I Hired A Speech Therapist To Fix My Boring Voice

I Hired A Speech Therapist To Fix My Boring Voice

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Hey I'm Kane I have a super, monotone, voice it might not come off that way in some videos because, I edit, out. Of, all, the pauses, and gaps I never, thought that it could be improved this month I am going to speak to a speech, therapist, to, fix my boring, voice in, the past I've lost, 40 pounds I've, gotten. A hair transplant, and this is the, most life-changing video. I've ever made up Buzzbee tan you will see why one of my biggest insecurities, that I don't, talk about and very nervous because what if I can't, change with, all that said let's jump into it. Let's. Go meet our speech therapist my name is Amy I work, on people who want to improve their speech singing, to acting to, presenting. It's not about the speed you don't need to speak fast if you stop. And. You think exactly what you want to say your point can come across much more point I noticed, a. Lot we talked about what's called the power bottles which is right here you lecie politicians, doing this you want them flailing, all the way because then your ideas, are flailing but, if you have it right here, what you need to do is really, try this is your, exclamation point what other, things, do you think I could improve. On potentially. Potentially. And you've left it right there I didn't, know if you were done with your sentence, or not versus, if you would have said so, what other things would you like me to work on I would have gotten the clue like now it's my turn to talk so especially for an interviewer, another, thing let's work on yeah I contact, because you keep looking up at my flashy light, and, it makes me want to be like what's up that is something is something they are is very vulnerable for, both of us, but vulnerability. Is what makes for good content, good conversation. Good dialogue, I'm really nervous because at the very end of the month I'm giving a speech in front of, over 500. Universities students. I really. Want to dig deep and apply, everything I'll learn to give the most inspiring, and on a speech I've ever given one. Of the things I did is go out and talk to co-workers. That I have asked, him what they first thought of me when they first met me, times that I met you yeah I thought you didn't like me because your voice before I got to know you I was afraid of you because I always thought you were angry since. Your Mountain I don't know what you're feeling like are you mad are, you frustrated are, you happy, you're so busy and in so short the combination, of that makes it sound like people are bothered you've, known me the longest so we're sitting next to each other as antarians well I didn't think he likes me very much when I first met you you were always very helpful but, you just seemed uninterested did, you ever think I didn't like.

