A Journey Through Rule of Rose | Monsters of the Week

A Journey Through Rule of Rose | Monsters of the Week

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Rule. Of Rose is a wonderful, example that horror, games don't need excessive, graphic, violence, jump, scares and visceral, brutality. To, deliver a thoroughly, haunting, and disturbing, experience. On. A surface level this 2006. Survival, horror title, with PS 2 shares a lot of DNA with its johner peers of its time especially. Silent, Hill 2 and 3 for. Instance its psychological. Horror style, of storytelling a, dark. And menacing hidden, machine of the protagonists. Traumatic, past and, innermost fears. Manifested. As a surreal, dreamscape. Populated. With monsters, that represent, various facets of her repressed, memories, she's trying to come to terms with, this. Type of storytelling. That appears, nonsensical. And whimsical, at first glance but that lets the observant, players on earth unending treasures. Of hidden meaning, symbolism. And narrative, depth the deeper they dig it's. Textbook. Silent, Hill, the. Similarity, between these games also shows on a technical, level, controls. Camera. Angles, pans, inventory. Handling, even, font, choices the, style in which environmental. Hotspots, are presented, in focus, and especially, the combat, all, these elements are designed to, make Silent, Hill veterans, feel at home, but. Even, though it tri rule. Of Rosa's moment-to-moment, gameplay. Especially. Its combat, was often criticized, to be the game's weakest, link, it's, often unbalanced. And unpolished, and through that often, painfully. Frustrating. To play. The. Developers, themselves have openly admitted, to the frailty, of the game's combat on several occasions, in, their own words because they lacked the time and resources and, the final, stretches of development, to give it the polish and refinement, it would have needed this. Certainly makes rule of Rose tedious. And sometimes very unwelcoming. To approach especially, from, a modern players point of view but, the fact that despite, these shortcomings, it managed, to acclaim, a cult status among a dedicated, fanbase for many years to come is, a strong testament, to the developers main focus, the. Story. Runa, froze features, a cast of surprisingly, deep, and nuanced, characters, woven. Into a complex, yet coherent, network, of relations, and backstories, set. In an ambience, of mystery, intrigue, and beauty, a world. That is disturbingly, scary, and alien, yet at the same time feels. Personal. And relatable. Ruth, Rose is, a tale of abuse. It. Highlights, and explores the many insidious. Faces, of abusive, relationships, and how, they can arise from all, forms, of power imbalance. Bullying. Coercion. Possessive. Relationships, and even sexual, misconduct, child. Abuse and exploitation. Of parental power these. Are only a few of the ways this game showcases. And investigates. The facets, of abuse. It, is also an, extension, of these themes a decidedly. Political, game which. Is an aspect about its narrative that I rarely see discussed anywhere, but. In its depiction of these topics the game was often deeply, misunderstood. Especially. From authorities, that at the time of its release willfully, misrepresented. Its narrative to have it banned from the market now. Since because, of that rule, of Rose is notoriously. Hard and, expensive. To obtain these days this, video se is structured, in a way that even if you have never played the game you're still gonna be queued in on what's going on but. Be aware if you want to experience it with a fresh mind this, video will spoil the entire game, in. This. Video I'd, like to take a rule of Rose and it's convoluted. And controversial, narrative, apart, piece by piece to unravel, just how well thought-out how, consistent. And coherent, its narrative is if, you look at it up close and, how much understanding. And respect, it actually shows for the disturbing, themes of the hard of its melancholy, tale. I'd. Like to show you that, rule of Rose is truly, an underrated. Masterpiece. Of psychological. Horror storytelling. That, never Stoops, to exploitation. Of dark topics, from mere shock value but. That was written with a message, of compassion at. Heart a message. To survivors. To, those who themselves. Might. Have been mistreated. Disenfranchised. Or ostracized, at, any point in their life. A message. To all those who. Can find a little bit of themselves, in, Jennifer. Jennifer's. Story begins, in the back of a school bus that's driving, through the English countryside. Deep. At night hmm. Why at the time you'd expect a school bus to make its rounds but, that's what we got to get used to by a rule of rolls, expectations. Get routinely, subverted. And common-sense, turned, upside down at. First our. Protagonist, is a 19, year old girl who travels. Back to the orphanage, where she spent the most tragic years, of her childhood and drawn.

To Her fate like a moth to a flame, the. Only other passenger. Is a young boy who already, seems to be expecting, her Jennifer. Jennifer, read. The story please, read the story. What, happens next. The. Story chapters, of ruler rose are framed, in hand-drawn. Children's, picture, books that retailed segments, from Jennifer's past and fairytale inspired, prose. But. At the beginning of each chapter those. Booklets are still incomplete. Crucial. Parts of the story are missing so. It is upon us to find the lost pages, and fill, in the blanks, it's. A pretty straightforward metaphor. For Jennifer state of mind years, after, the event she's reliving she. Suffers from severe, memory repression. Crucial. And often troubling, details of her time in the Rose Garden orphanage. Are lost in Oblivion within, her traumatized mind, so. In order to cope with, this traumatic past she retraces, her steps to remember as unfiltered. Memories, come back to her chronologically. And contextually. Scrambled, and completely, out of order and manifested. As a grotesque. Nightmarish. Odyssey, through her oppressed past, it. Is somewhat similar to how the film memento, tells, a story of a person suffering from anterograde, amnesia, chronologically. Backwards. To dramatize, his inability to establish new, long-term memories, in. Rule. Froze the, structure, of Jennifer's past is messy, and random. With, many events feeling, like a whimsical, amalgamation. Of hardly, related, fragments. Of memories, delusions. And fantasies. Jennifer. Is a textbook, unreliable. Narrator not. Just to us but to. Herself at least as much, so. Before. She can ask the boy what's going on he. Jumps. Off the bus and bolts into the woods so. We follow, him in. The middle of the night in, a dimly lit overgrown. Path into, the thicket, if. This sounds like the beginning of a Brothers Grimm tale that's. No coincidence, rune, Rose makes many allusions, and references to, classic. European, fairy tales. At. The end of the path we, reach the eerie old mansion. Of the rose garden orphanage. It, seems to be occupied by a creepy, band of apostate. Children, wearing paper bags over their heads and through the bars of his jammed front gate we witnessed a feral children pummel. Something, lifeless, in a cloth bag as. Any, good horror story should all, our senses urge us to just turn the fuck back to where we came from and get the hell out of there wherever. We go the, game makes sure we know that the walls have, eyes and ears, here and. Once we enter the mansion, we. Can already explore, a vast majority, of all the rooms at, this early point in the game I've, heard people criticize, this because, there's not much going on but, truth be told this, is a heaven, for the observant, player because. Much, of what you can access, and investigate, now you'll, find reflected, in later chapters and it's. Also filled, with a plethora of little, details, that feel really satisfying. If you finished the game and come back to revisit this early part of the game but. Although we can explore, all, the time we're being led through the mansion by the mysterious boy until. We end up in the attic where. He awaits us sitting, atop a candlelit. Makeshift, throne and, asks, us again to, keep reading the story to him. This. Is when an announcement, is made through the houses speaker, system that a funeral, of quote, a dear friend, is taking place in the courtyard.

Jennifer, Is gripped by a dark, hunch and follows, - suddenly appearing, frightened, whimpers, of a dog. Storming. Into the courtyard and finding, a fresh grave and a shovel standing, next to it, she. Begins to dig frantically. And, unearths a large wooden, coffin, and on, the inside. It. Ominous, bloodied sack of cloth that the children were beating, on in front of the entry door. Jennifer. As if crushed, by an immense weight falls. To her knees sensing. That which he just found was, at the heart of the traumatic events, that blanked, her memories for many years. But. As strongly as the game insinuates. What might have happened here, were kept in the dark for now, the. First chapter then concludes. With the eerie children. Surrounding. Her insulting. And laughing, at her and they pour water over her head in a humiliating gesture. Of shame and. Wow. This is one of the famous scenes that was used and willfully, misrepresented. By authorities, to affect rule of Roses ban as it was claimed that the game shows and, I quote children. Being buried, alive. Now. First of all the, Jennifer we see here is not a child she is 19, years old which makes her by the laws of every country that banned the game illegal, adult, no. Thought Jennifer is now. Being, carried away and ceremonially. Buried in a coffin what. We're seeing here is not a death sentence, but an initiation, rite not. That it's not problematic, in a thousand other ways but, it's nothing that would ever warrant. A game being banned in a thousand, years it. Is the quite common, practice, in academic, and aristocratic, fraternities. Sororities or. Aristocratic clubs, to incorporate. Activities involving. Harassment. Abuse, or humiliation. As a way of initiating a, person, into the group also, colloquially. Refer to as hazing. Ragging. Or bastardization. This. Year is Jennifer's, initiation, into the so-called red, crayon aristocrat, Club the children. Of the orphanages, attempt, to form a society based on their perception, and, projection, of adult, Society. When. Jennifer comes to she. Finds herself at the bottom of the rabbit, hole of her repressed, memories. Yes. I'm using a Lewis Carroll metaphor here don't judge me okay it fits. Jennifer. Finds herself on board of an, airship. She. Wakes up tied to a metal bar in a room with cardboard, walls and the coffin in one corner dirty. Laundry, and drums, and old disposed, furniture, it's, a dark reflection, of the laundry, room of the orphanage which is also dubbed the filth room and for, reasons yet unknown this is going to be her base of operations, for the rest of the game, we. Find a mannequin, crafted, out of old cleaning, utensils, who dearly wants to listen to her and have her retell, her story it's. The games way to save and retrieve lost items, and, an indicator that Jennifer, was excluded. And ostracized, during her time in the orphanage, forced, to live in the dirty laundry room, alone, with nobody to talk to but inanimate objects, now. When we start exploring, the airship, we quickly find, many of its rooms and compartments. To strangely, resemble, the, rooms of the orphanage, if this. Seems utterly random. At this point then this is very much on purpose as. I mentioned, rule of Rose loves to make the player feel clueless. At first, establishing. The curiosity. To untangle. What's actually going, on, many. Things we witness feel like jigsaw, pieces from countless, different puzzles, scramble, together without any sins, or direction, but. In many ways the traumatic past that Jennifer, digs up makes, just as little sense to her in her own mind at that point in time it. Is a great way to put, the player in her shoes while she's trying to overcome, her retrograde, amnesia if, you're, confused, what's going on, that's. Exactly, how she's feeling. But. As nonsensical. As things might appear at first the.

