How We Spent over $16,000 in the Boat Yard

How We Spent over $16,000 in the Boat Yard

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Recently. We encountered, a problem that. Was initially to take two, to three weeks and her have 2000 euros to fix in reality. It cost, around four and a half months. In over, 16 thousand. Euros this, is the, story of our, nightmare. All out. This. Is a situation that I don't completely, understand, and I'm not sure how much of it is my own ignorance lost. In translation. Laziness. Happenstance. Or, actual. Malice but, to quote to Napoleon. Bonaparte. I want to never ascribe, to malice, that which is adequately, explained, by, incompetence. And Tim Ferriss added, or busyness, and I would like to add or, laziness. Never. Ascribe, to malice, that which is adequately. Explained. By incompetence. Busyness. Or, laziness. That being, said I'd like to lay out this situation as objectively, as I possibly, can in the hopes that we, might all learn, something to. Set the stage the three of us set up from Spain close to 10 months ago as to, be expected from life as we were moving forward we, encountered, many obstacles that together we overcame, mistakes, were made and lessons were learned but, entering into Croatia, we, see the first signs, of real, trouble. The other day we lost reversed, gear, went. To put it in gear. And it wasn't, there. Scavenger. Jack shining up Jackson had to catch his flight to North America, to finish his degree in filmmaking. While Tara and I head north towards pula croatia where. We are scheduled, to film with made on the road UK, and have a balkan campervan, scheduled, for rental to explore croatia. We. Made a stop on the island of molly lotion, or friends of alessandro. Came and diagnosed, the problem with, the gearbox. These are lamella they allow you to shift into forward into, neutral and into, reverse by gripping and not gripping the gears the, ones in this gearbox, it's like, a Polish you know and that's enough for the. Grip, to. Make. To, make. Good. Connection, for the reverse. We, were told we should prepare for a rebuild, of the transmission, not, having reverse a big problem but it's not the end of the world because we could still move forward so we continued, north to our obligations in Pula this is where it starts to get weird, we contacted at Baris, in Marina Verona in pula, croatia patrick. Came to the boat and told us that it would greatly reduce the cost of time labor, and headache, to have the whole engine, removed rather than struggle in the cramped engine bay with a big heavy gearbox for hours, but this, would necessitate a, haul out initially.

We Thought this idea was absurd, but, then we came to the conclusion that if we could spend, a few weeks on land we could make some needed repairs and upgrades to Audion drive now instead. Of the original plan was at some point in the distant future to have a haul out in Tunisia Africa. Which is where Martin recommended, we also had a van for a week so this meant that we could leave Adi on Rudd on land in a safe secure location. While we explored, Croatia, the idea was beginning, to look all right the next morning as we were making breakfast Patrick, called in 45, minutes later he and this boat arrived, and they were ready to take us to the crane for a haul out the pressure of this sales tactic, is intense. We agreed, to the haul out this, is turning out to be an eventful day. Within. Two hours, our deann rod was out of the water in the engine was completely, detached, and she was prepped for open, engine, surgery. The. Following day Addis Patrick's, boss and his crew arrived, and we commenced, the engine removal. Before. Noon her old battered. But still solid heart was removed in the gearbox was on its way for, inspection. It was also determined that we needed a new clutch and that the parts would be difficult to find. We'll. Check if, we can to to. Find. The new. Part. Returning. To the gutted vessel slightly, dazed we cleaned out the engine bay as best as we could. This. Is where the situation, becomes really muddled. Addis. Comes. And tells us that they don't think that they can repair the gearbox because it's an old engine and it's impossible to find the parts and if they can find the parts it will cost around 8,000, euro to rebuild the gearbox, and fix everything his solution was instead of repairing it it might, be wiser to just shell out another five thousand, euro to purchase a brand new Yanmar engine from, him of course with a warranty, for security, for the years to come we, would be back on the water in three weeks and it would cost just, over thirteen thousand, euros, now he made some good points the engine is old in the parts where it can be difficult, to find and it's arguable, whether or not a new, engine is more reliable the, question, really becomes if you plan on crossing.

