into the volcano star, elevator. Tour in the volcano, is pretty, much in the same boat as, halfway to the star you start encountering poles that prevent Mario from advancing, however, it is possible to get 100 coins here although, it isn't very fun at all to do this, gives us 5 obtainable, stars and 2 that are not moving. Out to shifting, Sam land and another. Set of huge roblox, towns. Of the Big Bird isn't too difficult at all we, can make our way over there with the Box walk, up these steep pillars and take, the star with a swift, box set to the birds throat, shining. Atop the pyramid is doable but, that fly guy needs, to get lost after, these 2 stars though we, find ourselves in some hot water inside, the ancient pyramid, cannot be done because once inside. We're blocked from going up top, due to need to climb poles, sandtown, the four pillars cannot be started because, we didn't finish the previous star, thus. The scenario, for destroying the top of the pyramid, cannot be initiated, we, also can't force our way into Iraq either because, there is no way to get the Box safely, inside of his chamber it's too far for jump and we can't recover the box fast enough when it's thrown free. Flying for a Red Coins is a no-go, since we need the Box to get the red coins and, we. Can actually use the wing cat for flight when holding the box and of course pyramid. Puzzle cannot be done because we can't get past those poles if we play our cards right we can just squeeze, the hundred coins star of this level just, barely before, we cannot go any higher in the pyramid this, gives us three obtainable stars and four, that are not so. Far a box quest hasn't been so great we've managed to collect 35, stars in total meaning. We can open the 30 star door in the basement but, we are only 5 stars above that threshold all, the remaining 29, stars are unattainable, so if we need more stars in the future going, back to these levels aren't going to help us at all the next milestone we need to hit is 50 so, let's see how we do. The dire dire docks boarding, Bowser sub is pretty straightforward. Since, what to swim through a loading zone though we need to pick up a courtesy box since object cloning his band Mario, can either make his way up the tail the sub or news the block staircase, created by the switch once. He snags a star Bowser, in the fire sea is opened up and the run is preserved. Chests, in the current is pretty much the same as we can obtain it with these pole, jumping for red coins is impossible, though since, we aren't able to utilize the Box in the pole area both, through the jet stream and the manta rays reward aren't really all that more challenging, so those are two more stars we can add moving. On to collect the caps even the metal cap wasn't obtainable, in hazy maze cave we, were able to activate vanish cap with a box in our hands this star can be obtained with only the vanish cap if you're quick enough so we can add another star, to our run, however, the hundred coy star is a different, story, due to the poles in the area we can only obtain two red coins total even, if we go with the idea that the box touches something when thrown it should rightfully collect it things, are still a no-go the, level as a whole contains 106, coins and, without being able to get the blue coin switch across the upper platforms, that alone negates 30 coins as it spawns 6 blue coins this leaves us with 5 obtainable stars with 2 we cannot collect with.

