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Black Panther SPOILERS Movie Review

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Hello. And, welcome, to my spoiler review, for, Black Panther, a movie, the more I think about it the more I like, it in fact I would say I really, like this movie because it sparks, discussion. And thought, probably the. Most intellectual. Superhero, movie to, date and I think what's even more interesting. Is that you, know I think that right now with, all the discussion that's going on right now about you know. Equality. In society for all these different groups I think, there's a feeling lately that the discussion, isn't evolving, it's the same thing again and again and again but, what's so fascinating about, Black Panther, is that Ryan Coogler, and. You know his, his co writers cuz you, know it's it's I think it's important to recognize. That it's not just Ryan Coogler voice here but. That everyone involved is trying, to shift the conversation. And. I think take it to the next level and, really truly, make some progress right like we've been spinning our wheels for, a loyal now we've acknowledged, the situation, but where do we go from here and I think Black Panther tries. To present that that, path and that's amazing, now, if you don't want to talk about politics, for this movie and a number of you are like keep politics, out of Black Panther it's just a comic book movie but you know what it's not and if you want to skip the pulp political, aspects, of it I think you make Ryan Coogler and his, co-creators. Sad because. That's clearly their intention, here but, there are chapter, times in the video description if you want to jump to other topics to. Discuss instead. Alright but where I want to start is. With my statement in my non-spoiler. Review that. I felt that, I feel that this movie is the next step after roots, and a lot of you were like what the a. Lot of you mistakenly, felt that I was making that comparison just, because you, know had an all-black cast not, at all anything, that's totally. Not why I made the comparison so let, me explain so. For those of you who aren't aware roots, was as big a cultural, phenomenon, when it came out as Black Panther, is today. And, the reason it was so important, is that it was the first mainstream conversation, about. Slavery, acknowledging. That it had in the mainstream, and. That it was and what it was like from the black perspective, it's almost like the, first Holocaust, movie right I mean it's conversation, we've had so many times at this point but roots was. The very first again. Mainstream. Conversation. Where everyone. Partook, in it right so, that was important and.

Now Black Panther all these years later comes, along and I feel the message here, and I'd be curious to hear your thoughts about this down below but, from my perspective the, message is that basically, the, film is saying it's time to close the door on that not, to forget it by any means but to, move. Past it's not let it define the black community, anymore, and again to move forward, I mean you can see that evidenced. In many, of the lines that Chawla has in the movie he says he's, not responsible for his father's actions against. His uncle and what happened to arrack as a child he's like that wasn't me you can't hold you can't let. That keep, us from you, know because he's trying to. Negotiate. With Eric you know to try and find a commonality. And he's like you, you just can't hold me responsible for, something I didn't do. Even though it is my ancestor, right so that's an, amazing. Concept. For this discussion, also. We he says T'Challa. Says we cannot become like our oppressors, that's not gonna solve anything to become that which, we hate I thought that was an amazing statement, and, then also his, the UN speech which I loved at the end you. Know what it was the first end credits sequence where he said it's important, to build bridges than, barriers, and, I thought that was also really important, in today's discussion so, I thought that was that so that all speaks to this idea of moving, forward and you know letting the past go, because. It obviously is gonna, kill longer character demonstrates, it's it's holding the black community, back and I'm not this is what the movie saying okay and this again you know I love this discussion, now. In terms of looking, forward to, what the it's, in two ways first, off I want to check my notes because again this is a really, tricky conversation, but. I think moving. Forward in terms of what the black community, can achieve and contribute, to the world specifically. In innovation. And leadership, and I thought this movie really. Did a good job of. Of, establishing. That really, fabulous but. That also how. It's important, those who are more fortunate particularly. In the black community, that they have a responsibility to, help those who are not the basketball, court seen at the end and. You know they return to Oakland, and and you, know especially. With, two challahs interaction. With that little boy, who who. Hung. Back from. Their, ship you, know this idea. Redefining. You, know, what. Maybe a black. Children can believe that the, opportunities, that are open to them I think you know not only in terms of career, paths but place, in society again as I said leadership. You. Know all, those aspects, and I know that was really well done and for instance I think this movie is already inspiring, that because you see Octavia, Spencer has. Said that she's going to you, know go to a, disadvantaged. Community and, buy out a whole theater so, that children. In that community can see this movie because she feels it so important to them and that's exactly what, this movie is trying to inspire and, I hope that continues, beyond. The, release of this film I think that's the intention of it and I think it's wonderful. Now, some people in the comments of my non-spoiler review said how can a movie about a king relate. To slavery well it's what's right in there the whole point of to Chawla vs. Eric kill monger I like that they made that was like his military, nickname, I will, talk about military aspect, in a moment but that that's their the yin and yang right so it's you know the you know the the fork in a road right, so, kill, monger represents, all Africans. Outside, of Wakanda, who were enslaved and how it made them has made them broken and angry many of them as a people and again, they just can't get past that it's holding them back where's. T'Challa, represents. The black spirit, it's, hard to talk about this you know again not being a member of the black community but please I hope that you'll have this conversation with me because you know if we can't talk about the movie I think that that's the, whole point of the movies that we should be able to have these conversations. But. You know T'Challa represents, you, know the black spirit, if. It was allowed to thrive unhindered, right but there's also the discussion, of the, responsibility. And guilt or con has should. Have for. Not helping its fellow Africans, all this time I mean that's kill, mongers whole mission statement, now. Ask for kill mongers death this is very important, and that's what this is also another reason that I made the roots comparison. So, you know he's mortally wounded, and I don't know how to, Charlie knew about what kill.

Mongers Father said about you know because he was you know again two challahs uncle that, were Condon sunsets, were the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen and I thought that was poetic that to chawla helped to kill longer get up to that to that mountainside to see it but. You know touch all of being the awesome guy that he is it's like maybe we can save you you know maybe you don't have to die and kill. Longer turns to him and says. So. What you can just lock me up do. Me a favor bury me in the sea so I can be buried alongside my ancestors. Who jumped from the slave ships because they too knew that it was better to die, than to be caged and it's, supposed to be this really you know poignant. Noble, moment for kill monger and I think it's led to a lot of people saying you know I saw someone even in the comments of my non-spoiler, review say, hashtag, kill, monger did nothing wrong but here's the thing first of all what, if nelson mandela had had that opinion. Right he was you know in his opinion. And he was correct and listen, with them instance with mandela that he was being wrongfully jailed, but, he stuck it out he persevered, and he, is one of the biggest, you, know civil, rights and, leaders of the, black community in history. But. What if he had said i'd rather be dead than locked up right i mean that just showed how I think how. Short-sighted. Kill, monger was and he is not he was not a good leader so, that's I think really important, I wish to chala had said that to him I did I think T'Challa was too nice I wouldn't have liked kill monger go out like that with that kind of legitimacy, both, in terms of how kill longer felt about himself to, in the context, of the film and also to the audience I think Ryan Coogler shouldn't have let him go out like that either, cuz, while he didn't have some good points kill monger did have some good points you know when he was in the museum and you're like you just can't take this this, artifact, it he's like oh did you pay for it when you took it to acquire it and you're like yeah he's got a point there and I think that he was right that Wakanda, should have helped you know other members of you know their, fellow Africans, and what was happening it was it was cowardly and selfish, to hide, away, but. He. Killed with a smile on his face his, own people no less that like that member of the doora melash and he had no respect for, what he claimed was this fantasy that he'd idealized, his whole life I mean he came in there right away and was tearing it apart he was a terrorist, and they, said oh you know he wanted to burn that purple flower because, of his American training, and they were trying to maybe put it on that a little bit but you know what ultimately it, was his choice just like it was his father's choice to, point that gun at young forests whatever which led to his death although.

They. Could have just kind of taken you know it speaks, a little bit to police brutality to, that you can you can take someone you can disarm them without killing them and so, but, that's a whole nother discussion in this movie as you can see has enough on its plate so, I had real problems with kill monger and I think that he was I I. Liked the character and what he presented as the yang to two, challahs yang but, I felt that the movie was a tad irresponsible. In trying, to again legitimize, him when he was a terrorist, and. You know I, don't. Wanna get into that that's really complicated all right so anyway T'Challa. On the other hand truly. A wonderful, leader I mean when he fought in Baku during that first challenge and he was like you have to yield your people need you I was, like what a great guy no wonder he's like a fabulous leader he has a quiet strength, to him we'll. Talk more about him when we go through the characters individually an, order of my favorites, oh but, I will say here that I don't really feel I got to know him though because the movie was a little bit more about what Conda as a whole than. The. Black Panther aka to Chawla but, on that note it was hard to understand, the tribal leadership. Structure. That they had I mean I could understand, I mean that's another reason I compared it to roots this is very much a celebration of, Africa. And what it could be and what it was and, how you. Know there's beauty in that I mean that's a big I mean Wakanda. Is very much a city of the future but, at the same time very much, a city of the past so that's a huge part of the movie I think. A very effective part of the movie, underscored. By the costume design the production and, the score, but. You know they had a lot of flowers, there why not make a whole group of Panthers like the door imma launch I was like I think mbaku would be a wonderful Black. Panther he's really good and, also the fact that they would burn the flowers because the king ordered it only Lupita. Nyong'o's, character, thought, to save, one I was like no no one else thought to pocket one of these flowers that makes no sense I just. It was it's odd for me maybe. Maybe. As an American it makes it particularly hard for me to grasp this mindset, but I just I couldn't get it and I mean to allow and also. To allow kill longer to be king who obviously was, a monster, from the get-go simply. Because he want to fight that also I just couldn't understand that people who are like you one I guess we're gonna all have to be ruled by a monster, now oh well and, also but all the other leaders were like yes, probably two challahs you know mother and sister are gonna be killed but what can I do we won the fight and you're like clearly, I hope that there was some serious Legislature. Passed, although. I don't think they have that kind of a system but, I hope they changed the rules after what happened in this movie, okay now. I also want to talk about the women in the film uh strong. Women no doubt wonderful, female characters, but I stand by what I said in my non-spoiler, review that, they were support staff they. All they all serve just one purpose and that was to serve their king I think the women in the film were particularly, loyal no less almost to, a fault you. Know they, really couldn't even imagine doing, anything that wouldn't support. And further to Chawla I. Mean, sure he could challenge him, you know technically, for leadership right and for her to become the black panther I can't wait for her to be the black panther she eventually does in the comics but. I never got the feeling that she would know, and, I don't really feel you. Know she was, developing tech largely, for, her brother you know I didn't really feel I think, they all felt to me like extensions. Of T'Challa not their own people with their own paths and you know it's. Long been argued, in you. Know in not. Just from tribal, culture but even like it in the 1960s, you know before the women's movement came along that oh women, should be glad that the backbone of society, you know you can't have a strong warrior. If you don't have a strong homemaker, to, as the foundation, etc etc, but, that's an old argument for keeping women out of the making, process, in the front lines I have a major problem with it and I thought it was very much in this movie I hope. That in the sequel and I really want a sequel the women, start to have their own ambitions, and. Again. Their own paths, now. I also want to talk about the lack of action some. I saw some comments with people being like what are you talking about this tons of action Wow I don't count some things as action I've got the tribal challenges.

For Not particularly, you know they're not action sequences, they weren't filmed particularly, well I think the fight choreography, was okay they were more about the personal interactions, and again the the power, structure, etc etc and, I don't think carrying claw out on a chair you know there was just a little explosion, and then they picked claw up literally in his chair and put him in a van that's, not an action sequence and even at the museum too fast it wasn't enough to really I don't think it was enough to qualify as an action sequence I don't think you really got an action sequence even when they were in the jungle and he was you, know taking Lupita Nyong'o out of the field that, happened so fast, I just again, and we saw most of it in the first trailer so, I don't think that counted as an action sequence either you didn't really get an action sequence until South Korea the best action sequence in the film and what, an action, sequence, but it wasn't Chawla scene it was, a Koya scene, played by Danai gurira, wow. She was amazing, let's talk about how amazing she was so, in the casino, the. Forcefulness, with her spear was amazing, to watch I loved the whole thing with her wig that, was great I love, the way I mean. I thought she was amazing when she first started swinging, her spear around but when she jumped off the balcony with that force and her red dress like, behind her almost like a cape like. This beautiful, flower of anger, and and determination. And and and force. I was. So impressed it was amazing, that was I think my favorite moment in the film as, I said in my non-spoiler, review it, took my breath away. She, just dominated. That scene and then when they moved outside to the car chase I loved, her line when she was like looking at them firing on her and she's like guns so primitive the delivery was fantastic. I loved, her use of the spear, I love the spear when she threw it through the car head of her, through the glass and then it went into the road and then acted, as like a stopping point for the car that. Was just so clever I mean what what she could do with a spear, was, amazing, and it also looked out she stopped herself in the car of the accident, I mean it was cute when Lupita Nyong'o showed up still in the driver's seat you know just on its own that would never have happened I mean I think she would have been seriously, injured Lupita, Nyong'o in that crash but it was a good bit good gag but. The way a Koyuk. Took care of herself by, putting you know with the hood of the car and the spear and, how important, it was for her to get her spare shoes I liked that moment of danger she was like I need the spare I need the spare that's my thing that's my jam. And, it certainly was she was amazing, I'm so happy she's like I couldn't have to understand, why she was an infinity, war and then when I saw the first trailer I was like I don't understand their door more needs to be there and she's running with all the other heroes she.

