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Watching. Knowing better. When. You see a preggers you video it's, not, like anyone else because, you, see it and you. Know you have to do something about it because you know you're the only one who can really help someone. Who watches knowing better is someone who is able to look. At the world and really see what it is and not, just look at it and see it but to be able to go and be. Effective and do, something about it. And. They're. Like. Have. You seen a 4k, TV. What. A beautiful thing you know because it's. Maybe one day one. Day it'll be like that like wow. Porque. TV's I'll just read. About those in the history, books I. Do. It I can and I do it the way I do everything, you know, there's. No part of the way for me it's just. This. Video is brought to you by brilliant, the, story of Scientology, is really the story of its founder l ron Hubbard which his followers abbreviate, to l rh we're gonna be hearing a lot of scientology, lingo here and much of it is just initials, l ron Hubbard was a Navy brat and his dad was stationed in Guam he failed at a university, and he tried to join the military once or twice then he became a science fiction writer during the Great Depression he became the most prolific writer, in history using, 20 different pseudonyms he, still holds several Guinness World Records he was paid a penny a word for his pulp fiction novels and topped out at a hundred thousand, words a month this script is just shy, of 6,000. Words his science fiction books actually contain, a lot of concepts, and names that later come up in Scientology, but that's not really the point of giving you his background, the reason I went through all of that is because of his father's military service, his short university, attendance and a seemingly constant. Book publishing, we pretty much always know, where he was and what he was doing yes I've slept, with bandits, in Mongolia, and I've. Hunted. With. Pygmies. And Philippines. Matter, of fact I have studied, 21. Different. Primitive. Races. Including. The white race no, he didn't he's lying pretty much his entire life is accounted for and he never went on any adventures, to the far reaches of the world but then World War two happened and the standards, for entry were lowered this was the most important, event of his life as it was for many others I suppose he. Was a lieutenant put in charge of a sub chaser patrol boat and by all accounts he was a major soup sandwich, he once dropped all of his ordnance on what he thought were two Japanese submarines, but actually turned out to just be a log and a month later accidentally. Shelled a Mexican island his evaluations. From superior officers, aren't very kind consider, this officer lacking, in the essential, qualities, of judgment, leadership, and cooperation he, acts without forethought, as to probable results, this officer is not satisfactory, for independent, duty assignment, he is garrulous, and tries to give impressions, of his importance, not, temper mentally fitted for independent, command those, were three different people across three different years, after, the war he rejoined, his writing but he's in Hollywood and got involved in a black, magic sex cult trying to summon the literal, Antichrist. Now I tell you all of this not to make fun although it is pretty funny but to tell you the foundational. Myth of Scientology, think of it like the crucifixion, of Jesus or the parting of the Red Sea LRH, claims that he was crippled, and blinded by the war the story changes, depending on when he's telling it sometimes, he's the sole survivor of his down destroyer and he was blinded by the Sun while adrift at sea other, times it was just shrapnel. And muzzle flashes, the important, part is that LRH claims that he healed himself using, the methods that would later become Dianetics. Proving, this wrong would be akin to finding jesus'. Body it would shake everything military. Records are pretty solid and easily accessible. He never earned a Purple Heart or any of the medals a he claims and at the end of the war he was hospitalized. For a stomach ulcer and pinkeye, after, treatment the naval board stated, that he was considered, physically, qualified to perform duty ashore preferably, within the continental United States he, also wrote to the VA several, times requesting, psychiatric, treatment, for long periods, of moroseness, and suicidal. Inclinations the, Church of Scientology. Claims that these records have been falsified, in order to cover up the truth they also claim that his involvement in the occult was part of a Naval Intelligence assignment.

So You, know after, world war ii there was an explosion, of religious fervour in the West not only was there an increased interest in established, religions, which gave rise to evangelicals. Like Billy Graham but. An interest in previously, unknown, Eastern, religions, like Buddhism this was also when alternative, medicine and acupuncture, and yoga became popular people were hungry for ways to improve their lives and expand their mind which, is also why drugs became more popular the point is that the stage was set for someone, like l ron Hubbard to come along in 1950. He wrote Dianetics. The modern science of mental health and middle, class white people eat it up it spent 28 weeks on the New York Times bestseller, list in this book LRH claims that these are the methods he used to cure himself of his war injuries and that using, these methods you can cure yourself of, all sorts of mental and physical ailments. He also claims that for every hour of Dianetics your IQ will go up one point I tested, people before Scientology, processing, and after Scientology, project, newly uniformly, found that their IQ, had, he once claimed that he raised a boys IQ, from 83, to, 212. Now for, those of you who don't know IQ is a standard, distribution, where the average person and the majority, of people are at 100. The majority of tests really only place people between 30 and 170. But technically, this scale goes from 0 to 200, it's just not possible to have an IQ over 200, but surely you're going to go as much grade as you're born with oh no and your brain has nothing to do with it brain is a sort of a well. I don't know brain is brain what. It does I'm never quite sure but. And, I don't think anybody else is in Dianetics, Hubbard theorizes, that there are two parts of the human mind the analytical, which is just stimulus, and response a, completely, rational machine, like a computer that perfectly, processes, and records everything and the unconscious, reactive. Mind this is where all of your emotions, fears, and psychological, ailments come, from it's also the source of physical ailments like asthma your memories and thoughts are recorded, into what he calls engrams, and it's these engrams, that are the cause of all of your problems as anyone, who's ever talked to the cryptarch would know you can get rid of these engrams, through a Dianetics, every which is basically self-hypnosis, where you would think about a thing until it no longer had any effect on you kind of like exposure therapy for PTSD or, a phobia you would continue to do this until all of your engrams have been erased and your reactive, mind had been completely, eliminated, this is what he called the state of clear and that.

Means That the individual, has erased. What, the Freudian, said, was. His basic. Illness, which is his reactive, mind his, unconscious, mind is gone and he. Is totally, alert and totally. Capable in, August 1950, three months after Dianetics, had been published hubbard produced the first clear, a physics. Student named Sonia Bianca, and presented, her to an audience to show off her abilities, she couldn't remember basic formulas, or even what color tie LRH was wearing it would be another 16, years before he produced any others and of course not publicly, but that didn't stop him from continuing to sell and practice, Dianetics, LRH thought that his book was going to be a breakthrough in the field of psychology and mental health but it was rejected by the APA, and described as not science, not, science, fiction. Fictional, science Dianetics. Was the homeopathy, of psychology, it rose at the same time as other new religious, movements, alternative, medicine and self-help, and as soon as people realize that they weren't getting the gains that they were promised, it fell apart Hubbard was hit with numerous, lawsuits for false claims and even criminal action, for practicing, medicine without a license, by 1952. Dianetics. Clubs around the country had, shut down in Hubbard was bankrupt, even losing the rights to the name Dianetics. Because, of these legal issues LRH, went to great lengths to distance, his next project from psychology, and psychiatry even, branding them as the enemy. No. Psychoanalysis. They, lay back and don't, associate, Scientology. With such people in 1952. He incorporated, a number of different churches under different names but the ultimate winner of the branding war was the Church of Scientology. Sian from the Latin Sian Chia for knowledge and ology, meaning the study of the, study of knowledge, he, replaced the idea of self-guided Dianetics, everies by introducing an auditor, who would use an e meter to process, people through eliminating. Their reactive, minds according, to Scientology, an, e meter locates, an Engram and measures its charge in truth and a meter measures the galvanic skin response or. Skin conductivity, it's one of the measurements used in a lie detector it just measures how sweaty your fingers are years later the FDA would require all Amir's to carry a label saying that it's not meant to diagnose, or treat any illnesses, and is instead just a religious, artifact, because of the two handles, Scientologists. Refer to using an e meter as being, on the cans Scientology. Uses a number of different symbols but perhaps its most recognizable is. The eight-pointed, cross which seems a bit like plagiarism, but is also somewhat intentional, I discovered, that the common denominator existence. Was survive whatever. Else man was trying to do whether. He was cultured, or primitive, and so on he, was attempting to survive. The. Eight-pointed, cross represents. The eight dynamics, of survival, the first dynamic is the survival, of the self the second is the survival, of sex and children, which they usually sum up to mean family, in order to sound a little less weird the survival, of the group whether it's a country or a race the, four dynamic, is a survival, of all mankind. Then, all life including all animals, the sixth dynamic is the survival, of the physical universe made, up of matter energy space and, time or mest this, becomes important, later so remember that the seventh dynamic, is the survival, of the spirit in the final eighth dynamic, is a survival, of infinity, which is sometimes viewed as a Supreme, Being or a higher power Hubbard, and therefore Scientology, views individual, humans as three separate entities the, mind the body and the spirit, not exactly groundbreaking most, religions, have a similar, view the key difference here is that the spirit, known as a thetan is an immortal being that has lived and will live many lives again, reincarnation.

