Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzeria Simulator - Part 1

Five Nights at Freddy's: Pizzeria Simulator - Part 1

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Hello. Everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to, Freddy fazbear's. Pizzeria simulator. Now this is scott cawthon latest. And greatest, game in the five nights at Freddy's franchise, but I don't. Want you to be suspicious, I don't, want you to look any deeper, I'm sure. This game is exactly, as it seems it's a simple, Pizza, tycoon, game where, all you have to do is design. Your pizza and feed, it to the hungry boys and girls that come by to. Your establishment so. Let's get to it shall we, when I want a pizza I like a great pepperoni. And olives pizza. So, I'm gonna go with that one let's go to the pizzeria shall we oh yeah. All. Right. Are. You hungry kids, you go sir, this certainly doesn't seem like an arcade game from. One of the era. This. Certainly doesn't seem like. A arcade. Game from. Various. Games. Such as like as the. Hey. Hey. Oh. No. Ah. Okay. Hi hello, are. You doing baby you, look like you've seen better days. Baby. Yeah. Yeah. Okay hello everybody welcome to five nights at Freddy's 6 this. Is ah. The. Worst kept secret, it's this, game came out all of a sudden actually, was a really good seeker because even I didn't even I had no gun damn being in tape leaving. Dead space 3. 2. 1. The. Purpose of this tape is to test automated, response, times and reactions, from vintage interactive. Attractions, following, audio stimuli. If, you are playing this tape that means that not only have you been checking outside at the end of every shift as you were instructed to do but. Also that you have found something that meets the criteria of, your special obligations, under paragraph 4 follow. These instructions document. Response, times then, safely secure the space before leaving one ceiling of the room you, are not to return don't, begin audio prompt, in three two, one. Where. Where where whoever. Spits it out. Wow. Human. Results. No. An audio prompt, in three two, one. I'm looking. Document. Results. No. Okay. Our audio prom weird in three two. One. I. Hate. This I hate. Everything. About the, Ottoman result okay all right now. I'm. Looking at your barbarian, audio prompt, in three Oh. No. My, god. Hi. That's. A yes okay let me check my box. Hey. Now, it's. A new day it's, your time to shine it's, time to take your career into, your own hands you've. Saved money your whole life great, now, it's time to put all your eggs into one basket and, take a huge gamble on your future a gamble. That comes with a 100%, chance, of success in, some cases Oh God, what are we talking about no I'm talking about becoming a fazbear, entertainment franchisee. That's, right restaurant. Ownership, and management something. Almost anyone, can do with a limited, degree of success, sure. It's a lot of money to invest but, everyone's, doing it and that means it's safe and lucrative. With. Your initial investment you'll, receive everything, you need to get started including, a, small room some, tables and electricity. But. Don't forget about the money you had leftover, after buying your franchise package, use. It to decorate by, a stage by, attractions, and animatronics, and much, much more now. Let's take a look at a few things that will help you get started as a fazbear, entertainment franchisee. Such. As. Atmosphere. Making. Sure your establishment. Has an inviting, atmosphere is, essential, to bringing in new customers. Entertainment. Up having, a lot of entertainment, value in your restaurant, will ensure that customers, come back okay, bonus, revenue, wall coin-operated. Games and, attractions, can generate additional revenue. During the day yeah more, money, your pocket, ready for reinvestment, okay.