Definitely Deserves, to be running with all the heroes I was gonna say it later but I'll say it here I'll say it in both places I think, she might be the best fighter in the MCU that's how good she is I was really, impressed. And, then the big egg fight scene opposite, kill monger and you know when. Daniel. Coulis you, know Maccabi his, Rhino people, betrayed. Everyone it. Was okay it was a lot of CGI versus, CGI particularly, when you had the two Panther suits versus each other and I thought even though rhinos we're not at all believable, as real they were cool but they were super fake and, so I thought that action sequence again, it was more about what was being said and then into the character, interactions, and the political, statements, than the actual fight now. Let's talk about the cast in the order of my favorites, first up latisha, right as Cherie people have been losing their minds over this character, and I totally understand. It I like that someone said she was the newest Disney Princess, and what a fabulous addition, she's. Great across the board she's smart, she's funny and, she's fashionable, I really like her quite, a bit she. Was a bit of a technological. Mary Sue because, just she could literally, do anything the technology, in the movie made no sense they are like if you can dream it you could, do it because it doesn't have to me you know it doesn't have to have any logic, to it we just can you know just anything that you can imagine we can do and even though it all was stemming from vibranium, I was like I don't understand, how that's possible it didn't make any sense but. Just like Daisy Ridley's Rey her. She's, so cool and her she has such a fabulous personality. And she's just a force of nature but, it's okay that she's very soon I mean I like ray quite a bit too and. I can't wait for her to become Black Panther can't happen soon enough I know I mean I don't, see why they can't be the Black Panthers at the same where can't give more than one I know, cuz i love the sharia. T'Challa brother-sister, relationship they. Should totally, be a team it would be I would love to see them in the field together, fabulous. I love this character so, good, next. My second favorite was Andy Serkis ask LA what, a sleazy, dirtbag, it was fantastic. I love, that he hid the metal you know the vibranium, in his crotch at the the. Casino to sell it to Martin Freeman's character, I loved. When he let the security guard run away I'll actually laughed out loud because it was so funny he's like oh you can go just don't tell anyone, although, he's reasoning for doing that I wish he just did I like to eff with people because, he was like oh burn, him out so it looks like we're you, know we're novices, and, I was like they knew right away that it was you so why, don't want you wasting your time for but. I just and Andy, Serkis is having so much fun playing the sleazy character, that it made it it, was fun to watch I just thought it was amazing, and I can't believe that, they killed him I mean it made sense in the context, of the story and how kill monger was able to win over. Maccabi. To his side that, made that made sense I understood, it intellectually, but in my heart it's a shame he won't be back I can only hope that someone in Wakanda has cloned him now. Next, up Winston Duke, as mbaku, he was so funny, he was great, I. Loved. His two lines my favorite lines that he had was and he said just kidding we're vegetarians, I thought that was great and when, T'Challa asked him for an army said I could really use an army and mbaku said I'm sure you could but no it, was great delivery, he was fabulous I really liked him a lot I mean if I was a you. Know a member of this community of Wakanda, I'd be like I don't know Bach was really great I think he's a little bit of a challenge for the leadership I could see why he challenged, to chawla and I felt bad he didn't have more of a place at the table because he's a great guy and. It's funny to me that the only other place I've seen Winston Duke is Modern Family where he had a non role and I can't believe it's the same actor, he totally, not, only is he given a better opportunity here, but he just totally changed his body language every. You know everything, you know he's a fabulous, actor, clearly, and you know often when we talk about diversity, in movies people who are against it will say you should just hire the best actor, for the role and if you know but I think the good counter-argument. To that is so it's always a white actor, who's the best person for the role and I think that this movie just, in this alone is so important, because it provides an opportunity for Winston, Duke to show he, is a fabulous, actor, and I hope that he gets a lot more off of this ah the.

Next Up I like Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa. He's a little low down but, that's because he's playing the lead he's a very stoic lead and so again you didn't really get to know him that well but. You know Chadwick Boseman I've been a fan of him since he played Jackie Robinson, I think he's a fabulous very. Likeable actor and he brings a lot of that to the table here and. Also that's like sour power right like so even though he doesn't have a lot to do here, I have forged a relationship with chadwick boseman and the other movies I've seen him in and I take that into this movie so that I think is one of you know that's what Starr brings to the table not, only their ability, but, also their relationship, with audiences it's already established, and chadwick boseman I think has that but. Just like in civil war still, waters run deep and he just seemed like a wonderful man and therefore a wonderful, leader someone you can totally, trust you know sometimes you do have to follow someone else then it does need to be a leader you can't have too many cooks in the kitchen and I would totally, you, know I like him beaucoup but I really like to charla as well I would throw I would throw my. Support behind both of them I thought they were fabulous the. Next up Danai, gurira as, a co yeah now you might be wondering why she's so lowdown well I didn't love her her character took a little bit of time, for her to get going you know I thought in the beginning didn't. Love it and, then also I thought her ridiculous, her loyalty, to the throne was ridiculous, she was like they, were like oh are you gonna really serve kill longer and she's like that's the job and you're like you know I mean throughout, history people, have you know served you, know murder, murderous, leaders and been like well you know what do you want for me that was my job and you just can't do that but she came around thankfully, I like when she said you have too much anger in your heart to ever to be king to kill monger, I'm like finally, you get it but. Again her fighting ability was absolutely, amazing she is the best fighter in the MC I was really impressed, I'm so happy she's gonna be an infinity, war I'm really looking for it it makes me more excited for the movie that she's such a seems to be a big part of it next. Up Daniel Cole Ouya as wakame. No, one could look at you sideways like. Daniel Cole Ouya hey that's, really a great skill and I thought he brought a lot to a character that could have been very one-dimensional just. A plot point but. He you know again still waters run deep eek, he showed I think tremendous, again depth I was very very impressed although I don't know how he can continue to lead his tribe he, was traitor you, know I mean I know he was dating a Koya, and, I was surprised she said she would kill him for what condom I even I was surprised about that I was like ah can't, you just you know whatever happens, it's just taking someone down you know you don't have to kill them although it's. Interesting it's an interesting discussion because, clearly two, challahs unwillingness, to kill kill longer during the challenge the first time around was, a mistake, because kill monger I guess it depends if your opponent is willing to kill you and I that's I guess that's how I would how, I would say you should that should be the rule of thumb and fights to the death okay if, your opponent, is willing to go for the death blow then you have no choice but with what it was a Koi a versus, wakame I didn't, think he would kill her well I don't know maybe he would it was getting that fight was getting pretty ugly and on that note again I don't know how anyone can forgive him they're like remember that time you betrayed us and you seemed okay with two chala being killed and his mother and his sister being killed and maybe even a Koya that, was a crazy week but what's all good I'd be like you, might have to very least leave Wakanda, you know if not be imprisoned, now.

There, Were two actors, I actually did not like in the movie and one of them is Michael B Jordan s kill monger first off I, thought, he played the same character he, always does and then I thought that well kill one who was a simple guy not a very smart guy that, doesn't mean that his performance, needs to be simple I didn't think there were enough layers here for instance sterling K Brown is his father. Interestingly. When he showed up at the very beginning of the movie in the opening scene the people next to me were like damn they didn't say no to anybody you know because a lot of black actors of course wanted to be in this movie and I love sterling K Brown I thought you know I thought I don't watch this is us but, I really, liked him and you. Know the OJ Simpson miniseries, and I'm very excited for him in the upcoming predator, movie I'm a big sterling K Brown, and I think that you can see why he's so good in this movie alone because, he came across far, more interesting, and far more conflicted than kill monger did you know and with far fewer scenes so I wasn't a big fan of what Michael Jordan did and also I felt that Michael Jordan also. Was irresponsible in trying to portray his character. Again. By not portraying, him as conflicted I think. That he you know almost. Condoned. What he did as an. Actor and I think that was not good and, they're also Martin Freeman, now as I said in my non-spoiler, review it's. It's fair because in the Bond movies poor Jeffrey Wright as the CIA operative, has to just run through there and they never give him anything to do not anything it's always like why don't you like Jeffrey Wright have one action sequence where he can help out right so, they did the same to Martin Freeman here but I have to say on top of that though the, role had no dignity both in the way it was written like how the other characters, treated Martin Freeman I thought that was not cool and, also how Martin Freeman, played the role I would say this is a low point in his career it was it was unfortunate. And. I a couple, of times it made me a little uncomfortable watching, the movie I was like not, cool guys not, cool now. As for the MCU overall, no soul stone is introduced, in the movie I think that was a big mistake I think it would have helped have, multiple, viewings and maybe made people who were on the line about going to see this movie go I mean that's the thing if you want to have this fantastic, intellectual. Discussion, you need you know you have to have a little bit something to you know a little something sweet sweet, sweeten, the pot so people you know people who don't want to have that political discussion, or like okay and then they're surprised by how good the political discussion is and then they have it so, you need more action you should have had this soulstone just other reasons for people to go, also. With Bucky Bucky is the last and credit sequence but there's really nothing there you know he just comes out of a hut and he's like thanks for caring me sherry and she's like sure. But. I have to say what Conda certainly agrees with him he looked fantastic, when cap sees him he's gonna faint all, right so I really liked Black Panther a very, sophisticated movie. And if they make the sequel and I just, think they definitely should make a sequel I hope they do and, if they up the action, I think we could reach Dark Knight levels here I think the sequel could be that good if they take, if they keep the sophisticated, aspect, of the movie, and then they again, amp up the action, to the level it should be for such a film again. I think it could be on level on the on par at the Dark Knight which works with my comparison if this film to Batman Begins I think it's actually better than Batman Begins Batman, Begins wasn't. Again. This sophisticated it, in, its. Discussions. But, I really am impressed, so that's my exploiter review of black panther you can say anything you want down below because this is the spoiler review I look forward to continuing, the conversation there, and as always you can check out some more videos right.


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T'Challa already demonstrated in Civil War that he is above taking revenge. That's what makes him a great man and great leader. He rises above, contemplates, learns, and moves forward. He always was one of my favourite superheroes and the movie portraits him perfectly. One thing I also loved (and love in the Black Panther comics in general): Ramonda is not T'Challas's biological mother. She is his step-mother. But the comics (and movie) never make that an issue. They are a loving family, as many modern patchwork families are.

Grace, I know exactly what u meant when u mentioned Roots When Roots came out it opened people's eyes, ears, minds and mouths And that's exactly what Black Panther is doing. I don't see what all the drama is about

Basically this Movie was MLK vs Malcom X White people till this day hate X and that maybe the reason why Grace disliked Killmonger and MBJ's portrayal.

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

Loved the sister didn't see any infinity gem i.e. the soul gem perhaps the mcu may actually give it to Adam Warlock but that's too close to the comics

Disagree with your points entirely in regards to Jordan and Freeman. Killmonger was the best character in the movie and the best performance. I wanted more of him. And Freeman stopped the weapons from leaving wakanda so how didn't he have anything to do exactly?

I though the ritual fight scenes were great

It was good but not as great as everyone was saying imo I preferred Thor more as a simple metric. I didnt mind how they weaved an African American storyline in and once again a good part of Marvel movies is the down time. Seeing how everyone is in a day to day feel. They went with the herbal treatment as to how the Panther gets his power which was a good movie also. That being said the action was OK and felt a bit blurry to me.... to much shaky came or whateva especially in the opening scene. I get that he's a predator in the dark but shit was just a blur imo. The Russo brothers only seem to do alot of action scenes that are fast but not blurry as fuck, along with Joss maybe. Cool end credits scene at the end and comic book fans should know who Bucky is now to Wakandans

Except Tchalla had no opressors. This whole thing has gotten so played out this recycling of we were slaves we can't get past it. Why can other cultures and races get through mass genocide and slavery yet some feel the need to re hash daily this " opressed victim" mentality? The movie kept coming back to slavery and could have went from good to amazing

Hi Grace, great review. The Black Panther comic from the start is mostly political with wakonda affairs, a lot of dialogue and less action. The origin stories in Marvel movies are usually slow with less action like Captain America, and Doctor Strange then pics up in the sequels. infinity wars and Black Panther 2 will probably be cranked up like what they did with civil wars.

Marvel's BLACK PANTHER was dope I've only seen this film twice. I give it a 9/10 !!! Review on my page (Y)

I thought that Daniel Kaluuya's character was very one dimensional and he is my only problem with the film along with the Visual Effects.

To be honest, I think the amount of action in black panther was a good amount, it didn’t feel like the film was just fight scene after fight scene.

I don't think we as Americans should really have a hard time grasping following a bad leader chosen by an archaic system...

Great review grace

She's not a Disney princess, she doesn't meet the requirements. Look it up

I liked Killmonger as a product of his enviormemt as the son of a Wakandan pronce.. he would have had all the best. But it was taken from him.. and as a result he was thrown into a system that lead him to the military and undoubtedly fueled his hate. I also thought Martin Freeman was kinda trying to be another agent Coulson. Shuri creating anything is akin to Tony Stark being able to defy the laws of physics and do dang near anything.. at least with vibranium.. you have an unknown component.. where with Tony it's just cause he's rich and smart. The tribal aspect to me was one of the beat parts. Killmonger had a birthrite claim to be king.. hence the fight.. and Abaku even cemented that with his comment about it just being a defeat not murder. Warrior tribes have always used challenges to solve or resolve claims to rule. The soundtrack was also amazing. And the locations as well. I kinda felt like I just got a 2 hour look at the Live Action Lion King storyboards lol

If we can't separate it from the politics, then I oppose it. I'd rather not, but politically the SJW left is my enemy.I'd rather not do that

THEY KILLED KLAW? are they out of their minds? klaw is one of the arch enemies of t'challa. klaw and t'challa are like black manta and aquaman. how could they klaw? it makes no sense.

Jesus Christ, Tachalla trusts women more than men in this film. He trusts the women to protect him more than the men. The antagonists are men. The smartest woman in the film is a woman. And thank god for all those things. And theyre not relegated to being just servants or employees in this film. They each have their character arcs, reasons for helping tachalla and importance in the functioning of society, and in Shuri and Nakias case, the women prove to be more important in their fields and in their contributions to Wakanda then men. And you still felt like women were only enablers or backseet passengers to Tachalla and his struggles? No shit because hes the protagonist silly! His support chatacters are supposed to do that. That's why theyre called support characters. You complaining that the women dont have their own ambitions or paths in this film is toxic. Shuri was lead scientist in Wakanda, Nakia was a spy but also leading the charge for helping African refugees and pushing for a more progressive Wakanda, Okoye was a military GENERAL employed to protect the king and proud of that fact. Are you honestly suggesting they had no autonomy or wished to fulfiill any other ambitions outisde the role they were already portraying in their society at that point? So why you still took this opportunity to push the same feminist garbage you always do Grace is beyond tiring at this point and a fucking joke

no talk about angela basset?

The irony of someone arguing for not wanting blame for something they didn't do......................

You can't pass what is happening right now just saying that slavery was centuries ago while the result of it is still presents. The circle of violence will never end. You slaughtered them and centuries later they do it to you.

All those poor transport pilots shot down just for doing their jobs.

Like the purple touch for the words nice

Micheal b Jordan doesn’t always play the same character???

Thank you!!! It was honest!!!

True about M B Jordan. He was too Ghetto!

