being sad and giving a talk

being sad and giving a talk

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And. And I just all. The t-shirts pop I also, brought my, Polly. Pocket. Because. I, think it's, cute, for. Decoration, the. Ghosts will the whole vibe or, my brand. Wait, let me open. This okay, so usually what I do is. I place it here. He's. Also like went at when people put lucky. Japanese. Cats what are the claim is. A sign of like good business this is my lucky. Cat, for, good business I also have business cards that people can take with them as. A souvenir and. Yesterday. All the pins, sold. Out you guys I got, my rabbit, but. Today we have stickers and scenes, and these. Are the t-shirts that I have been doing for the past couple. Of months, they're so cute by the way this thing is, working really. Really nicely as you can see, it. Can go really, up and. People, are. Prints and stuff so. They're really handy if you go to a, convention, or, a festival I really. Really recommend them. Welcome. To my bathroom. It's. Been a while since the last time I film here I'm so sorry the, gods. Is, so disgusting, I'm so sorry guys this, is the post mocha States. Right. Now I'm doing laundry and I'm also catching up with a few emails. This, week we have a very hectic week, and this is why I'm not uploading, a video. This week for you, last week because. I'm going to be traveling on Wednesday, and Thursday. To, Greenville. I'm. Going only for one night to. Give a talk and today, this, morning I need to work on the, talk and catch. Up with emails, and laundry. So, yeah. It's going to be a very hectic week, you guys but, we can totally do this I'm. Insanely. Tired, but, I am drinking my second, cup, of coffee right now. By. The way guys I just wanted, to let you know that my, portfolios. Officially. Up can you believe this I spend, most of if not all, Friday. Working. On my portfolio of a case I had to tweak all of the pictures in order to fit this way. A weird, format, and also, I don't know if we can see look, oh my god I, have, never had a website. With my work on it so this is like super. Professional for, me anyway most, of the Commission's. That I have loaded they. Have detailed, description, about what the project was about and the, brief and what the client wanted and also, I uploaded a few sketches and like behind the scenes of all the. Stuff. That I did for example this was for Mia. Mia's. Project, I had to illustrate, 11, the 11 cover, book. Collection. Of The Princess, Diaries in. France in French and, it, was such an amazing like dreamy. Project, for me and I. Had such a nice time working, with the. Publishing company and the agency, and I. Uploaded a few behind the scenes pictures and like. Character. Design and things that I did for them this is one of the covers and. I am so happy how the website turn out anyway please, only if you have time check it out anyway, I'm going to keep working. Now, but I just wanted to share this with you. Hi, guys good morning. God, my face you guys says, it all it's, been super. Long. Can. I say week god, I'm. So tired so, basically, I am, here in North Carolina because. I have to do a talk for, a university. And. Yesterday. At 5:00 a.m. I. Travel. I commuted, from my home, to. LaGuardia. It, was a very pleasant trip, actually, and. When. I was at LaGuardia I got, a text message from, a friend saying that a very, good friend of mine passed. Away yesterday, I know, it's very weird to say this she. Has. Been she's, been battling, with cancer for. God. For so long, and it's. Been a really draining, and like. Heartbreaking. Thing, he. Caught me completely, off, guard despite. The fact that we, have been preparing, for her. Passing, for, a very, long time. And. That. Fact. Also, accentuated. With. The, other fact, that. When I got to the. Airport after, my flight. The. People from the university let. Me know that I was at the wrong Airport I was, not in Greenville, North Carolina I was in Greenville, South. Carolina. So. My. God apparently. This is a mistake that happens a lot but. No one checked, my. Flight, details. Because. I was the one in charge purchasing the tickets and since I've been living less than a year here in the US I had no idea there were two Greenville's. So. I had, to, spend. All day literally. Eight hours, at. Greenville, South Carolina it. Was such, a gorgeous, day but I was crying a lot. I'm not gonna lie guys I've been thinking if telling you of these details or not because I don't want people to feel awkward. About, this and like I know when someone dies is very hard to comfort someone there's, nothing you can say to make it better at cetera so, I'm like should I tell the guys this anyway, yes, I cried alone. By. Myself or, at, a park on a bench for. Like. Easily. Five, hours and then I got myself together, and I, went to.