A Safety. There, may be times when you purchase something of questionable, quality and, we don't blame you cutting corners is just good business but. There are steps you can take to, ensure you, don't get sued for it and that, brings us to, liability. Being. A thrifty, shopper, is smart but, be aware that buying, things on sale comes with a certain, amount of risk aside. From the daily risk of lawsuits, there's also the risk that something might be hiding inside whatever, you just purchased, with that steeply discounted price, tag of course. That, would only be a serious, danger if there were something outside, that's been trying to get in for months now. Confirming. To be the case this. Concludes, the amount of help we are legally obligated to, provide, remember. You, are now the face of the newly rebranded Freddy, fazbear's, pizza, that's mayor a smile with pride and let's, make some money that's. Beer entertainment, is not responsible for, disappearance, death or dismemberment. Imagine. Move you, cannot go to purchase that man but I love supplies please, be by my late mother okay. All. Right okay. Great. So it really is a pizzeria tycoon. Let's, get started. Great. That, should be more than enough now. Let's get started, all right, on your left are your product catalogs, Wow unlock. More expensive, catalogs, by simply purchasing, items for your pizzeria wall, use, the arrows, in the bottom right of the item window to browse, the products for each catalog, Wow. When you're finished shopping click, the button labeled blueprint. To lace your items you. Can switch back and forth between catalog. Mode and blueprint, mode as often, as you like before, opening your doors to the public when. You're ready to open your restaurant for business for the day click, the button labeled finished, in blueprint, mode give, it a try and, do some shopping Wow. Wow. Okay. All right oh. Yeah. Oh pick. A dock Oh Oh, bucket. Bob unavailable. But, I want fuck it Bob. Fuck, it by our fucking, fossil picking. Bucket Bob mister, can do mister, huh. Number. One cream, and. Stan. Paper. Pals I'm gonna buy them. Oh hell. Yeah caper pals, there's. A liability risk on that one mr. hugs little dangerous. We. Gotta get the fan that's, that's. A must, I love the duck farm that's like I gotta have and then, a stage. Okay. All right well let's. Place this garbage, oh. My god oh my god yes. Yes. Yes. Sponsorship. Offer whoo fist time pop soda have, a popping good time with buds on pop please. Time pop Inc is offering to pay for your advertisement, yours, yes. Yes. How, do I do that. Okay I don't have 11. Animatronics. All right that's where that'll go ah fast. Reckoning, has gone up no risk absolute. Play test. I. Got. Good point, I think I got a lot of points. Well. I got. A whole lot of nothing, Oh a. Lot of dick diddly, all right well okay. All. Right good great. Okay. Truant is now officially. Open yes um that, doesn't mean your job is finished however, you. Have a lot of work to do while patrons, eat their pizza in the other room from. Your terminal, you have supplies, to buy papers, to print and repairs. To make once. You've taken care of all the items on your to-do list you, can log off for the day and get, out of there money. For supplies and repairs, comes out of petty cash so, don't worry about it coming out of your pocket we've, got you covered the, only money you have to worry about is if you choose to upgrade any, of the equipment, in your office now. On to other matters Oh something. To be aware of is that the ventilation system, and your terminal, are ready loud and may prevent you from hearing things in adjoining air vents, that. Won't be a problem if there is nothing in the vents however. If you feel that something might be in the vents you have a few tools at your disposal to, protect yourself, you. Can shut off your terminal, and the ventilation system at any time to, decrease the amount of attention you are drawing to yourself also. Shining. Your light directly, into a vent will most likely prevent, anything from jumping, out you. Also have three tools available from, the terminal itself there. Is a motion detector an audio, decoy, and a, secondary, ventilation.

Unit Keep. In mind however that, you can only have one of the active, at any given time now. Get to it simply. Log off when you've completed your tasks, for the day and you, can go get some coffee. All. Right I'm. Boned. All. Right. Okay. All right we're fine all right we're fine I'm gonna stop screaming now unclog. Toilets I don't even know why is why, are those a thing what, what, is that a thing. What. Am i running and where. The. Fun is gonna be fun and happy, oh. God. I hate this I hate this, oh I hate this that's. A long time to print a flier okay. I guess we're done, do. I have to do do. I have to do all of these before, I leave is that what you said I had to do because I don't really, remember. Whoops, damn. It god damn it. Okay. So. Wait. Did you hear that wait. Wait. Wait. What. Is that. Do. You hear. What, is that I don't know I don't know anything that's going on here this is completely different from anything I've ever seen at any other five nights of Freddy before I. Ain't. About this shit I ain't, about to do that shit and, about to lose my life why. Is it him so long as good I. Just. Take so long to scan. Okay. Everything's. Fine. Everything's. Fine. Everything's. Fine I keep yelling in myself everything. Is absolutely fine, everything. Is 100% fine okay, did I do all my tasks, equipment. Log. Off great, job Matty it looks like you're getting the hang of this now let's, just focus on getting you through your first week there's. A big party here Saturday and you, should view that day as your ultimate, test make. It through Saturday, and you will have proven yourself, as the, successful, entrepreneur. That we all know you can be thank. You thank, you very much I think I'm pretty sure. Congratulations. On completing your first day however, your job isn't over, just yet, there. Is another aspect to your end of day routine, and that is. Inspecting. And salvaging, any animatronics. Found in the alley outside the, back door, things. Are found here quite often and while, we aren't sure why what. We do know is that they can be used for parts which, can mean a much needed revenue boost, before starting, your next day of. Course as with, everything else in this line of work those, benefits come with risk the. Safest thing to do is to throw it back outside but. Then you, get no money for the salvage, Cheers. But and you run the risk of certain negative consequences. Namely. Death, should. The item in question not, be as docile, as it first appeared. If. You do decide to try to salvage it then you must complete, the maintenance checklist, during. This testing phase check, on the animatronic, frequently, if, you feel that it is becoming unstable used, the Taser provided. To you you. Can use it three times without damaging, the hardware, every. Use over, three however will, decrease the items salvage, value. Before. You is an animatronic found, in the back alley we. Are unsure of. Its origins, it. Is your job to complete, the maintenance checklist before claiming, it and salvage, more, if you, choose to you, can throw it back into the alley where you found it and forfeit, payment, please, make your choice now. All, right we'll salvage, it you, have chosen to proceed with the maintenance checklist, yeah remember, use, your company, as you taser to return the animatronic, to a neutral, state if you feel that it's becoming unstable, or aggressive, you.

