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Imagine. How, a woman, feels. Imagine. How soft, and warm our skin feels imagine. The sweet smell, of her perfume. Imagine. Her tenderly. Pressing, as soft, lips, against, yours imagine. Her letting you get on top of him and insert, you inside. Her softly. Moaning as it slides in imagine. The walls of her tight. Soft. Warm. Wrapped. Around, every. Inch of you. Imagine. Her breathing, getting heavier with, every thrust, imagine. Her wrapping, her arms and legs around you holding. You as close as she possibly can, and begging. You to inside. Her as you release. Every. Ounce of, yours, into. Her and imagine, the feeling, of pure, satisfaction, and. Peace, that. Comes afterwards, and looking. Beside you to see a, person. That. Cares, about you and has, accepted, you, in the. Most. Intimate. Way possible. You. Will. Never. Get. To experience this, because. Your skeleton. Is too, small or, the bones in, your face and not the proper shape have. A nice day. Hello. Boys let's. Talk about bone structure. There's, something basically Soviet, about the way the internet names things Stalin, had portmanteaus like agitprop Politburo. And compromise, and we have webinar. Podcast. And insel, short, for involuntary celibate. The word insult, was invented in the late 90s, by a lonely bisexual. Called Ilana who, created a website called Alana's, and voluntary celibacy, project it was essentially, a safe space for people who just couldn't. Get it in but in our own miserable moment, of internet history the, word in cell refers to a more specific community, of mostly heterosexual men. Centered, around forums, like in assault me and our slash brain cells, this group has recently gotten, a lot of bad press because, for the last few years they've been churning out mass murderers, faster, than Marvel can make Avengers, movies but most in cells aren't violent killers they're, just men, who formed, an identity around not getting laid in this video I don't want to mock in cells or lecture them or even sympathize, with them I just, want to understand, who they are and why, they're like this to, start with sometimes, the best way to understand, a person's world is to learn their language and the language of the in cells, about.

You'll. See first. Base in, sillies, does. It ever bother you that the word women makes adult females, sound just a little bit too human, well in cells have a solution to that we've taken to calling women. The. Choice of vocabulary tells, us how insults, think of women not as sisters, or mothers and certainly not as autonomous people but as a kind of foreign inscrutable. Object, comparable. To a natural resource unobtainium. To, which n cells believe all men are entitled into, which they feel they have been unjustly denied, there's, a long tradition of nerdy men talking about women in nerdily, misogynistic, ways a reminded. Of famed rocket, scientist, fair enough on brown's remark, about female astronauts, we, are reserving. Than ten pounds, of payload for. Recreational. Equipment which, is not to say that alpha males are less misogynistic, than nerds but, simply that nerds have a nerdy, style, of misogyny, now fee mode is about as neutral a term as in cells half for women and it's only downhill from there there's the usual standbys. Bitches. Whores, while, conveying a searing, resentment, of female sexuality the. Pinnacle of which is represented. By the bespoke insel, coinage, roasty. Which i'm sorry to inform you refers to the insult believe that the human vulva, become mutilated, through repeated penetration. By different men though, not through repeated penetration, by the same man interestingly and, thereby come to resemble roast beef now, by definition in cells haven't actually observed, any vaginas, but to n cells Anatomy, is more a matter of metaphysical, speculation, than crude science, though if you ask me the right metaphor for a veteran vag is not roast beef but sour, greens. Of. Course not all fee modes, are, created, equal, there are various, subspecies, the, Becca hue or nor, me free mode is, to be contrasted with the Stacey or sexually. Desirable female, whose, distinguishing. Features, include, makeup, on point, never. Works a day in her life naturally. Curvy, body gives, men instant. Erections, big, tits and ass show, fertility. Leave my buns alone you savages, the Stasi naturally. Has a male counterpart, whom in cells called the Chad a Chad, is a hunky, alpha, whose, hands. Are always prepared, to grab nearby, fertile. He, has never heard a song in his entire life he has a sloped, forehead, with, a strong, brow, rambhau.

Chin, Strong. Jawline, flat. Occipital, plate, it, must needs be remarked, but the skull of the Chad, exhibited. The brow Ridge most, pronounced. Whereas, the, skull of the Virgin, is most, inadequate, in this regard. Predisposing. Such specimens, to an abject existence. Of lamentation. And cuckold. Rare it's time to talk about bone structure, according, to a classic, in Soul mean the difference, between Chad. And, long, Chad is literally. A few, millimeters. Of bone I would, like to propose a sociological. Theory. Popping. Tain's law once. Bigotry, or self-loathing permeate, a given community it, is only a matter of time before deep metaphysical significance. Is assigned to the shape of human skulls. Why skulls, you ask well. The best explanation, I can come up with is that a skull is inanimate, and, unchangeable. It's therefore the perfect symbol of the intrinsic and permanent, characteristics. That, bigots, like to assign to certain groups of people if, you believe for example that a certain race or gender is intellectually, inferior you. Can justify your belief by pointing, to the shape of the skull and, saying well, that's. The reason why it's, just nature, there's, nothing that can be done about it and that is exactly, the way in cells think about love and celibacy, mankind. Is divided, into two groups of people the Chad's with the, skulls and the in cells whose bones come up a few millimeters, short. Corn. Dog anyone. I'm, really hungry of. Course there's not just the skulls the insoles blame for their sexlessness, they, have a whole dictionary of, jharkhand, explaining the causes of involuntary, celibacy, height cells are insulted, their inferior, stature. Whereas, mental cells can attract women because of mental illness or autism or they're addicts and then called drug cells risk. Cells, on the other hand are, doomed by their overly, delicate, wrists no, obsessing, about your wrist size does. Seem a little weird oh yeah is it a little weird that the average dildo. Has more girth than my wrist is it weird at all but some men have thicker dicks than my wrists but yeah obviously, obsessing. About my tiny wrists that are smaller, than even many women's is completely. A rational, body dysmorphia. And the reason why no one wants to be with me or even talked to me is my shitty personality, even though literal, 80 IQ, men who have nothing to talk about except who won the last night are still able to attract, a loving partner. Interesting. A significant. Number of in cells are not white in which case their unfuck ability is attributed, to race and, they are accordingly termed apologies. In advance black, cells. Race. Cells kuri cells and so on which, is not to say that all non-white, men are celibate there are of course the occasional chad's of color with their superior skulls, and towering stature whom, the N cells have christened Tyrone's, Chang's. And Chad, priests, I'm. So sorry so. You can be in it cell because of your looks your height your mind or your race but, we unites them all as the conviction, that love and sex are forever out of reach, unless of course you delusional, II imagine that you can ascend that, is escape, your n cell donor if you falsely, and pathetically, believe that there is any possibility, of improvement well that, makes you the lowest of the low a sad, and sorry hopes cell. Second. Base the. Red pill so. We have the building blocks of the in cell world view the stacy is the Chad's the in cells and the normies from, these elements in cells I've constructed a, theory, of human nature and sexuality.

Which They call the, red pill in cells share the red pill worldview, with the rest of the manosphere that, is pickup, artists, men's rights activists, and the voluntary, celibate, community you known as men going their own way of revealed, in make toe according. To red pill theory women, are by nature high, pergamus hypergamy. New greek for marrying above refers. To the practice of seeking relationships, with men above one's social status, and also, an in sell you such above, one's attractiveness. According, to n sells physical. Attractiveness is, naturally, distributed, equally between the sexes so, if, you were to assign numerical ratings. To attractiveness, as in cells like to do there, would be about as many say eight out of ten women has a den of ten men in cells believe that an adjust world a five out of ten man would naturally, wind up in a relationship, with his looks match that, is, five out of ten woman equivalently, attractive, to himself but. Sadly this just system, has been ruined by hate their goodness women who regardless. Of their own attractiveness were, only interested in dating Chad in South sometimes, call this the 80/20, rule the idea that only the top 20% of men will ever be desired by women now since most heterosexual men, do end up in relationships with women you, might be raising your eyebrow at that idea but in a cells have an explanation according. To the Red Bull theory, women often pursue, a mating, strategy, called alpha, fox beta box this means that her in her 20s, a woman, will as insel say ride, the carousel, sleeping, with as many Chad's as possible, but as she ages into her thirties she will settle down with a baton or me whom she's not really attracted, to but whom she will use for financial, support all, the while continuously. Cuckolding, him on the alpha, carousel, before inevitably, abandoning, him taking, him for everything he's worth on a divorce settlement and running off to the Mediterranean, with all the children and a new Chad boyfriend. Well the beta has left behind to fester, in alimony payments solitude. And poverty, so the upshot of the red pill theory is that for men there are three possible, outcomes either. You're an ensel doomed to a lifetime of excruciating loneliness. And resentment, or urine, or me dustin to wind up in a sexless marriage with, an unfaithful wife who will divorce you when custody of the children and run off with all your money or you. Could be an alpha, an independent. Promiscuous. Man who sleeps with lots of women and forms attachments, to none of them in the red pill philosophy, there are two ways to become alpha, the, first is simply to be a Chad by nature the, second is to become a pickup artist red, Pelt pickup artists, believe basically, the same things about women that Anna sells believe that, they are high Pergamus duplicitous, and. But. Not lovable, the difference is that pickup artists, are not celibate, in fact they try to have sex with as many women as possible by following a series of strategies and scripts, known as game as described, for the book of that title as well as by the red pill pickup artists Roosh V author. Of a book called bang. A new mascara from benefit, so, the tube is a bomb I am living, to, see what the wand looks like oh. It's. So big whatever it Roush is up to lately I baked my own bread yes, I am outing myself as a baker as someone who likes to cook I'm not a woman, I am, ultra, masculine. As you can see but baking, and cooking in general is a scientific. Thing and men. Like scientific, things I used to be a a scientist. Well ruch you know what if it means you leave women alone I hope. You enjoy your new life as an ultra masculine, Baker sorry. I mean bread, scientists. So. Remember the red pill is the realization, that women are hyper chemists by nature 20%, or less of men are really attractive, to women dating as a sexual, marketplace, and feminism, is a pretext, for enabling, women to behave however they want while consigning men to emasculation, and impotence, the black pill is the additional, realization, that one's place in the sexual marketplace, is genetically determined, that one is a permanent version that sex and relationships, are forever out of reach and hence that happiness is impossible, there's nothing one can do except, lie down and rocked the black pill is essentially, dogmatic.