The. The. Airport, again and then I went to char, lot and then, I float again to. Newborn. And then I'm here it's. Been. So. Draining. You guys I haven't, eaten anything, because. It's, very hard to find vegan, options, if you're, not in a big city am i hungry though I'm not hungry but I need I know I need to eat something and I. Just google and there's a supermarket, near this. Hotel I'm. Just exhausted emotionally, and. And. I. Just want to be with someone that's like the horrible thing I I, want to be with Ed and I am, here all by myself in this hotel room and. It's. It's so hard to deal with losing. Someone when. You're by yourself in. A strange city when, you're about to give a talk, to. I don't know if five people or. 150. People I have no idea how many people are going to come I don't. Think that many people are going to come to talk, because it was meant to be for yes I like my talk was yesterday, so. Now that, they changed, the schedules, it's very likely that that's, not gonna happen anymore, I mean not not. That many people are is going to come. So. Yeah. That's. The thing you guys it's been really. Hard a couple, of days I'm not gonna lie. MOCA was amazing. And I, felt, overjoyed. And over lo but so many people. But. It was a weekend that I had to work nonetheless so, I haven't stopped working since. About like non-stop for three weeks and, I'm. About to cave in, so, as soon as I'm I'm, done. With this talk. I think, I'm gonna pass out. Here. Anyway. I'm going to go out now, to. Buy some snacks, I'm so sorry for talking, for so long, but. I needed to I, felt awkward just. Like pretending, nothing was happening when. A lot of things are happening so. Yeah, guys, my condolences, if you have. Lost someone lately. Because. It's. Horrible. It's. Horrible and. She was really young she, was around my age so. It, wasn't like oh yeah, she leads a amazing. And long, life it was like. No. Um. Anyway. I love you guys, thank you for being here with me on, this, trip I feel. Less. Lonely somehow. Well. Yeah let's go and buy some food. Hi, guys how. Are you. We just came back from. Doing. The talk and. It. Was so nice I, am so happy at this I am. Very tired though I don't know if you can see it. But. Yeah it's been such intense day and now. I think I'm going to, just. Be. On my pajamas, and watch. Stupid. Stuff on Netflix, and pass. Out. I'm living tomorrow and. It's. Going to be a long flight you guys because, I have to go to I, think Charlotte, first and then I have to go to New York I. Can't wait to be back in, the flat with Edie and just be. With someone it's really hard to. Be. In these situations, alone and. But. I'm really really happy I I. Said. Yes and I stayed, here and I did the talk and everybody was so grateful nice to me and. It. Was so nice like it's one experience, more than I can put under my belt and, I'm. So happy that with, my all. Of the things that I learned I am helping future. Illustrators. And. That's really inspiring. So. That's. It you guys it's been such intense couple of weeks but. I'm. Happy I did this I am so happy I did this. Hi. Guys good. Morning. It's still morning, yes. So, today's Monday and I, got. To the office a couple of hours ago but I just, spent most. Of the morning replying. Emails, and, answering, comments and doing admin, work today. To, be honest I really don't want to work but. I decided to come to the office because, this, is my happy place you guys, I, really. Wanted I don't know if I wanted to stay home because. So. Noisy because. My. Home. You guys my flat as you know is very, dark, and, I. Don't feel happy when, I'm home I mean I am happy because I am with the cats and air but. It's not a very cheerful uplifting. Place. To be so. Even, though today I am NOT going to do lots, of work I just want to be surrounded by art supplies and, having. This huge massive window, and being surrounded, by plants and. I. Think today I'm going to just like take it easy, for. The rest of the week I'm going to do the same I am.

Really Second-guessing. If I should. Upload. This video or not very, flattering angle, just notice. Because. I know a lot of people come to YouTube to just like unwind, and watch. Something nice and to. Watch someone having, a, very crappy week it's. Not what, we're all here, for but. At the same time. I. Also experience, like nice things this. Past week especially. Mocha, and. Traveling. I know it's, something that not a lot of people can do so. It. It's been a rough day I mean it's been a rough week, but, it's also being a super. Interesting. Week in the sense. I. Felt. Things. Joy. And, happiness and, immense. Sadness as, well I. Think. Part. Of my. Journey. Here in YouTube. It also shows. My. Sad. Moments. My sad sites, and. I'm. So sorry that you have, to watch this you guys it's, been a crazy month like I got a rash on the street and then. A. Friend. Passed away and I also I. Can't, believe I was part of MOCA you always want to be part of moccasins. I. Was living in Chile and I I saw, the illustrators. I admire the most going, to mock and I'm like someday, I'm going to be like, I'm going to attend MOCA and to finally, achieve that it was a huge deal for me so. Absent. Downs lots of ups and downs so now. Anyway. I just wanted, to share this because, if it's part of who I am and. Every time I meet you guys, you always say you appreciate, how honest, I am and, even though I'm really 10 200, right now to not upload this. I, feel. Like I have to because. It. Will be so disrespectful, of Who I am and to you guys and it, will be so dishonest just, to like wash, everything. Out and say like pretend nothing happened and that's. Not who I am so. Next. Week I am. Going to just like treat myself and, do. I think I'm just going to panic paints next week so. I'm. Really looking forward to next, week's video thank, you so much to everyone. To. All of you guys for being so patient with me especially these, past, couple of weeks in which I haven't uploaded that often, but now, you understand, why. And, thanks. For sticking. Sticking. By I never say and now how to say this but thank you for staying, here. With me like thank, you for being still, here and, supporting, my work. And think, is much to my patrons, they have been so huge. Sweethearts, throughout this, huge. Huge. Deal this. Heartbreaking. Thing. But. Yeah all, of you guys are the best, so, I. Hope we can. End. This. Weird. Period. In which I have been really, having, like a bad stroke like a bad luck.

