A Cosy Weekend Sewing Retreat (ft. England being gorgeous) | Vlog

A Cosy Weekend Sewing Retreat (ft. England being gorgeous) | Vlog

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Yes. It's Saturday morning it's. Actually. Quite late it's like 11:00 no. Nearly, 11:00 we. Were up really late last night which, is very unlike well it's like me but very unlike Kathy yeah so we're making some breakfast now. Not. Yet good Prince Bernadette, to Train place no, this. Is my. Cathy, is also making salad we're having salad for breakfast is this normal for British people no, it's okay, okay here's the thing for me oh really. So. It begins I have, the lady Sherlock coat which if you remember if you watched those vlogs if you suffered, through the host marks you will know that I did not finish this coat I did not even really come close to finishing this coat and it has since sat in a pile for about four weeks and so it needs a good press right now which I'm about to take care of this is probably gonna take a while because it's a lot of, seams I also never really pressed the seams to begin with press your seams Kathy, what are you working on I'm. Working on the dress. Oh. Yes if you follow Kathy on instagram or on, her youtube channel which. Which, is now a thing. So. This is Denise's, speciality. Is, that she'll do historic. Embroidery. By. Machine but, she does it in a way it makes it look like it's, hand-stitched. I have the fabric, embroidered. And ready which is how they used to do it you would do the embroidery on the fabric first and then, make the garment, sign mocking out it's, got to be a really good mock-up before, I cut, this. Stuff because I can't screw, this up and the benefit of sewing retreats is that you are not sewing by your merry self and you don't have to fit things by yourself yes. No. I have a whole bit in this that I already filmed there, was something horribly wrong with the draft in the back arms I and there, was nothing. In. Other news please, behold, the wonders, of the thing called a sewing room. Which. Which is apparently, a thing and, Kathy has one of these said sewing rooms I just, have an apartment that, is my workspace and the floor but I'm really particularly, intrigued, by this cutting table this magical, innovation, and I'm also going to behold this magical. Creature for a second this, is what is this 1890s, yeah, this is what in 1890s. Savings, in corsets should look like. I. Thought. You were going to be serious and say there must not be within. These times of the day. This. Is where the dress ends yeah, and, this, is where your stays end Oh, hopeless. Jim suppose, McArdle, per second what is exactly, the same thing except that mine is covered across the Packers well I was looking at the shoulder strap and thinking oh that's been in. Like that at the end so it's unless you hold her over come to think of it that's probably worth mmm, the embroider might be invited at the cause yes. We, have also just helped to pin Kathy's the hem of Kathy's Regency, riding-habit, which she is taking the writing, length. Out of just behold. This I did not make this oh yes okay so. Our friend Constance that, we mentioned, briefly in, the train video that a lot of people who are asking about this, is still. Not Constance, but this is Constance as work. Yes. Talk about Constance, just, let's just make this whole vlog about constant, you can see how good at work is Constance. Works in the entertainment industry so. She gets hired freelance, for movies like Mary. Poppins returns, Wonder. Woman, happy. Everything. This. Is like what you'd see in a film in a period film oh.

You. Should just wear this like. Every, single day of your life, you, need to get back to actually. Working on yeah. Yeah because I've been procrastinating for, literally, like 45 minutes but, we also it's, a very special day today because Cathy's about to hit 10th I am so, she's gonna have I'm, gonna have Swiper, powers not that numbers mean anything ever, to anyone, or anything and they do not define your life at, all but, it, feels like a milestone it's kind of cool there's all these lots of cakes to come it's. Like one okay so I have past one we haven't had any cake we need to fix the eye to you okay. Okay. Okay wait just a minute, one. Second this is what a Regency petticoat, is supposed. To look like as done. By Constance, and not me, who has never done a Regency petticoat before Cathy is dying to get out of this but look it's, so pretty yes. Yes. Happening. You. Are one of these people he's wrong with you. Who. She is she's. Famous now she's, always been famous this. Doesn't mean anything, how do you feel some, what was your high I feel legit, arrived. Attainment. You're. Always entertaining it's. I'm by its really, hopefully, that's, like really. I mean to imagine, I mean, if we often, think of fall accounts, is just a number. Look at you imagine what 10,000, people looks like oh my god that's, like the only thing that keeps me sane. Because. I mean hot enough well you're you're a math person I'm not a math person so. Like numbers don't mean anything to me yeah I have no mental concept about what a number like, 10,000. Or. 160,000. Like it just doesn't mean anything to me on the screen when I read like, messages, from people the letters that you send to me and the. Comments that you leave people, say such interesting, things when you realize that each and every one of these people is like a human, being with a really cool talents, and with intelligence, and like passions, and things that they want hopes and dreams like, that's.