Hopelessness, About dating, and about life in general it's the pinnacle of what psychotherapists. Is called, catastrophizing. A cognitive, distortion, where anxiety, or depression leads, you to infer apocalyptic. Conclusions, from mundane setbacks, and anxieties, for instance a catastrophizing. Person might begin with the thought oh no I'm gonna be late for work, and from there and fer my boss is gonna be angry I'm gonna lose my job I'm not gonna be able to get another job I'm gonna be unemployed forever, my family will starve Oh God we're all gonna die each step in the sequences, is, sort of plausible, but the leap from step one to step seven is completely, absurd this is exactly how the block pill works, you start with experiences, of rejection and isolation, from, there you infer that you are unattractive to women that you will never be attractive to any woman that you will be forever alone that you'll always be unhappy that women did this to you that feminism, empowered, women to do this to you that the social trends that made this possible are only getting worse the humanity, itself is doomed and you're all the option is to lie down and rot of course not all insults, take things quite so far but a lot of them do on insel forums suicidal. Is very common, and posts are often tagged to sue a fuel or rope fuel meaning that they make you want to kill yourself usually. Because the reminders, if how hopeless, the Insull situation, is or how devastating. It is the in cells are missing out on the incredible, bliss of sex and romance now if you suggests, to in cells that posting sua fuel on forums already populated, by lonely and depressed people is maybe. Not the most responsible idea they, respond that oh it's just dark humor it's just a cope throws a bone here but a lot of the suicidal, stuff shows no signs of humor and it's common to see people express, pretty extreme, states of depression which is not surprising since. Hopelessness, is the logical conclusion of the pluck in the world view once, possibility, for happiness is determined by the genetics, of height frame, and facial bone structure and if you don't have these gifts there's no, relief but to cope a rope now it's pretty tempting to just mom the, out of these kids you want to grab them by their blackops t-shirts, shake, them a bit and tell them there are millions of men with small wrists and weak chins getting laid every day that their own worst enemy is but they need to get off the computer go outside make some friends stop hating women get some hobbies and who knows maybe they'll develop a disposition, that women find a little more approachable essentially. You want to tell them clean, your room bucco and fart for the young men in this demographic, who receptive, to that kind of advice Jordan. Peterson is probably, helpful because he's telling them a lot of what they need to hear and he's kind, of a sexist old man so they might actually listen, but most in cells don't want to hear this kind of advice in fact they view it as essentially, a microaggression, you, are in effect, Chad splaining.

Their Oppression to them when you give basic advice like take a shower be a more confident, to people who've already experienced. A lifetime of rejection in isolation, and who believe they've already tried everything, so they despise, this kind of advice and devote endless posts, to bitterly mocking the futility and insensitivity. Of it just go out to parties, bruh instead, of hating on women all day why don't you losers just try being confident, like this ever the good guy confidence. Is key you in cells need some hobbies, try, reading some books. Women love intelligence. It works for me bro oh you, just need to get out, no one knows, what it's like to. Be hated. To, in sells their world view seems ironclad, it has built-in defenses, against anyone who would try to change their minds so if you want to understand, in cells and in particular, if you want to understand, why their community, produces, so many mass murderers, you, have to understand, that the black pill is more than the dogma that you can't get laid it's also the dogma that because you can't get laid you can never be happy so we have in our hands here is more than a bunch of angry internet misogynists. It's, at worst a kind, of death cult complete, with an eternal hell than an omnipotent enemy, it is not surprising that, that state of mind leads, a few of them to conclude that, sense triumph is impossible. Why. Not try revenge. Third. Base tinder. Is garbage, I know, I said I wasn't going to sympathize with in cells and I know they don't want my sympathy, anyway and I know it's bad practices, to sympathize, with the devil but, on some level I can't help it the internet is for introverts, so I'm sure a lot of people watching this feel the same way and, it's some of you have been this guy I have been this guy so. Look I'm gonna tell you something I've never really come out about on this channel so this is like a really vulnerable moment. For me but I used. To live as a man and, I'm, not proud of that but I'm, ready to move on if you're ready to forgive I'm in the unusual situation, of being a woman who date's men who. Used to be a man who date's women, what kind of, up is that is that even allowed alright, cop down lesbian stands I'm still attracted, to women and those who lieth betwixt cats, the, inherent, eroticism, of the sea. Yeah. Don't. You just want to get, in there. Take, me money but I have it on a heterosexual kick. Lately I got to get my edirol on what I'm getting at is I've used tinder both's is a man seeking women and as, a woman seeking men and, I think that gives me some relevant, experiences. When you're a man, the strategy, is you've got to send a lot of messages because, we even get a lot of messages and. Then you just got to try to be less of an ogre than the other fuckboys whereas, if, you're a woman you, get to lie recumbent. On your shades long and receive. The, inquiries. Let's. See our Dhoni. How many men have linked me on tinder paying, $30, for this information, so this better be good I have. 2,500, likes that's, a lot of Baltimorean, man, who swiped right on a Tran what, a do fine City oh. That's. So nice of them to be interested, in me let's see what kind of message is I got dick or no deck pre-op. Or post-op did. You cut your dick off oh my god I'm. Gonna cut, it off okay, Jesus, I will let you smash my pussy's so so. Hard if, you just be patient it's. It's a whole process. That's. Not a that's, a hole you'll never know what it's like to squeeze life out of your sacred passage well. That's, true I am. NOT gonna be squeezing any life out unless something goes a very seriously. Wrong and I assure you that none of the passages, I have down there have ever been or ever will be sacred happy y'all leave, my, whole out of this. When. I first started using this app I was messaging with a guy who seemed super chill he's, gonna take me to a concert I was like seems a lot for a birthday but we'll, try it 15. Minutes after we agreed to that he. Sends me a message what. Color panties, are you wearing I would. Love to smell, them. Can. We get coffee first the hell of it is I probably. Want to let him smell my panties but, this is the thing you bring up on the third you don't open with panty, sniffing, like the only point of in-app messaging, is for me to figure out if you're gonna murder me and you're already, it up so those are the experience, of living on ten we're drowning a dick and most of it is terrible, not all I do have some very sweet messages, and I haven't been using the app in a couple months so if I didn't respond to you if we didn't match it's not because I rejected you it's, because.

I Don't. Like the app people, screenshot, my profile, and they post it online and, they call me contra points and I like are. Just too famous for this my, life is hard so girls we. Do a lot of complaining about the firing squad of bad dicks that's constantly, pointed at us in dating apps but how would you feel it instead of it, we were just getting radio, silence, like the N cells get I can't speak for other women but personally, I, prefer. The firing squad of dicks you. Know at least these pricks care enough about my to, be an asshole about my deck I feel sorry for men on dating apps I really do you, have to deal with a lot of rejection and there must be difficult these apps are especially, brutal to people who aren't photogenic, if you're meeting people at a bar or a party you might strike, up a conversation with, someone who you're not initially, physically, attracted, to but, then maybe, they're super funny or charming or. Maybe they're attracted, to me and that's an attractive quality in another person, that, they appreciate. How beautiful I am but, on tinder you're just browsing a catalogue of faces, and gatekeeping. Who even gets to talk to you in the first place red, pillars have a really gross way of talking, about dating in terms of sexual market, value but like dating. Kind of is a marketplace or at least you can analyze it like one and her culture is so visual, these apps are so picture, centered that bone, structure, like it's not the only thing that matters but, it matters a great deal and this is where I do have sympathy, for the in cells because, as a trans woman I know what it's like to obsess over millimeters. Of bone I actually, have to interrupt work on this video to go to a consultation for facial feminization surgery, so. I can pay luxury car amounts of money to shave off a few millimeters, of bone hair there because, it. Must needs be remarked, that the skull of the female exhibit, a thumb drive that's pronounced. I mean I'm just as obsessed with bone structure, as the goddamn mint cells because, I think certain parts in my face make me look like a man, and I worry about it every day we're, all obsessed, with the bones honey we all bones inside us we all love touching bones don't, want to take a measurement from, the supra, barbell, range to, the lambdoid, suture, and. Multiply. That figure by, pi to, calculate, or we go. The, Chad, circumference. Why. Is no one talking about the Chad circumference, fourth, base just. The tip is, another way I think my experience as a trans, woman is relevant, to the in cell discussion, and that's that I recognize, delusional, self-loathing when I see it I'm far from the first to point out that the supreme, gentleman, in cell mass murderer elliot rodger was a, partner ms narcissistic, psychopath personality.

An Eminently. Bangable, twink and I'm not going to show you pictures of in cells but on their forums they do sometimes, post selfie, threads and you can't say this on SL forums without enraging, them but in confidence. From, one pretend, clinician, to another let. Me tell you that the truth about themselves is. That almost all of them are completely. Normal looking guys but of course that's not the feedback they get it from other in cells the feedback they get is that their chins are weak their hair is thin their skin is garbage and there's no hope whatsoever no. Woman will ever love them and they're our true selves with no option but to lie down and raw and the interesting thing is those, guys post, selfies to those threads knowing. That's, the kind of feedback they're gonna get so, why why. Do they do it well I'll, tell you a little story there. Is a website on the internet called 4chan, org, that, has a board called, LGBT. A few years ago this was used mainly by the 25, gay men who actually like my log innopolis but, recently, it's, used mostly by, men. Who. Are entertaining. The notion, becoming women and by early transition, trans women so the board is jokingly called. Tttt. Now I've recently moved beyond that first stage of my transition, but, the memory is still fresh and. Let me tell you it is a painful, awkward. Humiliating. Stage of life so the transfer of tttt. Are tragic. They're basically still in man mode which is why they're using for sham and I bring them up because they. Remind me a lot of in cells for, in cells the core frustration, is that they can't get laid for, tttt. If nothing. Can't pass as female, both groups post selfies knowing, they're gonna get brutal, unconstructive. Feedback and both groups have a weird vocabulary, with which to express their anxieties, for instance on tttt. A major, piece of jargon is hun a, slur, used by trans women for, other trans women which basically means that you look like a man in a dress which, is what every trans woman is afraid of and there's another commonality, within cells too with, all bigots and self Luthor's which, if you've been paying attention you've.

