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Hey guys thank, you so much for checking out this video if you are in need of some, cleaning, motivation, then you have come to the right place, I spent, the whole afternoon and. Then, whole, night well into the night I cleaned, all night long 6 hours it took me to clean my entire, house so if. You guys are here, I want you guys to clean along with me put this video, on your TV put, it on your phone, crank it up and we're going to clean together I was pretty tired after all of this cleaning but there is nothing, better than a clean home. So, my house was pretty messy you guys are going to get to see a true, messy, house transformation. By the end of this video the. Before and after I think is pretty amazing because, my kitchen, was a complete, disaster my living room was super messy my, upstairs hallway was full of clothes and toys I don't. Know why but it was my master bedroom and bathroom just looked like a bomb went off in it so, if you guys want to see a messy, house complete, disaster, whole house cleaning then you have come to the right place because this. Is just what happens when my house doesn't get clean for a day or two which is kind of embarrassing, and I'm, gonna be cleaning my living room at kitchen bathrooms. Refrigerator. Bedrooms. Other bathrooms. And I'm just getting it all done today and tonight it's, not ideal, for my house to get like this but this is real life for me so it is what it is I just started out in the kitchen like I usually. Do just because the kitchen is the main focal, point of our house we, spend a lot of time in there and when I get that clean it, kind of gives me some a boost, of motivation to, keep going and keep cleaning. I can. See everything, clearly. Try. To practice I'm light as. A feather. Right. If, you, guys are enjoying this video will you please give me a thumbs up and I know it sounds super simple, but, it really does help me out and if you guys are, a subscriber, I want, to say thank you I can't, say thank you enough that, you guys come back each and every week and watch my videos so, thank you and if you aren't a subscriber I, would love to have you guys join me on this journey you just have to hit that red subscribe button I, make, cleaning, videos every single week and they're, usually whole, house cleaning. Sessions. Because that's what's been working for me lately so I would love to have you here, on this journey, of mine and don't forget to hit the notification. Bell that is next to the subscription button that way you get notified, of every single, video that I put out there. And. If. You are a new subscriber in your new to my channel please let me know down below what. Your name is where you're from may be something interesting about, yourself I love chatting with you guys and getting to know you so let me know in the comments section I want you to say hi. If. You guys don't mind me asking, can you let me know down below in the comment section how old you are if you are curious I am 33 years old do you make me feel this way. If. You guys need some more cleaning motivation, I'm gonna link my cleaning. Video playlist, down below it has all of my latest cleaning, videos a lot of complete, disaster, whole housecleaning so. Plenty of cleaning motivation, it will be linked down below so, whenever you need it save, it go check those videos out, put it on your TV and you guys can clean, or, I'll be cleaning along with you whenever you. Clean. So. You guys are probably looking at me like what is she doing I probably look a little funny getting down but. Sometimes when I wait my countertops and then I look at them from a different angle, I realized that I didn't get them as clean as they should be so I started doing the eye test. The eye level test and getting level, with my countertops, and that way I can make for sure that, there's no crumbs and nothing left on the countertops, I'm telling you try, this and you will see that even though you thought you got every inch of your countertop you probably, did it so try, it out. I tried. To. Stay calm. But. It feels like I'm a ticking bomb. I'm. Crazy. You. Know it's what you say I. Know. I probably sound, like a broken record here but I've been getting so many message on Instagram so you can follow me over on there I will, have that link below but, I've been getting a lot of messages lately that you, guys as subscribers, aren't seeing all of my videos so I just want to remind you to hit that notification bell, and click all that. Way you get notified of every, video I know as, a viewer when you subscribe, to a channel you think, you're gonna get notified of every video but I will tell you that's, not what YouTube does some. People will see all of my videos other people, won't so if you don't want to miss any of my videos cleaning.

Non Cleaning, videos videos. Of my girls make sure you hit that notification, bell. So, to wipe down my cabinets, I was using the mrs. meyer's mint multi-surface. Spray you probably, saw me use the Acorn, mrs.. Meyer spray for my countertops, which I just love for this fall, it's like cinnamon. Type. Scent which I've been using all, over my house and I just like these multi-surface, sprays because I can just use one product and move all about my house and get everything, clean. And I, wasn't going to wipe down or, inside, of all of my drawers. But I wanted to get the cabinet's at least the bottom half or we're always touching, and you can see so many greasy, fingerprints, and then, I just had my silverware, drawer that I wanted to go through I don't know why because everything. We put in that drawer is clean right out of the dishwasher but, there's always so many crumbs and dust, and dirt in that one and so. That was just a drawer, that had been bugging me that I wanted to tackle today. And. Then. I moved on to cleaning, out our refrigerator. And this is another area that sometimes I like, to go in and clean out because if I let it go for too long then it just gets really gross and out of hand, so if I can see on top of it I feel like it doesn't take me as long to do if that makes sense so I have, these plastic. Or acrylic, bins, that I've been using to, organize my refrigerator, and I love them I will link them down below for, you guys if you want to check them out they're just a good way to organize everything in your refrigerator and, they also help, keep, the, refrigerator cleaner. Longer. And they're from Amazon so they're super easy to get and I don't think they're that expensive, but, I washed. Some. Of those bins out in the sink and they were really, dirty and then, other ones weren't, too bad I guess it just depends on what we have in there, so some, of them I actually washed, out in the sink others I just wiped out when. I was cleaning up the refrigerator and, I. Just used a mixture. That I mix up myself it's half, white, distilled vinegar and, half water I just like using that, in my refrigerator because I'm working and cleaning, around food and you can consume vinegar, but, vinegar is a very good cleaner so I feel like it's a win I get things clean but it's also safe to use around food.