More Time you spend on, the airship the more you can't stop noticing, that there's a thick red thread spun through this dreamscape, you'll. Increasingly. Notice, an overarching, coherence. That brings everything, closer, together the, further you dive into the story if, you, keep your eyes peeled, and look curiously under, every nook and cranny you will stumble, from one aha moment, to the next revelation. And the puzzle comes gradually together. The. Rooms layouts. Persons. And incidents. That we encounter, on the airship not, perfectly. But contextually. Mirror the rooms layouts, persons. And incidents, in the orphanage, mansion, and the. Aristocratic, sorority. Led by Jennifer schoolmates, gradually, unfolds to, be a dark reflection, of the society the kids created, with their sadistic games in the Attic of the manor. Another. Vital, aspect, and central. Trigger of Jennifer's, trauma comes in the form of our trusty, companion, and beloved, sidekick throughout, the majority, of the game Brown. Pretty. Early in the first airship chapter, general. Finds the heart-melting Labrador. Tied, up and hung from his legs in the luggage compartment she. Frees him and puts his collar on his neck and, for that moment on the, two are joined at the hip brown. Or more, precisely his fine nose provides, one of the central gameplay, mechanics, we. Can let him take the scent of almost any object in our inventory and off let him search for all, effect orally, related objects, hidden on the airship it, immensely, helps, to loosen the gameplay out and prevents. The players from meandering, aimlessly in, case the location of the current objective is not also, clearly Telegraph, but. Aside from just being a game play bridge, I always, also considered Brown's good nose to be a metaphoric. Device as well Jennifer. Is on a quest to uncover the, truths about her own past that are buried, within her MA and truths. That have always been right there but that she's incapable, to, access, it. Is the help of the loving innocent, Brown that ultimately enables, her to literally see things that she's often physically, unable to perceive, and in. Addition to that he's, just a delight to have around you the only character, in the whole game who was exclusively. Altruistic. In nature and loyal, with no other ulterior motive, than being, a good friend, he, needs Jennifer, just as much as she needs him the. To form, a symbiotic, bond, of mutual selflessness. Which. Also serves as a perfect counterpoint, to the game's main antagonist we're. Gonna get to that later in fact. The developers himself stated, in interviews that Brown was actually, a rather late addition, to the game with, the intention, to give Jennifer and through, that the players something, positive, and wholesome, to balance out the perpetual. Suffering, she's exposed to throughout the game and in, my opinion it was a fantastic choice Brown. Adds a big element of uniqueness to the game and not only gives the tried-and-true survival. Horror game play a fresh twist, he's a wonderful emotional. Anchor, that makes it easy to get invested, in and care for him by proxy, for Jennifer as well there's. This established, storytelling. Trope known as to kick the dog moment, which, serves, to immediately, villainize, a character. In. Rule, of Rose this is employed in even, worse ways than just kicking, you, might have a hunch. But. As I've said Brown, comes in more than handy because for the majority of the game we pretty much play FedEx, for the self-absorbed, and ruthless, red crayon aristocrat, Society, Jennifer, has no choice but to reluctantly, become, a new low, ranking, member of the group and the club's rules demand that a gift of the rulers choosing, has to be delivered to their gift box every, day if. We should fail to, accomplish this their. Law states, that we have to be severely, punished, for it so, to comply, with the aristocrats self-serving. Taxation, laws we, scavenged, the expansive. Airship, in the attempt to turn, up the things we hope can appease the whimsical bourgeoisie. For a day but, it. Quickly becomes, apparent that the odds are unfairly, stacked, against Jennifer while.

We Explore and interact with the other orphans scattered, around the airship we get scornful, Commons, from all directions get, excluded from groups through perpetual. Silent, treatment, and over. Here vicars and sneers, from behind our backs pretty much every step of the way and whenever. We bring a gift it becomes pretty obvious that the leader is whimsically. Alter the rules in order to turn against us in every way they want. From. Time to time we, also find ourselves Chay's dan attacked by hordes, of disfigured. Instead. Look, like Edvard Munch The Scream came to live and charged at us with a broom the, ghastly, little pests, swarmed, Jennifer from all sides and tried to batter her down and Lee better throwed in an attempt to pull her down into. The void there, was innocent most of the enemies in general, are predictions, of how Jennifer, remembers. Her schoolmates constant. Harassment from. All sides and how. Ugly it made her feel in, the midst of it an, inner, quest for truth she, fights tooth and nail to not let them get through to her. To, not let the trauma get the better of earth and. Over. Time we. Realized that the adults, that once were in charge of the orphanage, are. Obviously, not in charge anymore. Life. On the airship is a brutal, and merciless dog-eat-dog. Society. Disguised, as an innocent, game of imitating. Adults, you, know it's all just a game it's. All just pretense, but, all just being ironic aren't, we but. In reality what. Jennifer faces, is a callous, authoritarian. System, led, by the children, of the orphanage. In. Most, horror media, the, sense, of menace imposed. On the audience is. Hypothetical. Traditionally. We get stories where a danger, is embodied, by all kinds, of monsters, ghosts. Zombies, demons. Aliens. Serial. Killers and, the likes and most. Of them are at the very least highly, unlikely, to ever become a reality for the vast majority of the audience, meanwhile. In rule of Rose we face a band, of kids playing, grown-up, games on. The surface it really feels tame, in comparison doesn't. It the. Reason why this game is often considered so intimidating. And lastingly. Haunting, whether, it crayon aristocrats. For some players can be far more terrifying, than, most traditional horror, antagonists. Is that, the damage they're inflicting, is psychological. Grounded, in reality and very, relatable, for many people because. Literally every single person, watching this has at some point in their lives be. It as a victim a perpetrator, or a bystander, come. In contact with their means of power. Bullying. The. Aristocrat, Society, employs, many textbook, methods, of systematic bullying, to establish, and maintain their, power yes. We experience, a lot of the physical antagonism, the form of grotesque, monsters, but this is merely a distorted, projection.

Of Jennifers, traumatized, mind this. Is how she experienced. The ongoing, abuse by her school mate and our minds toward those painful memories but. Above all that rule, of Rose portrays. The insidiousness, of, bullying, and social, ostracism in, surprising, detail and depth. Bullying. Is an imbalance, of power that. Is often manipulative, Lee created, or willfully. Exploited, by an individual, or a group over an underpowered, individual. Or group it, can, be expressed through mistreatment. Of any form, including. Verbal, abuse, like, name-calling, in, song, yelling. And shouting. Physical. Aggression, like hitting, pushing, tripping. Slapping, or also. A theft or destruction, of the victims property. Emotional. Mistreatment, like exclusion. Marginalization. Silent, treatment. Psychological. Distress like, blaming, a person for problems, they did not cause, discounting. Their integrity or unfavorably. Comparing, or describing, a person in spreading rumors and also. Sexual, misconduct in, any form. Schools. In general especially, the secluded, Rose Garden orphanage, serve as a perfect breeding ground for a hierarchy, of organized, harassment. New. Schoolmates are by, design Outsiders, of the established, social order by enforcing their oppressive, rule of law on any newcomer, as a condition, for acceptance, they force their pecking order on everyone. Compliance. Is mandatory there, is no escape you either play or you'll, face score in an exclusion, you cannot. Not participate. In society even if it treats you personally, unfairly, in. Many. Cases, bullying, bonds, those above, a certain power threshold. Humans. Are social creatures and when facing, the choice between avoiding. Harm and siding, with those on the receiving end most people are too worried about their own skin to speak up on behalf of the victims which. Is a reason, why many initial, bystanders. And of participating. In the abusive spiral, it's. The principle of scapegoat. Ism the, systematic. Disenfranchisement, of. A minority to, serve as a common, foe for the rest to join forces against, in rule.

Of Rose all, of this is depicted, openly, and explicitly. The. Threshold, between oppressor. And oppressed is, visibly, indicated. By a thick line on the club social, hierarchy billboard. Separating. The members, into, refined, and lower-class, Jennifer. And Amanda at the bottom of the pecking order. The, bourgeoisie, here shares a bond of superiority, and camaraderie and, crime against. Jennifer which. Highlights another important, aspect about the insidiousness, of bullying. Bullies. Commonly, feel justified. In their behavior, the. Laws of the aristocrat, club are completely, arbitrary and, exclusively. Designed to appease those who hold power over, others even. If their system is built on open inequality. Obviously. Designed to benefit those in power it is the, law and that's. What the law is right because, it's the, law it's. The self justification, and circular, logic of the quote unquote rule of law which, is what the game's title directly, alludes to in, real. Life it often, doesn't even have to be as explicit in. A social structure that preys, upon a, scapegoated. Minority, the, judgment call of what is right and wrong is ultimately, made by those in power if. A bullied person, gets accused, of anything, even. If it isn't actually true it, really only needs to be confirmed by some Mutual's in power to substantiate. The notion that punishing. That person, below the power threshold, is righteous. It's. A vicious circle that's very hard to break just, like it's shown how Jennifer is constantly, wrongfully. Accused of lying of, being dirty of stealing. Or breaking, things that she didn't even touch, but. When her word stands against that of the self-appointed, aristocracy. It, always falls flat. Mob. Mentality is, what promises, the reward of not, being on the receiving end and that, is enough, for most accomplices. To justify, increasing, participation in, abusive, behavior, Alan. Times that work subconsciously. Deep inside of them they know that what they're doing is, wrong, but the social pressure is strong enough to serve as a letter of indulgence, to tag along on this downward spiral, of abuse.