Already Guessed, you. Will never be seen as a woman because of your head size have, all the surgeries, in the world a massive. Man Nagin will stay the same, well, this freak thinks he has very soft facial, features, his head is. Huge, and. The huns on reddit are hug boxing him and telling him that there are women with big heads. You. Transition, with the man's head you will be clock you will be looked at as a freak you will never be seen as a legit. This. Is why I'm not transitioning. Thank. You skull. People for, showing, me the way and that. No matter what I do I will, always be. Manly. Man Scholl, why'd you, save me the embarrassment. Being a little big-headed, manager. Tears evidence, the cranial, vault of. The auto guider, file, be, much more voluminous into. The facial, plain wider, it, always comes, back to the skulls every. Time the other interesting, thing about tttt. His eyes to get posted they're a lot for, a while I had some stands on the ward who basically viewed, me as inspiration. Yikes, because, of course that kind of post is frowned upon if I'm not looked at as a big skull man the Freak if my transition, is going well. That. Means that some. Of their transitions. Like to, and, that is an unacceptable conclusion, for, a community, founded, on some fluid hopelessness so, it was necessary for the rest of the board to explain what I didn't pass why I would never pass why, anyone who looked less good than me shouldn't even, think about it we shouldn't transition, at all they should just repress they, should lie down and Ron and I used to read this stuff all the time like I was specifically, seek, on threads about me which, might, seem strange, considering. I had, hundreds, of fans telling you is a gorgeous, goddess every day so why did I turn away from that to, intentionally. Seek out this dismal, den of Huns talking, about how my giant Han skull is clock of 1,000 pieces and, my voice sounds, like a ridiculous, Muppet, falsetto, hybrid, of Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh well, basically there, was a part of my brain that just simply, refused, to believe it when people told me I was gorgeous, and first. Semi plausible, reasons a lot of trans people in the internet tell other trans people they look gorgeous no matter what they look like, that's where the word Han comes, from you let gray hun. So. A tttt, is saying about reddit hug boxing, is true, to some extent there, is a kind of a priori. And dogmatic, flattery, that prevails in some trans spaces, so, I came to regard all compliments. As everyone, is beautiful politically. Correct cuckoldry, and there would be this thrill, of, going to tttt, and reading other people saying when my deepest, anxieties told, me was really true, and that was always painful.

But There was a kind of pleasure - there, was a rush it's, exciting, to burst out of the politically correct bubble, and say what you're really thinking that, personality, doesn't matter because big scold chad's get all the girls the Contra points is a big skull hunt with a voice like nails on a chalkboard and, at first I justified, the habit by telling myself I was just doing research I have, to keep tabs and what the bigots are saying it's simply. My job but, soon I realized it wasn't just research and it was infecting, me away from the computer this ridiculous. Vocabulary, puns, a GP. Was, popping up in my head unexpected. Times it, was starting to color how I thought about myself and worse it was starting to infect how I thought about other trans, women and that's the moment I realized I need to stop looking at this stuff right now or I'm gonna become a monster, and, once that happens it's gonna be very difficult to fix this is exactly how the in sell black pill works there's something infectious, about these vocabularies. Like on days I've been working on this video I'll, go out at night and these, words just didn't volunteer ilish, o up and my thoughts that bartender, is such a Chad he's, totally height walking that tiny, and the tragic thing is some, in sales don't realize what this is doing to their minds until it's too late let's. Face it black pills, Oh silly. Fuel, a lot. Of us can't handle, them I gleefully. Indulged, in this sub right at the moment I discovered it since I loved uncovering, secrets that, society, had been hiding from me but, it has. Affected. My, mental. Health in, a bad way I made, my first call to the suicide hotline a few weeks ago and I've never, needed, to do that before I could, always talk myself out of it through logic, but my. Mind, is, ruined. Now this. Is a form of what psychologists, are calling digital, self-harm. Prototypically. Teens who leave themselves abusive. Comments from sockpuppet accounts, but the more sophisticated adult.

Version Of this involves intentionally. Seeking out abusive, and disparaging, comments about yourself, made by other people I have a long history of doing this intentionally. Looking for abusive comments especially, ones that cut to the core of my deepest insecurities, and fears why. I. Oh why. Do people cut themselves part. Of it it's what we could call masochistic. Epistemology. Whatever. Hurts is true I've, recently gotten much better about this I haven't been to any of the worst places in a couple months and. My. Mental health is much improved so, in cells I'm not gonna respond, to your worldview like it's an intellectual position worthy, of rational debate because these ideas and arguments you're not using them the way rational, people use arguments. You're using them as razor blades to abuse yourselves, and I know because, I've done the exact same thing the insult worldview is catastrophizing. It's an anxious death spiral, and the solution, to that has to be therapeutic not, logical, a lot, of you are lonely you've, been bullied and neglected, you feel left behind by society, but what you're doing when you're reading in cell forums is you're slowly internalizing. A cruel and distorted, way of looking at yourselves and to other people in your situation and, at women and you're forming mental habits, that are going to make it very difficult for you to live a happy life so, what you have to do is get off those forums as fast as possible, I'm, going to post a link in the description of this video to instructions. On how to block certain websites from your computer because, for me that's. What it took. Fifth. Base. Anal. So, the NSL reddit transgender, 4chan analogy, has a limit, and that limit is, that, for a significant, subset, of the insel community, their, primary, hatred, is not directed. At themselves, but, at women and they really. Hate. Like, I'm basically a professional, Internet bigotry, scholar at this point I look at this kind of stuff all the time but, researching this video I was honestly, kind of shocked at the intensity, of misogyny, on himself forums, I won't show the worst of it but we're talking blaming. Women for rape saying, they deserve to be raped calls, for state-mandated girlfriends. And sex slaves but most, of all just kind, of generalized. Misinformed. Rage I hate, women, I, really. Do, every. Time I look. At my. Blood pressure shoots, through the roof and they're gabbing, on the cell phone about Paris. Hilton when, they're adjusting, their lipstick, and taking up my time rifling. Through their stupid, purse when, they whined to me about their period. When they believe, they're on and on about some artists, film director musician, nobody, gives a flippin. About when they cry and expect your personal, sympathy, but most of all I hate them because their smug, hyperactive. Little bitches, made, that, way by, our shithole, society. Look, what, uncontrolled. Feminism, and the media has died Stacy its, Tracy what, was it the mall the other day with Amber Heather Jenna and Trish and we, were talking about Paris, Hilton a, very. Relevant. Cultural, figure in 2018, they live in this cartoon caricature, world where it's easy to avoid thinking of women is fully human and that's where my sympathy runs dry because this kind of hatred just, needs a spark to turn to violence so in souls I know, you're not gonna listen to anything I say and you're just gonna say that I'm a tranny and a and a degenerate, and, to that I say how. Dare, you say things that are entirely true but also of, also if you would have bitches and I know you don't listen to suggestions about how you probably, actually could have healthy relationships so, no, one can really reach you until you get out of those forums, and allow yourselves to be reached but by way of a closing remark I guess I simply invite you to consider that you don't even need a warm body or a sex robot to satisfy, the erotic, longing, you know when I was your age in 1975. Every, teenage boy had a Stratocaster. In his bedroom. That, was the outlet for his sexual frustration. What I'm suggesting is, the manosphere exists, because rock-and-roll, is dead but there's, other options, think, about the eroticism, of a rain storm. The. Clap of thunder.

The. Rustle of the leaves. The. Steam, rising. Off the warm pavement. And. Whether you're a Chad a Stacie and in cell or a hun we, could always return, to the caress of our dark, mother the, see whose. Salty, embrace, envelops. Every. Contour. Of your naked, body. Whoa, is it hot in here or is it just me.

2018-08-19 11:10

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Too Many Cooks true but who here can actually cook? directed at all of u girls Bob Ross Painting what we get with u girls( and steves u let control u) in the kitchen. just burn the whole house down why dont ya Zoltan Meeting ^^ dont know why get mad at me for calling it gay and stupid. Rly expect me to play along with this? just go back to high school... HIDERI IS BEST BOI U know what u did


here to shik your batteship sweetie^^ I got all time in the world umm what? pretty sure wyminns and their steves think of themselves as bees or borg. I think they they prefer being called avians. ( or anons) girls b playin too much final fantasy. Would explain the clothing choices and hair in recent years lol. However they got this retard idea that being a "flock" (god help me) makes them a single organism. For some reason That '70s Show - Funniest Scenes - 4x09 1/2 pretty sad too seeing as u girls r losing to your ma. cant erase these comment im so sry. not rly sharpest jello kitchen knife in the world

umm what? pretty sure wyminns and their steves think of themselves as bees or borg. I think they they prefer being called avians. ( or anons) girls b playin too much final fantasy. Would explain the clothing choices and hair in recent years lol. However they got this retard idea that being a "flock" (god help me) makes them a single organism. For some reason That '70s Show - Funniest Scenes - 4x09 1/2 pretty sad too seeing as u girls r losing to your ma. cant erase these comments im so sry. not rly sharpest jello kitchen knife in the world


umm what? pretty sure wyminns and their steves think of themselves as bees or borg. I think they they prefer being called avians. ( or anons) girls b playin too much final fantasy. Would explain the clothing choices and hair in recent years lol. However they got this retard idea that being a "flock" (god help me) makes them a single organism. For some reason That '70s Show - Funniest Scenes - 4x09 1/2 pretty sad too seeing as u girls r losing to your ma.

What's a woman?

Fuck me mummy.

Imagine how a pig feels when killed in a gas chamber. Stop the corn dog shit. Corn dogs are neither food nor toys. They are the remains of tortured pigs. I don't know. Have a look at Land of Hope and Glory on Earthling Ed's chanel. Or just think about how ugly specissism is. But do something about it. Stop to normalise the consumption of cruel food. I mean you cannot sympathise with incels because of their misogyny. You speciesism is hard to wach. You symbolically use remains of tortured pigs for entertainment. You’re no better than exploited and brutalised animals. And your speciesism might be worse than incels misogyny. And actually if you just don’t care about pigs, stop this corndogs joke for the sake of you vegan fans.

You might never read this but I felt I had to write. I don't think I would date a trans person and this is not meant as an insult, note that I said doubt because unlike Incels, I always like to keep my optioned open. That said, you should know you're very attractive. I think you remind me of a few of the women in my life that got away but beyond that, you have lovely eyes, nose, mouth, face shape and the cutest way about you. Even your voice is really quite lovely and relaxing. I say this cause you should know how lovely you already are and while I believe you should do whatever you need to be fully you, just know you're already very lovely. if I ever decided to date a trans person, you'd be top on my list...

Every time I watch an episode I feel emotions. Eeeoughhh

Imagine all the pussy sharing the sex, you may say I'm an incel but I'm not the only one

women feel like primate

Why is no one talking about the womanfeel?

I always think I'm well-informed on a subject, then you do one of your super deep dives and I realize I know nothing. I thought I was a little too into your channel, then I looked at comments and realized most of your fans are pretty rabid, so it's all good.

