I Trained To Become An MMA Fighter In 4 Months

I Trained To Become An MMA Fighter In 4 Months

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Fighting. An MMA fight in three months is completely. Crazy aria is just so sweet like, I couldn't see him like her a fly, I don't, want to see Aria get hurt I get, the impression that there's an underdog, within, you that is trying to prove something through, this experience, I don't know if he will survive, this. Fight. Basically. This, is saying that you are voluntarily, doing this video BuzzFeed, is not making you if you. Were to get injured doing it or anything else BuzzFeed, is not responsible because you are doing this on your own, gotcha. And when you say anything else at a good stuff that includes I mean death is possible, at all of life like every morning you wake up death is a possibility, very, true my. Name is aria I love romantic comedies Christmas. And I will be dedicating, the next three months of my life towards. Training and mixed martial arts before competing, in an officially, sanctioned fight against. A trained and experienced. Opponent, is he really gonna do that why, would he do that just, three months are you straining three. Months is not a long time, three. Months of training before a fight is a very unrealistic, timeline, already so, this will be the biggest challenge of my life are you gonna be wearing headgear oh. I. Don't know how this is gonna work for him I love, aria but no I. Will not be seeing it I don't want to see it I don't want to see the fight I'm. Not very physically active I don't think most people think of the word fighter, when they think of me I don't know if Aria has ever been in a fight, Aria, told me that he was Buddhist I'm worried about him I don't know if he's a fighter, but, what is a fighter because for me this journey isn't just about trying, to overcome the physical and mental challenges that I will be facing but, more so about trying, to get inside the mindset, of what it takes for those that actually do compete. In. One of the world's toughest sports a. Combat. Sport that allows its athletes, to utilize, a variety, of fighting, styles mixed, martial arts continues, to explode, in popularity as. Fighters, from all walks of life seek, to test themselves inside. The cage I think, my car can impact, a lot of life because of discipline. What separates MMA, from any other sport is that you're, forced, to deal, with fear to compete in the mixed martial arts fight the fact that art is doing that first why I think takes a tremendous amount of courage it's, gonna be a difficult process for arias, first fight honestly I would just recommend take it all in it's, a whole nother world try.

To Just open your eyes open your ears and see as much as you can. Hey. Who. Are you well, thank you thank you so much for being. A part of this journey with me it's gonna be uh we. Road gonna. Be a lot of fun one of the individuals tasked, with getting Oriya in proper condition, to compete is Steve Zim an accomplished. Coach who has trained athletes, including undefeated. Female boxing champion, Laila, Ali this. Is what I do for a living I train people to be the best at what they do arms, down he's. What I would call skinny fat 12, and, 3/4. You have way too much body fat for, what we're trying to do working, with Steve to improve, my strength and conditioning, is not, easy at all let's do two minutes and see how you feel on this anything. Burning yet. Getting. To a push-up and let's see what we got going, into, this I knew one of my biggest weaknesses was, my conditioning. Yes, your blood sugar just dropped, okay. So why. Don't we sit down this isn't like going out and trying to run a 5k and, just, hope I finished the 5k this is way. Way, up there you are gonna put your face your body on the line you have to make sure that you're gonna come out of this hole that's, why we're doing this otherwise. You're gonna get in there and find out that you don't have what it takes it's scary, but. If, he puts himself in the right position, works, his butt off eats right shows, up then we're gonna have a big, big change in him any which, way he does not lose from this. So. Your chin, is where a lot of nerves are that's kind of like one in the mean target, areas so, you always want that chin down and the eyes up coming. Out of retirement to, teach aria the combat, skills he'll need to survive in the cage is Chris. Riley, a former. Champion and coach who once helped lead Quinton, Rampage, Jackson to. Capturing, the UFC. Light heavyweight championship. You're basically what I call on the snowboard. The minute I see that. When. Aria first reached out to me about this project my initial. Reaction was no, first, of all I'm not coaching. Fighters anymore so I, didn't really think it was something that I wanted. To be involved in or or, would necessarily even be the best person, for him and then after giving it some thought, the reality, is during, my time in the sport there were a lot of people, coaching. MMA, who. Shouldn't. Be coaching, them at may you know we do have to remember it's. A grown, man in there whose, entire. Purpose is. To. Hurt you as bad as possible you know I really, thought. To myself maybe. I was actually. The best person. To help, with this I'm, not gonna keep punching, hard here I'm a top top tapping I. Think. The hardest, part, of the, training, process over. The next three, months Ferrari. Is going, to be when we, have to face some real contact, that's always when. People. Start. To learn whether. Or not this is something they really like doing, or not so that that will be the you. Know kind of key determining. Factor, as to. How this is probably, going to turn out. I. Mean. We've. Worked so hard and, here, we are it's. Fight night now it's. Gonna be what its gonna be. It's. Been it's been a journey but I have, a full full belief in him that he'll he'll, do well he well he's done everything he's needed to do in preparation pick, it off before you get in, the cage yet I know. There's a lot of people who. Kind of laughed him off a little bit and whatnot but I know what he's made of I know that he's gonna go in there he's gonna move, a lot of people wrong that's for sure.