The Atlantic, and beyond do you want an old repaired, engine, or do you want a brand new one this was very difficult to hear and I turned to read it and I found a complete Kanzaki, KH, 18, gearbox, in the USA, to replace, ours it could be purchased for $1000. But shipping, importing. Installation. All said and done it would cost near eight to nine thousand, dollars we also looked seriously into converting to electric, as the dream is to one day be completely, off of fossil, fuels we're going to a factory to look at electric motors but, it seemed for us it was gonna cost at a minimum, of 12,000. Euros to give us maybe 30, minutes of motor usage, every couple, of days over 30,000. Euros would give us a diesel, electric system, that we could then maybe, be 30%. More efficient. Basically, in order for us to be able to keep any sort of schedule for filming an, electric, system was gonna cost anywhere between 30, and potentially, even over. $70,000. Meanwhile, we, asked addis if we could have our gearbox returned, because i wanted to see if we could find somebody else to fix it we, were returned, a box of gears, not, a gearbox, I'm still. Not sure how I feel about that we ended up going with the beta marine 38. Horse, our engine, over, our other seemingly, less ideal, options, with the decision, this costly, I was definitely not gonna let somebody pressure, me into purchasing. An engine that I was not completely, on board with we, ended up flying to Morocco for two weeks because we needed a change of atmosphere. We. Returned and we continued on repairs while we waited for the new engine we. Got a new Genoa. A. Professional. Sail maker here, in Pula, Elvis. No. Sunbrella. We've. Removed and reinforced, the davit plates we, extended the davits aft 30, centimeters, as well, as added cross supports, all completed, by Robert I stripped. Roughly, 20 kilograms, of unused, electrical, wire and hose from Audion rod we, save maybe five kilograms, as supplies, and cleaned up the distribution panel it took me two and a half days to buff body on rod.

And. We. Completed, many other smaller, projects. It. Ended, up taking around, seven weeks for the beta marine engine to arrive and once we knew it was coming we were moved into position so the crane could access, arjan rod. Wow. It's. Really pretty a quick. Aside we were never able to sell our wounded but functioning, Yanmar 3qm. 38, engine, because we didn't have papers. For, it to. Me it seems like if you live in Western, society, specifically. The European, Union then you live in a society that values, documentation. Over form, and function, in this, hinders. Creativity. And I do not believe that a socio-economic, system, that. Squashes. Individual. Creativity will, endure, but I digress, because, the engine was delayed by two weeks it arrived three, days after. The workers at the marina took off for holiday because, in Europe it is common, for many people take a couple months off of work in the winter and, it's told us that he would not help us and instead, we should try to find somebody else to help us because he would be on holiday but all the mechanics, were on holiday, and so the only help that is actually, provided. Was a number, for, a contact, and split a man named Igor who, he bought our beta marine engine from and then after that we never saw or heard from addis, again. I. Had. Resolved, to install, the engine I've removed the old coupling, and I found that the propeller shaft was 32, millimeters, in diameter and our new coupling, is made for a 30, millimeter propeller. Shaft we, need to remove the propeller shaft and turn it on a lathe to reduce the diameter by 2 millimeters. I do not have access to a metal shop and I do not have the tools to pull a propeller, finally, I contacted, Robert who had made adjustments to, our davits, he, agreed to reduce the shaft replaced, the Cutlass bearing stuffing, box seacock, strainer, basket and, install, in align the engine off for 2000, euro plus materials we, thought this was a bit steep but we agreed is we had finally found someone, to help us. So. Then does, this corrode. Because. You have this same comment, no no, bronze doesn't. It's. Been four months and three days in today we, are installing a, new engine. It's, like a hundred and thirty eight kilos. Which. Is around 60, kilos lighter than. Yes. Down. Little, bit more it'll, be more. Food. Stop, go. Back okay. We. Need to be down I. Will. We. Can stop. Stop okay, we can from. Go, go. Go, go down. Down. Little. Bit up up, just a little bit oh, stop. We. Did. The. Right back. So. Far so. Good. Going, out and cut the tube a little bit maybe five centimeters, and. Okay. So. Here's, the problem this. Is too. Close, we. Have an, adapter. A rubber adapter it's, about five centimeters, has to fit in there and there's. No space between. Here and this, is the coupling the. Transmission, the. Stuffing box this. Pipe right here this. Through-hole we, need to cut that and then, move this stuffing, box aft maybe. Five centimeters. And then we have to cut the propeller, shaft, so. That it's the correct length and then, we can have, this space in between here, the. Two couplings, so. That we, will, be able to attach, on but the alignment, looks good, we need five extra, centimeters, here. In. Front side Roger, okay. What. We're, great up front no yes. But the way the. Okay, and, then now. I'm going inside. A new burst a. Zombie, -. Gotcha. A the most potent you is formal enough pretty my mo forward. Yes. A little bit. Okay. Stop. This. We must cut yep. Eight. Centimeter, eight, centimeters. You're hot. Except. You. Say maybe it's. Hot and it's. Going. Yes. With. Motor. Is. Up. I'll. Be fluent in Croatian, in no time. Dora. Down.