Thing. So. Send, me all your good vibes you guys because I usually need them and yeah. I love you so much I hope you're having a wonderful Friday, and, weekend ahead and I'll. See you next week, bye guys, bye. Guys.

2019-04-21 20:22

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thank you thank you thank you for all your love and comments guys. I'm feeling much better this week

Fran Meneses hugs to u baby girl

So sorry for your loss. Never feel afraid or uncomfortable to be human. We all love you no matter how you're feeling.

My condolences

another thank you for sharing. it makes me feel better since it's realistic, and my life is also weird and sad and happy and complicated too. watching shiny everything is great videos stress me out *more* lol. glad you're feeling better - keep taking it easy tho, grief pops up at weird times in weird ways.xx

I know I am late, but Fran, my love, I hope you find peace and comfort at home, with Ed and the cats.

Sending you lots of love and strength from Berlin! ❤️

Love u fran

Please take all my good vibes & love

This broke my heart. Your sincerity was oozing through the camera and I felt your sadness. Please take care of yourself Fran you are such an inspiration. You always keep it real. Bless you

Who you are and your art are inseparable. Showing us both is something I feel lucky about.! So please, don't apologize, don't hesitate to post things like that. This is life and withouth it, we would not even have any art. Rest well, we can wait ;)

Sending good vibes, Fran!

Estamos contigo Fran ❤️

Please, talk about How to make own website!

Huugs Fran!

Thank you for sharing your video

thanks for sharing! lots of love

Thank you for uploading ❤️❤️❤️

You are so clever, Fran. You and Ed. You are inspiring people, ups and downs are part of life and are normal, and human feelings are normal as well! Keep going guys, you are doing sooo well! A big hug!

Hi Fran, also going some tough times over here. Finals and applying for universities is also making me wanna pass out on my bed. I hope you do well and I‘m sending you all my positive vibes from my plants and me. It‘s so inspiring you share this because it‘s part of life that we can‘t avoid. I actually find this video really inspiring and motivating to keep pushing through and fight. Thanks Fran for being an awesome human being. Love ya.

We love you so much Fran

Watching this video I felt as much love to you as never before. Tremendously thank you for being who you are!

Dear Fran, I'm sending you love all the way from Poland ♥️

Actualmente vivo en otra ciudad sola, y hace una semana falleció mi abuela así que entiendo ese sentimiento de llorar y querer estar con alguien, te mando un abrazo Fran

Fran, big hugs from the midwest. You are so real, authentic, and genuine. Your channel is a warm welcoming place, and that's why we love you. I completely appreciate and connect with being surrounded by art supplies, in your studio as restorative. So very sorry for the loss of your friend. Hope you were able to rest and find peace. ❤

I'm sorry for your lost, my heart with you

I NEED that Radical shirt!!

I am deeply sorry for your loss. There are no other words, just take time to be with yourself and those you love. ♥️

Siento mucho tu pérdida y espero vuelvas a sentirte mejor pronto. Cariños transoceanicos desde Hawaii.

im happy you pushed through with uploading this video, Fran

Thank you so much for sharing. It's nice to hear the bad things along with the good! When YouTubers are transparent about their lives people can relate and feel comforted that someone is going through tough times too.

I am so sorry for your loss, Fran

Fran un abrazo enorme, que estos momento pasen luego. Mucha fuerza

Te re banco!