Don't. You guys just think that a clean refrigerator is absolutely. Beautiful, I know it doesn't look like we have much food which, we really don't it, was time for us to go to the grocery store but that's a little tip for you the best time to clean out your refrigerator is, when you don't have much food in there. And. Here. In a minute you're gonna see some adorable clips, of my babies and you're. Gonna love it because Edison started, laughing she, just, started that and it's absolutely, my favorite thing ever I just wanted to take a quick break before, I finish up the living room the. Kitchen and, the rest of the upstairs so there will be some more cleaning after you see some clips of the babies. Hey. After. I played with the babies for a little bit I wanted to run upstairs and grab Avery. And make sure that she helped me clean up her room and then, the twins is room Addison, and Emory because. They were going to be going to bed soon and I wanted to make for sure that their rooms were clean before, they went to bed and then, after that that's when I was going to plan on going back to the kitchen finishing, that up and then the living room and then the rest of the upstairs when I could actually clean. Without any interruptions. So I pulled Avery in to help me clean up her room it wasn't too bad but I wanted to make for sure she helped me because I know that it's. Good that she learns, to help me clean and you probably saw her pick out her clothes for school the next day we, like to do that so we are prepared, and there's no arguments. With clothing the next morning we try to keep it as simple as possible. Oh. Hang. On when I was done with Avery's room I just hopped on over to Addison, in emery's room and just wanted to wipe down their dresser, because that's where we changed, them and then, I wanted, a vacuum in there and we're, not in this room a lot it doesn't get used really, without me being in there so for the most part it stays pretty clean and can. You guys see Avery being silly while I was cleaning she, is such a goofball. Don't. Ask me what's going on with her hair she asked me specifically, to put a braid in the front of her hair and I, just went with it.

Share, My. Lipstick. Taste, my, breath. Like. So, once the baby's an Avery were down for the night I got moving again and wanted to finish up the kitchen so, I started using the, women--women. Stainless, steel wipes for my refrigerator, and other appliances. And I, would just use a wipe wipe, everything down and then I follow it up with a microfiber, cloth and that helps clean. The appliance, shine, it and buff. You. There's, just something so cozy, about having candles lit and cleaning, at night. And then, before I was getting ready to start cleaning upstairs I, had to clean the bathroom. That is off of our kitchen, and I don't know why but, Avery's toothbrush, and toothpaste was, down there I literally, have no idea why, it was down there she never brushes her teeth down, here and if you guys have kids around, the age of 4 or probably, just kids of any age you probably understand, what I'm talking about you, probably find, all of their things all, over your house and you have no idea how it got there or why but, I, guess that's just what happens when you have kids but. To wipe everything down in here I was using the method. Antibacterial. Bathroom, cleaner I. Have. Been loving it using these kitchen, Pro, Lysol, wipes all over my house I feel like they do a better job than just the traditional Lysol. Or Clorox wipes they, seem to have a, heavier. Duty, grip to them, and they, just seemed better quality, in general so, I've been using those and keeping them all over my house. I. Don't. Know what you've been through but you got scars. Since. You are through the door I've, been trying to reach you because. I feel. What's. The story to tell what's, the story behind. The. Mountain. You're trying, to climb the, governor, for, in, movie, line. We. Can. And, then. It was time to move on and clean up the living room and I also wanted, to vacuum, the furniture, so. This is probably, a really bad habit and we I know we shouldn't do this but we let Avery eat, snacks in the living room as well as drink her milk and, other. Drinks, we. Are in desperate, need of new furniture you can see our ottoman is, falling. Apart we've. Had this furniture, for years and we're just trying to find the time and to actually go shopping, I can't, wait to get new furniture I just don't want to spend the time shopping, for it so, we, have become pretty laxed, on Avery eating and drinking in, the on the furniture. But once we get new furniture I will probably be, a lot more strict with that because as you saw she had crumbs on. The, couch and I just and I also need to find some sippy cups that don't leak so if you know of any sippy cups that don't leak at all let. Me know down below. I don't, know what to look for, and. You get. You. And your beat-up guitar, always. Seem to move, me, like. A superstar. You, what's, the story behind, that. - you try and hide think, give, me a thumbs up if you love those beautiful, vacuum lines. So. The living room was pretty much clean except, I had to vacuum the inside, of the couches and again, I think I'm. Pretty, embarrassed and I feel like it's pretty gross if you look inside of my couches but. I just used my dayson, which makes it so much easier to vacuum, inside of the furniture or the furniture in general, I love this vacuum for cleaning tasks, like this. And there. You have it everything, that I vacuumed, up in our kitchen living room and all three girls bedrooms. There. Was time to move on upstairs, even though super tired and tackle the bathrooms, the hallway in the master, bedroom and I, wanted to get started in the girls bathroom first.