Donate. See gluten. Crisis, darling. Get. Down, Golan. Don't. Let but. Fool down yes. Perfect. In. Gym, installed. Now. Just to improper. Alignment secure. It down and then hook it off should be ready to start up tomorrow, I, think we'll give it a test start we, installed, the raw water cooling, system and, the fuel lines. Then, we realized the exhaust system needs, to be adjusted with a high-rise that right, there that's the problem otherwise, it would run the risk of water entering back. Into the engine and blowing a cylinder from the rapid expansion of the water vapor the next day we added oil and, coolant and we hooked up a new battery and tried to start the engine for the first time. Robert. Created, a custom high-rise for around 200, euro the, other option was to wait four weeks and spend over 300, euro to get one from the war. We. Installed the high-rise and tested the engine while supplementing. Fresh water for the raw water cooling system we. Used a temporary transparent. Exhaust tube to be certain that all the water was straining into the water line. Like. A sheep. I. Couldn't. Stand the thought of throwing the old yanmar out and instead gave it to Robert we. Determined, it was time to launch our neon rod. And for, four and a half months, of bleeding, money in suffering. Stagnation. We, watched in amazement as, Audion, rod was put back in the water. As. Soon as we were in the water we started the engine in check for leaks, starting. The motor for the first water. Test. Ready. Give. It just a little bit of throttle. For, this module dragon, shows. The table at each emergence Malcolm dragon but your meal a cold I. Know. They, they. Asked if they can put away the. We. Were then promptly, shoot off the docked people we were settled in we, were literally being pushed off the dock and told to go find a slit as it was raining in the wind was blowing around ten knots they, told us they needed the space immediately to, lift another boat which, they lifted an hour and a half later once safely in our slip Robert, helped us install our long-awaited, Kubik, mini wood stud. We. Thanked Robert for his honesty, his hard, work and his flexibility. And then, we prepared, to set sail. The, period, from September, 2018. To, January, 2019. Was, one, of the most stressful and, by far the most expensive, period. Of my life but, that's, good because I learned that slow of a valuable, lessons, here are three of the many lessons learned from our nightmare, fall out number. One never. Let anybody hurry, you. Especially. If you have to pay them slow. Down slow, is smooth, smooth. Is fast. That comes from the US Special. Forces. Lesson. Number two, regular. Rest prevents. Downward. Spirals. Rest, regularly. Or you will exhaust, yourself and when you're exhausted you, will make a series, of poor decisions that. Will begin momentum. In a downward, spiral first. You, have to halt that downward, momentum, before. You can turn it around and, create, upward. Momentum, to, prevent a downward, spiral from, happening in the first place regularly. Rest. Working yourself to death is, not helpful for anyone in lesson number three, always. Expect. Things, to be more difficult and, to take more time than, you anticipate. In the DAO de Jing Lao, Tzu wrote something, like this in chapter 63, the, stage, expects. Everything, to be difficult, and therefore never. Encounters. Difficulty. This, concludes, season. 1 of, SV, Audion, run season. 1 was 13, episodes, and took about ten months to create it, produced around a thousand, dollars in revenue, and costs over 50,000 dollars to create and that's without me. On payroll, if you enjoy, these videos and, would like to see more and would like to enable us, to create more share. The, series, with, your friends, the, best way to support the channel to, support floor, support.