The. Lack of interest, I wasn't sure if you liked me or not because, I. Thought, we were friends from the beginning, friends. From the beginning. Now. I'm realizing a lot of stuff about my life that I did not know at what point did you know that that's just my, personality versus, like that I don't like you. Oh. Yeah, were. We friends then. I'm. So. Stressed. I. Knew you were nice when you were sitting, up the stages, by yourself and I stopped oh. I. Knew it look so nice just like get that in a fire do I have. To. Hear that it took Ryan, nine months. To know that I didn't, hate him sucked. I just think about all the potential, friends, that I could, have made through, the years I did, not expect, to get. Emotional. About it my, perception, of the world is, a lot, different. Than how. It actually is, like, I didn't know so many people in my life felt the exact same way, I. Don't. Even know how to process, this I love trying to fix things improving. Myself and growing as a person, every chance I get working. Out getting fix, miling. More getting like pre-diabetes, in check getting a hair transplant getting, a personal assistant like all this, stuff, and, one of the biggest issues that I had only, now am I making a video about it I'm gonna attack this like a, ninja by the end, of this this, is not going to be how I'm gonna be talking, I. Need. A break myself down to build myself up from the bottom up when you're excited, it's like from here to here other people even sometimes, will be like it's communicated, that I'm a gay you, even, if someone says something to you that's wild, or like uncalled for he'll, just be like a. Lot. Of the expressive. As you get. When. You're doing a comment or, a statement, where, you want to sound confident, your voice needs to go down my, name is Amy, I like. How. They come I, like. The. Moment, or syllable, right before the very end you're on high low I like Dom I do want to learn to garden, because, I think that's a really good skill, great. Don't drag. Out the, last words either you just take your finger touch. Your thighs I started singing video in college that's, it. Okay. And I will go to dinner or something oh my, god that was so good, Kangol be like it was pretty good. You. Always say stuff is pretty good when it's excellent what is it gonna take for you to be, mean. I. Really. Need to watch my car because, it's really, dirty. Nana. Nana, Nana, Nana, Nana Nana Nana. Nana Nana. No words I really, need to watch my car because it's so dirt so when I took your words out you. Use every, other part, of language, to. Get your point, across. Yeah every parts of language our intonation, our. Stress. How. Am i with compliment, it still just very dry I said your make it look good today yeah yeah your makeup I. Mean but I'm extra, so, I want you to be like come on face. Okay lipstick, that's how you give compliment. Is. The thing in, my mind that's why I'm taking it. Seriously. Yeah, oh. Really. Like how the way cuff pulls. Up on your shirt, that's. So different I've never seen that. But. That is different and I was authentic, about that I've never seen a shirt that came like that thank, you but I wouldn't want to see and that. Was your compliment, and you felt it from me. You've. Given me several gifts, through the years I gave you a Polaroid, well doesn't think I think you genuinely, did enjoy the kit I did Brady's a good gift giver I, think, what you said was like I've always wanted one because. I know that that's not you are I know that you did like it I agree to that happy. Birthday, thank, you. You're. Finding the one piece of truth in whatever it is that you wanted to compliment Wow. Yeah. Thanks. So much yeah literally, every, single session with Amy I have a new revelation it's, mind blowing week, to lots, of stuff is being thrown at me I know you went on vacation so. I would ask oh so like where are you going, Haeju. Really. Oh cool like are you going with friends, yeah some Kotchman really. Whoa. Finding the genuine interest in someone else that's the thing that, is going to spark more conversation. So tell me. That's, already, something that I'm interested about we're. Gonna talk about getting, what you want this, is one thing that I know I'm, bad at I feel like I asked for help but I don't know how to do. That in a, sweet. And Deering way think about why, a waiter, is so, friendly, because they want it when you want something, the complimenting. Of the ability, that you were trying to get the help with and love to your work that you did on, last.

Week's Video I, would be so appreciative, if you could do it to get from line that can be asking, their advice you, know so much about this, I don't. Know anything, about this is there any way you would be willing to tell me and really value, your opinion, you make very hot minute emotion. I. Almost when they're like it'd be interesting if people watched your work and then met you and like are you they imagined, or. Something as I was leaving her. Next clients, recognized me. I literally, was like yeah. I am, nice. To meet you I waved and I ran. That. I don't, like them you. Know. They, take the same amount of time if you stop change. Directions, one introduce. Yourself, to, ask, their, name three, close, it out why, am. I so awkward. I've already been, more. Emotional. Than I have in, the past like, five years feeling. A. Lot. Of feelings, they don't know how to do likes you, are probably, one of the best, communicators. That I've met if not. Like. In. The past few weeks have, you noticed anything, different given. The amount of stress, that you're under getting, a lot of really amazing things out you've seemed very positive, grateful. For any time there's been a problem that you then need to go to a bunch of people to work around there's been like a real level of gratitude, and appreciation and. Lightness that I have seen ya. How. To talk to of somebody, who's helping, you out the three things to tell them number one this is the thing you, did do and I liked it, so it gives them that confidence, boost so they're going into it with a smile if I'm talking about your outfit, today I really. Like your outfit, I love how. That pink, hat brings, out your cheeks I mean and now, the, thing that I want you to change. I love, to see you in a blue hat let's. See what that does to your ass yeah because if I just came to you and said you, should try a blue hat things. Like oh my gosh gonna wear this hat I'm. So bad at building rapport and all aspects, of my life also, I inherently, don't think I'm that interesting, this is where I'm saying you don't have to live you're like five, myself so interesting, you, could be self-deprecating I, don't know how to do that, tell me five, things that just aren't very awesome, about you I am horrible at communicating, I probably work. Too much I, have really oily skin, I have weak knees I'm like really. Messy, if you're in there oh you've got such a beautiful, home so, perfect to be a techie a total. Slob at all that makes people feel at, ease when, they realize, like oh you're not perfect either. What. Do therapist, ask how, do you feel so it's open-ended very, similar, to tell me about yourself, tell, me what's going on. Thank. You I think part of being, getting, in the closet, throughout, my life has prevented me from being. Able to be vulnerable you. Talking. About it how's it make you feel about it I think it makes me feel like, it's not, totally. Like. Would. Have been. Really. Eye-opening and. Life-changing. Your Epiphany today, who showed, your kiss money yeah, like. What do I do, also, no that's, finally, the reason why. It's. Huge. You said something so key in there you said maybe, it's not my fault. But. It's, not your fault and, that's, a big deal to take off some of the pressure and stress - it's something, about crying, and, opening.