That's. Really, mind-blowing but, there are, 10,000. Of those people anyway, happy, 10k thank. You so. Back. To sewing. I. Guess. We. Have come, we, as in me because, this. Doesn't involve Kathi at all but I have come through. The very tragic, realization. That. I am a garbage human being, to. Put pockets let's, go no pockets, think. I look easy the skirt you can't just not put pockets into a thing like if you have the option to put pockets into something you can't not do it if you wear your coat shut you, can access the pockets from the skirt so, shame. And the shames you, haven't really got waistband, to suspend them from. Prison. Of your skirt oh. Wait. Because. You've got waistband, this sitting like that what your pockets and coats look like like, an actual 19th century coats and do they have the. Pockets that I've seen all. Technically. Required to be suspended from the waist no I don't have a waistband pollito, right, exactly so like what was a huh really been no. No. No, this isn't a mistake I just okay um, never ever put. Down a project and then pick it up weeks later I could this intentionally, because there's a pocket on the outside of, the coat oh I. Just didn't cut it because I couldn't be bothered mystery, solved, not, to stress you out that, was more drama, than it was worth don't be so low don't you know I have the mindset you, know you don't have to do everything. And. That's what you show in all of your videos it's not only a process, and I did this then I did this then I did this there. Are twists and turns, yeah well the reality is like these things happen to everyone and if we are on the Internet with, everything going perfectly. Like it, makes everyone, else feel. Insufficient. Because, it's, not realistic yeah yeah, realism, isn't that what we're doing real sewing, real. So Hank how are you mocking having at a bullet well. I hadn't can do any much of work on the table because I've been pressing you like I know, most of it yeah we'll figure email cutting time okay, we. This, is yeah this is plural now so this means that you were now involved and you were coming to New York to help me okay. There's. Just like a hill over. There the. Joys of the countryside. So. I have finished my pressing endeavors the, lining is pressed the coat is pressed I hope it fits, I'm not even gonna bother trying it on right now because I don't need that negativity in my life Kathy how's it going. Like. 20 years I'm, still screwing, things up I pinned the sleeve in you. Notice how if you look at the picture in the book have, a dress on a mannequin. It's. Got. This lonely gathered top and then it comes down to this pound here I've, got it embroidered that piece is embroidered Pam and this motif on so. That bottom, edge of the sleeve has, to come out level, so. Look my sleeve I. Need. More like yeah it's got like an angle coming down that way mm-hmm so, I can then gather it in a little bit like this one now I realize, not only is it the wrong possibly. The wrong shape. But. These sleeves I know for, a fact because the embroidery is done this way they. Cut on the bias ladies, and gentlemen yeah I have to cut them, like. This on the straight and go, an entire 24. Hours without. Realizing, that I've done, wrong. If anybody would like to upcycle, the sleeve but. He's cool wrong I have, scraps of Muslim gallery you could make that into a pocket, yes. As. We must think of these sustainability. Issues in them it's actually not bad oh look. At you you're so cute Mike, just. Cut. The sleeves again oh you. Know they, have sleeves uh I, didn't even get to the point of saying the bloody thing in I didn't, cut the sodding thing points. Meanwhile. Guess. What I'm about to do. Is. Label, hell may. Need more tea for this. Okay. So. I was in process of pad stitching the plate. Stiffening, bit to the collar when, I was wondering if this bit should be pad stitched as the lapel is very fine and permanent, as opposed, to this temporary basting stitch and.