Sbit, On road and alternative, living spaces is, to share the, series, with, your friends, get more people excited about sailing, vessel Audion rod and alternative, living spaces if, you enjoy the videos and you have the means support. Floor on patreon, even if you can support one. Dollar per, episode, all, of it helps us. Be. Able to create more for you let's, explore, life, together and, check out this crazy floating, orb that we all live on and, share it called home, big. Love, see. You soon.

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Wow! You must have a lot of money.....

holy print through batman! That weave on the gel coat is intense.

It's too bad the Croatians screwed you over.. it's too bad.. except for them being a former Nazi state in which the Catholic Church operated Jasenovac death camps where a million people were killed, it's actually a country with amazing islands and coastlines... as for boats.. yeah, they're a hole in the water for cash.. "Bilge Out Another Thousand" the fancy old acronym.. cheers!

I hate old boats...

Sorry to say this but from were I am sitting you where well Ripped OFF

I fucking loved this ep. My dog. Keep it up

I like the hull color. :-D

Thanks for convincing me to never get involved with anything marine

Bronze does corrode, just not quickly. you're doing a fine job of her Dylan, well done. It's a pleasure to see you learning.

Damn, those Kroatian's fucked you badly. Anyhow just take it as an experience and move on. Just wonder why you not harness the power of your followers.....

7:10 "he made some good points". Nope. He knew the scam he was going to run the first moment he saw you and that engine. Thanks for the video. Mental note. Smaller boat. No inboard.

A stranger in a strange land is always easy to take advantage of. I hope over the years of hassle free motoring from the new engine will make that $16k feel very worthwhile. Feel better about the added value you've put into the boat by the time you come to seel. Well done all of you.

Are from Kansas say your port of call , just wondering I'am from Hiawatha. kansas Rt 36 north east . Moved there from Conn. Did all my sailing on Long Island Sound. Feel very sorry that they took you so bad. Had a contractor take me when I first moved out here an did really know the business. learned real fast has not happen again. Did you do any sailing on Milford Lake? Your boat looks real nice. Next time you need something repaired to check around first before jumping check YouTube there a lot of good people in the sailing world that can help you fix problem. Hope your sailing an your filming goes well. will check in once an a while.

#1 you shouldn't have gone on that long of a journey Without spares. #2 when it happened you shouldn't have listened to that Conartist and headed straight for Italy or even Greece where you could have found spares or even a used final drive.#3 don't ever do anything in Croatia sure it's a beautiful place and also Insane.

Moral of the story; make sure your boat is in tip top condition before you leave the US.

Robert was a nice guy

Too much stress. Just sell the whole thing, bail and go to Disneyland -- The Happiest Place on Earth.

dan siwek: The BetaMarine 38 with reduction gear and accessories alone runs $13k. Given how much electrical and machine work had to be done, along with four months on the hard, and at the end of the day I maintain he made out alright for buying a brand new unit. Craigslist is great... when you can either plan ahead, or you’re not in some far-off spot in the Med with communist red tape slathered import regulations. I would have made the same choice... spending half as much to keep a well-worn coal burner chugging might have saved him $8K, but sometimes a fellow sees value in going all-in with his chips.

+Andrew Noyes lol...I check ed there after I made my comment, thanks man.

I can introduce you to my friend Craig, he has a list, he calls it Craigslist.

16 K for a sea worthy cruiser you say? Really? Where would that be in san Diego friend?

Location, location, location... Shipping and importation fees dictated that a used gearbox from the states would be prohibitively expensive, and those expenses were not dictated by the yard. It sounds to me like this yard had reasonable rates in both on-the-hard storage and in labor rates for its technicians. I’ve heavily researched BetaMarine engines, and he paid only marginally more than what a Beta38 costs in the states. As he says in the video almost halfway through, the real issue was that trying to sell the old engine amounted to a legal hassle as he had technically “imported” the engine without the paperwork. Yeah, 2000 euro for a week’s worth of labor sounds a bit steep, but a man’s gotta eat. I’m a welder by trade, and $125 an hour may sound steep, but you’re getting access to 10 years’ of training and expertise, $25000 in capital equipment, and all that wherever the broken object is. So a 4-hour repair running $500 covers a living after I pay my taxes, insurance, and expenses. Dylan weighed the cost of refurbishment or replacement with old parts given availability vs replacement with new. His boat has a new, premium product that will serve him well for years. I’d say he made out reasonably well, even if it drained the bank unexpectedly.