Up And being able in a rule like they're all tied to my speech. Pattern, I did not know this, video was gonna turn into this like about, me coming, out like what. The this is crazy. Being in the closet for so long I just kept, trying to deflect, attention, for, myself I finally, know what I need the speech that I'm giving in two weeks needs to be about I'm a pretty private person so, opening up like this honestly is really scary but I know I got to do it. I'm. Directing a 30-minute, scripted video I have not directed, a scripted thing in two years I'm hoping that what Amy teaches, will, help me on set. To. Make sure the whole thing. And all of a sudden it will be so much easier to tell them what. You need to tell me I had a table read yesterday, the genuine, compliments. Openness, to hear their input I, think has really been, helpful have, you seen any changes. When you compliment like me and shame like I like to guys to death let's try it again in the middle of it you said Brian I like the pizza line said those are like, those and it was simple that was it. Okay. Small. Talk before and totally like 180, you a psycho. So that was a date in life and then I was like wow. If. I met you today I would think that he, likes me right on the bag I think you warmed up a lot, but you like smile more you think out loud a lot more than you used to do I feel like you're going down like the right path I think a way that you express, affection for, people is demonstrating, that you have faith in their skills or they like you respect what they can do like the way that you work with Kevin RDP. It's very clear that you think very highly of him and you're like partnering, with him honoring, people and respect is a big part of how you really, I, mean I definitely like that you noticed that the only reason I'm able to trust you guys to do it is because for Kevin like all the shots are, two to three times better than I imagined. Makes my job a lot easier too and same with you Brian like you care about the character and the lines and how it's coming off you're always like super fun, and chill to work with you. I've, definitely seen improvement, you're gonna be, like an actual conversation. Your. Speeches yeah you did I just, wrapped the very last day of my, scripted, video I love that they picked up on me, trusting, them in their creativity. I felt emotional. Like hearing that because that's. What I wanted, out of this process the, fact that they said yes to, joining, me on this journey ultimately. Does show that they do want, to work with. Me now that that's down I'm gonna switch my focus, to, prep, for my speech, holy. I. Am. Still writing my script right, now the most important thing is structuring the speech have something important to say before you. Can sound good saying it so all italicize, where the. Emotion, is going to be when I talk I do this like leaning, back and forth thing is there anything I can do to not either put the weight on one foot and barely, have your other toe there and get a highlighter, and just highlight, the parts that are fun your cadence. Is up you're not, monotone, at all I'm happy with the speech I am exposing, myself, a hundred percent I've mentioned, stuff that I have, not, even talked, to my close friends about I'm, nervous but I think this is what, I have to do like this whole speech and, this whole experience.