This We exit this watery domain and head straight into our second bowser encounter, it's time for another pinnacle, point in this run bowser, in the fire sea is a brutal, level to traverse with a box depending. On how you analyze a stage, one, can say the run ends right here and that's. A fair assessment there, are two major issues with this level the first is the first poll area we used to traverse to the second floor and the second issue is up top near the end of the stage in, the previous all coins run we were able to utilize this ceiling warp since mark couldn't use the poles as their climb a bowl a tribute turned into a coin the problem is this, warp involves marketing, the exact edge of an object below a hang above ceiling, thus warping him up to grab the ceiling with, the box in hand we both can not reach the crease we need but, Mario also isn't able to trigger grabbing, the ceiling while holding a box so, at this point one would classify this run is over as we cannot progress however, there, is an exploit we can use here on the Virtual Console version of the game this, has to do with how position, integers are rounded in the different versions of mario64 Virtual. Console verse original, cartridge, speedruner, Andrew discovered, this and youtuber, and analysts bad boots create a video explaining, how it works I highly. Recommend watching the video but, the gist of the concept, is they're leaving this level running for long periods of time on the Virtual Console actually, causes these syncing platforms, to slowly move towards the absolute middle of the level in terms of vertical distance so, if Marv grabs a box in hand bores a platform, and stands, there for over nine days the platform, will eventually rise high enough that, he can jump a cliff to the wall to the elevator, absolutely. Absurd but. It works but once were past assess you were confronted with another one mark, cannot actually give top near the goal with a box in hand because, the height difference is too great he also cannot run and jump far enough to, make it back onto the floating platforms, with the poles even. If he somehow could it's, too, tall he, could throw the box but, he'll never be able to recover it in time because, the Box falls out Mario's active range it's, able to fall through the platforms, up top and gets destroyed however, there was one saving grace to this part if Mar jumps to the edges of the map and walks along the perimeter, he, can eventually make his way to the goal area from below well, he cannot jump with a box into the goal no matter how hard he tries he can't throw the box into the loading zone technically. He says smarter in the Box are equal in terms of the rule set we, can count this as the box entering the loading zone now, some of you may disagree with that and that's entirely fine and valid once, we're inside the, only real challenge is to make sure the box isn't set flying into the lava we, need to set the box down to grab Bowser but, if we miss a throw we'll need to rush back to the box as Bowser jumps up if, we don't the level will turn sideways, in the box we'll begin sliding in, addition, to this if at any point we try jumping at the wrong time while the slope is changing and we're facing the wrong direction Mario. Will let go of the box if we're careful though we can defeat Bowser and grab another key to move on unfortunately. The red coin start of the stage is the lost cause yes, there's no way to get up top to grab the remaining red coins now, we're in the upper part of the castle, and a new set of challenges awaits, us onward. Sis no-man's land, Myra grabs his trustworthy, box senator as a snow storm our, first task is to make out on top of the giant snowman in snowman's, big head. And it's, quite annoying to do so the snow mount in the area are an extreme pain and making it up and past a penguin isn't too fun either however, once, we reach the top we realize our quest was in vain there, is no one for Mario to get a box on top of the snowman because the jump distance is too great this. Star is a lost cause because of that chill, with Ebola is about the same is jumping, at the bully with the box pushes, him off decide we.

Defeat Him and nab another star in, the Deep Freeze presents. Us with an interesting challenge because we aren't able to grab any ledges navigating. This ice prison the normal way won't work, but we can build up enough downward slope velocity, by repeatedly jumping up the hills ice around the edges of the map after sliding down it far enough, jumping. Will launch Maura forward, with increased speed and height allowing. Us to aim for the angled sides of the ice block once, on top we just have to be careful grabbing, the star so we don't break the box in the process, the, world from the freezing pond can be acquired in a similar way except. We climb a nearby hill instead of using it to launch us she'll, shred infrared coins presents us with an interesting problem though there, are two red coin it's positioned above the ice cold water beneath the big bullies platform, this, quote-unquote, water actually acts like lava so, if the box touches it it will destroy it normally. You utilize, the shell to get these but, we can't use a shell with a box beyond. That we also can't slide kick to skip off a surface any, other sliding, results in thus getting burned one, of the red coins can be obtained by jumping into it and throwing the box as soon as you collect the coin Mario. Will get burned but the box will fly to land and safely slide up against the hill however. The last coin is impossible, because it's located directly beneath the eyes because. Of this we can't get the star into. The igloo is doable though because, we unlocked the vanch cap earlier in the game we, can collect that star and also use the vanish captain nab the hundred coins start easily due, to how many coins are in the igloo this, gives us five obtainable, stars and two that are not next. Up we have tall tall mountain, initially. The stage is pretty much impossible you. Can't make the jump at the start with the box and no matter what you do the box will break however, anyone, who's watched Super Mario 64 speedrunning. Will know there was an interesting way to clip through the wall to start doing, so with the box allows us to warp to the top idea of water due, to a strange quirk involving the edges of bodies of water being a love each other this brings us up right by the monkey, and annoying fly guy at this point we're free to move around the mountain but things are still a bit annoying advancing. Through the stage normally after the big rolling log ends up leading us to a dead end by the waterfall, normally. Marr is supposed to long jump this but, obviously we can't do that with the box at, first I thought we could throw the box and have, the incline stop it but, the box bounces, upon landing so, in order to proceed we have to go back to the rolling log there's. An incline in this area that we can climb if we continually slide down it and jump scooting. Up slowly but surely once. We're up here the level is ours to take three. Of the stars here are pretty much relatively, the same thing scale. The mountain and mystery of the monkey cage just require Mara to go to the top of the mountain, breathtaking. View from the bridge can't, be obtained easily if you use the block that spawns with a purple switch or, you can get it with a precise, jump as well although it's more difficult than our Luck's scary. Shrooms Red Coins is, a start you actually need to work your way down the mountain form using.