I remember the "moment" in media that Roots was, so I get the comparison in terms of resonance and impact. People that only know the internet age might not perceive how much TV, movies, and music used to carry the collective culture, spark conversation and even influence politics. Superhero and sci-fi films are still typically _packed_ with politics and social commentary, so I don't get that particular argument from folks that don't want to see the film. And I agree that now that world of BP is established, the next one could be an action blow out on some level...

THought the entire cast did great, ESPECIALLY Martin Freeman, he is such a joy to watch and he’s so damn charming and I’m so glad they gave him more to do than in Civil War, I disagree about the action, thought it was fantastic and there was plenty of it, I do agree the effects were extremely dodgy and I feel they should’ve worked on them more but they weren’t BAD or anything, I just think they could’ve done some more stuff practically, I felt like anytime the black panther suit was glowing purple the ENTIRE suit was CG when it didn’t necessarily need to be

Yep. Should show the soul stone as the end credit surprise

I agree with you Grace on Killmonger's character. I feel like the movie justifies his character and his choices because of what happened to him when in fact it comes down to the individual's choices whether to be a good or bad person. And seeing how people actually think he did nothing wrong really shows how this is a problem

I’ll see this tomorrow but does anybody just think thanos has the soul stone already...or is that just lazy writing?

So, this movie is better than Wonder Woman. Hope it passes WW's domestic box office because a mediocre film should not hold that record. Also hoping Captain Marvel (2019) & Batgirl (2019) will do a better job than Wonder Woman (2017) at representing women in Superhero films. A war criminal should not do movies about 'ending war'.

I think she's wrong the soul stone is in wakanda.In the movie he has a vision of his ancestors

Alex Haley settled a lawsuit yesterday by acknowledging that his world‐renowned book “Roots” contained some material from a relatively unknown novel about slavery that was published nine years earlier. The settlement ended the six‐week trial of a suit by Harold Courlander, a 70‐yearold author from Bethesda, Md., who contended there were substantial similarities between “Roots” and his own earlier novel, “The African.” He sued in Federal District Court in Manhattan for more than half the profits of “Roots.” December 15, 1978

Hated the casino fight scene. All I could see was bad cgi special effects. It was like the fight/action sequence was on fast forward. Loved the car chase afterward.

Grace~ The Incredibles 2 sneak peek is out~~ ♪♫♬

I haven't seen the movie yet, and wasn't going to watch the entire spoiler review, only a part or two, for some characters and how good/bad Grace thought they were! For instance, Killmonger. I wanted to see what Grcae thought of Killmonger.. So I skip ahead using the time jumps in the description... And well. I think you all know what happened next. :( RIP

The incredibles 2

How’d they do marketing this to China though?

The movie was ok.

didn't mind most of this except the part of Michael B Jordan... i thought he fantastic !

Grace I like your videos but seriously, this movie is not as important as ROOTS so stop the comparisons. I guess Black history for the Black community should now consists of jay z, beyonce, black panther etc. Forget about Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Dr. King, Malcolm X and the slaves brought over here before them that must be researched to know anything about. You wanna know about Black History..... research the slave coast or Negroland to really find out about the Kings in Black History. You'll start to find answers and see how far the "rabbit hole goes" (movie reference). It's all love though

I have watch dozens of reviews of this movie from people of different ethnicities, races and countries. Grace is to first to make a point of noting she was not a member of the Black community. Makes me wonder if she gave an objective review.

So Black Panther = We Wuz Kangz ?

Very good review Grace!!!

Martin Freeman had way more to do than Jeffrey Wright . Are u serious? He even had a legit heroic moment.

I will watch it after watching the movie.. :-p

"When Cap sees him, he's gonna faint!" Well someone clearly ships STUCKY, haha!

I had a feeling that they were going to be on MLK type shit T'challa & some revolutionary shit with Kiplinger. They always have to find a way to make the revolutionary a villainous soul & the go-along to get-along negro the hero. SMH, I been a Black Panther fan all my life, but the revolutionaries aren't the villains & MLK aren't the heroes. In real life, it's the magneto's & kilmongers, that'll free up the spirit of independence in Black folks, the Tchalla's will just make them better adapted slaves.

Should of just reviewed the movie based on the movie and kept the PC/Race stuff out.

Moving Forward..... I have to laugh.... I have a pair of shoes if someone wants to see what it's like! ✊

It will release tomorrow here in I India. I love your face and it's expression

Batman Begins > black panther Ryan Coogler is too far from Christoper Nolan's level.

I just love you Grace, you know your stuff!! and why can't everyone be more like you when it comes to "issues" that plague us all as a society today. I respect your views, I am not a member of the black community myself but most of my family is (I'm native American and Irish) No I do not live on a reservation..but we do go to the movies, one of your other videos (movie math) you said that we don't make up enough of the population to be counted and who's fault is that?? Well enough about that as we all know the answer. This movie rocks! I agree it could have had more action scenes But we needed this movie!! (right now!!) and more like it!! Representing all groups, either singularly or as a part the larger scope. :)

Are usually love your reviews but your fear of what blacks think Has you scared. You’re trying to be too politically correct. Just be honest and say what you got to say they want equality treat them equally.

The Holocaust never happened. No I will not argue with you here.

I think the Action was enough, at this point we have seen so many superhero movies that the Action scenes arent as exciting anymore....I prefer dialogue and character interaction

Careful Grace, Angry black man is an acting tool. Ask Denzel.

the fucking movie is black panther king of wakanda..... of course the secondary charactes are gonna support black panther... doesnt matter if they are male of female.... grace ur comments sometimes are too leftist -democrat

I wish they hadn't killed Claw, they could have faked his death and have him come out of the bag and be there to mix things up in the final act

Winston Duke was awesome! So hilarious!

Okoye's not as good as Bucky!

I don't understand the ROOTS thing is that a code language.

Gggggiiirrrlllll you give me so much LIFE!!!!

Black panther is a good movie that is very much aware of its unique position in the world. You cannot make it to be just like another superhero movie. The conflict within the story feels real and believable. This ia more than just a typical comic book movie where you watch for the good vs evil fight scenes. It is a cultural immersion, a political thriller with a positive message (to build bridges) and a journey of a Prince becoming a true King. These are not your usual comic book movie elements, because that's how bp should be introduced because of its unique background. Well done Ryan Coogler and the writers for such a mature take on this entry to the MCU.

Heimdell has the soul stone in his eyes.. he even talks about being able to see the souls of the 9 realms in TDR, the vision Thor has of him blind will have to come to pass

Damn they didn’t say no to anybody ... what does that even mean

just back from the Belgium premier and 1 thing i can say .... movie gone be uncomfortable for some white folks

The sceneries in this movie look gorgeous, even the costumes. This BP movie will bring style to the MCU. Am fascinated by the Dora Milaje women warriors. I think the best character that comes out of this movie is his sister according to comments, she does look cool. Can't wait to see this and especially, how it'll do at the Box-Office this weekend! Am surprised tho about the deaths, Michael B. Jordan looks great.

Impeccable timing grace! I just came back from watching the movie!

let me spoil the movie hahahahaha wtf

I enjoyed black panther, it's quite high up on my ranking of MCU. I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel. I agree that this movie felt like an introduction to Wakanda, but it's the first in (what is hopefully) a trilogy so I think it's good. I could have used more action sequences, but mostly because the ones they had were so good. I enjoyed the political messages, and thought this movie provides a good kernel for discussion.

she should be the new iron man

didn't want to wait until the movie was actually out?

It is out ~ saw it yesterday in UK You're just living in the wrong country :P

Love this women


If even grace can't review this movie for real, nobody can.

You need to see Everett ross in the comics

Black window vs Dora Milaje?

Grace cursing is so fucking sexy.

Let me go out on a limb here...... greatest MCU movie, incredibly wonderful, culturally drenching, epically reversely diverse, but, never enough women empowerment!!!! Possibly in the conversation of the greatest movie of our time !?!? Right ?

worst movie of all time

stop trolling

I love danai in the walking dead glad to see her doing amazing in this

I personally think Michael B Jordan had the best performance of the movie

About the women Grace...when you come from a marginalized or disenfranchised- read oppressed- group, you often don't have the opportunity to confront comparatively highbrow issues and suffrage and women's lib has historically been a fight for the priviledged majority- read whites. Think of Elizabeth Banks' assertion that Spielberg had never had a female lead, completely forgetting (unintentionally/ non-maliciously mind you) the Color Purple. And it's sometimes handled in that way from the black perspective as well. Black women are in the unenviable position of being sandwiched between (and underrepresented/valued in both) the black and women's issues- and often one supersedes the other- guess which. The community is in such dire need of unity that something like the women openly challenging T'Challa's ideas and/or leadership would bring up feelings of conflict between black men and women and would certainly play as being indicative of said divisiveness to a black audience watching the film. This is true even though there is a legitimate argument about their roles in the culture. Think of the legitimate beefs that blacks bring up about their treatment in America- being labeled "divisive".

great comment

Stop apologizing! Just talk about the movie and take a stand.

"When Cap sees Bucky, he's gonna faint" LMAO Love you'r continual support of Stucky Grace :)

I loved it.

Oh god..... what an awful film

Ok. I'll give " Black Panther " a try.. I'm not into the deep British conversation type movies. But I went to see " Spotlight " 3 times. .. And most people never even heard of that award winning film

I liked the way freeman was treated. It will be uncomfortable for some whites. But I think you gotta take it and laugh. Was really funny.

gotta love these guys at marvel /disney they've found another cash cow

Grace, I appreciate your efforts to clarify your Roots comparison. Culturally, Roots WAS impactful (40 yrs ago) but my point was that something great is happening NOW! An opportunity to break away from the litany of stereotypical portrayals of black people in a movie to be seen by the masses is happening NOW! A movie where we're not drug dealers/addicts, pimps/prostitutes, criminals, crooked cops, gang members, the help and yes, the dreaded slave, is happening NOW! An opportunity for genuine pride of portrayal is happening and you dropped a slave bomb, if not on it, then close enough to it to open wounds. I understand what you were trying to say but you've got to be careful. Some may think that the only way you can quantify the importance of Black Panther to black people is to say, "Hey, you liked Roots, right? Then you're gonna love Black Panther!" Grace, I'm a fan! I enjoy your channel immensely! You're clearly intelligent and, more importantly, passionate about your work and I'm glad you're willing to have the conversation. #itsallhappening

sounds like shit

Hi from Sweden. I don't usually comment on videos, but you are really amazing so I really felt like complimenting you! Your reviews are truly great, so detailed and your skill to summarize movies is so enjoyable. I just came home from watching the movie and instantly longed for your review. Thank you Grace for you enthusiasm and keep up the good work! /Fredrik

Thanks Grace. Will definitely be checking out Black Panther this weekend.

Ok so I did not watch this video but had to comment one thing, this is the only thing I want spoiled, does Nakia become Malice?


Wow — you totally missed the political messages of this movie.

"Hey Aunty"

I agree with her 100%

Killmonger was the best part of the movie though.

Nooo not doing this.. If its just a movie, I would have been fine with it. But it has a political agenda, noo. Just no, stop ✋

Bucky was nicknamed by the children as 'White Wolf' which is a cool reference

Thank you!!! Love your reviews, saw the movie last night and OMG

what is the beat in the background of the movie??

When cap sees Bucky he’s going to faint! Lmao

way to go Grace...Honest and Unmerciful. U RocK!

"he won, so i guess we'll have to be ruled by a monster now" guess what america...

Saw the movie yesterday in germany and loved it! Black Panther was my favorite character in the winter soldier and i really liked his portrayal. And the mid-credit-scenes was one of the best. But one thing bothered me totally in this scene: "with no disrespect, but what has wakanda to offer(paraphrasing)?!" Can't believe a diplomat would say something like that and it totally throws me off!

What if we as blacks adapted the Malcom X way of resistance instead of Dr. Martin Luther King. This country would be a different place

I really identified with Killmonger

"They couldn't even imagine to do anything that wouldn't support or further T'challa". Yep. That's exactly what makes them really great women

I seen the movie tonight. If you add more action, you take away from the history of Wakanda, the backstory of the king, and the backstory of Killmonger. This was a great movie. You could have never read the comics or watched the animation, and understood this character, his lineage, and the backstory of the tribes.

Martin Freeman's character is an outsider and an agent in Wakanda. Two no-no's! So how they treated him made complete sense. In theory he should've been treated worse because who he works for. They protected him. I thought he was enjoyable and he got his hero moment. As for the women, they are not Western women with their own agenda, saying I don't need no man, lol. They adhere to tribal law. You're thinking about them too much in the Western sense. They're loyal to Wakanda, not themselves. Commitment to protecting the throne is what they signed up for and why they are fierce. I agree 100% about the let's move forward message. It was one of the reasons I wanted to see this. Look to build and innovate, not wallow in the past.

I agree, they missed an opportunity to put a little soul in this movie. But it still a gem! ;)

why do they have to contaminate comic book movies with this political correctness crap, my goodness.

So you're saying that if someone says people shouldn't account those in positions of power for the actions of their ancestors, that's a great statement. We finally agree on something!

Black panther was dope & it’s ok Grace...I get what you’re trying to say now about Roots + BP.

Bucky looked like Jesus.

During the interrogation scene, i couldnt help myself from wondering if Bilbo Baggins would take Gollum's ring and run away.. again

South Africa is currently engaging in white genocide. How you doing?

I wouldn't even consider killmonger a villain. He and T'Challa are opposites of the same coin.

she was loyal to the Throne because the state is more important then one man.

and no... syri should no become Black Panther! let the BROTHER MAN SHINE!!

it is fine for the women to...get their Patriarch! ! Men do not rule everything and women do not have to rule everythibg.

Funny how Washington was a monster who killed Native Americans. But ERIC KILLMONGER IS A MONSTER???!!# PLEASE!!

i loved the movie. But no Kumnayah!!!

Black Power Fist for KILLMONGER!!!! Forget making white people fell safe!!

movie is great killmonger greatest ever

How you gonna blame Michael b Jordan portraying kill monger the way he did he was from America and raised in rough Oakland how else is he supposed to be? He’s not his dad who was actually from wakanda hence why he was so much more “interesting” MBJ just worked with the backstory he was given and I think he did fantastic

"The technology made no sense." -Grace

25:50 yeah, well Dark Knight was a sequel, so maybe u should compare it to Batman begins instead. Though...tbh, I felt that there was a decent amount of action in this 1st film.