Can Only use it three times before it begins to damage the animatronic, and decrease, its value. Begin. Audio prompt, in three two, one. Document. Results, okay. No. Audio. Around in three way, to. Document. Results. Begin. Audio, prompt, in three two. One. Document. Results. Again. Audio prompt, in three two. One. Document. Results. Okay. Oh. Why. What, what's happening, Oh begin. Audio prompt, in three two. One. Something. Is loose in my pizzeria. Something's. Loose in my pizzeria. Mean. Gumbel's. Wittle ins me. On stage lights sturdy. Stage markdown. Wow. Condition. Terrible, Oh. Purchasing. A bulky item in this condition comes with a significant, risk of something undesirable hiding, inside I'll buy that it's at a discount. Novelty. Traffic light happy. Frog. Mr.. Hippo. Ned. Ned. Bear, right. Ned, bear pig, patch. Cadet. Candy, cadet, I'm. Gonna buy Ned, double. Bond ed better that. Bear gonna make you your, your your establishment. Real good like Ed. Bear, that. Bear do good for, you that, bear is bass bear all, right let's. Place these bad boys, Ned bear your net. Be sure you're, up oh, wow. Oh wow, Ned bear you know what net bear I don't feel too good about this net bear net, bear I got it gotta admit got, a bit don't feel don't feel too strongly about, this safety, straps. This. Bad boy. Alright, alright we're good we're, good we're. Good sponsorship, hell, yeah, what. Nothing, goes down that can't come up. Alright, advertise. Some. Fat. Boys. Are. You doing. Something's. Loose in the establishment. Oh boy. Okay. So we just gotta order these shit, and we're, good, does. That look like a bird beak to you it looks like a bird beak to me okay I'm just I'm, just knocking these things down I ain't I ain't waiting for nobody. Oh. Hi. Oh. I. Didn't. Even hear a noise there, was nothing, it. Was just happen. Don't. Even understand, Oh. Lots. Of way what. Fun. Oh. Okay. You. Can stop that now. Yo. That's enough I think, there's enough. You. Can stop oh boy. Okay, that's enough. Slow. Down and stop the train put brakes on this bad boy, I'm. Pulling stop, station, no. Okay. Here we go I guess we're going. It's. Gonna be lots of fun lots of fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun. Fun, fun oh. Why. Does this look like dream, daddy what. Does it look like dream daddy, okay. So anyway that, is all the time I got for this one I will, continue this very soon this is five nights at Freddy's 6 if you want to call it that but also, it's. Just a whole grab bag of weird and scary and, awesome so, thank, you everybody so much for watching let me know what you think down the comments below let me know if you've got any more theories about this game I'll provide a link to the game in the description below you can get it off a Steam and. Thanks everybody so much for watching buckle, up for a wild ride, cuz this one's gonna be weird and awesome so, thanks again and as, always I will see you, in. The next video.

2017-12-13 15:38

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there is a babys nightmare circus

Fnaf Changed And Not In A Good Way.



Lol, I really appreciate how Scott kept the squeaky nose. That part is my favorite.

When it was doing the ad, at the end it sain " Freddy fazbare is not responsible for any disappearance" lol

Like here if you're looking for a jumpscare list. Me too.