If it's so prevalent , maybe you should wake the F up and realize all the oceans are level. One level, sea level. Altitude is measured from sea level. Let go of the lies

That was an awesome video, very enlightening. I can understand you have to look after yourself as well as your boat. Good luck with your travels

U rock guys!!! Thank u for giving us these insights!

You got took and F all at the same time that would have got cost you tops $10.000 they took you way to much

I may have missed something, but why wouldn't you just add an outboard motor and call it a day?

Boats are big money no matter what the size. They say they are two happiest days in a boat owners life. The day they buy it and the day they sell it!

All you need were new clutch disks. I'm sorry you were taken.

Malice. They don't care.

Wow, what an ordeal you went through. I am so glad that you have a new engine and won't have to worry about that any time soon.

Where in Tunisia did Martin recommend you go?

"In Europe it is common for many people to take 2 months off on in the winter" .... Jeeeez he sounds like Fox News just splurging out poop like its gospel. Oh and "Europe" isn't one country. It's formed of many. Remember, the ones which basically made up the citizens of the US not even that long ago. I mean my local pub is older than the US constitution.

Well about the enging,e think about it from a buyers point of view. Unless he is on a super tight budget, buying your engine,he would also have a problem finding parts and selling the boat then later on without proper papers would be as hard for them

he have to put this video up so others can learn from it! life is about learning and anything you can learn is worth every penny. ;)

I know its so weird.

+ekfinn it is not communist red tape, it is just normal procedure. He brought a vehicle with an engine into the EU from outside, and to sell the engine you need papers. But you can only sell stuff that you have properly imported which he didn´t , he just drove it in and normally the law would require to also drive it out again, and not sell it in country.

Wasn't the engine working fine in forward? The clutch plate should not be that hard to find and have delivered. this was totally insane. The foxes ate the chicken that came to visit. Shame on that yard! That yard should have a worldwide bad reputation.

Ever see the cartoon Hagar the Viking . His ship was sunk at the dock and the marina guy said " You're welcome to go elseware for an estimate" Cheers Great video .

This series has been awesome! Look very much toward series 2! Will share the shit out of this, given half the opportunity!

That’s horrible how bad you got ripped off, thanks for sharing, check out ( Sailing Nandji Ep 113 ) a young Aussie couple how they took control Of their gearbox problems in exotic places

You got off cheap considering all the work that was performed. Here in New england that would have set you back about 28K

Thank you robert!

What are you talking about, there are no requirements for paperwork to sell a boat engine in the EU.

You did get pushed hard into a corner but in the end if all you spent for being 4.5 months on the hard and a new drive unit along with all the labor was $16K, you did pretty dang good!!! Many of the commenters below have little clue as to the cost of new marine equipment or a the real value of a skilled craftsman needed to do such an install. The first guys were bunk but the second craftsman did provide the true service and value you needed. And yes boats can be expensive but the adventure and joy they return is well worth it!!! Looking forward to more vids Dylan and seeing you out on the water. S/Y Titanium

Ahh, the joys of owning an old boat...and relying on someone, of unknown integrity, on how best to fix it... : ( Always, always get at least three opinions when you can’t make a judgment call yourself based on personal experience. And when those three or more opinions don’t all align, challenge each with the other person’s advice, with your bullshit meter dialled up to 11, and see how their opinions stand up. You also have a huge number of subscribers and while they’ll be many “armchair experts”, there will be many who could offer valuable advise - I’d have put out a quick real time episode about the problem and sought others opinions. That would at least have given you good material to challenge what the “expert” on the scene was saying. Anyway, easy to be wise after the event I know, but in my experience relying on one man’s opinion who has a vested interest to sell you more, is setting yourself up to be ripped off. We all like to think others are as honest and well meaning as our selves. But the sad truth is many are not... Fair winds.

You got taken for ride at every turn at that boatyard. NOT A TRUE REFLECTION OF EUROPE AT ALL

With a little "toxic masculinity" (I mean using common sense, basic tools and intermediate understanding of your boat and its mechanics) could have solved this problem mostly yourself. But you seem to be pretty well off, so it is entertaining to watch plebs get scammed out of their money.