Isn't Exactly a new idea either Hubbard, had initially rejected the idea of past lives but as people continue, to report engrams, from napoleonic. Or Elizabethan. Times during auditing, sessions, in order, to explain that it was incorporated into, Scientology. Scientology. Wasn't just written and handed down to the masses, it was developed as he was getting feedback from his followers as part of this development l ron Hubbard created the bridge to total freedom it's, kind of like a course list for Scientology Buddhism. Has the Noble Eightfold Path, Scientology. Has the bridge to total freedom it's fairly complicated looking, the left side known as trainings, for auditors, and the right side known as processing, is for everyone else most everything up to the state of clears just repackaged, Dianetics, and that is where most people see the most benefit. Scientology, recruits people through small courses, that maybe only cost 50 to $100, it starts by taking a personality test, which they call the Oxford, capacity analysis. And is, in no way affiliated with Oxford, University, the purpose of the test is to find your ruin. In marketing, they would call it a pain point something, that bothers you personally. That they can then sell you the solution, to Scientology. Is for an able guy like you or like, me. Able. To function in life able, to make his own way does, his work and so forth all right that's the man that should be helped that's. The man you should help out because. That's all I was having a hard time yeah, I'm afraid that you are completely, miserable and totally. Depressed, I am, I didn't, know that well, there's certainly, question that you are a perfect candidate for Scientology, are you having trouble with your marriage personal, finances, do you have a hard time studying or focusing, in class what, about drugs do you have a problem with drugs Scientology. Has the solution, for, a nominal fee that last one is particularly, dangerous they, market it as the purification, rundown and it's the first step on the bridge they also call it Narconon, not to be confused with the actual Narcotics, Anonymous a 12-step, program similar, to Alcoholics. Anonymous there's nothing new or even wrong about having a religious, element in a detox or rehab program, but Narconon and the purification, rundown have, no medical or psychological aspect. Scientology. Teaches that the only way to get this out of your system is through hard manual labor exercise.

And Sweating, it out in a sauna this is incredibly, dangerous depending, on what you're withdrawing from, but now you're on the bridge and you're taking classes that guarantee, the ability to communicate freely, with anyone on any subject or, recognize, the source of problems and make them vanish and relief, from the hostilities, and sufferings of life, nice, it's also vague enough that you can get this for most self-help, therapy, or even just practice, and if you don't this because there's something wrong with you not Scientology. If despite, all that trouble in care the case did not gain or if the case simply didn't gain despite auditing, no matter how many years or intentions, and you've caught your suppressive person a suppressive. Person or SP, is someone who doesn't see any gains from Scientology, leave. Scientology, where speaks out against Scientology, it's quite possible that I'm going to be labeled an SP or at least a potential trouble source many of the people who went through the beginnings, of Scientology. In the 50s and 60s were, labeled as espys which then opened them up to the fair game policy, fair game means that Scientology can use whatever means necessary to, discredit or destroy, that person, which. I'm not looking forward to the Church of Scientology. Claims that this practice is no longer in effect, but back then LRH, would write letters to the FBI talking, about how these people including, his ex-wives were, secret, communists, this was during the Red Scare and McCarthyism. Remember likewise, all of that information that you gave them during your auditing, sessions is put into what they call a pre-clear, or PC, folder. Can and will be used against you in fair game an auditor, isn't a doctor or a priest there is no promise of confidentiality, as, Scientology's. Presence grew and they became the subject of several lawsuits the government found that LRH was using Church funds for personal gain as a result, in 1967.

The IRS, stripped, the Church of Scientology. Of their tax-exempt. Status to, avoid any government action Hubbard, took to the high seas founding. The C organization or, C org the most important, element of the church which basically, functions, as its clergy and members. Sign a billion-year, contract the. Sea Org was LRH his personal, navy and he even appointed, himself Commodore. It's even marketed, much like a navy and its stated mission is to clear the planet roll credits, they. Spent several years bouncing, around the Mediterranean, looking for lost treasure getting kicked out and banned from several countries and even allegedly. Participated. In an attempted, coup in Morocco in, 1971. It was during this time that LRH developed, the operating, thetan levels, these are the levels on the bridge above, the state of clear they, are caused over, matter energy space and time this is also where things go from self-help, and therapy, to religion, is, this a religion, because, my family is like Catholic, or something you could be a Christian, and be a Scientologist. Okay you can be not only a Scientologist. But a Roman Catholic and an anglican, as well oh yes. As. A matter of sober fact they. We. Have many many denominations in. Scientology. Then, how come that sign says Church of Scientology. And, it is a religion, because it's dealing with with, with, this. The spirit you. Know you as a spiritual, being Scientology. Could be called well. You. Could call it a religion of religions, they say that as a hook, if they came out of the gate saying it was a religion, anyone who already had a religion, would just walk away but make no mistake the further along you get in Scientology. The more of a religion, it becomes it starts off helping you with drug or marital issues then you're going through auditing to clear your unconscious, reactive, mind and so far it's probably helping and once you've been in for seven, or eight years and a quarter million dollars, it becomes, a religion, if you're a Catholic or any other, or, let's be honest even if you're not a Christian, you probably, know what the first few sentences of this book are or at the very least you can paraphrase it you can find this book basically everywhere. Likely for free, you've probably turned down someone handing these out on the street the point is you probably know the creation, story and can look it up anywhere Scientology. Is different, you have to go through all of the stages up to clear and buy all of Hubbard's, books and lectures for well over $4,000. Before you find it out it costs a fortune if, you're a regular Scientologists. But, and it's, a huge but everything, is free if you join the Sea Org which is the primary recruitment. Tactic by the way I mean how else are they going to get you to sign over your life for the next billion years this is cognitive, dissonance in action, by the time you hear Scientology's.

Creation, Myth you are so invested both, in time and money that you almost have to believe it Hubbard wrote this story in, 1967. For operating, thetan level 3 which he calls the wall of fire Scientologists. Believe that hearing this story before you're mentally prepared, will cause you to go insane, so. Surgeon. General's warning but in all fairness you've probably already heard this story most famously from South Park in 2005. It all began 75. Million, years ago, back. Then there was a Galactic, Federation of, Planets which, was ruled over by the evil Lord, Xenu. I'm. Not gonna show the entire thing here because you, know copyright, but oddly enough this information, had gotten out before South, Park and the Church of Scientology. Tried to take it down on copyright, grounds, the weird thing about filing, a copyright, claim is that in order to file a claim you have to prove that it's yours so when South Park put this little disclaimer on the screen frozen, alien bodies were loaded onto xenu's galactic cruisers, which, looked like dc-8, except, with rocket engines they're telling the truth there's even a recording, of l ron Hubbard telling this story dc-8. The. Dc-8, airplane, is the exact copy of the, space plane of that day it's easy to make fun of this right so that's not necessarily, what I want to do here I want to explain how these beliefs shape Scientology. The ot3 materials, state that the universe was created for, quadrillion. Years ago 75. Million years ago which was before, the dinosaurs, were wiped out xeno, is facing an overpopulation. Problem. Selected, people to be killed by and I wish I was joking one of the mechanisms, they used was to tell him to come in for an income tax. Investigation. Remember. This was the same year that the Church of Scientology. Was stripped of his sacs exempt status so yet. Again the enemies of the church were folded, into the doctrine, these aliens were then disposed of by throwing them into volcanoes, on TG AK which. Was earth the disembodied, thetans, were then captured, and forced to view what LRH called our six implants, which, were fake memories, that we later acted out and became our religions, and histories these thetans aimlessly, roamed the earth and eventually attached themselves to humans, you can have hundreds, of them in on and, near your body they can be up to 60 feet away and still influence, you and these brainwashed, confused, two lost alien souls are the source of all of man's problems, does your elbow hurt that's, a body female are you afraid of spiders body.