En verdad lo real que eres es lo que admiro de ti Fran

Te amamos infinitamente, Fran

Fran está buenísimo que compartas tal cual las cosas que te pasan! Eso te humaniza y nos hace ver las realidades de quienes seguimos detrás de las cuentas. Te admiro y soy súper fan! Espero cada viernes tu vídeo sin importar que contenido hagas sino simplemente verte ya es inspiración (sea con una mala semana o con cosas creativas) acá te bancamos Fran

Navigating good vibes your way Fran! ✨✨✨ I had never been to MoCCA but when I saw that you were on the lineup I thought “Yes! now is the time!” So when I went on Saturday and made a b line for your table you gave me a really big hug out of nowhere! I was surprise and you apologized but it was really nice! Now, with this video, I can see why you were so exuberant. ☺️ MoCCA is such a big deal and I’m proud that you were able to go. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. The emotional high of MoCCA coupled with the news of your friend definitely warrants time for yourself. I hope you paint a lot and enjoy the extended sunny hours in your happy place. ✨

Gracias frannerd por ser la persona que eres honesta y humilde me encanta y aprecio mucho tu trabajo de arte desde chile cariños y un abrazo fuerte por lo que estas pasando o estés viviendo el ser humano es extraño y yo también lo soy Jejeje cariños de gato y conejo

I’m so so sorry Fran. I wish that I could help you. It’s perfectly fine for you to express yourself on here. I wish that you were with someone when you heard the news. My heart goes out to you and all of your friends. Life isn’t always ok, and it’s important for people to see that. When others know when you’re struggling, they can try to help. Please don’t feel that you need to post for us. We can wait. Please take some time out for yourself, so that you can try to heal. We just want you to be ok ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for sharing yourself in all the ways you are. I think your emotional honesty makes us loving you so much more. You are awesome ❤

Love you Fran! xox

So sorry about your friend. It’s hard to know what to say when this happens in ones life. I love that you are so real in your episodes. You encourage me to work on my life goals, even when life is hard, thank you

Fran :c lamento que las cosas sucedieran así. Es cierto que cuando alguien se va es difícil encontrar que decir, cuando pasa eso siempre me acuerdo de una quote que dice que los amigos son como las estrellas, no los podrás ver siempre, pero sabes que están ahí aunque sea en recuerdo. Espero esto último no haya sonado pretencioso, creo que puede ser una idea reconfortante. Cuidate mucho, si? c:


Love you Fran! I hope you have a better month ahead, I always find comfort in your videos cause your honest talk. We dont talk enough about sadness, and thats why I love you a lot (also your illustrations rock !) Thanks for being an awesome human being, keep the good work, and again, I love you :)

I know that you were conflicted in uploading this video but I think that it was a good idea. It shows life more accurately. Not every day is going to be bright and shiny. Sometimes it is going to be a bit cloudy. I commend you for pushing through the week and doing all that you have done during this time. I am going, to be honest, and say that I am not an illustrator. I am actually a film photographer and found you through Eds's videos. I watch your videos because of your honesty and your personality. And I am so moved by everything you do. Keep doing what you do and know that your followers love you no matter what is going on and we will be here to support you.

I love you so much, Fran. It's all I can really say. You've been so amazing. We're all here for you!

This is so weird bc I live in Greenville, SC!! You were in Falls Park!? I’m so sorry about your friend. My wife and I lost her best friend last year and it is such a weird experience bc nothing can prepare you for it and there isn’t much anyone can say- all people can really do is be there for you. And they can’t do that if they don’t know what’s going on- so never feel bad about sharing your experiences!

When do you get to move to the new place?

you are amazing

From someone who has also experienced the tremendous sadness of losing a loved one, sending you soooooo much love and support to you from New Zealand.



I’m very glad you’ve released this video it allows us fans, followers or watchers feel more closer to you and your work. To see who you truly are as a person not just the perfection that people see. I hope you feel better and thank you for being who you are.

I am thankful you share these moments. I think that seeing vulnerability is good for humanity and you are strong for sharing. Fran, I have just "met" you in the past month or so and i think what you are doing is lovely.

We are here for you for the good AND the hard.

Me encantan tus vídeos, de verdad te admiro mucho. Y espero de corazón que todo mejore para ti.

Thank you for reminding me about my laundry!

Fran, mis condoleencias. Qué difícil momento y pesar de todo sigues comprometida con tu audiencia. Escucharte y verte por aquí siempre es un momento de paz y aprendizaje ! Gracias mil por todo lo que eres !

I'm soo sorry Fran. ♡♡ your in my thoughts. I lost allot of people in the past couple years. It doesnt get "better" but you will have good days sooner then you think. Take time to grieve. Xox lots of love your the best.

Not advertising for one of my fav artists on YouTube or anything, but if you really want a more cheerful vibe, check out Leigh Ellexson if you haven't already! I know she watches your videos and I first discovered your channel through her! It's such a positive place on her channel and it really cheers me up all the time :) I hope you feel better, -a random person on the internet that wishes you good luck on your journey of life k bye

siempre estaremos para ti

It was a great meeting you at MoCCA , Saturday. I’m so happy with the things I bought from your booth and also really happy to personally meet you and Ed. Sorry to hear about your loss. Keep up the good work and being authentic with your vlogs!