Rip OFF box of gears handed back to you.

This is why electric motors are the future.

You are really influencing my life and my way of living it! I am one of your biggest fans! Love your attitude, knowledge and intelligence!!! Hope you are enjoying your time during your trip:)

I agree not a new engine but a new brain to be suckered in to that kind of rip off. The nearest bar would have got you all the advice needed over a few drinks.

He worked for a fishing boat for a week and he manage to have 1800 usd. Here in my country you need to save 4 months of nett salary (of office workers job) to have that money. I guess it depends on where you work and what you work on. And he mention on the other video that he now actually got more money than his normal spending from youtube when his channel started to have more views in 2017... That way he could save much more money.

I totally expected that to happen to me if i were in foreign country doing some unusual business like hauling a boat. Especially in a country other than US or any EU country. Scammers are everywhere.

how get rip off in Croatia ;)

Living aboard needs a skipper that is on top[ of things although this dude is a cool guy and all he needs to get himself up to the tasks at hand and do it well. Taking off and flying to Morrocco and leaving his boat in need? Its clear this dude is not good at decision making he has a boat it sails he could have gone anywhere and found many engines they are everywhere new used and mechanics too. Perhaps he cant sail without an engine LOL...

Another one who doesn’t know the the “four F theory”! If it flys, floats or f***s forget it, as it will cost you.

A mans gotta know his limitations - Clint Eastwood

In the US that would have been fixed in a week or two max.

All though I will say rewarding that Robert dude with your old engine was good of you. He will get a chunk of change for it.

10:33 to 10:53..totally agreed...couldn't have said it beta maself!

Very immersive experience. Keep doing this dude.

14:15..down....STOP!!! :)

You are the idiot and that's why you got milked.

Terrible, but remember you're on a SAIL boat, people have been circumnavigating the globe for thousands of years without an ENGINE. There is little you can't do with sails that you can do with an engine. Good Luck on your future adventures.

I had a similar experience with a mechanic here in Spain. Once they have persuaded you to let them take the engine out, they have got you over a barrel. On re-installing the engine, the mechanic removed the salt water discharge hose which originally ran over the top of the engine and above sea level and replaced it with a new one at a lower level – a while afterwards water siphoned in destroying the engine. I believe Beta and other modern manufacturers recommend to always fit an anti-siphon valve and there is a specified distance above sea level relative to where the discharge hose enters the exhaust elbow.

So rich kid gets screwed by unscrupulous crook and turns it into an anti EU rant... Yep, you were taken for a ride: happens everywhere. Sorry they could not accommodate your busy schedule with their vacations! Well, my poor lad, things are not that bad if when you feel stressed you just jet to the Sahara for a few days to relax and recover... Honestly, stop complaining! And as to your lessons about life that things take more time and more money than planned, welcome to the real world. Took you a long time to learn that one! With such a resentment against the EU, you should move to the UK, sure they would love you.

I don’t trust Greeks or any one from that area there cheap

Croatia is one of the most corrupted countries in europe, so.....

Personally, if I was in the position with the new engine... I would have simply moved the motor mounts forward 5 cms (that's why you have motor mounts... To adjust the engine to the shaft). Save you time (take about an hour total) and money. You took a bath on this since they saw you as a mark from a mile away. I'm glad you have all that money to waste.

Nice vid, keep it up.

In short, run into a dude named "Addis" who knows you, punch him in the mouth?

Hmmm. One thing I learned in life if someone is trying to rush you it’s probably for their benefit not yours, someone giving the hard sell is normally not a good thing.

Now I understand.

id rather have a boat without an engine, or one with a simple outboard engine. a whole series of problems eliminated in exchange for being at the complete mercy of the wind and your own skill. Fine if you dont have any deadlines to meet... Not so good if you operate on a strict schedule.

you got taken for rich yanks with to much money what we call MUGS

I think something got lost in translation ! I have never heard clutch pressure disc/plate called "lamella" which is a biological term.

Clutch discs or syncros !

This is what happens when you visit cockroach countries. Corruption is normal course of the day with these people.