Merry halloween-christmas

bruh I had to have this in windowed and my headphones off



Jumpscare list please


He still wears the lucky flannel!

I actually played this game half deaf(I can not hear out of my right I was born like that)and I had lots of fun with this one and only one(first fnaf game that I played)This one was easy on my computer but the older games I needed a graphics card and some other specs to play them.Anyway I am glad to be able to play this game.I would be nice if someone help me with graphics card choices and how to attached them to the computer.

Finally someone who appreciates a pepperoni and olives pizza


When he’s giving you the directions in the office.this isn’t years of therapy in the making

scrybut like it


Baby: HEY ENNARD I FOUND YOUR EXOTIC BUTTERS! Ennard: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Baby whispers to ballora: It's actually cheese >:3 Ballora: Clever *she laughs Ennard eats the butters (cheese)* Ennard: BABY YOU MOTHER FUCKER IMMA KILL YOU

Theory: We play as phone guy.

love you not in a gay way

Oh ye

That is so funny

I died every time Mark died

mark, when it says something is lose in your pizzaria, that means that something is gonna kill you in your pizzaria

Did he not notice that the animatronic was biting the table when he wasn't looking he was also getting closer

the pizza is aggressive

Mark is getting a blow job


Um u have changed aloy


Mark is so hoy


I knew Scott wasn't done

Dude this is insane it’s actually FNAF 6 I cant believe


I heard sticky keys...

A quick how to make jumpscares not scary: 1. go to the toilet and make sure you could not piss yourself if you tried. Return to your screen of choice 2. look outside your screen, changing your eyes' focus, far, near, far, near, then, return to look at screen, and note the difference 3. take off your headset of choice, and listen to the ambience around you. Put the headset back on, note the difference 4. remind yourself "it is not real", aloud, a few times 5. press play, and watch

Tbh I would probably be throwing all those animatronics back to the alley

Does markiplier still cuss y or n

When YouTube gives you an unskippable Advertisement.. me: wixoihqyeffgduix3gewq3hn

When will this game die?


To be honest, i was hoping for better character design the only thing that scares me is the lack of detail in their jump scares

Mark with that flannel, black hair, and playing a fnaf game is making me nostalgic

The beginning XD

i can't believe the new fnaf protag is a furry


I literally have my keyboard layout pictures saying "My heros wear headphones and scream like little girls" with you on one side and jack on the other side

Not really just kiddin sorry (last comment)

When you said the first things you said this game was going to be made me think: He is waaaaayyyy off and also kinda right

“Something is lose in my pizzeria?!?? what does that mean?!??”

Is the real FNAF 6?


Mark can I point out one thing that's not mean? Me and you like the same pizza

This reminds me of doki doki and idk why

Realn how to act


Oh god why isn't there any jumpscare list *currently pooping her pants*

Whos watching before net neutrality ends?

When estas bien Agustín viendo el vídeo, but no te salen los subtítulos :'v

i think the bear jumping in the ball pit and landing on the ground was cringy

Anyone else notice when you buy something in this game it's the same sound effect as the one in binweevils? Or I'm just sad.

When he's playing with the duck pond, I swear the tune of "Five Nights at Freddy's" song by TheLivingTombstone was playing. That can't be just me who thinks that!

Oh, shoot. I forgot all about that system in FNaF 1. With the glowing eyes and that music playing. Ah, sorry. I listen to The Living Tombstone music alot, that's why I forgot. Edit: Freddy's theme, yep.

That's because... -The music you hear is a version of the Toreador Song. -The Five Nights at Freddy's song by TheLivingTombstone is heavily based off of the Toreador Song. -The original Five Nights at Freddy's used a music box version of the Toreador Song when the power goes out and Freddy is watching you from the door. People even refer to it as Freddy's theme.


*iT rEaLly iS a piZzarRia tYcoOn!!1!1* Oh, how naive you were.

I love this game just cause its so cute and then creepy and theories Then back to cute And it changes for eternity.


Scott is just brilliant, "hey guys I'll pause fnaf 6 and make the tycoon game, aaah na screw that I'll hide fnaf 6 in the tycoon game". And now the question "what is paragraph 4 is also answered"

When you thought the game is "Over"

I love the dark background with the red lights! Nicely done! :)

I left this fandom 3 years ago, why am i still here?

