GTA V Movie - OVERHEAT [Part 2] [4K]

GTA V Movie - OVERHEAT [Part 2] [4K]

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Thanks. Mike always here, to help not. When you're drunk. La. The scratches. But, since she'll stay here don't want to rush you guys but, may I ask when it will all be fixed. Mmm. I would say probably by tomorrow. Yeah. Around 1 p.m.. Impressive. Hey. Jack. Come. I want to show you something. Later. Yeah. What. Up beastly. Off-roader. I assume. This. Project, car I made had a goal goal. Was to have a good balance between off-road, and asphalt performance. Wow. Nearly. Every part of this car was taken from my junkyard but, as you can see it's, not completely done. Just. Need to find a hood rear bumper and the few other things. Then. The, Beast will be done. Want. To see how she goes. That. Was it yeah. It, was great. Amazing. I'm. Still speechless our car screaming that capable, off-road, hey. Yep, well, I didn't, know too. You. Have any wheels to give me home. That. Should do it. Still. Better than a taxi. Remember. This is a dirt bike you can freely try it offroad. It's. Meant for that kind of terrain you got it I. Owe. You a. Lot. Kaito. Mikaelson. Tsukuba. New Kazuki dozen. Sumimasen. More. Need, Auto. Mario. Puzo, good. So, you are more like. Welcome. Mr. bull sir. Finally. You answered, I'm so worried, you didn't answer my calls, honey. Yeah I'm sorry it's it's a long story but I'm fine now, don't worry, I'll. Explain once I get home okay, I'm, just half an hour away I. Love. You. Where. Were you the whole day were. You watching TV. Was. I on the news I, was. Ambushed, but no, need to worry I'm all fine now, I'll. Make us coffee then explain everything all right come. On just you and me. I'm. Ready to listen. Where's. Your car even. In, a safe place. Do. You remember Kaito. He's. Out for prisoner. And. He saw me. Nearly. Killed me. But. One. Guy helped, me from both him and the cops. His. Name is Tom. Our. Cops after you. Do. We need to move out. Let's. Just keep a low profile, for now. Then. Stay out of the city. Can. I go with you. You don't have to. Away. We. Just take the. Stocks, Riza. You. Stay here, alright. Sure. Yo, Jack, morning. David Nakula what's, up Carlos is my car done I don't, know I worked. On your car I think. It's in the painting section now, where's. The painting section. All. Right listen to me is it, there and go right then. Keep walking T see it you can't miss it. Right. On time. Is. This my car, oh. Yeah. We, made some slide, off-road modifications. Because. Your car was too low. It. Can't cope with our terrain here. What. Did you do to my car hey. Calm, down, it's. In there. I. Hate. You. You. And your car. So. How much do I owe you nothing. This, one is on me. Installed. New tires as well as adjustable, suspension in, case you need to fly again. You. Shouldn't have to but. Thanks. Thing. Is I had to. When. I was fixing your car I saw. Oil leaks suspension. Cranks poor. Engine cooling, luckily, your engine didn't blow up. Your. Dad would be disappointed in, you jack. If. My car is a beast your car is just Beauty. Big. Tom. Let's. Race then and. See who's actually. You. Sure you got this, on. Asphalt he doesn't stand a chance. All. Right good luck. Where. Are you going. Here are you. Can, you teach me that. Okay. What exactly. Your. Driving, style. That. Just beat me seconds, ago. This. Is the view of the road for most drivers. In. Just a straight line on their fancy GPS. What. I see, aren't. Just the roads ahead. There's. A wider perspective. With. Unlimited choices, and paths. Let's. Go get my truck I'll, show you what I mean so you'll maybe realize. We. Made it. I've. Never even explored, this part of the country. It's. Like I've entered a whole new world. Couldn't. Have said better. Glad. You realized how off-road vehicles, were giving you the freedom to go anywhere. One. Day I'll, try to build one myself. Want. To come to my place. Why. Not. You. Up for a beach fire. Sure. Nice house though. Wow. It's beautiful, here. Especially. At night. With. Relaxing. Wave sounds. It. Sure is. But. I have a question. How. Did you afford this place. I'm. Just curious because you lost everything, after leaving your dad. Of. Course except your car but the, properties here over a million dollars so is there something you don't want to tell me. The. Guy I raced the other night was Kaito. We. Became best friends shortly. After I left my dad and. Because. Both of us were poor we started doing robbery. He. Was the robber I was, the getaway driver. We. Were a great team until, a year later Kaito. Started, arguing my role being much safer, also. Saying he's a better driver, because. Of that our friendship, got weak so. During, one robbery he got caught I. Barely. Managed, to escape. 15. Years of his jail time past. Reason. He wanted to race me that night is to prove that he's a better driver before killing, me.

Hey. Where are you going, you've. Lied to me you knew, he was dangerous it you continued to get me involved I. Trusted. You. I'm. Sorry, I, wanted. To tell you I should. Have I. Even. Asked, you if you knew him and you. Lied to my face come on Tom I never. Should have helped you hey. Come, back. I'm. Sorry. You.

2019-03-17 11:44

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-First of all thanks for supporting my Overheat Movie and wanting the story to continue, so here's the Part 2! Enjoy and please share this movie to others. Seeing views grow fast gives me more energy to work on the next part! :D -Lastly English subtitles are added and available to use. Other languages will be available soon aswell.

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Epic Movie

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Take Your time bat just dent Stay 1year to édit it if you need *_-HELP-_* Tell me *_Any_* *_Time_*


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Subtítulos in español

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For overheat 3 (if there will be one) add a character shawn or hobbs and he drives a futo with white primary and black secondary stock hood exposed intercooler sport suspension black dukes wheels (muscle) and no spoiler and hes like the top/best drifter thx for reading this

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