Bullying. Manipulates. Bystanders. Into complicity. It. Makes categoric, use of the fear of an individual, or groups power in. Rule of rose this is especially, embodied, by Amanda's, transition, from a frightened, mistreated. Victim into a maniacally. Spiteful, aggressor. When. Jennifer joins the aristocrats, she's assigned the rank of beggar the, rock-bottom of the red crayon social, ladder at. That time Amanda, has already endured their abuse for an unspecified, amount of time and everything about her body. Language her, timid, demeanor and well the, things she utters underlines. How she's living a life in fear among her peers, but. Our arrival. Marks the first time that she's ever been elevated over someone, else but. At the end of day one when, we deliver our first gift to the bourgeoisie, and the powers that be decided, that you're. A, disgrace. The. Rule of Rose states that punishment, must follow and. To initiate her new rise from the bottom of the pack it is Amanda, who is instructed. To carry out that sentence. She's. Visibly, appalled, by the prospect, of torturing, Jennifer but her fear of those in power is ultimately much, greater and she, does what she has to do now. Many. Years ago when I was doing my mandatory, military service I distinctly, remember how, a lot of new recruits boasted. How they would never bow to anyone, shouting, orders in their face no, one's gonna tell me you are a terror but. Every single one of them folded, pretty quickly and. It was achieved with a very simple yet effective manipulation. Trick, whenever, somebody refused. To follow a direct order the, drill instructor simply, punished. The entire platoon. Everyone. Except, the perpetrator, themselves. They, just, stood around and did, nothing while every, single one of their comrades, were doing chores push-ups. Or some other form of punitive, labor the. Combined social, pressure, of 40 to 50 Mutual's, directing, their scorn, towards, them weakly, made anyone with revolting, tendencies, fall, in line quietly. Within, the first day the. Strategy, here was to manipulate the soldiers, into policing, and surveying, each other and, yet military, training employs. Bullying, dynamics, to establish, a hierarchy of dominance, always, has been like the afton it's not even really a secret. Bullying. Systematically. Manipulates. People to, justify, abusive. Behavior, over there empathetic, impulses. And, that is exactly what, the aristocrats, do with Amanda because, very soon after, Jennifer's, punishment, their roles get, reversed when. They realize, Amanda's, reluctance, to be cruel they instigate. A situation. In which Amanda. Gets, punished by Jennifer, and, demote. Her back to rock bottom in Canada this. Of course was, never Jennifer's, intention, she just tried to survive and live by the rules, it's. The bourgeoisie, who frame it like Jennifer is the one to blame for a man as predicament, they, scapegoat. Her and. From that point on amanda, begins to gradually, grow more and more hatred, towards jennifer until, she becomes the sole target, of all her, frustration, and scorn in. Her diary we, can read how she slowly, dives, down a spiral, of projected, anger, until she feels nothing, but unfiltered. Hatred, and contempt, towards, the mere idea, of Jennifer. She. Starts telling lies, about her scheming. Behind her back and eventually. Becomes, a willing evangelist, of the aristocrats, mob mentality against. Her what's, so spine-chilling about, the way rule of rose depicts, these social, dynamics, is that, this is literally how bullying turns, initially, well-meaning. Bystanders. Into accomplices. And active, participants. And, that's, not even the most brilliant, part about it the. Game even pulls the rug from under our feet and uses, those same tricks, on us the, player, during. My research for this video I've asked a handful of people for their impressions, of rule of Rose and most, of them mentioned, how scary, Amanda, was to them and, how they gradually, began to despise, her more and more towards. The end even, though the game makes it abundantly clear that, she is a victim, herself it. Puts the players through, the same spiral, of dehumanization. And scapegoating. And systematic. Withdrawal, of empathy, that turned Amanda against Jennifer to. Me this always made Amanda enjoy so much more effective and intimidating, antagonist not. Only does she have a believable. Reason, for her manic, behavior the. Players, are also made, to walk a mile in her shoes and. It gives them blisters. I. Believe. By now it should be clear, that the aristocrats. Don't just use their bullying, purely. Out of sadistic, pleasure but, that they've established a, system that, preys on the weak for their own benefit, on the.

Surface It really does appear, as if the aristocrat, society is just a silly kids game with. Terms and expressions blindly. Copied, from adults and tossed around to make the pretense feel fancy, but. At times their laws and hierarchy, shows some surprising. Parallels, to exploitative. Inequality, in actual, adult society, of their time yeah. The red crayon aristocrat, society is if you look closely and almost, on the nose imitation. Of a Marxist, view of exploitative, societal, structures, and. If you feel that this is shoehorning. Politics, into a game where you don't want it to be you, haven't been paying attention rule. Of Rose is openly, political, it's all there, in the writing, in the design and the world building and, it's so rarely talked about so let's have a look first. Of all rule of rows is set in 1930. In the UK an era, in which right-wing, reactionary. Demagogues, and socialist, movements, heavily, clashed ideologically. The. Aristocrats, used Marxist. Terms to label, and designate, their feudalistic, hierarchy. Like, separating. Bourgeoisie, and royalty. From the working-class, the, beggars the poor the proletariat. Their. System is openly. Designed, around the exploitation, of the lower-class, daily. Gifts, taxes. That have to be delivered to serve the desires of those in power it. Requires a social, class to put an extensive. Effort for something that is of no inherent, value to them except, avoiding, legal, punishment. For non-compliance, their. Labor is being, exploited. The aristocrats also, put up the illusion, of a utilitarian. Meritocracy. Something, that's often brought up in defense of oppressive, systems, the, prospect. Of advancement. In social, rank for anyone who just puts, in enough elbow grease. Amanda. Is adequately, dubbed, the, rag princess, which is a nod to the popular, from rags to riches myth, and that fuels. Her illusory, hopes to one, day break, out from the lower-class, but. While this is hypothetically. Within the range of possibilities, for individuals, an advancement. In social, class mandatorily. Requires. The failure, or increased, poverty, of others, in the lower-class in exchange, a system. That distributes large, amounts, of wealth and power to only the few who thrive by, design, has, to keep the vast majority below. A threshold or, it, won't be profitable, enough for those above the power line anymore, this, threshold, is portrayed, explicitly. In the rule of Rose it, is a visible, thick, line, Jennifer. And Amanda formed a lower class while repeatedly, given the prospect, of advancement. If they, just prove their worth how. Much fairer could it be huh but. The odds are of course always stacked. Against, them this. Game is rigged. We. Like the little bitches on a chessboard. Pawns. As. Described. Before when, Jennifer actually gets, promoted in rank of course within the confines of the lower class it automatically. Makes Amanda, lose status, in the process, none. Of the members of the refined class of course give away any of their status the struggle, happens, exclusively. Below, the power threshold. The rule of Roe's redistributes. Power among, the social class to inside artificial. Friction, among them we've. Talked about bullying, dynamics, and specifically, the manipulative. Coercion, into complicity, among, the weaker and how, that's also, deliberately, exploited. In real life examples. Artificial. Incitement. Of animosity, among the lower classes to, distract, the focus, away from those in power who, fabricated. The system of inequality. For their own gain in the first place. Redirecting. Frustration. And alienation. Onto a fabricated. Adversary. It's fear-mongering. In, adult. Society, this is the number one strategy of demagogues, to rile people up against, a made-up threat, and it, keeps being so effective, because fear and hatred spread. So much easier, and faster than. Compassion. And empathy. So. If, playing by the rules is designed, to, only lead you in circles than, is. There even a way out, well. Jennifer. Faces, ongoing, sadistic. Abuse from the aristocrats, but cheap takes it she's, unhappy but, she still keeps following. The rules she. Suffers, but she still has something, someone. That, makes life bearable. Those. That abuse power of, the tendency, to never get enough they. Always want more and more until, one, day they inevitably, go. Too far there's. Always a, breaking, point. This. Is. Revolution. It's. No. Coincidence that, this pivotal, moment of the game of Jennifer's. Violent. Uprising. Against the self anointed royalty. Is graded, in the blue white, and red. Of the turf war trickle or this. Is, not evolution do, turbulent, this, is the social, class overthrowing. The bourgeoisie. Think. About every. Political revolution. Happens, because a people's, oppression. Has reached a crucial breaking, point in. The early 20th century for instance the Russian, people under, the reign of the Tsar had already been exploited.

And Mistreated in. The harshest, of conditions imaginable, for. Decades, but. It needed, a catalyst, a breaking, point in this case it was the neck breaking demand, for resources and, Russia entered World War one that, finally. Tipped the scales and led to open, revolution, against those in power. Jennipher. As we said hadn't you're an awful, lot of mistreatment, over a long period, of time but. For her to finally snap, the, aristocrats, have to bend her past a breaking point with. The aristocrats, murdered. Brown they. Are hunger, for ever more power took the one thing from Jennifer, that had made life, under oppression bearable. For her until that point and her. Act of open, defiance unlike. Everything else she tried before immediately. Dismantled. The aristocrats, in one fell swoop because, she directly, went for the ruler Wendy. The one who was secretly in charge of the aristocrats, all along, and by, that she disrespects. And bypasses. They're made of hierarchy. I think, myself look very most, stupid. Games. There's. Also no coincidence. That to, fill the newly emerged power vacuum, she, gets immediately, elected, as the new leader of the aristocrats, even though it doesn't really even show any desire, to participate, in their petty game of power at all. One. Of the most common, comparisons. Drawn, when talking about rule of Rose is William Golding's, 1954. Novel Lord of the Flies which. Tells the story of a group of boys stranding. On an uninhabited, island the, horrendous attempts, of governing, themselves and, while. The two stories have a lot of themes in common, a group. Of kids suddenly, left on their own without adult supervision that, ends, up in an abusive, totalitarian. Society rule, of Rose delivers, something that Lord of the Flies largely. Omits, it. Doesn't, just show the how but. The why as well. Dynamics. Of power abuse. Can theoretically, arise, under all kinds of circumstances, but. External, factors such as social, upbringing family. Background, and pedagogical. Practices, employed, by teachers, and parenting. Figures have a tremendous, impact on the development of social values, and behavior, of children growing, up in rule. Of Rose there are many different antagonistic. Figures among the kids but, no matter how misguided and, vile any of those kids turn out in, a greater sense all, of them are victims. If. There is one decided. Root cause for all the developmental, disturbances, and antisocial, tendencies, the. Orphans develop, its, mr., Hoffman, the, headmaster, and teacher of the institution, and the children's. Legal guardian. Hoffman. Is a typical, pre-war, father figure, stereotype, he, is emotionally, distant, and cold and, he embodies the principle, of discipline, and tough love he's.