Who let kazoo kid into the pizzeria?

Jumpscare list 17.38 21.09

I lowkey kinda think mark was high af while doing this

"Begin audio prompt in 3-" Baby: 2...1 Mark: NAH. HOW 'BOUT NOT.

Whelp. No jumpscare list. I'm going full screen at around ten minutes until eleven a clock. Wish me luck Or don't. It doesn't really matter if you do.



Add some E X O T I C B U T T E R to the pizza

Freddy looks like moving when its prompt 3

Good luck trying to incooperate this into your game theory, Austin.

Who the Fuck is Austin

Every time Markiplier calls Baby, ‘Baby’ it feels like he’s flirting with a death robot

Mark remember the risk or Liabilities


Frodo army

There not being any jumpscare list at the top of the comments makes it so much more scary holy shit

I just love the silence after mini funtime Freddy's death in the pall pit

Arent u having lots of fun doo doo doo doo doo

What are you doing in the comment section? Get back up there you PUSSYcat

When u watched and played to much fnaf the jumpscares aren't that scary now


is this made by scott cawthon that means the creator of this rented the voice actors of fnaf sister location?

Mark, has been playing five nights at freddys almost when it came out. (or when it came out im still not sure) but.. HES STILL AN IDIOT WHEN IT COMES TO THIS GAME AND HE SUCKS!!! hard to believe but its true *Read more*

Wait hold up when did the 6th one drop wtf?! I'm shooketh

Full list of jumpscare times: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


How to fell old 1. FNAF 1 was made in 2014

i think you mean feel...but you are right

when the salaved animatronic was moving a started saying to taze it xD

Does anyone know whether or not there's an age restriction on Markiplier's Seattle show at the Moore? Isn't the Moore age restricted?

Am i the only one who thought of kazoo kid when he said fun a shit ton of times

Mark are you steal the KINK OF FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDY'S what am I saying of course make nobody take your


His reaction in the beginning XD

“3...” *cuts off* “....2....1...”

We know that mark is the king of fnaf 1 2 3 or 4 even sl

its amazingggg! i love it gnna watch part 2 and 3 tomorrow the whole night

How do you use the taser in this game?

Who came here after watching GtLive's stream on FNAF 6?!

Jumpscare Times: What? You think I’m going to tell you? *HA*

*Caption :_More markimoo sounds_*

Is anyone else mentally scarred from the sounds in this game? Like certain sounds I hear instantaneously remind me of FNAF and creeps the hell outa me, even tho it’s not real it’s almost like... I can feel it, them.

That intro though XD

First time watching this game and I have learned: 1) The advertisement puts noise on your computer put gives you money 2) When you salvage something, if not properly salvaged it becomes loose in your restaurant trying to kill you 3) You have to shock the little shit at least once to get results

Mark:lets test this boi Freddy:*jumps* when falls on floor slight crack Mark:hahahaha

I died XD


Puccolo yeah

Please German subtitle

Why did he not taze him? the bear

Lol, purple guy? The Markliplier faces are funny XD

congratulations! you got the certificate of bankruptcy!

hello! looking for jumpscare list? *too bad there are none down her*

I'm not seeing jumpscare lists, all I'm seeing is people complaining about the lack of a jumpscare list.

Wait did he just get scared...

Markimoo stop cussing

w8 was he on drugs

I know I've seen better days

full vid of making faces

OMG i love it when markplier makes a New Fnaf Video

You could use the taser if it moves and it will go back on the position that it was

I want bucket bob!!!!!

nvm i found it lol

please tell me where you downloaded it i cant find it

I never make up theories, but this has to be a prequel. I remember a sentence Baby said in Sister Location, and that was at night 4 when Baby hid you in that animatronic suit: "You're inside something that came from my old pizzeria". Old pizzeria, guys - to me, these are keywords. And that's why Baby looks so... screwed up in this game. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but in some way this has to be a prequel, where you are in Baby's old pizzeria.

Markiplier: UHH I THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA BE FUN AND HAPPY! Me: Pfffft... Nothing you play is fun and happy.... *_DEAL WITH IT_*

When you thro it back in the ally it goes in your restaurant and kill

Am I the only one who noticed the salvage was Enerd


Essas legendas PT-BR tão uma poha, meu deus, ainda bem que eu entendo inglês -.-"

lol Motion D.

i'm confused i thought fnaf 6 was cancelled

I am getting strong ddlc voices from this. And I am not amused.