Thetans So not only do you have your own engrams, to work on eliminating but, ot3 to ot7 is, dedicated, to eliminating these, body thetans, at this point in scientology, you're also auditing, yourself, so you, know honor system, you see how you can't believe this and that God created the world in seven days as a practical, matter Scientologists. Are expected, to and do become fully devoted to Scientology to the exclusion, of other faiths in, fact that whole Adam and Eve in Noah's Ark story are just are six implants from Lord Xenu seventy five million years ago why do you think man is here on this planet well. He. Was put here and. He. Was supposed to make his own way out of it, to. Put him here. Again. It's easy to laugh at this story but you have to put yourself in the mind of someone experiencing. This in the 60s we hadn't landed on the moon yet so when you've signed over your life for the next billion years and everyone around you also believes, this because anyone who doesn't was kicked out it's, easy to see why you'd buy into it especially if you were experiencing, legitimate, gains from previous, courses if you do waver in your beliefs but you don't want to get kicked out or you're considered, to be out epics you're sent to the rehabilitation. Project, force or, RPF, he was a science fiction writer get used to the silly names the RPF, is like an extreme, bootcamp, or prison, for Sea Org members where, many alleged, abuses, and inhumane, practices, occur the Sea Org has also participated in many not alleged, proven, in court clandestine. Operations, in 1973. Operation, snow white involved, infiltrating, over a hundred, government agencies, the American Medical Association the, American Psychological Association. And, numerous. News agencies, around the world with the goal of finding and destroying any, information, they had about the Church of Scientology, it is still the largest domestic, espionage. Operation, to ever take place with over 5000, Sea Org members participating. Operation freakout was one of the first major uses, of the fair game policy, with the goal of destroying Paulette. Cooper a journalist, who wrote a book about Scientology, they tried to frame her for various bomb threats and sued her from numerous countries, they even imported, her book to other countries, specifically, so they could sue her from that country it almost worked - she was about to go to prison but in 1977. The FBI raided Church offices, and uncovered, all of this information which led to several high-ranking church, officials, going to prison instead including. Eller H's wife Mary Sue they also discovered, files related, to project Normandy. A plot to take over the city of Clearwater Florida. Clearwater is the spiritual, headquarters of Scientology think, of it like their Vatican, it's known as flag land base or simply flag it's the only place you can get ot 6 and above and it's the headquarters of the flag service, organization. Also known as staff by Sea Org members all, of LR h's policies, and directives are, known as flag orders, if you visit a hotel in Clearwater, it's almost guaranteed to be owned by the Church of Scientology. And they don't pay any property, tax on it which I'll get to later the Hollywood headquarters, the big blue building that you all recognize is known as the Pacific Area Command base or PAC base it's also pretty close to the celebrity Center International, and yes it is spelled that way Scientology. Has a long history of recruiting, celebrities to increase, its popularity they use celebrities to sell shoes and car insurance so why not a religion, celebrities, have come and gone over the years but by far the highest profile member is Tom Cruise. Seorak. Members basically wait on him hand and foot while he's staying in clearwater or at gold base near Riverside California I told you to get used to the silly names this is the infamous compound, with bladed, fences, that not only keep people out but keep people in while clear water is the spiritual, headquarters gold, bases the corporate headquarters, Scientology. Also operates, a number of bases around the world like trementina, base where. L ron Hubbard's writings are, preserved on steel tablets, in an underground, vault could you imagine being so important, that your accomplishments are put on a steel tablet, the goal of trementina is to preserve our h's works for the next 10,000. Years because, oh yeah, he died in 1986, did I forget to mention that at 2000. Hours Friday. The. 24th, of January, AD 36. L. Ron Hubbard discarded, the body the, body he had used to facilitate his existence, in. This meta universe, had. Ceased to be useful and in. Fact had. Become an impediment to the work he.

Now Must do outside, of its confines LRH, died of a stroke unless, the coroner's report was, also falsified, but of course the new leader of the church David Miscavige, known as CEO B for chairman of the board had, to tell people that he voluntarily, discarded. The body in order to continue researching further levels, of OT operating. Thetans are supposed to be impervious to illness or injury so if he can't survive how can anyone else the several bases that the Sea Org operates, around the world all have this infinity, symbol somewhere so, the L R H's thetan can find its way back home because, like many messiahs, there will be a second, coming the reason you sign a billion-year, contract when, you join the Sea Org is because you're an immortal being a thetan and you're given a 21 year leave of absence to find your way back l ron Hubbard's thetan has been AWOL for, over 12 years the, fact that you're an immortal spirit really changes, the family dynamic, and Scientology, in that there is no family in Scientology. Now celebrities, and public Scientologists. Can have family sure but if you're in the Sea Org you're expected, to not, have children or turn them over at a certain age because they're a distraction they, believe that children are immortal, thetans and tiny bodies, as a result, they are treated, like adults discipline. Like adults and expect, to work like adults as you might have guessed there are rampant, accusations, of abuse alleged. Abuse, most Scientologists. Right now are second, or third generation they, aren't really getting any new members and they're losing members at a pretty amazing pace ot7, will, take someone 15, to 20 years to complete and cost almost a million dollars, OT 8 was released a few years after LRH diet and is only given aboard the sea orgs flagship, the free winds remember, that game that was super hyped a few years ago and then once it came out and people played it for a while they really hated it you remember, the game ot8 is known as the truth revealed and teaches that everything, that you've worked on up to this point was a construct, of your reactive, mind and various body thetans so. Now we can get to work on you it's basically a fade to black and start over at the beginning. No. Man's sky I was talking about no man's sky I'm still mad about that Oh teen 9 through 15 which, Co be said that LRH had completed haven't, been released yet and it's been 30 years as, you might imagine many, oth, rage quit many of them had pre-ordered OT 9 10 and 11 and have just lost that money because the church doesn't really do refunds never pre-order, the season pass the International, Association of, Scientologists.