When they manage to imagine how I feel.

Probably a sign I've been in academia for too long but I totally lost my shit over bread scientist

Thank you for the video. Sometimes I worry l might be a gay incel because of my orientation and my inability to date attractive men. But this video shed some light on my flawed views on dating and relationships. Thank you for making me more self aware.

Nauseous like at least 62% of the time.

Ok, this is epic

I have to commend Natalie on her spy work when making this video. Vulpes Inculta would be proud.

Coming out swing with that cringe.

Contra has to imagine how a woman feels every day.

Like no shower will ever remove the sickening sliming feeling she got after going to that Reddit page?

Aren't you an incel, Contrapoints?

I'd date you in a yoctosecond. Brains and beauty? Yes, please!

I know I wouldn't make a good incel, because my first thought was, How _does_ a woman feel? Is she feeling crappy today? Is she worrying about her paycheck? Does she walk around with a feeling of being _this_ far away from yelling at the next guy who cat-calls her? Does she worry about her BF being unable to open up emotionally? How does she _feel?_ What came after the question kinda surprised me, I'll admit.

Is that Vadi Vidya from the Dark Souls youtube channel?

This was one of your best videos yet Contra!

more than half the girls at my high school would be jealous of your looks

Please never start a video like that again

You probably saved lives with this video tbh.


That was so very difficult to sit through.

Women have feelings?! ;)

Fantastic video as always you gorgeous goddess.

oh god nooooo


Oh god my bones! My bones are too small! And my face is the wrong shape! Am I an.... Incel?

LOL. Incel seems scarily similar to feminism. Just replace celibacy with oppression and women with patriarchy.

lol nig

Your transition is coming along beautifully :) You should do a video on ethical veganism!!!

Fucking delete this right now.

Amazingly insightful video, handled with humor, empathy, and style. Never stop uploading. Now if we could only get /r/braincels to watch it...

Hey Contra Points! So I thought you might want to know that quote was kind of weird. So it was said by Wernher Von Braun, but he was quoting a Robert Gilruth. So I guess they both get points for being awful human beings? "Wernher von Braun, a former Nazi and a NASA rocket engineer, said that male astronauts “are all for” allowing women to participate. He cited a quip from Robert Gilruth, the director of NASA’s aptly named Manned Spaceflight Center at the time. “As my friend Bob Gilruth says, we’re reserving 110 pounds of payload for recreational equipment.”"

ContraPoints Straight up, listening to Olly read erotica MUST become a thing.. like now, and forever!


Can you please do a video on some serious right wing individuals like the Unabomber? I'd love to hear your take on the industrial society and its future!


That's gonna be an monster yikes from me

I imagine how a woman feels all the time. That soft, hairless skin, big curvy hips, those voluptuous breasts hanging off of my chest, the way they feel when a man takes them into his mouth, the moisture growing between my legs... oh wait, you mean something else.

Yeah imagine if the person who wrote that travesty of a take ever imagined how a woman actually felt.

ContraPoints. You’re the best thing on YouTube. Start a podcast so I can get more of your perspectives. I love you like a cousin.



Please make a video of just you touching a skull and whispering

Another great vid, Natalie. And FWIW, this very, very cishet guy thinks your appearance is very womanly, even after seeing all of your ContraPoints content and seeing how you used to appear and identify as a man. Hell I'd be lying if I said you didn't often make me feel some warm-and-tinglies, even just in images from the neck up.


ContraPoints great episode!

in which ContraPoints accidentally becomes the Incel messiah

ContraPoints please never stop making videos

Damn it I am frequent on the incels sub, you’re actually correct.

This was a very very beautiful work of art.

ContraPoints I really don’t want to it’s grabage being male and also being human humans sucks I hope when we find aliens they are better than humans please lets hope that’s the cause

You don't need to have sex to be sensual. Like feeling to wind moving though your body.


How did you convince Ollie to read this?!

ContraPoints when it started I thought it was going to be about feelings of women, but then female skin softness was described and I lost hope.

Behold, my stand?

Contrapoints Thanks for another great video!

The Stand who's power sends fear down all people's spines.

love your videos, fucking great content. funny, smart, just great.

Seems like a sadistic case of reals vs feels

Shane Healy you forgot to mention the bad dragon dildos Dark humour just isn't what it used to be

A lot of mouthfeel, the silky mouth feel!

(Transcended Black-Pill.)

Just an fyi before I discovered you older videos I would have never ever guessed that you were transgender. I literally had no idea

you may say I'm a dreamer,

ContraPoints you are gorgeous natalie.

Excellent video as always Natalie!

ContraPoints imagine the mouthfeel


This video was amazing, great job!

what do you think, are we doomed as a species?

Isn't that also the opening line with several erotic hypnotists? Lol. That might explain the incels as well.

The reading at the begining with the censoring just makes it more funnier to me, dunno maybe I just find the swear censor noise funny but either way I can't stop laughing

Probably comfortable. Having people who care about you is practically guaranteed for young American women who aren't hideous. Men who merely aren't desirable are trash even their own mothers find disgusting. Even worse is they aren't taught how to be desirable whereas girls are given products at a young age to enhance facial appearance and subconsciously trained by their fathers to manipulate men. Considering the part about the very best looking men having sex with all the good looking women is literally true thanks to online hook-up services, I'd say they're also pretty satisfied with that fat Chad dick filling them up whenever he can find the time between the other 15 girls in his Tinder harem.

Like a little big headed man in a dress

ContraPoints imagine how Adorno feels about jazz

Natalie, I think you're awesome and I would totally date you. Love, a person who gets called a Nazi on the internet almost every day (me). Grok?

Wie ein Brotwissenschaftler!

Like a Bread Scientist!

ContraPoints marry me contra you're amazing

Maybe we're all masochists, but Incels get stuck there....

ContraPoints you are my fave fag after yms (Btw obviously not serious I believe)

YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Made mah day, Contra! Thank you.

ContraPoints wtf was that lol

I want to see a footage of Ollie recording this.

I was a pen pal with someone who frequents r/Braincels. He is not an incel or anything but he "feels" that way. He gets dates and all that, has a job as a store manager, lives alone, is confident despite being obese, but because I don't think he knows how to form human connection so he often complains about not having someone.

fantastic video

Love your videos contra I'm glad you have tackled the incels I'm not gonna lie their is small percentage of them I feel sorry however they should because proven wrong

Great Video Contra. Hopefully it changes some minds :)

Incels are the male version of ugly bitter radical feminists who hate men.

One of your best yet, you managed to get at the humanity behind the label without ever downplaying the vile things they believe. Bloody fantastic work as usual.

Phenomenal. Sidenote: is "Excels" is a thing yet? Cos I'd happily read a Reddit feed of nerdy, skinny and/or short/small-headed guys sharing their stories of 40yr long happy marriages. Til then I'll just chat with my dad.

Damn this was good.

They way these guys think of women is disgusting, however I relate way to much

Condemned to an existence of lamentation and cuckoldry! Amazing!

I'm really glad I became an adult before social media really was a thing. When I was a depressed teenager I had some of the same thoughts, but luckily I couldn't become a member of an online society of similarily depressed and sexually frustrated teens who would validate my depressive delusions. Building an identity on the idea that you're doomed to never find love is not only dangerous but possibly self fulfilling. Thinking that way makes you really unapproachable and unappealing. What "cured" me in the end was partly growing up, and partly conciously deciding that I don't have to desperately seek relationships. I can satisfy myself sexually perfectly well on my own when I need to, and I should just try to have fun and make friends the rest of the time and be myself. When I finally met someone, I was not in anyway trying to behave attractively, I was just sat and sang metal lyrics (that I barely knew) to myself if I felt like it, wearing whatever I felt was comfortable, not caring whatever anyone thought. A woman (who is now my wife) found me interresting and took me on a date (well, she more or less just grabbed me and said let's go somewhere else) and we've been together ever since. I now see how my needy, desperate and horny behavior as a teen must have been really repulsive; while my carefree and more playful attitude later must have seemed confident. I mean; I think I wore cargo shorts, a wrinkled shirt and a woolen sweater, wool socks and sandals at the time I met her. And I wasn't really dressing as a slob either, though it might sound like that. I wore colorful patterned shirts etc., I just ignored any rules of fashion in general. Doing your own thing (even if it's weird and if you don't seem embarrased about it), looks like confidence. I probably weren't as confident as I looked back then; it was probably more that I've given up trying and just decided nothing really matters that much than genuine confidence; but it doesn't matter. At least I didn't look uncomfortable and desperate. It's really a cliche, but it's true: it's better not trying to hard, just relax and wait and enjoy yourself in the mean time. If you try to just enjoy life, the worst that could happen is that you stay single but still have a joyful life anyway; and qute likely you won't stay single for ever anyway if you just are yourself, have fun and meet people. If you cultivate your depressive desperation like the "incels" do, the best that could happen is that you stay desperate, depressed and alone (unless somehow grow out of it and stop thinking that way); and the worst that could happen is you become suicidal.

They really want to believe that not getting romantic attention is a form of oppression or exploitation, which it is not no matter how bad it feels. Self-improvement really is the only solution. If they really cared about solving this issue they would be coming together as a community to help each other develop social skills, give positive feedback to others on how to improve appearance, or sharing resources on finding treatment for their mental issues. I really think there should be public programs to help people like this (the things I mentioned, not state-issued girlfriends) because these toxic communities are only making the problem worse.

Contra looking like a snac

I think it's important that a trans person is delivering this science, particularly because it's easy for you to speak on the subject obliquely because you're not caught up in these incel arcs and dynamics. Thanks for this.

the endless takeaway here is that young cis men either need to grow the fuck up and stop being dysfunctional , obsessive , violently antisocial freakshows coddling themselves with the internet , or castrate themselves and move to the fucking cold void of interplanetary space ironically , the accusation of clinging to internet 'safe spaces' is being lobbed at lgbtq leftists , but look where we're at now given we're an actually marginalized community on this hell planet : we used the net to build mostly healthy communities out of necessity and have already activated vastly positive social seachanges , weve actually proved MORE valid as functional , productive human beings under technocapitalism going forward than the right wing flip side of socially crippled participants in popular internet discourse , which , u rite , is why they idolize pseudo intellectual misogynists nontheless , im amused ( see : deeply infuriated ) we have to ( and will continue to have to , for the next decade ) spend time unnknotting their psychosexual tangles for them en masse and via proxy when everyone else whos excluded ( or in their case , FEEEEELS excluded ) from society for pretty much every other reason just gets , idk , literally fucking killed off and swept under the rug

So incels are galtonists?