Just seen black panther My god you guys are in for a treat

i dont think you or any reviewer should be scared to critique a movie for what it is. i thought the movie was very good, the bald fighters were amazing and i really hope they get some scene stealers in infinity war

MBJ was awesome Grace, you’re nuts and you didn’t even mention Lupita, she was perfect and beyond gorgeous.

23:20 totally disagree with your thoughts on Killmonger; completely. Amazing villain imho. Strong, emotional, relatable, & capable of challenging the hero; makes T'Challa question & doubt things. Michael nailed this performance.

Heimdall Has the soul stone. In Thor 1 he says that he can see 12 Trillion Souls. and his eyes glow orange. Remember who said it

Just saw it AHHHHHH like seeing it opening night is such a special experience. It hit all the marks and I loved

10:50 the movie leaves out the comic backstory of the heart shaped herb, it can only be taken by someone of royal blood, if you dont have royal blood, its like poison and you'll die.

challas girlfriend had her own ambitions.

You don't understand from an American standpoint Why they wouldn't grab one of the flowers because us as americans don't feel obligated to obey our leaders and defy tradition. That's why you might not understand that Decision. Nakia and Shuri were the two characters that were anti Wakandan establishment, and that's why she grabbed one before Killmonger burned them all

Amazing film, great review Grace. Very impressed with everyone, especially Chadwick.

Hey, Grace, be careful with those land mines: The Black Race have contributed way more to this world than the other races gave us credit for starting with the Black Egyptians. So let's not get lost in Fictional past time.

But THE DARK KNIGHT movie doesn't have a lot of action scenes either.

I agree w/ most of this review and even comparison to Roots. However, condemning Killmonger philosophy shows lack of true understanding into African American experience. And rift between T'Challa and Killmonger is similar to sentiment between African Americans and Africans today

Winston Duke (M'baku) was in Yale School of Drama together with Lupita...

I think the whole roots discussion was mistaken in the first video she should have saved that for this video then there wouldn’t have been so much confusion

How was Killmonger a terrorist? Did you watch the movie? you became king by challenging the sitting king.

Completely disagree concerning Killmonger. He was an extremely effective villian. Like most good villians, he did have valid points. Now, how he went about things, well, was evil.

I loved the movie. Fight choreo though was very standard and somewhat unconvincing. This includes Grace's favorite, Okoye, in my opinion. Most impressive character for me by far was Shuri.

I really love the depth that Grace goes to in her reviews. I just saw the movie and liked it a lot but didn't love it. The CGI took me out of the movie. Especially the rhinos and I absolutely live Killmonger. I thought he had very good valid points but as Grace mentioned... I wish the film portrayed that he was unwilling to let go of the past in order to build a better future.

Why spoiling it so early???

Thank you for not shying away from this discussion and speaking your mind. Your observation were very well stated and you please ignore anyone trying to make you feel like you're wrong for doing so. This is the internet after all lol.

I love this film!!! And I feel it’s very important!

We all know Deadpool has the Stones Cable....I mean Thanos is looking for!!! hehehe

As usual great review

SPOILER Soul Stone is inside the meteorite FOR SURE :D Those flowers are not growing there by chance, and it will be Purple i bet ^^

What politics nothing great politics,just a small mystery n revenge fuk off so badass trailer n dumbass movie

You have failed to understand that honour is very important to African culture... And they protect the crown not the king.

Did this movie look kinda wierd to anyone? It looks like it was shot for a student film competition, The special effects look like video game cutscenes, some of the backgrounds were painfully obvious. It had some cool parts tho

He won and he was royal blood!!! Only Killmonger could challenge tchalla.

i found it very interesting that t'challa ended up fulfilling killmonger's mission at the end

First COOL MCU movie for me, loved the social commentary thought it was poignantly relevant.

Grace, I would like to first off say that I am a fan of yours and I hold your reviews in high regards. I just have to say that you missed some marks in your review. The marks you missed are totally understandable being that you are a white American woman. There were some concepts such as the Dora MIlaje's loyalty to the throne. As an American I can see how it can be hard to put what you want on the back burner and to follow an agreement but loyalty and duty were the most pronounce themes these women were portraying. How could we win any wars if our troops decided to do what not remain loyal to the country they were fighting for. The next thing was the fact that Erik Killmonger played his part to a T. There were no flaws in Micheal B. Jordan's portrayal as an angry black man hardened by an system designed to destroy him and the reason he was not like a Kyle Ren who was conflicted with the light and dark Killmonger knew what he wanted he was absolutely resound in his feelings and ideas and only saw fit to carry out what he saw fit. Again I can understand how you could miss this but I just have to disagree with you. Also I would love to see Shuri as Black Panther when it is her time but it is not. I understand that you may be a feminist I am as well but in efforts to remain consistent with continuity the first Black Panther was a male and THIS is his story. I think all of the women in this movie were amazing and were very strong and not because they were black but because they played their part in supporting the king as they would if it were Shuri. I also agree with you when you said that Killmonger was the embodiment of the African American scorned and angry and that the T'Chala represented the what Africans could be without colonization and the anger associated with that position from them not helping when needed. Again I enjoyed your review I just disagreed with a few things and I felt no anger or hate and I want you to know that's not where I am coming from I just think you missed the mark due to lack of experience. Best regards!

Grace I agree with everything you said. Also how do you feel this movie will effects the legacy of the MCU?

Just got back from the movie and wanted to checkout your review as is custom for me :). I'm an African American male. I have to say, that I think Killmonger represents how the black community currently views society as a whole and perhaps more importantly, whites. "Burn it to the ground. Start over." It sounds like madness in the movie and I think that was deliberate. Killmonger is just angry in the same way many blacks are angry. Anger is never enough. If there is no direction or path then anger just gets in the way. T'challa wants to move beyond the mistakes of the past and unify not only his tribes but the world as a tribe. Movie was good but small In scope and it didn't feel like a marvel movie.

Your insight is always wanted but today I have to disagree. I dont agree with your choosing of what was action. To me there was plenty. Many movies we are wanting more of the characters and not so much action. I think this movie was spot on with the balance. Michael Jordan gave us a villain that, while the revenge was a simple reason, I thought we all paused and at times had to wonder if we wouldn't have felt the same way. Martin Freeman, basically saved the outside world as he kept the weapons from getting out. Another broken white boy (totally forgot Winter Soldier was there as I was watching) was brought into a country where outsiders were forbidden and healed(respected) and then trusted to destroy the weapons, a CIA man we are talking about, and to help save the day even when he was close to being killed he stuck with the job. I disagree with your assessment of his character. They were not going to, at first, dignify a CIA agent who was an outsider. Why would they? He had to earn it and IMO he did. Ya, I was somewhat expecting the soul stone to show up...... Awwwww and the issue with standing for the throne, civil society is nothing without law or rules. To just throw them out would be disastrous! I think its your American views and the newness of the west that didn't allow you to agree or connect with supporting the traditions/rules that are still apart of older cultures.

It was a good movie. I don't agree that there was no action nor that Martin Freeman had a small role.

But please speak to someone from the black community and they can help you see more things from their perspective and you guys can articulate your perception and point of views from the movie

14:22 It’s a weave!

Boooy, she cuttin it close talkin a bit out of turn

I agree with you Grace. Killmonger was kind of underwhelming considering all the hype I heard about him being one of the best villains the MCU ever produced

Shuri to take over the Iron Man mantle

I want to add: this movie makes me PROUD to be a marvel fan. This is such a great movie and I came out feeling know what? I can't explain it...I just know it's good. Such a powerful movie!

It was so good

I think there was just enough action. Remember, T'Challa is now a king of a sovereign nation. I rather admire the restraint shown in the film. I would hate if they show a ruler who is a thug. Clearly, the lesson here is that Black Panther does not do senseless violence for the sake of violence. Even the small destruction of Busan can be interpreted as an act of war if it becomes known that the King of Wakanda is the unregistered hero Black Panther. Just a thought, will the BP suppressant drink/train guard sonic lights work on Captain America? It may be that the secret ingredient in the Super soldier serum is vibranium.

Killmonger very much embodies the ideologies of Malcolm X so it would make sense that he would die saying something like what he said.

You surprised me Grace. You gave me the impression that you were gonna focus more on the flaws of the movie than its virtues. This is a well-balanced, fair review, even though I disagree with a couple of your points, I appreciate you taking the time to really ponder this movie, even if your initial opinion hadn't changed, I respect that you really thought about it and wanted to make a conversational video.

Never heard of roots but now I'm interested and willing to watch it

I disagree with the Roots comparison... I'm not offended I just disagree... any I really don't get how you come to that conclusion really... but offended no

great review

The monster who wins unfairly still gets to be king......hmmmm...where have i seen that 1 before

I really loved the movie, so different from other Marvel films. And the characters all had their moments (LOVED SHURI)

This review is TRASH! Throw it away and try again! Lol

15:12 “That’s what HE said!”

Black Panther was an important, timely and entertaining film. Great hero, along with a fantastic and sympathetic villain. I applaud Grace for not shying away from the conversation, but some of the overexplaining tells me the mindless trolls need to simmer down. I love what this film is doing to the conversation, even as our actual leaders on all sides seek to shut the conversation down. We are one love.

Before any of y’all start with your bullshit the Villian was the only one who took a Radical SJW perspective of the world. The movie then went as far as to condemn his actions and provide a better solution.

Loved this movie! Nor sure if I agree with your Killmonger take. It being irresponsible. I don't think the contrast would've been as strong if there was so.e conflict. Also I disagree kinda with your take on Jordan's performance. I saw layers in his performance but it wasnt consistent. I thought they explained well through dialogue why he was the way he was but perhaps they could've shown it more.

Arc reactors and gamma mutations make TOTAL sense (eye roll, again). Ok. I'm out

Grace you missed the Deep Cut of when the kids called Bucky the White Wolf which might hint at a future Bucky appearance in Wakanda

BushidoBrownSama Adopted brother!!!!! Yaaaaas.

WOW! The women were integral in EVERY aspect of Wakandan society (military, science, council, tradition), but somehow they still weren't "their own people"? (eye roll)

Grace loved your review until you hated on jordan he carried that movie even more so then boseman best marvel villian to date even better then Loki and he captured how black Americans feel towards Africa and most white people he was excellent

Black Americans feel Africans should have reached out and saved them? How? Wakanda of course doesnt exist and there is no African country that is .01% as awesome is Wakanda.

Paraphrasing: "obviously a monster from the get go, simply because he won a fight". Yeah. As an American that's SO hard to understand. Substitute "outdated electoral college" for "fight" and I think we can relate. In fact, that's why I liked the military's resistance to overthrowing the new leader because he was "duly elected" even if he stood for awful, regressive values.

Grace is crazy af why am i here??

Just finished the movie 30min ago. Black Panther is African Greatness.

Wakandans would probably call US foolish for blindly following OUR leaders, too, or criminalizing a DIFFERENT "magic herb"

In fairness to Killmonger's "shortsightedness", he was fueled by revenge of what he saw as the SENSELESS MURDER of his father

We Wuz Kangz:  The Movie

There are still open-air slave markets in Africa where blacks sell other blacks into slavery.

somehow a movie about a comic book character is gonna bring things to the next level. All these politics are ruining movies. I dont even wanna watch this movie anymore since it has become so political. I just wanted to enjoy a Black Panther movie

Wakanda is more like WrestleMania than a real country. The government is controlled by the muscular force than the intelligence and they call themselves advanced civilization. Also no physicians, mathematicians, chemists and engineers. Only warrior who fight each other. It is somehow stupid and diminish black people intelligence.

Good movie. The performances were great. I agree the final fight had too much CGI and it looked not great. It reminded me of the CGI fights in the Blade movies and those came out in the 90s.

The action sequence that "happens so fast"? He's not your ordinary avenger. He's like a ninja. T'Challa's perfect as Black Panther.

In a society that was untouched by western civilization, they develop their own belief system.

How did you not like Micheal b Jordan he was the best part of the movie, one of the best mcu villians yet... But I do appreciate you attacking the conversation and and not saying away from the important message in the film

I don't know how being locked up in Wakanda would be, but if I was on a slave ship I would have jumped, or try to get help burning the ship down like in American Gods.

I completely disagree with grace’s interpretation of the message of this film. Killmonger never has a moment of catharsis, he never takes a moment to reconsider his actions, he even goes to his grave willingly rather than accept the possibility that maybe he has gone down the wrong path. The movie never really says Killmonger was wrong...he just loses to T’Challa in the end. And in the end T’Challa actually goes as far as to call his ancestors “fools” for creating a barrier to the outside world for centuries. So he actually adopts part of Killmonger’s philosophy. So that sends a bit of a mixed message.

Im gonna say this right now.Fuck it. This is my 2nd Fav MCU movie. Its maybe even better than Captain America Winter Soldier( i havent watched tws in a while) I cried in this movie dude...

Lastly Grace I think the fact that Michael b. Jordan played Killmonger without remorse made his character better... Why would he be conflicted, he had zero reasons to feel remorse. His father was taken away, the radical environment he was raised in, his training... He was the epitome of anger. So he played his character perfectly till the end. Also it didn't need the soul stone connection, being the type of movie it was it did its job perfectly like Ant-Man

great job grace

What if the sole stone is what is creating the vibranium

Grace they explained vibranium in avengers 2, it's what vision is made can you not understand it's a techno wonder metal... Capt uses it at its basic form

And in not even going to get into the killmonger thing but...sirerously?.....bruh

That low point in Freeman's career is what almost all black actors have had in every thing since always.

I respect your thoughts Grace but they followed Killmongers orders to burn because he is the king...I mean it's not like we , even as Americans, Don't follow certain mindsets because of our government...they were fearful... Lupitas character loved T'Challa so of course she saved one

Grace thought last Jedi would be well received in China because Rose was Asian... She's Vietnamese. Any race political talk by her has to be taken with a bag of Himalayan pink salt ( the best salt)

i don't think me and grace watched the same movie, here's a hint wakandan's are white people.

Regarding Kilmonger’s speech, people who jumped the ships could not be his ancestors unless they had children who had also been enslaved in that ship. The African Americans are decendants of people who didn’t jump the ship. I think that irony shows why you should never give up and even in the worst of sitsuations there can someonething positive born even if it is in future you can’t see.