Or IAS, is the required membership, club, for, Scientologists. It costs $5,000. To be a lifetime member or 50,000. To become a patron it only costs like a dollar to be a knowing better patron, they meet several times a year in order to give out freedom medals and bang the drum about how much great work they're doing they claim that they have 8 million, members, but because they were given back their tax-exempt, status in, 1993. They're, required to give over certain information to the government they have maybe, 30,000, members worldwide, if, even that the video is claiming that they reach millions of people each year are produced by one of Scientology's, many propaganda. Arms golden. Era productions they. Also operate a number of other organizations, that pretend, they're not Scientologists. But totally, are we've already talked about Narconon, but they operate another group known as the citizen's Commission on Human Rights which, tries to destroy, the psychiatry, profession, they're the ones who run the psychiatry, Museum of Death they also operate The Stand League. Scientologists. Taking action against discrimination. I don't. Know where the end comes from it's supposed to fight for religious freedom and they have a number of Twitter BOTS Scientology. Has a history of inflating, its numbers and attacking its critics whether they be psychiatrists. Or suppressive, people or the IRS as I mentioned in 1993. The IRS, reinstated. The church's tax-exempt, status it came after years of lawsuits not only being filed against the IRS but, individual. Employees, of the IRS from every jurisdiction imaginable. They, would send people out to be Fe Alaska, to file a lawsuit from, there that, the IRS was then required, to respond, to all in all there were 24 hundred, active lawsuits, by 1993, that, suddenly disappeared, as soon as they were recognized, as a religion, it's strange but when you think about it there really is no agency, or organization with. Authority, to decide who is and, isn't a religion, except, the IRS when deciding which 501, C 3 applications are approved is Scientology. A cult well you could ask the cult awareness, Network they sound like a group that would have the answer to that except, they're owned by Scientology. Too many, countries have labeled them as one but the United States hasn't necessarily I, certainly, wouldn't call them one but there are models we can look at and questions, we can ask to determine if they fit the label a dead giveaway of a cult is that you can't leave a Scientologist. Who leaves is said to have blown and they're ostracized by, their friends and family who are still in and a practice known as disconnection. The church denies that this practice exists. And that members freely, choose to not talk to ex members it's important to remember that Scientology, wasn't, necessarily, designed to be manipulative, and controlling it, was born in the 1950s, along, with dozens if not hundreds, of other similar movements, Scientology. Is just one of the few to pass through the filter of time maybe, that's because it works for some people maybe, it's because of its cult-like practices, it's easy to laugh at many of its ideas but this was before brain, imaging like the MRI back when the government was legitimately, testing, mind-control, drugs and before we started to explore our solar system, Scientology. Was founded five years before Sputnik was launched so you can't really blame his followers, for buying into his science fiction stories because, they didn't have access to brilliant org / knowing better brilliant, is a problem-solving, website where you can learn about math science. And astronomy brilliant. Breaks down these concepts, into bite-size and grams so you can understand the move for moving on and saying something like the length of time from the planet koltes to the planet Tiki ACK which is the name of this planet was. Nine weeks, and you'll see that as many light-years, how can someone travel faster than the speed of light brush up on your Einstein, in this course on special relativity and view of the fact that Einstein, was absolutely.

Right And. No man can't go faster, than the speed of light which is a bunch of faller - don't sound like this guy head on over to brilliant org slash knowing better and get 20% off you'll also be supporting the channel when you do scientology, is referred to as a UFO religion, because of their incorporation of, aliens, and other science-fiction elements and, it was born during a time where people were curious, about space and hungry, for new ways to improve their lives the people who join Scientology weren't. Stupid they just wanted to believe and the next time someone wants to give you a stress test or tells you that they can provide you with the secrets to happiness for a nominal fee kiff, LOM. I'd. Like to give a shout out to my newest legendary, patron, Richard if you'd like to add your names of this list of operating thetans, head on over to Better. In the meantime don't forget to audit that subscribe, button follow me on Twitter and Facebook and join us on the subreddit.

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My full sources are in the description, but this video was heavily inspired by the book "Going Clear" by Lawrence Wright - Big thanks to Genetically Modified Skeptic for providing the voiceovers!

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*if you'd like protection from the scientologists, I'd like to help, but would require some help in the process, call it a collaboration.*

How can every one of your videos get better and more interesting by far my favorite channel on YouTube keep up the good work eh

I'm hoping that by now you have researched the current consensus among experts on the neuroses and mental state of Adolf Hitler, realized that what Jordan Peterson was describing in the clip of that your video; learned that that is exactly that, in terms of his germophobia and other known facts, that you have gulped and felt bad about how you callef Jordan Peterson a neo-Nazi for pointing that out, and I hope you are preparing an apology to the man you called a Neo-Nazi, simply because he explained about the psychology of Hitler as agreed by experts in the field as true, he had those neurotic tendencies absolutely, and obviously Jordan Peterson pointing that out is does not mean Peterson is a white nationalist or neo-Nazi but rather a psychology professor and a scholar discussing the history of Adolf Hitler and World War II. What's more, I have not forgotten that you never explained how you left in the comments to that video a message saying that you never meant that Peterson was intentionally dog whistling, but that what you were trying to say that he was unintentionally dog whistling, wheb we all know that by definition you cannot unintentionally dog whistle. By definition dog whistling is intentional, it is impossible to unintentionally dog whistle. There for you just quoted out of context Jordan Peterson explaining the true facts as understood generally consensus of experts in the field about Hitler's neuroses and mental problems and have them out very clearly in context to be proof that Jordan Peterson was a neo-Nazi. You were wrong good sir you should do the right thing. Feel bad for what you did and make amends.

From 20:37 to 20:39 That isn't true. At no point is that ever easy to see but that's probably just my mutation, i.e. having been raised religious and never falling for that garbage either.

Great book, these folks cray cray, and getting away with murder for years.

L Ron gonna sue you from the space grave for that impression

you should make this a series next time cover jw's and morons and others!

One of the reasons I like the work you do is because you include sources and give credit where is due. As a philosopher at heart, I like to learn, question, and get new insights. To some, ignorance is bliss, but I know better.

Aj Hegi I would believe in Knowing Better better than Jesus Christ, Muhammad, & Gandhi combined

What voiceovers?

I'm gonna open a church of knowing better

I like your F76 poster

Found your content recently, love your stuff. Keep it up! Now because of you I’ve been...knowing better. *Full House Ending Plays*

Knowing Better can you do a video on the beard liberation front


Good video man! Keep it up

Wait a second...You just uploaded this yesterday and there are over 850 comments? Am I about to read a whole bunch of Scientology stalker posts or is this just a very chatty channel? I'm almost afraid to continue reading....

Destiny reference. High five

Oi knowing better, pls wink 5.5 times alternating between your right and left eyes in your next video if you're kept hostage so we can send help

anyone actually read one of Hubbard's books my god there truly the work of a deranged mind and seriously C**P. and a sociopathic liar

damn the death announcement for LRH sounds so much like the beginning of Evita i half expected it to end with "and has entered immortality." Great vid!

Tom Cruse is in his dropped now, bout to take care of this no good suppressive guy. Fear the boot of his exosuit! Lol

I thought Scientology was expanding outside of America? Maybe that's just their propaganda.

Ouch, my spleen

Is it fair to comment that just when the video was reaching a point, it turned into an advertisement? Or was that the point? Or was the point when doing a video about a paid pyramid scheme was more along the lines of "Why give them money when you can be Knowing Better with Patreon?" Oh, I was supposed to use the word "cult"? But to me, all religions are cults and this one seems to be a money making scheme. More of a money making scheme. Primarily focused on earthly goods more than other organizations of the same type. Then I remember such "ideas" of absolvements where rich people could pay money directly... to God in the Church to have their sins which they themselves previously declared as "evil" absolved. So two things: 1 This at least has some imagination. 2 A fool and his money are soon parted. This is the ultimate truth of the universe and the real meaning of life. And a third: You can't take it with you. Ha ha, LRH. The last joke's on you.

Yeah, I been to take a Scientology auditing, they had no solution to my issue, so I left.

Do a Video on Creepy Porn Lawyer.

97 Scientologists disliked this also the intro was Genius!

When my boy knowing better has fallout 76 pictures in the background

How do you accidentally shell an island?

Hubbard was a schizophrenic, he had paranoid delusions and heard voices. He even thought 'entities" were attached to his body. Complete Psychosis. He even asked for professional psychiatric help in the last years of his life. His love for drugs probably was the reason.

How come some cults/religions are banned for being scams, but these big ones aren't? This is what happens when you are too weak to grow up and leave your sci-fi/fantasy fandom.

2:39 "soup sandwich" made me smile.

LRH's mouth is the stuff of nightmares. Pennywise you're *beat.*

Hej do Lord Zenu sounds like Emperor Ming?

"Never pre-order the season pass." Wise words indeed.