Why does this seem scripted?

I have a theory, what if the bear human thing in the advert part resembles you being stuffed in a suit????????

Lucky flannel, baby!

never buy stuff with liability risk cuz yeah they all et you animatronics that ar edangerous the more the scarier

here comes the king back LONG LIVE KING MARKER

I love how Mark gets scared at the first damn jumpscare in every game.

Mark why you love Fnaf, but i like them because there are SCARY!!!!!!

umpscare list 17.38 21.09


he so kute

*Something has been trying to get in for months now* You don't say...

my cousin said I should start watching your YouTube channel and you seem really funny


"Sold as-is. You might die." WELL THATS REASSURING

When the music for the Pick a Duck attraction played, did anyone else think of Freddy's song from the Random Encounters FNAF musical? XD

*thats a lot of *fun* ....

Mark: I'm dead? Freddy: You're dead!

I swear to god, when Baby's voice started counting down. I was like "NOPENOPENOPE"

Scott took it too far....

is it bad that everytime "helpy" broke his back after failing to jumping in the ball pit, I died of laughter?

In my opinion, "something flood your pizzeria" means that the night guard mode(the one that have motion detector) have some chance on that broken animatronic to come randomly even though you never put that animatronic there.

I've been away from the internet for way too long, so much is happening

You’re the

I played this game and I beat it it is a good game

*WHAOAOA* Counter: x5

Hello FNAF king

Wow ha ha ha


Oh god it’s DDLC all over again

Because you got jump scared, didn't that mean that you died?

WARNING: Purchasing a bulky item in this condition comes with a significant risk of something undesirable hiding inside. MARKIPLIER- I'll BUY THAT ITS AT A DISCOUNT!!!

I was so scared this whole game I nearly squeezed the stuffing out of my vulpix

Here is a jumpscare list Jumpscare 1 jumpscare 2. Jumpscare 4 jumpscare 3 jumpscare 5. You're welcome

RIP Matpat.

Doesnt you have a heart attack?


mark plz react to its me

This is what happens when you wish for the day job

All hail the King Of Five Nights at Freddy's

remember you kazoo kid? He died and became the dead child in the scene where he was on the sidewalk and now he wants fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, *INFINITE FUN*


Ahhhhh, just imagine all those parents of kids who want to play fnaf but its too scary for the kid because they're young and seeing this game and allowing them to play this game. Just imagine their horror once they find out that this isn't a game young kids should play. It would be really funny.

"Certain negative consequences" = Death...okay, then

Ned bear is best bear But yuri is best girl

No one will like this so I will


“100% chance, in SOME cases!”

Mark your so funny

Get a jumpseyare!!!!!!

Mark: HELLO BABY it looks like you've seen better days Me: XDDD what

Mark play DOKI DOKI


Dude ur Cringe

Oh God, he is salvaging it!

While watchimg video:Gets my unicorn plush and hugs it - jump scares ?

Mark: "Am I dead?" Freddy: "You're dead!" XD

O my God this is from the FNAF books holy crap AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH Mark needs more exotic butters and pop corn

i forgot when i played this game the sister location robots were in this game

is there gonna be five nights at freddy's OVER A MILLION AND THIS? 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000?

Geez I haven’t seen markiplier for a long time and he only had 8 million now he has 18 million

another fnaf nice

Lots of fun, fun, fun, fun *hundreds of more fun*

pro tip

FNAF has gone from “ Oh *GOD* not another game!” to just “ *sigh* alright let’s get this over with.”

Savage video. keep up the good work ;-)

pRo TiP

jumpscares minutes?

markiplier com down if you downt hawe animatronics your safe

Was... Was Mr can-do a remake of balloon head Fred?

Exotic Butters


FNAF just got scary on a whole new level

These are the kind of Videos i Love so bad

I’m getting bad vibes about this and also remember from the last game

Somebody who already watched this please give me jumpscares list , i really wanna watch but I'm super afraid of jumpscares pleease

That moment when he laughs when there is nothing funny

Thank you Saviour

Chrisella Naomi bless your soul

too stupid

"Leaving Dead Space" Alien isolation

go get sponsors ,makes the risk from animatroniks higher to catch



Is this actually the 6th game??! How the fuck it wasnt announced?