I am feeling for you, Fran. Sorry about your close’s so sad. I agree, if you want to put out a video, let it be an honest one, with your feelings showing. We want to commiserate with you and let you know that you’re not alone.

Thank you for doing this. I feel better ♡

Lamento mucho que hayas tenido una semana pesada, hacemos este viaje juntos, tus seguidores contigo, tambien es saludable que nos muestres este lado que nos permite verte más humana, deseo que todo mejore y saques lo mejor de estos momentos :)

Were you in New York when you got harrassed? Thats a New York thing, even the rats and roaches get harrassed.

Much much love from Portugal, Fran ❤

Fran! We're NOT all here to see cheerful, happy moments. We're here to see true life. In fact, it almost makes me feel better in a very weird way to know I'm not totally alone in having tough times. So never apologize for showing your sad side!!

Fran I'm so sorry you got stuck and had a bad time. If you're ever down south again and need help, I can help you! Take care of yourself

Awwwww Big hugs to you! I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It is very hard to lose someone you love. Next month will be 1year my dads been gone and I'm still processing. Take the time you need for you. Grief is the hardest thing to go through. Get some rest and I hope next week will be a lil easier.

¡Te queremos mucho, Fran! ♡ Te mando todo el cariño desde Chile y recuerda siempre tomarte descansos, a veces nos sobreexigimos y eso nos termina por hacer mucho daño. Eres muy fuerte, no lo olvides y recuerda que no importa cuánto tiempo necesites, quienes te queremos y apreciamos lo que haces siempre estaremos aquí.

Fran, I love how you say that it would be disrespectful to your self to push this stuff under. That is such a great positive message! SO lovely to see you drawing again too. I know that feeling of relief and comfort of returning to our creative nest :-) lots of love and have the best healing peaceful time xx huuuggggs!

Hola Fran. Espero que estés mejor. Sé cómo te sientes porque mi mejor amiga también falleció hace unos meses. Entonces descubrí tus vídeos y me he refugiado en hacer bocetos en mi sketchbook. Te mando abrazos, mucho amor y mucho ánimo desde España. Te entiendo, aunque una se lo espere, es un shock. Gracias por tus vídeos y por compartir. Por cierto, me encanta tu nueva página web!

I don't know why it is that listening to you speak about your life and seeing how you piece together moments makes me feel less lonely and like I've been given a gift. I love your happy videos but videos like this are so important- sometimes people need sad stories to help them process their own sadness. Seeing you cope with everything helps me so much believe that I can take each little scary tedious painful beautiful step towards my dream. I also think the way you say "La Guardia" is beautiful haha. Hope you find your needed rest and connection. Thank you sharing this video in particular and for everything you do! ❤❤

Fran, una de las muchas razones por las que te sigo y veo tus vídeos es precisamente por mostrarte realmente como eres. Aunque por acá obvio no compartes toda tu vida, aprecio que también utilices esta plataforma para desahogarte y hacernos ver que como cualquier persona, también tienes tus malos ratos. It's okay not to be okay! Te mando fuerzas y abrazos desde Colombia

Sending love, because you need it☮️

We have the same energy right now. I'm so glad you didn't fake it. This is exactly why I love YouTube.

I missed you Fran. Sending a big hug and the best vibes your way! ❤ I'm really sorry for your loss and hope your friend is in a beautiful place now. Your videos have brought joy to me at difficult times (hope this comments brings some to you) so I think is good that you share what you're going through with us , you're human after all and your honesty is one of my favorite things about your videos. Thank you for creating and sharing awesome things with us❤

So sorry for the loss of your friend! And all the travel issues on top of it, I would certainly be crying all day. I hope you are feeling better.

te quiero mucho fran, siempre que seas honesta me ayuda mucho a ser honesta conmigo misma. un abrazo ❤️


Fran lamento mucho tu perdida, pero pasará no de un día para otro pero pasará, tomate tiempo para cuidarte y procesar todo lo que ha pasado. Un abrazo desde México hermosa.

Sending good vibes and love your way! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Hello Fran! I also lost somebody to cancer around 3rd grade. I know what it feels like to loose somebody. And just so you know, you are not alone. Love you! Hope you feel happier

Tu puedes fran te admiro mucho y no te preocupes por mostrarnos esa parte mala es algo normal todos pasamos por cosas asi alguna vez y esta bien mostrarlo no todo es color rosa hay momentos malos y admiro la manera en la que luchas por salir de ellos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you for sharing your joys and sadnesses. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to hold it together talking about the loss of a loved one, for that you are a hero and a light for many including myself.

Dear Fran before apologizing about your sadness have you visited a doctor lately for a health check up? Girls we are very sensitive to vitamin and hormone imbalance . Big hug Fran!