Channel9 of Australia are still at it, they set molly Meldrum as a scientology non co-operator so harrased him till he couldnt take it no more. (They also killed that sexy batman joker guy)

I enjoy and are subscribed to PragerU and Genetically Modified Skeptic. I like them both quite alot, not equally I prefer GMS due to his incredibly friendly attitude but on views I like both equally.

9:20 What? Eight-pointed... Call the Inquisition! Emperor protect us!

holy hell l ron hubbards mouth is creepy

I liked your TC impersonation at the beginning

Scientology is insane but I absolutely love the worldbuilding and the fact that one guy just made it up.

Xenu be praised ^^. All jokes aside people may call them a cult because they also threaten critics and opponents of their faith violently (so I've heard) and as you mentioned they also try to control information about what they really do.

LRH moves his mouth like Professor Snape.

I wanna say that the 94 dislikes are Scientologists... but most of them wouldn’t watch this out of fear of being interrogated with the e meter...

Cool.... :-)

Didn't he depthcharge a magnetic deposit?

I thought he meant Spore..

So you're telling me Scientology is actually scarier than the IRS?

U guna do Christianity next?

What a psychopath.

I just love you.

Alright boys, Who else was here before Knowing Better "mysteriously" Disappears?

I really like your videos. Keep up the good work. AND YES WERE ALLLLLLL MAD ABOUT NO MANSKY!!!

LRH's facial expressions, mannerisms, and head movements are remarkably similar to Trump. It's creepy...

13:51 that moment when you figure out... "ou shit" lol

You can't really say people didn't have the knowledge because the same would be same 100 years from now if the same happened again.

*HOLD the phone* his wife is called Mary Sue?

Is it true that LRH said if you want to make money you need to set up a religion?

That beginning skit was hilarious.

In destiny you don't get rid of engrames. You accumulate more.

Intro completely turned me off from watching the video

Nice segway

Hubbard looks like a wizard of oz villain.

No Man's Sky is really good now. Since Next they're constantly updating and improving the game.

*This comment has been removed by the Sea Org*


I can't stop looking at those horrible baked bean teeth of his ...

L Ron's mouth is just disgusting looking. It's making me very uncomfortable.

Well, belief can really drive someone who wants to succeed badly enough. Idc if unlimited free will is real, I believe in it and that is how I push myself. I blame myself for every bad choice I make...

me first finding this channel "This becomes important later"

Narconon alumnus here. They made me do all the weird shit described in video. Those places should be shut-down. Got drug free a few years later all by myself, sober 15+ years now.

How dare you make this video about Scientology! They're going to SUE YOU! SUE YOU! #SouthPark

All your sources are hostile to Scientology. Which seems a bit biased. You wouldn’t make a video about Islam and only cite Fox News.

88 Scientologist have seen this video

16:53 Let's talk about your big but. Also... His wife was named Mary Sue. Hmm... Finally... NMS. It wasn't what I was hoping, but I still pu somewhere around 60 hours into the damned thing. I think I got my money's worth, and while I got bored with the planets along the normal path to the center of the galaxy, I did have a lot of fun with it early on. And... easy platinum. I mean, easy except that damned "extreme planet" one, which wasn't hard in the conventional sense, just really... really... really boring.

The government should've used the scandals in the 70s to declare Scientology a cult and domestic terrorist network and wiped out the leadership.

L.R.H kinda reminds me of trump

I used to live in Clearwater

A billion year contract? Sounds like a college loan.

Kifflom Brother, Brother

Spot On creeper intro! Keep making these videos about anything and everything I’ll keep watching 4K tv or not

The Mouth of Sauron

The main Scientology guy looks so creepy

The Ex-$cientology community on YouTube is an interesting rabbit hole to fall in.

Ooooo do the jehovas witnesses next

Is he pretending to be Tom Cruise?

What the f is kiflam?

Ugh, look at L Ron's face, he has the same type of sleaze factor as Trump, only more so... thanx for the ferret antidote @ the end. Can't believe Heinlein was friends with that festering boil.

wow, they are crazy.

From my own experience 30+ years ago, anything you have ever heard about the CO$ is but the tip of the iceberg. And since they still run a form of "fair game", that is all I am willing to say.

Huh, I always thought it was Elron, not L. Ron. That's what I get for having never seen it written down. Wait, his wife was named Mary Sue?

Thank You

You totally nailed this one man, good job. Sorry about suddenly being targeted by Scientology though...

Nice knowing you, bro.

6:29 destiny boiis

Yee dat destiny reference

I remember when I was stationed as a reserve officer at the Defense Logistics Agency in Clearwater, FL, that I kept seeing a lot of male and female Navy officers on the sidewalks outside our building. At least I thought they were Navy until one of my coworkers informed me they were Scientologists. I never understood why they wore Navy uniforms until now.

STAND league? Is that a Jojo reference?

Can't believe you pulled Tom Cruise for a cameo in your vid.. Channel is really moving up man, congrats!

Omg your Tom cruise is spot on

Someone please help me. What game is he talking about at 25:45?

+TitanFX - Nvm, all I had to do was watch the next thirty seconds. Never again shall I be so quick to comment

Randy Butternubs Watch Dogs I think

your tom cruz was pretty good

8:32, was that a nod to ChubbyEmu? Great video as always!!

I knew most of this, but good video. :) Anyone interested in LRH before Dianetics should track down one of the interviews with the brutally honest Harlan Ellison. He wrote (still writes,) back in the day and hung out with a lot of old Science Fiction writers and he has more than few stories talking about how LRH basically approached a bunch of them and was like "This writing shit is *not paying the bills....what should we do?" and, don't quote me, but I *think it was Lester Del Ray (yes, later to start Del Ray books,) who, jokingly, said to start a religion. LRH was friends with a lot of famous people, notably Ray Bradbury, but most people never denounced or exposed LRH as they were too polite, but not Harlan Ellison. XD

Hubbard was more wacky than all of Jonestown combined.


Apparently, LRH was a real nutter. What a surprise.

Yo man, love your videos. Really surprised you would tackle this topic but love I the best

By Xenu I think this video is going to go down in history. Amazing work as always!

The way he moves his unclosed mouth while he talks is frustrating.

I love when Christian's say Scientology is ridiculous. Yeah Scientology is fucking crazy, but not your line of fairytale bullshit. Yours is perfectly rational lmao

. . . and my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip . . .

10\10 Awesome intro, thought you going to jump on Oprah couch for a moment. They are coming for you now. GL SP

I am following the development of Scientology for over a decade, and I have to say that this is a very well done introduction/wrap up. If you have only 30 minutes to get familiar with the subject watch this video. :-)

Any further discussion about neo Marxism? And whether it has coopted social studies or media?

chrisrus1965 great spoof, dude! Man, The Church of Jordan Petersonology would be super-wacky!

It's not an Infinity symbol, it's the double O's from Kool cigarettes because that was Hubbards favorite brand.

Bight size engrams.... luz

Uhg, I'm super proud of your courage. After watching other docs of the shady ways sci-tog goes after SP's.

*I swear to Ronnie Hubbard that your disrespect for the ancient art of Scientology will be Avenged.* I am a 5th Dan Scientologist and have all my belts. The ancient art of Scientology teaches us never to use our skills to attack but only for Defence - *but you sir have put my chi out of sync with your disrespect* and I am forced to utilise my board-smashing Scientology skills to rain havoc down upon you. I'm going to enter your dojo and rip you up!

Seeing as to how you spoke of this, I would like to know what you would think of Bright Insight.

Well this video was randomly suggested to me. You deserve way more subs. You make great videos that are engaging and funny, and serious all in one. Thanks for the great start to my day! :)

My dude, that was perfect. Don't do it again.

Hilarious and scary.

His wifes Name is mary sue? And he was an Author? Thats just gold

How'd you get Tom Cruise cameo?

Wanna do something fun? Go to an A.A. meeting and talk about your lord and savior Zenu.

A great video! So informative, I always wondered wtf about scientology.

Why do they always laugh like they've lost their minds. Oh ... right!