"Woah, woah, woah. I'm dead?!" -Mark "You're dead!" -Game

The subtle snapping of Fun Time Freddy's neck when Mark misses the ball pit...

Love these games mark thanks for playing for us. Ur awesome

"(and something is loose in your pizzaria)"

jumpscare list pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssseee

Am I only one who skips to the scary part ends?

oh god damnit scott the last one was hard enough now hes just finding new ways to bend us over....

Cousin:walks up to me and says look at this fun game it's a tycoon! Me:we should look for it and play it!*5mins later*intense screaming crying and running from both of us


"I DIDN'T EVEN HEAR ANYTHING" to be fair, the dude warned you that your setup would be too loud to hear them in the vents...

Get your red strip of hair back

This game is awesomely legendary

Я русский

Why do u look like Messi!❤

Ned bear:duuhhhhhhhhaagaggaduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Why do I do this to myself...

I played it I cant stand the game so scary!

Ahhh wow! This is awesome. I just did a F.N.A.F. Unboxing on my channel!

u over react too much

Mark is pissing himself before anything happens to him

*Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for disappearance, death, or dismemberment.*

No jumpscare list.... *shats my pants*

Funtime Freddy is all cutesy when he ain't killing us but dancing to his heart's disires *just to hide all the didly darn nasties 'bout to pop and scares the chilhood outta us* Yay

Bitch be looking like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.



This is fnaf 6

on a date mark: IM LOOKING AT YOU BABY!!! date: 3....2....1.... Mark:NOOOOOOOOOO (I'm dating a fn robot

I named mah dawg baby and now I realize whoelse gat dat nam


circus baby was so so so scary

That ball pit play test was hilarious. Glad to see the creepier, more uneasy tone that this game seems to capture well.

You can't prove *A N Y T H I N G*

Exotic butters

Yay it is marks favorites game/king at it

i am so uncomfortable and i really don't appreciate it

No jump scare list I’m going full screen

I dare you to go full screen for the hole video and even on the jumpscares

Lol, I hope u get jump scared more z

I noticed that the animatronic that killed you is the same as the one that jumpscared you and said there is something lose in your pizzeria. That loose thing may be that aniamtronic.

Mark: Am I dead?! Freddy: You're dead!

Select room to active music!

Your channel grow so fast its even faster than pewdiepie, one day you will be the next pood

*sees game glitching out* *has flashbacks to Doki Doki literature club*

This a cool



Remember the brony with the MLP stuff and he just kept saying "fun fun fun fun fun"...welp looks like he hacked this game

How many times has Scott said he wasn't going to make anymore Fnaf games?

Baby's voice is so soothing for some reason

The constant laughter at poor helpy’s neck breaking a couple hundred times

this was so funny


gets jumpscared by the printer.

Scotts really changing the formula...

eggsbenidic,casual bongos,and exotic butters

When i saw molten Freddy's shadow move in my mind i was going WHAT THE FLIP U NEED TO SHOCK HIM MARK

Oh shit , i dont think about fnaf 6. Im just open "Bear feed kids" .

The king has returned


Freddy's head moved when you pulled up the sheet


Why did I chose to watching at night :v

Somebody Please Animate this! It would be soo good

I'm actually enjoying a fnaf game which isn't the original trilogy thank you Scott and jeebus

THAT WAS SO TRAGIC , that little bear just broke his back hitting the floor.

Hey mark, I this the OFFICIAL fnaf 6, or no? It's hard for me to believe it is....


And the best part is: IT'S FREE!

Omg I’m a week late

This is Scott's????

chicken nuggets brown bear and Donald Trump's hair makes .................... a walll

*fun fun fun fun fun fun fun..* Kazoo kid :>

oh I thought this would be an innocent game like fnaf world.... worst nightmare this is making me not like pizza anymore ;-; good job Scott



*Starts Video* This will be a nice video, just let me go find the jump scare list... W-w-w-what???

cool very niiiiice

Read this if you know all the salvage animatronics If the third salvage one is circus baby then what's the one in the beginning that looks like baby which is which

There was a penny wise it poster next to the vent

I swear to god that sound when you buy something is the same as when you buy something on binweevils

No joke my favorite pizza is pepperoni and olives too but with thin crust


When it said lots of fun fun fun I thought of the kazoo kid

When you salvaged Freddy you need to raze him or ofc he's gonna jumpscare

Trump:And we say BUILD A WALL FROM THOSE CREEPY ANIMATRIONICS.......... govourment: Yes

actually I really like all the story from all series but it's just all the game concept from series 2 to 6 just repeat from the first game , it's not have much different. but for this one .. well it's pretty interesting

Wait this is fnaf 6?