The Methods outlined earlier if, you start from the top and head down you'll, get all the coins with no issues mysterious. Mountain side can't, be skipped while holding a box because, you can't recover movement, in the opposite direction fast enough but, going into the slide is beneficial anyways, since, we need the coins within to grab the hunter coin star which is certainly possible making, our way to the end of slide yields, us the actual mission star - this, leaves us with only one star left blast, to, the lonely mushroom now. Normally, you're supposed to use a canvas chute to the mushroom what were you supposed to long jump from high enough to reach it however. No, matter what we do we, can't use a normal jump to reach the star we, always drop the box upon impacting, the mushrooms edge and it, slides off however if we utilize slope velocity, at the top of the mountain we can launch Mar with a box so he lands in the middle of the mushroom this makes it so the box doesn't slide off and we, can simply grab the star with. This we have a perfect, score of 7 obtainable, stars, changing. Levels tiny huge island does present us with a few challenges right off the bat the. Only viable painting, we can navigate is the large one as if, we try jumping into the small painting we spawn in an area that we cannot escape with the box over. In the big version of the level we can use a small hole to make our way over to the main water. Moving, towards the protoplanet first r1 is impossible. In the starting area so, we need to move around the island, however, this presents another, issue we, cannot make it on the island because one that jumps is too large for us even, if we could we've, run into other issues that would be problematic so, the only way to actually make any progress in this stage is to repeatedly jump backwards on a slope again and, try to make our way up to the midpoint of the stage the, issue with Thailand huge island is that some slopes generate too much velocity when jumping and we. Cannot climb that in, order to make it up top we have to use the brown slope right by the hole in the wall but. We can't scale this wall normally, because, we need to be rotated 45 degrees, if. We aren't we can't transition, slopes to the above slope and, our box will explode the, brown slope keeps trying to correct our direction too so, we need a hit jump as soon as we land moving. Up the slope this way is bizarre, as, it can cause Mario, to jump strangely, if we play our cards right we can transition, over to the graceland and then make it up top at, this point we can climb up and grab a star for the tip top of the huge island if we make our way back to this point we, can then navigate over, to the area we need in, order to clear pluck the Piranha Plants with, two stars in hand we now begin our race with Koopa the quick we, can get over to Koopa once we make it to the top of the mountain with our slope this. Race is one of the hardest, challenges in, this run because, mario is extremely, slow compared, to when he is not holding a box the. Worst part of this entire ordeal, is, the bridge at the end which, pretty, much results in Mara losing the race every time he, moves a half as normal speed when getting blown by the land so, no matter how far ahead you are koopa. The quickl pass you in, order to achieve this star unique, koopa the quick to get delayed by the black bowling balls with a lucky spawn when, you get to the bridge you have to toss a box up at a precise, angle so. Will slide across the board this, allows Mario to move at normal speed when crossing with, a box now next to the flag you, should finish the race and grab, your box this, is extremely, hard to do but, it's possible, the next star is 580, bitty secrets, and although, it takes place entirely on a small version of the map willing, to climb up top on the large version first.