You've convinced me. Where do I sign up?


Man, that intro was more forced than Tom Cruise's acting :D

No Man Sky did not lie. It rhyms, so... ...yeah... it rhymes

Really well done video. However, it would be nice if you put the notes above the subtitles, I use them and have to turn them off everytime you put a note.

I liked the intro a lot, loved the video! Good job, keep it up :)

I wish I could get paid 1 cent a word to write bullshit.

L Ron Hubbards face is honestly extremely disturbing, he looks like he had his hair glued on, his skin looks like a plastic toy's skin, and his lips are just.... too dark.

That was a top notch Tom Cruz.

You know KB is blowing up when Tom Cruise agreed to be in the intro.

Scientologist should minister in Saudi Arabia

Do one on affirmative action. hurry up

I knew about much of this, but the part that you left out about his OTO occult times is that he conned people out of money to buy boats.

Is this making fun Of Scientology??????

LRH and Trump have very similar facial tells and techniques.

Scientology is rather unscientific

How did they follow a guy who's lips do that?

A statue of Christ, holy water, and the symbol of the cross are religious artefact. Not the stupid E meter. BTW the beginning creeped me out.

You had me at S C I E N T O L O G Y

Brilliant you got the laugh down

Dude, trump could do this shit and it would be way easier. The man knows how to sell anything I swear.

When I was a kid my dad temporarily got into Scientology. He took me to one meeting. I had never heard of Scientology and so thought it was a sci-fi club of sorts, as the founder was a sci-fi author. I found out I was mistaken when at the start of the meeting everyone stood up and applauded a bust of L. Ron Hubbard. And whilst there, a group of them told me that I shouldn't be reading the books I was reading and that I should really read all of the books by L. Ron Hubbard. They were very, and creepily, insistent that I stop reading whatever it was I was reading and read something like Battlefield Earth. After that meeting I said I never wanted to go back and since luckily my dad had not been in that long he dropped it a short while later.

that guy has a very gross mouth, is it wine stained? why is it purple!!

Holy shit that Cruise laugh is way too accurate

That Destiny reference was great

That mission in Watch Dog's 2 finally makes sense. Why am i destroy tablets in a cults secret basement and saving a movie star from a "rehabilitating" compound? Now i know better.

accusations of abuse or accusations of alleged abuse? I didn't think you had to say "alleged" if you already made clear they were allegations. or was that "accusations of abuse; alleged abuse"?

Really good.

LRH looks like a serial killer who eats his victims

You can't leave Islam or Jehovah's Witness either.

No Mans Sky: Next; the game is Unironically Good Now

Infotainment in the best possible sense

this has more views than there are scientologists HAIL XENU!!!

Hubbard looks weirdly like Donald Trump

Or does Trump look like LRH ?

Go listen to Joe Rogan talking to Ron miscavige if you want to know what it's like being a member.

Best 30 minute review of scientology I have seen

This is some SP crap. LRH is a great man. You're using FAKE NEWS!

Ah, the fraud called Scientology.

Xenu sent me.

You are a God !

Does LRH's demeanor remind anyone else of Trump? His speaking style and complete disregard for truth is what does it.

Another amazing video! Good luck dealing with Scientologists


Prager U screaming calm is to the BuzzFeed how BuzzFeed is to screaming loud.

"We're gonna sue you buddy!" "Fine then sue me!"

No Man's Sky is not THAT bad anymore... they updated it.

SO HAPPY THERE’S A NEW VIDEO, love your content dude. Wish more people knew about this amazing content !

10:40 : Why is it that people who undergo 'past life regression' never end up being that one poor schmuck who was the dirt poor farmer all of his life, or the slave hauling the blocks that built the pyramids ^_^

Dude you deserve way more subs

Propaganda... "knowing better". Way to believe your own props...geez

That Tom Cruise impersonation at the beginning was very epic.

17:30 I love that Parker and Stone felt they had to put a disclaimer stating that they were not making the whole Xenu story up. Just a pity it led to them and Isaac Hayes parting ways... :(

So is that "stolen valor"? Claiming a purple heart and war wounds when in reality he was just an inept ship riding

Anyone ever notice that scientologist leadershipl dress like Kim Jong il or dr.evil?


Hate to see you waste time on such fools... Much more interesting things you could cover :)

But, damn could he write! I have read two of his books, Battlefield Earth and Invasion Earth. The former, after I closed the book, took a breath and began again. The latter is a "decology". A book that is so 'wide' it is ten books wide basically. As soon as I would finish one or two I would drive for hours to Uncle Hugo's to see how many more I could purchase. Asimov, Herbert, Verne and so on, all the greats never made me so eager for the story. Crighton did make me involuntarily close a book from fear, "Sphere". So there is good reason he was paid so highly. He should be more celebrated for his writings but instead he will be remembered for his willingness to prey on people's gullibility. If a person is religious they are gullible enough for his story most likely, most are not willing to give that much. Ten percent though, that's enough. You forgot to mention his most notable quote. "If you want to become rich, start a business. If you want to become wealthy, start a religion." Don't feel like you need to have short videos to get views, you don't want ferrets as viewers do you? I do look at length of a video before watching ensuring it is long enough. There are topics you could provide more information but it seems you were rushing. Your format is a pleasant one that is easy to digest even one that goes over a topic a lot of people know a portion of already, so don't be afraid to.

138 dislikes by Scientologist

Careful of what you say about them, they might sue you, much worse than what some YouTubers hate demonitization or the copyright strikes.

wow great job! Keep it up!

turns out I'm the theten of LRH and I'm not bringing him back

Wait a second.....he's a bad writer AND his wife is named Mary Sue?


L.R.H has to many teeth

wait, his wife is really named Mary Sue? And i thought it couldnt get any better

Honesty, that discussion of his about him traveling the world sounded like the "follow the chicken" man.

I am getting a strong Tom Cruise Scientology vibe from the start of that video. Oh. I get it now. You're parodying Tom Cruise's infamous laughing whilst promoting Scientology video.

The ferrets totally keep me here until the end of the video.

All that money and LRH couldn't afford a toothbrush?

Save me Tom Cruise

*here's gm skeptics voice* "A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one"

So this Cult dose the following #1. Charges people money $$$ #2. Makes them sign billion year contracts #3. Not allow high ranking members to marry/have children #4. Encourages low ranking members to physically/psychologically abuse thier kids #5. Believes REAL Psychology is fake. #6. Tries to sue Ex-members for speaking out

LOL! 4K!

IB in Sweden was bigger spy organisation. The socialdemokratiks in sweden spying on the kommunist. But the swedish state trys to hide this story and allso put the jornalist thet expost IB in prison. It the same whith the konsentation camps in sweden where the put kommunists for slave work. The swedish state try to hide this to


This is the first time I have watched your Channel, nice Tom cruze impersonation, I hope you don't get any Scientology backlash

Excellent! However, you missed L.Ron's drug days and rehab... just before he started writing

so he's basically just a super manipulative sociopath

23:30 Actually if I wanted to preserve a book for all time, I wouldn't use steel, I'd use gold. Gold is one of the only non-reactive metals around. Isn't there a religion that had documents carved onto gold plates?

What an odd cult; and that's even after watching JRE's interviews of Leah Remini and Ron Miscavage . Also: was the game Sim City? I bet it was Sim City. What? No Man's Sky?! Awww.

nice chubbyemu reference

You are clearly of the enemy (of Scientology). Anything you say should not be considered (by Scientologists). Take out the parts between ( and ) and you have a rather inflammatory comment that is still 100% true but still good advise.

I'm real sad but I need to watch this. My best childhood friend is lost in there somewhere. Jacob or Madison Chilenski if you see this, find Nick Wonderling.

Dude you nailed Tom Cruise. Manurisms, laugh and vocal cadence just spot on.

Your impression of Tom Cruise was creepy af. Aka, you nailed it. Like seriously, it made my skin crawl.