As. Training. Progresses chris is able to secure a gym for aria to train out of I've. Known Chris for a long time he was like a mentor to me he called, me on Sunday. And asked, if I could help him out like with this project I could not say no you know of course I'd say yes. Hanging. In a fight in three months is, absolutely. Crazy and a, dinky as the, biggest, pair of balls ever, we, actually, Pat it up and got in the ring especially. Since he's never fought anything, he's gonna have to get used to getting punches thrown at him he has to get used to getting kicks donut and he actually has to get used to getting beat up the, sparring session was definitely a shock in the system it was like okay this is how it feels to get hit by, someone who's not even trying to really hurt you biggest challenges, are teas in the face is, mentally. Getting, ready to train so on top of the fight training I'm supposed to do with Chris I also, have five days a week with Steve, doing a strength and conditioning work at his gym and then on weekends I'm also supposed to do cardio so there is no day of full, rest for me while, training multiple, times a day Arya's. Diet is also, under scrutiny by the team at trifecta, nutrition, who are trying to help ensure that Aria comes in at his scheduled. 145. Pound featherweight, limit. Trifecta. Basically, came up with a diet plan it's basically focused, on just clean eating and making sure I'm hitting my macros, so for example I'm supposed to hit 150, grams of protein in a day while, keeping under 1900 calories, the excitement, of the first week, falls away after, the first week, when, you start to see how hard you're pushing how hard you're pushing this, entire, project seems to be the only thing on my mind I'm always thinking about things like my diet I'm wondering if I'm training hard enough I'm wondering who my opponent's going to be I'm thinking about this constantly. And, it's, just it's it's a lot it's a mental thing he's never done it so I don't know which, way he's gonna go it's, a combination. Yeah the physical, but I I can handle the physical that's not the problem it's, going to be up here. If. I'm trying to meet you in the side your leg or into your gut and you. Dump down to try and grab a double, and eat that mean we, will expect you to fight through that unfortunately, because basically, your face budding his knee at that point I mean like everybody I feel like this, was unexpected, for aria cuz he's the like, most gentle, polite, nice person, but, I've also like, believed, in him since the very beginning of this I feel like he can. Definitely do this I'm sure art is going through a little, bit of nervousness but it's gonna be okay you know usually, nothing, really hits until you walk like right in there and then they close the door and, then that's when everything gets real you know so, you. See what happens if, you get choked out guess, what then you wake up we'll. Let you know who won okay. I'm not gonna stop a choke, I'm. Not gonna stop a choke. It. Was very scary and intimidating they were they went in blood Oliver yeah I hope that doesn't happen Arya we, need to get into the mindset that we're gonna see him get his ass beat even if he wins.