Sweet Fran, it is amazing that we experience so many emotions daily in our lives as humans. Loss is definitely one of the hardest emotions to deal with and live through even if we have prepared ourselves to the best of our abilities. We are all so resilient and strong and manage to get through our darkest seasons. Always look to the light as you did and remember that you are never alone. If you ever find yourself stranded in Greenville, SC or NC or Charlotte, NC again I will be happy to keep you company and treat you to a good warm vegetarian meal and a yummy cup of coffee. I hate that you felt so alone. Focus on self care and things that make your heart happy to help you through the grief and loss. I am sending you strength love and light. Your friend, Mo

Que bacán que estés estudiando japonés

Love you very much. xxxxx

Thank you for being you. Sending warm vibes from Russia

Te mando un abrazo muy fuerte Fran, sé que es difícil de superar un momento así y más cuando estás tan lejos, pero espero que un poco del amor que te mandamos sirva de algo.

mucha fuerza, abrazos y buenas vibras fraaan!! :D Espero el mal momento pase rápido y puedas volver a estar llena de energía y alegría :)

It isn't bad luck, Fran :( I think those downs are because your life is changing... don't feel like that, hopefully soon your life is gonna be in order again. I love you, Fran! You're light ❤️ I send you GOOOOD vibes only

You are a strong and beautiful soul, Fran. Every video inspires me so much. I admire your personality. If I was in your place, I would have been a total wreck.

sending you love!, We are all human and nobodies life is perfect! So, Thank you for being real and sharing it all. Sweet Fran, I hope you had an awesome creative time, afterwards, feeding your soul. love from youtube afar.

Todos somos humanos. Mostrar las debilidades no es más que reafirmar lo que somos. Siento mucho tu pérdida. Porfavor, cuídate mucho.

Sending you good vibes and warm days with lots of light. I live in a dark apartment too so I know how important light is for a good mood. Thankfully my kitchen is nice and sunny

Sending hugs hugs hugs a billions more x Thank you for sharing xxxxxx

I am so sorry for your loss, Fran! It's the worst thing ever losing (young) people. Lots of love and hugs from the Netherlands ❤ I think you're so strong for showing your sadness and talking about it (especially so early!) about your loss and emotions. Many people could learn from that. Take care!

Thanks for sharing. It's always refreshing when someone is being honest on social media. My condolences.

Fran mi más sentido pésame. Un abrazo fuerte!

Fran don’t apologize for being sad. We are all here for you! Sending you lots of love and positive vibes. We love you Queen.

oh my dear dear fran, please, don't you apologize for feeling the way you do or talking honestly about how you're feeling. the world would be a better place if people would know, that being sad is nothing to be ashamed of or to be sorry for around other people. you are a wonderfully vulnerable and open person in a world, that doesn't exactly encourage these kind of people, but that is exactly why it is so important to stay vulnerable and true and emotional. don't let life take this away from you, dear fran. it's the best kind of protest in this world, to stay soft and reachable, and not to become hard. lots of love, dear fran! yours, Jana

loved this video ❤️ thanks for always being honest and real. so sorry for your loss. sending you love from texas

I relate to being depressed and thinking, "I'm not hungry, but it's been 4 hours... I should eat something." It's so much easier to just edit out the sad moments and just show perfect happy moments. Thank you for still uploading this video.


the thing that makes you so much better than a lot of other people on social media is that you are honest and raw, I really really hope that you find peace in such a hard time ❤️❤️❤️ if I could I send you virtual hugs

Thanks for being so raw and honest and posting this. You don't have to be happy all the time in your videos, that's not real. I value authenticity very highly. I'm sorry you've had such a hard time recently. It sucks when that happens, especially when tough stuff overlaps other tough stuff, it's easily overwhelming. I hope you get some peace and quiet and good rest and good food and sunshine and light and get to do some things that bring you joy and that things in general are easier for you soon.

THank u for sharing and being vulnerable or just open... I hope that you get your much needed rest cause you work a lot! which you love but we all need to take care of our bodies and minds. I hope you feel better sorry about your loss. This semester is the first time I decided to take 4 classes and I have gotten to the point were I just get so tired and emotional and lonely and if I don't have a person I cry until I feel ok. thanks

Fran you are such an amazing, and inspiring woman. it really helps to see how you handle work/life balance. i love how honest you are and how willing you are to take us along in your journey. blessed be, a patreon. ♥️

Fran, I'm so sorry. I send you a big hug. XXX

I'm so glad you uploaded this and I'm sorry for what you are going through. I know how much it hurts to lose a loved one, and it takes time to come back to regular life again. Give yourself that time, allow yourself to cry and express sadness, it's nothing to apologize for, it's a natural part of the process and you will feel better after letting your feelings out. It was a great idea to go to your studio because you know that place makes you happy, keep doing things like that! You know yourself and you know what you need. All my love and care, and tons of hugs

Sending hugs from Minnesota for loss of your friend so sorry, and sending good vibes for a great weekend

Girl you are fabulous! :) You should never be sorry for how you feel or your emotions, allow yourself to feel them & know that they will pass. You have such a strong creative soul that no matter what happens in your life you still continue to create & that is beautiful to see. Take some time to rest & have some self care! Love you dearly!!!

