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Welcome. On board a beam in 787. Dreamliner, today's, such, exciting, day and momentous, day in Bangladesh, these lucky, winners around me they had never flown an airplane, before so, today is their first flight and then we are going to Chittagong are you guys excited yes also. So, tell me your name, I'm swear monk it's really awesome because it. And it feels very Mendes. And this airplane. Is like the new ones it is is the latest one from Bheema Airlines my shirts, match yours as well, what's. Your name my mom would love you come Mohammad, Lobby Khan how, are you mom. Palette I cannot, actually. Express my emotions because, this is the least my first time and this point 787. It is one of the most advanced aircraft brands in the world so. You can imagine how happy I am I mean you guys know about aviation, it's, just that you haven't got a chance to fly I hope today after you fly you, got to appreciate more, about aviation last, but not least. I. Can. Never thought my first flight with that one special with, Sam - no nonsense. What, should have you good, afternoon I'm officially. Welcome. On good Lord beam on flight today we are going from darker, Chittagong will, take about 29, minutes and we're flying at. An altitude of, 15,000. Feet who's, cruising, speed will be around 310. To 315, knots and. The, weather is fine and the, welcome on go to our Dreamliner, fight thank. You very much for flying with us you know in the Dreamliner, we have got the large. The monitors and a lot of information there and as well as we have hit. Up display you, know for, it in short there's a hug and, we. Have the same information we, have in the down in the monitor India, especially, it, helps us during, the bad, weather if the visible, is very poor in that case you know we can look through to. This heart and we have two, very powerful engines, janet's which gives about, 67,000. Pound. Of power for. Each, engine cover, following, the baby. If. There is any cut. Mark or something or. The pathology. Hello. You. Like to play. Good. Good. Coming, have a look two copies 787. You. Brought cameras. This is really. Good the camera yeah he's a knife that I'm just sitting in the economy, here and checking out the lake room, I think, it's decent, I think it's standard like the otter 787. We've got three three three sittings, enough. Leg room a, little bit narrow. Very. Kind of sight good how do you feel. It's, okay yeah yeah. Big puff screen here it's, like an iPhone you can slide around. Though, your windows with how you feel like on the 787 exciting. Exciting yeah, in, about 50 minute we'll take off. Here. Secure. Issa PR general manager at Beeman airline he really supported, my vision and idea to, bring those people who love aviation but never film the plane before now, we're just close the door now, he, kindly, upgraded, the four lucky winners to come to business class the six. Is, this better good, good. Nice. To. Be the new business policy, is, supposed to be upholding back to hatch buyout you know it's a bit narrow when you fully recline, so, there's one thing you can push. This button and this, thing get lower and, lower now. You got a bit more shoulder room it's. No longer sloppy flat much improved than the Boeing triple7 no, privacy, because I got very tall. Very, high walls here to privacy in the windows especially here. For, excellence, you can come as respect now. Quite. Honest. Douglas. Like. There. Objects. To. Fulfill fear of the departure for fate of the yellow thick so necessarily.

Easily 3000, pitch that they think of. They. Call them two, one. Six one. Everything. Is okay and with. Alberto. God sent Jacob, trust. Go. Maybe, not. It's like it has done. In. What. Very. Much. One, module Citadel hitting funny. Cause. The tickle. Very. Smooth you like it enjoy, the window view from there awesome. Because. Checked notes, check, out Ravech free, landing. The reveal of minimum. 35, vending vehicle just 142. And minimum C 45 I'm still employed Sanderson, 43140 here and here if I sit on my side everything. Five hundred. Approaching. Minimums. Better. Bumps minimums. Does. Everyone have a good place great. Yeah, congratulations. Guys congratulations, for your first flight. Thank. You very much for the short flight thank you. Wow. Look. At this piece, oh my god thank you so much I don't really deserve this. So. Now this is the seafront of Chittagong or I should say chata Graham that's the local where they use about Chittagong it's really really relaxing, here. Well. You know I was here for about half an hour I haven't, seen one foreign, tourists, I think there are very very few foreign tourists knowing about Bangladesh when. They have better roads better transportation, better. Hotels, I hope the foreigners will come here to a visit because it's, fascinating. The locals are so friendly to see you here when they see the camera everybody smile your camera everybody, loves you things, you don't see here is so much mosquito, around hundreds. Of lakita mosquito coming minutes like. Our. Flight is actually two and a half hours late instead. Of going at 8:30 we're going at 11:50, thing are, you tired. Kind. Of tired. All. My charger that I had yeah, it, just went away this is funny like we flows. 30, minutes on the Dreamliner now, we stayed at the Chittagong with a delay for, five six hours but. Flying thirty minutes you have to stay here for six hours you. Still want to do it he's new on a flight back. Alright. Guys finally we got our plane here it's the - a 400. Ready, to fly let's. Fly. 100. 40. 30. 2010. Ah. The. Launch scenes that darkest frightened, there are many credit card lambdas the Beeman marceline Executive, Lounge had a facelift it is very good with lots of food. We're. Facebook friends long, time serious. Famous, the most famous dc-10, play attendance, I, know is your son okay your. Father, eNOS Khan is here with me yeah, thanks, for talking to you I don't okay, see, you on the YouTube video okay. Take. Care take care bye bye. This. Is my last flight leaving Bangladesh, on Diamond. Dreamliner to Muscat a very tire already as you probably can tell I have a long day under the Sun spotting, this is our traditional. Germany, print. Germany's. Our traditional, sorry and very, famous sorry for, and like everyone. So this is the pattern on the sorry. On. Your sorry, yeah. What's your name sha sha, hep zombie. Sabi is, this your first time flying the beam on Dreamliner, yes yes how, do you feel like you're like its wings wooden, spikes like 15, flights would set you know you're gonna be proud of it Bangladesh, has a Dreamliner, no mini country as a Dreamliner, so they have a manatee, kid on this flight to Moscow. And suitability, of the tu-160, tu-144. Twenty-six thousand eleven, efficient. What, if this is 172. Is. My pumping. After. Departure initially, client 3,000, feet under. Here to 105. Surface. During the c10. Disease there are five dot they pick up anyone. A check. There. Can be different honor to the other. Being. What. With, our new restroom. 787. This, is the Semin a seven Dreamliner chorused, unbelievable. Better than first-class better than business class which, every seats in the future, of the, premium cabin will be like this you have a mattress you can sleep on like this are. You happy, no, just leave we have medallions she, can make mix vegetable. We. Must. Move on the mountain stuff rice and rice we. Have mixed, vegetables. Chicken curry enjoyed and we have a vegetarian. We just doesn't, vegetables. The, entertainment, system is fantastic, plenty, of options I'll so impress with many live TV channels on offer I. Also. Found a Bangla music video very entertaining, I can't stop laughing watching, it. There, are Wi-Fi, on board but since it didn't work on my flights. So. We are going to suppress it updating, for headaches and now I'm going to get them so. Everybody, get prepared ok I'm, going to bring it. Wow. This. Is amazing. Look. At this Bemis, long day. My. Face is safe and now you had to lick it off. Welcome. On board BG, 0 2 1 Rahman Bangladesh Airlines, root. Naca to Muscat. Today. We are cruising at an altitude of, 40,000.

Feet And our, ground speed is. 470. Miles per. Hour. In. This route we'll be flying over Kolkata. Nagpur. Then. Bombay. Gulf. Of Oman and finally to the Muscat. We, are hope you are enjoying the 5 meters thank, you very much for choosing divine. Minimums. Minimums. 100. 50. 40. 30, 20. 10. 5. Carter. Thank, you. Fires, around fire, through, the time.

2019-03-31 09:24

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