$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit

$5 Vs. $980 Swimsuit

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This is about 950, whoa, I knew, she was going to bet, he's off, to. See your fat, ass. We'll. See what happens. Hey. I'm Chloe I'm Jasmine, Mina, and it is swimsuit. Season yeah. That. Means trying. To find swimsuits. From, all over the place to look good on your body that are cute that are you fit. Well look, good in pictures yes, we are going to compare a bunch, of different swimsuits at three very, different price points so you can make the best possible decision, of where to buy them and how much to pay etc etc, so, what we're going to try and do is find the cheapest, ones we can anywhere, on the internet see how that works out for us since we can't try them on cause I'm nervous then we're gonna go to like, your mall stores. Mall let's. Go, they. Were gonna go to two mall, stores. I'd like a mid price range, and then what we're gonna do we're gonna have a stylist, come and show, us the high-class expensive. Swimsuit, that none of us will ever that's right again, this. Is a once in a lifetime experience, yep, I'm expecting. To be surprised, by the low, costing. One because I feel, like I'm always shocked, when things are super inexpensive the, high-priced, one I'm like it's a swimsuit that's what I'm like how how, much. Hendy, value be like is it made out of diamonds so how do you guys feel about some suits I'm like okay, on them listen I love going in the water and where. We live you can't be nude don't have to find a swimsuit my thing is that I love like, a nice black, one-piece, I love to keep it classic, my biggest, difficulty, comes with, like when you get into two pieces because, my chest is like pretty big for my frame sometimes, they sell the top and bottom together. Things. That like yeah you're probably why, yeah, I feel like I'm just looking, for something that's really good and really solid I don't swim. As much as you probably do I'm a waterfall. Of it yeah. I'm more for the Instagram, aesthetic, like, can I take a picture, this will, my ass show, I hope so but, my problem is having, things fit in store. Is just not an option for me and buying, things online can. Be really, difficult I mean I'm really lucky in that I can shop online or in-store and, everything, fits. Me I love swimsuits, but I'm only just kind of like really, getting into them so I want to try out all different ones just to see like my favorite, type this year's the first year that I've liked showing. A little booty yeah. All. Right I think it's time to go find some suits suit, up. I'm, gonna start on a wish is insanely. To you it's just that the shipping is really slow but we, have time I'm gonna go to, the, first place where I would look anyway, which. Is Amazon. Feel, like Amazon has a decent, range of. Sizes. That, have a way filtering, from legs are high which is really annoying so I'm, just gonna skate to filter and I'll just click 0 to 5 bucks because who, needs a swimsuit there's more than $5 feel like to be competitive, I need to find a swimsuit that's not your $10. But everything that's cute is over $10, it says, it could be $6. But it only goes to size 16. Which I specifically, typed in plus-size that's, like a very small plus size so just how this is only two dollars it does cost six dollars to ship you can't, really, tell how, it looks because this is the same woman 20 times over I changed, it my strategy, and I was like hmm what's another, place I go to for. Cheap things physically. Walmart. There's this one but. They don't have a medium oh I think different, sizes. And different colors cost, more or less though I'd say I'd like red see, now it's $5 rude. Nobody's. Reviewed this one so maybe it's secretly good I found this site called. To dress elite here. A few, friends and also you may actually be able to get it in what I actually want. Fingers, round one it is five dollars it's, pretty simple but I like the cheeky bot. Of. Two x's an 18-4, X zoom, not a 2x, or 4x I. Am going with this. Black, one piece with like some mesh detail, on, the torso I'm also. Going. To pray. The, 4x is a little, bit bigger, but, there's. A lot of like strings, I'm hoping I can maybe adjust, it I think this was it. Okay. Our swimsuits came and. All. Of these are pretty low prices, it makes me curious about, the quality yeah. Let's. Do it I'm really into the pattern I feel like the frills are maybe yeah. Imagine. You in like. That's. Cute I like it it's hard to go wrong with. Black. Location. I really like the color of mine, yeah I'll, say those fees are way. To see your photos and legit a spa. I. Think. That actually looks really good, Oh Joe I like this cuz like I feel confident, and I feel good in it it's not a WoW piece but, it is like a solid, steady kind of thing perfect, you need in your life, I like this cinch right here because it still draws to your cleavage, um.