Accordingly, Dubbed the strict teacher by the orphans, and he punishes failure, and insufficiencies. Swiftly, and mercilessly. And. He makes unbridled. Use of both physical, and verbal abuse. Jennifer. Repeatedly, gets directly, insulted. And degraded, by him throughout the not, just visa V but also in front of other schoolmates and, he's known to regularly, scold, the children with this wooden chalkboard, pointer a disgustingly. Common, traditional. Educational. Practice, of that era. Strictness. In and of itself can, be very valuable for establishing, a sense of direction and, children growing up but, that's only the case of its exercise in, a benevolent, and fair manner. Hoffman. Is the polar opposite, of that he, openly enacts in favoritism. For some children without, attempting, to disguise his disdain, for others whenever, he speaks to the orphans over the mansion's speaker system, he reads the names of the children in the order of his preference, and not surprisingly, it is directly, analogue, to the hierarchy, of the aristocrat Club and, Jennifer. Is always, at the bottom of his list. His. Perpetual, unbridled. Disdain, and his verbal and physical harassment. Of Jennifer carried. Out openly. In front of everyone, to witness, directly. Empowers, the aristocrats, and to them serves, as a justification, for, their bullying behavior. Now. There's one person Hoffman. Always lists as his favorite, girl, Diana. No. When I was in high school we, had a gym teacher boys, and girls were separated, for PE in my school and this guy would exclusively. Teach the girls classes, he. Always arranged, his students, in four to five groups ostensibly, sorted, by performance. If you performed, well enough for a while you'd rise out to a better group until you've reached the ACE team now. One day he accidentally, forgot his ledger in the sports fall and some students found it and read through it and it came to lie that it contained his mental, notes for every single one of his students with, detailed, descriptions of, their outer appearances, in disturbing, detail we're. Talking about how good, or cute, looking a student was their, hair color and cut body, shape height skin, complexion, legs breast, size and literally, a rating, of their looks on a numbered, scale and what, a surprise, is hot-or-not meter was pretty much identical with the class's performance, groups if, your teacher didn't. Find you fuckable, enough you'd never get an A in gym class, this, was brought to the school administration and, you probably think the teacher was fired effective immediately right, but. No the school irrelevantly. Pointed, out jet like his past as a distinguished, athlete, and how he had been a model teacher for such a long time and they pretty much brushed the whole affair under the carpet they, directly, protected, an F F I'll late fifties, man who verifiably. Rated, his female, underage, students, by how attracted. He felt to them and he faced zero. Consequences. Rule. Of roses Hoffman is basically, what happens when you take such a pedophile, slash Heba file and make him the supervisor, of a remote orphanage, full of forsaken, children, and made him their legal guardian, his. Attraction, for, underage, girls, is the main motivation, behind, his favoritism. And there are at least two, cases where, it's aggressively. Hinted at that Hoffman, exploited. His power and parental, guardianship. To sexually, abuse children in, his care Clara. Is the most visibly, depicted, case of Hoffman's, sexual misconduct and, rule of Rose she's, around 1516, years old and at, the time before, Diana reaches, adolescence she, was known to be Hoffman's, favorite, the. Game strongly. Implies that Hoffman, raped and/or, sexually. Abused her repeatedly, over an extended period of time she. Is commonly, found in a sick room sitting, on the examination caught, with Hoffman, right next to her in the room, her. Body language conveys. Insecurity. Fear, and shame when talked to and, when Jennifer attempts to open drawers in that room she stops her in panic, quite, likely hiding evidence of Hoffman Smith treatment of her often.

Himself, Just nods and hums and silent, agreement. In. A later chapter we find Hoffman, leading her into a secluded room with a bed hunched. Over and sluggishly, shuffling, her feet as if she's suffering, from abdominal. Pain. At. That point in the game we face the mermaid, princess boss, which. Is a grotesque, manifestation. Of how Jennifer's, young mind, made sense of Clara sexual, misconduct that she witnessed one. Of the main attacks, of Clara's, mermaid, form is an acidic vomit, hinting, at heavy morning, sickness and vomiting, as a symptom of an unwanted, pregnancy, we. Can also find a large scar, on her lower abdomen pointing. To an abortion through, c-section. Her. Fish tail is actually the tail of Hoffman's, koi which, Jennifer comments, on is floating, freely but never able to escape the. Koi is a recurring, symbol, of the kids wishing, to flee the orphanage, and be free of their imprisonment. There. Are more indicators, for Clara's, pregnancy, and Hoffman's, inappropriate, affection, for her we. See her scrubbing, the floor with the headmaster looming. Over her gazing, at her body and instructing. Her in a disgusting, sexually. Suggestive tone, or. When. We find her cleaning the examination, caught right in the crotch region, suggesting. That this is where the c-section took place and that she was made to clean it up herself, during. That chapter, we also repeatedly, hear loud music, being played over the speaker system and, since Hoffman and Clara in the same room the entire time this, is likely meant to be an acoustic, distraction. To cover up any troubling, noises, caused by his misconduct. Clara. Is said to have disappeared. At some point in time in several, details, such, as the gills on the mermaid princess's character, model not, just on the body also, on her wrists hint, at the possibility that. Clara might have in act in self-harming. Behavior, or even taken. Her own life she saw no way out of her situation. I've. Always regarded her role in the game as open, and direct proof for Hoffmann being a sexual predator and heavy file, and. When. She reaches, adolescence. Hoffman's. Eyes eventually. Fall on Diana. Hoffman's. Sexual, abuse of Diana is never displayed, as explicitly. As with Clara but. It's strongly implied, that he followed, a similar coercive. Pattern, with her aside. From repeatedly. Listing her as his number one student in front of all touting. His infatuation, for her out for all to witness he, seen on numerous occasions, to caress, her touching. Her in a manner that vehemently. Crosses, the line for a teacher-student, relationship. Diana's. Body language, reflects, that she, shows confusion. Fear and, repulsion, at his inappropriate physical, intimacy. She's. Also commonly shown to have her thigh wrapped, in bandages. Insinuating. Bruises, or other bodily violations. That might have occurred by often and posing himself on her.

Diana. While coming of age and facing, her already confusing, sexual. Development felt. Her sense of right and wrong aggressively. Violated. By the only Father fair in her life who, exploited, her parental dependency. On him to satisfy his personal, desires these. Experiences. Along, with the already existent, possible, trauma of being orphaned, in the first place triggered, a deep set lingering, disdain, for adults in Diana and Anna Coren fear of growing up herself. Witnessing. How she inexorably. Turns into the very thing she despises. Terrifies. Her to the core the. Process, of becoming a woman elicits. A raging, conflict, in her on. The one hand her evolving. Physical, appeal, is what caused Hoffman's. Sexual, interest in her he made her end up in this hellish situation at. The mercy of a sexual, abusive, teacher and mentor. But, on the other hand her, maturity, grants. Her power of the other kids of the orphanage, and in her alienation. Confusion. And angst she. Begins to abuse that power for herself to, establish, a sense of belonging and purpose in. Her life. She. Shows signs of grave developmental. Disorders, because of that diana, emits strong tendencies. Towards, sociopathic. Personality. Disorder, impaired. Empathy, manipulative. And anti-social, behavior and, a, very classic, tell enacting. An animal, cruelty and murder for instance. She killed the bird of her friend Elinor simply. To bet on how she reacts, to it and of. Course she, directly, captain's, the kidnapping, and murder of brown and. If you're wondering why nobody ever called the police or did, anything against Hoffman's, behavior. Well. Whoever. Believes the victim. Survivors. Of abuse and, sexual misconduct in. Any way speaking, up and accusing, their perpetrators, face the problem, that it's a case brought up by a less powerful against. A more powerful party. And in many cases those who use power have little to no effort in covering, their tracks enough. For any accusation. To fall flat the. Game even addresses, the issue of police neglect, when we read through letters written by Martha Carroll the orphanages. Housekeeper, and cook who attempted, to inform the police about her suspecting. Child mistreatment. In a different case with. The police despite, continuous. Bleeding showing, zero interest, in looking into the affair at all in, this. Case the saying is true the. Bully really is the victim. Hoffman. Is the seed that fostered, and grew into what eventually became the dysfunctional. Red crayon aristocrat. Society. We've. Talked, about a band of bullies, and, the effect their actions, have on their victims we've. Talked about the blatant, parallels, between a social hierarchy of, organized, harassment, and real word politics, and, we've talked about the impact of child neglect and exploited. Parental, power on the children of the rose-garden orphanage. And. All of this without even tackling, what could be seen as the games central, antagonist. I'm. Talking, about Wendy. Jennifer's. Savior, best, friend and supposed, love, interest, in big air quotes who, is eventually revealed to be the ringleader of the red crayon aristocrats. Bearing, the rank of princess, of the red rose, she. Was the one who orchestrated. All the wrongdoings, jennifer has been subjected to during her year in the orphanage, and, she, embodies another type of abusive, relationship. Rule of Rose addresses, in its narrative. But. To understand, her role in a story is. Vital, to untangle. The scrambled, paths of Jennifer so. Let's, see what really happened, to her during her time in the Rose Garden orphanage. Without. The filter of delusion, through which her story is presented throughout the game. Jennifer's. Tale begins, in 1929. A few months before she entered the orphanage at the. Time she was traveling, with her parents on board of a luxury airship on a fly from karting Tintin to India. But due, to technical. Malfunctions. The, airship crashed. This. Disaster, was inspired, by the r101. A real-life. Experimental. Long-distance. Airship, that crashed, in France in the same year, and killed, nearly, all of its passengers. In. Rudolph, Rosa's case Jennifer. Was the sole, survivor of the catastrophe, that made, her an orphan and this tragic, event is the reason why the hazy, recollections. Of her childhood conflate. The year she spend in the orphanage, with her memory onboard of the ill-fated, airship. Before. Salvage, and rescue teams arrived, Jennifer's, unconscious. Body was found by a poor pea farmer, named Gregory, Wilson, he.

