16 Types of Students on Picture Day

16 Types of Students on Picture Day

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This. Is class Oh. Welcome. Welcome to, picture, day keep, your applause. Yes. Anyway. You know they say. Thousand. Words but. Photoshop. Tells a thousand, lies. Okay. But. You're, in the capable hands of. Letters. Okay. Everybody you sit down here and when I call you lift your prosthetic, in here for to everybody. This. Should be. Picture. Day such, a waste of time oh look, at the bright side we get to leave the classroom for a while yeah, it's. Just getting this over with here so, I heard missile Akash is a world-renowned. Photographer yeah. I heard he works of top designers, that Shinya would, you even breathe. You. Say blueberries. All. Right, Vaska, we have. Let's. Move on. Okay. Nix Nix Nix Oh. And what do we have here. I mean things myself ah. Surely. Full of shit like this I'm sure we can work something out. No, give, them to me but. I spent, all night making these, no. No, no just give them to me. With. Me oh my. Take. A picture. You. Crazy. Fantastic. Yes, more more. Okay. Next one now look at the camera and smile. My. Nose. Smells, maybe. Try to. Just. A bit okay okay now, again look at the camera, in three, two. Okay. Maybe, you stink happy touch the kids are a bit the bees they using cones the mermaids, everything okay think about the good things that look. Into camera and do that. Tyler. Still photo and send it to you. Kids. Your time to shine look into camera and smile 3 2 1, sorry. What is that was, what no. One. More time we. Didn't. Even think about it, put, your hands on your left put. It on your left leave, it there do not move okay. Three. Two one, aha and smell okay good they have done finished thank, you that. Wasn't so hard was it. Okay, next please. Okay let the sacred job. What. Do you think you're doing I'm trying to share some poses I got, mr.akash. Maybe. You can just sit on the chair please, are. Here yes, on the chair. Okay. Look. Into the camera and smile, three, two, one. Look. Into the camera this is the camera not there yeah, oh but I'm trying to do some candid, poses just. Look. At the camera. In. Three. Patient. Look. Good I mean. You look good every day but exceptionally. Good today I bet. That one photo can't capture the pretty I can capture nice. Oh thank. You. Next. Girl soon please okay. So when. You're gonna ask her to be a girlfriend, oh yeah, it's pretty obvious when we do forget it. Okay. Sure. Hello. Madam madam, madam looking. Good. Sorry. Could you please turn. The other way but, this is my booty angle yes, what all photos have to be a uniform, amazed, okay. She's so beautiful, you can't wait to finish this water and, put it beside this one. Why. Did you photoshop yourself, onto a baby. Now. Look into the camera and, smile, for me three two, oh wait. Actually can, you go a little bit higher. All, right three, two one. Oh it's a bit too, high. It's. Gonna make my body looks small it's over here we come closer here. Cos theology's, yeah it's. Too close. How, about you come over because I'm good at taking selfies, selfies, yeah. You, will take a selfie. Hey. Guys if you don't mind me asking right how do you guys always look so good in photos I. Mean. We have pretty similar features, right I think it's not would fit me. Right. Of course do what best is right oh. Two, hands good. Okay. Next. Oh. My. Is. It the electing sir. Nevermind. Detector pitching. You. Have drawn thought oh boom don't leave. The. Camera and both, for me yes. I. Feel, the energy give, me more more, energy, yeah. Big. Yeah bigger, bring your energy okay, okay. I'm. Having so much fun. Put. Your. Head. It's, a medical mission and I need the stock issue so I can be oh. You, guys see what you see it she. Needs just a breathe. Okay. Mix Belsen, yes yes. All. Right. Such. A big jaw yeah. Can't. Keep my eyes of it it's. A picture. Yes, yes. Yes. Think about confidence. If everything. My, friend, confidence. Yes. Okay. Oh, what. A beautiful, dumb handsome, boy this, is the camera okay in three.