My. First fight was fifty seconds, where I got punched in the face and then I shot the worst double leg I've ever shot in my life and I got choked you, know fighting is nothing, to be taken like Leah it's, not a game the entire point of the sport is to hurt the other person, that's a reality that's not often talked about I'm. Afraid of what your face is going to look like have you used me watching fights I've been watching a lot of fights in there like their eyes some. People can't open them when it comes to the, dangers. That exist in. MMA. The. Truth is there's no limit, to them and I took this on with, that, weight, on my, shoulders, I mean I'm very aware of how, bad. It can get can you talk. Yes. There's the ability to tap out but, you, know what makes the person tap out is that they're in so much pain they, can't take it anymore I feel like you wouldn't done I feel like you would wait until you're passed out yeah. I I. I. Told, myself this now but yeah I my, plan is I if. He wants to where he's gonna knock ya. I've. Been real pleased with what I've seen from, aria so far I think things are starting to come together. I always. Get a lot stronger than when we first started, I mean when we first started it was not spectacular. Now, he's picking up much heavier weights he's break between sets are down to 30 seconds, or less sometimes. We'll go 4 sets in a row with, almost, no break 5 10 seconds back on five seconds, back on. The. Biggest thing that's gonna come there's more of a mental issue that's, the biggest thing and fighting is your is your head I'm. As far as for the other people on the in the school today as we're. Going to kind of increase, the toughness. Training. Sparring. Will probably, be more, of a factor. No. One's gonna give you advice when you spar and, now they're gonna you up you know they're gonna try to get you they're gonna try to tag you and they will tag you they, will tag you right. Ru, is gonna get hit he's gonna get hit pretty good. At. That moment is going to be real like the pain will be real the. Shock will be real everything, will be real and, then, we're gonna see in that moment where. They still wants to do this or not I. Love. You Aria but no. I. Don't think so I'm just gonna say no I'm, just gonna go ahead and say no I don't think he can fight someone he's too nice I, think, that he's going to lose I know that he's going to lose he's, probably one of the softest, people I know I, honestly. Feel like he's just gonna go into, the match, and get hit like a couple of times and like okay that's cool that's enough for the video every time you throws a punch he's gonna apologize I. Know. He'll give it his all but. I. Think. It might be a waste of time mostly. I. Get. The impression that there's. An underdog, within, you that is trying to prove something through, this experience, and I'm. Wondering what that is when. I think of MMA I think of just I guess. I think about how fearless these. These fighters, are these men and women mm-hmm, the courage it must take a common, thing that is brought up as always people saying oh you. You can't, do this you're too nice to be able to do this and, and. You want to be fearless. Yeah. One. Two, body, shot remember how you scooted, on it you're. Too far away oh and you dropped your right hand I'm, trying my best friend to just sort of focus, on why I'm doing this but, at same time you know maybe all these people are right you know maybe I'm just not cut out for this I think.

You Are putting, a, very. Hard timeline, on yourself that's making your challenge. Greater. Than the average person. But, is that a bad thing anytime. Anyone. Chooses, the path, less traveled, what, you're gonna get from the peanut gallery is, you, know a bunch, of doubt and negativity. Because. Most people honestly, are afraid to take, a road. That's not been, traveled, before you guys love, to critique. You would never have even made, it to the cage because, the minute your hands started getting wrapped your, legs would get so weak that you would never make the walk from, the dressing room to, the cage in, many ways I kind of resent the notion that, I'm, a nice guy I don't like that label, I like every day being, friendly to people I like greeting. People opening doors for them but, I don't like the idea that I'm incapable of switching that off the. Fact that Aria is such a nice guy is, in. No. Way shape or, form related. Or, connected to, his ability, to be, successful in MMA I think the biggest myth is that we're all a bunch of meatheads, that just want to punch each other in the face and we're all angry all the time completely. Not. The case I think they're some of you know the nicest most humble people on earth I think the true martial arts is humble and I think one of the main reasons for that is you get your butt kicked a lot, one of the things that keeps drawing me back into, the sport even as I try to get out is it's, always really, nice guys I'm working with our heads so far he's a really nice guy aria, is really, sweet down, earth humble. Now whether or not he can you. Can turn that switch on to being a fighter is. You. Know it's completely up to him you know that that's all in his head everyone. Has the. Capability. Of doing it whether or not you can do it in 3 months I. Guess. We'll see a big. Fire this I also just want to let you guys down like what if what if I lose I mean. Every, fight one. Guy wins and one guy loses that's sports, that's competition. I've been training guys as you know for over a decade, you think all my fighters won all the time, no. We, don't gain confidence and, we don't truly, gain success. Without failures. Failure, is one of the best ways than learning something and we're so fearful of it I think, in so many ways we create, this false sense of security because, of it and we never take risks we never take leaps of faith and I, think you look at the special people in this world they're, doing something different, you're, testing your own limits and, you're going to be stretching.