Brought Her to his little farmhouse where, he lived in solitude sometime after, his son Joshua, had, passed away for reasons unspecified. Gregory. Took care of the injured Jennifer nurtured. Her two health found gave her a new home but. His, son's recent, passing, had made him unstable. In the, wake of Joshua's. Death Gregory. Had turned to alcohol, and developed. Strong suicidal. Tendencies, and, he. Gradually, developed something like a replacement. Complex. Through Jennifer, he. Began addressing her with his late son's name cut, her hair short like Joshua, used to wear it and dressed, her in his old clothes until. He started, believing that Jennifer, in fact, was, Joshua, and that his son had never died after, all he. Became increasingly. Overprotective. And eventually. Permanently, locked in her in the basement to, make sure he would never lose his son ever, again, Jennifer. Grew increasingly, afraid, and repeatedly, tried to escape but she was not able to on her own, but, one fine day a young, girl who lived in an orphanage not too far from Gregory's, house discovered. Her through the dirty basement window. Because. Of the clothes Jennifer, was wearing the girl Wendy, mistook. Her for a boy and from that point on dubbed her her prince the. Two began exchanging letters, in secret, and quickly. Became infatuated with, each other, longing, to be together and. Then one day Wendy. Took up the courage and broke Jennifer out from her imprisonment, and they, escaped to the rose-garden orphanage. Where she was reluctantly, adopted, by headmaster, Hoffman in, the, beginning of her time in the orphanage Jennifer and Wendy were inseparable. Friends, Wendy. Introduced, her to the red crayon aristocrat, Club and being. The group's founder, and leader, she made her member, even, though Jennifer never agreed with their games from the start and only played, along because it made her friend happy, but. Over time Wendy's, affection, for Jennifer grew increasingly, obsessive. Breeding. Through their letters, that can be found in the gingerbread house and in the epilogue chapter of the game we can observe how our language becomes, gradually more, manic, and possessive.

Even. If at the time things. Still appeared to be fine from an outside perspective, but. As long as Wendy got what she wanted that, is having Jennifer all to herself she, was appeased, but. As it is common with abusers, it usually, needs a catalyst, that tips the scales from simply, being a caring, friend into, her turning into the obsessive control, freak that would turn Jennifer's, life into an everyday hell. For. Wendy this, catalyst, was brown. One. Day Jennifer. Was, wandering out and about and discovered, a lonely, hungry. And helpless, puppy, abandoned. In a dilapidated shed, near the orphanage, she couldn't, leave the poor thing to starve so driven, by compassion and, love with a little baby boy she, took him in nursed. Him to health and, the two very, quickly became, inseparable, friends. Jennifer's. Fondness, for Brown, immediately stirred. Jealousy, in Wendy she. Repeatedly. Expressed her dislike, of dogs call, Jennifer's, friend filthy, dirty, and made, it clear that she wants to never offer herself. But. Jennifer of course didn't want to part with her friend and frankly, she didn't even see a problem, and despite, her attempts, to befriend when in brown overtime, Wendy's, jealousy, turned into spite, which. In turn made Jennifer, recede, more and more and favor Browns company, over hers a cycle. Of power and balance the. More wendy pulled the, more it made jennifer want to distance herself, and. At some point wendy. Snapped. Around. That time Hoffman. Alongside the housekeeper, Martha Carol and Clara had, disappeared, from the orphanage, leaving, the remote mansion, without any adult, supervision, and. Even though it was technically, only meant to be a game in this leaderless, vacuum, of power the, red crayon aristocrat, Society stepped, in to seize the power through, their twisted sense of law and order over the children that were left behind they. Became, the de facto leadership. Of the Forsaken, Rose Garden orphanage. Wendy. Increasingly, abused, her power to, rile the aristocrats, up against Jennifer and, inciting, the group to harass and bully her in. Her, own mind she, always acted, in Jennifer's best, interest, coercing. Her into giving up her friend and committing, to their love and friendship. A very common justification. Used by abusers, I love. You so much and my love for you is so righteous, that your suffering, is necessary. And deserved, if you're unable to see the truth my. Truth, I'm, only mistreating, you because that's what you make me do, the. Spiral of abused by the hand of the aristocrats, is depicted, in many of the game's chapters, and, it eventually culminates. When Wendy, declared, filthy, Brown as, the gift of the day the. Aristocrats, trapped Jennifer's, friend tied him up stuffed, him in a bag and. Beat. Him to death. This. Is the bottom, of the abusive, spiral, of Wendy's attempts, to coerce Jennifer, into coming. Back to her and this, is where things all Tamara, went too far for Jennifer, witnessing. The murder of her dear friend maid Jennifer finally, stand up against, Wendy's bullying. As. We said before the, aristocrats, immediately, dethrone, her and declare Jennifer their new leader, now. After, that things, turn a little bit over, spectacular. If you ask me Wendy. Runs away from the orphanage after this incident and pretty much immediately plots, her revenge, for. Much of the information the game presents during the gingerbread house chapter, and final, encounter was the epilogue chapter, Wendy, goes on to exploit Gregory, the lone P farmers weak mental, state and his obsession with his deceased son Joshua, by, dressing, up as a young boy and impersonating. Him. During. The games big reveal, at the end it, turns out that the boy who had been leading Jennifer, and players, around throughout most of the game it, was a cross-dressing, Wendy, all along.

Wendy. Systematically. Manipulated. The gullible Gregory, and trained him like an animal among. The kids he became the legend of stray dog a boogeyman, story the children of the orphanage whispered, about fearing. Stray dog would come and eat them one night and. Well, can I say turns out they were right one. Night in December Wendy, actually, brings Gregory, to the orphanage, and orders, him to, Massacre. Everybody. Kappa guess, she went a bit farther dingy. This. Is the final boss fight of the game depending, on how we deal with him he, reached the good or the bad ending, in, the bad ending Jennifer outride kills him in combat and, loses her memory for good, while. In the good ending she hands him his revolver, and Gregory, ends up taking his own life, following. Through the suicidal, urge he had ever since he had lost his son. Jennifer. Leaves the orphanage, once again being the only survivor, of a mass tragedy. And subsequently. Represses. All the memories of this tormented, period, of her life until. She returns, at age 19, didn't. Come to terms with his troubles past. Full. Circle, now. Let's. Talk about Jennifer. And Wendy's, relationship. Now. Especially in the context, of the games ban it's, often been suggested that their relationship, is an underaged. Lesbian, romance and, if. You judge by the language they use in the letters and by their body language and some of the cutscenes well, I won't deny that the game definitely heavily, plays with this notion but. The truth is it, doesn't really matter the entire purpose, of Wendy, X Jennifer, in the narrative rule of Rose is that it is another type of abusive, relationship, the game addresses, one, that is phazon unhealthy, entitlement. And position, and for, this that, type of relationship, is, completely, irrelevant. Romantic. Partners, friends. Parents. Of the children, possessiveness. In relationships. Is a common, cause for emerging. Abuse patterns in any type. Of relationship no, matter the nature. The. Way this game portrays, Wendy, and plays, with the player's expectations. Is comparable, to the story of Amanda, in her. Case players, get to witnessed, the abuse she suffers, from her social circles, firsthand making. The players empathize, with her situation and, form a bond through mutual suffering, with her. Only to flip her so drastically, that she becomes a threat that forces, the players into fearing, and despising, her in the same way she did, with Jennifer in, Wendy's. Case the game uses the trick of leaving, the player in the dark she's been the one behind all the sadistic mistreatment. Of Jennifer all along, until. A real nature is revealed to us every. Encounter, with her is amicable. Among. The large cast of characters, that act pretty much unanimously. Vitriolic, Lee towards Jennifer, all the time, interactions. With Wendy in contrast, always feel like a fresh breeze a Quantum, of Solace, she's. Gentle kind, and caring, her, character is deliberately, set up to feel like a relief in a world of bullies, this. Is how Wendy's affection, for Jennifer felt to her after, she lost her parents and after being locked in a basement by a terrifying madman. For months, just. As it was for Jennifer it takes us a long time to, understand. That her affection, was guided, by deep personal, issues low, self-esteem and jealousy, and that she's the root cause behind all Jennifer, had to suffer. Wendy. Is like, all the other kids in rose-garden and orphan, the, and, although we never learn about her exact personal, circumstances. And how she ended, up in the orphanage she, at some point in her life lost, her parents the. Lack, of a parental figure was. The already established complete. Failure, of the headmaster, in being one and in.

Addition To that her frail health had often doomed, her to stay inside alone. In bed for days at a time, it makes whinnies intense fear of abandonment all, the more plausible the. Friendship with Jennifer managed, to suppress, this constant. Feeling of loneliness and abandonment in, her in the beginning possibly. For the first time since she was orphaned and it made, her feel more complete, which. Is in and of itself a wonderful, thing. Possessiveness. In early, stages in our culture is very often interpreted, as something inherently, positive is, read, as a sign, of affection and, fondness. But, as soon as it becomes a persistent. Negative trade, as soon as one person bases, their entire happiness and, self-esteem, on, the compliance, of the desired and, as soon as they develop a sense of entitlement, over the desired person, possessiveness. Quickly, reveals, its toxic, nature, it's. Comparable to the behavior, of an addict, as soon as the desired person, shifts their attention, away from the, possessive, person it, invokes fears, of abandonment. Suspicions. Of betrayal and mostly, irrational, jealousy. Jealousy. Is inherently tied to the idea that a person in, some capacity belongs. To you and this, notion can, very easily spiral. Into abusive, behavioral, patterns, as, it is the case with windy ones Jennifer adopts brown. Possessive. Relationships, are unlike. Our society, often likes to frame it not, about love but, primarily, about entitlement. Control. And power a pent. In Jennifer's case for instance is never a competitor, for a friend, any. Healthy, relationship is, built on the desire for the happiness of the other which, necessarily requires. Space, and, freedom for both persons, a healthy. Relationship of, any kind is built on trust and altruism. In. Possessive. Relationships, on the other hand one, party regards, the other primarily. As a means to their own happiness with. Little to no regard, for that person's, boundaries, or individual, freedom. There. Are many subtle and not so subtle ways possessive. People attempt to control relationship. Partners, as a means to calm their own emotions, yet. Feeling. Connected as someone never, means, you are entitled, or allowed, to exert power over them. Wendie goes down that spiral where genuine, affection turns. Into a chain reaction of, possession, and domination, where. The happiness of the person, of interest becomes, irrelevant. While the desire to control, or, takes, her thoughts and actions, we. Can see her increasingly, controlling, behavior, towards Jennifer as symbolized. By the growing amounts of rope the airship gets wrapped up in over the course of a story. With. Increasing jealousy, Wendy's, destructive. Path becomes, equally, more intense, she. Systematically. Isolates, Jennifer's socially, by, having the aristocrats, demote her to the lowest rank and spreading, lies about her, not, just to the other kids but even, to the effect that the adults, perpetuate. The notion that Jennifer, constantly. Lies in bed she reeks. In, turn. The more Jennifer feels alone, and abandoned, the more she seeks solace in her friendship, with town and, in responds. The more when he doubles down in her destructive, behavior. Brunel. Grows portrays. How possessiveness. And relationships, eventually. Always, damages. Everyone. Involved and inexorably, takes over everything. Devoid. Of freedom, trust and tranquillity, everybody. Ends up suffocated. By the erratic, controlling, behavior, of an abuser. After. Months of suffering through, the bullying, of pretty much every, person, in Jennifer's small, world after feeling, how her actions have only driven Jennifer, further and further away from her Wendy, finally, resolves, to take the one last thing that brings, Jennifer, solace, from, her it's.