In This video is about opening, up and not, being afraid to be vulnerable. Hey. Boston University, I am Caine and I will be on your campus tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.. Along, with a few other Asian American guests I'll be sharing a lot of intimate, stories that I've never ever shared before and they'll, be a Q&A after an amine green and I'll see you there coming up so, I am in my hotel room in Boston. The city is so cool I just want to feel, as, comfortable as, I can with the words so, they have impact, I hope I don't choke what if I choke thing I hope that, the, students get something, out of it see y'all tomorrow. Let's. Give a warm welcome to can't give I. Want. To start off by apologizing. To. All the people that I spoken, to in the past in auditoriums. Just, like this I wasn't. Being, honest with them I used to teach finding. Your voice as, if once you find it you're, done but the truth is I'm still. Finding mine at. Six, years old bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed, my parents and I were invited to. Go to my, teachers classroom after hours as we sat in that colorful, classroom, in the miniature wooden, chairs my. Teacher told my mom and my dad King, asked, too many questions, they. Wanted their kid to thrive, in this foreign school system and they looked me in the eye and said white. Momentum, play which. Translates, to canes, stop asking questions and so as a six-year-old kid, I quieted. My voice and hid, away my curiosity, be mean is, a Chinese, term, that, means to, save face and it. Describes the. Links an individual. Will go to in, order to preserve their established, position in society at, 19 years old after my freshman year of college I got my braces off finally, and, I. Was, a dancer, and I was feeling sexy, AF. And. I. Was ready I was ready, for my first kiss, but. Who, do I kiss I was. Nowhere near out of the closet, I couldn't, even say the word gay out loud and so I jumped. On Craigslist, I. Actually. Met the sweetest boy I'd ever met. Eventually. He. Asked, me to be his boyfriend. But. Remember, I had to be mean right, and I, told him no because. I didn't think that it would be possible, a week later I, mustered, enough courage, to ask him to be my boyfriend at, 19, years old I finally. Started, raising, my voice just a little bit and, started. To explore my curiosity, at, 23, years old one. Day I was sitting with my mom and she asked, me Caine, when are you gonna get a girlfriend and, instead, of nodding like I normally would and letting it go. Away I told her mom. I'm. Gay I don't. Want a girlfriend I already, have a boyfriend. And. She. Didn't take it well the. Thing that hurt me the most was she said came. Don't tell your father don't. Tell anyone keep, it inside, and. For. The first time in my life I saw. That my mom was embarrassed, by me. Instead. Of saving face I let mine show and it, wasn't a face that, she recognized, as her son a month. Ago I read a comment and it wasn't the first time why is Kane so monotone, and, that triggered, a deep-seated. Insecurity. That I wasn't engaging, enough when I spoke and so I did what any other good BuzzFeed er would do I decided. To make a video and. It. Would be titled I hired, a speech therapist, to fix my boring, voice she, had me sit down with, a bunch of people and asked, them what did you first think of me when we first met to. My utter shock, and horror. Every, single person, thought that I didn't, like them when, we first met one of my Coker's, thought I didn't like him for nine months. That's. The time it takes for a human, to be formed. My. Best friend Freddie she said that she also thought I'd him like her for months and by, at that point I thought we were besties. My. Old voice was direct it was Stern it made people believe that I wasn't playful, or that I was too busy to be bothered I had to face the fact that. People thought I was the Grinch who stole Christmas, when. I thought I was Cindy Lou. One. Particular day in one, of my sessions with Amy I had an epiphany one. That would change everything. Going. Into this month-long experience, I thought that my lack of communication. Skills was. Because of my cultural background or that English was my second language I never, considered, the fact that being, in the closet for. So long and hiding. So much of myself that, I accidentally. Hid away part. Of my personality, and only, now sixteen, years down the line am I, starting to uncover, it I'm, sorry that I used to think identity, and voice were, outward, check boxes it's every, single building, block every, encounter, that we've had every, bully everyone. That's told us to shut up and sit down every. Crush or heartbreak, we've ever felt every. Misunderstanding. And attempts. To fix it every time we face our fears and all, the times we run away from it every compliment that we've given and received every. Truth and lie, we've ever told and every. Time, we apologize, please. Don't. Let others quiet your voice and always, remember, to embrace, your curiosity, and if we need to show our face instead, of saving it it might be the only way, for us to honestly grow, thank.


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When I came out to my mom she too was embarrassed by me. I know that pain. I came out as trans on my 21st birthday this past April 2018. I gave my parents a card that said "Surprise, it's a boy!" on the front. With a personal note to my family inside. When I gave it to them as they read it tears team down my checks and I couldn't look them in the eyes, I was afraid of rejection. To my relief they said "stop crying, it's okay we will always love you." But I recently found out that I embarrass them and that coming out on my birthday was "uncalled for" and not a "happy day" for them. I waited 21 years to find the courage to come out and this is how the people I thought loved me most feel about who I am and how that makes them look to other people.