The Boundaries of your identity. And that's an amazing experience for anyone to be able to be aware of you. Being accomplished. It's. From the process, and the journey not the outcome, jab, it head kick. Good. Breathe, again. Good. Cross, hook kick. Nice. Even. Though I tease you and I say it's crazy and all that I wouldn't. Be doing this I wouldn't be coming here, you, know I'm taking an uber you, know 30. Minutes each direction right now like it if I thought this was a ridiculous. Waste of time and you weren't capable I, mean. Why would I sign up for it I believe, in you I've seen. This for a long time, obviously. I spoke to Daniel he, thinks you can do it so if we think you can do it you can do it now. What's left is convincing, yourself that you can do it. It's. Crazy for Aria, to come in after four, months of training a lot of these guys you, know come out of the womb wrestling, or doing karate or whatever it is so they have years and years and years the thing is if if, you're ready and if. You can demonstrate a little bit of aptitude which she has you, know we'll give you a shot because, so much of what we do isn't just skill it's all heart and mind you know you have to be strong to get in there I want. Your wrist firm, so, that way I wrap it too tight it's, impossible, to really anticipate how, someone's going to react the first time they've ever done something like this it will for sure be in. Somewhat. Overwhelming. Experience, for him but, he is about to tackle something that's very very difficult so I think he gets a lot of props for just going through with it. This. Is how they filmed reality together just the way you guys attracted, that happens ripples records. One. Month before his scheduled, fight Aria. Receives word from spar star that they're being forced to push their event back until, July 6th, giving, Aria an additional, five, weeks, of training. They. Were supposed to find me someone when I was June first but now that. I. Mean. At this point I don't know like how much more experience I gonna have. On. May. 31st, Aria. Receives, the news that his opponent, has been found. Kayson. Match a young fighter who recently lost, his debut, fight by decision I. Grew. Up in Chino California I've. Been training in total, for a little, bit over a year. The. Past month or so has been tough it's been law training but now knowing, an opponent seeing a face it kind of just makes it all real, and just gives me kind of like this this finishing, line this end goal to barrel, towards okay, let's, see let's see pics we have photos I'm thinking which one is he. I can. Tell you, this. Guy's a real opponent. I've. Always wanted to fight on my parents always told me no it's, homeschooled up until a junior, high and then I eventually dropped, out joined, the army and now I'm here I mean he's a military guy so that one one concern is that he is in really good shape the military, does, ingrain. A certain level of conditioning. Also, a certain. Level of fortitude, the, fact that he's lost his first fight means nothing to me I mean tons of great fighters have lost their first fight I'm more scared somebody, that loses, in, somebody who wins, because. When you lost you, know what that feels like it doesn't feel good and you can do anything kid not to lose again, he wants that a career in MMA so it's a lot more riding on this on him than Dario sorry hasn't won one fight and done he's already lost his first fight so he's a chip on shoulder and I can't want to lose I mean when you. Want you want only two starting off your career that's bad my upcoming fight means a lot to me it's only gonna be my second fight I'm trying to make a career out of this I want to go pro eventually, and I want to make it with all the big guys I believe. My first fight opened up my eyes to see, the improvements I need to make. That. Opponents hit me tough no, joke. The. Fact that he wants it doesn't mean like he's gonna be hungry and he has a lot to prove and he wants to live law but so is Aria like Aria has invested, so much time and effort into this that like if Aria loses it's not gonna be for lack of effort I think that in the beginning I was, very skeptical. Of arias success, rate and now like he really has been so dedicated so my. Expectations, have already been, surpassed. Now. We're at the point where there's no time for doubt no time for fear it's.

Do-or-die. Time. What's. Up aria I think it's. Crazy about again in this cage with me but props. Teaming. On. Fight, day casein, weighs in three, pounds. Over the 145. Pound, limit. My. Cutting process, was a very, drastic this time I should have dyed it a, lot, sooner than I did and I had it cut a lot of weight in a short amount of time yeah, it's kind of tough that he didn't make weight because that's, five pounds he has an argument just, might replace, it. Despite. Being at a disadvantage, due, to the weight difference with the risk of having the fight cancelled altogether Aria. Still agrees to take the match truthfully. The the thing I'm most worried about fer Aria is that he wouldn't get to showcase what, he's been working on I think the worst case scenario is he immediately, gets taken down and submitted, and so, he can't show off his stand-up training is grappling training, I'm. Nervous like always don't care who it is everybody gets nervous before if I just. Trying to calm, the nerves my my last fight what was my first fight I have stuff I plan on doing, it's. Just a another stepping stone for me I feel, like Aria is gonna give this everything he's, not half-assing, any of it his progressions, been fantastic. At first I was. Hoping we get him through the first round then. I was thinking maybe we can get him to finish this fight at. This point he. Can win this he's. Not weak you know the Aria is a pretty strong kid he gets hit and he hits back which is a great thing when, it comes to my hopes and expectations. I just want RIT, to come out of this with. Positive. Feeling about himself, and, about the experience, and I. Think that he's. Done everything he can do to make that happen. Of. Course I have days where I've thought why, do I do this why am I doing this to myself I do have a lot of mental doubt I think a lot of Fighters have self-doubt, I think what brought me into fighting is doubt what. Brought me into fighting is fear I've, always had a problem with confrontation so, I think this is me, forcing. Myself to deal with those fears. I fight, mainly because I think if I didn't I would read it it's 20 years down the line I don't want to look back and say oh I wish I would have done this even. When I came up with this, dream people, thought I was going, crazy I'm, like I'm not born, to survive, I want, to leave I want, to have this feeling that I'm leaving I've, had people tell me this is stupid you shouldn't do that while you're spending your time in the gym go work full-time go, do this go do, that Riaan, let's go in the army again I'm, in LA people ask me why are you doing this why are you doing this for a video why are you doing this for BuzzFeed and, the, thing is I'm, not doing. It for a video I'm, not doing it for BuzzFeed I mean.