All you had to do was move the engine mounts forward 8 cm, even if you had to cut the brackets and reposition the mounts. In that case you would not have had to repull the shaft and cut it. You could have also put a new hose and a line around the the hose to position it up and prevent backwashing the engine. Clearly you were taken for a ride by the boat yard and they did not want to help you after you did not purchase the engine from him. You could have also called Yanmar and told them your situation, they would have advised you on where to find a gear box. Flying to USA and bring it in your luggage was a better option than sitting four months plus in a boat yard. Live and learn, great you collect money by these videos, ppl are paying for you to enjoy the school of life. You made everyone in Crotia boat yard rich. The fact they destroyed your gear box was a direct insult to your intelligence. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast applies to repetition of excellence not being taken advantage of by ppl who you thought you could trust. Good Luck out there, be safe.

Two wrongs dont make a right

I'd reckon stick with something under 30', which will be easier and cheaper to maintain, and also small enough for an outboard to be a practical alternative to an onboard,.. allowing for both better maintenance access, and elimination of thru-hull. Would also make sculling easier if needs be.

Before Ive even seen the whole video I can see a scam coming,...they turned up almost immediately to haul out, dont they have any other work lined up????? What a massive rip off.

+ben southwell It's a shame as it's not his fault really as he wouldn't know what to watch out for. But we need to start calling these scammers out every single time, so new people don't get tricked like this. Being nice and giving these places the benefit of the doubt is directly hurting people. And 100% right about the bar. Always find where the sailors drink, mention your problem once at the bar, and you won't be able to fight the help away haha.

Great video, you documented the whole experience very well. I've never heard of the astern clutch pack failing due to wear before the ahead pack since ahead gets much more use so if the clutch pack was the problem I would have suspected another cause. Sometimes you can shim a clutch pack to get a bit more life out of them. Also in the video when you referred to the "clutch" when speaking about the drive plate which transmits the power from the engine into the gearbox. That part is the drive plate but it is installed on the flywheel where the clutch and cover plate would go in a highway vehicle. I'm not sure why they did not recommend boring out the coupling rather than turning down the shaft but maybe there wasn't enough material in the coupling to allow that. You would have had no problem selling that old engine in Ireland or UK without "Papers" but then its much easier get things done when you speak the same language. It's a shame that you had such a stressful and expensive haul out and you are right about taking your time when making big financial decisions however at least now you have a new engine and gearbox which should be more reliable on ocean crossings. Thanks.

Love it. Guy quotes Napoleon, Sun Tzu and "US Special Forces" Whilst being ripped off at every turn. lol

You were conned you didn't need a new engine. I put in a 2nd hand Beta engine for half the price so far so good.

Great that you had the $16K and the money to cover your expenses for 4 months in Croatia (not to mention your vacation to Morocco).  Not a bad life considering that most of us live paycheck to paycheck and get just 2-3 weeks off a year for a vacation.

And you wonder why most people in the UK want to be out of Europe.

Great video , Youtube is full of young people buying old sailboats and then learning that Boats are very expensive to repair and bring up to cruising standards . There lots of old sailboats out there that wouldn't be a deal even if it was given to you for free . I do believe Yanmar builds good motors I've owned (2) and found them very reliable . Safe travels skipper!

Great topic, liked the quotes. Thanks for sharing.

you are american they see you coming !

lesson 6 : u r a genius and a wise man

Yea that guy only wanted to sell a A new engine and fast he needed that plan vacation. Isn’t it possible because your only using it 1% to get a electric out board engine. And turn the propeller on backward? Or ? You don’t need that much to move a boat on water. I was pushing a high car barge ship with one hand on a pier. In Guam while waiting.

congrats brother

The stove is so cool!!!

I have a diesel-equipment & marine business & you were fucked over multiple times there.

Dont get sucked in by the fossil fuels thing in preference to electric , it’s not there yet !!

Tough sh!t to be ripped off like that. But please take one piece of advice: You won't make many friends, i.e. potential supporters, if you speak so preoccupied about Europeans and their 'socio-economic' system, at least not in Europe. Just think: if your engine had been better 'documented' in the first place, maybe you would have made better qualified decisions to start with... Our socio-economic system does not 'squash individual creativity', just because you weren't able to monetize on your piece of scrap. That kind of attitude is arrogant. Period. Arrogance and naiveté never work well together. Think about it. Also, your permanent begging for money does not gain you much sympathy. If your 13 episodes of this season only brought you 1,000 $ revenue, maybe you should ask yourself, what the reason may be. Just a little hint: Maybe you should take a look at the SV Delos channel. There you can learn how to approach this kind of business successfully: Humbleness leads to sympathy and sympathy leads to patreon supporters. Think about it! Sorry for passing these harsh words, but I think being honest will be more helpful for you than just moving on to the next sailing channel.