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This is awesome. I always thought that speech therapy is something that you go to if you have speaking difficulties. But the problems that were addressed in this video are quite common. Also now that I look back, if such problems are fixed, the effectiveness of our speech will improve greatly. Thank you once again for the video. Also, can you recommend some books for speech therapy?

am inspired

Who else wants to see the film he was directing btw if it’s out can anyone tell me what it’s called

did anyone notice she has a patron bottle next to her desk? lol same sis

Can Lindsay Lohan be my speech therapist too???


This is so good!

Wow... This video has hit me on a deep level. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your journey! Its inspiring me to work on myself as well and a great reminder of not to let others quiet my voice. Thank You so much ♥♥♥♥

Can she fix my squeaky ass voice then?

This was intense. It’s not about speach, it’s about finding your voice.

I need one too

This makes me appreciate having a naturally good voice when it comes to conversation

Working for Buzzfeed literally changes your life. The hair transplant, weight loss and now this.....

he’s so cute when he finds out Freddie didn’t think they were friends in the beginning

I have a teacher who has a REALLY boring,monotone voice. I kinda want him to do something like this because he's actually a good teacher but bores everyone to sleep before the end of the lesson.

Great video this is the type of buzzfeed content i miss the most, super inspiring, universal message, by the end of the video you were blossoming so proud!

Current freshman at Boston University here! Thank you so much for coming and opening up; you've touched a lot of people, with your speech and this video. Love your progress and I admire how you faced your fears and continue to grow. Keep speaking, Kane!

I wish buzzfeed hired me to stay on my computer, fix my life while also paying me above minimum wage for it!!!!

this is such an open and honest video, i think it was "pretty cool"! No, i really liked it and connected to kane on a really personal level. I don't think he's ever going to read this, but i am really impressed. you're not only improving yourself step by step, but letting the whole world in on that nervewrecking way to the top. I'm thankful you let us have a look inside.

Awesome video

When you run out of ideas

You’re such a brave and beautiful person

That speech therapist is so good

This is a very insightful video

One good point to make also is the fact that they way people perceive you through your speaking pattern and tone differs from one culture to another. Perhaps for people in the USA or just in this region of the country, if you speak in a rather monotone pace, that can have a hostile impression on others, while in another part of the world a more monotone way of speaking is the norm and if you speak very animatedly, that can be seen as over the top and even untrustworthy because it feels like you're trying to influence the way the subject matter is translated when you're not simply giving out the facts and have the listener make out the importance of it themselves. So, in one culture, a very animated way of speaking can be even seen as a way of manipulation which raises doubts in the listener, or may raise other thoughts or preconceived ideas, while in the US the story's clearly entirely different. What I mean, Kane shouldn't feel bad about having a certain tone to his voice because it's not perceived so negatively everywhere in the world and thus isn't inherently bad. It's just the environment that can affect the way one is and the norms of it on how they are understood.

This is my voice 1 week after speech therapy

A speech to 500 university students?! I can barely speak in front of the 26 kids in my Psychology class.

I need this so much

Amazing video! Great work, Kane :)

oml, this is so like me. people always taught that I was angry at them or I don't like to talk to at all. I'm like, I need to go to a speech therapist right now.


This was such a well put together video and very inspiring!

I cringed a lot in this video

This is so impactful! Great video!

This is super helpful. Yet it’s soo scary. Being vulnerable is super hard!!!

Amazing video Kane, thanks for sharing your voice!

literally cried so hard watching this because I relate so much. so happy for kane's growth

thank you for sharing this experience kane! the speech at the end was very touching; I even cried a little! I am really glad to see your improvement, I hope in my life I experience the same passion and drive that you show in everything you do.

i don't think i have a boring monotone voice but i definitely don't express myself like i want to. i always say things in my head wihout actually saying it outloud especially with ppl ive just met/someone ill probably only ever see once in my life so this was actually a big help cause i didnt even realize i did it

Anyone know the song they use,? I hear I am shivering, neither world is fading

What's Freddie's @?