I'm was hard at breathing while watching this so during this first part of the video with baby my chest got tense cause I was waiting for the jumpscare after I stopped I was like I CAN'T BREATH it was great


Turning the lights off, putting on head phones at full volume and going full screen. ...Wish me luck.


I stopped being scared of sister location (not)like only just now I have to get used to this now injisnihonswwdxsqzwsznijlqwipnxeyduxbougefykf

Im going full screen, in my desktop with headphones. Wish me luck :D And btw at first the narrator was matpat bc it kinda sound like him lmao ://

I love the way he says Ned bear

Me: *Clicks on Vid watches Vid* At this very moment I knew I fucked up

when i saw all the funs, i thought of the kazoo kid

Is anyone else looking at the comments because there scared.

*watches people play fnaf 6 and no one uses the taser with funtime freddy* OH MY LORD USE THE F*CKING TASER JESUS CHRIST IT HELPS YOU *NOT DIE* DONT YOU WANT THAT?!

Mark if you mess up 1 savage restart your game it has something to do with a ending

i swear to god im gonna have a heart attack if i keep watching fnaf vids without the jumpscare list lol

Mark I am exactly like you I only like my pizza a pepperoni and or olives with it

Markiplier is losing his damn mind.

at the beggining i got so scared then again dammm u freddy idk why im laughing about it tho XD

at the end... KAZOO KID

No scare list... Alright, guess I'm a scout. Scout - Someone who goes in fullscreen, armed with only they're bravery, and a small squish object, and recordes the time of every jump scare. Much more dangerous than your average soldier, who is usually armed with a giant plushy, and relies on scare lists, but also goes full screen. Let's do this.

Mark, can you please tell me if it was Scott Cawthon who created this game?

Scott Cawthon: Sorry guys... Money printer 6 is cancelled *a day later* JU$T KIDDING FUCKO$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

Who else got reminded of kazoo kid at the fun part “fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!”

My mom was loling so hard at the opening infomercial dialogue

FNAF is the Saw/Friday the 13th of video games, they always come out with a new entry and people welcome it

The Only cute thing so far in this game is that little, cute Funtime Freddy.

some goat simulater audio :I

The thing is in the fun time Freddy is inside ur place

Mark your face looked so funny

Mark: AYUGH AHH YUGH!!! Me: calm down mark it's just a game.


All the previous fnafs but sister location were just dreams because there was the alarm when it was the kid in the “bed” in 5 but he was actually in a hospital as you can guess with the flowers a peering now and then.

ya buki

Part two plz

He deserved that jump scare he didn't tase him once

I Started up the game and got lefty's secret video!

I know right

so this is offical from scott?

no no no no not another

From when baby responded "2, 1" onwards, Mark's soul never came back


Why are you The king of five nights at Freddys 123456

The game doesn’t look scary at all anymore lol

I like how everything on Freddy is damaged except his hat

Ironically, I was eating pizza while watching this.... so

WTF I didn't even make a whole minute in to the video before fullscreen jumpscare

‘Sees no jump scare list’ . . . . . . ‘Goes full screen and almost dies.’

It annoys me the buying sound is the same as the bin weevils sound.

you could have stunned it, maybe actually listen to instructions...

Fnaf is dead But mark playing it isn't

"That's all the time I have today" Mark who is timing you?

I think mark s**t his pants when circus baby looked up

this is by far the weirdest, funnest, and interesting fnaf game yet

Mark:Oh my god! I thought this was supposed to be all fun and happy!

Oh i did not know that this game even came out


Dang, Scott has REALLY improved in making these fnaf games

Aren't you the fnaf's king

The clown from IT is on the wall by the right air vent

i’m on a horror game binge cause i’m depressed and this is fun for me.

fnaf is dead

in steam is free this game!!! GO GO GO!!

brave souls wheres a jump scare list?

the struggle isn't real, the CHEESE is real

You're awesome Markiplier

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