Okay people for those who don't like seeing politics in Black Panther then you must've not seen the first Iron Man and it's comment on gun control and absolute power going unchecked in Captain America's Winter Soldier.

I think you're off the mark with the women being just an extension of t'challa with no agency of their own. Shuri has no reason to challenge him for the throne, she doesn't want the responsibility. She can do more for the country with her tech expertise. It only seems like all of her tech is in support of him because we're witnessing a small portion of her duties as the head of science. It's comparable to Stark making the avengers tech. The work he does around the world isn't hindered by it. Nakia's defining trait is that she's at odds with t'challa's views. Her introductory scene has her explaining to him that she's found a purpose outside of wakanda and has no intention of staying past his coronation. She's a VERY large factor in his decision to end wakanda's isolation and is spearheading the outreach initiative. The Dora Milaje are soldiers. They serve their country to a fault because that's what soldiers do. That being said, Okoye tried her best to give consul to killmonger when he took the throne and steer him away from a path of destruction. When that didn't work she showed she wasn't above using a loophole to ensure that he couldn't hold the throne, allowing the Dora Milaje to act against him without stepping on tradition.

The only problem I have with this movie is that the twist was almost identical with the twist in Thor Ragnarok. A secret family member returning and trying to take the throne which they think is rightfully there's. It just felt a little too similar. But everything else is

I think the tribal ritual fight scenes were cool and could have highly benefited by phoning in the Russo Bros.

Killmonger is the black punisher

I cried at the end of the movie. I was so angry with Killmonger for removing the blade and choosing death. He was an awesome character and there was so much he could offer to Wakanda. For someone to just give up and accept death was TRULY disappointing and disheartening. The villain was AMAZING! And a little to real. He spoke to me, I saw a little of me in him. I grew up having to fight, i had to be tough, and ready to defend myself at all times. Seeing that anger on screen just spoke volumes to me. Anger isn't the answer. But hiding those kinds of emotions isn't healthy nor is having them but through anger you can find passion and with reason you can make a healthy solution. But Killmonger wanted to remain without reason and compassion, even seeing his father fueled him even more. So for me... seeing a fictional character with so much potential... give up. Was upsetting. But because he died... we are able to have deep conversation about why. This movie was hands down... a good one.

Disagree on Michael b Jordan his character is supposed to have resolve he is named killmonoger he in one day he got there and literally was about to give all the sleeper agents weapons to crush his enemies to have him have a crisis of conscience as the main hero is having a crisis of conscience isn't good storytelling he didn't need to be confused he needed to be killmonoger

It was enough action ffs. If it was more action then thay had to cut some great moments or maybe important moments from the plot. And noone taked about the jokes that were mostly absent finally.

How about that oakland Shout out tho...haha #Townbusiness any who. I agree with you about Micheal B Jordan. He played the same character he was in Creed. He said his character was inspired by heath ledgers Joker when I think he should have took more cues from Tupac Shakur. I also Agree about the action i also felt the same about Thor ragnorok in that regard.

11:27 "He won, I guess we're all going to have to be ruled by a monster now." In 2018 you didn't understand this? Really? Where have you been the last year? I'm not even joking, seriously say that out loud and think about it again.

Loved the movie! #TeamBucky

she IS the best fighter in the mcu!!

This is a horrible review. Killmonger was great. You understood why he had so much hatred in him. They challenge for the throne, if they have royal blood in them. Which is why , killmonger, ( t'challa cousin ), challenged him. Martin Freeman character ( Ross), was perfect for who he is. A cia operative, who's only concerns are for the interest of America. That's why he told t'chall , that at the casino.

As a life long fanatic of the character, the only thing i could say the movie truely got wrong was that T'challa is meant to be the best fighter in marvel and I thought the civil war directors haddled this better

"When cap sees him he's gonna faint"

A movie made to discuss something important to other people without actually saying anything. "The movie tries".. indeed, TRIES. It was too soft, flat.. and it accomplishes nothing.

I wanted to see more of Erik

Your view of the movie seems to put an inordinate amount of onus on the oppressed to be nice. It's like you legit missed all the parts of the movie and it's overt messaging. I'm literally looking for something nice to say and coming up short.

Hope this review gets to Ryan coogler

WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! better then batman begins!!!! Dark knight level you lost me there

It's fairly sad how much of the nuance Grace doesn't get. If I'm honest, the idea that she even reviewed it ignores the scene where M'baka told Everett not to talk. Everett Ross gave a MASTER CLASS on being an ally. He did what was asked by the people he wanted to help. I think this was a great spot to share this platform with someone who better understood the complexities of the topics being discussed. Or taken it a step further and had the conversation with someone over the things you didn't get. I've not watched your reviews in the last few years because it seems that you rejoice in not understanding movies that center minorities and sadly not much has changed.

I don’t think people know that Africa has many many rich cities. A lot of the cities in Africa ar more beautiful then here in America

You can't compare Mandela's imprisonment with being on a slave ship. The middle passage was horrible, people were chained up with strangers who didn't even speak their language and they were most of them traveling by ship the first time. Mandela was in the midst of a political revolution, his hopes and aspirations were much more in reach than a teenager enslaved on a ship packed in like cattle, they were also routinely beaten, raped and starved on the middle passage so the situation was soooooooooo much more destitute. They didn't just "give up".

I hate you , your attitude is repulsing

I have to disagree, I thought Michael B Jordan's performance was awesome. Probably my favorite villain in the MCU so far.

Killmonger was my favorite villain in the mcu. Great motivation, very relatable to me and he was badass.

Your trying to apply your American values and beliefs on African culture. That's why you don't understand the women of Wakanda or Killmonger.

Ok so you discount half of the action sequences then say there isn’t enough action wtf

I feel like whenever women in movies don't act exactly like how you would you look down upon them.

Should have used real rhinos, oh wait they're endangered.

Grace you don't have to have black skin to talk about what you think about this film.

This was a great movie. One of my favorite Marvel movies ever. Totally disagree with your opinion on Michael B. Jordan. He is the second best villain so far in the MCU. He was a worthy opponent to Black Panther. And this film didn’t need the Soul Stone. It would’ve discredited Black Panthers power and his comic book story.

I think the movie was just....ok...not really good but not a bad movie.

I’m disappointed you didn’t seem to grasp how important the phrase wakanda forever is to the wakandan people and thus why danai gurira’s character was willing to kill daniel kaluuya’s character

Spoiler Alert: Spider-Man does NOT show up.

18:58 He said "vegan" not vegetarian

as a non-american and a non-african, calling the film out for putting a monster in rule of the country is pretty hypocritical. so i think the film is very self-reflective of the current political system in america.

as an africn american man who grew up in a black community i feel like B jordan did an amazing job. I see him as the black community in america who go through the after results of slavery. giving the fact that he grew up in that life style. and your saying that he was a terrorist is kinda upsetting to hear. I felt he was the anger felt through african americans and everyone else in the african diaspora. also when you say you dont understandwhy they just said ok to him being the new king, you have to remember, its deeper than whats right In there way of living, in a way every king that rises was choosen the be king by there god(even if they became king through a battle)

No discussion of Lupita in the actors section?

Just wanted to say: This is the best Black Panther review on the internet. Appreciate how much thought you put into it, Grace. :)

Black panther was just a meh. The women were strong in the film.

9:49 Lol, Grace, what were you about to say? If Wakanda were like the U.S., eventually Wakandans wouldn’t see W’Kabi as a traitor. Instead they’d erect statues in his honor.

I think Roots isn't the right movie is referring I think more like Coming to America.

Only people from the panther tribe can take the herd

Ugh, so much to say! First, this movie was a triumph of Black Futurism, a movement I love dedicated to focusing on the future, and on empowerment. In the clash between East Coast hip hop, focused on positivity and rising up, and West Coast Gangster Rap which, validly, recognizes the reality of life, I've always favored the aspirational (that final line, so easy to lose the meaning of in the context of superhero movies, "Who are you?", so awesome). Second, I had an opposite reaction to the women: wow, all this dude's right-hand men are women! Nakia argued with and refused T'Challa's every demand, Okoye served the throne, not him, and his sister, well, she was a typical sister - I didn't experience them as support staff at all.

Your problem with the women being tchallas support system is dumb af

Grace you were doing so well until you started preaching about feminism

Saying that the best person for the role is who should be cast is not saying that it's always Whites who should be cast, it's clearly saying race isn't always a prerequisite actually.

You still somehow think comic book logic is suppose to apply to actual logic *face palm*

Black panther and wakanda is an immoral concept if meant and or taken as a serious concept or possibility, because it's saying that blacks are just as smart as everybody else if not smarter, and that means that the only reason why they aren't as well off is environmental and therefore being oppressed, thereby breeding hostility and putting responsibility or blame for there shortcomings on White people whos fault in reality it is not, and that's what makes it immoral. You can see why this could cause animosity amongst blacks who don't know any better, and guilt amongst whites who don't know any better; there should therefore be a clause or something attached to the story that makes it very clear that this is sheer fantasy, and not to be interpreted as realistic, or something that was actually possible and plausible in reality. This needs to be explicitly explained.

You can't have more than one Black Panther at a time because that is the title given to the current ruler. It's not a superhero name.

Wow kind of feels like somebodys pointing a gun at Grace's head as she's doing her review lol! I've never seen her stutter, blush and hold back so much for ANY review. Dam man this is really sad and why I'm having mixed "kind of negative" feelings about the film not because its good or bad but because I see a lot of reviewer like Grace looking so scared to even say the smallest bad thing about this movie very carefully narrating their review (love this, love that, amazing, funny, fabulous.. Bla bla bla) and quickly justifying the little tiny details they didn't like about the movie with how interesting the scene actually is. Im sure this is a very good movie, but all this fear of saying the wrong thing about it just makes these reviews not seem totally honest.

God you are embarrassing yourself grace

Killmonger is the prime example of both a victim of circumstances and a extremist who takes their ideals too far even when their overall intentions may have once been pure. His father was killed for being a traitor and he let his anger and hate lead him on the path to becoming what he was but even in all that what did he want besides revenge? He wanted to help those he felt were oppressed which is a pure intention but he went about it with hate in his heart which is why he succeeded only so much only to fail in the end and die by his own hand. Ta'chala was right in saying his dad was wrong. As a boy he was Wakandin and even now he is and for Ta'chaaka to leave him like that and not even bury his brother? That's fucked up no matter how you slice it because Erik at that time was an innocent child so really him becoming a monster is all Ta'chaaka's fault. Also am I the only one who was salty that Killmonger didn't say "long live the king" after he 'killed' ta'chala? It would have been so epic

I agree with most of the points you made expect MbJ i feel he was really good and nasty and perfect antagonist t'challa needed however, movie felt like divided into two Like first half was movie where they were trying catching klaw and he was antagonist and then a more grounded movie where A king has to re clam his kingdom. They could have made 2 movies out of this movie yet it didn't feel cramed or rushed so props to that both stories fit witj each other. And can't wait for moment when Tony will meet Sheeri

You are such a nitpicked the action was awesome

Martin Freeman’s character was one of my favorite 3 characters in the movie....

I don't see the comparison. The movie isn't saying that, and that is not how it is being received. (At least by me.) America has not dealt with slavery enough and the effects it still has on the black community.

The black community has a culture problem not a slavery problem. Its no magic brand new immigrants form all races come in and are doing better than the black community within a generation or two.

Ok Grace. I subscribed to your channel. You're a real one ^^ And just because you are white Grace, doesn't mean that you don't embody the black spirit because you do. And of that black spirit, you possess flicker-shines more brighter and violent than the flares of the sun. I'm so happy that you have an intelligent, self-aware mind that is capable of talking about anything whether it's about race or other things... I wish a lot more women, white women (and others of course) were as deep and thought provoking as you.

@ 11:25 == US Elections Grace. He won the electoral...

This idea may seem a little crazy, but I think that Black Panther 2 could be a great way to introduce Namor. Hear me out, they could say that Wakanda wasn’t the only nation that thrived off vibranium and that some of the meteor went into the ocean, which creates Atlantis

Okoye was my favorite part of the movie. She is such a badass and since I’ve been watching the walking dead for so long and have been a fan of Danai Gurera it made her parts in the movie so much better

T'Challa had a weak rule. He barely won the first fight, can't bring Klaue back, he loses the second fight to Killmonger and then opens his city up to be ravaged by other nations for vibranium. Sounds legit

His rule is weak but he hasnt opened the city..yet. For now he has an outreach program. He buys property in America. Americans arent buying property in Wakanda.

I think Killmonger had to go out like that because there are people like that, they weren’t trying to legitimise it, but rather to show that the anger held by people in the black community is so deep that it can kill you spiritually and make u do immoral things.

This movie was so much better than i thought it would be i absolutely loved it

Just saw this and it was so so so so so amazing!!!!!!! Seeing it again next week

I found it funny how long killmonger sat around with a knife in his chest


Enjoyed watching your review Grace, but I gotta disagree on a few things. First and foremost is on Michael B. Jordan's performance and then again on Killmonger. I thought he did a fantastic job and it shows the depth of his performance because you came away believing that Jordan may agree with Killmonger. As for Killmonger, I think he represents a lot of the rage that has existed from the OG Black Panther movement to the rage that still exists today in black communities. If the oppressed head the means to stand up to the oppressor they would. Killmonger represents this notion, but represents say Malcom X to Tchallas, Dr King. In this fictional universe if Wakanda is this ancient and highly advanced society then it's right to question why they allowed colonizers to enslave their ancestors. Second, I think you just can't understand Okoye. She is essentially a kingsguard sworn to the crown. Killmonger rightfully claimed the crown from Tchalla through the ceremonial challenge. As far as everyone knew Tchalla died and Erik was King. Her life is to defend the crown. You can't understand that because it's not really part of our society to demonstrate loyalty to an office. She flips on Killmonger when it becomes clear that he did not win the challenge and is not the rightful King. That makes perfect sense.