I've also got a monotone voice, people always think I'm being sarcastic

I got your feelings man! Sending A lot of support from also super awkward and shy person ✊

the therapist looks like gabbie hannah and lady gaga had a baby lol

This is what’s wrong with the humanity. People just want to change anything that God gives to them I don’t think you should even be existing right now ffs

"Get that inner fire." Who is that wise woman?

Omg. I struggle with this too!

You did great

Omg we are the same person. Especially when he asks people what they think of him

I’ve never related so much to a video

tbh I know a lot of asian guys who are just like this. they aren’t friendly or rude, I can’t tell what they’re thinking and they seem boring/bored. I wonder why?

He should start a sleep asmr channel

I think I'm like that too! Interesting to watch.

yeah but what about andrew and he's like always approachable? no?

That was such a good speech :,)

His voice and intonation improved SO much at the end!!!

I want to be a speech therapist but I also speak and act like Kane so.....

Great job Kane!!

But why would you have 5 of the same plain pink hat

This is so relatable.

I'm also actually quite monotone and talk in a calm manner so this is what i need

A tip for confidence: change your speech! 9:41 he says, "why am I so awkward?" and that kind of speech can become a self-fulfilling prophecy! Big changes come when you just smile and say something you want for yourself like, "I am handsome and I'm going to be a very well received speaker!!!" xx

I didn't see a difference in his speech

Most people when they get to know me usually tell me that they thought I was mean or didn’t like them because I never talked and if I did it probably sounded that way. This video is giving me inspiration to work on my communication skills and not be so closed off. Thanks Kane :)

I wish Kane had his own channel

ive never even considered the fact that something like this actually exists and I feel incredibly ignorant. I’m so grateful to have learned about it through this video. this was so well done, thought provoking, and informative. this is how ALL buzzfeed videos should be. inspirational!

Omg she is pregnant!! How beautiful!! And she is such a great therapist ♥️♥️

the speech therapist sounds like Siri!


This is actually really helpful in my life right now.

Are you an Aries? Lmao

that guy is not having boring voice, that guy is just high af, that is how high people talk.

i never knew that i needed this video. Thank you and great job Kane!

WHY AM I SOOO AWKWARD???!!! yeah exactly me!!

I don't see any wrong with a more monotone speaking voice or personality. My boyfriend is like that and I love him for it. I love that we always talk about not judging books by covers, or people by looks and other things. So when someone has a monotone voice or personality, the entire point is to get to know them first. I understand the sentence structure, conversation skills, and small speaking/speech tips though. Am I the only way feeling this way?

so proud of you

how the hell changing to a blue hat has to do with his ass?

Damn i need this

Im learning from you Kane Diep! I think most Asians are like that were so bored!!

omg this was so great, it really inspired me to start working on my communication style as well because i do struggle with it a lot and its such an important skill!!

High my voice it so raspy and high and it's my biggest insecurity

I feel personally attacked.

Did she just ask what a blue hat would do to his ass?

Currently studying speech therapy and this video is unbelievably beautiful! Happy for you Kane

Wow this video was so interesting! Amy was amazing and taught me a lot myself about speech and communication. I love your speech at the end and wished we could hear the entire thing. You improved so much. Congrats!!

Wow this was amazing, it really hit home. I’m not one to usually post YouTube comments, but this was really eye opening for me and my own deep insecurity of my voice.

You could tell you had maaaad progress throughout the video and I dont know you but IM SO PROUD OF YOU BOY !!

Wow! Thanks for making this video. I didn't know there was a solution to this. I too struggle with being monotone but mostly I just don't give af either. I'd like to change that though. Good luck on your journey Kane

This video is so much more than changing your voice. Thank you for sharing this journey. I look forward to exercising some of the techniques you’ve learnt and shared so I can too become a more confident, direct and elegant speaker. This video is as powerful as you hoped it would be!!