If We work our way down carefully. We can snag the star without issue as, most of the places can be reached without any major problems, wigglers, red coins are a different, story though as we, run to an issue with, the last red coins we, can collect six without issue but. Two of them are out of our grasp due to being too high to reach normally. This presents us with an interesting issue often. Times when one star is unattainable the. Following stars are off-limits because the scenario need to load them is blocked so, hypothetically. If star two couldn't be cleared, Koopa, the quick could have never been raised because, they, would have been loaded into the map but, because wiggler is loaded on a separate map he's, always present in the area beyond, that we are capable of draining the water and entering the boss finest star five so. We can defeat him and nab, another star since, honey huge island has an insane amount of coins collecting. The hundred coins star is a breeze this, gives us six stars that are obtainable, and one, that is off-limits diving. Into wet-dry world a lot of things are the same don't, get hit by an amp while doing shocking, arrow lifts, or you're heading to the seafloor dodge, the amps and you. Can get another star top, of the town is relatively easy and nothing, changes, same. Goes with secrets in the shallows and sky alongside. Express. Elevator hurry, up since. We change the water levels in the stage majority. Of the difficult, is gone since we don't have to jump around we, do encounter a major problem with this stage though even if the water is on max level we, can't make it into the tunnel to get into the town area no, combination of jumping and throwing will, ever let the Box go over the edge even if we try using the slope on the side trying. A different approach, immediately. One, would think about trying to make it across a slope by slide jumping, however, this slope bordering the level though isn't normal, it won't actually let you jump off it fast enough to continue moving horizontal. Long side it because, of this go to town for red coins and quick, race through downtown or, both off limits we, can however, collect, the hundred coins in the first part of the level this, leaves us with five stars that are obtainable and two, that are not we, currently have sixty three stars total, meaning, we can get upstairs and tackle the last two stages but. Before moving up let's pull some more castle, seeker stars MIPS. Reappears, in the basement after 50 stars so, we can snag an additional star there there's, a toad on the middle floor of the castle who gives us another star as well entering. The top door with sixty five stars toad. Is waiting for us again to give us another star wing, Mario over the rainbow another, castle seeker star isn't, obtainable there's, no way to reach the Red Coins above us since we cannot gain height at any point this puts us at 66, total stars and, means castle seeker stars are no longer a source we can pull from in order to complete the game that, means the last two levels, tick tock clock and rainbow ride are the only two levels we can utilize now for, clearing the game and those are two levels I've been dreading since this whole run started, it's time to tackle tick tock clock one, of the major issues facing, us in this level is the fact that the moving geometry, is often spaced out of our knowledge jumping range trying, to traverse the clock normally, makes, it so we can't actually make it past the initial rotating, cubes even, trying to jump to the side to force ourselves up gives us issues so, with this immediate roadblock it makes sense to exit the clock and re-enter, it with time frozen, this, will make clicking the red coins at the bottom of the clock a lot simpler and not, so much nightmare, inducing with, a few well-placed hops, we, can snag these coins and grant us our 68th, star, now. The, hard part starts, if, we use a frozen time setting to get the rotating platforms, there's, nothing else we can do without, the rotating clock hand we can't grab the star forget a hand so, we have to enter the clock normally, and do, probably one of the most annoying sequences.

This Run has had so far, essentially. You, need to jump on a rotating platform at, an angle so, that when you jump again you, won't drop the box due to the increasing, slope you, need to land on the side of the platform avoid. Sliding off if you happen to jump too early and then, jump straight up and to the right so, you snap to the center of the platform above you this, only works because there is a slightly rounded center to each platform and it, becomes flat ground when the rest of the platform isn't doing. This over and over again will. Allow us to get to the second level of the clock because, the rotating, cubes prevent, us from doing it initially, at this point because time is flowing normally we can jump on the hand to secure the star forget, a hand but, this, is also the end of the run for tick tock clock we. Can't proceed any further due, to the next jumps height so, we're stuck at two stars that are obtainable and five. That are not. I'm. Worried to rainbow ride the, only stage left we need two more stars and we can make into Bowser in the sky, if we can't obtain two stars the run is over because all other options have been exhausted this, level is obviously just as frustrating, it's tick tock clock mainly, because each of its individual paths could, simply have one object preventing, you from obtaining a star diving, in two crews are crossing the rainbow it's a long journey up, to where the star is after, dodging tons of objects and perils we run into an issue though no matter what we do the jump to get on to the flying ship where the star is is unfortunately. Too high for us to navigate we, grab the ledge each and every time shattering. The box so, star, 1 is unfortunately, a bust moving, at the star to bandies, big house in the sky the same fear is present with, enough patience, and wall time jump style we can actually navigate through this big house and snag the star at the top this gives us 69, stars so, we only need 1 more coins. Amassed in the maze is a hardcore. No estimation. Ormally requires wall kicks and/or ledge grabbing swinging. In the breeze and tricky, triangles, both stem from the same area and getting. To that area can be an absolute, pain one, section they particularly requires Mario to constantly jump on the falling donut platforms, if Mario Sansa needs for too many frames the platform, Falls but, the next platform up is too great for distance to reach which.