Well your channel was nice while it lasted...

No Man's Sky?

Man your channel is just so good. I've binge watched all of your videos and 95% of them are so interesting and entertaining. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more uploads from your channel

Scientology has some elements of truth, which have been borrowed from spirituality and some eastern religions. But creating a religion (Scientology) from spiritual experiences is fundamentally wrong. Hubbard has experienced such trips while under the effects of LSD or Psilocybin, which I have tried and have changed my life. My issue stands in the desire to rule and control people through a morbid religion created from your perverted imagination with elements of psychedelic experiences. Spirituality means believing in your own experience Religion means believing in someone else's.

best impression eva :D

Knowing Better So when's Uncle Try Know Better coming back?

Oh and one more thing. Great Cruise impression.

Just one thing to say: Bum Fuck Egypt Alaska??? Hmm Lmao.

Wow very good, was a bit upset first to see scientology as an recomed video

You want to make real money, you start a religion...Who said that again?

Tom Cruise being a scientologist isn't such a surprise - he seems to be really creepy, so he somehow fits. However, The fact that Elizabeth Moss is, really puzzles me. I admire her work so much and by all accounts of people who have worked with her, she is a truly nice person. It's hard to believe, she's into this nutty crap.

What if out of all religions they were the ones who got it right the most

Loved the segue into the ad at the end. Hilarious.

LRH was SO unsettling. I hate watching footage of him - it's even more uncomfortable than the Tom Cruise interview.

LRH looks like the fuckbear in the cyanide & happiness zoo skit.

To be honest. Ill laugh just as much as Scientology as Christianity. Two words. Zombie Jesus. Its all about wording. Jesus turned water into wine? Hell nah. Jesus hooked his boys up and had a mad rave! Who needs water when you can get fucked up?

dude. if you think PragerU is wrong why don't you challenge Prager to a debate?

A perfect Tom Cruise impersonation and a perfect video.

A charlatan created a religion? Huh, go figure...

Haha that intro was amazing! proper good!

Gotta appreciate a good transition from content to content sponsor ad. Good job

Damn, xenu doesn't mess around....and you thought the IRS screwed you over during income tax audits, at least the IRS doesn't throw you into volcanoes and 189 scientologists downvoted this video

He was the most prolific, and then Steven King spent a three-day weekend typing and...

What a brilliant segue

You didn't jump up and down on your couch screaming about how much you love katie holmes though

Wtf is up with that mans mouth at 24:05

PregurU itself is deceiving. Some of them r good and i initially was a big fan of them but most of them are now conservative propaganda.

does anyone else find lrh looks a lot like djt? hmmm.

Soup sandwich?

You do a surprisingly good Tom Cruise impression

"Garrulous" is an underrated word that should be used more often. End of message.

Unrelated to Scientology: If it’s impossible to travel faster than the speed of light (as per Einstein), then how can E=mc2 be true? Because you can’t square something that is the maximum speed of the universe? And yes I’ve taken physics. Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

I’m actually thinking of making a Sci-Fi game taking place in a universe littered with extraterrestrial life and the creation story is similar to scientology.

I think the beliefs of scientology are great! In a Sci-Fi book of course.

No Man's Sky. Sorry brother. Was that the Genesis of Knowing Better.

Scientology sounds like a really interesting fantasy story's lore until you realize that people actually believe in it

WTF was that intro...?? Creepy as F!!!

100% Agreed ! Good Job knowing better!

i never unironically felt like i wanted to completely eliminate a religion. usually im all for people believing in what they want, but these guys are just... w h y

I turn in all my engrams but still end up disappointed.

Yes the operating thetan is impervious to illness or injury from accident or whatever but they claim that they died because they just get another body because the usefulness of the body with the age is not very much

That was quite literally the best Tom cruise impression I have ever heard.

Nice channeling of Tom Cruise and Scientology production! Excellent video!

5:27 And then the boy became a Rick and Morty fan.

Those captions tho.

Next thing you'll know, KB raped 17 people, ran over 24, and is under 76 lawsuits from all states. It's not fair game guys, this things just happen.

Y S F'd. Your So Focked. Current events you leave alone. History your good at; and I enjoy the segments on England, Ireland, and 4 k vid about eye sight, - that was amazing. But current events need to be experienced at least to TR-4. I have passed TR4 to TR8. Since 1978. Columbus Day America!

I have practiced Scientology since 1978. About Forty Years Ago.

I personaly did three personal rundowns. Six hours in a sauna. Log your day. And ...

Oh shit a soup sandwich lmfao

Wow! One of my favorite subjects - Scientology - explained by one of the better youtube hosts! Love this!

Thie Tan, is really pronounced Thee Tan. Thhhhheee-TAN. wtf? I am not surrounded with Thetans now but at a point in my personal life I was surrounded by many weird kinds of thetans.

9th Survival of the Ascetics And The aes·thet·ic Aesthetic at the Same Time of Space, in other words, PRESENT TIME PHOENOMOINA. Called: Being In Present Time.

Scientology is pure sci fi

Yeah, I don't think he's comin' outta the closet anytime soon.

Eight pointed cross like the symbol for Chaos and the Eightfold path of ruin.

Criticizing Scientology is like criticizing Hillary Clinton very bad for your health.

I thought you were being serious for the first minute. Then i realised the source material. Well done. :)

L ron Hubbard has such an evil looking face. All he needs is a scar running down his left eye or something.

Have you seen Bending Truth by TheraminTrees?

26:22 Jab at telltale games?

Oh go play it again after the patches. No Man's Sky isn't bad.

The LRH clips... what's with the mouth? It is worse than DC's!

Well, I hope you are OK. Thank-you for the video. 'Cult Awareness Network' - That is good to know that is run by Scientologists. Scary even. These people are above the law and will do anything. You probably already know this, Centre is British spelling.

How else are you gonna convince people to sign billion-year contracts? Easy. Just gotta convince them gradually of some smaller stuff first. 1. Scientology makes you feel better! 2. Scientology is good for people in general! 3. If only Scientology could be brought to everyone on the planet, the world would be such a better place! 4. Actually the reason Scientology is good for you and everybody is, that you're an immortal spirit with immense powers. It's just a space villain trapped and assaulted our spirits and that's why humans think they're just vertical apes. But we are actually weakened spirits grabbing onto gestating tall ape babies, and Scientology helps us regain our true identities and powers and escape the prison of humanity, even physicality! 5. Hey wanna help Clearing the Planet (TM)? What else are you gonna do that could possibly safe the future of everyone's eternity? 6. Hey wanna join the Sea Org? You'd be an elite, working 24/7 to save everyone anywhere, anywhen, from the cycle of blindly stumbling through a life of suffering only to die and be born again. Also what's a little billion years in the grand scheme of your multi-trillion-year existence? It's really the least you could do.

My iq was recorded as 150+ on both my second and fifth grade iq tests, am I really 0.1%?

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's the very first of your videos I have ever came across. It makes me a little sad to know you likely now have approximately thirty thousand people out to destroy you. I intend to binge watch all your content while I still can.

No one noticed how similar the aliens were to America at the time? I mean, DC-8s? Tax audits? people bought into this?

Dude, you are parodying a video from 7 years ago? Try being more up to date.

Tried to get into Scientology, still couldn't understand it. Now it sounds like it is a cult I want nothing to do with. Heard they are into controlling some of their ilk and manipulation.

Where is the part where you jump on the couch???

My thoery is that KB only made this video so he could show off his Tom Cruise impression

Cool... Where do my feet go?

22:02 did u say his wife is mary sue?

To be true, none of the claims made by Scientology is in any way weirder or more fantastic than any other claims by all existing religions. The point being, it's all nonsense, it's just Scientology doesn't have a whole build in centuries hold system that educates people to their own fantasies like the established religions. But in the end, it's all bullshit.

one of my favourite episodes so far!