The Moment when Jennifer finally, can defend, her abuser, anymore and at, the same time the ultimate, symbol for how possessive behavior. Ultimately, damages, everyone. Once. The game reveals Wendy's true face it, tears, the facade of love down and, exposes, it for the toxic, entitlement. It really is and always has been every. Previous interaction. With her suddenly, becomes tainted so much so that plays with the game a second, time was, her kind and caring demeanor, in a far darker light. Wendy. Acted. Like every, abusive she. Never backed down never. Second-guessed, her selfish motivations, and always, felt justified, in her hurtful, behavior because. She was convinced, that the end to her means was, ultimately good that. Her acting, was righteous. For. This video I've, now, literally, spent months, with, Lula Rose playing. Researching. Writing replaying. Rewriting. Recording, editing more research playing, again and so on and so on and so on and. You think that by now I really, can't stand to look at the game anymore right but. It's the opposite really the, more I dig into this game's incredibly. Deep and multifaceted. Characters. And lore the. More I analyze, it and take it apart into its atoms, the, more I try to connect dots and, decipher, its symbolism, and metaphors, the, more I adore, the authors, for what they achieved with, rural rose, it. Is at heart. A tale, of power imbalance. A story. That rejects, the traditional. Simplistic, notion, of pure good, for, his pure evil, but that instead, showcases. Many different, forms, of abuse and, how they can arise, from all, kinds, of circumstances, it. Constantly. Plays on your perception of wrong and right and the, deeper you venture, into its rabbit hole the. More you find that, everybody. In here has been through some shit really. And. I think that's what I ultimately respect, the game the most for then. It goes to the lengths, to explain, the why behind, all, the horrible stuff that makes its characters, go through without. Ever telling you and, here, is how you should feel about it, that. It doesn't serve you its lessons, on a silver, platter but. That it makes you work for it. Justification. The. Better you understand, that's characters, the, harder, the game makes it to cast. The first stone. If. Anything. It hammers, home that things are, always. More, complicated than, they seem at face value. Rule. Arose shows how in most, cases those. Who views, often don't, even realize, what exactly. They're doing how. In their own way they are convinced. That what they're doing is the right thing and how, they're often utterly, unaware, of, the power imbalances. They profit, from. Wendie, for instance just like every person who becomes increasingly. Possessive. In a relationship, they feel is slipping, away from them in her, own way acts because, she believes that manipulative. Ly taking, Jennifer's, freedom, away is in Jennifer's best, interest.

That She. Just, doesn't, know what's good for her this. Is the methodology. Of abuse. When. Jennifer revolves, against the aristocrats, that, is the moment when the power imbalance. Is shattered, and, it shows how often social. Structures, like these only work if. We allow them. If. There is one thing to take away from role, of roles and it is the importance, of learning to recognize power. Imbalance. That. Is if you're on the r

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John Smith One reason could be to keep the various twists (the Prince was never a Prince, Wendy is the ‘big bad’ and that the game is Jennifer’s repressed memories) hidden for a bit longer. The Prince as a character stands out because he appears to the only boy in the ‘main cast’. The Prince is also the first character Jennifer meets and ‘he’ guides her to the orphanage; had it been Wendy or Wendy in the disguise of another girl, the character of The Prince would have been less ambiguous. That’s the meta reasoning, From a narrative perspective, it could just be the writers trying to show how people ‘alter’ reality to fit their needs. Despite the truth bring different from what Wendy thought it to be, She still obsessed over Jennifer and wanted her ‘prince’ to herself and believed Jennifer to be lonely enough to only need her; despite Jennifer not being a boy, the farmer willingly ‘changed’ reality to fit his needs. Jennifer herself never sees the corpses as corpses, but instead as discarded clothes and a toy dog, because having to actually see the corpses might be too much.

RagnarRox I think you missed my point. It could have just as easily been his daughter that had died. I’m asking is there a thematic reason why it would need to be his son, or a thematic reason for him to dress a little girl up like a little boy, or even a cultural reference I’m not privy to, or did they just do it because.

"Why from a narrative perspective, does the pea farmer need to dress Jennifer up like a boy, other than to just be shocking?" Because he pretends she's his son

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Btw i was rewatching the video and in the minute 20 with 40 seconds you could edit you video so it get monetised.

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That's not really how it works. The demonetization comes because my script contains words like abuse, rape, etc. It was always unlikely that this video would get monetized in the first place because of those topics, but hell if I censor my script for that shit.

The mermaid fight still gives me PTSD, i never got to finish the game because of that.

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It seems that the authorities don't realise that _exploring_ a topic is not the same as _endorsing_ it.

There was definitely also a strong political agenda of EU minister Franco Frattini behind this. Rule of Rose was a great scapegoat for his campaign against the insidiousness of video games. Quite ironic, considering how the game vehemently portrays and condemns scapegoatism.

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Stuff like that is far more common than people think. Sort of my point.

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Fastest hour of my life.

This video is a masterpiece. Amazing job.

Ragnar... you seriously out did yourself this time. I'm not kidding, this may be your best video yet. I actually cried during curtain moments. This was amazing. Seriously glad I found your channel.

the dog being murdered definitely hits home. really heavy stuff. :(

Thank you so much for your amazing work! I truly enjoy listening to your thoughts about issues in the world and how you showcase the lore of these rare but amazing games. As always I'm looking forward to the next one.

I would've bought the game immediately if ebay wasn't selling $400

Damn it. I really want to watch this, but I have this game waiting in my backlog (and horrors are definitely not something I want spoiled)... Btw. have you ever played original Clocktower on SNES? It's great horror game IMO.

WOW! Thanks so much for making these videos, and this one in particular. I believe I've seen them all and while they were all great, this one shines above them all in my view. I feel like playing the game in this hurried world, I would give it way less attention than it deserves. May I ask whether you studied psychology academically? I admire the fact not only you understand all the underlying motives, but that you can also explain them in an incredibly approachable manner.

43:58 - You can thank the teacher's unions for that. Unless a crime has been directly committed that teacher can be the CREEPIEST piece of filth to ever walk the earth, EVERY parent can make formal complaints, the students can even 'strike'; you fire that teacher and the unions will blacklist your school, many if not all of your staff will/will be made to leave and the school will inevitably close.

This was an outstanding analysis, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!


Overall this video was very well put together, though I'm not sure the part where you talked about Marxism was particularly clear. I'm not sure if you were trying to communicate that the way the Red Crayon Society is depicted in-game is representative of all hierarchies within society, or only of abusive hierarchies. Besides that the essay was fantastically put together and your choice of subject was as refreshing as your coverage of the themes therein was tasteful. Top work, my dude. I would gladly support you monetarily if I wasn't at the bottom of the totem pole myself so I'll just share it around as best I can in the meantime. I look forwards to more work of this quality in the future (though the quality could half and would still be well above average so I'll probably be happy regardless.)

What a great video to end 2018! I'll see you all next year!

There's something about your voice and script that always have me eager to learn about whatever new topic you put out. I've never heard about this game, but this was still a treat to watch. Now I know about Rule of Rose, Thanks!

Thanks to uncovering this masterpiece. Love your work since started watching, keep it on

Amazing work. Thank you.


I've seen this game in action in a few videos and the combat system definitely does look pretty awful. But the storytelling done masterfully and really gets to me. Definitely a beautiful piece of art

I have been watching you for a while now, but i think this is the first time i actually put down on words just how much i appreciate your Channel and the absurd amount of care that goes into your videos. I have never really played "rule of rose", psycological horror but has always been so interesting to me that i had to at least Watch it on YouTube. I've regretted not playing it for myself for years, you did absolute justice to the masterpiece of intricate characters and analisis of society that this game is. So thank you for your work and fuck YouTube for demonetizing such an amazing piece of art analisis.

Thank you so much for this!

Thank you.

Fucking Ragnar. Now I have to explain to my wife why I squealed like a little girl after seeing this upload. Seriously though, A++ conent as usual.

Excellent as always, sorry about YouTube not caring about the only people keeping them alive and all :(

I love being your patron. Your videos are deep, thoughtful, and magnificent. Always worth the wait. I also love that you pronounce my name right :) thank you

You forgot child lesbianism and pedophilia in your trigger warning. XDD

Didn't realise how relevant these themes of social webbings were. Thanks for reading into the work and doing the work to put it into words

Nicely done, sir.

youtube does not care about it's content creators

This was a beautiful essay, thank you for this content

Now you able to reupload director's cut version and don't fear anything!

YouTube's censorship is bullshit so is censorship most of the time to be honest infuriatingly. (I know those experiences myself to a ridiculous degree animal dead in a bag included)

Screw YouTube.

You may want to consider adding some censorship here: @20:42 Not saying it's right or wrong to have that, just trying to help with the demonetization situation.

literally 3 hours before this video came out, watched another youtubers video about this game i never heard before, Rule of Rose. this is my 3rd time watching this video. it honestly still gives me chills down my spine on certain parts. your delivery and editing is really, really good. your channel is still criminally underrated my dude. as always, i thank you for bringing us this great and informative video.