I just got home from seeing it & it just dawned on me this movie is literally a live action lion king

This movie doesn't quite do it for me

Kilmonger was not a terrorist but a realist

I feel like Grace's review is a well intentioned interpretation, but one that shoes a woeful ignorance for the black experience in America. The sin of slavery will always be the elephant in the room when we talk about relationships between white and black, and this movie does not shy away from it, but it didn't end there, and this movie is not by any means an allegory for slavery. The movie is very clear, that this is about injustices that continued into the early 90's and are still a problem today. It's about the criminal justice system which is rigged against black people, it's about inequality in educational opportunities, it's about food deserts, and government policies that punish the poor for building stable families. Killmonger wasn't angry because he couldn't forgive America's history. He was angry because he grew up as a second class citizen in the country of his birth. The movie does not support the violent and short sighted way he uses his rage, but it does empathize with the rage that he feels.

What government policies punish the poor for building stable families?

I just saw Black Panther this afternoon. Loved it. I too would have liked a little more action scenes-particularly between T'Challa and Erik Killmonger. Was kinda disappointed with Erik died. Wished his character didn't end that way and the same for Claw as well. But overall, I loved this movie. Going to see it again tomorrow.

Grace!!! You came through for me on this one lady! HONORARY BLACK CARD

The political aspect of this movie applies to the film/writing first and then you can only take some pieces of it that can apply to us being better people. There is nothing that applies directly to something outside of the film.

People are saying Killmonger is a great MCU villain but I'm not seeing it. He's no Loki, he lacks that depth and substance. I thought he was one note and really wasn't saying much more than any other villain.

He served his purpose. As a comic book villain is as Standard as it gets, just a copy paste job of the hero in the end.

Ayee just watched it. It was amazing!! I didn't think it was political at all tho other then like the United Nations thing, and of course the black people wanted "revenge"..

Stepping out of the fantasy world fire a sec, Killmonger' geo-political perspective would be MUCH better option for Black People than T'challa's. T'challa is clearly an integrationist...and chasing the IDEA of integration (because TRUE integration has NEVER been achieved) has led to the destruction of Black People. As long as Killmonger's campaign focused on exclusively helping Black People with a nationalistic disposition in the diaspora....and USING then DISCARDING some white people as he did Claue, then we have something to work with.

You seem to treat your blacks like pets or retarded a very patronising manner instead of just giving them back what was stolen from them! They are owed trillions in reparations for a history of tortuous injustice, incarcerations, bereavements and deprivations!

Killmonger was the real mvp.

I was cool with this review until she started talking down on Killmonger. Guess everyone loves a docile negro. Reason why they killed Malcolm. Dude kept it 100.

I totally forgot about the soul stone ...props to the story

I think you liked this film because as a white person the ultimate message made you feel comfortable enough to sleep peacefully in your bed. It sounds like you are afraid of real life Killmongers when in fact all they do is talk the language that the white supremacist world leadership understand. I also think you like the parts that put responsibility and blame on black Africans rather than on the white west for its lack of morality towards Africa/blacks. This movie obviously touched you personally and told you the "two wrongs dont make a right/you Negroes have to be more moral now" messages regarding race that you want to hear. Which is undetstandable I guess lol

Maze runner 3 action sequences > Black Panther action sequences Black Panther messages>Maze Runner 3> The whole DC Marvel Universes.

Only the bloodline of T'Challa can take the herb. Anyone else will die.

You completely missed the point of Killmonger. The entire review you’re glorifying T’Challa but without Killmonger he wouldn’t even changed any ideology. And Killmonger wasn’t a monster he was a product of his environment he’s an incredibly relatable villain in the sense that his motives are relatively his methods are what make him a villain. The last line Killmonger said exemplifies that and means a lot to most black people.

why was the black panther able to see his dead father and other past panthers...? i feel even though the soul stone was not seen in the movie does not mean it was not their. i dont know just a thought, i mean this is earth not asgard....

She nitpicks the hell out of this movie, but not WW.

Killmonger and Magneto are both right.

come on in Africa kings are respected and what ever they say goes, and the culture is different really

On par with the Dark Knight? HAHHAHAHAH I doubt someone wins the oscar for best actor or actress like Heath Ledger did

"Don't scare me like that, colonizer".

Did she just say this is better than Batman Begins?

The greeks the Romans Europeans all rob africa blind math science astronomy ect ect do your research before you make idiocy comments grow a brain first

Hey Grace some food for thought black panter will gross 2 billon dollars overall you can quote me on that

"When Cap sees him, he's gonna faint." XD Stucky!

Grace shits on everything marvel but praise everything. Dc

Girl if you going to talk about something you need to do some research I'm not trying to be mean or nothing but you're wrong about the slavery thing. What's holding black people back is years and years of Oppression. Every time black people tried to build something AKA Black Wall Street the s*** got burnt down how can you be held back if you weren't even allowed to take a step forward. Read something white girl

I would disagree with kill monger. He was awesome Micheal b Jordan performance was awesome

But nelson Mandela didn't forcefully take over a kingdom and make them fight eachother...loll grace what tf r u talking about

Kill monger is not done yet. Remember, in black panthers culture death is more like a stepping off point. Kill mongers gonna do a lot of damage now that hes reunited with the people that he can blame. The man who killed his father, and the other king's throughout generations who watched his people get slaughtered, oppressed and enslaved yet did nothing. The next black panther movie has to deal with the fact that he sent kill monger there. That's why kill monger happily died. He knew that it was better to be free in death than imprison. Black panther should have put him in prison. Now hes gonna have to deal with kill monger again.

Martin Freeman did have a good and significant role. He did single handling stop the weapons from getting delivered.

"They just going to let a monster rule just because he won", lmao this shouldn't be a hard concept to grasp for American by now haha

I don't think you got this one right.... you don't really seem to know what your talking about

Love you Grace!!

chadwick boseman has no charisma or screen presence, total miscast for black panther, michael b jordan should have been black panther

Did you watch the movie? Women didn't play second place to men. There were literal women on the government board. Nakia followed her heart in helping other countries. Sherri design and innovate like the train

I agree with alot of points being made in this review but what I truly disagree with is Grace stating that Danai Gurira's character Okoye being the best fighter in the MCU...For me personally that is totally untrue. Did she not see Captain America Winter Soldier and see how badass Cap was against Bucky or even the elevator scene or the beginning of that movie when they boarded the ship! Not to even mention all of the acrobatics and epic fight scenes with black widow in many of the MCU films thus far. Maybe I'm missing something but no way Okoye surpasses any of that. One can only speculate and see what's to come once Infinity War gets here and we see how the Russo bros flesh out her character and her fight scenes....

Lol wakanda agrees with Bucky when he sees him he’s gonna faint lol

The movie did not condone Killmonger at all, proven by the facts that 1) every sensible character in the movie thought he was an asshole and a bad leader except Daniel Kaluha's character, who was proven to be wrong. 2) He was the villian.

Grace - Marty Freeman has a fairly important role in this film, not sure why you said he didn't in your non-spoiler review? He's part of what moves the plot forward, he's shooting down drone ships....Also, not sure if we saw the same film but I saw PLENTY of action of all kinds, all the way through the film! There was some at the beginning, some in the middle, and a whole lot more at the end. Way off Grace, very unlike you! Oh and yes the film was bloody marvellous, way better than the silly humourous route the franchise has been venturing down lately. Loved it.

Oh and Eric tells T'challa about the sunsets after he is stabbed.

I really like your take on the movie that it’s about not letting slavery define the black community and moving forward

Grace loved your review, I hate how you had to hold back some of your opinions because your not part of the black community. You have such wonderful views and such a great way of expressing it.

thank you for putting into words how I felt about killmonger too - it felt like he never really saw the error of his ways and felt vindicated till the end... like he didn't realize that he had brought his own demise the moment he chose vengeance, the same with his father... they definitely hit upon it with the afterlife scene in the apt which really felt and looked like hell, but killmonger refused it with such certainty it was painful to watch. Perhaps thats what they were going for...

"First of all, what if Nelson Mandela..." Had to bail out there.

Disagree about the women's role in the movie: Angela Basset went to T'Chala's enemies to stage a coup after his death, game of thrones style! Michonne, general of the Dora Milaje, stayed loyal to the throne after T'chala is ousted. Monarchies, shit. Lupita's character refuses to marry him and wants to continue being a spy and assassin, etc. Shuri, well. She's just cool.

Had a suit that’s bulletproof yet still killed his brother

Kill monger said that his dad told him about the sunsets in thw train scene

Just's pretty good....I'm hoping for Universal to lend Namor so that we could see a Wakanda/Atlantis conflict like in the thing that I'm not seeing from a lot of reviews is that the kids in the end credits call Bucky, the White the comics, he's T'Challa's adopted caucasian brother....I'm thinking we're going to see a bigger connection with him in the future of Wakanda.....catharsis much?

I don't think the sequel will get to the level of TDK. Not with all its Disney ties.

There's nothing there with Bucky? They confirmed he's going to be White Wolf

Great movie, but it's nowhere close to Batman Begins, which is still the best comic book movie ever made.

She's going to be Peter's girlfriend I think

Another reason she's in Infinity War could be Thanos is attacking her beloved Wakanda?

Hello Grace, here's an interesting trivia. The actress Nabiyah Be plays Linda, Killmonger's girlfriend. Original the character was supposed to be Tilda Johnson who in the comics is Nightshade, the actress even Twitted about it. But they change this because the character will appear in Luke Cage season 2 play by Gabrielle Dennis.

Grace , there are roles in a tribe, killmonger is the warrior who dies on the battlefield, Mandela is the diplomat both are leaders in their own right .

I love all your reviews but I have to disagree on your comments about Michael B Jordan. Him as a villian is Loki level.

Grace seemed dismissive of the female characters in this movie. They were front and center, not relegated to supporting cast.

okoye represents a conservative, who holds on to tradition. everyone just can't throw away all institutions and tradition when fighting for their nation/country. Killmonger wasn't conflicted because his choice was already made for him. His father was supposed to be conflicted because he betrayed thousands of years of tradition and his own blood.

Naw Grace. Kugler is a very socially aware African American to place the blame for what stifles the black community in the wrong place, within itself. Killmonger in my opinion represented someone in between 2 cultures and the anger towards that. For example, as a Mexican American, born to 2 Mexican immigrants, I can relate. In the U.S. I am sort of a 2nd class citizen, a minority, non-white, member of an oppressed community. On the other side, in Mexico, I am not Mexican, but an American. Often, particularly in Mexico, I feel looked down on for having been born in the US. I’m seen as not really Mexican..... yet also not really American in the US. Of course there is some resentment. Killmonger was that person.

Well atleast you acknowledged Killmonger was a terrorist.

I disagree with what you said about Martin Freeman's character and Michael B Jordan's character I thought they were both good

What did think about Ângela Basset?


I feel the message of this movie was we should be accepted by out people were all Africans

1. T'Challa's words doesn't represent getting over slavery, his words are about Black people coming back together. Africans from their native countries and Africans who went through slavery. This doesn't say forget what White colonizers did, he's saying don't become like White colonizers, use violence, and kill people. This is more like Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X ideas/philosophies, who are portrayed in Professor X and Magneto.

This movie have no place in the MCU, is a good movie, not great, but is more a political movie the anything else.. disappointed

Grace don't listen to the complainers, you can talk about whatever you want it is your channel. Your beauty overcomes everything.



WTF!! The women were strongly representes in this movie than any other movie. Head of tech, bodyguards, opinions, suggestions, leaders, loyal. Still not enough for you. You'll never be happy unless it's a Wonder Woman movie. The women had the best action sequences and lines. What did you want? Honestly!? It's a monarchy. You follow the king. It was a great movie!

“You won, I guess we all have to be ruled by a monster now”... that is VERY American. Look who our leader is RIGHT NOW!!! I had so many issues with this review

Killmonger is a terrorist but it is good for that to be portrayed. Many white people are held in high esteem but they held terrible demons in their closets especially the colonists. I think that white people have a fear of seeing a monster of their creation coming to bite them in the butt the same way they did us. I think that you don't like Killmonger because he represents a eurocentric reaping season where white people have to atone for the sins of their ancestors.

How do you find it hard to believe Wakandan’s will immediately respect the position of king when popular shows like Game of Throne does it in almost every episode?

7:25 Cringe

Grace, I like you but you don’t know ANYTHING about tradition. Many people have stayed loyal based on cultural traditions. The Dora Milaje took a death oath to serve the throne. Did you read the comics?! My lord lol. The things you don’t understand about the movie is answered in the comics. I wish you’d better prepare for your review on this to get a better knowledge on Wakandian matters.

Black Panter = Cute ........

Grace the reason Killmonger is there is to represent the ones with hate in rage in their heart that drive their actions.

How did forest whittaker's character grow up soo fast

I don’t know about Black Panther being about “moving forward”. In my theater, a lot of the Black audience clapped when Eric said the slaves who jumped the boat knew dying would be better than captivity. I think a lot of the people in my audience were more aligned with Eric than T’Challa.

Killmonger was obviously realized on the Zod from Man of Steel. The results is the best Marvel villain ever.

And as an aspiring writer, I realized that Ryan Coogler is actually Killmonger. Every writer has to breathe life into their characters and most of Coogler's essence was blessed to Killmonger. He was just pushed to be a great villain for the movie; but Killmonger's rebirth was largely inspired by Ryan's own beliefs and ideologies.

For me it wasn’t so much about leaving slavery in the past, because it’s effects are still felt and colonisation still takes places in Africa today. But it did address grievances between black people across the diaspora and showed that we can come together.

Grace: very eloquently thought out and well put! Loved this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ms Grace I normally agree with you, but as a black man I disagree with you on Killmonger. His method was world domination by revenge, but it should've been world domination by equal or greater aggression. Eurocentric dominance exists only because nothing as strong/stronger exists to challenge it and in this movie Killmonger is actually the hero (who was tainted by rightful jealously and revenge on the people that could have saved the everyday black/African person) that can challenge it and defeat it. In the real world he would be more heroic and less of a villain than depicted in the movie because Pan Africanism is not as violent as Killmonger. In real life Killmonger would be himself and T'Challa.

I don't see this movie as saying that we should forget about slavery and all that. I think it slavery is an important part of black history, but it was saying that black people also have more to offer. It was a statement to the world that black people should be taken seriously. I actually thought they did a good job of explaining the science behind the gadgets. At least more than most other movies. They explained how the communication devices work, where as in most movies it's just a given that everyone can hear each other somehow, and they explained the sonic Vibranium dampeners. Maybe Vibranium is in some way related to the soul stone, since it's so powerful

I went to watch it on Saturday, I loved it.