Causes, Problems in order to solve this we need to sacrifice one, platform next to us in order to set down the box on one that isn't falling the time to set down the box triggers the platform, to fall but, the box itself, doesn't make the next one over fall now, we must ledge grab the platform above us let, go of the ledge and as the platform Falls we need to pick up the box and use, it as a staircase to the next platform timing. This is really, annoying but, this lets us reach the swinging in the brief start pretty quickly meaning. We can finally go to bowser as we've achieved 70, stars since, tricky triangle stems from the same path we can also go over there, you pretty much have to do a perfect run this section because it's absolutely important, to keep momentum the platforms will flip over regardless, of what you do because turning around with a box takes a while if done, correctly another. Star will be secured, somewhere. Over the rainbow the last star requires. The use of a cannon and also being able to bore the ship in star one so this star isn't obtainable rainbow. Ride has 146. Coins total, in the stage but we unfortunately can't, click the hundred coin star for a multitude of reasons for. A one going, to any part of the level locks, us out of the remaining parts since we need long jump distance, to make it back polls also, cause problems with this and, to both, the red coins in the stage and blue coins are largely unattainable, only one blue coin can be obtained out of six so it takes us down 25, coins total, 8 red coins take us down another 16 as well there's, two bombs in a ring of eight coins on the ship alongside, of Chuck yeah that can't be reached, so the coins we can reach drops below 100, right off the bat this gives us three stars that are obtainable and three that are not with. 71 stars we can now enter bow in the sky the, final level of our pizza delivery man challenge, navigating. The bottom part of this stage is pretty simple but, we run to a roadblock right off the bat once, we get to the first set of rotating platforms, we come to a dead end proceeding, pass rotating platforms, the yield and error too tall for us a job in moving back to the rotating platform to skip this section has, its own issues for, one the height of the land above us just seems out of reach it's, slanted, and skewed, so, it's a lot of guess and check work for jumping heights and distance traveled but, no matter what point on this geometry we aim for the. Results, is the same Mario. Grabs the ledge and shatters. A box even, trying to throw the box doesn't work because there isn't a slope or something nearby to stop the box from sliding it simply, falls off the stage I will say that perhaps there may be a way to get past this point but, this, isn't the only issue because. Near the end of the level is another point we cannot pass we, come across two poles that Mario needs to utilize to move forward and since. We can't grab them the, run is essentially. A bust no, type of slow momentum, can save us since, launching off a slope still doesn't yield the correct height. One set of poles completely, grinds our box quests to a halt and so close to the finish line it's, unfortunate. But because, of this super. Mario 64 cannot. Be beat in while, holding a box in your hand if, some speedrunners have thoughts or strategies, for getting past these points, I love, to hear them in accounts, of alone obviously I try to keep this gameplay as typical, as possible, but I know some stars covered, could possibly be acquired through glitches, and exploits out of my wheelhouse so, definitely, share your thoughts down below and, a, huge shout out to rage for sponsoring this beast of a video - this, took well over a hundred hours to make and sponsors.

Are Literally, what enables me to keep doing what I'm doing behind. The scenes I've been developing my own game so sponsors, like raid are what is funding that team behind those endeavors definitely, check right out by clicking my link in the description, below and I'll, see all of you shortly, in the next video and. With that thanks. For tuning in for this absurdly, long box quest perhaps, one of these videos will tickle your fancy thanks. For watching guys and gals and I tell my next video. Cheers. My. Voice is dead this script was super, super long.

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A big thanks to RAID for sponsoring this video! I've been working on it for a few months! Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with

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7:50 Actually, with the wing cap, it is possible. You can place down the box and do a triple jump dive to the island. If you dive at the right moment, you grab the box while triple jump diving, and with the wing cap, you can actually make it. You can use the same tech for WF and SSL as well. Requires alot of practice and save states though. Like this so he can see it please. (I am sort of a sloppy speedrunner but i have fun with a special challenge where I have to get the reds with the box.I made it through all of the stages, in other words, BOB, WF, and VERY SURPRISINGLY SSL) You can also try to use this for other stars.

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