I need this girl to teach me how to speak...

I love how he is and how hard he tries. Even the shoe lift videos or weight loss when he’s having a tough he can convey his feelings but focus on the future in a cheerful way where I want to keep watching it. If he is unhappy he is still reflective as to why he felt that way personally.

Might be the first buzzfeed video I find genuinely interesting and purposeful

Can Buzzfeed try hiring a hetero? Excluding them is bigotry and prejudice.

5:04 he was so shook

I mean your voice kinda goes with your personality. I mean if you were aggressive, then in return your voice will generally sound more like a tough but your personality looks easy going and in turn that’s prob your personality. It all works out naturally in the end

I think the correct path would be asking questions and not assuming. Like: "Do you like me?" " Yes." Problem solved. When you force people to change who they are, we all end up being the same. And that's more boring than Kanes voice. It is great video, but it promotes unhealthy standards.

Tbh, his voice is not that monotone, i've seen so many people who are worse

I cried like a baby watching this! Thanks for sharing & bless anyone that feels this way, to overcome it like you!

I've had a lot of communication struggles. This video taught me a lot to put into practice

“why u look like you got heartburn”

This was a great video. Good job buzzfed

Thank you Kane for sharing this with us! I could relate with your experiences and I really value the powerful speech insights from Amy!

Scripted video looks sick... Can't wait to see it!

I am sorry...... 3:34

Subs on for 10:50 "I'd love to see you in a blue hat.. let's see what that does to your ass" - checks sub settings.. not auto generated XD

yeah sometimes i try not to us certain words as well.

Question Mark

This was the best! Thank you for allowing us to see your amazing journey!!

Oh no, I'm getting flashbacks of when I used to go to therapy

Great and inspiring video !!!

OMG, I'm related to his speech. At 13 my teacher wrote in my grade paper that I'm "Too confident" my mom read it and told me to stop. I slowly become timid and quite. As an Asian girl in school, I fit in. But when I start working, I lose a lot of opportunity because I can't speak up and take credit for my work. When my senior at work introduced me to her friends as a "timid girl", I'm so shocked. I used to be the brightest in class but now I'm the quiet one? I'm trying to change, I hope I can be better.

speech therapy is a thing?

I clicked on this by accident... was not disappointed

Whys he so adorrableeeee

By the end of this video..I was bawling my eyes out. LOVE you Kane

beautiful speach!!

that ASMR voice thooooo

Spoiler alert he still has the monotone voice at the end of the video

I sooo identify with this. Thank you!

Kane that was brave af

Hey Kane! Great video! So vulnerable...it made me like you more. You did a TKO since your scripted video was lso Dope! Hope your parents are proud.

Made: Kane is going to be an orator!

in addition to fixing his monotone voice, this video is also focused on improving his personality. :D

I hope he's happy with the result, it's such a small but drastic difference from the beginning of the video and he seems so much more confident during his speech. He's a great producer, can't wait to see what he's got next.

okay but he sounds just like the guy from the honest channel jskdjsjd

I'm gonna be honest, Kane is so hot. His determination is supersexy. And his shoulders, whew Chile

Amy is great!!!

Listen to my voice if you want to talk about monotone. I have 1 single deep pitch

what video did they make?

Proud of you Kane ♥

Y I K E S !


I was expecting a video on the technicalities of the voice and speech, but now I learnt that speech is not just a bunch of sounds produced by hitting parts of your mouth together. It is an expression of one's identity. (too deep for a YouTube comment)

Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story. ❤️

i could really see a difference!! good job, you were a great person before and after, you just know how to express it better :)

aww so proud of you

I hear that all the time. I think I'm sounding all bubbly, but everyone else thinks I sound like the Clear Eye Dry Eye guy. This was a great video to watch and I know now that I can do something about it.

This is such a unique video. Every once in a while Buzzfeed produces one of these gems thanks to the hours and hours of work by individuals like him.