There's something wrong with me. I looked up the feedback from incel groups on this video. A lot of bro stuff; "there were no logical arguments, my high IQ is destroying this ******".

Is ocean fetish vore adjacent

Well, you look great hon xD

thios is my second video of you and i love your channel the first was the west

Can I smell your panties? Too soon?

I like your videos so much that I watch it in normal speed!

I respect your right to choose how you present, but I wanted you to know, that to me your face and it's striking features have become a beacon of light and hope beaming the truth of philosophy and logic into the dark corners of my mind and restoring strength to places left weak from the riggers of the day, the year, the life. Many other thoughts on this video but that one I felt was most important. -with love, some Queer psychology student.

Absolutely brilliant video! I'm asexual so kinda the opposite of incel, so I feel protected from the blackpill

I’m a woman but I’ve looked at r/braincels or whatever in the past just to see what kind of harmful stuff this “community” was perpetrating. One of the things that struck me most was not the crazy misogyny (expected that) but the just straight up laughably inaccurate way they guess women behave and think. They never consider that women might also feel insecure and inadequate sometimes, that women are capable of being driven by selflessness or wanting to help others, or that women can be hardworking determined people who want to better themselves and not just their appearance. The point is, yeah one of their MOs is to treat women like objects and hate them, but many of them literally can’t even comprehend that women have real thoughts, feelings, or goals at all. That blows my mind!

Hahahaha, "bread scientist". Gosh, this content is just what I needed, thanks for making this!

My... my skeleton is too... small? The fauk? In what way? Too small... I'm fuckin' 6'2" how is my skeleton too small?

*replays **7:57** forever*

I appreciate your love for the sea and storms. I for one, am gay for the moon.

I just watched this on like 2 days without sleep and that was intense, I think I need to sleep now

you're gorgeous and i love your videos so much

I used to sink into 4chan and Reddit and just essentially become the life. Everything was just revolving around whatever depraved self-destructive idea I could think up. You could literally feel the stress and the flood of testosterone destroying your ability to be self-critical or empathetic, because essentially all you wanted was that rush of hatred and satisfaction of either hurting someone else's position through egoism or indulge in whatever emotion you felt you needed at that time... usually negative. It becomes addictive because it's completely internalised and you can sever your link to the outside world doing it. Of course anything negative thrown your way only fuelled it more, and so you'd end up in 50 threads of arguing over absolutely nothing and ultimately trying to invoke the most hateful insults toward the person to make them feel as shitty as possible. There was no peer like jibes meant to merely bounce off as playful banter. This was a knife fight in the back alley of the internet. Really it did nothing to help me. It just distorted reality for me. And really it's only because i'm self-reflective enough to realise what it was doing, and lucky enough that I didn't stay in that circumstance for long enough that I managed to get out of it. But a significant part of my late 20s was spent that way. Simply unplugged from grown up life.

you’re so right about the sea and rainstorms

Theres only one solution to all of this. E N F O R C E D M O N O G A M Y

I kinda like Becky's nerdy bun.

Ywn cuddle up against a soft big tiddy furry waifu that awoos Why even.

This did make me think a little bit. Generally I tend to feel pretty contemptuous of incels (mainly due to the ugly discourse), but this did make me feel sorry for them.

Incels are part of a larger movement to oppose society in general. Perhaps the original publicly known version of this was Diogenes of Sinope, who considered society hopelessly corrupt and in need of tearing down (and remaking). All of this culture can be boiled down to Cynicism, whose purpose is to destroy society and remake it. Although incels are part of the political right, Diogenes himself was profoundly Leftist, and Anarchist in the modern sense. It's a ridiculous mistake to consider the left and the right on a line, as if either are closer to the center than they are to each other. Diogenes and Incels are quite close, despite their differing political goals. Diogenes and the modern Anarchists and Incels agree that society should be destroyed. Where they differ is on the nature of the reconstruction. Incels would create a horrific patriarchal world, with strict controls placed on women due to how "terrible they were before the revolution". Political moderates find themselves attacked by both the left and the right because they absolutely do not want society to be destroyed. To them, the tragedy would be the destruction itself.

No wine drinking from the skull, disapointed!

What the fuck this was so great I'm about to binge this channel.

virgin for ever??? prostitutes??? hello?

Just a quick correction: understanding who they are and why they think a certsin way is what sympathy is. The word you were probably looking for in your contention is empathy which is how one connects emotionally/the feels. (Just a thing most people get wrong that irks me, have a nice day).

Nope.. wrong again. PS, I didn't even bother watching the video. I just know you're wrong.

pretty sure incel's problems were all solved with THE OLDEST PROFESSION ON EARTH

Talking about self harm, I sometimes wonder how many people who do it are actually subs/masochists but have no context to understand their feelings? I used to physically self harm as a teenager and as I got older realised that I'm a masochistic, which I'm sure comes from being wired differently somehow

You're wearing a tentacle ring that I bought in bulk and have been distributing amongst my queer circles lately. I think I'm trying to start a cult but tbh the nebulous aesthetic works. 10/10

Glorious lol

But... I like my small wrists ;-; On a serious note, it seems that incels are even more critical about appearance than other people. I have terrible self-esteem problems, but I never came to the point when I would hate my thin wrists. Also, the word femoid is just disgusting.

Can a fuckhole also called a birthole as well? Love you keep up the great videos

*hugs* you inspire me to be amazing.

Is it a he?

So I decided to visit 4chan's LGBT board after watching this video (first time back on 4chan in probably close to 10 years), and there was this post: Obviously, a lot of the comments are horrible because 4chan is a cesspool, but a pretty large percent of people in that thread were saying things like, "she's definitely right. This place is toxic af." And a few said the video inspired them to leave. Good job, Natalie! It's having a positive impact! ^^

You gotta young Winona Ryder vibe going on

I wanted singing and piano! Dance for me weirdly shaped woman! DANCE! I mean SING!

I'm sad that no one seems to be mentioning the most basic fact: that one can live happily without sex and that our hypersexualized society has not been the norm through history. In fact, in most historic societeis, fucking was the exception and celibacy was pretty common. Also, sex as a form of validation from others is seriously fucked up; I think what these incels really want is not just to ejaculate on a woman, but mostly to feel superior and validated. Also, someone should at least mention asexual and aromantic people who don't even want 'normal' relationships to begin with. tl:dr; not having sex is not a problem unless you make it one

Sublime video.

Oh, good lord! "At least these pricks care enough about my pussy to be assholes about my dick!" Best. Line. Ever!

Stop trying to make me want to fuck water, Contra, you're going to give me a fetish.


This is by far my favorite of your episodes so far. I can tell that this one was personal for you. Thanks Contra

I'm an Incel and I happen to think this was a very good video. Probably one of the best I've seen on the subject. you got a few things wrong but aside from that, great stuff. I do approve of this video. I really enjoyed your humor as well.

What is is with you people and skulls?

I had a gender dysphoria. And I did not dare to transition because I would never look like a real man. I'm small (1.56 m) and busty, I have a high voice and a big ass. I accepted myself, of course, but sometimes I think about my life in the subjunctive mood.

im sorry about my google translate :D

"I can pay luxury car ammounts of money for cosmetic surgery, so I do really understand how the disenfranchised feel."

Ive definitely been at a stage 5 on the catastrophe scale (at 14:02) before. I tend to turn those feelings into self loathing rather than misogyny though. No need to join some cringy forum to hear about how shit I am, my brain does that all by itself. I don't really have any advice for what to do when those feelings come other than just ride them out and wait until you feel better.

you're an angel

Too good

I won't accept ocean apologism

Wait you didn’t get thomas middleditch did you?

inaccurate. also drugcels? haven't come across them once. also anyone with a brain can tell when they are serious or not.. bone structure does dictate how you look.

also: this is art

Tag yourself i'm a lesbian stan

My heart breaks a little every time I hear about these forums. Thank you, Contra, for being such a wise and tender fairy godmother

Great video once again!

Ok so a few things not mentioned that I think are very relevant: You made the connection between incels and tttt, but also pro-anas and meanspo. Also while you said how getting a hobby and stuff can help, one thing that seriously needs to be mentioned is how having irl friends that you love and who you know love you won't solve feelings of sexual inadequacy and sexual isolation, it does heavily reduce feelings of needing romance and feeling like needing a romantic partner is peak necessary.

Ahh, sweet Contrapoints, returned to the ocean... A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea. Accepting of all that there is and can be

Thanks gor the Schopenhauerian ending ❤

Your hair is so beautiful in this video!

Natalie focus too much on looks and men vs females bullshit. Shitposting. The true incel experience is about the crushing alienation from not being able to relate to the experiences of your peers, parents, grandparents, siblings etc, because you've been a shutin for most of your life. The feeling of inferiority when you hear about all the cool shit others have done that you haven't and how you try to come up with something interesting from your life to tell but simply can't. How awkward it is being questioned about your life and that 4-year hole in your resume when you were too fucking mentally ill and exhausted to do anything. How pathetic it is that the only time you went out for a drink was with your own mother at the age of 24. How you've been robbed of your teenage years, literally wasting them in front of a computer screen to avoid social interaction. How you've never been invited to party as an adult and how your last rl friendship ended more than a decade ago. How you lie awake at night and indulge in fantasies about what having friends would be like and all the fun things you would do if you had any. How your crushing depression leaves you dependent on your parents good will and how you've given up all hope for a partner, friends, and happiness ever. How the prospect of suicide slowly turns into a comfort into the only realistic endpoint. How culture is saturated with romance, relationships, friendship and all these wonderful things you know deep in your soul you will never get to experience. All you can do is watching others flaunting theirs. But reading some of these comments I realize I'm simply a gross entitled misogynistic pig who deserves all suffering in the world for simply being a male virgin. Pop culture has taught me I'm laughing stock and dirt to people. And what do you know, it seems to be true.

r/braincels is not happy with you :o

I don't know how to start this off but here goes nothing. I'd also like to add a bit to your experience of /lgbt/, albeit from a different perspective. I'm a 16 year old transgirl exclusively attracted to men, something people would refer to as an "HSTS". As I started using the board when I was 14 or 15 I had a ton of anxiety suddenly thinking I was AGP and only meta-attracted to men and all of the dissections of pictures and honposting (Which was still allowed on the board back then, nowadays you can only post selfies to be rated on /soc/, so no more "Could I Pass?" or "Do I Pass?" Threads), that however changed. I visit the board a lot, daily. It's become a habit of mine to check the board at least once a day, usually a lot more than that; ontop of which I am also *very* active on Discord servers that spawned from /tttt/. It is the definition of a mixed bag to me. Knowing that I am HSTS has often times given me a feeling of superiority, that I'm better than others. I am transitioning earlier, I will pass better, I am more legitimate. This feeling is sometimes amplified when I occasionally talk to other early transitioners. However the negative aspects have also scared me greatly. I am unwilling to talk to anyone that transitioned past the age of 30 and you better look good if you transitioned past 25 or even 20. I immediately dismiss older or bad looking transwomen as AGP and think of them in horrible ways. All because they don't look good. My boyfriend has asked me to stop looking at the board and I know that it makes me think in bad ways, but both the negative posts that fuel dysphoria and seeing other people worse off than me so I can feel better about myself have really turned it into a vicious cycle.