It's Really cute I don't feel like I'm gonna spill out I feel like I could like. Ya. Can. Either let, me test oh my. Gosh. My. Literal, only issue with it is that the, straps aren't adjustable, this is okay the material, is good the fit is okay, I think the style is, just very not me I feel like it works in the top yeah, settle this for sure I don't. The bottom is a lot this is I, feel like I'm wearing an apron yeah that's what it looks like yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. And that's the thing I feel like with a lot of like plus-sized, places. That want to have plus-sized swimsuits they're like oh you must want to cover up so let's add extra. Coverage, I would definitely, take a picture, and lounge in this but. That's. About it well mine is, too. Small on the bottom but not real it's, just it's just tighten, the top okay oh I feel yeah yeah yeah it's just too. Small it doesn't I mean I still probably would wear it but if I, were to choose it from a store I'd call slides off on the bottoms it's very cheeky and I'm a little nervous about that feel like it's very like, sporty, maybe 40s. But a much more ease by yeah I can't, do a flip personal, I like the fact it looks boy because a lot of my stuff is like flowery, color flowers yeah oh no I think these are great yeah I. Think it's time to go to the mall and. Look at the mid-tier ones okay, let's. Go, we're. On our way to hmm. Where. Chloe, and mean are gonna try on. There. Are a lot of swimsuits here so I'm super excited to start looking at them and seeing which ones I want to try on I think this will be a good time, for you guys to maybe. Experiment. With something you've never done, before I'm. Gonna be choosing one swimsuit. For each of you that's, a little pick. Of mine I'm. Excited. Alright, this caught my eye because I love glitz uh it's. Cute it's first. Oh it, is so, small. It. Hasn't got a top five minutes. Like this yet oh okay, I'll do and this is like the statement item, this is my guy I like like, the ridges, I don't have anything like that it's. Got a little goofy. Back yeah that's when you might not actually work in my favorite but I want to try out now it's my turn Chloe doesn't have a one-piece, this. Is kind of classic, Chloe Nina, doesn't do color. We. Need to find bottoms, though this will be a little out of her comfort zone so, this will bring it back in Chloe I'm giving you this one Michael, this is who me yes, I wanted, to do something that was honestly different, but you're already doing really different, stuff so I was like let's, do something that really might draw, some attention to, your, yeah. I. Wanted. To see you in a bright color I also put. It with some high-waisted black bottom so you would still be comfortable, so I would still like you exactly. Yeah. I. Love, it I really like it I mean it's simple. Yeah but it's so good the material it feels like nice thick. You could do different things with your hair you can wear different colored lipsticks. It's like having a little black dress yeah to be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to like the different types of materials the different flow, but this is like this statement like BAM and, this is like the let me calm it down a little bit I have tops this probably would not think of a swimsuit yeah it's, like. My. Ass let's see that but but it's a lot of fun alright, next swimsuits, are my pegs, yeah. Yeah. These. Are so different they, are by. You, and I are going to different party yes I really liked the color blocking I was, hesitant about the neon woohoo, but I think the neon works with my skin tone he's like string, tops, just don't work for me because of the size of my chest they're being held up but like my deck is gonna it's I'm gonna get decapitated but, I like this thing if you look amazing, I love best I really like the cut of it and I like the back because it's low I would wear this as a shirt I mean it's quite open but I do like it looks, good I have no boobs so I have no fear of them like popping out the side because it's gonna stay good, these, are if, I had to spend what this costs on this I would feel comfortable yeah, and there are so many to choose from I feel like for the price you'll find one that looks good yeah for sure alright, onwards. So today today we're, going to tour it and I'm going to be trying on some. Of their swimsuits, there, I've never worn a torrid swimsuit, but, I know in the plus-size community, that, is definitely, a thing. I'm. Excited, to find some cute swimsuits, are you guys excited for you I am excited for you yes. I'm here to help I'm here to judge yes good. Offer advice okay let's go look, I'm. Into, this yes I, like the point of food I always like a defined blueberry I like just it's.