Like you are are monotoned and sarcastic

If you go from the start of the video and jump to the end you hear the difference

I am like this too when it comes to meeting new people, but with close family and friends I am more expressive. I think, it has a lot to do with self-confidence and self-esteem being a bit... low. But just like Kane I am going to be more communicative to new people I meet.

This made me realize that I need to get help, I’ve been in the closet and hiding my insecurities because I can’t communicate well, so I shut down and I realize that I want to be open and feel that I don’t have to hide any more. Thank you for making this video!

is this fiction .. a cast list? like in a motion picture

I think this vid is changing my life


Your speech is AMAZING!! Love it so much!

Idk why when I said I have weak knees I totally lost it

I think my speech is normal but I’m definitely awkward in social situations. People think I’m aloof. Should I like... do this?

omg so glad there's a youtube video about this!

His speech was so moving. This is the first video I’ve seen of Kane’s but I am so proud of him!

I cried through this whole video! Kane, you are such a beautiful person (I saw that before you hired the speech therapist) but I am so glad she helped you express yourself and feel better about yourself! You are fantastic just the way you are

Wow. This hit me hard. As a still publicly closeted bi/gay man, I realize how much this struggle has affected my personality and how I interact with my unknowing friends and family. You do give me some hope that one day I can be my complete open self. Thank you.

Halfway through this I started realizing Kane is really attractive. Like I can see him as like a popular guy that everyone likes, once his personality started shining through

Lol he doesn't talk about his biggest insecurities because his insecurity is talking. Pretty great video tho

What’s amazing too me is that at the beginning of the video you said “by the the end of this I WONT be talking the same “ and look at you Now

this is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kane I am so so so so happy for you to learn these things about yourself. That’s huge and life changing. It’s amazing to expand your voice to what you want and deserve to have and I’m rooting for you!

Mad distracted by the gum you kept chewing.


Finally there’s a speech therapy video Thank you

I love how a lot of this wasn't even about speech as much as just "how to interact with humans" also, that speech was so good. im shooketh. it really hit me.

“Why you look like you got heart burn”

he sounds like a scary story teller youtuber

you may never read this but i hope you have a good day and that god bless you all:)

My social skills are a 0/10

Such a great way to start the year learning some great values about embracing one's true identity and finding your own voice! Kudos! Much love from the Philippines

I’m so happy watching this.. Go KANE!

it’s motivating to see someone overcome their personal obstacles and have the courage to share it in public. k is a beautiful human

"...i urge you to speak yourself"

His voice reminded me of that one girl on twitter about the basketball tickets

OMG! I relate so much to this video. I feel the same way about being gay and closeted and how it’s affected my ability to be vulnerable.

I could relate to this so mUCHH

okayy speech therapist

i loved this so much.

Love love love this! This is my personality but I’ve learned to understand it and know I’m different over the years

Wow I see a huge difference. I can see how people thought you disliked them even though you liked them a lot. You really grew and learned a lot in a short amount of time. You are still you, but you learned how to communicate much better. This is super inspiring.

I feel like my voice is really monotone and I hate it

I may not know you、 but I'm proud of your growth Kane! Keep on being the amazing person you are! Clearly everyone loves you for you、 and I'm glad you have found a way to accept yourself more!

you killed it.

I didn’t realize his voice until I watched this

Kane, this is so powerful! You are an inspiration!!

my normal voice sounds like most people's sarcastic voice so people can't tell when I'm being sarcastic and then I'll say something's sarcasticly as a joke and they think I'm being serious and then they hate me also I'm the most awkward person alive

this dude is asperger


Great job your speech! I was engaged, you sounded interesting a worth listening to. So proud! Keep expressing yourself!

That speech therapist was amazing

I relate to this soooo much. Everyone in my life tells me that I speak to monotone and I don't know how to fix it. I had to take a theater class this year and my professor kept telling me that I needed to sound more happy and I thought I sounded super happy already.

so that's what Lindsay Lohan is up to nowadays huh?

Lol watching this made me realize that I talk like him

I seriously need this. I often get misunderstood due to my monotone voice add to it is me also having a poker face and a low volume or quiet voice.

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