A day with a RagnarRox upload is a good day

We need a remake

Thank you; didn't expect to get a christmas gift this early.

fantastic vid, well done

This video deserve more views, high quality video ❤❤❤

Thanks a lot for your work

Thank you for this amazing video, Dude. Made me love this masterpiece even more. Just one curiosity: is there any chance that Wendy and the children had not in fact killed Brown? I ask because 1) we do see a stuffed dog at some point in the game, that the children could have made to trick Jennifer, and 2) we never actually see what's on the bloody bag. To me, Brown showing up at the last boss battle was a sigh that they did in fact fake the entire thing, maybe for not being able to restrain him, and he break free from the shed to help Jennifer when he heard her screams. That was my impression, anyway.

I am very certain that this is not the case - *but* I love this interpretation. Any interpretation that saves Brown is a good one in my book. ;)

Wendy is one of the most disturbing villain ever

Thank you so much for covering this rare gem, I saw Nitro Rad's video few months ago it was amazing but this is more in depth about the abusive relationship and I really enjoyed it through the end. The revolution part was really well edited and you caught me off guard when you showed Jojo HAHA. I didn't noticed the story has came to a full circle and also why she's all alone again. Also, the gym story was disturbing and frustrating at the same time.

This is fucking disturbing.

Man, what a video

This game truly deserves praise for taking the risk of using such heavy subject matter like sexual abuse. I hope they once remaster it with better gameplay. I hope we see more games were creators are willing to take risks and not be afraid of backlash.

That orphanage severely needs a visit by cool cat.

Gym teachers are the worst

Wait, so in the military - every time you don't do what they say, they punish everyone else? ... ... ... Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

Ok I completed the whole thing. At first I was curious as to why you called it Monsters of the Week. I remember RoR had interesting monsters but I don't remember them much. After watching the video, I understood what "monsters" you were referring to. Also that who section about bullying, the types of it, and how it's carried it among adults (even though we thing it just happens between children), was very informative. This game was certainly far ahead of it's times. Great video! You are a master at audio and I really loved how you fit the music while explaining your points.

+RagnarRox Oh haha, got it! I kinda of had an idea what it meant, but the page was lot more informative about this. Thanks.

Thanks Hemang, glad you enjoyed it! I'd like to point out the common (and understandable) misconception that 'Monsters of the Week' does not refer to "This show covers a monster every week" - but it's a reference to the TV show trope. So a MOTW can easily talk about something that has nothing to do with any factual monster - but... there's enough monsters, both literal and metaphorical ones in Rule of Rose that it would qualify for both. Only that I will never be able to churn these out on a weekly basis. ;) https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MonsterOfTheWeek

What a meaningful 1 hour spent right. This is a wise interpretion and give a vibe of story-telling instead of choosing a side. It is up to us to decide what we are to do with the information you gave. Thank you very much for a fun ride!

This game breaks my heart

Aaaaaaaaa rule of rose ❤❤

This is gonna be on my videos-I-love-so-much-that-I-need-to-watch-them-once-a-month list, isn't it?

The scene of Jennifer beating down Wendy after knocking her down looks like the Russian flag!

This was excellent. While I've never played it myself, I've watched full playthroughs, and it's always struck me as Silent Hill seen through the lens of Haunting Ground. With of course its own defined, and disturbing themes.

This is so interesting! Kind of calls a bit to your horror isn't fun video. This game was so stomach churning to play, and so miserable, but you've brought up some points here I never even considered. Thanks for the great content!

I was in a position like Wendy once. It was horrifying to be now aware of the emotional manipulation I did to my friend and justifying it as "love" or "true friendship". All I did was hurt myself and the people I love. Like what you said, "possessiveness in relationships eventually, always, damages everyone involved." Thank you Ragnar for making this analysis for this amazing game!

Thank you for this very insightful look at an underrated game. I remember playing this circa 2007 just after highschool when I started to get even more interested in Psychology and Sociology. The ways it showed and uncovered the themes made the whole experience heart wrenching instead of terrifying. Aside from the frustratingly bad game controls, it is a very well woven story. I wish developers these days would have the balls to make something like this again.

Oh great!


Didn't know that this game was banned in many countries. Just thought it was criminally underrated.

This made me think of a ps2 game I played years ago where you're trapped in what i can only assume was a massion or castle and the only thing you had to protect yourself was a doggy and ever now and then this big ass dude would chase you and have to hide from him or hell kill you you can use the dog to slow him down but he was a hulking monster (Possibly mentally handicapped?) And he'd follow you from one area to the next untill you successfully hide from em game scared the shit out of me and the lab in this game reminded of it's gameplay

ok so basically communist silent hill

this one specifically is quite dark Ragnar lol happy holidays my friend! love ur work!

Oh my god this was amazing

I can listen to you all day. You could probably talk about plastic bag and I'd still be interested. I don't personally play horror games because I am not a brave person but i really enjoy watching or hearing others about it. This was an amazing video!

Literally one of my favorite youtubers ♥

>Actual horrific concepts handled tactfully and thoughtfully in a game Demagogues: DEY CORRUPTIN' OUR CHILDRAN! *Financial flop* YouTube: DEY DON' WANNA ADVERTISE ON REALISTIC THEMES AND CONCEPTS! *Demonetized* Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'...

This was a really wonderful video, it obviously had a lot of effort and heart put into it. I'm so sorry it was demonetized. Thank you for making it.

Oh, I've been desperate for this kind of video!! Rule of Rose is always a game that I've been interested in, in spite of the face that playing it is nearly impossible. I've only ever been exposed to the first few levels, and this is a fantastic look into everything about it. A fascinating game, thanks for the video essay!!

i love this game, to BAD I SOLD IT NOT FOR IS SELLING PRICE NOW REEEEE but i need this game again

I bet those politicians never took any critical thinking classes and were mostly econ, math focused...

This needs a remake

I usualy dont bother commenting on youtube, but i'll make an exeption this time so i can thank you, Ragnar. Because of somethings that do not need to be stated here i was really impacted by the meaning behind Wendy's actions and behavior. In other words, witnesing your analysis of her mentality made me understand somethings about myself, wich will help me tighten some loose bolts in my head, so, in all honesty, thank you and keep on with your stellar work! And sorry for the grammar ;)

all one needs is a saw cleaver in the right hand and a pistol in the left.

...another game of my old cosplays ;)! Well done, as always.

Damn. Great job. I made a very similar video 3 years ago but mine was only 30 minutes long. I felt that was too long and ended up remaking it this past october to be only 10 minutes long and cutting out a lot of the conjecture lol. 3 years back it seemed nobody was talking about this game. Happy to see it's finally getting the recognition it truly deserves. This video pretty much hits everything I feel about the game, but in so much more detail than I'm capable of. The hoffman stuff is so messed up, but it gets worse once you hear the deleted audio from the game. They stripped so much out that Hoffmans story is almost just theory at this point, but I feel like it's a strongly supported one.

Hell is other people - Jean-Paul Sartre

there was many things that I missed out about the story, thanks to this video essay now I can appreciate more this game. maybe next time try Fran Bow, its dark, short and pretty sweet

Sat through *ALL* of it. Never played Rule of Rose before, I no longer had a PS2 at the time, but I've always heard great things of this game, despite it's mechanical flaws. Loved it, amazing work as always! :D

If I have to point out one criticism, and it’s only a knit-pick, it would be the little stabs at humor and memes. You do it only a few times and it’s only a small thing, but your voice is to mature, deep, and calming to pull off such excitable jokes.

Love your video you almost lost me with the rusia thing... do not shoot yourself in the foot

Wonderful video as always ragnar you are by far one of the best creators on youtube

Man, I love this video, this is really one of the best things that happened to rule of rose.

99% of browsing internet is crap you forget in 3 seconds. 1% is what shapes you and affects you. This video is definitely the 1%. Next morning after watching the first thing I thought about was this video. Excellent!

after 4:30 of this video, I immediately paused and am currently looking for a copy of this game! I'm surprised I've went this long without knowing this game even existed, thank you for making this video and as soon as I play and beat it I'm coming back to watch the rest! Keep up the good work!

This is the best video I've seen in a long time. I knew nothing about the games content, only about its reputation and it maddens me to see now, what a masterpiece was lost to a wider audience. Which makes me even more grateful for this wonderful essay. It gave me a better appreciation for Rule of Rose and made me reflect on my life and past relationships. Thank you!

Oh I'm very happy to see this. For all that Rule of Rose is such a rich tapestry of meaning and imagery, it's a crime that there are so few videos actually analyzing and discussing it! This game, for all its mechanical flaws, has an important place in my heart, and spoke to a lot of experiences of mine. Helped me feel like someone out there understood. Diana's depiction in particular was always poignant for me, reminiscent of my own screwed up adolescence; an abused girl, vindictive and bitter to compensate for her own fear and powerlessness. It's rare a piece of fiction depicts a victim as neither an innocent sympathetic waif, nor some broken-minded monster. Between this game, Silent Hill 3 and Haunting Ground, the PS2 had some incredible gems of horror centered around the anxieties and trauma of being a young cis woman.

This video would have been more effective if the record of history did not perfectly showcase how Marxism destroys societies and has gotten millions of people killed under communism. (in b4 IT WASN’T REAAAAAAAL COMMUNISM) otherwise, good video.

Jennifer slapping Wendy to the ground was the most satisfying moment in a video game I’ve ever experienced

47:17 I just realized that her "Fish-part" is not made of scales but of rope... the details everywhere...

Wow the gym teacher story is so disturbing... can't believe he got away with it... Thank you for the amazing video ❤ The Clara/Diana part is so good.

Rule Of Rose is so a good game i want a remaster or a remake to modify the battle system...

You're good, Rag. Really good. I believe you're among the few content creators whose work strikes a perfect balance between being well documented and well scripted, aesthetically pleasing and brimming with atmosphere through the narration and choice of music. Seriously, when it comes to your videos, I just put them on the living room TV, turn the lights off and enjoy them comfortably on my couch. Videos like this genuinely make me want to move my lazy bum and have a crack at it. Beyond that, I'd also like to commend the fact that you managed to remain fairly objective and balanced (albeit a bit vague) in your assessment of the political parallels the game draws. Part of me expecting some underhanded blanket statements to be thrown around, but I'm glad that part was promptly put to rest. Oh boy, looks like I've reached my dick sucking quota for the year. Looking forward to your next feature film, Rag, and thank you for your content.