I Proposed, this question to Kathy who, then proceeded to pull out like 12 books this is honestly my future these, books. It. Was a series, of 14. Books. And, these were the guide for Davis. To burn my craft I mean tailors would learn a lot from whoever, they were apprentices with so, there aren't complete, instruction was gonna say aren't they so I didn't completely yeah yeah so it's not like I'm, Miss Walker where she's like yes yeah actually the children listen yes it's the reason we do this she's a lot more complete. Whereas, these will have these beautiful like, beautiful, draft or tail coats but, it will give you most, of the drafting instructions, and then, say when, it gets like this really hard bit with the wrong sign the shoulder oh yeah fish in the usual way yeah yeah but you swim the keys don't and. That way yeah really, frustrating, and in other news this vlog is no longer a sewing retreat, this, vlog is I'm, moving, into Kathy's house, and, staying here forever so, this is a really interesting. I think. Example, of why it's. So fascinating to, look at historical, techniques, and how much more elegant. And how much more craftsmanship, there, wasn't it back then so this is a fairly modern book with. Drafting. Instructions, for all kinds of tail coats and men's tailoring, for, mostly good theater compare, that to, this, is a book from 1898, you can see in here it says the gutters practical, guide this, is his tail coat and here. Is the draft just compare, this to. This modern draft for a tail coat do you see how kind of, boxy. This is kind of it. Kind of looks like a maths diagram, whereas this looks like there's an art form going on here with, all this sort of beautiful curve for, the sinuous, curve, the. Edge of this tail compared. To this sort of you've, got straight lines and you put a little bit of a kind of a coin it. Just feels like look at that how that waist additional, the tail-end drafting, is done completely by hand freehand, yeah, they call it rock fi when they do yeah on the fabric itself yeah which is, a lot of training yeah we. Should get a second opinion on this you know about Morgan Jackson if, and when you're watching this, Hannah's down below, ha. Ha ha this to me looks like you. Would end up with a, Halloween. Costume yeah, where is this yeah like a coat, things. Yes, in other news I have sold my soul to tailoring, yeah, and. I'm, never going back I'm, coming, with you ok so, yeah we, are would only distract it yeah we have way too much to be doing you haven't even started on the box of mice yet, oh my god. Well. There it is. Good. Are those sleeves part of the thing do you think I don't know I think those sleeves go with the jacket oh, that's right oh look at that I haven't, got sleeves it's just a cape Wow. Arms through ok ok Chris I went through a whole journey with this project, um because I didn't think it had sleeves and then I saw a draft that said add sleeves and. Then I was like oh no I guess I have to add sleeves now but he doesn't have so this is a great project for if you hate sleeves. Because. You can for, everybody who's ever wanted to just ditch the sleeves altogether. You. Can like even evil laugh, mm-hmm. We. Deceive. Ourselves into. Thinking that these sewing retreats, are going to make, us productive, and, get, us working on stuff but. To be quite honest this, is just I don't get easier the second time. It's. It's. 943, it's 15, quarter. To 10 it's. Way past Kathy's, bedtime yeah, but we're having chocolate cake because we're yeah, trash. Good. Morning it's Sunday morning we're. In the kitchen, Connie's making orange salad, because salad, I know it's great oh you're. Not having fella good morning I guess salad doesn't go for us fine. So I have, to leave, today, thumbs down because that's not fun I actually didn't get that much, done I know well I vaguely. Intended, to finish the entire coat which, didn't happen obviously yes. I got. About halfway through pad stitching the collar well I pressed the whole thing which was actually a big deal, because I don't have a good iron so I'm suing retreat so good. We. Had a great time we, did we, didn't necessarily accomplish. Too much and, we're both a little bit too over ambitious with stuff like this so yeah I should note by the way that Kathy.

Is Not an actual doctorate. Doctor, yeah, I put. That in the description of one of our last video a long video because. I thought it was a doctor who joke dr. Hannah and I, don't think anyone. Got it was a doctor. Yeah, because she's a time traveler I should specify that, sorry, real doctors, however. BSc, Hons that's. About it how much did you accomplish this. Weekend. I. Accomplished. A greater Lutheran with you oh I, did a little bit of something no but like oh goodness. But. Like you, you got your sleeves drafted I did, yes most important part is that overnight, last night sometime. In my sleep I figured, out what I'm doing wrong with the sleeves what are you doing wrong with the fleet oh, that. Isn't high enough. There. You go, we have some closure to the story. And. So. It was back to Mary London for me with three very important, new lessons in mind one sewing friends are the very best sort of friends especially when they have luxurious, sewing rooms in the beautiful English countryside leave, you never without a cup of tea and use words like sodding, if to that no matter what your level of experience sleeves, are always going to be the utmost bane, of your existence but, three lots and lots of chocolate cake can help.

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