I wonder how long until it gets downvoted by Scientology bot crowd.

ordo templi orientis, can imagie was fun at the times Alistair Crowley was still alive

What's with orange guys that openly talk nonsense, but somehow people get suckered into thinking they are charismatic? I did a Scientology test on the streets once. Keep calm, and when the needle moves, slightly remove one or two fingers to reduce the amount of contact of your hands to reduce the current. Works like a charme. Obviously the conclusion was that I had no obvious problems which means my problems were very deep rooted and hidden... which is true, but not in the way Scientology thinks.

This is eye-rolling shit. One then another, then another. Wow. Thank God I'm an atheist.

Scientology is stupider than the religion I was indoctrinated into.

All dislikes are from Scientologist.

This made me rematch the master

the thing that scares me is that the difference between LRH and say jesus,moses or Buddha is that LRH has public records and there is footage of him....Mormons barely made it

Great video man

what the heck is keflam?

It's like the Soviet Union's government mixed in the worst parts of Roman Catholicism and death cults. OOOOOOWEEEEEEEE

21:25 What about the "Patriot Act"?


I subbed because you look like my classmate who let me borrow his ballpen


This already has more views than the tetrachromad vid that you teased at for months lol

congrats on the growth, you have rich and entertaining content!

I only had 2k subscribers when that video came out, ha.

Loved the video!! But I’m not really sure about defining a cult by ”beeing unable to leave”, is all of Islam a cult then?:/

It's not Sci-Fi, it's Fi-Sci.

just saying, it is theoretically possible to have an IQ over 200.. it's not a scale from 0 to 200, it's a normal distribution with mean at 100...

*_Scientology..._*_ the bullshit that keeps on taking... or "How a Bad Sci-Fi Writier fooled Dimwits into Handing Over their Money and Time and Died Happy."_

check it out, right or wrong is at where you draw the line

You know... Scientology sounds very similar to how YouTube Atheists, YouTube Skeptics, Red Pillers, Black Pillers, Alt-Right and Anonymous... Hey uh... guys... what if the whole mess that Atheism (and even more so Anonymous) became in the 10s is due to an infiltration campaign? What if... the whole mess with the Alt-Right, GamerGate, etc. bullshit ... was Scientology taking a bite back at Anonymous? What if the whole current nonsense of the political landscape and it being the Darkest Timeline... was... o.o'

Elron's mouth is the stuff of my nightmares

Cool! Do a post on the Hells Angles. Met a couple of old bikers who talked about it if it was a sort of church / religion. Patents 672256, 3190554, 3013505 .

Hey, some of us spell Centre properly too. Bloody Webster and his unnecessary changes.

So L Ron Hubbard is a fiction write who turned his fiction writings into a religion. Just like Joseph Smith!

Haha, as someone with w 147 IQ and crippling biochemical mental disorder I can say L Ron was a brilliant scam artist.

For anyone who missed it, the opening was a parody. I think without pre knowledge of how messed up Tom Cruze got on Scientology (and no psychology meds) the opening would come off weird.

Yo man that's cool and all but what if doors were never invented?

Honestly, just watching Hubbard talk gives me the willies. I don't know what it is...but his lips and mouth move kinda funny. He's creepy.

LRH has scary teeth.

hahaha @ bite sized engrams

What is that intro song?

Knowing Better your side notes go down too fast. Could you please keep the notes up for a bit longer

Ok I like you man but the 4K video you made is shit

Dang, my thetan levels are strong today.

Enjoy your death threats and harassment.

LLR's lips don't look real. As if somebody edited someone's lips over his, kinda like how the Annoying Orange does it in his vids.

You should make a video over Howard Hughes! From his OCD to his great achievements w aviation and movies to his greatest fails! Just a suggestion

L.R.H. the Jesus Christ of our times.

Thank you for that CinemaSins reference

I have a feeling I'll be stalked now that I've "liked" this video. I do live rather close to Gold Base.

Soup sandwich, all ate up. You gotta be a service member or vet to get that kind of reference.

Ron the Liar, as his son called him.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Scientology. The mythology is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the theories will go over a typical normies head. There's also L Ron Hubbard optimistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily fromNarodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Scientology truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the psychology in Hubbard's existencial catchphrase "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them.

LRH's mouth is the gateway to hell

I rly like you using other youtubers to do voices, rly add to a better vid! Like abit more when it´s Cypher tho hehe

dang bro they must be trying to murder u for this vid now

I swear the cryptarch hates me

Errors and omissions in this vid: 6:05 The analytical mind is NOT stimulus - response. The reactive mind is. 6:20 The reactive mind is not THE source but *a* source of disease. In the book Dianetics he estimated that the reactive mind is responsible for 70% of diseases. Later publications also allege a combined responsibility of the reactive mind and physical factors for diseases. 6:30 The book Dianetics claims that engrams are the cause of all mental abberations. Problems is a much wider subject. Also later, more sources of mental abberations were found. 6:32 Dianetics reverie is mentioned in the book Dianetics but was abolished directly after its publication and is not used in Dianetics courses. It is Dianetic auditing that causes the gains, not the reverie. Dianetics basically is reliving past experiences over and over again under the guidance of an auditor in order to desensitize stuck thoughts, emotions and actions. 9:00 The e-meter does not work on sweat. While sweat has some slow effect on the needle, the needle reacts much faster than you can sweat or un-sweat. 14:20 there IS a promise of confidentiality in auditing. It is in the Dianetics Auditor's code 19:30 OT3 is NOT the source of all problems, not even by LRH's standard. That is an interpretation by critics. OT3 is handling a spiritual booby trap that springs if you make too much spiritual progress. It was discovered during a branch of the GPM research that lead to OT 2. 19:40 NOTs handles telepathic influences in general. OT3 Body thetans is just one example but far from the only one. 21:20: remark for completeness: the Scientology version of events is that Operation Snow White targeted not "information" but slander and smear placed by people with a vested interest in targeting Scientology. 24:25: LRH disappeared on december 4th 1972, allegedly arrested by the CIA. When he returned 10 months later, he was a shadow of his former self. Speculation is that he was destructively brainwashed MKULTRA style in order to destroy him as a person without killing him. 28:40 When LRH found out that disconnection was used to break families apart, he specifically ordered that disconnection should not be used against family members. However the currect Church leadership reversed that order. Which adds to the assertion by independent Scientologists (known collectively as the Scientology Freezone) that the current Church of Scientology has departed from original Scientology. Also LRH ordered that ethics officers should not interfere in people's 2nd dynamic (sex life). Regarding the perfect memory for clears, that is indeed claimed in the book dianetics. But LRH retracted the statement in the PDC lectures. Dianetics processing improves memory but perfect memory also requires practice.

My god watching part of that interview as an adult out of the COS is a trip. I used to revere that interview. It’s nice to be sure that the empower is wearing no clothes, rather than quietly speculating it.

Lots of claims that LRH said this or LRH said that according to source X. In some cases, it is person X who is lying and bullshitting (aka slander). The most famous example is Steven Fishman who wrote a false document called OT 8 and put LRH's name under it. The false OT 8 was later proven false when the real OT 8 surfaced. But that didn't stop critics from quoting this false OT 8 for years to slander LRH.

Hope you don't get too much OT hate mail.

Bless you for that intro

Better downlad and keep this video before Scientology try to put it down

30:31 Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well Kifflom!

A video on the Holodomor would be great please!

Was that Scientology entymology bit a reference to that one medical bloke who has the titles I can't not click on? I can't remember his name but he's Asian

the internet is the worst thing that ever happened to scientology. or christianity. or islam. or any other cult.

Best one yet!


I'd love to see the Matt Lauer pharmacology meltdown in your Tom Cruise impression

why is he fornicating with mongolian bandits? that's gross. they use yak skins for contraceptives.

they got the creation all wrong. while biological life evolved naturally on Earth, it was the influence of the energon that Shockwave seeded on your planet that created the spark of intelligence that led to modern humans.

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