Oh my, this is a real holiday treat. Daddy Ragnar realeasing an amazingly narrated, well structurated and polished 1 hour plus video about an underappreciated game! Holy cow! That's why this channel is so incredible.

Thank you, I really love this game. Time to replay it again and cry rivers as usual . Also awesome takeaway about power imbalance.

Ill be honest this video hit home in ways I haven’t really thought too much about before. I subscribed to you for your bloodborne analysis but I pretty much stayed for everything else, youre a great YouTuber, honestly I think they should hire you to help make a game’s story itself but besides the point of that, keep up the great work!! It’s really solid and you explain things really well!!

+RagnarRox Oh shit my bad!!! I meant the Silent Hills one!!! though I thought you did a Bloodborne Cthulhu thing too. Oh well either way still a good episode and youre still a good youtuber

Thanks so much :) (But I've never done Bloodborne analysis, you must confuse me with someone there ^^)

Not with the headmaster part or any of those themes ofc though it didn’t hit home there but for the others yeah

It's been so long that I've experienced this game! I am to this day absolutely fascinated by it's presentation. Thank you for really digging deep and bringing it to everybodies mind's again! The video is fantastic

I had watched a play through of rule of rose perhaps three months ago and I honestly didn’t see what all the fuss was about (in glorifying or vilifying it) but after watching this I understand why people like it even if I do not (I felt a lot of things where contrived but that doesn’t seem to come across to others) so thank you for showing where this game works for others even if it didn’t for me

I just watched Nitro Rad's video on Rule of Rose, so this was an even more pleasant surprise!

Just discovered your channel, and literally fell in love with it. This video is so, so well done! I´m so happy I found it, and your channel along. Cheers, keep up the good work!

You rock RagnarRox, although you clearly avoided the fact that this game would have been made better by microtransactions and in-game adds.

Still kicking myself for not getting this game for $20 when I could.

We live in a society

God damn, this makes me wanna go out and eat some bourgeoisie. I mean burgers. I mean rich people squeezing the windpipes and treading on the hands and faces of the working class. I mean burgers.

Wow, what a great way to put all of myscambled impressions about this game into one video. I've always thought Rule of Rose to be thoughtful, complex, and engaging, even though it was underdeveloped in its mechanics. I enjoyed all parts of this analysis on it, thank you. Sorry to hear it got demonetized.

i really enjoy your videos. you always construct your ideas methodically and present them in a way that's accessible and interesting. thanks for sharing your work with us

We never got this in the UK yet surprisingly got Haunting Ground around the same time which covers entirely different concepts of vouyeurism, envy and sexual abuse but both seemed to come out at a strange period where the threat and fear was not based on death or some form of body horror. Which looking back were two monstrously rare standouts in horror games. We can watch Issac Clarke get turned into flesh soup without batting an eye as violence is so normalised but concepts like abuse and betrayal remain such strong agents of disturbing reaction and i have to wonder if part of that is the rarity of them. They are the type of games i don't think would or could get made in todays climate and i don't think we will see something like them again. Often psychological horror is taken as 'be the armchair guy reading into what this imagery means or represents' but these were two cases where they specifically make you feel something more than a jumpscare or simple shock and revulsion. You feel for the characters in a way beyond 'i cant let the player character die' and thats very, very rare.

I'd argue that emotional and psychological horror use doubt as means to deeply disturb the viewer. We normalise violence by thinking it a "mere exaggeration". When it comes to murdering hordes of enemies, we really can't relate since that sort of experience isn't common. When it comes to abuse, use, manipulation, lies and bullying, I'd say we all know them as parts of the human experience. We can empathise with Jennifer because we've been her, we've seen her or we've damaged someone like her. We doubt our own experiences and a game like this, too, forces us to introspectively analyse our life and figure out if we've wronged or been wronged. After all, most examples of mediatic abuse, show us that the victim is unaware of the power imbalance they suffer or benefit from. We dread being the victim or realising we are the perpetrators.

Fun fact: The game's main theme "Love Suicide" is actually about Wendy.

Another fun fact. If you use that song in a video without distorting it in some way (The version with vocals) Atlus will copy claim your video... Happened to me 3 times. I got the video back every time, but it's kind of annoying lol.

Havnt even watched the video but THANK YOU FOR COVERING THIS GAME ❤️❤️❤️

Always wanted to play this when it came out but I never got the chance : O( Thanks for making this.

I usually don't comment on videos, I just have to say this is my favorite video you have yet done. This anaylsis is, pardon my french, top-fucking-notch. I watched this before having a long conversation with my abusive ex and realized I suddenly could see how much your commentary on possessiveness and Wendy paralleled my own experiences, down to the mistreatment of my pet. This is some really quality content and even though I have now had this game spoiled (worth it), I have to own it! As soon as I get a new job, you have a new patreon supporter Ragnar

Wow! Honestly, it's amazing to read this. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, I really appreciate it. I hope your dear pet is fine, give them love.

Excellent video! I really appreciate you bringing this gem to my attention. I've always been a fan of survival horror and the designs in this are top notch psychological nightmare fuel.

Awesome work, please consider to make one video about the game houting ground from Capcom

I've been asked that a lot in the wake of this video. I have recently replayed it and the many comments definitely have influenced me. I am pretty sure that I'm going to work on something on Haunting Ground some time in the future. Thank you, Raynan!

I never had a chance to play this game, but I remember when it came out. It stood out to me because the magazines gave it such punishingly low scores because of its combat but everything else they used to describe the game seemed so interesting. This video gave me a chance to finally understand what I missed. So even though I haven't played it, I can still recognize that this is an incredible video and just the kind of game analysis I want to see from YouTube! Great job!

Great stuff.

I still own this game and it's still a masterpiece and my treasure

Ok I've been looking to get this game but it's so expensive, is there any way to get a PC port for cheaper?

Hands down this was the best video i've seen this year. You could write an academic paper with this stuff and that's amazing.

Great video essays as always. Although I agreed with the power hierarchy structure up until the part where you compared wealth as a zero sum game. As both perpetrator and victim of bullying, you have a very accurate and harrowing description of the power imbalance one experiences as a kid. How do you teach a kid empathy and yet to be able to discern actions from pure bad faith?

Also, what happened to Wendy? Doesn’t matter what ending you get, she just disappears. One of two things could’ve happened: Jennifer killed her out of revenge or Wendy left after realizing she was never going to get what she wanted and is either dead or living elsewhere.

Stray Dog killed her, after she unmasks herself, because she does not look like Joshua anymore. There's an animation right after her reveal when she gets pulled into the mansion by Gregory. Jennifer really is the only survivor.

Wowowow!! This is the absolute best video on Rule of Rose to date!! I’m so mad that it’s demonetized... Keep up the great work, Ragnar!

Another well done video, Ragnar! I really appreciate the effort you put into this one, and I think you released something of this subject matter at a perfect time. The themes of Rule Of Rose hit a lot of familiar notes for me (well minus the extent of the sexual abuse topic). Your discussion also made me think not just of how people have been abusive/manipulative towards me, but how I myself have unfortunately fallen into the tendency to be possessive of another person. It’s important to self reflect on how we treat other people around us, even when we don’t intend to cause harm. We always have to be open to fix our harmful tendencies and learn to grow from them. Further more, it’s definitely important to understand how abusive people get set in their tendency to abuse others. And I definitely feel like you hit the nail on the head with this analysis. Overall, thank you very much for this video.

I wholeheartedly agree, it is extremely important to open oneself up to the possibility that everybody, oneself included, is capable to enact in abusive behavior.

what a phenomenal video, holy shit man. this game is brilliant, but absolutely horrific. this just makes me furious that it was never given the respect it deserves, its one of the absolute best stories in the medium

Just a comment to push this greate piece of Art.

God I adore this game. I used to dive into Rule of Rose Mysteries (and the youtube chanel) just to absorb every facet of this beautiful game. Thanks for making this

Oh, BTW, could you tell the config with which you did the capture? It looks better than any other capture I've ever seen. Looks really sharp and in widescreen.

+RagnarRox Cool, thanks, it was totally worth it, it looks simply beautiful.

I've recorded the gameplay with the PCSX2 Emulator, using a widescreen fix and on 1080p resolution. It took a little tweaking to get it as sharp, but I think it was worth the effort. The only thing that mildly irks me is that the widescreen stretches the onscreen text captions, so it looks a little fatter than it's intended to. But that's a price I'm willing to pay.

Boi that was... deep and uncomfortable ._. I never managed to get my hads of RoR so it's nice to get such an in-depth analysis. I really love how much time and care you put into these videos.

Watching Cryaotic need to get shit faced to finish this game was fucking h i l a r i o u s! The fighting mechanics are soooooo bad and out of shape

I hope Rule of Rose gets remastered, it's in dire need of it.

I love this game so much, while the combat is clunky and unfair, the story makes up for it. I knew you would cover it sooner or later, and im so glad that you did. It really bugs me out how youtube is punishing creators with so much potential and style. As soon as i get my credit card back i'll make sure to become your Patreon. Love ya dude. Also... IS THAT A JOJO REFFERENCE?¿?¿

It's like google only wants it to be accessible to mutinationals... #FuckCreators I guess...

I'm guessing you got the idea for this from Nitrorad considering he was the only one to create a highly viewed video analyzing and talking about this game in years and he released his only about a month or two ago. My problem is I played this game and holy HELL it was *NO* masterpiece. The gameplay was awkward and the battle system is borderline broken. The enemies were horrid and contrived, save for one or two bosses. Nitrorad made a huge point of all of this. It just simply was not well-made, and battles were so poorly structured they became maddening as you often become stuck, or your poorly-designed hit-box makes it nearly impossible to avoid slugging through entire boss battles and level-sections. This was by no means a fun game to play, the only reason one would fight through is to see what the story has to offer. Did you really play it or just watch a lets play? Be honest lmao because I can't believe anyone who actually got through to the end could call this game a masterpiece. Successful and unique storytelling, sure, but not an enjoyable nor well-made game in any conceivable sense.

A masterpiece demonetized becouse the AI doesn't understand anything, neither the press of the time of the game. The moral superiority of them is the only thing of importance here. The study and the hard work must be praised. Thanks for this great video. :)

Excellence, my friend, Excellence

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