So sorry for your loss. I appreciate that you show your full self, that's why we connect with you. Congrats on going to Mocca and doing your talk. ((Hugs))

Fran, mi más sentido pésame por tu perdida. Por favor no te sientas mal por compartir esta clase de videos, al fin y al cabo estamos aquí porque nos interesa no solo tu trabajo sino tú como persona. Tómate tu tiempo y espero que puedas sentirte mejor!

Wish I would have known you were in NC! I would have come to see you talk, I’m only a couple hours from Greensboro! So sorry for your loss

Fran thank you for this upload. We're human and share those feels is okay, not something bad. Hope you feel better

Mientras te sientas cómoda compartiendo tu gama de emociones, todo bien, déjalo salir, si necesitas apoyo caerás sobre esta bella mantita de amor que somos con los que compartes tu vida y a los que traes paz e inspiras. lov u Fran.

I’m really happy u uploaded

Hola Fran, yo sólo espero cada viernes para ver tus vídeos, no importa sea algo alegre o triste, yo también me pase la semana pasada algo mal por la pérdida de alguien, que no era tan cercano a mi pero de igual forma te pone a pensar como a veces en tan poco tiempo alguien se puede marchar

Love your stuff, Fran. Congratulations with MoCCA! You may have answered this, but what is Ed studying for?

I'm so glad you showed us your crappy week... Everybody goes through rough times & this only made a closer connection between you and your audience.

My condoloences to you

Puchaaaa Fraaan que pena, es una lata cuando se junta todo y pasan cosas fomes. No es molesto para nada que compartas estas cosas! Quienes te seguimos y admiramos estamos contigo en las buenas y en las malas. Tranquila no más que todo mejorara. Un abrazo grande

i really appreciate your honesty and vulnerability, fran

En este mundo donde la gente sólo quiere aparentar la perfección en las redes, lo mejor que podes hacer es seguir siendo honesta :) La vida nos da golpes bajos muchas veces y que te animes a mostrar esto, hasta puede que ayude a alguien que pase algo parecido. Lamento mucho tu pérdida. Te deseo lo mejor, Fran! me encanta ver como vas creciendo en este hermoso mundo de la ilustración. Muchos besos desde Argentina

I love when you share your crappy week bc it makes me feel less alone. This month has been horrible to me, and when i see people in social media having fun and been happy it makes me feel sad about myself. Thank you for your honesty

I'm so sorry for your loss Fran. I think this week has been very bad for a lot of people, myself included lol

Thank YOU for sharing this Fran, I'm so sorry for these hard times, you're not alone. BTW last night I basically slept like a baby because I visited your new website and it made me so happy to see your commercial works like the MIA diaries and Charlies science book OMG and the story about the raven and the girl the little pieces of jewerly. Somehow it gave me hope. Thank you for being and sharing your authenticity. We need more of that nowadays. Y ahora me doy cuenta de que te estoy escribiendo inglés cuando ambas somos hispanohablantes xD Saludos Fran y Ed y Hamburguesa y Cereal

I wanted to hug my screen so much, hoping it would get to you xoxoxoxo

My condolences. So sorry for your loss.... And don’t apologise! Thank you for your authenticity and honesty on this platform. ❤️

All the love for you Fran! You are a really nice person and show your truly you! Sometimes life shows a rollercoaster but the main thing to do is to see the positive side! I hope your coming weeks will be better! Thanks for your lovely videos

so sorry for your loss and your crappy week :( still glad you posted this because it is relatable, I've been having a few shitty months so its reassuring to see others deal with similar stuff. stay strong

Love u fran, thanks for being open and honest about your feelings on this channel. You're one of the few people online who do this and it's beautiful. We all go through this life and deal with these emotions, might as well share how they feel. Take care of yourself my friend!