Be Very summer, yeah yeah it's very cutesy very summery I actually like don't know what this would be like on you because I haven't seen you in like amendment. I know I'm. Really cute, like an outfit. Yeah whenever, I wear swimsuits I like to make it a look, and this, to me feels like it would be easy to make into a look I'm, ready to try on. Really. Good it's cute I love how, this is all structured. The, fabric, feels great, I don't feel like it I'm like squished or anything I feel very comfortable you know you want the the boobs to stand out exactly, I'm standing out it's very curvy I also feel like I would throw like jean. Shorts over this and wear it as like a body see ya next, week -. Have. You come to seduce us right. I. Liked, it more than I expected to be honest yeah, it looks a lot more shapely now on you like, like, hugs your curves more I love, the neckline. I love, the, lace can, you twerk in it I could twerk in it it's great I. Like. This one a lot it shows a little bit more yes. I, don't wear ruffles, a lot so, I was like I'm not sure but it's really cute, um. I like the bottoms, you are showing more, cleavage you don't feel like they're gonna fall out or is it like they're, just there but they're staying where they are I feel very secure because sometimes, when you wear deep cut V's you're like you've the nips coming out to be any moment, this is cute and I kind of like it because it makes me feel really fat this was a great experience, like to come into a store and to find swimsuits. That actually, fit me is very. Rare so, I am so excited that I found more. My. Name is Taylor I am a celebrity, in fashion stylist, I have brought some swimsuits, for you they're designer size points for bearing from like $600. Up to at, most thousand. So. Some really fun ones to try, yeah. Let's, get started. Yes. I'm. Sorry this is all I need Gucci. Yes. I took us through these swimsuits. Obviously. And. About. 950. Little. Shore should be allowed to touch this this is a suit by swimsuits, we're all I'm excited it looks kind of sporty and this is a suit by Pat Bo they've got 650, it does have kind of a sheer coverage up, along the bus it is very revealing but I'm into it well I think we should get you into the dressing rooms and get them on yes. Okay. What do we think I'm rich you look, rich this is beautiful. Yeah, I think my embroider is insane. On this it really does feel like something that you have to pay a lot of money for like there, isn't like the, $16, version of this or whatever nor, should there be I also love this little like wrap. Yeah I really like it like my only thing is that it's a halter so it's like a little bit of pressure on the neck but it might be worth it what do you think yes I love this I think it's comfortable it, looks very sporty, I love this color on me I love the food, yeah. I've, never wear like any, type of blue tones, he's right Gucci bag yeah I love the pattern and I love the color and I love the Gucci sign it is very low-cut. Here, I am so used to having like high legs, and suits it's, very, like old-school. Silhouette. It's not my personal style but I'm glad that I tried it because it's something different funny thing, about this suit it's actually not meant to be used in coronated, water can. You go in any water, in it yeah go in the sea salt you know okay. Oh, all. Right well I think it's time for the next. Please. Keep giving me a lesson lesson, so. This is adorable. It's a freaking jacket, I know it's, a little the, Nina's holding her Versace suit that runs for about 800. And. Then jasmine, has a Cynthia, Rowley baby about $200. I've never seen anything like this in my life so this is a male swim this is about eight, hundred dollars total maybe 900 I think we should head into the fitting room, oh. My. Gosh I. Okay. How do we feel about them, great. Yeah yeah, I'm in love with this yeah I'm in love with that this is so chic, you. Look like villainously, wealthy, but like it's been a very hot chic way yeah like. I want you to yell it's, nothing that I was like you know what a swimsuit needs, a cardigan, baby but this, is really cute I. Love. This it feels really, good you know like I've tried on swimsuits before every material is like swimsuit, material, but this feels good. When you're, like bigger, and, trying to look for swimsuits. Especially. One pieces, and I'm tall so I'm like I don't know is this gonna match with my hamster, everything but everything like fits perfectly. When we think we're. Great. I do like, the pattern actually like I know I go on and on about black but I really do like like a statement pattern, yeah I just wish there was more of it but.

I Like that it's a little yeah. You just pull the little string we got Versace on the floor right there we, have just one more suit for each of you to try. We. Have here today okay. This one is $1,000. Insane. This is so. And. Then Justin we have another Cynthia rally for you wet, suit. Yeah. I. Like the block let's get them on. This. Looks good. But it looks so impossible to wear I love a basic black swimsuit and I think this is like the luxury version of that yeah I'm very into, the gold button I love very the. Fabric is amazing for me it's just the deep cut I just don't know who could wear it I think you have to have fake boobs or no. So. Great, ani of the color blockings, and it's, comfortable, this. Material. Is really. Hard to get into I welcome, your dad probably, if it matches your hair so well okay, what do we think of our a trophies this fits amazingly. Everything, like just hugs. The right spots and like gives me a shape which I really have the two prints, are excellent. Like I did I wouldn't think these two go together I always use the term it's so bad that it's, good it's not, $1,000. Cool yes. You would spend a thousand bucks if I was the kind of person who spent $1,000. On swimsuits I'm shocked that all, of them worked for me yeah I feel like finding swimwear. Being, plus-size like, sucks then when you add a high end on to it you. There's, like not many, options, and to be honest we didn't find stuff that was 500. No 200 plus dollars oh thank you so much for coming, in and helping us out before we started, this my hesitation, was that like how expensive. Can, these expensive, so he's like really look, and it definitely shows. These look expensive, and pinkies, up kind of stuff well. Thank you guys so much for having me I was really excited to be a part of us yeah that. Was an experience yeah, that was a lot what do you guys think your favorite, price range was so honestly I never thought I'd say this but I actually like the high-end ones best. Like. I could kind of see why they're expensive I still think they're too expensive the thing is is that I can. Find them gorgeous because they fit me that high-end stuff is like made for a body type like me or smaller and I just don't think that it's something that like everyone can wear and so that is frustrating, I really wanted, to like the high-end.

One I loved your high-end selection, for me I think my favors probably, the. Here even though there were still some fit issues it, still had more stuff that worked for me also I think the mid to your range first of all it was nice being in store, and trying things on and second of all I know there, are other places like a sews that are that mid tier that I buy swimsuits from, all the time from the low end to the mid, and there, wasn't that much difference, in quality that's. True but I do feel like there was a bit of a difference between, the mid, tier range and the high amazing. Prices, I was also surprised it might not actually be, a thousand, dollar difference but. There's definitely something. Yeah, so we've learned a lot we, have experts. On swimwear what. Do you want to see us try next yes let us know in the comments.

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