And above all. Shit Happens It's painful now but in the future you'll remember it as an ADVENTURE!!

Please add a fresh water strainer into the engine cooling line. That way it will stop crap from getting into the block and you can see if any debris is building up. And I thought a drug habit was expensive. Well you have to go with the flow. Moving on!! Just tell everyone that those dudes are manipulators. The internet will get them. Change the oil in that new motor religiously and more often than recommended. And put a 2 micron cat filter on the fuel system!! Good Luck!! Water kills diesels!!

Fuck those Croatian fucks, they shit on their country. Im sure that there are just as many good people as assholes, but these guys have tainted their own country for over 33 thousand people. Thats less business for them. their loss.

YOu own a boat and you didn't know bronze doesn't corrode? Come on man.

Synchronizers!! The term synchronizer may refer to: In automobiles, a synchronizer is part of a synchromesh manual transmission that allows the smooth engagement of gears.

Good old mecanic crooks lol. An engine is an engine .. a gear box is a gear box .. its been using the same tech for years.. a clutch can be service an resurface. a machine shop can cut any gear. send the old parts and spec and they will get it done in a week. Looks like you have been pressure into buying a new engine and thats all.

Another lesson to be learned is not to take on workers if you do not have checked their references with foreign sailors. Croatia is known in Europe to be a place that rips of tourists (companies and the government alike). An example: Two friends went to their boat off season to replace some old wires. One was the boat owner, the other a work colleague of his. The boat owner was fined by the government (Euro 5'000) for having illegally "hired" a third party (his friend) to work in Croatia without a work permit. Therefore, be very very careful... In Italy you would have easily found somebody to fix your old engine, especially in the Veneto region not far from where you went on land in Croatia with the boat. Good luck!!

This was so damn entertaining.

Qeustion: Why did you not contact Yanmar direct surelley a big company would give you their support with spares

Having a positive attitude is a great way to go through life. EXCEPT, when dealing with unknown people who stand to make money off you. I know nothing about mechanical issues, I am a Woodworker. But, allowing that guy to pressure you to HAUL OUT was your first mistake. Second was having a REVERSE issue worked on in a nasty Country like Croatia. Sure, you COULD and WILL get screwed even in 1st World Countries. But, you were RAW MEAT to these guys. They were giddy with pleasure in finding a sucker. You could have waited on the REVERSE issue until getting back to civilization. THEN, get a second and even a third opinion. In my field, it is BEST PRACTICES to get THREE (3) estimates. If all 3 are close in numbers and details, then throw out the highest and lowest and take the middle one. But, having work done in a 3rd World Country, where you do not speak their language, and stuck in one yard, CAPTIVE, is a recipe for disaster. They saw you coming. I winced when you asked that guy IF the bushing on the point of exit from the boat for the shaft would corrode, when I could see from the video was BRASS, as it needs to be. The locals are still telling that story and having a good laugh. I did not see the prior segments. So, I wonder WHO is footing the BILLS for all this.

Batteries take several days to charge to capacity (in compete sunlight) and have a very limited range compared to diesel.  So how exactly are electric motors the future?

Yeah that irritated me too. And the flippant comment about stifling creativity...

Pula - bin there. EAST MED is very expensive for refitting marine stuff... You should be more careful with the gear. Your life might depend on it one day.

I don't know anything about sailing or engines but the second he says, take it out so as not to work in confined area, I lose trust.


Please wear safety glasses when using grinders. I've seen people lose eyes.

I read $16K but hear €16K. The latter is more like $17.5K.

You got played.

Thanks for posting and sharing. Best wishes.

Hmm , they should have known there were no parts BEFORE they pulled the engine . It was a case of having you hooked with no option to go somewhere else .

"Slow is smooth and smooth is fast" ... that's actually from the Sniper Training guide ...

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