GraceRandolph the soul stone was in the dust that they buried T’challa in

Saw the movie. Awesome! Much more than just a comic book movie. Fantastic sensitive review Grace. I feel like Wakanda came over to understand some aspects of Killmonger’s perspective. Helping and engaging the rest of the world without becoming conquerers that Killmonger wanted.

love Grace, she's like the cool teacher that *still* has to call your parents.

off the cuff, gonna call it now: Black Panther's sister will become the next Ironman after he ded.

What the movie was great but I wish the action scenes with black panther were as good with civil war

Go Eric go! I agree with killmonger! The women in this movie was just important as the men. I love the lack of white Feminism which helped destroy the black community. African feminist is based on Ying and yang like relationships. The women in this movie saved day like three times. Also you need to study sound and the creation of the universe. Not science fiction. Then you'll understand why they use sound to cut through vibranium. Sound and vibration can manipulate anything including DNA. Sound can levitate, cut, create light, heat and mini stars ✨ in a jar. All real not science fiction. Sound and vibration is so misunderstood. But from a science-fiction standpoint if you have over 3000 years of science expertise you can do what you want with sound.

Saw it this morning and you almost forget it is a superhero movie because the story line and dept that has is ridiculous

I took offense to your Roots comment initially but I do feel much better about it after your explanation. I completely disagree with you regarding Killmonger. I think MBJ played it exactly the way it should be played. Why pretend that he was conflicted? There's nothing in his past experiences that would've made him feel conflicted about his decisions. Showing him as a conflicted character would only have served to make the audience more comfortable with him and I don't think he's a person we're supposed to feel comfortable about. Thanks for the review and opening the discussion.

Only movie I'd choose to side with the villain in. Don't get me wrong I love T'challa, but I do agree with what killmonger was talking about.

small plot hole but .. why would the jajabari have fishermen of they are vegetarian ?

I'm very happy that you voiced an real opinion, but at the same time I also believe that there is just some things that people outside of the black community will never understand! But thanks for the review it's good that this could open up a discussion!

P.S I have nothing against white people just white supremacist. There is a difference and Grace seems like a cool white person

Killmonger was under used but was still really good I was on his side lol

Want to see more of Winston Duke? Watch Person of Interest. He shows up in the later seasons. Very Good in his role there.

The soul stone looks like a jolly rancher

What the fuck Grace. I loved Martin Freeman and Michael.

I enjoyed the movie overall but I guess now I just have to accept the "fact" that I'm a "colonizer" and if I go to Africa and try to speak to someone I'll just be barked at till I realize my proper place and shut up.

Political movie so good guns are so primitive

I really like the way you're bringing up this conversation Grace, great job!

Their were two action scenes before they went to South Korea

Interesting how Grace calls Killmonger a "terrorist" but also contrasts him with Nelson Mandela who was called a "terrorist" by the Reagan administration.

I completely agree with you on killmonger

Careful on those eggshells Grace

Great review.. and it's great to hear a white person that is open minded enough to understand how a film can have such an effect .. but killmonger might have had a raw approach but his motivations were not wrong!

We are being ruled by a monster now who won the election a short time ago, it does happen--we do nothing.. 11:27

MBJ was fantastic and by far the best MCU villain we've seen in a long time. Also does anyone else think vibranium IS the infinity stone? Or perhaps it's at the center of that mountain?

I know Ryan Coogler wanted to incorporate elements of African tribes in Wakanda, but Wakanda really reminds me of Japan and South Korea, in sense that those nations are technologically advance way ahead of a lot of other country, but also embrace tightly on their traditional values. I think it's the genius of Coogler.

This person pisses me off

I am black and approve the analysis of this film.

Two points that you said were ridiculously stupid and typical of an extreme LIBERAL. In case u didn't know their is only one king and of course the rest are meant to be loyal, and typical of a white woman to be mad that a black man wants to fight against white oppressors, maybe you are blind to the history or the present of the world. America deals with its problems through conflict, so does EVERYONE else. Sigh

No it's not time to move past shit

So interesting how different our views are about Martin Freeman. I have never liked him in the MCU. I've found him bumbling, and his American accent doesn't sit well with me. But, here in Black Panther I finally got why he was cast. Really enjoyed his performance here. His willingness to give his life (multiple times) for others, because it was the right thing to do. Really interested to see where the MCU takes him next. Also, I did like his hologram/action set piece. I am counting that as action.

I'm glad you stopped yourself at 9:44. I think we have a habit of labeling a person of color "terrorist" too quickly without even understanding what made him/her what he/she is, which this movie did. Don't blame the movie for trying to "legitimize a terrorist." Blame your ancestors for second-classing and creating color-race.

Great movie!  Killmonger was awesome!

I found the “He won, I guess we’re gonna all have to be ruled by a monster now” comment kind of ironic. Grace, listen to that again and see if you really don’t understand how an entire society could agree to it.

This movie felt so rushed I honestly think it could have been a bit longer to really make some of the characters better understood, it did more talking about action than showing it.

This film could have been a whole lot better .

What the %$#@

Some things are out of your depth..., Humble yourself

Black Panther might be my new favorite Marvel Movie (and I'm pasty white btw)

Makes me think if this is what marvel does with T'Challa vs Killmonger wait till they get their hands back on Professor X vs Magneto.

Yes, it is just a comic book movie, Grace. Fictional fantasy and adventure genres do not mix well with real life agendas woven into them, hence the controversy over Disney films of late. Just to make it very clear, if this movie had a predominantly white cast and the fictional country was set in Europe, dumbed-down leftists would be screaming racism, making white supremacy claims about the film and even labeling the movie as right-wing, nationalist propaganda. You would also see a massive call for boycotting Disney which would be trending on social media.

I feel like in a subtle way this movie was saying at one point white people and america suck which doesn't seem to be the best thing to say in a movie...

However I have come to respect this versions Black Panther, he even told mongor that he was blinded by hatred and became the very enemy he sought to destroy, just like he told the Mastermind behind the avengers downfall "your heart is consumed with vengeance"

I think the movie was good but considering how political races right now I don't think they should have put a lot of that political races and b******* in there. To be honest and then aiming it directly at white people in general, it was the British government during the monarchy that stole the artifacts the people working there just work there. The problems that we have with racism stem back to the government , and the government is quite geniusly using newest the point fingers at other people while they stay safe in their homes with all of their security

wow, kilmonger is not smart...why should he be conflicted? i think your just about the only person who didn't like his performance, but what else is new. he knew what he wanted and went for it. don't you love Batman v superman.? was it irresponsible to have Batman kill so many ppl, then act like it never happened? and why are you always trying to make cap and Bucky gay?

Also if you notice closely Disney also slipped some more subliminals in there, for example when the CIA agent was taken back to Wauconda the mother of the king was told that he was burning the flowers so that there couldn't be another Black Panther after him. The CIA agent said of course that's what he was trained for D stabilize the government .

why such push for strong women in every film ? in reality women don't fight men.and are often victims of domestic violence ,sexual violence and of lately sexually harassment. I'm just being honest,why do women got to be beating up everyone in these new films? it's takes me out of the film,so unrealistic .already pushing for a female black panther ,ruler of wakanda? So she is going to defeat all the best warriors in wakanda in combat?

ill give you a black panther "Wink wink"

Winston Duke was in the show Person of Interest a few times. He played a villain who had the nickname Mini.

Andy Serkis is turning into the next Sean Bean!

lol Grace what's you deal with loyalty? Bucky and Cap, the women and T'Challa.......

Grace is way off base about Kill Monger (Terrorist). And that line at the end about the slaves choosing death over cages is thee most powerful line in the MCU.

Don't be scared Grace. these are very nuanced discussions. You always talk respectfully about race. The black experience is very diverse and I'm just glad that the discussion has begun on a large scale. I don't agree with his methods but Killmonger's points were valid. But with the women I have to disagree with you. They were strong and followed their own paths while being loyal to T'Challa

I seen the movie two times already

Too bad Grace didn't catch the 'White Wolf' reference when the kids were calling Bucky that (on the 2nd end credit scene)

Kilmonger winning the fight and becoming king demonstrates how Wakandan tradition could work against them. One of the themes of the movie was about breaking tradition and changing with the times.

The killmonger/tchalla debate was a mirror to the Malcolm x/Martin Luther king Jr debate. One about retaliation, justice and an eye for an eye mindset versus a forgiveness and unity. That's why Eric was so uncompromising and non conflicted just as Malcolm x and the Black panther party were. While I strongly agree with Tchallas viewpoint I do see validity in the other side of the argument. This debate still continues to this day in black community and I think Eric's portrayal of his side was needed in the movie which is why there are some who say killmonger did no wrong. His portrayal was a credit to the movie rather than a hindrance in my opinion.

What in the fuck did you mean when you said police brutality and disarming without killing...

@gracerandolph Only the Royal bloodline can use the heart shaped fruit. It will kill others.

I liked your review. I don't agree with your narrow definition of action in this film. I do agree that the the development of Killmonger was a bit flawed.

The women are loyal to Wakanda.

I think you’re slightly misinterpreting the message of Black Panther. It isn’t saying to “move forward” from slavery because that’s quite literally impossible. We have to remember that slavery wasn’t that long ago and its effects are still felt in black homes today through various forms of systemic oppression that can be directly linked back to slavery. This movie, as you noted, is really more of a message to black people in positions of power to help black communities that have been disenfranchised by their own governments - although, as nonblack people, it’s really a conversation we shouldn’t be involving ourselves in/commenting on as it’s very much an intracommunity issue.

Now I wanna see that fight scene between Okoye and Black Widow.

Don’t you ever compare this to Dark Knight it isn’t even close to that Shame on you Grace !!!!!!!!!!!

I feel that the fact that its kind of separated from the MCU it's for the best and made me enjoy it a lot more, I feel like in this era of MCU crossovers it's important to take a little space and be somehow grounded.

I disagree with her opinion about killmonger. I don’t think his ideology was the problem, but how he wanted to accomplish it was. The end worked because of who he was as a character

See Winston Duke in Person of Interest as Dominic

I love your reviews Grace, even when I disagree with you. But wow, this was pretty cringe worthy at several points. But hey, you do you. I loved the movie too and I REALLY hope they give BP a proper trilogy of films.

Killmonger is like Helluva in Thor... Both wanted to rule..

*Tariq Nasheed's review was spot on. The deceptive messages are really being pushed, just like he said they would be.*

Dark Knight level , c'mon Grace

Grace I think the point of the character Martin played was to show how Black characters are written so often. Usually Black characters are just there to be funny, help the main character, ect

Killmonger that's because as a character Eric isn't conflicted he is sure that his path was the right course of action and T'challa was actually conflicted through out the movie until the end where he saw and felt that Eric was right. Just not in the way he had planned to do things.

don't you watch GOT, she is like the Kings guard. there is an Honor in guarding a leader even if you don't agree with their politics.

What in the world are you talking about Grace. The women in this film do have ambitions. T'Challa's sister Shuri is a freaking scientist. She is using technology to help not only her brother, but her country. Nakia is a spy who is doing all she can to help the people of Wakanda. Okoye is a general who is loyal to her country and is one of the greatest warriors in Wakanda. She is a badass and just so happens to be a woman. Seriously?! Did you even watch the movie? As a woman I was very happy with how the women were represented. Especially Black women. For so long we have be portrayed as stereotypes. This movie is showing Black Women in a whole new light.

You made some Great points!!!

T' Challa is the greatest black ranger ever.

I agree that they could've added the soul stone, but I liked the fight scenes. This movie does want others to have conversations about moving forward, but alot of people are too scared. Being afraid to converse about the truth of the black history is what keeps us all just talking and not doing anything. Definitely buying this movie when it comes out.

The line was long at my showing this afternoon. Overall, wonderful film. Looking forward to seeing a sequel, as well as other projects from the talent (in front of and behind the camera)!

You have to be of royal blood or beat the current king in combat to take the heart shape herb otherwise it'll poison you. Thats why there's a ritual combat for the throne. On challenge day any tribe members of Wakanda can challenge the current King for the title of King if you don't do this then you will be poisoned by the herb. If you beat the king you become king and the only way to challenge the king outside of Challenge Day is to be of royal blood. So your own family can challenge you at anytime for the Throne. The council of Wakanda is made of the heads of each of the tribes of Wakanda. They more like advisors to the king and the King has the final say of anything. The King of Wakanda must be strong, if you are a weak king you will be challenge for your throne constantly because Wakanda will not allow a weak King. Wakanda doesn't allow foreign kings so as only a Wakanda sits on the throne it doesn't matter who it is Eric Killmonger was of Royal blood so he had claim to the throne and as long as T'challa was believe to be dead. Wakanda would follow their King in whatever decision he made. Notice when T'challa shows up loyalties were changed quickly because T'challa was still alive meaning his ritual battle with Killmonger was left unfinished because he did not die nor did he surrender/yield.

re: roots comments. Ok, thank you for explaining :)

The movie has enough action. This movie has a perfect balance between humor, action, story and character development. So well done the two hours felt like 30 min I hate movies with action action action and at the end u cant even figure out why the story was important.

Wait, why did Martin Freeman's role make you feel uncomfortable? Could you please elaborate on that?

You couldn't understand the "Ok, we're ruled by a monster" ????? In case you haven't heard, the United States is ruled by a monster. That part should not be that hard to grasp.

At least she didnt talk about boob armor. The worst of feminism

Love me some boob armor

I was pleasantly shocked by how good this movie turned out to be. I agree with most of your points. I do think that Michael B. Jordan's character grew on me. At first, he felt out of place. As the movie progressed, he seemed to be a hybrid (which he was) between an African-American growing up in the Projects and a Wakandan. I'm really happy that they didn't cater the movie solely towards the African-American Community just because of the predominantly Black Cast. They told a great Story, in general. I love the discussion they created. Both sides have a point. Now that Wakanda is revealing their Advanced Technology, you know it's still not going to go well. How many people/countries will try to overthrown the Throne. Whether you agree with the Hero or the Villain, it's going to be a war, either way...

This movie was great!! Thanks Marvel

damn good spoiler review, totally agree. Ying and yang affect. Totally agree. Wakanda had more morals and on average strong ethics compared to the governments we see in the real world and especially in Africa. The key to success is hard work, strong families, and to have strong even-keeled judgement, moral and ethical values. And yeah, they shouldn't have killed killomonger.