Sending my love and support ❤ I listened to this while working, and it felt like I had company while working. I love you videos, because they feel like a friend telling you about their day. Hope you're doing well

Thank you for uploading this. I appreciate you.

gracias por compartir quien sos, tal cual sos, siendo siempre transparente y tan humana, un abrazo enorme desde Argentina por la pérdida de tu amiga, perdí a mi papá hace 10 meses, y es taaaaan duro que sientes que ninguna palabra puede reconfortarte, se que "el tiempo" suena a algo trillado pero es lo único que hace que uno se vaya sintiendo mejor de a poco y quedarte con los lindos recuerdos de esa persona que se fue ♥

Fraaaaaan!!! Amo tus videos, siempre los espero con ansiedad xk no es solo la estética, la música o el contenido, es el hecho de verte a ti y poder escucharte lo que me gusta... Se que suena super feo y stalker pero te juro que no es así

You do not just inspire artists, I am an engineer un computer science and I feel so inspired by both of you guys!

I'm so sorry for your lost. Please do not apologize for being a human being with feelings, it's absolutely normal that you feel that way, i hope you'll feel better soon. The hard times will pass.


Las mejores vibras para ti, Ed y los gatitos, como dices, tómalo con calma y recupérate de esa montaña rusa de emociones, te mando un super abrazo

Eres un ángel✨

So sorry to hear about your friend, and to see you so down. I hope better days are ahead! Sending you internet hugz! x

I hope you’re feeling better Fran ❤️ thank you for even taking the time to make this video during your personal crisis (it’s very appreciated). Watching your videos is something I save for the weekends to start them on a good note and to recover from the week

You know that all that mocca stuff is going to the landfill in a very short time? And it doesn’t contribute to the solid satisfaction of the purchasers life. It’s just a momentary burst of elated feeling. It’s a method to remove the mo eye from them so you can pay your rent. Isn’t there a better way all the way around for everyone?

I’m happy you shared this with all of us. Going through something devastating like losing someone you’re close to is so hard and not easy to go through, let alone doing it alone while traveling. I’m so sorry for your loss.

I appreciate you being honest, it really helps others to see you as a real person and others can see how your success comes with real-life ups and downs. Thanks again. P.S. relax use 80/20.

We’re here for you, Fran!

Fraaaaaan te quiero muchooooo eres mi ilustradora favorita ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️espero que te puedas dar un tiempo, para vuelvas a estar al 100 con tus proyectos y metas

Sending you all the hugs, Fran!

So sorry for the loss of your friend. Thank you for sharing your emotions with you. You are a wonderful person. We are grateful for you.

Dear Fran! It's really amazing that you share your true emotions with your audience. Actually, I enjoy you showing all parts of your life - happy, sad, good, bad, annoying, inspiring, irritating... Because, well, that the life we all live and it's kinda gets us closer to each other? Since I am not a happy ball myself it's actually hard for me sometimes to find someone creative on the YouTube who would not only jump around with her/his best arts, giving speech that life is good when you got art and that if you draw or something that makes your life complete... I am not trying to say than showing only good sides of your art/life is bad (let everyone show what they want and what they ready to show!) But not all people (and I'm one f those) who feel art and life like this - art is hard, life is hard, of course it has bride sides, but we all get sad, sometimes people are negative and not energetic for a really long times or were born this way. In such cases it's hard to find someone with who you can relate since a lot of people try to show only good... So, what I'm trying to say is that I find it amazing and cool that you being true to yourself and to your audience. It could sound kinda wrong but I was happy to see how you showed your "negative" emotions in your videos. It gives me hope that actually you don't have to always be active and energetic to get stuff done and to be creative. And I thank you for that. Each times you've showed "glamorous side of being a freelancer" it always resonated with me (and you make it look kinda funny), so yay for a mess in your flat/studio/life :D Thank you for being honest, Fran! (it's only sad to see how often you apologize for being honest. It's not something bad, it's actually makes you a really cool lady!) Like you sad it's hard to get some words, but I'm sorry for your loss. You are really clever to go easy on yourself at such times. I wish you luck with it and everything you do! And – gosh! – you’re tough to deal with so much stuff and planes delays! I admire you each time. Sending you good vibes~

Sorry for your loss, Fran. I hope you are managing to rest and look after yourself. That is a lot all at once. Be kind to yourself. xxx

Fran, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sending all the possible love ❤ I recently lost two important beings of my life: my great aunt (a grandmother to me) and my cat... They were both old, but having spent with them so many years is such a big pain now. I admire your strength and your perseverance even in these darkest moments. You rock, Fran! And congratulations for Mocca, you truly deserved it!


So sorry you had to deal with this alone. We all are here for you. Hope you feel better soon

*sends good vibes and cupcakes*

Fran we love You ❤️ please dont ever have aby doubts to publiah movies with all range of emotions. We Are here with You no matter what is happening. Kisses from Poland ❤️❤️

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