I Guess the simple answer is that I'm just doing it for myself you. Cannot gain strength, and wisdom without, adversity. I think, you just have, to have that faith in yourself, and faith in your journey in France they, said something like first, take. Away a mountain, when, you have it fed you, can climb. A mountain without. Realized. That amounted. You. Don't need to have a successful, fight to. Have the I proved, myself moment, you. Don't have anything to prove about who you are to. Anybody. Like. You have nothing to prove to anybody. Here. We go folks featherweight, bout cases, with a size advantage here also weighed in about six pounds heavier than Aria. Love. The piece of headgear that Ryan speaks, is way the exact is for the BuzzFeed documentaries. With the referee, Camden. Aria. Come before calling that jab case. A look at a counter with the reach a. Little. Bit he, is not throwing out of it there's. A right hand. Although. Four months in a tie it looks like car has got a bit of a stance on him kind. Of the loops here some other information to make smart straining. He's. Certainly made the stand right gonna case in the throwing punches so he's. Not afraid to get in there and mix it up he's fought in the front headlock real danger getting guillotine the case in connect his hands there, he goes. Always tap as he taps no matter back he, was driving though body shots okay he's in trouble here though I can't, see the other indication, hello well walked up it is do all. The way out joking all the way. The scale indeed so it's, audience at home. Unconscious. Here, one. Is about 104, seconds, in. And. Are you hit the ball goes to sleep in his debut fighting, a bush casein match. Now. It looked like it, wasn't. It's. Weird because the past few months have been so. Frantic. Non-stop. Chaotic. At times but. Now. 24-hours. Before I actually fight someone it's all just. Calm. And, whatever. Happens tomorrow, win, or lose it's. Weird. But it's like it doesn't really matter to me I, started. This whole journey trying to learn more about the, world of MMA. This, this culture. Around fighting, but. If there's one thing I've learned it is really, that all. Of us, we. Really are more than the labels people give us. Whatever. Lies, ahead tomorrow and. For. Whatever stick come after that. I'm. Ready. Hey. Aria we've. Just gone through some. Really, crazy. Whatever. The result, has been it's. An incredible, accomplishment. Look. You'd want. To say that you're. A good guy and you, did something that. Is, pretty. Impossible, for the, average person to do win. Lose draw, dude, you're my freakin hero, I just. Want you to remember that that, you got heart man you go hard you got balls I want you to take that that strength and. We take it with you and everything, else that you do in life it, doesn't matter you want to lose you know it. Just matters that you get in there. You. Should be really proud of yourself, however it worked out I'm super, proud of you I believe, you know you're gonna get out of this a better stronger, man with, a great story and an. Experience, that will last you a lifetime I. Think. What makes someone a fighter is, truly. Did their mentality so, much of what a fighter is is what you don't see it's their heart is the determination. Through persistence, when you're beating up another fighter or winning, a fight with ease I think, it's easy to say. That oh you know they're a great fighter I think a true fighter is the one that is dealing. With the struggles dealing, with the adversity has. The ability, to suffer. And training, and perhaps, suffer, in a fight and find, success, in one way shape or form I think we're, all fighting in, different, ways and I think that's why we have a lot of admiration for people in combat sports is we, do see a piece of ourselves and, if, we don't see a piece of ourselves we.

See Something that inspires, something. In us because we all are fighting in some way shape or form and I. Think when you see someone who can really deal with adversity and answer, with, courage, that's what a fighter is it's not necessarily whether they're winning or losing it's how they respond, to chaos, look. At the commitment, that isn't, somebody that came in here to have a good time and oh I'm gonna do, a show about fighting, this. Is a guy who, became a fighter. Coming. Something. Says. When. See. You. You.

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Hey there! Thanks to everyone that took the time to watch this, I know it’s a pretty long video! I hope you enjoyed it. Since there were a lot of deleted scenes, I’m going to be doing a follow-up video where I talk about the actual workouts, diet, the fight and more - so if you have any questions about my experience, please reply below and I’ll answer some of them in the video! You’re also welcome to slide into my DMs @ariainthavong - if you do that, please also name me your favorite ABBA song. Thanks! ❤️

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