This is absolutely your best video so far. Informative, frank, funny. I love how sincere these videos always are.

also, an incel shot up my brothers school in Oregon, killed his professor, and his homeboy

You like to understand people a lot

The 'chad' looks like it was drawn by the same person who drew the art in old Jimquisition episodes

Are you a weak guy or a girl with an unfortunate voice? I can never tell. I saw only the last part but yeah I agree with what you have to say, even though I don't know what you're talking about and I probably won't watch the whole thing because I get bored easily.

I used to be the friend equivalent of an incel. Back before I was diagnosed autistic, I was really bitter and angry at the world because I was unable to make friends or maintain emotional connections. I still have trouble with those things, but learning to like myself and focus on other things as well helped me cope, as well as become more genuinely interesting enough to appeal to people on that level.

This is a takedown of epic proportions. Amazing.

You're acting like bone structure is not an important thing for literally everything.

The wristcelism and handcelism spiel needs to stop. Face and body shape are all that matters.

I love you.

That's it!! I'm subscribing, you are brilliant!

"At least these pricks care enough about my pussy to be an asshole about my dick." me: HUHHHHHNNNNNGGGGGGGG

I’ve noticed that a lot of these Incel guys are cute. There are gay bath houses where these guys would get all the attention. They probably don’t want to think about cock but if they went there for an afternoon they would have some answered in about five minutes. Change your perspective and look into your local gay sex club. Most major cities have at least one. You’re welcome


Wow, thank you for sharing this. This clearly got quite personal and I thank you for making this video as you back up your arguments and make some incredible points. Your points about tinder are feelings I've had for a while but not been able to explain. I hope you keep making these videos as they are really well made. Again, thank you.

Too many hookers on tinder now

The Mansophere

lgbt board sucks. r/lgbt sucks. where do I go?

ContraPoints may be she's born with it May be its maybelline

As a bisexual I'm half way to feeling like a woman everyday

Their skin that is. Don't worry about how they perceive things. All that matters is how THEIR skin feels to YOU.

Yeesh. I had no idea you were trans until you said it. I saw a woman who looks a LOT like the woman my nephew married four years ago, and who is the mother of his youngest daughter ... Your voice also sounds like a woman with a slightly raspy voice, as in, like many of the women who insist on doing that "vocal fry" thing for too long.

ContraPoints You're not as funny as you think you are. You're actually quite cringe.

ContraPoints Haha how's the music? Tron meets Dr Who.

Hypergamy is not a feature of the men's rights movement at large.

Your a funny and beautiful person. Thank you for this. I will check out a few more of your posts. P.S. fairly hetero male.

I found an asshole you might like to fuck *gives you the kind of proud smile you might expect to see on a cat dropping off a dead bird*

Why your boss keep sendin me here? Not talkin to u cos Im sweet on u.Its cos I know you're smart enough to know better.

“【IMAGINE HOW A WOMAN FEELS】”. Indeed! I’m afraid Incels are being quite lacking in practice in regard to one important sense of that sentence is the root of their self-enforced lack of experience in regard to another sense.

i dont think incels would exist if they imagined how a woman /feels/


*projectile vomits*

+ContraPoints ...with your mouth.

Shane Healy Can't believe I have to point this out but most of us non-Chads learn pretty early in our adolescence that we're never gonna get the most popular girls. That can hurt the first few times it smacks you in the face but you move on and you find your level. I readjusted my expectations at 14 years old and I've never looked back since. Beckys are my Stacys and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I always associated the "hons" thing with people making fun of Susan's Place-ism. Thankfully I never wandered to the chans as a place for positive queer/trans info. Reddit, on the other hand, is full of good intentions and bad info. If you want some badass info, someone recently turned me onto . Gotta say, as a biologist and clinician, I'm really impressed with the quality of the info on there. This is the antiquark to Susan's Place . All that said - really appreciate you putting skin in the game always. Self-identified "incels" aren't that different from everyone else, and you're awesome for showing how many of us who don't see ourselves that way nonetheless relate to them. I think the solution - as you often play the part of yourself - is interactions with people different from the homogeneous group they typically self-segregate into. Intergroup Contact Theory addresses this nicely, showing that simply interacting with someone from your ingroup who has interacted with someone from the outgroup can have positive effects towards decreased outward hostility. This has also been examined in the context of American politics, with white male christianness being the strongest predictive factor of someone voting republican, with economic status only recently now having no predictive value (whereas working class people traditionally had voted blue over the last 50 years). But nobody can say exactly why... *eyeroll back into my (((globalist))) chad skull*

Try asking from help to a psychologist. It will feel so good, and it’s ok to be sad and lonely, but get help. It will save your will to live, and you’ll look back at it as the best thing you ever did for yourself

Hey birb. If you feel like shit then try (if you live in a wonderful socialist utopia) going to a psychologist. You might go through a few, but when you find one that you like it’ll honestly help you so much. I would have been here if I had not been gripped by my collar and got help. There is always light ahead, it has not always been bad and world is full of people who will love to be your friend.

I'd rather just be a woman

ContraPoints Dear Natalie. Could you please make a video taking down Tommy Robinson. I know this will be like shooting fish in a barrel for you but it would be a good move as his ideas are gaining in popularity across the world. Much love X

ContraPoints I literally shuddered after reading this (I was also cold but still...).

ContraPoints Agreed

you're so fucking talented. i love all your videos.

They got sooo close to having empathy and then used the alternative meaning of 'feels'

ContraPoints translation: Never mind how a woman feels. What about me? What about my needs?

You are a Woman... a W.O.M.A.N. Doble U, Ou, em, ei, em

I legit forgot you were trans tbh. I'm not sure what parts of your skull/facial structure are supposed to be "masculine"? You look wholly feminine to me. o.O

The V-Chip was this meant for me? this is gonna be fun^^

ContraPoints How do you feel today, Mom?

Dan Schneider's "Unsupervised Pool Parties" With CHILDREN!?! this what u girls r into? K u rly got to talk shit? recommended for u^^ Dial-a-Henchman good luck with that

A Case for Reparations just me. fuck the rest of u

For Whom the Belle Trolls ^^ stop playin with those wigi broads girls wigi

they said it wasnt possible. kicked your ass

Chris Ward speaking of cucks im I looking at one?

karma The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube — and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle cough

actually, you can "pass life" through your neopussy, Sweden has transplanted a uterus into a trans woman and she has given birth. Sooo

Careers Customer Service Explain. In English At Home With Helen (1992) HD America Needs Mass Deprogramming Before Real Political Transformation Possible that what u girls are doing? Seems other way around to me. But what do I know THIS ASMR NEEDS TO STOP ( cant lie for shit why u cant chess) ALL of U (horseshoe pony girls)

Nice post

Like a bag of sand.

Hey Natalie. This is gonna come across as extremely ignorant, arrogant and a little bit "black pill-y", but that's not how I mean it. I would suggest to you not to "cut off" your dick if it's still functional. Especially if you're still sometimes attracted to women. Yes, having a fuck hole might be closer to being a "real" woman, but how much closer really? It's never gonna be the thing you're aiming for. I mean, "shooting for the stars to maybe get to the moon" is ok in many cases, but you're giving up something valuable in the process: a perfectly fine dick. I don't know much about the lgbt scene, but I can imagine there are girls and guys who like or are at least ok with dating and fucking chicks with dicks. I don't know what it's like to be transgender, but I don't think I'd pay others to reshape my body using sharp tools to appear more like what society told me a woman should be. I hope you'Re really really sure about this. But in any case I wish you all the best. Thx for this great channel.

ContraPoints you used to be a man? Huh it doesn't seem like it. Good for you that you do what made you happy. It's just a shame your from Baltimore that sucks.

Natalie...You look BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn't change a thing about your face! If you were a lesbian, I would come for you and feed you diamonds luv!=) That being said, I love love love this video. I much prefer this over your politically charged vids, this is great! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the artistic expression in all of your videos. You are super talented, absolutely gorgeous, witty, funny, intelligent and even when I disagree with you (Which is 90% of the time) I still enjoy watching you. I would never knock you or anyone for whatever body modification they decide to do. You are the one that needs to feel happy with yourself at the end of the day. It just tears me up to hear you say that you worry about your face looking like a man every single day. Your face is beautiful! I just hope that if you choose to have FFS, that you don't go too overboard because you are absolutely stunning as you are=)!

You went a step further, LOL.

I'm not gonna lie, that was super fucking sad

News Anchors Can't Stop Laughing At Falling Model payback for gamergate and the mouse utopia bs. No crying foul girls. brought on yourselves And save the Chad bs. Dont even want the pussy anymore. Too much of a pain in the ass. Even to rent

Justin Terhaar cold, wasn't it?


ContraPoints I AM FEMOID! I AM ROBUTT! Lol.

I love fucking skulls


dawn_of_the_dove.  Thanks for the reply(appreciated).  Any "help" for men in the sexual arena is ''man up'',  which exacerbates the issue.  ContraPoints takes issue with these men saying that she is(and always will be) a man.   Yet, blaming these men for something society is going to do to her is a mistake. Trust me, if their is a disaster, her fellow girls are going to see her as a guy.  They are going to call her a guy. And they are going to expect her to act as a guy.

kellyloganme. Thanks for replying.  Most people don't. In response - that is a terrible idea. There isn't anything waiting for these men outside the forums. That's why they are there in the first place.    Many people in this thread say "great video".   But ContraPoints merely describes the situation while heaping on the shaming tactics. This makes things worse, not better.