So. In the bathroom I just wanted to wipe down the vanity, and clean the mirror and the bathtub. Israel. Why. You saying funny. I worry. Bouncing. When. You make it me all anime, God I said yeah. I can. See. We all do. Call me tell me if, you feel, you're suffocating. Then. Let me go. Let me go, if you cannot promise. Me if, you have, a hot. And. You. Guys can see our upstairs, hallway was pretty, messy, as well as our master bedroom if you can peek in there but, I wanted to hurry up and clean the hallway, first, before I moved on to the bedroom, and I like to keep my Dyson plugged in up here in between when I'm vacuuming because, I feel like that gives it a little bit of extra, battery so, hopefully I can get the whole upstairs done. In one. Battery session, but it's probably not likely but, I brought it upstairs with me and I, had some laundry that needed to be put away because. It, got folded late, last night and, normally. I always put it away but I just didn't have time and, so. I was just going to do it tonight. And, then I moved on to the last part of my house which was the master, bedroom in bathroom, and there. On my nightstand, I had a yeah so Greek yogurt, bar have you guys ever had those before they, are amazing. I eat one every single night they. Taste like an ice cream bar but I believe they're Greek yogurt, so they're healthier I like, the chocolate chip cookie dough which is just, amazing I feel like it tastes just like regular, chocolate. Chip cookie dough ice cream I've also had the mint chocolate chip one and those are really good but, if you've never tried them you need to it, kind of allows, me to have my nightly snack, in bed as I'm, relaxing. And I just don't feel as guilty because it's healthy, and, I believe it's somewhere around a hundred calories, but there's some added protein in there. I wasn't. Fully planning, on making our bed with, our comforter, just because we were going to be getting into it actually very, soon, so, there was no need to fully. Make it and then. The last thing I wanted to do in our master bedroom was vacuum, and you'll see here in a minute that my cordless Dyson, did run out of battery which, I was waiting for it to happen so. I pulled out my old Dyson, the, trusty, old vacuum, and I was able to finish the job. So, tired. But. One, more room to go I, got. This so if you guys are still here, you. Guys are so awesome and. If you're cleaning along with me know that you guys can do this too, I want to see who is still here so, when I'm done doing this I'm, gonna go have a chocolate chip cookie cuz chocolate chip cookies are my favorite you. Guys are still here I'm, gonna finish up this bathroom, but.

I Want to see who's still here so let me know in the comments section just say cookie it'll. Be our little secret and I'll know that you guys are the ones who have stayed at this whole video. I'm. Laying down it to compile. See. Our master, bathroom just needed everything to be put, away my. Dry shampoo had. Exploded, the day before in there I have no idea why so, I wanted to wipe down the counter, the mirror and the vacuum. Luckily. I guess dry, shampoo is white and so are, my, countertop so you couldn't really see the. Mess but, yes it had exploded so, I wanted to clean that up wipe. Down my bathroom, countertops, I was using, the, method, foaming, bathroom, cleaner which I love and I think it's a wonderful cleaner, to have in your bathroom I will. Have that linked below if you guys want to check it out it's one of my faves. And. While I was in there cleaning something I didn't plan on doing but. I was noticing that there was some toothpaste, marks on the cabinets and so. I wanted to just take care of that while I was in there and I pulled out my lavender. Mrs., Myers multi-surface. Spray as you, can see I love this spray I get it in multiple scents, and keep it all over my house and I keep the lavender one upstairs and I, use that to wipe down the. Cabinets, and I think this cleaner does a really good job on my cabinets. And. Then I wanted to vacuum, which I've been vacuuming, a lot in the bathroom just because my postpartum, hair loss is crazy. Ridiculous. It's all over but, that was going to be it after all of that cleaning, I was so exhausted, and so ready for bed but, it felt good to have a nice clean home, so, give, me a thumbs up if you guys feel motivated and, you enjoyed this video come, follow me on instagram, the link is below and, don't, forget to, subscribe I will see you guys next time, bye.

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