Travis Scott also bought out a theater for less privileged kids to see!

I thought the final action sequence was better than the airport sequence from Civil War.

grace, I feel like you missed Killmongers purpose. His DAD was conflicted.. not him. He represents unbridled rage that cannot express itself. He is going to be two dimensional.

Black Panther is already one of my favorite films of 2018. I don't care.

Also hearing her say Michael B Jordan was a character that she didn't like was REALLY disappointing he was by far one of the best characters in the movie

Also I think that amount of action was fine because they have to show the story of how wakanda came to be and show all these characters it’s different then the other marvel movies

Anybody that had something negative to say about black panther needs to take the time to reevaluate what their definition of a good marvel movie is

Grace I get what you mean but it’s there culture you don’t break rules in certain cultures they have been raised on these rules you don’t just turn your back on those

7:36 I understand what she saying, but i hope she understands that being wrongfully jailed is also a terrible thing... The people of authority cannot keep doing wrong and the community just say 'ok i will be wrongfully jailed to become a hero'.. No.

Lol dark knight level.

Michael B Jordan is the best marvel villain makes you feel for him and slightly agree with his ideology not his methods but his ideas ...i disagree with your statement about michael b Jordan's portrayal .... You clearly dont know good acting or thr comics

15:39 Thats my jam

Grace, I can get behind why you find it so difficult to grasp how people can get behind someone who for all intents and purposes is clearly unfit to govern such a powerful nation - especially when the rules of succession or how said leader is chosen are so backwards. But hey, year two and counting...

There's a line in the netflix show, The Crown, about royalty that applies to how the Dore and Okoye consider the throne. The line is 'the crown comes first'. I understood that they were loyal to the crown and their allegiance was unflinching. When it comes to tradition and royalty, I think it goes beyond position and what they're doing is more of a calling and an honor to serve. I did love Kilmonger as a villain. I felt he was well fleshed out and his military and spy background made him just a force. He took wakanda and twisted it around to disorient everyone and make them unable to anticipate his moves. His motivation is also well fleshed out. He wants to help other black people and establish Wakanda was a world leader. Overall love the movie. My biggest issue is the fight coordination and the crappy cgi suits. I loved the fight choreography in civil war, but in this movie it was too shaky and blurry and even the hand to hand fight on the waterfalls was pretty poorly done. Can't WAIT FOR BLACK PANTHER 2!

I thought I was the only one that did not appreciate Michael B Jordan's performance (Too much shouting and proclaiming). He made Killmonger seem like an angry psychopath that used his personal trauma along with the horrors of systematic oppression, exploitation and bigotry as an excuse to seek vengeance. Not a man truly seeking justice and reparation for the atrocities that were committed against him and almost an entire continent of people and their descendants. Had he played it as the latter it would have been really impressive. P.S. I do know this is a movie and not real life.

What a great movie! Your comparison to Nelson Mandela in context to MBJ's line about bondage is a little off. MBJ was specifically speaking about the savagery of American slavery. Being kidnapped from your home, forced in the most wretched conditions... stacked like boxes... starved... raped for days on a boat, and then sold to the highest bidder like a wild animal. So, your question "What if Nelson Mandela had this opinion" is misplaced. The real question is... "What if Nelson Mandela or any other person had to face such treacherous conditions such as the American slave? Would his/her opinion or tolerance of bondage change?" I would much rather be thrown in an ocean than to live in such conditions. And I'm sure that many people, facing those conditions, would agree. American slavery and what Nelson Mandela had to endure, while both horrible and despicable, are absolutely not the same. And they do not warrant the same response to the question "What would you do if you were facing bondage?"

This movie should have been released after civil war and Thor 3 should have been the last movie going into IW. I was actually disappointed with the movie it wasn't bad I'm just not into any side movies anymore. Infinity war is right there and you vier off to do a side movie with little connection to IW. Wasn't the marvel movies suppose to lead up to that movie

Why wouldn’t the women be support? It aint their movie. Women not in the decision making? There was a woman on the council of elders, two counting okoye. F are you talking about?

This woman knows nothing. Okoye only rejected Killmonger when she realized T'Challa was still alive. T'Challa being alive meant that the challenge in effect and T'Challa is still the king. T'Challa did not surrender and did not die. Therefore he was still king. So she could over through Killmonger without being disloyal.

The women supported Wakanda NOT black panther. Appreciate your views but damn you missed that one! They’re role was not to be in the background.

I loved Michael Jordan as Killmonger.

i had the same sentiments about the abc miniseries roots compared to black panther as far as the blockbuster success. however, for all of its nielsen shattering acclaim, most of those actors of color never saw a tony project again for decades.

Killmonger got a son. You not seen that kid at the end. They look exactly the same


to please americans and their strong theist belives Disney lack of courage and used only ancestor element of Wakanda religion and made no effort to show the Panther Godess Bast (only in the ritual formula) and the important spiritual role of the Black Panther...such a pity

You was all wrong about the Killmonger sweetheart. But I know you don’t get it

I thought it was average. I don't understand the hype.

Man Grace struggled with doing this video.!

Michael b Jordan was the best part of the movie

I don't think Killmonger was a terrorist at all. He was king. Everything he did was law after that.

Oh my GOD grace WTF ime done with this chanell. So this movies is about telling black people to forget about slavery because it's holding us back lol.When Black Panther says what my father did was not my actions what you took from that was Black panther representing a European talking to somebody of ex colonial decent and telling them to get on with it lol I think you've have had a lobotomy.

Klaw was so funny

It should have been a super hero movie not a political platform. Your not helping.

"Holding them back"? Seriously, Grace? If you had any idea what black people go through you wouldn't be saying that. Yikes. I mean I guess I don't blame you for being ignorant but please think about what you say.

Am I the only 1 that get the Pink Panther reference? Hehe. Nice 1 Grave

Grace, as a black fan I appreciate you trying to understanding. There are some things that I feel you misunderstood though. Letting go of the past isn’t what is keeping killmonger or us (real black people) back. Everyone accepting the past and understanding how it effects today is very important. I think that gets missed a lot these days. The spirit killmonger had can bring about positive change just like T’challa’s spirit. You need the militant and the peaceful side to succeed. You hit the nail on the head with the yin and yang comparison. But people like killmonger isn’t what is holding us back. EVERYONE of all backgrounds have to understand. “Letting go” as you say, doesn’t appreciate the past and current oppression that occurs.

how did you not like how micheal b jordan acted as killmonger? He was a savage villian, and he talked o.d shit no censorship lmao

The wakandan government and the ceremonial fight made no sense, monarchies don’t work the way they had it in the movie they are hereditary, and if just anyone had the right to rule just by winning a fight, why not just have elections then.

I agree 100% with everything you said about Claw

I thought it was pronounced 'Mila-jey'

MCU Favorites The Avengers Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: Civil War Doctor Strange Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Thor: Ragnarok Avengers: Age Of Ultron Iron Man *Black* *Panther* Guardians Of The Galaxy Spider-Man: Homecoming Thor Captain America: The First Avenger Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3 Ant-Man The Incredible Hulk Thor: The Dark World

discovers wakandan accent... *_I NEVER FREEZE_*

The movie was sooo amazing! I personally thought that each woman had her own goals and motives, but that’s just my thoughts.... I really hope they have a sequel!!

I honestly feel you should take this video down. The comments you're making are very disrespectful to the black community.. Very distasteful.

Loved the movie. This movie is NOT aboyt the action scenes, which I found lacking. What made the movie awesome was how they made an awsome movie that did not relly on the action.

How come no one talked about the namor comment the Panther stated

They should wait to make the sequel until the buyout of Fox is complete so they can bring Storm

I think the action was enough for what the movie was going for, it was actually a lot, so I don't know what you're on about grace, maybe you have been watching too much die hard or mission impossible

The final battle reminded me of Battle of the Bastards, the main characters are surrouned by an enemy (W'Kabi and Ramsay Bolton) using sheilds to block them, and then an ally (M'Baku and Littlefinger) comes and attacks the enemy from behind. On a much smaller sacle of course

Michael B Jordan was the best part of this movie...

Punisher = Patriot Killmonger = Monster / Terrorist

You won... I guess now you are gonna have to be ruled by a monster ? Isn't that very similar to what is happening in your own country?

Was Bucky already out of stasis when KIllmonger arrives in Wakanda? Because if not, why didn't they try and save him?

Jordan played Killmonger perfectly. Maybe Jordan does share some of Killmoger's feelings, is that so wrong? Is he not entitled to his own views on the world?

Winston Duke had seat at the table at the end.

The tech doesn't make sense? The tech we have today would seem like magic to people living a hundred years ago. Okeya's loyalty is to the throne, not the leader. I thought it was admirable that she would stick to her sworn duty. She only switched sides after she found out that T'Chala was still alive, so she stayed true to her duties throughout.

Representation matters. Saw the movie over the weekend, it really is a good movie. What I liked most was that it focused on story over action. Black Panther and Winter Soldier are my two favorite Marvel movies. Both movies are more like thrillers than straight superhero movies. I live in a conservative area and so the audience was mostly white. When colonialism was referenced in the movie you could feel the discomfort among some members of the audience. Regarding Killmonger, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter; let's not forget that the heroes in Star Wars are seen as terrorists by the imperialists, and rebels by those against the Empire. I think Grace missed the point of the leadership challenge. The point of the challenge to the death is that it's final. There's no legal technicalities, no endless debate, etc. The outcome is final and everyone has to accept it.

You're wrong about the perceived message about moving on from slavery. You say you know you don't have this experience. That means you should stop speaking about it. Quote some Black pop culture critics or bring one on because you are really messing this up. "Before I'll be a slave, I'll be buried in my grave and go home to my lord and be free," is a thing. Your interpretation of Killmonger lacks depth. All of these women have their own paths already. Yes, they are loyal to the throne, their country, or to T'Challa, but also themselves. HER NAME IS OKOYE! O-KOY-YAY! If you don't understand how Killmonger has valid points, but flawed praxis you need to talk to more Black pop culture critics/movie reviewers. Freeman's role was that of the token, which is usually played by a person of color. If you felt the way he was treated "wasn't cool" welcome to our world.

Wilson Duke aka M'Baku he played a character called Dominic / Mini in Person of Interest a CBS show in 2014/15 he was in 7 episodes.

The biggest flaw with this movie is the death of Tachalla's uncle, which did not make any sense at all! Why not just disarm him? Why Kill him?! It does not make sense.

I have to disagree about Shuri becoming Black Panther. She was such an amazing character all on her own, I feel like becoming just another Black Panther instead of being just Shuri is a bit beneath her. She can create her own amazing weapons so why use what was created for someone else?? Same way I wasn't impressed when Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel after she'd really carved out an identity all her own as Warbird/Binary. It was supposed to be an upgrade but for me it was a downgrade and I didn't like that blue red and gold suit or hairstyle she got either.

Didn’t agree with your gripes but good review

I felt like the Black women in this film were more than just support. But this is a convo, id rather have with Black women to be honest. You should do the same.

Finally, having seen the film this evening, I can give you my two cents. And I'll dispense with the negatives first. Action packed comic book movie this is not! There are stretches of the film where protagonists are more inclined to trade words than punches, which means you can't just sit back and enjoy the ride. But on the up side, this is a damn good political thriller! Hats off to Ryan Coogler for making Black Panther the way he did (and a nod to Kevin Feige for letting him). It made apsolute sense to explore the power vacuum that was left in the wake of T'Chaka's death in Civil War, and I like that the social and political commentary that was in the movie fit with the created environment and the story, rather than being squeezed in because it's deemed topical. And with all the deaths (Klaue, Zuri, Killmonger's dad and Killmonger, T'Challa reprising Bucky) and twists (W'Kabi's betrayal, M'Baku's challenge and ultimate acceptance of T'Challa, Okoye's unwavering comitment to duty above personal loyalty) Black Panther had the graviti it might not have had were it a typical comic book fare. Characters were all great, with agent Ross being the weakest because after the Korean heist he seemed more like a stowaway than an active protagonist. Killmonger was a villain worthy of his mantle, while T'Chall's lack of prominence on par with other superheros was in line with with who his character was. All in all, this is a great movie and any complaint on my part would ammount to pointless nitpicking. Black Panther is definitely worth seeing.

The film in my opinion did a fantastic job explaining the (very realistic) world Killmonger he grew up in. This is the best Marvel movie so far.

First off let me commend you for having this discussion. The the biggest issues on both sides is that both sides of the word black or African American. Wow this movie did have predominantly a Black cast and depicts in African superhero. If everybody could just simply get past that part. I'm sure we would all come to see the same conclusion of this movie. It was a great all around movie. My personal insight into this movie world that we need to look out pass the imaginary borders and focus on the fact that we are all One race human. That is a short insight into my review. And I will convince you that I am not a professional like yourself. I do enjoy having unbiased intellectual conversations. Again thank you for being able to have the conversation. And if you would like to talk more My email is

Martin freemen was so useless to me

Grace, you complained about the women being too secondarily too the story and only job was to support their King to a fault. BUT you raved about how awesome they were many many many times in this review. They served the movie is what they did!

The movie was okay.

Grace is always hating on my villain baes, and honestly in what universe was Michael B. Jordan not amazing as Killmonger? What are you talking about?

Still waiting on Grace to pronounce Dora Milaje correctly....

Poor Andy Serkis, First Disney kills him as Snoke and now they kill him as Klaue

Grace - what did you think of Lupita? I liked her character Nakia (spelling?) and I'm glad she wasn't just the romantic interest, though she did play to those stereotypes as well But also - what did you think of T'chaka's decision to kill his brother? I found this quite surprising, and also felt like it kind of typical of movies: you know when a character finds out something about someone they idolized that makes them imperfect? It was along the lines of the "lier revealed" and it really surprised me - though he did kill his brother to save Zuri and though we didn't learn much about T'chaka from the Civil War or from T'challa's mother - it still seemed a little forced. would love to hear your thoughts - and others in the comments too of course! :)

I thought racism was over, If Kilmonger didn't kill the museum lady because she was white, the movie would have been ok, but apparently he did

You're right in that you don't understand the cultural structure as an American. But to those who can relate wether directly or via similarities in their culture won't have a problem with them being loyal to a fault.

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