Trevor Cormier i think her advice is : get the help you need. This is self harm. And she s dead right. It s like those forums were anorexic people are encouraging each other s desease. They re encouraging each other s despair. They should realize they need help. Like real help from people who want them to be happy.

Trevor Cormier - the advice I saw was to remove themselves from online forums whose sole purpose is to deepen and expand their fears and self-hatred. She not only spent a long time explaining this point, she even put information on how to block such websites in the notes.

ContraPoints.  So your advice to these men(who aren't all young)  is "man up"?  They are losers if they try and they are losers if they accept their position.  No wonder men are killing themselves at a rising rate.

If they want to lose their virginity that bad, why don't they just take turns fucking each other? It ain't gay if you say no homo

Every time I watch your videos I am stunned by how feminine and beautiful you look, especially as I was watching your vids before you started transitioning. I honestly don't think you need any work done, you are killing it

Loved this. You’re so smart.

this is a weird question but what do incels think of trans people? like most guys like that hate trans women but what about trans men and enbies?

i would totally date you, Natalie, but i'm afraid that my lack of charm and mediocre looks won't compete with the 2,500+ people who want you. i think i shouldn't even bother, i'm barely above the poverty line, i don't drive, and i don't have any strong future plans. you deserve someone who has their life together, but i swear, if i wasn't such a loser, i would totally take you for coffee or something, maybe a movie.

So, do you have a penis?

A quick thank you to god that I have yet to stoop low enough to stand in front of a camera and justify my baking bread by saying "I am ultra masculine" with a straight face

It's really hard to make this stupid bullshit funny.

I am hydrosexual now.

this wasn't bad actually I'll just leave this here for your attention.

Why is 4chan a man thing? Im a teenage girl and i go there for my dose of shittalking and cringe (reddit just didnt do enough for me anymore.) I have been. Desensistized... Probably a bit too much

w-why did this get recommended to me

i watched this video for 12 minutes because u reminded me of someone and then it hit me u look like mia from californicaation. idc about incels or any of that shit, i'm gonna go now and get validated by all the girls that would love to fuck me.hoshimota is out. bye

Being red pilled is nazi code for believing in a jewish/marxist/leftist/feminist conspiracy that supposedly works against straight, white males to destroy western civilization. It's kind of the nazi version of "woke" and it's basically a gateway to fascism. I think it's important to mention how these manosphere communities are used to normalize far right rhetoric and are fertile ground for far right recruitment. That's really the point of cultivating this world view. The red pill has also infected the skeptic/atheist community, which used to be about pwning creationists and laughing at ridiculous things religious people say, and now it's about "exposing" feminists and cultural marxist conspiracies.

...Wait, that was 35 minutes? Didn't even feel like it, so engrossed it felt like 15.

Here I was hoping you were a lesbian. Gorgeous woman!


Lmao my big female head is 24 inches around I have to buy XL men's hats. Buuuuut it's probably because I'm QUEER

amazing. this is absolutely my favorite of your videos so far

wat is this

Are you a tranny?

one of your best videos, love the humour and production value as always. but mainly you're just a decent, compassionate and articulate person, keep up the good work dark mother

Hi ContraPoints, this is the first video I watched of yours and I immediately thought you were a woman. I'm researching this topic for an assignment I am thinking of writing and it was super helpful. Thank you.

I was with you until rock and roll is dead. It's not dead i say as i clutch to what rock bands we have left that aren't filled with octogenarians

One on my favorite youtubers, even though you're a commie

What I though I'd get from watching this video: Frustration about a fringe group of society who'd rather project their own self-loathing onto an entire group of people, simply because they feel entitled to sex. What I got from watching this video: horny at the sea

Eyyyy I'm also a pre-op transwoman who feels bad looking at these posts

Great, was just about to go to the pub for a roast lunch, now I'll have to eat blindfolded lest I be reminded of vulvas

I mean, a couple thoughts. 1. If women don't want to receive messages like that, then they need to not be the only kind of messages that get responses 2. Incels may be normal looking dudes, but are told they're not by other incels ... and by women. That's the whole problem. I remember when I used to actually give a shit and try I got women telling me I "looked" like a rapist, whatever that means, I was accused of beating women by a complete stranger because I "looked like the kind of guy who did", and women i was friends with would say stuff like the thought of me in a relationship was gross and they didnt want to think about that. Specifically, I was at a party one time and this chick I had never spoken to before interrupted a conversation I was having to let me know that I was creepy. That's what it's like for them. It's not like it just comes out of nowhere and they just wake up one day and say "you know What? I'm gonna be an incel from now on"

Yeah thanks for reminding me our Minnesota summer thunderstorm game is completely off point this year and totally f'ing with my ability to get some primal carnal satisfaction while I'm trying to deal with (and get better at) being bad at women and relationships in general. What I'm trying to say is a good thunderstorm might well reignite some of that CHAD in me but here it's just mostly been hot and humid and now we have an overcast of Canadian wildfires.

It's basically /tttt/ and /incel/ are self inflicted porn

/lgbt/ is a amazing blackpill it's actually easy for me to see these forums because I know it's shitposters stirring up the flames of public humiliation and dejection When you see it like that you can laugh with them because they are pretty nice posters at least. Jealousy turns into the slippery slope of Gender Dysphoria. It is not a Meme on 4chan, it's the visibility of pre Gender identity disorder that unchains the urge for transsexualism, basically auto-gynephilia is a early symptom of gender Dysphoria but it is not exclusively associated with gender Dysphoria. It is a type of fetishism and can be used as a form of sexual pleasure but does not become full Gender Dysphoria until they experience living full time as a woman

Contra Points, i'm sorry that we don't have a active physical white genocide starting with you.

XD ahh, im so glad my favorite youtuber pisses off some guy whining about white genocide on his youtube channel with the same video 48 times

Nice new Contraception vedoi

Contra Points you are an inferior white male.

The 20/80 rules is based of real data tho, it's not unknown, or something the incels made up. While I do also think personalty count for something, which the 20/80 do not account for or care about, it's also now what it's trying to explain.

What if I believe that white males have been made inferior by marxist policy?

If someone has white blood cells does that make them a Nazi?

If a male has white bones is that white male supremacy?

I find incels not just depressing, but I also get a 'there but the grace of god' vibe from them. I had a REALLY bad run when it came to dating in my 20s, to the point of ridiculousness - like, me and this girl and who I never got a chance to see because we were always busy and didn't live nearby had a chance to hook up and my FUCKING CAR BROKE DOWN, getting a rare tropical disease that gave me two years of chronic fatigue, everyone I did get on a date with was crazy or stood me up, etc. It made me feel like I was deficient in some way and I was already insecure about being a little overweight, but at that stage I knew nothing about incel culture. I DID adopt some of the ideas of PUA culture and red-pill shit off the back of GamerGate, but I've left that behind me. If I had found the incels, I worry it would have just sucked me in and taken me over. The last thing I needed was more negative reinforcement, but without realising it I was seeking it out at the time, and there was a massive reservoir of it out there waiting for me. Somehow I dodged the bullet and I'm really grateful I did. It's nice to be able to like yourself.

If you aren't having a relationship with women, why would you care?

are you okay lol

If a male has white teeth is that white male privilege?

You do know that the UFC's ultra black Chad Welterweight champion's name is Tyron? The Incels named their black Chad perfectly. Tyron is a god among men. All heil king bro!

I basically disagree with contra points on everything. But most of this was spot on.

18:47 i am un-woke. help explain please?

I guess I technically fit the definition of an incel. I’ve never had sex, never been in a relationship at all, and my fist kiss was when I was 18. I never blamed women for how miserable and alone I was, bc everyone should have the freedom to fuck who they want. And if they don’t want me, that’s just nature filtering out my bad genetics. That’s how natural selection works. I try to focus on my career and hobbies, but truthfully, I identify with the pain of the incels. The truth is, not everyone will be loved. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s probably how it always will be. It’s okay to be saddened by this, but it’s not okay to blame others for this. It’s not women’s fault for not fucking You, it’s not your fault for being ugly, it’s just bad luck.

I'm pretty sure incels were raised in a feminist environment and/or by single mothers. That said, feminism did make women shittier. Why? Because women are now a protected class, protected from criticism and consequences. You're no longer allowed to criticize any of them for any immoral, irrational, crazy, obscene, irresponsible behavior they might have. They are protected from dealing with the consequences of those as well. You might have a woman who's unhinged and incompetent in your company wreaking havok and any criticism of her behavior will be treated as misogyny and discrimination and who ever spoke up is gonna lose his job and have a discrimination lawsuit to deal with. You can have a crazy promiscuous woman who'll just sleep around and swap boyfriends every five seconds run off with their money and there's a whole system of safety nets in place for any of the kids born from that woman. The list goes on but my point is that women no longer have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. They can just go about their lives and do whatever they want, however they want and never face any of the consequences. They can be toddlers for ever and never have to clean their own mess and have an army of white knights telling them everyday on instagram how amazingly beautiful and kind they are no matter what they look like or how they treat others. There isn't any social pressure on women to do good anymore, they can be as evil as they want, they're women. Men have to work hard on their social skills, polish their personality, be physically and mentally healthy, learn a skill so they can make money, be responsible, civilized, intelligent and charming to be seen as valuable and there's a lot of non written rules they have to abide to to be approved by women and by society as whole. Women on the other hand can just be socially awkward, have no personality whatsoever, be physically and mentally unhealthy, be incompetent, in debt, be antisocial screaming banshees, dumb and repulsive and they'll still manage to land a partner and have kids. Personally I've never been to incel forums because I can come up with my own edgy shit. My hope is that these guys are just learning to stand up for themselves since they've been told never to be angry, to always be nice and to never defend themselves as I'm pretty sure it's what happened. By personal experience none of the tricks we give incels worked for me. It always happened at times where I had nothing going on in my life, I hadn't showered for a day or two and I was wearing rags with holes in it. (Crust punks have sex right?) Whenever I consciously try to approach a girl, it fails. I only got dates when one of them texted me "I WANT TO SEEEEE YOUUUUUUUU!~

Im a gay man and I know more than 25 men who like Milo Yiannopolous.. All gay men I know love him.... Except the lefties, who only love stalin and Che and other homophobes.. Cause they're DUMB

This reminds me of a WHTH post I saw last month, and the comment discussion. Yes, incels need help, and we've tried to help them, we can't because they refuse to be helped. Even the smallest, simplest act that could improve their lives even in the slightest is rejected out of hand.