Two, Water underneath. My girlfriend. So. Obviously, we are ready to get him carry. Pistol. But I'm begging everyone here upset. He. Should keep his person. She, still feel. All. Right look if you come on. You. Take, a picture more loving with a beautiful, couple. A lovely, lovely cobalt. Fantastic. Both of you it's. Okay. Okay. I want, so hard just, give, me. The. Bright side there's plenty of. Cynicism. I. Can. Be handsome too all right. What. Is this what, is this this. Isn't okay process, fashion I am. Sorry but it is standard procedure to, show your uniform, so, you have to take it off. Zip. It up stick up the zip. I, need, someone to help me. Write, the car your pants no. How. About I stick on my pants. How'd. They even help. You. Please hurry up there is a lot, of people waiting in line for you. And. What, is this, it's layering, in. This. Fashion. Anymore. Let's take the picture look at the camera. Yes. Okay finish get it. Okay. Next person. This. Over with look at that look at the camera three three one. It. Doesn't even go here what. Even, go to this good I need at least for my job interview Thanks. Can, you pay up for me passport sighs. Okay. Wish me luck. This. Guy's. I'm so it's like that check this out, this. Is my dad, this, is my grandad. And this is my great granddad, and this is what I'm going to be. Right. Enough bye hit. Anhydrous. Ellicott I'm. Sorry. Sorry I wasn't ready oh I wasn't ready okay. Hello. Hello, ticket. Okay. Look, into the camera and. My. Mom told me to take off my glasses first. I'm. Gonna do something funny later. Okay. Let this take victory oh look in the camera. Was. There good mr. Lapp gosh I will check it yes. What. Is this what. You. Are in the water. I know. Do. Not do it again, it's. Too late, do. You mean check. The other phones. You. Know what you know let, us have the teacher the teacher please, come. Yes, let me show these kids how it's really done. Look. Into the camera. One. Two three. Okay. Sorry. About that babies kick a lot. Okay. Sorry. Sorry the baby was kicking the baby was kicking the lights are too bright you, see babies. Like tentative, yeah how, much I'm looking. So they come on Adam and 3-tier. World end. See. But we. Just. Need to sleep just leave it's, okay. Lumia. Three. But. You. Didn't charge a battery so we must you, are fine I. Give. Up on this. From. Team I sit, it opens up a little football I'm. Here I'm. Here. Refill. My photo now. Anytime, now. Are. We gonna do this or not that is, what. Do you think you are wearing. Whatever. Whatever. Colors. Like with you now. Exhibit. All. Denise. Have you gone crazy, where is your discipline, gives, me a break, I passed out at the club last night and I lost my phone, you, should be glad I event her not to do it I don't, know what's going on with you but, if you choose to keep this up I will expel. You from the school. Here. This, will help you sober. What's. The point, what's. The point we, need you to stop spiraling, out of control Denise, it, was funny at first but, if you keep up with this you're gonna get expelled yeah, but I, spent.

So Much time trying, to live up to everyone's, expectations. I I just want to be me. But. I don't think this is the real you Denise who. Cares about the real me nobody. Like to move me anyway even I hid, the real name. Well. Guess what. It's. My turn to take the photo now. Okay. The next person. All. Right all I need to do is look into the camera and take a picture okay. In three. Two. Okay. I need you to stop moving moving. Just. Sit still okay. Okay. One. Two. Three. Okay. So. How's, the photo mr. Lacroix oh good. Okay. You need to stop, moving like stop, moving. Go back there. Okay. In. Three. Two, one, and. Yes. Can, I go now what. Are you doing there, can. You come back here please. If. It's very hard to take this photo sis yeah. Let's. Go three. What. What. Are you doing, can. You please come back here we needed a kiss. I thought. We had like five shots already three. Two, one, and. Don't. Worry girl I'll fix it for you. With. You I have had it with you class, t1 p5 is and every one of you should be ashamed of, yourself. You're all pathetic in the sense that what you are you have every, chance to experience British, arts, photography, beyond. Your wildest, imaginations. But no. Yes. Right down the drain without, the remote. Remove. These, imbeciles. You. Know. It's the knees. It's, my turn to take the photo now. Shit. On you or me yes, indeed. It is your turn to take the photo now probably I mean I probably me hey doodle. Me sometime you know. Look. At through the camera gives me life give you our song give me fashion yes. Give me brilliance. Beautiful. Beautiful. Give me more give me ah yes. Hyper, so loud, cheap she wants this man she totally wants to. Take. The group photos, okay. Fuck. Everybody, quickly quickly quickly, time is money money is time let's go. Okay. Everyone I need miles, from your face for the last voter your, smile. Yes, very, good mass mass mass now, I I want, a fun photo fun, fuck America 2 3 give me a fun pose ok in. But. I think I'm going into labor. You. Come, ambulance, give. Me give me a huge payoff because I have more idea that I want to do what. Yep. Ok 3 2 1.

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