No one's going to help the incel community. Your sympathy towards incels does nothing for them. They are a very small minority of young men that society as a whole has collectively decided to beat down, because they're worthless to society as a whole. Take note of this phenomenon for the next time your political salesman tries to sell you the idea of a just world.

Next time: War

Incels _need_ to be told they're undesirable physically because otherwise, they'd have to admit what huge pieces of shit they are.

is it really that hard to say more than one scripted sentence at a stretch? those cuts are really annoying imo.


Thanks! keep it up, i love your work :) feel hugged!

Roosh must be really insecure... good on him for baking, but dude if you read this... you don't need to make excuses. You're making good food and everyone needs to eat. I hope you make sandwiches for yourself too without having to justify it in some deformed way.

Thanks for outlining how fucking AMAZING INCELS ARE!

oly is boner fule

Pre-op > Post-op Also, isn't blue pill viagra? I think we've all got this goatseewards.

Who's the bloke with the sexy voice and is he looking for a hair wooly Cthulhu switch bi

I can't take your voice seriously. Thanks for not mocking them at least

Ram Bow? Jesus fuck.

I'd much rather have a Becky than a Stacy.

I knew incels were sad and lame but fuck, they're almost more sad than I could ever imagine them being.

Oddly I have feelings of suicide partly due to government and the Brexit and partly I was banned from twitter which is a major loss of social support, really I don't normally with pain and suffering on others but I do hope twitter dies in a burning pit. But also I recognise that Twitter is a patch to cover the loneliness of a society that makes people working longer hours and punishments for being single in the UK is paying just 25% less than a couple with children in local taxes the paranoia and hatred of drunkenness make people feel isolated along with neo puritanism that is making single people feel guilt for being single but not creating systems to help people meet


This video is on point on so many levels and I also love the fabulous backdrops and outfits. Glad to have stumbled across your channel ♥

I felt really weird when I put this video on in front of my boyfriend and blurted out "omg she keeps getting hotter" Then I got to the end of the video and felt like some hivemind hugbox Oh no

"Chads with fuckable skulls" .... Yes..... Yes. *seeks out Chads to skull-fuck, straight or not*

Just discovered your channel. You do an excellent job in your analyses. I love how you actually pointed out the normalcy of the incel mindset while simultaneously providing the most viable strategy to break away from it. I plan on watching your catalog over the next few weeks.

Can you Juul during these vids?

omfg this starts out hilarious and ends in a deep psychological excursion. Contra please marry me. I would say the same thing on tttt or whatever

And may I say, you have no problem with your brow ridge, and are quite beautiful..

This video is fantastically made, incredible work

You are my favorite channel on YouTube. Never go away.

Awesome video, pls keep on doing thiss

i don't want to get rid of my dick tho

Absolutely love your video!

It's as if the Incels didn't actually know any women...

i don't like you because you're clearly rich.

Sea accepts us all. Sea is our home, our love, our life. JOIN US IN THE DEPTHS.

it's terrifying to me how a person's mind can twist and internalize bad experiences like that to the point where your entire worldview could shift into one where women are evil and inhuman, and you will never find love and be satisfied with yourself.

Subbed at "bread scientist"

Can someone please TLDR this video? Don't feel like listening to that raspy HRT laden voice. You shouldn't be talking about this subject you gender bender

I'm 14min in and I gotta say this makes me feel more than a little uncomfortable. I mean for starters I don't know how you couldn't feel uncomfortable seeing such naked hatred for women (or any group of humans for that matter). Many of these things are so implausible on the face of it that they would be laughable if you didn't see a bunch of depressed and I guess probably at least somewhat angry guys all taking it very seriously. However there is another big reason I'm uncomfortable too - seeing so much of myself in what is being described. Not the hate, or the blaming of women or others in general, but the fatalism and hopelessness. at 14:02 there's a series of thoughts displayed that an incel might go through. I've been through 1-5, and then jumped to 10 (sort of). While I have to believe that I wouldn't ever fall into this blaming of women or others, seeing a path laid out like that so close to my own is somewhat scary.

This is true art. As a question, Does the negative connotation of Hon extend to Honey as well? I have a few Female trans friends and I had never realized it to be an intrinsically negative context.

This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and it is truly a work of art. Thank you.

Contra, you've got a great face. Don't go Michael Jackson on it. Don't try to follow clichés of femininity. If I were to post my picture on an trans forum, people would probably tell me that I couldn't pull it of as a woman because my skull is too big, my jaw too broad, my hands too big, my shoulders too broad tc. But I was born a woman. LOL. Women can be big boned. And I still consider myself to be beautiful. I wear my hair long or pinned up so my head won't seem so big, I like my jaw because it tells idiot asshole guys to not fuck with me, and I love my big hands and broad shoulders because unlike other women I can lift and carry really heavy things easily. I'm also rather tall. I'm still a "naturally born woman". We come in lots of variety after all. You're one of us. Compared to me you're a real looker, which is cool if that's what you want to be. If you want to be less eye-catching, then that's okay too. Some women are like me and don't like dressing up. I never wear makeup, I hate the feel on my skin. But it's totally fine if women love their makeup. Be yourself. Don't try to fit a cliché. Don't compare yourself to others. You're not others. You're you. And you seem to be a really cool clever woman. Keep being that! :)

The parts about the sea are a titanic mood.

Hmm. There is some truth in red pill theory. At least when referring to the top 10% of women. Especially in the trans community, its even more out in the open there.

I'm a lesbian so this is purely theoretical BUT: god it's impossible to see why a woman would rather fuck a guy who never heard a song in his life and apparently only thinks about pussy than a guy who spends his time fantasising about misogynistic torture on the internet and thinking going to the gym makes up for their personality that's as hollow as an empty barn

love ya bravo, another good episode

first video i've ever watched by you - instant subscriber!

What an interesting and intelligent concepts. Thanks for the big think, CP.

You _are_ a gorgeous goddess. But unfortunately I'm a "volcel", because women are more trouble than they're worth.

Honestly, what you describe sounds similar to pro-Ana sites - people making each other sicker.

b-but M E R E M I L L I M E T E R S O F B O N E edit: BREAD SCIENCE

So Awesome!!!

"VOLCEL IF YOU WOULDNT" that was so good, i audibly gasped

I love your nose, its sooo cute.

Isn't anal 3rd base? Asking for a friend...!

You are a gorgeous goddess

Yes. Empathy is the only way to evolve our communication from a limited and destructive wavelength. But it is a hard thing to have when you are scared of your own shadow. When you say "Imagine how a woman feels". I think No. Fuck that. I feel how I feel and everyone else can get fucked. Sorry has Daria taught me wrong? Is misanthropy bad?


ContraPoints no I don't wanna imagine.

I do enjoy imagining that, yes. ;)

The soft music, the calm voice, then *BLARING CENSORS*


Thank you as usual for your attention to detail and your research, openness and for sharing your knowledge.

Shane Healy how are you so blind and delusional? Women do NOT have everything handed to them on a silver platter no matter where they grow up. Trained by their fathers??! The fuck? I hope you never have a daughter bc you will never see her as human.

Hei bb won sum fucc? I gona smash ur'e pusy so hard lol

Probably like some flesh, and bones and all that gay shit

+Marcel Duchamp's Fidget Spinner I support this message: masculine presenting trans gendered lesbians LOL

These incels should consider going trans. Not because they identify as women, but so they have a female body to fondle like an autogynephile. And their lack of "Chad" features means they will pass quite well, and probably get tail from an androgynemorphophilic lesbian.

holy fuck, that first 30 seconds sounds like a badly written romance novel from Hell LOL

wahmen ((feels)) you've got to be KEEDEEN

Incels: there are thousands of us trans people out there who feel just like you. and need love too! *mass shipping intensifies*

It's ok Contra, you're totally skull mogging those other huns. Keep on being the alpha.

Thank you for the inclusion of The Who.

You're wonderful, this is excellent!

Contra, do more ASMR videos please? :)

What's funny is celibacy means not getting married. Chastity means not getting laid. It should be called Inchasts

First Chang take your Job, Then he takes yo girl..

Wait what, suicide recommendation at the end?

This is one of the most elegant explanations of incels I have seen to date.

Mmmmm can't wait to get me some of that sexy rainstorm Petrichor.

feminist culture, that's why they're like this. you're welcome

Here before 180K

Please do an asmr phrenology video Natalie!

at one point in my life i was something pretty close to an incel, the only difference being that i never blamed women or feminism for my inability to find someone, i just blamed myself and thought i was irreparably broken on some fundamental level that made me completely unlovable. so to that extent, i can absolutely sympathize with the incels, because i lived through that "catastrophizing" anxious self-hatred.

I'm an incel,I don't hate women I understand they only want men like Cristiano Ronaldo and can't help who they are attracted too.

I used to be a very active member in feminist groups, and those groups were mostly radical in their views. Though I still hold my views as somewhat feminist, I can't deny that the time I've spent there didn't went well for my mental health and views on the world. Everywhere I looked I've seen rape, opression, wage gaps and acid attacks. I barely had any male friends whom I wouldn't consider pigs or wanting to rape me, just because that's what I've been used to look for in people, society and the world at large. Once I distanced myself from those group for my own mental sake - the amount of negativity was exhausting - I felt better. I started to develop my own world views. My country is still sexist and I can still see that, but I don't see a proof of it every day. Which is a lot easier for the soul.

22:54 He has the chad-bones, tbh.

Great production value but you are WRONG!!! Allow me to pull FACTS out of my fedora... there, here is a FACT. Sure, you might not know what it is like to be a man, especially a man who is always so nice to all females but in the end, remains non-laid for all the nice shit I do! But yes! I had an x-ray done and my bones were fucking tiny... they were the size of pencils! FEMALES LIKE BONES! It's an evolutionary fact!!! THAT'S WHY IT IS CALLLLLLLLED BONERS! I swear, no matter how many replica samurai swords I buy, or how much dating practice I obtain via Japanese Dating Sims... FEMALES refused to get in my van. But I digress, m'lady. It seems you have had a poor experience with incels so please, allow me to change your opinion. I'm a nice guy, I swear. Please date me, please!! Pretty please! I've tried the nofap movement but... well, lets just say that... erm...walking around supermarkets with an erection is embarrassing. Teach me the ways of my enemy; the chads.

You won a subscriber with this video. Well played.

Is that Hbomberguy reading the Incel comments?

The true blackpill is realizing Contrapoints will never be your gf. :(

I have a hard time understadnig what you are talking about, because the music is so loud in the background.

Does anyone else think that "Monster ContraPoints", at 28:44 looks amazing?

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